Nicole – I honestly don’t think getting Vic out is best for my game

POV Holder: Paulie POV Competition July 1st?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 3rd?
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 7th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Victor
Original Nominations: Paul, Bronte and Tiffany
After POV Nominations: Tiffany, Bronte, Victor
Have Nots Da’Vonne, Paul and Zakiyah

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-07 09-44-49-624

9:02am Paul chatting to the live feeders..

Paul says this is his second week as a have nots. He now has hip pain because he can’t lay out flat in the bumper cars.

He goes on about the berry sh1ts, the Big Brother dreams, the psychological impact being in the Big Brother House.

Highlights how hard the competitions are even though they all look so easy in the show.

People’s living habits get old, jokes get old and people in general get tiring to be around day in and day out

Paul – winning this game is a gamble there’s no strategy.. There’s nothing you can do to win this game.. It’s A gamble, odds, luck a little bit of strategy maybe at the end up until that point it’s luck, odds and chance.

Paul – if you come in here and think you can overcome chance.. You are in a box with people outside the box controlling it..

Paul talks about starting his own business called dead skull apparel
Paul says the only reason he gets modelling jobs is because of his tattoos and beard. Talks about how he hated the quality of the clothes he was asked to wear as a model. He felt bad that his image was attached to clothes he was selling. That was why he started making his own clothes.

Talks about his band called “Strange Faces”

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-07 10-19-44-795

10:13am Zakiyah and Da’Vonne Have nots
Da’Vonne – I want to win HOH because I want to put him up.. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking.. I’m feelign like no.. You really betrayed me and you need to know you did.. I’m not a fan of that… I’m not.. so..

Da’Vonne – I’m going to tell him don’t campaign to me because this is what you did..
Da’Vonne- I’m pissed i’m pissed… that was betrayal and I’m not OK with that
Zakiyah – i’m tired of this shit.. And he thinks he’s slick.. Either or as long as it’s you or me.. Not (points at Paul’s bumper car bed) that at all..

Big Brother tells them to clean the bathroom including the mirror above the sink
Feeds flip to the another room..

10:35am we’re back in the have nots. Zakiyah is worried the boys are going to think there’s a girl thing going on and vote to keep Frank.
Da’Vonne says the boys on their side are part of the plan they’re with it.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-07 10-36-25-211

10:31am houseguests milling around getting ready for the day..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-07 10-44-41-322

10:39am Nicole and Corey
Corey – so much has changed in the last 24 hours
Nicole says that’s what’s weird about this game.
Nicole – I honestly don’t think getting Vic out is best for my game.. I’m doing it obviously its good for Frank and Paulie’s game
Corey says Vic is a friggin liar.

James/Paulie joins them. Says Frank is trying to fluff up his ego told him if he won HO and put Corey/Paulie up he would be a super star to the fan.
Nicole says America would hate him if he took out ”

Nicole says Frank was her favorite player coming into the house but now he’s not.
Paulie says COdy and Derricks favorite player was Frank.
Paulie wants to strike before Frank tries to strike him
James mentions Frank is going to get someone else to do it
Nicole – with one of those girls
Paulie – or with the roadkill

They can’t understand how Frank didn’t think they would compare notes.
Paulie – especially this early.

James – he [frank] wants Tiffany out 100%
Nicole – I’m going to feel really bad for Vic.. you guys don’t feel bad? a 10 zero vote
Nicole – he thinks he’s staying
Jame s- he thinks he’s staying
Nicole – he does…
James – maybe someone should tell him the last minute
Frank comes in, they talk about how shocked Vic will be.

The guys leaves Corey and Nicole. Nicole talks about how bad she feels Victor is getting blindsided.
Corey – you’re being weird…
Nicole doesn’t want to be blindsided herself.
Nicole clears up that Vic never asked her out on a date it was to hang out after the show.
Corey – you said date
Nicole says it wasn’t a date.

