Big Brother 16 Spoilers – Jenga – Jenga – Je-Je-Je-Jenga!

POV Holder: Zach Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 18th
HOH Winner 1: Nicole HOH Winner 2: Christine
Battle of the Block Winner  Frankie/Caleb Next HOH Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Nicole’s Noms (Caleb & Frankie) Christine’s Noms (Zach & Donny)
Final Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny and Zach
POV Players Christine, Zach, Donny, Nicole, Caleb, Derrick

BB16-2014-08-13 17-03-37-203

Jenga game –> Jenga Amazon Link

BB16-2014-08-13 17-29-33-620

5:28pm Nicole packs her stuff

BB16-2014-08-13 17-32-34-174
5:30pm Derrick and Caleb
Derrick brings up Zach pulling him aside with Nicole. It was very suspicious, He thought it was just Zach at first but Nicole was in the room.
Derrick says Nicole is a big liar she’s going around last night spreading rumours.
Derrick says he was pissed that Zach and Nicole did that “I don’t want to be in closed door meetings”
Frankie joins them
Derrick was playing pool and Zach said came to him said “ I want to show you something” dragged him into a meeting with Nicole.
Caleb asks if Zach is trying to keep Nicole
Derrick doesn’t think so
Derrick says he never told Nciole she was going home – “I told her in the storage room she needs to prepare for going home it’s not looking good”
Derrick wants Donny gone next week but wants Nicole out more so she’s gotta go this week. Derrick says the one thing he despises is “blatant f**g lying” he tells them this is how he sees Nicole’s game.
Derrick – Everyone (Nicole) wants to be like Dan this season and Dan never played like that”
Derrick – he didn’t say sh1t
Frankie – He never lied
Derrick says some people play like Nicole mentions that Andy did and he never got credit for his win he “Looked like a f****g tool”
Derrick says Andy’s game is not respected sure he got the money in the end. Derrick adds Andy would get smoked if he came back because the type of game he played..
Frankie – Big Brother the gay season
Caleb – Big brother the beast season.. Me, Jessie Jeff…
Caleb saying that Zach will turn on them in a heartbeat.
Derrick – But he doesn’t have the votes to get us out.
Frankie is shocked that Zach is still believing people like Nicole this late in the game.

BB16-2014-08-13 17-51-00-580
5:49pm Caleb and Nicole
Nicole has heard people saying that she’ a liar and she wants him to know she’s not. The only thing she did wrong was shared information with the wrong people
Caleb – I don’t see you as a liar
Derrick joins them they talk about Frankie being this years twist. Derrick says when Frankie told them all about his real life he felt the house rumble because so many cameras were moving in the room.
Nicole leaves
Derrick tells Caleb if Frankie isn’t in final 2 he’s winning America’s favorite it’s a lock.
Caleb mentions Nicole talking to him saying she’s not a liar. Caleb doesn’t think Nicole is a liar he just thinks she’s a shitty game player.
Caleb brings up Nicole saying she told the wrong people information.
Derrick smirks – Well that’s Big Brother”
Derrick says Nicole tried she had Donny and Hayden.. they lost the one crucial HOH and Hayden went home. If HAyden had one that HOH it would have been Caleb and Derrick or Cody nominated.
Nicole joins them.. They are doubting there will be a buy back this season. They think there’s a big competition being built in teh backyard. Most likely an endurance competition
Feeds have been going one and off… Christine now in the room.
Derrick mentions Hayden saying JOey was America’s player.

BB16-2014-08-13 18-17-18-655

6:15pm Caleb still rocking the bunnies. Frankie and him get called into the Diary room together. (Football related)

BB16-2014-08-13 18-35-42-973


BB16-2014-08-13 18-38-22-300

Victoria spells out Derrick in Hebrew

BB16-2014-08-13 19-04-25-590

7:04pm Kitchen Victoria, Cody and Christine Chit Chat. The other houseguests are playing with the JENGA pieces.

7:24pm Really nothing is going on..

Where the vote stands.. Nicole is going to jury

The new bomb squad – Caleb, Zach, Derrick, Frankie, Cody, Christine
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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Pinnocchio Obama

I’m really looking forward to these boys turning on each other. It is going to get ugly soon.


They’ll turn on each other for two seconds and then hug each other afterwards and be back to being one big happy family.


Thanks for your comment AMANDA!

