“If either one of us wins we put the showmances up.. Shakes everything up .. I give no fu**s” – Tiffany

POV Holder: Paulie POV Competition July 1st?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 3rd?
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 7th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Victor
Original Nominations: Paul, Bronte and Tiffany
After POV Nominations: Tiffany, Bronte, Victor
Have Nots Da’Vonne, Paul and Zakiyah

Big Brother 18 Alliances Help Guide

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-06 20-00-47-248

8:00pm Nicole and Bronte
Squashing their beef..
Bronte says her and Natalie really want a girl to win they don’t care if it’s not them they just want a girl. Bronte adds she really wants to make it to jury. Nicole tells her not to sell herself short and shoot for the win.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-06 19-53-21-812

James and Natalie… awwwhhwww

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-06 20-12-15-544


Big-Brother-18 2016-07-06 20-20-03-436

8:19pm James and Da’Vonne
Da – did you talk to Nicole
James – ya, I was waiting for her to come up with it.. She said she didn’t know who she can trust in the house
What about Frank

James – trying to get real wit him talking to him he’s still on the same page wants Tiffany out first.. Then he says Corey and Paulie need to go up..

Da’Vonne says they need to get Corey out. James is onboard.
Da’Vonne is worried Nicole will get made.
James – Who Cares
James says they never told her to be in a showmance

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-06 20-37-28-422

8:37pm Michelle and Nicole
Michelle doesn’t understand why Frank is calling her mean he’s the meanest guy in the house
Nicole says he’s just trying to get to her.

Zakiyah comes by asks them if they’ve gotten any “Convs” in
Michelle says she talked to Frank he said he’s getting a bad feeling.. He said people are starting to create small groups.
Zakiyah – I’m about ready to unload on him..
Nicole – me too

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-06 21-14-14-434

8:40pm Have nots Tiffany and Da’Vonne
Tiffany says Paulie and Corey were talking about getting Frank out. They see Frank has a thing with everybody in the house.
Tiffany says Paulie wants to get one of the girls that are attached to Frank out.
Tiffany – He’s rubbing a lot of people the wrong way
Da’Vonne – Yup Yup Yup … at the end of the day it’s neither one of our names.

Da’Vonne is saying Frank was one of her favorite players
Tiffany – I know right.. I wanted to work with him
Tiffany – he told mIchelle he wanted a three wit Nicole Michelle and Him
Da’Vonne laughs “I believe it”
Tiffany says the reason why Corey and Paulie think Frank is gunning after them is it came from Zakiyah.
Da’Vonne says Frank told James, if the double eviction is a wall comp James should put up Paulie and Corey. (Da’Vonne told Zakiyah)

Da’Vonne – I can’t believe she ran back and told paulie that
Tiffany – she told Paulie he slapped her a$$
Da’Vonne – she runs back and tells that boy every damn thing
Tiffany – they said you had something with frank…
Da’Vonne – who
Tiffany – both of them.

They go on talking about about all the deals Frank has made.
Da’Vonne – I want to know what he’s promising Bridgette..
Tiffany says her sister would tell her don’t start playing until week 4 or 5..

Da’Vonne says Paulie told Zakiyah he wants Corey, Da’Vonne, Nicole, Zaliah and himself final 5.
Da’Vonne doesn’t think she was included in this plan
Da’Vonne – that shows me right they’re the fatal 5 is not real.. It was supposed to be us 5 solid

Tiffany – Nicole is sitting pretty
Da’Vonne – gorgeous.. All these deals her names mentioned
Da’Vonne she was scared you can’t be scared in this game you have to dive the fuck in
Da’Vonne says all this time she’s been fighting for the fatal 5

Da’Vonne adds that she asks Zakiyah which 5 means more to her Fatal five or Paulie’s 5 and she told her Paulie’s 5.
Da’Vonne – that’s selfish

Da’Vonne says James is a outcast all those alliances that are getting thrown around none of them contain james.
Tiffany – If either one of us wins we put the showmances up.. Shakes everything up .. I give no fu**s
Da’Vonne wants to put Corey up and use the roadkill to put Nicole up.
Tiffany – shits going to get fu**ed this week I don’t give a fuck
Tiffany – sometimes I wish my sister was here playing so we could f*** some sh1t up
Da’Vonne – ya

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-06 21-09-29-564

8:52pm Frank, James and Corey
Talking about Tomorrow’s HOH, ‘that shits not easy… throwing comps..”

