“I even threw the Veto competition for this to happen… it’s going to be 10 – 0” – Tiffany

POV Holder: Paulie POV Competition July 1st?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 3rd?
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 7th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Victor
Original Nominations: Paul, Bronte and Tiffany
After POV Nominations: Tiffany, Bronte, Victor
Have Nots Da’Vonne, Paul and Zakiyah

Big Brother 18 Alliances Help Guide

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-04 20-25-08-992

8:22pm Feeds back Everyone is stuffed having all ate too much. Even the have nots got food.
Bronte and Natalie talking. In the room. Bronte starts by saying she doesn’t think the group of 7 that voted Jozea out is going to split up. Natalie thinks it is says theres a girls alliance brewing.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-04 20-25-51-996

8:25pm James, Vanessa, Corey, Frank and Paulie
Talking how Victor is convinced he’s staying.
Paulie – He thinks the girls are voting for Bronte to leave so he has little or no votes.. He thinks if it’s a tie I’ll keep him.. Umm no
Corey – 10 – 0
Paulie – Natalie Bridgette and Paul won’t vote for him
Frank – He’s not counting Bridgette’s vote
Paulie – He thinks Michelle is voting out Bronte
They laugh at the fact Paulie went through all this trouble to get rid of Victor and Victor still can’t see it.
Corey – When you took Paul down he should have known he was leaving

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-04 20-30-56-683

8:31pm Paul and Victor
Victor says he’s fine from what he’s heard today. He’s not sure about Natalie. He’ll wait for Bronte to talk to her. Victor is going to lay off the campaigning for a bit now.
Paul says he doesn’t trust anyone in this house. If Victor goes he’s screwed. Victor says Da’Vonne, Corey, Frank, Nicole and hopefully Natalie are all on board.
Victor says he misses Jozea but teaming up with him really screwed them, “We’re paying for it… “
Paul – I hope he’s like OK… he was really hurt I could tell
Victor – I was in shock bro.. I just wanted to hold on to him
Paul – I felt really bad.. That he was lied to
Victor – my heart sank.. I was like f** we’re next..
Victor – I’m happy I put up Tiffany instead of James.. I knew if he won Veto I was going up.
Victor starting to clue in that “Something weird” is up with Paulie using the Veto. At first he thought Paulie used it because he felt bad for putting Paul up but now not sure, “Why ruffle more feathers” Victor says it’s been really hard to hold his tongue.
Victor says they are in the house with snakes.
Paul recommends he goes up to the HOH and hang out they can’t be seen talking like this.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-04 21-00-00-277

8:46pm Playing with the Phone.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-04 21-05-27-901

8:55pm Da’Vonne and Nicole
Da’Vonne saying Natalie isn’t coming after any of them she still doesn’t want her in Jury because that’s a vote for James.
Da’Vonne says they were saying her season was going to have a “BuyBack” because a lot of personalities went home early.
Nicole thinks they will have a “PreJury Buyback” this season.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-04 21-05-21-900

9:05pm Victor, Nicole and Da’Vonne
Victor – I’m getting crazy in this house
Nicole – what do you mean
Victor explain she’s missing home..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-04 21-16-21-709

9:05pm Corey, Paulie with Frank sleeping
Corey about Paul “He’s Vic in my eyes”
Paulie – I see them all and I see Jozea.. He left a lasting impression
Corey thinks Paul is the most likely to lie out of that other group. Corey mentions all the stories Paul tells that are obvious fabrications.
Paulie asks about Michelle
Corey – Michelle loves us.. She’s so onboard with what we are doing..
Paulie – use three
Corey – She adores us.. She would not mess with us I’m for dang sure
Paulie says Da’Vonne, Nicole and Zakiyah all have their backs.
Corey says Bridgette and Natalie are starting to annoy him.
Corey and Paulie agree Bronte has a wild side.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-04 21-35-26-436

9:33pm Feeds back after being off for 30 minutes.