11:33pm HOH Lockdown

1:16pm Feeds still on Jeff highlights

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-07 13-59-01-703

1:55pm Feeds back

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-07 14-19-01-941

2:12pm James says he wants to take the HOH if they win it. If they don’t win it Bronte and Natalie have nothing to worry about.
Natalie wants to win it
James – it’s going to be pretty high pressure cooker this week.. I don’t want this person to yell at you..

James – just wanted to give you a heads up in case we do lose..
Natalie – I’m on board with you and what everyone wants to do
James says he was up late last night. “I feel like a lot of people kinda want Bronte to go up.. I got some new stuff that came to light, I was able to move some heat off her.. ”
James says they are safe next week but, “we should try and win it 150%”

James couldn’t understand why people were wanting to get Bronte out, ‘Is BRonte really a threat… I know she can be mean at time”
They laugh and agree Bronte is a a “Good Egg”
Natalie tells him about Tiffany being Vanessa’s sister. James knew that already.

Natalie says people are talking about them being in a showmance like they spend a awful lot of time with each other. She’s worried it’ll make them a target.
James says there’s a lot of things going on in the house you got Corey and Nicole, Paulie and Zakiyah.
Natalie says she was a cheerleader for a NFL team in New York. She didn’t want to be judged.
James got excited says “America I slept in the same bed with a NFL Cheerleader”
Natalie says she was a top cheerleader in 2015 –> link
She never told even Bronte.

Bronte joins them.
James – you better pack… pack all your stuff.
She doesn’t know what to wear they haven’t been told how to dress. Bronte mentions they have to focus for the competitions. James mentions how they won’t have Victor now so the HOH comps will be harder.

James says there’s a few people in the house that fluctuate between Tiffany and Bronte.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-07 14-54-15-043

2:46pm Bronte and Natalie
Talking about James being a good guy protecting them.
They agree they had a really bad start to this game. They blame was Jozea, Victor and Paul.
Bronte doesn’t see them ever getting in a spot where people talk game to them.
Natalie says Drama is exploding everywhere they have to sit back relax and be nice.. “Let the bigger fish eat the bigger fish right now”
Natalie says they have to keep quiet with Bridgette when it comes to information from JAmes.

Natalie – I thin James is the best guy ever literally..
Bronte – we would probably be going home

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-07 15-20-50-032

3:15pm rehearsals for tonight.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-07 15-29-52-532

3:24pm JAmes and Bronte
Sounds like they got instructions for how to play the HOH coming up or at least there’s a special order they go in.
Bronte says Natalie has a crush on James. She goes for the sweet guys. James can feel it but doesn’t want to come off creepy.
Bronte says Jozea and Vicotr really didn’t like James and they would talk shit about him all the time.

Feeds flip to JEff.. they may not come back until after the show airs on the east coast.
FLASHBACK and watch everything you missed: CBS All Access FREE Trial!

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The guys are idiots. Getting rid of victor, now frank


I know I’ll be hit with the sexist charge…but it’s because they are like girls. Corey’s dumb, just following Nicole around. Paulie’s feeling are hurt because Frank is working people in a game based on working people…just like he’s doing with Da, Michelle, James, Tiffany, Paul…James is Nat’s puppy, just waiting to spoon her. Paul’s talking about being a model and fashion designer.

These are not men….


Amen !!! Nicole/Corey and Paulie are just so full of themselves. They are the ones who created that alliance of 5, Nicole made a side deal with girls to “not put them up” she is again doing the same strategy as her season and stringing along a guy for safety..and yet they are mad that Frank has made deals with other people for his own game? Paulie is the one who made the stupid move to take Paul down(who he nominated) and replace him with Victor…I hope Nicole and Corey or Paulie are up next week…either Frank, Michelle or Tiffany as HOH


So, girls (I do note you wrote ‘girls’ and not women) are dumb, easily hurt, act like puppies and are only interested in modelling and fashion. Got it. (Sheesh)


Well when your only strategy is to string along a dude for safety just like you did on your season…over dramatized everything, cry, whine and run to your lap dog to say how mean another guy in the House are a little girl


I totally agree. “Lets get rid of Frank and keep Bronte and Paul” Morons!