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-06 21-18-10-079

9:18pm Tiffany and Da’Vonne studying the dates, Comps, BB trivia stuff..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-06 22-07-14-308

9:42pm – 10:07pm HOH Da’Vonne and Paulie
Paulie is offering up the 5 person alliance idea.
Da’Vonne says she’s close to Zakiyah and she’s close to Nicole.
Paulie – you trust Corey
Da’Vonne – he hasn’t given me a reason not to

Da’Vonne – how do you feel about Frank
Paulie – he’s on of the people I’ve been observing hard,… I feel like he’s all over the place.. He’s talking to a lot of people.. All the wrong people

Da’Vonne- I don’t trust him Paulie … I don’t

Paulie brings up Frank slapping Zakiyah’s butt
Paulie says he’s never slapped a girl’s butt he’s pissed by that.
Da’Vonne says Frank has called her and Z sluts.

Paulie – do we strike before he strikes at us
da’Vonne we have the votes to get him out we have 5 I want him gone
Paulie – hard
Da’Vonne – I want him out
They agree Frank has to go up Roadkill or Backdoor.
Paulie was thinking maybe they should cut Franks ties with Bridgette, Bronte and Natalie first.
Da’Vonne – what do you think about Paul
Paulie – love the guy, talks too much
Paulie doesn’t think Paul can be trusted.

Paulie again talking about their 5 person alliance says he’s got all their backs for ‘Reasons”
Da’Vonne- it’s a solid group

They agree Frank was one of their favorite players from watching his season.
Da’Vonne – after playing the game with him I can see how everyone wanted him out of the house
Paulie – and then trying to get him out he’s a beast
Da’Vonne – he’s playing hard
Paulie – he’s playing hard because he didn’t play hard last time people wanted him out because he’s a beast

Da’Vonne says Corey winning HOH putting up the girls then we win the Roadkill put Frank up.
Paulie – I know Frank is good at the roadkill stuff…
Da’Vonne – I’ll try really hard

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-06 22-33-09-234

10:32pm Frank, James and Da’Vonne
Frank mentioning how excited Tiffany got when the girls played that joke on them telling them there’s alcohol.
Da’Vonne says she’s noticed that before.
Frank says Corey is worried about throwing the competition he told him he thought people were whispering today.
Frank tried to explain to Corey that everyone is getting paranoid right now because they are locked down.

Frank – we send out Bronte Tiffany.. we’re in Jury.. we Send out the other 4
Frank – if we have the opportunity to backdoor Paulie or Corey we do it.. it’s game time..

James – paranoia in here is brewing
Frank – that’s why we got to get Tiffany out..

Zakiyah joins them. Frank saying they go after Bronte, Tiffany. After that they take out Bridgette, Paul and natalie. they take the first chance they can get to take out the ‘Big Dogs” Corey and Paulie.

10:49pm Bathroom Nicole, James and Frank
Frank saying Corey doesn’t want to throw the HOH, he’s stressing out about getting put up tomorrow. Frank blames this on Tiffany’s paranoia spreading.
Nicole plays dumb can’t believe Corey isn’t throwing the HOH. She’ll talk to him.
Frank says Corey is already in bed.

10:58pm Kitchen Michelle and Nicole
Michelle is pissed about what James had said.
Nicole – he’s not smart with his words…
Michelle grumps that James thinks he’s so good.
Michelle – out of the three boys I trust Corey the most

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-06 23-05-06-998

11:04pm Frank and his boys Corey and PAulie
Frank saying their group of friends in the house theres no reason for them to not keep them around until they are left with the Bridgette’s and the Natalies, “Those that we know we can beat.. just coop out the door”

Frank says his hunch is the HOH competition will be a puzzle.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-06 23-27-18-378
11:28pm Storage room Michelle, Nicole and Corey
Michelle wants Bridgette out.
Corey wants Bronte gone. He tells her “the plan” is to get out Bronte, Paul and Bridgette.
They start comparing notes on Frank and find out Frank is telling them all a different story. They tell Michelle she should throw the HOH and give it to the person that will backdoor frank.
Corey says if Frank goes it’s going to be 8 girls and 4 guys he want them to promise him they won’t come after him. Michelle says she trusts Corey the most of all the boys.
Corey volunteers to be the one that takes Frank out.