9:35pm Tiffany and Natalie
Talking about how fake Victor is.
Tiffany – he’s so clueless
Bronte joins them
Tiffany – it’s going to be 10 – 0
Bronte – what about PAul
Tiffany explains Paul is voting the way Paulie wants him to for paulie using the POV.
Tiffany – I even threw the Veto competition for this to happen… I knew not winning would be better..
Natalie says if she wins HOH she’s not nominating a girl.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-04 22-01-11-839

9:51pm HOH Paulie, James, Frank
James warns them every time he’s in the london room Tiffany is huddled with Bronte and Natalie.
Frank telling them Bridgette is filling him in with what the girls are planning. says Tiffany does not like him called him a male Chauvinist. James chimes in that’s what Vanessa called him last season.
Frank – they think me and you have something going on
James – me and you… we don’t even hang out that much
Corey joins them. Frank is proposing they take out Bronte and Tiffany.
James- we keep taking the guys out they will turn.

Frank and James agree Tiffany and Bronte are “Girl power”
Paulie – Bridgette is girl power..
James says Tiffany know she’s not close to Michelle but she’s trying.
Frank clears up they still take Victor out this week.
Paulie says that leaves Bridgette, Natalie and Paul.
Corey now saying they get rid of Victor then Tiffany/Bronte followed by Paul
They want to give Zakiyah the HOH because it’s her birthday. Frank says Corey’s and James’ teams need to throw the HOH for the next 2 weeks.
They all agree Nicole, Da’Vonne and Z are solid on their team.

10:16pm London room Nicole and Tiffany.
Tiffany – weird that they pick our team to win HOH though.. (Feeds cut)
Tiffany – what do yo think of Paulie
Nicole likes him
Tiffany like him to but points out he’s not in the alliance..
Nicole agree says he basically is in the alliance.
Nicole thinks all the guys have their best interests for now.

10:52pm Nothing is going on…

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-04 23-13-26-151

11:13pm Chit chat..
Big-Brother-18 2016-07-04 23-29-48-635

11:30pm James ready to pounce.
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IDIOTS Im just saying. They have no freaking clue!!! Girls roll B/C the guys are pure idiots. Roll F5 these morons deserve it!!!


Right?! Da’Vonne or Tiffany is winning this! Either is good with me.


How could you say that LaClaire?!?!?


I feel like BB realy wanted a girl winner coz otherwise it doesn t make sense why put on such a weak guys on the show…they really overdone it coz it s only week 2 and I already am starting to be bored coz there are not many names that can win this…


Just keep this in mind: The girls are a TON of talk…so are the guys, but their plans have groundwork. In other words, everybody in the house knows the next 4 people out except those 4, who mostly know the other 3. If all goes according to plan, the downside comes in a 3-4 weeks and Frank wants to save this girl, Paulie that girl, so on and so forth. Even if they get Tiffany next, nobody is mad. So maybe some of the girls argue it should wait, but that’s the only fall out, nobody is surprised or betrayed.

On the flipside, the second one of these girls they trust flips and nominates Frank/Paulie/Corey/James or votes them out over another candidate, those girls know they have enemies in the house. The remaining 3 guys plus the girl closest to the evicted, now see you as a top target and before jury, no guarantee their “big move” doesn’t walk right back in the house. It’s fine that they’re making side deals, talking trash, but who is really going to make the play? Because the guys seem to grasp that after Victor, Bronte, Tiffany, Paul, Natalie/Bridgette (a decision that could be a fault line) go….that’s when it’s open season and for all the girls talk of taking down the boys, that’s the same time frame they’re working with.

Which girl that the guys trust is going to blow s**t up to save Bronte, Tiffany, Paul, Bridgette, Natalie, Michelle?


The girls last gasp is Z putting up Frank & James & Bridgette. It’s ALL on Z-Power or the girls will be extinct.


Ok this constant organized throwing of HoH comps is garbage. I’m hoping we get some random luck comps to combat this.


They’re “giving” Zak the HoH next because it’s her birthday, or they don’t trust any other team to let Frank run it, he uses her but comes out looking like a sweetheart. Z better make a move the only time she gets power or it’s all over.

Canadian Kev

And you know she won’t, because it’s too early.

Right Helen?

fake ass tiffany

That tiffany needs to go.
Don’t let her side by.
She’ll float then f up the program.


It just goes to show victor is clueless. If you put James up and he won POV, you would choose the replacement as roadkill winner. What a clueless moron.


James would have just thrown the competition too.