Corey for the win


Men are chickens killing off their competition and gathering their so-called “dumb wenches” to play dead, carry and clean for them on their stroll to the BB Throne. James is disappointed he can’t flirt, throw & prank his way out of having to win a comp. Victor & Paulie are the only ones winning comps without Production help, scaring cowardly beasty Fwanky who’s been in charge of the male massacre, keeping Tiff & Bronte around to distract & ire the girls. Frank hit Nicole this morning sealing his fate no matter how much comp, strategy & harassment lawsuit assistance Production privides.

Victor should stay around, he’d help girls more than Bronte ever would. But noooo, James playing AFP sucker to Natalie’s scorned woman Dumped on National TV sob story routine & Deadskull Paul’s submission to Frank for his free Daily Business Infomercial airtime will cause Victor’s eviction. Great job men! Keep it up!

Butters Mom

Frank hit Nicole? How when why and where?


i saw him yesterday slap her thigh while she was sitting in the bathroom, it was hard too.

Butters Mom

Did she take it as “playful” or is she asking that he be removed?


she screamed ” OWW” , Then went to conspire to get Frank removed next week

After Getting Warned by DR

He came out of DR bragging he’s been warned to stop. And pulled it again this morning. Nicole eats in the bathroom, where day before he chased her down, to avoid Frank’s cruel remarks about her body & looking lie an animal while she eats, saying he’s disgusted. These chicks run when he’s in a room, he chases them down while guys tel him top knock it off the girls don’t like it. If you tell, you’re going on the block, you can’t ask questions or your on the block Tiff he says is a message to all the girls. Classic targeted sexual harassment when DR tells him hands to himself. He brags about it to guys to prove he’s not afraid. He doesn’t care if they beg him to stop.

Ri Ri

He when Chris Brown on her with that slap. Get him outta there.

P.S. give butters a hello for me

sunny dee

guys sticking together and targeting physically weaker players has never actually made sense. taking out physically stronger players, and leaving the ‘girls’ so to speak makes a ton more sense. why would you leave in all the players that are most likely to be big competition for you when it comes down to the numbers game, and there aren’t enough players left to be easily beat in comps. 3 or 4 male players with 6 or 7 female players, and the guys can basically coast away as long as they are paired to a female who will protect them. someone like James might have more than one protector available to put up the remaining guys.

all this bros to the end, so we can man it out against each other, it seems to me that the biggest winners, and those considered more successful spent the game not winning and not aligning with physical guys as much.


This season is definitely about votes versus HOH. In part due to road kill, but in simple terms having a solid alliance is so very important. Step one get HG’s to throw team comp to keep target available. Second look at backdoor so target can’t even play POV. Numbers next week 1:13 then 1:2 thus 2 out of 25 to even get chosen to play POV. At this point because of his social game how many folks would choose Frank to play POV? Answer seems to be very few. Da will lock this down before the players are chosen next week. Remove 1 from the Block and the target goes up and out.
Not many HG’s actually get how important the social game is this season. If folks don’t have your back you can have no chance like Victor this week. I do not think road kill has been a huge part of the game to this point. I do see the potential though. Non 8 pack HOH put up 2 from the pack, standard strategy. 8 pack win road kill and have the votes to send out the RD nom if they don’t win POV. It’s literally numbers over power of the HOH potentially each week until RD and team HOH are gone.

AG might be getting what she want’s which appears to be a girls season. If this is not her goal she has a problem as some of the control points for a week like HOH can be bypassed.. I’d be surprised if she wants Eudy gone early. No shift in target next week Eudy likely goes home. With teams it’s unlikely Frank wins HOH, ect. He’ll have to try and play his way back in or a good old secret veto hidden in his luggage! hehehe


The hg on the feeds were just saying something about having to draw numbers. I wonder if that means tonight’s hoh comp will be individual?