THey go back to comparing notes and have a laugh at Frank’s overplaying.
Corey doesn’t want Da’Vonne to win the HOH ‘She’s said some shady things”

Nicole thinks Tiffany would be perfect to take out Frank but she may do her own thing in and change from the plan.
Corey says he will put up Bronte and Paul tell them “Round 2”

11:40pm HOH Paulie and Corey
Corey says he’s 100% truts Nicole and Michelle and they just told him next week Frank wants to take them out.
Paulie at first is thinking that maybe the girls are creating this. Corey believes it 100%.
Corey skips into the bathroom. Tiffany comes up. Starts questioning Paulie.
Corey leaves..
Paulie gives here a rundown of his conversation with Frank.. she wants details on what Frank said about her.
Tiffany – do you trust me
Paulie – yes
Tiffany starts to cry.. “People you think you can trust you can’t… I’ve had your back.. I dunno I just feel like a little hurt I guess”

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Michelle for the win

I'm wealthy

Which of them is Michelle????


She’s the one who spends 90% of her time complaining about “those other girls”.


She’s the one who spends 90% of her time eating

Doran Martell

I think James is a little nervous about being excluded in these new deals that are popping up. At least it appears he’s not on anyone’s radar right now. Lets not lose him yet. That was so funny last year when he dressed up like Audrey with the blanket wrapped around him. And he gets points for sending Jace out the door last season. I hated that dude.


Sh!ts about to go down, first of James dosent care he’s not with anyone as long as Nat is in the house that’s all he area about. And how else can’t stand Z but she is so far up Da butt you can’t see her, it’s so funny cuz when they talk all Z dose is say and agree with whatever Da is saying can’t stand her


say whaaaat?!


Go away for a while, come back and make sense.


I met Jace in person at the Hearts of Reality party last August and he is even a bigger douche than you would think from the show. I told him off.

Hal 9000

I think Tiffany is hot.

Doran Martell

She is a pretty girl. I’m just not into all those Johnny Depp hats she wears. She looks better without them. I’m also curious as to what she and Nicole were discussing on after dark a few nights ago. She whispered and put the pillow up to block the cameras so I guess they couldn’t read her lips. Whatever it was Nicole certainly was amused by it.

Holy snapcrackle&pop

Yes! I saw that convo also. They were talking about paulie and Nicole asked Tiffany if she “liked” paulie…tiff got a bit bashful and said “no” they were just friends and then hid here face with a hat and pillow and told Nicole why (don’t know if she was saying why she did or why she didn’t like paulie romantically). Nicole was amused by it. Super curious what was going on b/c I thought from the beginning that tiff and paulie had a “thing” blossoming……until frank the stank and Davonte started the Tiffany crusade and paulie seemed to jump on board.

Team Tiff

I’m pretty sure she was telling Nicole that she’s not into Paulie as more than a friend because she’s gay. I think the show just had her say that she was bisexual for whatever reason.

Doran Martell

Thanks team tiff & holy snap crack n pop. Yea I had a feeling that she had just told Nicole that she was a lesbian and that’s why Nic found it so funny. I was kinda getting that vibe from her a little with how she dresses and sometimes just how she acts in general. I mean no offense to anyone by that. It’s crazy tho (if that is the case) how her and Van are both lesbians or bi.

DaVonne Lies

Why is it “crazy’ that two sisters are gay? Is it “crazy” when two sisters are straight?

What are you having some clueless ignorant thoughts wondering if they ever are with eachother?

Nothing “crazy” about siblings being straight or gay. js.


I’d say it was a little, rare? Don’t attack someone for saying that. You want equal rights? Well it goes both ways don’t forget. Besides they said they said they meant no offence by it to appease you overly sensitive politically correct finger pointers. YOU are the sick minded creep thinking about them getting together not the original poster. Their comment had no tone of perversion, that’s ALL YOU. You just saw someone commenting on gay people and looked for any sign of negativity, which there wasn’t and you jumped right in being the gay police and read them their rights! You are the problem with people today, you want equal rights for you and what you think but not anyone else. A kind of my way or the highway attitude. HYPOCRITE!

Nicole's coin slot nostrils

When Tiff and Nicole were talking few days ago on AD like u said. Nicole had asked Tiff if she likes Paulie as in “like like” and Tiff kinda didnt want to say what she wanted to tell Nicole. She told her she is more into girls than guys. More gay than bi.