BB Sick of same game play

yes it is!!!! caleb, zach and cody missed out on their chance of winning but not teaming up with Nicole at this point!!!! I believe they had an awesome alliance but all good things come to an end and they way it looks right now these three are screwed!!!!


YES!!!! They were so stupid….they had both sides of the house on lock. Paranoia got the best of them. I REALLY hope neither of them win, simply because they had the perfect scenario and BLEW it!!! You had both sides of the house on lock and you turned when you didn’t have to. So stupid…..


yep these girls like Nicole but the girls cant analize what they are told example caleb tells Christine he was told to throw bob and Nicoles backup plan was to backdoor her. she acts stunned by she should have told caleb you knew this and agreed to that sht


Christine is the Brittany of this season. She doesn’t seem to grasp the concept that the men who included her in their alliance all practice the policy of “bros before hos”. Brittany certainly found that out the hard way during her season when she was bounced out of the house despite being promised a final two deal. The fact that Caleb and Zach went to such an effort to get her to put Nicole up on the block should have turned the light bulb on in Christine’s head. I can’t determine if Christine is simply dumb or just plain vicious. She’s easily swayed by the men in her so-called alliance; but I think her real intention is to get all the attractive women out of the house.

Cackling Hyena

I don’t think Christine would like to remove all the attractive women. Christine would never want to get rid of the prettiest woman in the house: Cody.

#WildCard #FearTheBeard #ZachAttack

Zingbot 3000



Frankie is TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think you’re going to find in her diary sessions tonight that she said she would backdoor Christine, but never really had the intention of doing so, that she said it to get the guys to do what she wanted. Her best play would have been to take this to Christine from the start, but if we remember she didn’t want to clue Christine into the fact that Frankie was going up. Rock, meet hard place.


This season is so yawn


Then don’t watch it, if you were a real fan you would enjoy it for what it is.


Yes, this season is so boring. Pointing this out doesn’t mean Javi has to stop watching, it just means it’s he feels it’s boring. Nothing wrong with that.
If anything, a real fan will say it’s boring but still watch it.


“Enjoy it for what it’s worth”, Two monkeys walk in a bar, one monkey says “did you see the Hawk and the Hawkins in the window? The other monkey says yeah, it’s Christink and her babies, the boring cast of Bullshyt BB16! Poor worms. If Nicodingus because a nurse in her home state, the rest of America can breath a sigh of relief.


Sometimes I think those criticizing this season are HGs from BB15 throwing shade to this season so theirs won’t look that bad…For the record BB15 will go on BB history if not the worst a good second or third place. This season has been a roller coaster since week two, far from boring.


That’s so stupid. 9 people left and I’m not even watching anymore. Last season kept me to the end.


last season kept you to the end? are you serious? last season was the worst ever, horrible cast. couldn’t even watch the feeds with the idiots who were left in the house towards the end. on a personal and game level. pure trash. they are a bit boring, annoying and/or stupid this year but thats really not a big deal compared to last year.


Hello Andy. Ya Rat!

yo, sup

I yawned when I read the word yawn


Derrick’s comment about wanting Donny gone next week but wanting Nicole out more so she’s the one who has to go, is why this season is boring. Derrick decides and they all agree. (And don’t forget… he f*cking hates liers.)


I’d be interested to see Derrick in an all star game. It’s hard to judge how good he really is when he’s playing with this crowd.


Indeed. This cast has made it way too easy with one core alliance running the house without resistance from day one. Shame that Donny/Nicole/Hayden never were able to recruit a couple of useful allies and form a solid counteralliance.


Derrick, you claim Nicole is the biggest Liar in the house, that title belongs to you. You also claim nobody respects Andy with the game he played even though he won. You are in the same boat as him even though you are playing a better game than Andy was.


See he evens fools the viewers. HE DOES NOT THINK HIS GAME IS HONEST.

He is saying those things to brainwash the other house guests. It is working because he is in every final 4 deal so far.

that's me

Yes! People pay attention! What comes out of Derrick’s mouth is all game play! Every bit of it. He is simply planting seeds in the other plays (tiny) brains. Non of them, with the exception of Donny, are onto his style of game. He is “undercover” and will only speak as his character would speak. You have to watch his DR’s to see the real Derrick. Outside of BB, this guy would probably have nothing in common with this group of lugs in his personal life, but he’s probably had to deal with plenty of stupid people who think they are better than they are for his job as a cop. That’s why he isn’t getting all flustered. To him this is just an assignment.