So are Corey and Nicole in a showmance? I had thought that Corey had said he wasn’t interested. Why does Nicole feel the need to tell him that Victor didn’t ask her on a date?

Doran Martell

I think Nicole likes him but he might not be into her. Maybe. I’m not sure what the deal with Corey is. But I think that Vic likes Nicole tho. When he asked her if she wanted to hang out after the show I felt like he was hitting on her even if she didn’t. Plus I remeber in the first few episodes on CBS when he was talking to her on the landing upstairs and he was telling her all his business, he looked like he was trying to get her attention. He was posing and running his fingers through his hair and whatnot. I’m sure he’s not a bad dude in the real world (maybe) but he seems really insecure to me tho. That’s just what I’ve picked up from some of the things I’ve seen on AD and OBB.


im thinking that Nicole isn’t exactly Christmas corey’s type.. he seems MUCH more interested in paulie!

The Roach Coach

Yeh it’s a showmance the same way Frankie was into Victoria…
Corey has checked out Joeza more than he ever has with Nicole…
She’s still a Fruitloop Dingus! Its pretty Obvious…

sunny dee

my take is that corey likes her maybe more than she likes him. it is fairly obvious that he is cuddling her, not the other way around. also he likes to tease her, fairly classic, and he isn’t putting it on. he will do the man up thing to the ‘boys’ and say it is game play, but i doubt it. i also think she is right about Vic, he isn’t after her or against her in any way. i think he had ulterior self promotion reasons for trying to friend her, being that he wants fame and fortune, and she is a returning vet and might get him there more. he’s been giving her actual info since before or when she was HOH, and i think his whole team was safe, so there wasn’t any reason for that other than he wanted to work with not against her.

Da vonne seems to be talk talk talking too much. she said she wasn’t going to play the game same as before, but her inability to keep her mouth shut isn’t much different than blowing up and accusing people in big groups like she did before. or sharing too much info. it’s too early for all that, conspiring and trying to set this one against that one, in other words the things everyone noticing about Frank she is doing the same thing, once he is gone, spotlight will be off him, and people are going to notice what she;s been doing while they talk openly about what he was doing.

Holy snapcrackle&pop

Lol, wow! The poll sure is showing diff results with a 3 vote. Me thinks it looks much better:)


Raise your hand if you think productions going to find a way to save frank


The Battle Back?

Give Me A Brake

I’m raising both hands as high as I possibly can…


C’ Mon Nicole, do what’s best for you.

Misty Beethoven

Problem is Nicole doesn’t know what’s best for herself. She keeps waiting for someone to tell her what to do. Really disappointing.


How does anyone expect to last in; or, god forbid, win this game when they are incapable (and cannot be trusted) to stick with a plan for the few days between noms and eviction?


I think frank win hoh or his team tonight to create a war between davon an frank
that’s what I hope happing tiffing will tell frank everything I belive in frank will say how you know that I only told dayvon an zachera but on the otherside they get frank out next week in if he come back in two or three week you see a deferent frank the one from bb 14 that’s what they don’t want in Nicole needs to stop listen to davon everything she says Nicole belives it

Babbling brooke

I can hardly wait ‘ til Corey gets the boot.

Killer Ken

Best time of the day! #NatalieCam LOL

damn yo

She’s a bad ass chick. Seriously one of BB’s all time babes.


At my age I feel like a bit of a pervy old woman sayng this, but Natalie is hot. She is smarter than she is getting credit for being and, did I say, she’s hot?

And thirsty...

For Victor.Humiliation from getting dumped by Victor on national tv and trying to convince America she can get any guy she wants, on the outside but had no luck yet dumped by the soccer player Corey knows, makes her hotter. Desperate chicks who depend on plastic will always put out! Next Survivor & TAR!


Grenades!….Victor’s momz is heated yo….




The top 15 cheerleader link, looks like Natalie took time in the off season to get supersized implants. on a tiny body, just looks off balance. still cute as a button, but wish she’d noticed that she got top 15 without them and could have continued without them.