Hal you have got to be Bull$#!**ing

Hal 9000

I didn’t say Bronte.


Bronte is great from the neck down.


You can have her. I’d tongue punch Natalie’s fart box.

Freak Police

You’re sick and get off being the most disgusting human being. Go bdsm somewhere else.




ya you should of said i would like to lick Nat’s lolliePOP!

Doran Martell

Zakiyah is acting like a teenager over Paulie. And I swear to god that picture of Paulie in the HG table below reminds me of Scooby Doo. It’s the eyes and the eyebrows. And maybe the smile too.


I think we’re at the point where we have to ask who doesn’t Da want out next…

It is interesting how things are evolving and James has way more power than he even realizes. If only he’d wake up from the nonsense with crazy BB relationship girl…uh..I mean Natalie and take the information he’s been given to start playing the game. He could easily pull disparate players under him, and start knocking people off with a pretty big majority, starting with the imminent danger of the showmances. Take out Nicole and Paulie and the other to get back in line. Make Frank and Corey your muscle who don”t trust each other, pit the girls against each other, and stroll to a final 4 of you, Da, Nat, and Frank/Corey…all of who take you final 3 if not 2….


Frank said he wouldn’t take James to final 2 because he has kids. So that’s not a good option! Neither is Corey as they aren’t close

James is in the good spot

Normally I d agree, but with this cast it seems that the winer will be the person who wont constatly blow up their game… which most of the house is basically playing against themselves…I don t get how with 14 ppl in the house they dont think that maybeee, maybee it d be smarter to lay low..So james might just sleep himself to f2 this way


But I think James wouldn’t need to be as ham-handed as everybody else, overplaying to such a massive degree…he just needs to be out, paying attention, listening.

If you ask me the house is ripe to be played and James is in the unique position of being well liked…yet seen as non-threatening. His goal should not be to “take over”, rather it should be to manage the situation to always have people ahead of him in the firing line. That means throwing cold water on hot plans, not announcing targets until there’s an HOH. Everybody in that house is reactionary, targeting people that can wait. That’s valuable info and should be manipulated. If James can keep a house filled with people targeting each other, rather than helping them run out of targets, then he’s stays off the radar.

I think being passive will make his insecurity come to fruition, which is a group will establish without him….and he’ll have to start pleading “just to make jury”


Agreed. I understand peeps watching want drama and action but the general advice of past players, to anyone going in the house, is to lay low, observe while staying out of harm’s way; and only really start to play your game week 4 or 5… But in our society we are quick to judge and label. People who have yet to start playing are criticized and given the label of floater or worse.

Fuzzy Num Num

There are showmances? I thought Corey didn’t like Nicole “that way.”
And Nat n James are “just friends.” Is Zak n Not-Cody a thing?
And when did Da decide Vaniffaney was ok? Theses are question which need to be answere!


Yup nowadays its one sided showmances. Nicole is thirsty for corey and Zakiyah for Paulie. Corey said NEVER EVER would he date Nicole lol.
Natalie and James seem to be the only two who actually like each other.


I’ll do my best 😉
None of them are showmances. Corey hides behind Nicole and it seems Nicole can’t play the game without a guy to lean on. Paulie likes Z but doesn’t want a showmance. What the two pairs have are trust and certain people in the house (DA, Frank, Tiffany, …) want to get rid of the person in each pair that’s taking an ‘ally’ away from the alliance. The only potential showmance I see is James and Natalie and damn if James isn’t on the outside of all of the alliances again.
Remember when Frank wanted to take out Paul, then Paul became ‘useful’ so that Frank could take out Vic? That’s Tiffany to DA…DA needs Tiffany to take out Frank.
I don’t think Frank or DA will make final 4 at this point, but I’m not sure who will…the way they’re playing, this game is wide open right now. Maybe watching James (who seems to be following the ‘wait till week 4 to play’ rule) or Michelle to fly under the radar.


Yeah it’s weird. Seems like Corey and Nicole are a showmance but then you have Corey telling people no way.

Then sometimes with Z and Paulie, it seems like they may be a showmance but Paulie always kinda pulls away. Sometimes he seems interested in her sometimes he doesn’t. It’s the weirdest thing.

