Joe – “There’s rooms now when you walk in you get WHIFF with a sh1t smell it’s disgusting”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Turner
Nominees: Brittany and Michael
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Alyssa & Indy

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine (She’s also safe)
Joe & Monte
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy
Ameerah & Terrance
Nicole & Taylor

How Nominations will work: One pair will be nominated
How the Veto Player Pick will work: Turner/Jasmine, nominated pair, and drawn pair
– If one of the pair wins the veto, the other is also safe.
– If the nominated pair comes off the block, Turner would nominate another pair.
– Eviction: One of the pair on the block will be evicted
– Last pair standing gets a power.

12:44 pm Daniel and Brittany

Daniel – It’s a very good twist I think. As a viewer I hope it’s as awesome as it seems.
Brittany – yeah… It started week three too I love that. would have meant nothing to us if it was premiere night.

12:54 pm Ameerah and Nicole
Ameerah – I can’t believe we didn’t get a chance to talk to him. I hope everything is okay that was so quick.
Nicole – I think he’s putting us up.. because the worst case scenario the veto is used and Brittany goes home

1:00 pm Ameerah and Jasmine
Jasmine wishes she knew what the guys talked about last night.
Ameerah knows. “I talked to Daniel”
Ameerah – it seems the next three to go out, We know who they are
Jasmine – three we only need two
Ameerah – three.. to get to jury.
Jasmine – so Taylor, Brittany, Indy (So funny how Turner isn’t even on this list anymore)
Ameerah – apparently everyone is tired of Indy. I was shocked. Monte was complaining that she tells him what to do and he’s not for that shit.
Ameerah – Joe is an emotional player. He’s already attached to Indy he’s not going to vote her out.
They start talking about how Indy started rubbing up on Joe lately
Ameerah – that’s part of her game. She’ll be rubbing him a long time
Jasmine – I see her randomly kiss people.
Ameerah – really
jasmine – that’s kinda weird

1:09 pm Nicole, Taylor and Turner (they don’t have to meet in pairs this was deliberate so that Taylor didn’t get alone time with Turner before nominations)
Taylor – I can not handle that f**ing block any more.
Turner – that what I was thinking that sounds like torture putting someone on the block
Taylor – three weeks in a row would not be ideal. Obviously
Taylor – we were only on opposite sides last week because we were forced to be and you know . you were really straight forward with me. I know it was a hard choice for you. I would never hold any decision you made yesterday against you. I appreciate you put game first that was really big of you and I respect you as a player.
Taylor – thank you for keeping me.
Turner – it was like putting a dog down that you’ve had for awhile. What had to be done.
Taylor tells him he’s not her target she hopes he can keep her in the house so they can make something happen down the road.
Turner asks them who they wouldn’t wan to see on the block .
Nicole says she doesn’t want to see Terrance on the block again.
Nicole – my second choice would have been you.. I don’t want to see you on the block. I genuinely mean that if there’s someone I don’t want to see on the block it’s you and Terrance (Rich)
Turner – DOPE
Nicole – for sure.. not trying to blow smoke up your a$$. why would I want to guys who I’ve been BOYS with go up there. I can honestly say she went through shit the first week I’ve been trying to protect her.
Nicole – I feel that me being her bestie was the best was for me to protect her (Cringe)
Taylor – she didn’t have to do that.

1:30 pm Ameerah, Terrance and Turner
Talking about backdooring Taylor. Turner lays out his plan that Michael and Brittany goes up veto is played. Taylor goes home. If veto isn’t played Brittany goes home. Turner tells them they are not going up.
Terrance says if they can’t get Taylor out this week they “Run it back” can take her out next week.
Ameerah – Brittany is just UGH.. I don’t even know she’s there I’m just like WHOOO when you get here.
Ameerah – Brittany is an actress she was in Gossip girls.. She went to acting school with some top actress I don’t know who it was. Paloma told me that but I can’t remember
Ameerah – she always sits there to gather information and twist it
Turner – I assume for the next few weeks we’re good..
Ameerah- yes I would never put you up
Terrance – Jasmine is cool that’s my girl