I can’t stand zakiyha she is the mirror to da, she agrees with everything da says and dose not no how to play this game


Nicole, seriously. Just because Frank and Paulie believe it is best for their game to get rid of Victor does not mean keeping him is good for your game.
Is it too hard to invest the time and energy into making a plan you actually believe in and can stick to each week?
Is it good for your game that you are unreliable, indecisive, hyper-sympathetic (actually selfishness projected onto others) and you don’t hide it?
Nicole, you have no clue what is good for your game!


Simon, Dawg, & Big Brother Viewers,

Did anyone see Frank “slap Z on the butt?”

I know that Z has said that Frank “slapped me on the butt,” however, I have not seen Frank touch any of the females. In fact, it appears as though Frank is going out of his way to keep away from the female BB Players. During BB14 Frank was much more tactile / touchy with HGs. This year not – not so much. If Frank is not sleeping in the HOH with a male HG – Frank sleeps in a single bed (away from any females).

I know that Frank has a girlfriend now. It doe seem as though BB14 Frank was better than BB18 Frank. BB18 Frank seems to have entered The Big Brother House with a laundry list of rules given to him by “the girlfriend.” It is a shame because being a Big Brother Game Player really is a once in lifetime experience. Players that have been able to play the game on multiple seasons are even luckier. It seems as though all players to enter The Big Brother House should enter the house with excitement, ambition, and strategy. Given that the game is by definition exclusionary – it seems as though players to enter the house should do so feeling free, powerful, and limitless (without worry or pressure placed on them from non game players).

It does appear as though Big Brother Producers are trying to mix something up – as if they have decided that they are going to work to turn BB14 Frank “on” to be the game player that he was during BB14.

Nicole tells Corey “you look funny …. eww you look weird don’t look at me.” Corey even told Nicole “when you told me that I looked funny this morning and told me not to look at you it hurt my feelings.” Nicole just laughed.

Frank has not said anything out of line to the HGs – he is joking around. It is as though Big Brother Producers have told the HGs “no matter what Frank does or does not do – complain about it … we have a show to make and you guys are not ‘making” it on your own.” For example, Michelle will be mad at Frank for talking to her and / or for not talking to her.

I never saw Z get “slapped on her butt” by any of the HGs (not even Paulie). I never saw Vic “lusting” after Nicole the way Nicole makes it sounds – nor I have heard mistreat her in the manner Nicole states.

Again, did any of the male HGs “slap Z on her butt?” If so what is the time and date?

Or is part of the “Girl Time Alliance” strategy to tell male HGs that other male HGs are hurting their feelings, touching them inappropriately, and/or being mean to them. A strategy that is supposes to make all of the male BB game players turn against each other?

J & HW Have Date/Time Stamps

DR warnings he announced, would they give him warnings if they need wet caught it or heard his numerous excuses why it’s okay? Corey trying to stop him all on feeds too. That’s if facts or video factor into honest evaluation of Frank’s poor “game strategy”. Chauvinism & sexual harassment is the least of it, especially while he’s single-handedly evicting all the guys. Girls kept it to themselves until his ego & emboldened behavior got so public & frequent.

Biff Tannen


Doran Martell

I never saw it either. I did see where Day and Z had said that he slapped their butts, but I never saw that. Truth is i kinda like Frank. He is one of the male HG that I enjoy the most. Don’t really care if others don’t like him. He is the center of the gossip in the house bc he is making side deals with lots of people and just talking a lot in general but everybody does that. People are always making side alliances and one week deals.


Day is the problem just like the last time she played. She started all the stuff about Frank.


Excellent assessment


I did not see Frank slap anyone’s butt, Last night he did sit on top of DaVonne and pressed back against her so she couldn’t move. She kept telling him to get off. She tried to laugh it off but, maybe because I know how she feels about him, it was obvious to me that she was not happy. He got up for a second and then sat right back down on top of her a second time. I don’t consider that sexual harassment, I just consider it rude. Frank is a big guy. DaVonne is not a big woman. If Frank knew how thin the ice under his feet is right now he would be treading very carefully. Oh, I did hear him call Zak a hussy.