Also day has completely dropped the Tiffany thing and has set her sights on Frank for sure. Now everything under the sun is about Frank. It’s clear she felt threatened by Tiffany but now she feels more threatened by Frank. So her obsession has switched to him.


Is it just me or does Z make u think of Erkel with them glasses on? We should call her Erkelet.

Bad Breath

I’m not sure about Z and Erkel but Victor would make a great Laughing Zorro


Z as Angela Basset Jr (Whats Love Got to Do with It)… Maybe. Erkel?? Hell Naw!!!!!


I honestly believe even though everyone wants frank out… He isn’t going home next week

Bad Breath

I was never a Frank fan. He’s got far too many ideas and way too many farts. Hope the house gets him out right after one of the first 5 evicted guests returns otherwise, there is a big chance of him winning his way back into the house.

Daenerys Eats her Nephew Victor the Jon Snow Wannabe

Da’vonne is disgusting and unbearable to watch.

Doran Martell

I’ve never been a huge fan of Day. But I find her neither disgusting or unbearable. To me she is much more enjoyable on AD instead of the CBS show where I think production gets her to act a certain way during her DR’s. But with that said, if I ever called a black girl a chocolate drop I would get backhanded with the quickness. I was smiling just thinking about it.


If Da’Vonne wants to make it farther in this game, she needs to stop bringing information to people. She needs to chill and let people bring her the information instead. She’s already in a powerful position in the game where people are trusting her with so much of the game.
It’s the same thing for Frank. He got greedy with all the information that people were giving him and didn’t filter his gameplay strategy vs. his social adaptability.
Next week, this game is on.

Tiff owns them all

I love hearing that Vanessa told Tiff not to start playing till week 4. We are all like come on Tiff take this mofo over. 🙂

And then she says “sometimes I wish my sister was here so we could f**k sh** up”. Ha.

I think we see Tiff turn it up a notch if she gets HOH. If she can get Frank out and then game on!

Wooooo Hoooo!

#tiff for the win!

It's getting real

Finally things are getting interesting. But I leave for work and Da still hates Tiffany and come back and they seem to best buds and Da is helping her with memory comps.


I think if it endurance frank or james tommrow with frank wining frank can go home this early to much of a great player


I swear to fu@king goodness, Michelle, Nicole, Zakiyah, chew like damn cows. I freaking cringe every time I see them going towards food. I honestly turn the tv down when they put food in their mouth. And the way they stuff their mouth is disgusting.

Doufus Corey

Omg. Nicole wants her target for bf after the show to be HOH.

That doufus will for sure f’**k it all up.

Nicole acts totally different when Corey is around. She is so obsessed with him. He looks like even more of a dumb ass clean shaven. When he smiles he looks like biggest doufus on the planet.

Corey thinks he is running shit. He’s all excited. Haha. Dude is dumb as dirt for real.

Did anyone see Michelle down like 89 blueberries in like 55 seconds? lol. And she needs to close her mouth. She eats like a 2 yr old. Her whole hate of Bridgette is creepy. Frank is going home. Who gives a f**k if he gives Bridgette more attention than you.


Lmfao! Michelle and those blueberries…first time I have ever really understood the phrase “shoveling food in your mouth.” She stuffed them in there like a chipmunk saving for winter!


Ha I just posted about Michelle inhaling berries and then I saw ur post. Glad in not only one who saw that. Like a vacuum cleaner. Lol


Day and Frank need to relax. It’s like they are so afraid of being evicted that they don’t know how to play a normal game without constantly thinking a target is on their backs. James has been annoying me with his pranks, but he is laying low which is smart as a vet. Day and Frank are talking way too much.

Right On!

I’ve been watching Big Bro since Dr. Will and Mike Boogie cleaned house. Here’s my 2 cents:
Tiffany is trying to be Vanessa 2.0, maybe in behavior but she is not in strategy. James act is
Recycled too, pranks and all but no real grasp of the game. Paulie is going to be just like his brother, he’ll probably give the prize to whomever is in the finals with him just like his bro.
Davonne is probably going to talk too much again. All I’m saying is let’s get a new player to emerge and win it this year.


