Nicole – “The fact he [Terrance] is willing to throw. What happens if Michael wins ?”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Daniel
Nominees: Michael & Terrance
POV Players: Daniel, Michael, Terrance, Indy, Ameerah and Turner. Kyle is hosting
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Joe, Michael, Monte and Kyle

– Michael is the target. No details on the basckstage twist. Likely GROD is still trying to figure out how best to screw up this season.

Lock your ranks in before midnight


11:25 am Michael and Joe
Joe – when it comes down to voting I promise you guys it comes down to how much you are talking to other people cause you know I’ve been talking to you a lot and you and me had that conversation I know what you’re here for I know what you are doing.
Joe – make sure everyone see that and you should be good. What you are doing is perfect and everyone can see you are stepping out of your shell. You are going that extra mile
Michael – there is the perception you, Monte and Kyle are together or you just get a long very well. Nobody outwardly said they are in an alliance or anythign liek that.
Joe – all four of us or us?
Michael – you three. people say you guys hang out a lot
Joe – ohh yeah we do But I get along with you
Michael – be aware of it. People are observing.
Joe – yeah yeah bro of course you are more than welcome to jump in with us work out with us.
Michael – I would love to
Joe – No one is talking names.
Michael – if people are telling me that it means they are not associating me with you. If there is anything floating around I might here about it and give you a heads up.

11:30 am
Joe – Ohh no ohh no ohh no .. ohh shit ohh shit.. YES YES YES Girl!


11:33 am Taylor is dressing casually for the Veto.
“When I’m HOH I’m wearing this everyday”

11:39 am random picture of cool cat

11:43 am Daniel and Nicole
Nicole – Paloma and I were talking when they announced 30 mins until nominations and she was like you’re my girl she was like.. I got you.
Nicole – I was like I got you she is between Ameerah, Taylor and Paloma we have a good girl group with those three. They don’t need to know about each other.
Nicole – she was like I have your back
Daniel – F** yeah
Nicole – Ameerah said we need to protect Daniel next week
Nicole – they both want to protect you next week (Paloma, Ameerah)
Daniel – that is so dope

Nicole – between the four of us girls we will be the most savage to make decisions.
Daniel – Turner and POOCH will side with me I can manipulate them.
Nicole – So we have Ameerah, Paloma, and Taylor. Then we have Terrance, Turner and POOCH, have Monte.
Daniel – The fact that I didn’t put them up they were like BRO.
Daniel – I don’t want to backdoor anyone right now.
Nicole – If Michael wins veto
Daniel – I’m going to be pissed
Nicole – what are you going to do?
Daniel – I don’t know at that point
Nicole – that will be your worst case scenario because Terrance said he would throw the veto
Daniel – Terrance wants to throw it to me
Nicole – Correct, but he still willing to throw a veto. The fact he is willing to throw. What happens if Michael wins
Daniel – then I would have top put up a HUGE threat for sure. If we have everyone on board because I can’t have people f***ing me. I don’t know I don’t want to think about that yet. I’ll spend all night on it for sure.
Daniel – We have me, Terrance and Turner fighting for this shit. fighting for what I want to do.
Nicole – Ameerah will keep the noms the same
Daniel – ok dope
Nicole – She’s already a neutral player.
Daniel – Ameerah says she wants to fight for it. Indy said she wants to fight for it.
Nicole – Indy will end up using it
Daniel – on Michael
Nicole nods
Daniel – OHHH I’m going to lose my shit. Ok..
Nicole – she wouldn’t end up using it because she’s.. for her it would be who do I want to save
Daniel – Like a friend.. it’ll be Michael.
Nicole – she hasn’t had one conversation with Terrance at all.
Daniel – Paloma is a HOMMIE
Daniel – Kyle and MONTE are in a good place with me for now. I do trust them FOR NOW
Nicole – the fact you have people that want to keep you safe next week
Nicole – The fact that Terrance wants to make sure that you are safe.. YO!
Daniel – I believe him
Nicole – I believe him too
Daniel – I think we are in a good spot
Nicole – we are in a great spot

11:53 am Daniel and Mike
Daniel says worst case scenario is if veto is played and he has to put another person up “More blood on my hands”
Daniel – I appreciate you coming up here. that’s how it goes where’s my head where’s yours.
Daniel – all three of us want it for our own peroneal reasons. I’m excited. We’re all just different people in this competition
Mike – I want to play the game and play with people who want to win.
Mike – I feel like I’m suppose to be mad I’m suppose to not want to be around Daniel.
Daniel – I know
Mike – it’s just not in me to feel that way
daniel – Yeah dude it’s a tough position for you for sure.. that’s hard for me to say because I did it you know
Mike – I’m not happy to be where I am at but I’m not mad. That’s the game people find themselves in unfortunate situations you fight and try to get out of it. I signed up for this. I can’t be made no matter who would have won would have to put 2 people up.