I can see a corrolation between several players in this season to those from last season. Derrick is this season’s Amanda with the way he has taken total control of the house and manipulates everyone to do his bidding. Zach is this season’s Andy. Someone tells him something in confidence and he immediately runs and tells someone else. Frankie, love him or dislike him, is at least interesting to watch. He’s very bright. I’ll miss him when he gets voted out; but I’m sure Derrick will make certain that he is voted out. Frankie is the reason I’m continuing to watch this season. Once Frankie is gone, this season will be over for me as far as I’m concerned. I don’t intend to continue watching the sheep in that household do Amanda’s…errr, I mean, Derrick’s bidding.

Say what

Nicole actually overheard someone say something about her. That’s a first. I’m putting my money on the first person that’s listens in on another conversation.


Is Frankie Stipend more? Like Elissa from BB15…


If Frankie thinks he should win BB because he’s a celebrity who is going to donate his winnings to charity, he should consider two things: #1 you’ll first have to become a celebrity, #2 you’re playing the wrong game – you need to join “Hollywood Game Night.”

bye! frankie!

He admitted he’s only donating his stipend. He loves flying on his sister’s skirt tails….If he didn’t he would of kept that secret. .another lie


Sometimes I feel like BB Fans only root for the underdog.


I see why Derrick keeps talking about honesty and that he hates that Nicole is straight lying (obviously making that up). He is mostly preaching that to Caleb and Victoria. Caleb eats that sh*t up big time. It brainwashes them into thinking he is a very loyal and honest player. But he knows more than anymore he is playing the entire house to win the money.


i kind of think he goes overboard. It isn’t necessary to go on and on and on like that, with the blasting and what looks like straight up hate for her. for one thing, someone is going to notice how quickly and easily he goes from doing that to being super polite and nice to her face. /they are going to start comparing notes, or at least asking themselves, wow, if he can do that so easily, what is he doing to me behind my back to someone else.

i wish zach wasn’t so erratic and that victoria actually wanted to play the game instead of making some new friends.


I thought that too. Especially when after BOB when frankie revealed his true identity. Derrick kept saying “I am who I am, none of use are lying”. He said it over and over, I thought way too much at the time. But when you think about it, the more he says it the more it sets like concrete in the house guests brains. Almost like some kind of interrogation technique that gets innocent people to cop to something they didn’t even do. I honestly think he using skills he learned during becoming a cop.


Derrick’s control of the house is game play and sickening it seems to me CBS is allowing him to bash and downgrade women. I don’t know how he talks to his wife but being an officer of the law I would think he would have more compassion than he has. To tell a woman “just go look pretty” and you’re not voting for someone is disgusting and revolting. Derrick has really smelling his win before it happens. Caleb says he’s the king in BBH but actually it’s Derrick.
I feel for Victoria when she leaves and really find’s out Derrick was using her. Now, Zack came out the wrong way in telling her and with her being naïve it flew overhead. The way Derrick talked to Victoria on this last Blog was ridiculous and shameful you can’t tell me he just got like this in the BBH this guy has been a women basher probably for a long time.
You don’t see him messing with Sir Donny not one time has he got in Donny face with some bull crap but he does and will keep on intimidating the younger ones (maybe that’s how he gets off, who knows) . That’s what Bully’s do “CBS” you sure picked two doze’s Derrick and Frankie.

BB Mauler

What is with Cody and Christine, why is he all over her all the time. It is sickening. And Frankie just hangs on all the guys, he is horned up. Never seen a cast all over each other soo much.


I swear every time I see Christine and Cody practically dry hump each other, Pepto Bismal and Alka Seltzer helps to ease the stomach!


Give it to Simon and Dawg THEY DO IT FOR THE KITTIES!!! Please think of the kitties MEOW ????????????????????


Obviously he does this to all the women, that is how he thinks he will gain their trust. Why she doesn’t see it is beyond me. Stupid silly girl thinks the cute boy likes her. I feel bad for her husband, not that I think anyone would cheat but because in his letter he said, dont forget about me ok.

What I really dont get is, this is a big alliance. 6 people. Does no one realize they are on the bottom of the totem pole??? Someone has to flip (or two people) otherwise they are the first to go. Christine is the dumbest one because obviously she will be the first to go and the last one to flip. Stupid silly girl…..


He looks to be feeling up her boobs in that picture.