They Start talking about POOCH.
Terrance – we were all super tight with POOCH it was like a downhill spiral.
Turner – I didn’t want to vote him out but I did the same thing it was what everyone had to do.
Ameerah – he was talking to too many people making too many alliances. People were talking and it was getting crazy.
Turner – he was mentioning all these conspiracy and people that were against him but here with him
Ameerah- he was losing it I feel bad for him though (I’m sure you do)
Terrance – Bro I came in with you..
Ameerah – I came in with you to
Terrance – ohh shit you did Bro .. out of that solace I got you
Turner – I don’t know if him going home was more of Taylor campaigning or him f**Iing himself over
Ameerah- it was him, She was campaigning but she was reiterating him f***ing himself
Terrance – she was magnifying everything he did

1:42 pm Alyssa and Turner
Turner – I’m thinking the plan is. there’s two people everyone wants out of the house. Taylor, Brittany it’s obvious who to make a target this week clearly a backdoor is ideal. I will probably put up Michael and Brittany swap them with Taylor.
Turner – Michael can win the comp and if not there’s already someone in that duo that nobody is crazy about.
Alyssa – that’s solid. Did you ever find out about the pooch thing
Turner – everyone tells me the same thing. Clearly someone is wrong here. I did hear kinda made his bed and Taylor sealed it up
Alyssa – I would never in my history of this game ever put you and Jas up
Turner – Likewise, I would never put you and Indy up
Alyssa – Indy is getting under people
Alyssa says her and jasmine had talked if they win HOH they’ll put up the pair that doesn’t go. “Least blood on your hands”
Alyssa – I may have made a bad decision picking INdy as my partner
Turner – I heard she’s not being cool
Alyssa – she was pissed that I picked her. She was like why would you pick me we have to go against each other. I said Listen like IO had you, Terrance and Jasmine. Jasmine is my homegirl I never ever want to be put in a position where i have to go against her (Gross) and Terrance i mean Indy can win more comps than Terrance so If Indy won a HOH that would protect me. it was a 5 second thing

2:26 pm Turner to the Camera
“Talked to all the groups. honestly the groups helps my game in teh long run it gets me closer to the girls.”

2:30 pm Joe and Kyle
talking about the all guys alliance was stupid.
Joe – I actually love the girls (Actually?)
Joe – who would you think is working together?
Kyle – based on the rooms.. the bond we had by being in the HOH room. I would thinks Nicole and Daniel.
Kyle – Alyssa, Ameerah, Jasmine that’s .. I don’t know Indy Bro..
Joe – I think Indy is in it but more like a pawn.
Joe – I love Alyssa, Ameerah and Jasmine
Joe says people joke that him and Kyle are the same “We’re straight forward, we’re chill, we’re fair”
Kyle – that fair game that nice game doesn’t get you to the end.

2:40 pm Turner telling Michael and Britany they’re goin gup as pawns He wants to backdoor Turner.
Michael asks if Taylor wins HOH what would he do.
Turner says he’ll push her to use the veto (Indy and Alyssa ?)
Brittany – Jasmine wanted us to ask if you would go downstairs to her (LOL of course)

3:00 pm Jasmine, Nicole, Turner, Alyssa
Jasmine – I’m so glad they gave you extra time to talk to everybody.. my gosh.
Turner – I feel like it’s later in the day then when you had yours
Turner – how’s your ankle going
Jasmine – it’s actually doing a lot better.. Ummm.. again they want me to stay off of it. THey gave me a cane.
Nicole – it’s pimp
Jasmine- they still want me to keep pressure off it. I just notice when I’m up for long periods of time it swell a little bit eventually I have to get back to normal life so… I think it’ll be like that for awhile.
Turner – OHH that’s fire (LOL)
Jasmine – “I’m thinking by Monday… definitely by Thursday. I can move it a lot more. I can bend all my toes down now. It’s crazy
They doubt it’ll be a physical competition. Nicole brings up the Chicken coop.
Jasmine – you know how many times I’ve had to get an egg through a chicken wire?
Nicole – you are meant for that comp
Jasmine – I have very small hands. I’ll pop these press on’s off in a heart beat and get to work (LOL)
Alyssa – and get to work
Turner – HAHAHAH
Jasmine- I’m serious girl I’ll bite them off.