I never saw the slap, but I have seen quite a bit of sarcastic, mean spirited comments from him toward the girls. He’s a cocky, arrogant a$$ (learned it from his father I would imagine). If I were in there I’d tell him to STFU. It’s crossing the line, not just joking around.


It didn’t happen. Just like Victor didn’t ask Nicole on a date, Victor wasn’t rude to Natalie yesterday about the eggs(watched the live feeds), Frank’s was joking about making his bed or going on the block to Michelle and etc etc…. These girls are blowing things out of proportion to further their game. That’s one of the reasons Nicole probably told Cory the truth about the “date” thing.


Just because it didn’t show on the feeds doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. There are 4 cam screens on the feeds but many times it only shows two rooms at one time. We never know what’s going on in the other rooms unless the cam is on the screen at the time. I’m sure things probably happen all the time we still don’t see even with feeds

Not Cute

I saw it.


i haven’t been watching feeds much this week, but yesterday i saw Frank slap Nicole on the thigh really hard while she was sitting down in the bathroom!

Sorry but i didn’t read your wall of text, i’m just responding to the firstpart

on a sidenote, when i login my CBS ALL ACCESS details in BBViewer i get an error saying ALL ACCESS required!! Please help i wan to use BB Viewer!

Everyone Saw It Heard It

Frank slapped Z, heard the janky teeth, heard the slut, saw poking & slapping her in stomach calling her chubby & GF has 15 pound rule or she gets kicked to curb. Frank hit Nicole this morning, heard it, heard ouch, Frank announced 3 times he’s been warned by Producers all on feed Transcripts when the girls compare notes it goes to FISH, like when he yells at the., calling disgusting animals and farting then laughing in their faces on feeds. He orders sandwitches, dishes, laundry daily. Nice try, like all abusers call chicks liars. He’s not at the bottom of J & HW sites just above the “Messiah” based on false blogs. Corey told Frank to stop on feeds and got pounced. Hazing, date rape, harassment aka frat boy behavior. You think the girls needed another “Reason” besides multiple alliances and lining every HG up for public eviction wasn’t enough? Why did he come out of DR twice announcing he got warned to stop it on feeds? LOL! Watch his last season on you tube for a taste of Frank. Other sites have dates & time stamps if you have a friend with feeds. After building Frank up with extra cash & golden edits AG & RK aren’t going to do a PSA on sexual harassment on CBS!

Jimmy 64

Goodbye Victor
Get HOH Paul , Natalie , Bronte , Bridgette,
I’m sick and tired of people throwing competitions.
Frank you keep telling other people to throw comps.
why don’t you throw a comp.

Doran Martell

I wish Paulie would confront frank. That would be great to watch. Frank would dominate him in a spat. He is the son of Sid Vicious ya know.


I’ve know people like Paulie. All talk and stare. He give just enough to make people think he’s tough. A wanna be.

one person

natalie looks like a younger britany from season 16


I’m never going to get back the brain cells that died from listening to all this insipid conversation. Are any of these people capable of making a decision and STICKING WITH IT?

Min O'Pause

Like my granny always said…”There ain’t no cure for stupid.” Course she also said “Tis sweet to kiss, but oh how bitter, to kiss an old tobacco spitter.”


Archangel was my granny, and she didn’t tolerate stupid, either. Which is why she always had a knife on her…


Has anybody else clicked on Paul’s clothing site and watched the video?


Yup. He’s so cool 😛 Up until a few days ago, there was a massively lame one on YouTube where he douchingly is featured in a musical montage of him smoking, drinking alcohol, skateboarding, playing guitar, graffiti-ing (very poorly) … and lots of other douchy stuff.


Just did – is it wrong of me that I kind of liked it? :/ Paul’s growing on me – at least he knows how to stick to a plan and shows some level of loyalty!