11:48 am Leak of the veto competition

Noon Terrance and POOCH
Speculating about the Backstage twist
POOCH goes on about the challenges he’s facing in this game. POOCH says he’s worried about damage control for picking three people to be backstage.
POOCH – I went through a lot more than people.. obviously I was isolated right away. We came in the last group so everyone was up vibeing a little chuckling, which is tough. Smiling this and that. I realized that right away. As soon as I went upstairs I was like f** I saw people smiling, cracking jokes.. I’m up here.
Terrance – you’re not getting any interaction.
POOCH – For sure
Terrance – already we walked in last. They were in there 20 minutes before they were asked to go outside.. so that was a quick connection
POOCH – exactly
POOCH – we were the third group in, they send my ass right upstairs, Those are two TOUGH things. Then Julie puts me on the spot and I have to pick 3 people that I could hurt their game.
POOCH – people are thinking what can it be? (backstage) it might not be that bad because those are already THREE bad things. (LOL)
POOCH – when that happened if I couldn’t come up with a good reason and picked you, you, you. People would have been WHY ME, WHY ME what is the reason. They would have been right to ask that.
POOCH – I missed judged you based on your look. that puts me in a bad spot.
Terrance – that was blood on your hands.
POOCH says worst case scenario he’s thinking is production tell him to put up a third nomination out of the backstagers.
POOCH – If she’s (Brittany) alone she good. I could be her number one or two
POOCH is more worried about Paloma and Alyssa they are the young girls that could use their charm on the guys, “What if Alyssa and Kyle start hooking up”
POOCH – nobody is going to send Brittany home right now no-one is scared of Brittany

“Hey houseguests time for the first veto meeting.. one more time”
second try
“Hey houseguests it’s time for the veto comp it’s time to get dressed and head to the backyard.. ”


12:08 am Feeds cut to Kitties. Veto competition time. (This might take awhile the first ones always do)

3:21 am No feeds for you

Girl’s Girls (Paloma, Jasmine, Alyssa, Ameerah, Indy, Brittany)
Motley Crew (POOCH, Turner, Daniel)
The Oasis (POOCH, Turner, Daniel, Kyle, Monte, Joe)
MAMBA (Paloma, ALyssa, Ameerah, Monte, Kyle, Michael)
Burner (Turner, Brittany)
TOOCH (Turner and Pooch)
PSL (Paloma, ALyssa)
Rouge Rats (Nicole, Daniel)

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un autre nom

A nominee willing to throw veto when there is NOT a backdoor plan?
Oh, send him home. That’s…. buh bye.

Girls Girls are going to exclude Indy right quick now that she’s bonding with Taylor (or at least sticking up for her somewhat).

I’m having a hard time deciding what flavor of koolaid Paloma and Pooch are serving, because I don’t see a genuine or authentic bone in them when they speak…. but people say they trust them. odd.

How to stay off the block with Daniel? Make sure he thinks you’re cool because you’ve told him how cool he is. Parrot words he uses. Ask something about Elvis (and pretend to look interested as he goes through the powerpoint).
Facts: Dear Daniel, If you were not HOH week one, you’d have a total of ZERO people pretending to be in your corner. Doubt me? Wait until next week when he’s wondering where everyone that said they’d have his back have gone. Worst ability to actually read people I’ve seen. Least proactive first week HOH I’ve seen since bbcan4 Loveita.

How did Turner end up in the Bromix? He adheared 10 roach clips to his face faster than 4 other people, which in Pooch’s mind made him a comp beast. No word of a lie. Stop laughing.


Oh, Another Name – it’s nice to see we are still in concert on our takes. (big grin).

Hope you are well & enjoying the summer.

The Beef

Hate to see “old guy” go first, but why the Hell would he throw the veto when he’s on the block, especially during the first week when he has no alliance protection and knows virtually no one? When these people all claim to have watched since “Season 1”, you would think they would know better than to do that when your butt’s warming the block.

The 1st week is always an act of high comedy, with everybody trying to form multiple alliances and using their BB Social skills/chops for the first time ever, so you get these “Frenchiesque” gaffes almost annually from one or more of them. This season is no exception.