3:13 pm Michael, Ameerah and Nicole
Michael says he’s going on the block.

Michael Brings up Turner saying Brittany “basically volunteered without volunteering”
Michael says picking Brittany may have been the best thing for his game. “I just have to stay calm and let her POOCH herself”
Nicole – ohh she’s already POOCHED herself. She’s been doing that the last two weeks.
Michael – Seeing how she handled backstage
Nicole – that was awful
Michael – being on the block it’ll be very similar
Nicole – why would she sit there and PULL A POOCH
Michael – she doesn’t think she has people in her corner.

3:23 pm Bathroom Joe, Taylor, Brittany and INDY
They’re talking about how dirty the bathroom is
Taylor – there’s hair on the ground
Joe – there literally disgusting
Joe – Actually this is disgusting .. gross .. there’s um.. there’s rooms now when you walk in you get WHIFF with a sh1t smell it’s disgusting
Taylor – yeah we know what room it is
Brittnay – what room is it?
Taylor makes the motion she’s driving a car (Car room)
Taylor – Turner’s old room. the guy room

3:30 pm feeds down for the Nominations
4:43 pm Feeds still down. Brittany and Michael will be nominated.
4:56 pm Feeds return

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Paul Sucks

Any chance Jasmine can have her foot amputated and replaced with a peg?

un autre nom

While they talk about the Bathroom smelling like shit… do they clean it? no.
While they talk about the car room smelling like shit do they start to dot the line? not sure.
When next week’s HOH has to wear a hazmat suit… will they just think it’s a daring fashion statement?

Anyone else wondering what the Huge hold up was for HOH room reveal? Did they have to febreeze bomb the room to get rid of eau de Jasmine… only to end up with Turner’s dumpster scented bodyspray (come on, he looks like he smells like he looks)? OR (TINFOIL HAT WARNING) did tptb give him a heads up on the storyline plan and it took a while?

There’s starting to be a few too many of those well ‘they (d/rgremlins) saids’ going around. Anyone that’s heard me go on a tear about season 18 or bbcan 6 and 7 KNOWS just how much I listen for those. It’s making me twitchy. Like seriously twitchy given this twist.
I’m more than worried.

I like to watch

who are you worried about?

un autre nom

Not who. What.
The season as a whole.
I realize this is reality entertainment programming not a gameshow.
I don’t want to see or know the production manipulation end.
The more i see it, and the more it is mentioned on feeds, the more likely I am to say this isn’t worth my time.


So the girls are all ok with the order they have been told, about the next 3 people to leave. Taylor, Brittany then Indy, 3 women in a row ? So much for girl power. I’ll be happy when their 3 targets above are gone, then hopefully the game begins, they have to start winning comps, no more throwing comps, it’s game time.

Question is: Will Daniel now dump the women and hang with the men ? Because there will only be 3 women, and a total of 7 men left in the house.

I doubt Terrance or Daniel will win any future comps, Daniel was lucky winning the 1st HOH, Hopefully we are going to see more game play in the upcoming weeks.

un autre nom

Will Daniel jump back in with the men? Where did he spend three hours last night? HOH room brozone lair.
If a woman wins next week does he go back to the women saying those boys never include him? Yup. Will Nicole raise one of her hamhocks up and tell the other women ‘believe it or esle?’ Also Yup.

Palm Oil's Meds

Daniel and Nicole give me floater vibes


You are 100% correct, Daniel is a floater. He said he was a super fan, he’s a wimpy no back bone floater.