Nicole – “The 6 is good for at least 3 to 4 weeks” **Updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Turner
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Alyssa & Indy

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine (She’s also safe)
Joe & Monte
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy
Ameerah & Terrance
Nicole & Taylor

How Nominations will work: One pair will be nominated
How the Veto Player Pick will work: Turner/Jasmine, nominated pair, and drawn pair
– If one of the pair wins the veto, the other is also safe.
– If the nominated pair comes off the block, Turner would nominate another pair.
Eviction: One of the pair on the block will be evicted
Last pair standing gets a power.
** Unsure how many weeks the pairs twist will last **

10:00 am Houseguests waking up

10:18 am Michael and Brittany
Brittany had a conversation with Jasmine the story is it was Taylor that Convinced them to flip their vote.
Brittany – I’m trying to think if she said anything else. she said we’ll be Okay ultimately. I think we still stick with our plan.
Brittany – Everyone is going all in against Taylor. That’s mean
Michael – They either want to backdoor her.. Nicole and Taylor would FIGHT really hard for it (Veto) If he backdoors them that basically leaves us an Alyssa/Indy as his options
Michael – did she tell you who
Brittany – no
Michael – at 5 o’clock it was Daniel, Kyle, Joe and MOnte up there. Daniel and Kyle were up there for two hours last night
Brittany – I know he’s very concerned about a girls alliance
Michael – good
Brittany – Jasmin told him there is not
Brittany – Do you think it strengthens us to say Hey you know that agreement between you, me, Kyle Turner is it worth saying my thought was that we did not know the flip when those talks were happening..
Michael doesn’t know about that because Jasmine can tell Turner that they know way before.
Brittany – Jasmine is playing this off as a shock. Taylor did all of it.
Michael – I hope he doesn’t put us up hoping we can win in order to backdoor her. If he does put us up and Taylor/Nicole win the veto
Brittany – we’ll be screwed.. Unless Indy gets on his nerves
Michael – I know. I wish nominations weren’t today. Give her some time to crumble.

10:27 am Michael talking alone
“If we go up and Taylor wins the veto I think I would have the votes to stay. If we go up and I win the Veto and I have now one the first three veto competitions and we find ourselves on the block next week I don’t know if I have the votes to stay any more. The last thing I want to do Is cut Brittany or sacrificing her. I want her here I want us to go as far as we can together”
“I don’t know what to do”
“If I’m on the block I have to go for the veto I can’t not try. I don’t want to POOOCH myself. As of right now I think I would stay over Brittany. I would try to get a golden key or a VIP pass or something I could potentially be safe until Jury”
“That would give me a couple weeks to fade where I don’t have to win any competitions. Work on my social game”

10:40 am Ameerah, Nicole and Michael
Ameerah – We have the numbers to get her out easy (taylor)
Michael – what if we go up
Ameerah – if you do 1000 you are safe. People don’t want her in the game because she’s lying and throwing people’s names out there.
Nicole – you don’t have to worry about going on the block you will be pulled down.
Michael – unless Taylor wins
Nicole – here’s the thing if that happened Brittany goes home or if Indy and Alyssa, Indy goes home.
Nicole leaves
Ameerah – I promise you 1000% you are safe
Michael – I trust you
Ameerah – we talked about it last night we have it planned out. It’s done.. it’s happening.

10:43 am Nicole and Michael
Nicole basically laying out the next few weeks how their 6 will pick off all the other players.
Nicole – the 6 is good for at least 3 to 4 weeks (FUN)
Michael – that will get us to jury

10:52 am Indy and Ameerah
Indy is sufferings from sleeping in the have nots
Ameerah – you look tired as hell. Even with you sunglasses
Indy – laughs.. I die.. I cannot thin about it otherwise I’m going to go to my house. I swear I cannot do this shit.. Too old for this.

11:00 am Jasmine, Taylor and Ameerah
Taylor – all the boys were up there since 5:30
Jasmine – the guys
Alyssa joins them.
They talk about the festie bestie twist.
Taylor – I cannot touch the block again guys

11:08 am Jasmine tells Alyssa that Turner isn’t putting her up. She goes on about how she talked to Turner and Nicole, Terrance, Alyssa, Ameerah are all cool with him.
Alyssa is worried that she picked Indy the reason she picked her was she’s a strong competitor and if they do end up on the block Indy would go over Alyssa. Alyssa is no worried Indy will implode and they will end up on the block because of it.
Jasmine – Turner told me his tops were Daniel, Kyle and Monte.
Jasmine instructs her when she talks to Turner blame the entire POOCH vote on Taylor says she was campaigning her ass off.