I hate when people try to play like Dan
Dan only played the way he did in both his seasons because his strategies worked with the cast he was playing with.
You want to play like Dan? Identify your houseguests first, then strategise.


For the first time ever watching BB I feel sick. Those people are nasty and kick the dead dog constantly. If your game is happening, why bother torturing people? Sadists… And I don’t even root for Nicole before some sappy mofo says “Oh, you’re angry because your favorite is being picked upon?”

BTW: Tonights editing was totally biased not showing rat-bitch Cody going to tell Derrick about Zach/Vic/Nicoles talk.

If Hayden has an astronaut tattoo on his butt, Cody certainly has “Derrick’s b*tch/property” on his!


Agreed. The editing is very screwy.


I hope production comes up with a new twist soon, you guys keep in mind we still have 6 weeks left of the show that’s still awhile to go, so they have to do something drastic soon because we still have quite some time left with so few people now. Even do a pandora’s box and bring Devin in for 24 hours to stir up shit… just a thought. ; )


I could see them letting Donny get the boot, as he has said several times he doesn’t really want to be in house anymore. So Team America would die with him and then a new twist enters the game. Hopefully Zach gets some power and shakes the foundation of the house.


This alliance is so boring, annoying, and self diluted,very comparable to the friendship alliance in janelles season. DERRICK is the obvious Maggie. The only thing that makes derrick a good player is his alliance is filled with idiots. It is not that he is that smart or great but they are morons. Hated the friendship alliance and hate the detonators. This is why people root for the underdogs. BIG BORING!


Derrick is such an arrogant assbag. “Derrick says the one thing he despises is “blatant f**g lying” he tells them this is how he sees Nicole’s game. Derrick – Everyone (Nicole) wants to be like Dan this season and Dan never played like that”. He is just beyond ridiculous. Well, we know your going to win Andy 2.0.

BB Sick of same game play

I know Derrick is just playing his game – and Nicole is a threat to him bc she is not as stupid as the other girls in the house!! But really at this point unless I am missing something – She is getting screwed over big time and could be an asset to the Bomb squad floaters (Christine, Victoria, Zach and Caleb)!!! Especially Christine what an idiot – She is so lame – I guess she didn’t go on BB to win bc – she just keeps letting everyone else play her game and Derrick and Frankie are not going to need her soon!!! Her only chance was to keep Nicole!!!! How many times will the same bs occur – I believe these floaters better wake up and make a big move or it is going to be quite predictable and boring here on out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BB Sick of same game play

forgot one more Bomb squad floater: Cody!!!! I guess I need to start calling them all bomb squad casualties soon!!!!

Rachel's nipple

Hey Bubs, Christine can go fuck herself. Are you watching this documentary on Chriskatchewans?


haha, i had a hard time finding 3 to vote for on the poll about the top 3 favs (because it was only showing the ones still in the game!!!)


Last time a player said they were donating their winnings for charity, they later got busted for drugs for using that money lol and that was season 9 . Hardly believe Frankie is actually gonna use his money for charity


Frankie already admitted to Derrick, he’s only using his stipend money for charity, and keeping the 500,000 thousand if he wins. What a sick thing to lie about. It shows what a disgusting person he is to pretend he’s going to help the less fortunate with his full winnings. I hope he gets bad karma coming to him.


Or…Derrick gets evicted and questions Frankie about the charity money after on the live finale.
Of course, that would still mean Frankie grabs at least $50,000


I cannot listen to Derrick anymore.
He’s so smug.
It’s really getting on my nerves.


I loathe Derrick! I get the game is about lying, but he is a asshole. I can’t stand how he pretends to defend Victoria from Zach’s insults, but then he talks about how unintelligent she is. I hate his famous line about “taking food from his daughter’s mouth.” I just went him to spontaneously combust every time he says it. So obnoxious. He acts like he’s the only one who needs the money. He says he’s going to be so mad if anyone wins money besides him or Cody, and therefore I pray they get eliminated before final 2. I hate how he’s pissed at Nicole for campaigning to stay. Well we will see what he does when he’s on the block, since he’s a hypocrite we all know he will be campaigning like crazy to stay. He’s such a tool.


He is heartless, emotionless. We’ve had some good liars over the years, strategy wise, yet there is something very personal and unlikable about Derrick.