Just a few observations:

Paulie and Corey for all their bluster are very afraid of Frank, afraid they can’t beat him in competitions, and that’s why they want him gone. Pretending to be mad that he’s talking game with others is just a cover. They’re insecure and even though they’ll never verbalize it, they want the other guys out more than anybody and will turn on each other in no time.

Da is very smart, very perceptive….but she just can’t control her emotions and let’s them get in the way of the game. Her compulsion with expressing everything she feels will sink her.

Tiffany has b*lls, but is too unstable to be able to sell her views on the game. She’s perceptive enough to make big plays, but few will be open to listen to her because she can’t control her emotions.

Frank’s too egocentric, yet tries to play the schmoozing game. It’s a massive clash in style and a complete lack of self-awareness. You can be one or the other, but both is deadly in a social game.

James has the personal charisma to win this game….but doesn’t care enough to unearth the pulse of all the players and exploit it strategically. He’s too easily distracted and too quick to go with the flow

Everybody else is a supporting player, waiting to be picked off with the exception of Nicole, yet her boy-craziness and natural paranoia will overrule her better senses, verbal flubs because of these preoccupations will sink her.


You nailed it, Ronnie.


Natalie seems to be that extremely rare GORGEOUS woman that is still humble. A lot of ‘lookers’ of her caliber can be nasty and conceited. Don’t get me wrong, she KNOWS she’s hot as hell … I’ve heard her say she ‘can get any man she wants’ on the feeds, but that’s just her being honest. She carries her beauty very well and hasn’t let it do a number on her attitude. Kudos to her. She’s yummy.


Barf. She’s attractive, but not drop dead, conversation stopping gorgeous. Women like her are the norm in Miami, among other places. And there’s being honest and being humble. She may be honest, but she’s not humble. And not being humble is unattractive. I’m probably a lot older than most on this site and that’s just how I was brought up.


A girl with a six pack , I’ll pass!

Min O'Pause

Don’t have a six pack but I got a couple of old wineskins…


Corey is obviously into bats and balls. He’s had a lot of experience playing handling balls, not to mention plenty of bathroom bro time with his best buds. Nicole will always be that girl who just doesn’t get it. Hes playing for the other team, and he’s batting 1000 lmao the only reason Corey’s not in a showmance is because this group of HGs is a little shallow in the man part of the pool.

So Much Corey Love

Obsessing over Corey’s balls online is a waste of time, write a fan letter for a date! <3 Maybe hit a gym & team lockeroom first to get in shape & shower it sounds like it's been a while!


I don’t think Natalie is all that gorgeous. She has fake boobs and that’s a little self absorbed. Look her up, her NFL cheerleading pics she is completely flat. That means she IS more focused on looks than she is letting on, she may be playing the nice, kind simple girl next door in order to help her present a more well rounded person to the other women HG than just a bimbo. That would be a great game move being as that there is so many women left in the house stil


I’ve seen that Jets cheerleading pic. I tend to hope that her mouth milksies are real and just look flat bc they actaully smooth, which plastic and silicone won’t do. I could easily be wrong though…not enough evidence.


Due to your post I did go to the Jets article about her. It was from 2013 and yes she was flat then, very flat. I thought a few weeks ago she denied to others in the house that hers were fake? But it doesn’t really matter one way or the other, so many girls do it now days.

On another note, a couple of seasons ago there was a house guest that got implants right before going into the house that caused her some problems because she wasn’t healed yet. Who was that..I forgot?


This is so keystone. Bunch of dummies.


Take out Tiffany she will turn on you in the future. You could use victor to take out the other guys.


At least with all this paranoia the feeds are finally getting interesting


I hope Frank’s teams wins and Michelle becomes HOH. Frank should be sent home week after because of the 3rd twist. He shouldn’t get a second chance to come back.


Frank is actually playing the game like Big Brother originally was played. Unfortunately, he’s in a house with a lot of floaters who either never watched the show or people who expected it to be like the last 5 or 6 seasons.


I’m a fan of Frank’s also. I like the way he is playing and I enjoy his diary sessions. I hope he stays around.