11:15 am Joe checks himself out in the mirror

11:18 am Kyle and Monte
Kyle – Do you think that the relationship I have with Alyssa is hurting either of our games in their eyes?
Monte – no they didn’t mention it. Lets limit information we give to Alyssa because their relationship is tight
Monte – I’m thinking for your game bro.. my number one thing coming into this game was avoid a showmance
they laugh
Monte – it is what it is right. it just give them an easy excuse when we get to 9. hopefully they wait until 6
Kyle – She likes me more than I like her. (Yikes)
Mont e- she’s very young, She loves art..

11:30 am Bros are confirming they will Taylor out this week.

11:32 am Kyle and Michael
Michael – their old skool thing is 100%.. she didn’t explain it but.. she was like me and Taylor, You and BRittnay, Alyssa and Indy will be the next three people to go up to get rid of the besties.
Kyle – wait who was it
Michael – Nicole and Taylor to get rid of Taylor, Britney and Me to get rid of Brittany and Indy and Alyssa to get rid of INdy.
Kyle – Monte had that same concern
Michael – That’s a big red flag
Michael – once Jury hits it’s going to be me, Monte, Joe, you
Kyle – then we would be the next.. Talk to Monte.
Kyle says he remember Alyssa saying that there was a ton of people in the old skool

Kyle – we’re not in a good spot if that’s true.

11:50 am Turner and Michael
Turner tells him the target this week will be the same as last week. He’s going to try for a backdoor. Michael mentions Jasmin may not get cleared to play in the competition so the players would be the nominees vs random pick.
Turner says Brittany is rubbing most of the house the wrong way but he’s never heard anything negative about Michael. If he would put Michael and Brittany up as the pawns he’s 1000% certain the votes would be there to keep him. “Plus you’re a veto beast”
Michael – I definitely don’t want to go on the block but as long as you say Taylor is the target I am comfortable with that.
Turner – is there any duo you would not want to see go up as a pawn or on the block.. not even as a pawn you wouldn’t want them to go home.
Michael says Kyle, he wouldn’t want to see him on the block.

12:17 pm

Nominations today.

12:18 pm Kyle and Alyssa (hard to hear)
Kyle – how solid do you think that OLD SKOOL alliance is?
Alyssa – (? Daniel started it and it hasn’t met once. ?)
Kyle asks who is in it.
Alyssa names Ameerah, Alyssa, Jasmine, Daniel, Terrance. Nicole.

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soooooo the next 3-4 weeks will be the most boring predictable thing since the cookout………………………………………………….. this season just sucks


No, there’s the discussions and then there is how everything plays out…


Each duo has a member of POs pack.. until the twist goes away the pack will just get rid of anyone that isnt a member.. its literally the same exact strategy that the cookout used except instead of a member of the house coming up with it, the lazy producers have adopted it as a twist… B O R I N G

Only Reading Feeds

It indeed sucks. And who’s turner

un autre nom

isn’t it funny that all three are somewhat exposed?
Kyle, Monte and Michael know about Old Skool
Daniel knows about Po’s Pack (and pouts about it to Nicole)
Everyone knows about Oasis (still don’t know if that includes Taylor… does she know?)

The only alliances NOT exposed are
Nightshift = Daniel, Terrance, Nicole
Outsiders = Kyle, Michael, Brittany

un autre nom

It makes me laugh that Turner thinks he’s one of the in crowd.
I mean, his dustcloud and aroma probably get into every circle on the Venn diagram… but physically he is not placed in that circle.
Then again, his mentor was the moron that volunteered to be on the block in week two when he was only aligned with 1/3 of the house with no side alliances.

It took the three guys long enough to get back to the Old Skool thing to start doing some math.

How the women didn’t scratch their heads when they know Daniel was with Turner and all the boys for a few hours in HOH last night… but wait, he said he wasn’t in the Oasis.
Nobody bats an eyelash.

What I’m wondering: Last night / this morning when i was getting tired and feeling the need to tap out due to too much Jasmine yapping then Daniel yapping… there was a small exchange that I didn’t understand. Nicole said before they started picks for Besties, Production told her…. lowered voice. A second later she said she whispered to Michael not to pick a member of the six alliance. You know that’s got my conspiracy tinfoil hat on OVERDRIVE.
Did anyone catch what Nicole ACTUALLY said… so I can quit conspiring with myself.

I truly do dislike this twist. Plethora of reasons, but leave it at that, so I don’t novelize again.


Nicole is so full of herself!

Only Reading Feeds

Yes yes thats exactly who she’s like. Elissa Reilly. I hope she can survive a while. She’s one of the only ones I’m rooting for

Dementia Joe

I’m rooting for Taylor too…… leave.

Palm Oil's Meds

Why? When there are so many horrible people in the house…


I’m claiming it – (that I was on that bandwagon first) Evil Elvis & Cruel Chef were on my last nerve last week!


She was first or second on my pre-season picks – what a disappointment!