Love BB

Said it before & I’ll say it again……..Derrick & Frankie should NOT have been cast.
Bring in a housefull of undercover cops, then let’s see how smart Derrick is!
Bring in REAL celebrities & then let’s see if anyone recognizes Frankie or his sister.
Casting has made this season soooooo boring. If they were going to cast everyone who has the mentality of a twelve year old maybe it’d be more of a level playing field
If I was Donny, I’d be slinging that used chew right in Derrick’s face.
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..sorrry for the rant…..

C’mon Donny…………win HOH!!!!!!!!!!!


I feel terrible for Christine’s husband. If the roles were reversed and her husband was pawing all over another woman, she would feel devalued as a woman and his wife. It makes me sick to watch. Frankie and Caleb are two of the most insecure “men” I have ever seen. Any young woman that sees Caleb coming needs to run like hell. Frankie just needs to accepted the fact he’s not 20yrs old and that he is far from a celebrity. The men really disrespect women in general. It’s been that way since the beginning of this season. Donny, you have been a true gentleman this season. Refreshing.


Victoria has been asking Derrick some good questions–like she’s actually been thinking about something other than her shade of lipstick. Questions about alliances and what Nicole said, and who belonged to which alliance. Derrick’s been having to lie to a Victoria about all of it and I’m really hoping this will all blow up in his face. It’s painful to watch these people follow the propaganda he’s spewing throughout the house, without really questioning any of it. Sheep are boring, and in real life, dangerous.


I would have told Frankie straight to his face, “Sorry…you don’t get to be a celebrity if nobody knows who you are.” Now I am going to work even harder to kick your ass to the curb.

Day Yum Yum

Remember you heard it here first. Production is salivating over the fact that they THINK they are courting a new, young, fan base with all the Frankie chicanery, like this week’s BOB, that as soon as it looks like he is ready to be evicted the Diamond POV will be making it’s long awaited re-appearance and BAM he will be safe! BOOK IT! They tried to help Matt with it to court the young girl fans, but it didn’t go as planned due to the other Brigade members. Evicting him was the only thing that group did worth remembering!


Doesn’t surprise me. Did anyone catch when Caleb said today he went to get up during the BOB (my thinking maybe possibly to go sabotage it). Production said on loudspeaker for him to sit back down. Right after he said that feeds when off.



They told him to sit down because you can’t intentionally sabotage someone’s game, it’s against game rules. You can taunt and try to distract them, but you cannot physically mess with someone during a competition. But CBS, definitely let him sit out and didn’t discourage it. I do believe they wanted Frankie to win.


But here is why it would have been fine. He was competing in the competition too. Lets say he got and said I want to win. But then really just happened to be terrible at the game. Production was controlling the game.


Hahaha, if you seriously think that CBS used MATT to gain the admiration or attraction of a young girl audience you are hilarious! Matt was a short, tattooed, married, simi-villain. Matt is nowhere near the “projected type” that CBS uses for visual appeal. Hayden, Lane or Brendan, maybe, might have been, but Matt? No.


Donny and Zach need to become HOHs and get one of Derprick’s toadies out the door or, better yet, the puppet piggie himself. If Zach wins and Donny gets America’s Favorite then I’ll be happy


Here is the thing. Donny said to Derrick, I will not put you or Frankie up. Because of team america. Zach has said to Derrick several times he trust him the most of the people left in the house. Derrick literally won’t be put up no matter who wins the hoh. I have a feeling Donny’s target would be Christine.

Go Donny

I think Donny’s plan is to not PUT UP Derrick put to have someone else do it preferably whoever he wins HOH with and then have himself dethroned. If you recall he never said he wouldn’t vote them out of the house. That’s why I think he has been trying sooo hard to get Nicole, and last week Hayden and anybody who won’t go running to Derrick, to see who is the head of the snake (Derrick). But it doesn’t seem to be getting through. I think next week he could probably persuade Zach but it’s going to take some careful handling. I have faith though….GO DONNY!!!!


Is Christine in the bomb squad? Because she is a grenade!


I cannot wait for Christine, Cody, Frankie, Caleb, Derrick, and Victoria see how much America really hate them with a passion!!!


After watching tonight’s show……Nicole leave with your head held high, these people are not worth your tears. Derrick, you are awesome and I hope you win. You are truly playing the BB “game”. Donny you are too nice of a guy to even be on this show…..go home to your special lady. The rest of you are PATHETIC.


I knew Christine would turn on Nicole around week 2-3 when they talked about Amber and Brittany. Christine was so jealous from the start and it was just a matter of time before she turned on Nicole because she is beautiful too. Can’t wait to see next week when a player returns and Christine’s “boys” turn on her and her nose and cackling laugh goes out the door.