Just a few thoughts I’m having:
James is on the outside of all of these alliances because James is doing what James did in his last season: playing for America’s player. He spends the majority of his time goofing with one person (this year the girl that said she would flirt her way to the money, so the showmance is contrived), or planning pranks. He lifts his head out of the sand when other people tell him what’s going on. He whines about being left out. He blabs too much. He hides in a bedroom again for hours. Invisible when not in power but mugging for the cameras is James’ game. Depending on endurance comps is James’ other game. Will he study days this year? Doubtful.
Da’vonne and Frank have been drinking Audrey and Devin juice for two days. Overplaying. Da’vonne’s constant paranoia against her own alliance is nothing new. It’s always 50/50 with her paranoia. Either spot on or off the deep end.
Funny. two occasions tonight: Frank asks if anyone else is being given clues and cues on how to play the games in next weeks comps from the d/r. Frank exits the d/r and tells Da’vonne they told him to relax, he’s going overboard. wth is that about?
The only person that doesn’t seem to be on a hitlist is Paul. The real power behind the original Revolution. Sure Jozea took all the credit as an attention craving moron, but Paul was the real ringleader of every bit of that alliance talk. and he’s skating on by.
It seems almost too much work to keep deprogramming Corey every time he speaks to a guy. He instantly thinks that any conversation a guy has with him is 100% legit, and even if the source is shady, it’s real when it comes to Cory. The guy is a mess. He doesn’t need to worry about throwing comps. He almost got evicted week one against the cliche fat old guy. But really seemed to enjoy riding a rocket between his legs (sorry, enough coreysnotgay jokes, they’re too easy.)
So how many people want everyone to throw the next hoh? And how many people want someone other than themselves to win it to keep bloodless hands? It’s pre-jury. if ever there was a time to get bloody, it’s prejury. Sure someone is returning. But they don’t know that for a fact (unless the d/r hinted to Frank with that one too).


Tiffany just like her sister with the tears


Everyone in that house has been crying. Guys, almost every girl, multiple times. It’s not just her. Lol. I’ve never seen so much crying on big brother, being locked up in there is getting to them already. Gonna be a long season for some of them.


Unless I’m reading these posts wrong, I don’t see how Frank is telling so many different stories. To me it seems as if he has one mission. That’s to get rid of Tiffany. He’s said it a million times. Then he wants to get out Bronte, Natalie, and so on. If an opportunity comes up, he wants to use it on Paulie or Corey. The funny thing about all if this is, Da and Nicole seem to be the one starting all of this. They’re not even on Franks radar. Lol. Now they will be. I’m also VERY surprised Frank hasn’t got wind if this. That really blows my mind. I want someone to slip and tell him sooooooooo bad 🙂
The feeds are getting good. It’s to the point to where I check for new posts on my breaks at work 🙂 LOL.


Curious, are you watching AD and the live feeds as well as the show? Perhaps you have too much of a life and are missing it on the feeds. That said, there is a fair amount of bandwagon jumpers leveraging and embellishing what has really been said in the hopes of helping THEIR game.


I work quite a bit, so I only get to watch the live shows, after dark, and read these posts from Simon and Dawg. Sometimes, I don’t even watch after dark(if it seems boring), I’ll just come here. I know Simon and Dawg will have it all wrapped up with a nice little bow on it for me 🙂 Lol.
Just from reading these posts and watching the stuff I do watch it didn’t seem like Frank really did anything wrong. It seemed like Da was threatened by him so she started targeting him. Which gets everyone else targeting him, bc that’s what she does. Same with Tiffany last week.


Once shots are fired lines will be drawn and people will regroup. At that point it will be more clear who really wants to work together. Until then, since Da is not feeling the 5 person alliance of the 2 showmances and her, and she’s also feeling some type of way that Zak and Nic exchanged Michelle, Tiff and the Fatal 5 plan for Paulie and Corey, Da should make a new group for herself that does not include either of the showmances. Da and Tiff need to trust each other, maybe even offer a final 2. They need to pull in James. They could be the core (final 3) of their alliance but could also probably have Bronte, maybe Michelle and definitely Natalie on their side. Paul trusts the guys but he also might feel used so he could be up for grabs. Of course a lot also depends on who goes home and who comes back. I would like to see Victor, Bridget and Frank out. The battle to come back would probably come down to Frank and Victor and each of them would have a big impact on which side ended up having numbers. I could be wrong, but I don’t think Bridget (without Frank) or Glen would have any real impact. And, if Jozea came back the whole house would unite for a one week truce in order to get out the most annoying house guest of all time.


Da’Vonne tries to plant too many seeds and then over waters them.