Have you caught her today – her ENTIRE body language has changed she’s so full of herself. That exchange she had with Michael in the bathroom was obnoxious & then bragging about her acting with Turner/Evil Elvis – ICK.

It’s like she’s trying to provide “scenes” to get the Tiffany mastermind edit – NEWS FLASH – you’re not her — evidenced by production having to give you a twist that emulates her CO strategy.

At least Michael already CLOCKED her. (but now he needs to do something about it). I’d live to see Tay blindside Cruel Chef, Squeaky Wheel Factitiousola & Evil Elvis publicly about last week & Monte BD plans.

I know I’m salty b/c I’m a serious nope on EE & with CC & SWF close behind, but man this cast was already difficult to invest in if that trio gets deep in the game it’ll be on par with the pain of BB21.

Palm Oil's Meds

If Taylor wins POV and take off Michael and Brittany, it will force Pepe Le Pew (Turner) to renom some of the ones sitting pretty behind their alliance(s).

un autre nom

Ah. But what is the effect of that. I like the concept in the short term, but what is the long term (week 4).
So Taylor is still house punching bag, and so is Britt.
Michael can’t help, and loses any standing he had, because the house has now turned on him completely.
That means the three of them have to back to back HOH’s? And Nicole is still safe. Do we want Nic safe? I don’t.
If Taylor uses veto on Britt and Michael, chance all three last past one week: at most 20% (and i’m aiming high there).
Better option is scary, but possible.
Get Taylor and Nic on the block post veto.
Michael will have to grow a set for the next step:
Tell Monte Nic was only into keeping Taylor to go after him, and because Monte made it sound like he would work with Taylor, that’s why Nic wants her gone now. Tell him if Nic gets a power, the men are done. If Taylor gets a power, Monte is safe because he snowed Taylor last week.
Then you have to get Stinky Joseph Monte Kyle and Michael in the room together to reveal old skool, that girls alliance Daniel put together. Hell, bring Alyssa in… a room full of men is her idea of heaven. Get her to confirm. Confirms girls alliance they all feared and what really happened to flip the vote (gets Stinky’s attention).
So… there’s five votes you can possibly get to nail Nic’s ass to the wall (if you include Britt’s vote). The sixth is work Indy or cajole Alyssa. There’s eleven votes this week. It is doable to get Nic out instead of Taylor. It just requires guts.
Chance of success for Taylor, Britt and Michael all staying past one week with all those moving parts and a house division while partnered with the enemy? at most 40%. but that’s double the chance they have with the veto save this week.

Christime Ahrens

All gis will be b out the door and out of the guys too.

un autre nom

What I’m wondering still:
Is it possible to game the veto.
In other words, let’s say the two noms and the chosen veto players decide they want both their pairs to be safe. Could the chosen veto player be thrown veto, and then save the pair on the block with veto?
Is that a loophole?
I’ve been wondering this since last night, as feeds returned, when they said three pairs play in veto.

The Beef

Well, why wouldn’t they be able to do that? In any Veto, non-nominees can save the current nominees and still be safe themselves, so it stands to reason that with this twist, if the non-nominated couple wins, they should be able to take the nominated couple off the block, right?

Ol’ Turner could end up having to nominate FOUR people this week, and I don’t care how you slice it, that’s a lot of people to have unhappy with you.

The only problem with your plan is, given the fact most of the bestie couples aren’t really “bestie’s” at all (specifically, Nicole and Taylor comes to mind, along with Alyssa and Indy), I could see some being left OTB to get out the “half” they don’t like, while fiercely protecting the half they do, so even if they had the chance to “rig” it, I’m not sure they would. “Pretty dumb” you say, and I would agree, especially the week after Pooch volunteered “for the good of the house” and got sent packing 12-0.

un autre nom

Oh, I wasn’t thinking of this in terms of benefitting Taylor or Michael or Brittany or anyone.
I’m just trying to figure out loopholes that could make this stupid give the POS people a steamroller twist LESS of a steamroll.

un autre nom

That’s what happens when every word is coming out of two faces.


Except you have to lie in Big Brother. The key is whether it is believable enough that the audience doesn’t consider another houseguest a lemming for outright believing it. I still like Ameerah and Nicole. Michael is growing on me so we will see how long he lasts. We will also see how long Taylor can dodge the eviction attempts (will third time be the charm?) before someone compares her to one of the old time toys where you would hit it and it would keep bopping back up

un autre nom

Nicole on a short pier? I’m yelling go long.
not sorry.

un autre nom

Yes. Lying for strategic reasons in Big Brother. I know.
That’s not why I say 2 faced.
I find her to be 2 faced not as game, but as personality type as a person in her general interactions.
That’s my opinion.
She’s the woman that knocks other women not for game, but because they are other women, until that woman is in the room.
Her stated goal this season week one: Women strong. while instigating and leading the Taylor pageant queen shit.
Her stated goal week two: Women strong. While saying Taylor, Britt and Indy are next to go and the women’s alliance is dead. That actually started week one 12 hours after making the women’s alliance. Those three names were already ‘not our type’ women.
Has she done ANYTHING to try to build another woman up? no. But, she’s the first one to talk about how women need to build each other up in society, and that’s what she intends to do in her new job as head of diversity and gender equity.
She’s a fraud.