Who’s Ariana grande!! Frankie you loser. Should have used justin bieber at least his name is known!!!

Frankie you idiot


Derrick is winning this easily. I just wonder what these people think while playing big brother. How can they have no strategy and just follow what they are told? Derrick is winning easily because of this, because he is the only that has tried to think of a way to win. Donny could have been a great rival because the man is smart enough to know what is going on but he has never utilize it. Their is no point of knowing things if u dont use it to advance ur game. Sadly I think is Devin would have been more stable he would have had a better chance to go against Derrick.

Holy Roller

CALEB is a f*ckin lying douche bag. He struts around like some hick rooster broadcasting that he’s a Christian – but in tonight’s BB show, he was all too quick to EAGERLY BE THE ONE TO LIE ABOUT NICOLE to Christine that Nicole was going to backdoor her. Afterwards, of course, the proud cock-head downgrades it to just “twisting the truth a little.” He proudly THREW NICOLE UNDER THE BUS. So much for the power of Christianity – except for the power of heightened divine self-delusion allowing one to more easily do evil without hesitation or remorse.


I’m so sick of Nicole saying over and over that America hates her. Everything she does, she thinks America will hate her. “Oh-mii-gawwwd, I didn’t wawwwsh my dishes today, America is gowwwing to hate me now guwwyysss!” America doesn’t hate you for your stupid living habits, they will dislike you for your foolish game play! You had it made and you screwed it up every time by trusting the same people that keep screwing you over.


Oh-mii-gawwwd, if I could give your comment a 100 thumbs up I would but all the other commenters would soooo hate me.


Big brother needs to to change it up. The format is becoming expect the expected. My suggestion is to put 100 house guests in a house with only 10 beds. No challenges, no vetos, no hoh. You can leave anytime you want and you cant push anyone out the door. Once a day the house will be hit with a earth quake and once a day a single head of lettuce is lowered down from the roof. and every sink and shower only lets out orange pop. Grand prize 10 million dollars. just let it run, no inferences. once a week everyone competes for a cheese burger.

On another note. Christine is so GROSS!! GROSSSS!!! so SO SO SO GROSSSSS!!!

In all seriousness cast better people next year big brother. more people over the age 35. please!

Thor's Sister

I think after Frankie spilled the beans , Derrick said “most of us are who we say we are” or something. WOW Frankie really thinks he has this one in the bag. Even though I read it all (Amazing thanks again) it really is something to see it play out. Anyone who has been gaming would find the news Frankie just told them unsettling.
Derrick was pacing and looked irritated because he is in game mode, ,Caleb said he would have kicked Frankies teeth in if they were on the outside (lols) Cody (even though I like him, DONT JUDGE ME!!) he laughed in amazement but not worried, jeez Cody. Zach was quiet.
I actually think those tears were genuine from Zach (man I love to hate to love that guy!!!) I guess when you think you’re making moves to get far in the game or at least America’s fav player, then to find out Frankie says (he pretty much made it out like he was in there playing for charity, little sh*t) hes a Broadway star and all the other titles he game himself and then sticks charity in there plus a pop star sister, the other people must think they have no chance now and I see why Zach felt hurt about it. You know, all for nay type thing. Even though I hate the edits to seem like its the Frankie show and I try not to focus on that and I know I will get egged for this but……….
I am enjoying this season of BB. 🙂

Poor Poor Zach

I commented on this the night that Zach found out they were trying to get him out. He genuinely looked hurt and I couldn’t wait to see his diary room on tonight’s show because he kept talking about how he couldn’t talk that night. Here’s someone who is playing his game, like it or leave it, and was thrown 2 major curveballs that evening. Zach is my favorite because I feel like he and Derrick are the only people actually playing Big Brother. This season is a bit boring but I will take it over last years cast!

Caleb speaks the Truth

Caleb calling out Ratine and NoB@lls for spooning and always touching one another…NoB@lls denies everything. Meanwhile, Ratine doesn’t deny it…she just Cackles away.


Give America’s favorite to Simon or Dawg, their doing this for their daughters. You don’t want to take food out of their daughter’s mouths.