Fuzzy Num Num

That’s it exactly! I hate how these big guys think “oh I’m a strong player!” Just because they are physically strong. I don’t think the roadkill was a very mental challenge. Count to 18 fast, pfft. Victor is about as clueless as poor ol Victim, er Victoria. Paul must be wincing every time they speak. He knows what’s going on.


I would like to see James, Nicole, Davonne, Zak, Natalie, Bridgette all team up. Corey, Frank and Paulie are way to full of themselves and need to be brought down a peg or two.


I’m rooting for Tiffany as HOH next week. Let the guys scramble and the girls grow stronger.


I’d prefer her to be the roadkill winner. Then she could make some waves while still maintaining appearances.


I hate how they think they are running house by saying so and so next week and the week after that. Ugh. I hope we get some drama like Tiffany or Natalie winning HOH on Thursday.


Natalie for the win!


Natalie is great. Seems like some people here don’t like her even those she’s the nicest person in the house. I guess some people can’t get past their preconceptions even when reality doesn’t bear them out. Just shows how judgmental and biased this place can be. Just watch, thumbs down incoming.


What does Tiffany mean when she says “weird that they pick our team to win HOH” then the feeds cut? Production rigged? Scripted?


I heard that too….so rigged


I agree, I think it’s rigged. I think it has been for about the past 5 years or so.

DaVonne Lies

I don’t know what Simon or Dawg were typing about but the convo I saw on AD between Nicole and Tiff when they were talking about “their team” Tiff said she would like to be HOH and Nicole said “if their teams wins you or Corey can have it”

I didn’t hear anything but that they both want their team to win not that they were told by production that they will be winning. Nothing even close to that in the ten minute convo.


James threw the competition definitely. There may have been talk from the vets as to who they wanted to win so Victor would go home


Tiffany is the devil

Backdoor DR door

Donald sit down and take your meds. Then go to bed.

Your psych appt. is at 10:00 a.m.dnt be late.


Totally agree with you and happy that we’re in agreement with a lot of this! I think that we still disagree on some of these players, but it’s fun!
My favorite to win is Da’Vonne. What is yours?

Backdoor DR door

I’m not fully sure who you are asking LeClaire or if you are just asking everyone.

I am all in on Tiff for the win!

I see you think DaVonne will win. Don’t see it happening because Days whole game is trying to make everyone think badly of and gun for those she fears. Then she wants to sit back and do nothing and hope others take out those she fears. You can’t win playing Days game.


I wish there were more options. I like Nat! for reasons other than game play (so hott). But it’s like if you gotta pick a chick, it’s like production makes you say Day or Tiffany. The other gals aren’t strong or got the me me im winning this attitude.
So, damnit, I gotta say Day for a gal, I don’t want to admit it, but,, she’s got her wheels spinning and being very vocal about it.
A dude,…gotta go with my dude James. Besides him being a naughty little man. He’s who im rooting for.

No name

The people on top of the polls will be the last ones standing. The whole thing is contrived, fake,scripted.no mystery in it anymore. The cat has been let out of the bag. Nothing about it feels organic anymore. Bored stiff and zoning out. Someone mentioned apathy- that’s what I feel.


Yep. We’ve gotten to the point in this show where 2/3 of the house is collectively planning who gets HoH. It’s horrible TV. It’s jumping the shark territory now. I’m actively rooting for production to interfere and screw this nonsense up.


Production definitely decides who they want to be the favorites and present them that way. The sad thing is the majority of people seem to eat it up.

Fancy Berries

I was watching BBAD and I find it interesting that when the guys were upstairs talking about scenarios for upcoming weeks, no matter who came up with the ideas, it is always posted on this site that “Frank says…” or “Frank proposes…” Why is that?
Above it says Frank proposed they go after Bronte then Tiffany. But anyone can pull up the feeds and see he clearly says not to put up Tiffany because that would get her to start actually playing the game.
It’s James who said to go after Tiffany.
Maybe it’s typos but it’s a consistent mistake on this site.

Guy From Canada

I love the divide starting up on the feeds. I have no favorite playing the game well, so this week will be a fun one. I kinda hope that Victor organizes a blind side to get Tiff out, but other then that boring week I see come Thursday.