Nicole is flipping out for no reason, she feels bad about Vic?? This is a game. It’s like someone else said on here(even though the house guests don’t know) Someones coming back and if they evict Frank this early he will. I do agree he’s playing too hard too fast but why do all these house guests keep worrying about him he will never make it to the end. I am no Frank fan but do they really want Bronte, Paul or Brigette to make it any closer those 3 are the worst out of anyone!!


I also like Frank. I enjoy watching him play the game, and his diary sessions are entertaining!!


I don’t think BB should have brought back the Vets. The Vets are the one’s saying let’s throw it and back door so and so. With all newbies, they would have to figure it out considering they’ve never been in the house. They may have seen the show, but watching them, they don’t have a brain. I hope someone turns and can get the game going. Even if they get Frank out, next week. Vic and Frank may have to compete to get back in…could make for a good game.


Watched since season 1 and regular of your site for 3. 2 year with the feeds. Watching the live feeds now and about to turn them off. “We’ll Be Right Back” cuts it out every 20 seconds!!!! I’ll stick to your site. Thanks for your hard work. Sorry you have to go through that.


I hope frank wins hoh tonight in team up with tiffiny in secret
it to early for frank to go home as one of the great bb player of all time

live feeds suck today...

Every 2 seconds they show the fishes…ANNOYING!


Sooo annoying! We don’t pay for that!


Nicole is just a b…she is way overplaying this slap issue with Frank. Its the same girl who again has another guy strung up like she had on her season. She needs to get over herself, she has made several side deals but hates it when others do it? I hope Nicole/Paulie or Corey are up next week, time go cut off Nicole’s boy toy lets see if she has any good game play other than just stringing around a dude


They’ll manage to get Frank out
He’ll manage to get back in. All part of the plot line. Shit is too predicable. Everything is going according to plan. Not to worry.

Biff Tannen

I haven’t been able to watch the feeds as closely as in past years (adulthood, yo). Does Frank really have deals with everyone? Because if not, shame on him for not playing the game. And if so, shame on him for doing it overtly enough enough that everyone noticed, but at the same time, doesn’t everyone else? I see two possible outcomes for the season: 1) Frank goes home and comes back to win the game. 2) Paulie just rolls through. I suppose James or Michelle could win, but the list stops their IMO. Da’Vonne will self-destruct and Nicole is just the worst. Always with the whining. Corey and Tiffany have about as much charisma as sister’s cat, who sucks so much.


They almost all have side deals, starting with that alliance of 5 that Corey again denied existed when talking with James. Nicole made some deal with Bronte and Nathlie(i believe) to not put them up and vice versa..James is working with Nathalie, Bronte. They are trying to pin all this on Frank just to have an excuse to get him out. I hope that alliance of 5 is exposed this week, just so all have some kind of target on their backs and it does not just become a “lets get Frank out”


Frank is so gonna win HOH. The little rats will be sucking up to him or running for cover.


Watching Nicole is like a total flashback to BB16….just like on BB16, Nicole gets herself a little lap dog(Hayden BB16, Corey BB18) that she goes to whines and cries. Just like with Zach on BB16 who Nicole said he was so mean to her, attacking her personally, she is so offended by him…she has started the same BS with Frank BB18. Hope your ass in on the block Nicole next week with Corey


frank is still my fav played little to hard but used to like nicole but not anymore so annoying and fake being all lovey with corey but trying be like no i dont want no showmances blah


I like Natalie pre fake boobs much better. They make her look so fake! Sweet girl but either she is playing dumb or she really is. Sadly I believe she will make some rich guy a nice trophy wife.


First it was so cool to learn that Natalie was a NY Jets cheerleader for 3 seasons and nobody in the house knew that till tonight. Second how the heck can Bronte tell James that Jozea and Victor talked crap about him when Bronte is the one that made the racist comment about James… Just amazing the chutzpah this girl has…


Lets see how Production will rig the Comp. tonight in order for Frank to win for the Drama Factor