I’m trying really hard not to have a negative reaction but…..
Derrick is the biggest piece of trash left in that house.
Victoria is a close….well the girl is just plain deficient.
She actually asked him if he knew Christine was a liar?
I just can’t respond without writing a three-page hate-filled rant about these two, so I won’t.
I feel bad for Nicole right now even though she wasn’t my ‘favourite’, at least she should be allowed to go out without all the necessary ugliness that Derrick seems to want to send her off with (behind her back of course). He’s such a man that he can’t just leave it as is and say goodbye; he finds it necessary to tarnish her image to those left and it makes no sense because she’s going home regardless.
Victoria is a still a 4-year-old Hebrew girl (she can spell in her language at least) who wouldn’t know a crow from a falcon.
Ah yes, and then there’s Donny; who should be sainted on his patience alone.


2 hoh is over with.. im hoping Donny wins single hoh and takes a shot at derrick but I don’t think he will… Donny will probably nominate CODY and Christine, which is ok with me… production will convince Donny not to nom Frankie or derrick because of team America… which blows big time.. Donny is not going to nom Victoria if he wins hoh…


Victoria has the mind of a five year-old. Honestly, she is a small child being led around by Derrick. Plus, just listen to how everyone talks to her: slow and condescending like she had no clue what is happening at all. And for all the people calling Christine a rat, you are woefully incorrect. She’s 1/3 rat, 1/3 hyena, and 1/3 vulture. Don’t ask me how she’s in thirds, she just is. And Cody is a male hooker/stripper so I’m pretty sure he is used to sleazy clientele groping him it’s in his skill set to let Christink fondle him and not feel a thing just to further his game. And for all the Derrick fans out there saying he I’d playing an “awesome game”, you would be wrong. I understand that for BB you must possess a certain affinity for manipulation, scheming and lying in order to play the game successfully (in most cases), but he has gone above and beyond what is needed and he is so arrogant I wanna grab him by his pig snout and hurl him out of the BB house. Sad to see Nicole go but I have a feeling that she still would’ve went after Zach at some point and I am not sure I could watch that happen. Best case scenario: anyone but Derrick, Cody, Christine, Frankie, or Victoria wins overall and/or America’s Favorite


I love the “Nicole is a LIAR!” mantra the HGs have started lately.
What a crappy cast this season is. I’m not even watching tonight, the first episode I’ve missed since BB2. Just not interested. Looking forward to the squad turning on each other like piranhas once they only have each other left.


Produciton set this game up for Derrick to win. Think about it.

-Frankie is the obvious distraction, all the angry fans think the game is rigged for him.
-Meanwhile, put an undercover 30-something cop in a house with a bunch of naive 20 year olds
-Establish “Team America” and put the cop on it, regardless as to whether America actually votes him in, to give him additional support/shields.

My last point should ring especially true to anyone who has been paying attention. Donny, the only person to truly see through Derrick, won’t put him up, thanks to Team America.

If Derrick wins, it makes me sick, because he walked in with unfair advantage, and continued to receive unfair advantage. He is a mediocre player that got dealt a fantastic hand.


If I were Nicole, in my final speech before the voting I would say to the houseguests. F&&ck you all and if Frankie is in final 2 with anyone, I’m going to let you think I have voted for you but I will really vote for him and so will Hayden and Jacosta and probably Christine and Victoria once they get to Jury and find out the real truth. We will do that just to piss you all off and let you see how it feels to be back door’d. I will leave my knife here so you can have fun stabbing each other in the back. This will never happen but I can dream can’t I.

Love Dawg and Simon

I love Donny, but if he goes out soon I hope his exit includes something like, “Thanks for the great game, Derrick. I’ll vote for you and I’ll keep my promise to work on the other jury members”. Put that target right in the center of Derrick’s back and, even though he can deny any such conversation with Donny, that paranoid bunch will start to question his role. Donny told Nicole he might do something like that, so I hope he follows through.

Team DONNY all the way!


No, I think if Donny is voted out (and I believe Big Brother wants to keep him in the house because he’s liked by the viewers), he impresses me as the type to walk out as a gentleman. He wouldn’t be slinging “truths” as he left. Even if he did tell the others how Derrick has been manipulating them, they probably wouldn’t believe him, such is the mentality in that house. I think the only one who might believe him is Frankie because he’s also a player. Derrick has artfully learned how to turn other houseguests’ truths into convincing lies.


Derrick is such a hypocrite calling Nicole the biggest liar in the house. I’m not discrediting his game, but he constantly seems to talk about Nicole lying when he lies all the time.