Just a viewer

Nicole as well. That’s probably why Ameerah and Nicole get along extremely well.

un autre nom

Paloma Us magazine interview:

Don’t bother, It’s 100% spin.

She’s actually great friends with Taylor.
We didn’t see everything because the episodes are edited as a narrative and feeds don’t show you everything.
Sure theirs unconscious bias but nobody knows they are doing it.

So take Julie’s interview last week (official approved stance), add in the we don’t see everything line… That’s her story and she’s sticking to it.

un autre nom

Dear POS people not in Old Skool:
the plan is to get rid of Taylor so that Nic gets a power?
You don’t see a problem there?
Just checking.

Usually when someone is the last person to know about a vote flip (original plan but hey, let’s call it a vote flip) and that flip is unanimous… they realize they are on the bottom.
Not Stinky. nope… he still thinks he’s cool.
So sure, instead of realizing you only have the other bottom feeders left in the game to shield you…. target them.

un autre nom

Kyle: my comforter smells really funky.
Guess we know who got Stinky’s bed.
He’s showered 3 times that I know of. It’s day 17.
He hasn’t done laundry. it’s day 17.
if the stench fits.

Dementia Joe

Time for Taylor to go.

Just a viewer

Why? What’s has she done to be such a huge threat or problem.


she a threat to win the game…duh…should they just keep her in to win because shes black?

Just a viewer

You sound absolutely childish. Not worth further conversation.

Palm Oil's Meds

“should they just keep her in to win because she’s black?”

Oh it’s that bigot section of the comments again. lol There are plenty of black houseguest that we didn’t like such as Derek F, Todrick Hall, Kyland, Monte, Jasmine, etc. Taylor is a decent person regardless of her race.

Historically, CBS gives good edits to white guys like Paul from BB19 who literally was in blackface to mock Dominique and the show did NOTHING to protect her. So stop your hate train.

un autre nom

Assessment of houseguests while feeds are down for noms:
Evils oh I mean Elvis: fear based strategy mixed with build the mob and stoke hate. Teetering so close to nope that it’s likely inevitable.
Officer Lunch Lady: arrogant power tripper mixed with build the mob and stoke hate. ALSO so close to the nope edge that it’s likely inevitable.
Jasmine: I see no reason for her. Production is pushing the ‘say it more country twang d/r’ which, if I’m from the south… I’d be finding pretty insulting. I see no redeeming qualities. She and Pooch were my biggest worries as ‘who is gonna make me nope them just because of their personality’ people at first sight. Injury milking? There’s the door. buh bye.
Ameerah: woman strong burn the witch at the same time. blink blink.
Alyssa: worst woman to put in a woman’s alliance because production promised her a showmance. She SAID it.
Joseph: wants to play a good clean game so that he presents a positive image of Arab males. At the same time dove in head first with line the women up at the door to leave so the real game can begin mentality. Keep working on that positive image. blank stare.
Stinky: A dork that thinks he’s cool kid, and a bit of a problematic one at that. Strategically he’s a bit of a tool. Thinks Pooch was his boy. He was Pooch’s layup.
Michael: there is such a thing as being too cerebral and over analytical. Knows he’s not in with his own alliances, and that he’s on the bottom, but his don’t make waves play is going to inhibit him.
Britt: some superfans should stay watching from home. Gamebotting to gamebot , infodumping waaay too much, and namedropping to people NOT in power. Sideye. Wanted to build the army of the Underdogs, but these underdogs think they are cool kids.
Taylor: Any game trajectory she had day 1-3 was ruined because she didn’t give good impression to the bitchsquad looking for a woman to hate, and talked to the men like she was an equal, frightening their fragile self worth and world view. Will ALWAYS be the target.
Indy: She’s playing Big Brother…. but not playing Big Brother. It’s weird.
Monte: without absolute control Monte will attempt to exert absolute control, or make caving look like he’s given his stamp of approval through spin to prove he had absolute control. ANOTHER of the build the mob to stoke hate crew. I’m not a fan.
Kyle: SO intent on Season 16, that he doesn’t realize he’s in a season 13 season 19 mashup. I don’t like or hate him. He has the personality appeal of a tuna sandwich.
Terrance: Why bother. Lower maintenance than Jasmine to drag to the finals like a good little Victoria.

Palm Oil's Meds

I would love to see Nicole and Taylor on the block and then Nicole gets blindsided. Nicole is too cocky in this game!