Nicole says Frankie is probably telling Christine 100 times today to put me up!

POV Holder: Zach Next POV Aug 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 11th
HOH Winner 1: Nicole HOH Winner 2: Christine
Battle of the Block Winner  Frankie/Ca;eb Next HOH Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Nicole’s Noms (Caleb & Frankie) Christine’s Noms (Zach & Donny)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Donny and Zach
POV Players Christine, Zach, Donny, Nicole, Caleb, Derrick

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-10 14-57-14-037

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2:55pm – 3:15pm Out in the backyard – Nicole is talking to Donny in the backyard. Nicole says Frankie is probably telling Christine 100 times today to put me up! I hope she doesn’t. Christine said that she wouldn’t put me up. If she doesn’t then the whole house is going to go after them. If she does the I will tell her that she gave me her word. At this point I don’t think there is anything I can do. If she does then her intention is to get me out because she knows how angry I would be if I was left in the house. Donny says it doesn’t seem like Derrick is going to let Victoria to go because they’re the voters. If she does go up then they want me out. Nicole says I don’t want to say anything to give them any reason to put me up. Donny says you see how it shakes down and then we can say all we want. Donny says sure is a good day! It would be a good day if we had a visitor. Nicole says and please don’t say anything I’ve told you because I would go up and right now I don’t think I will go up. Donny says I won’t. Maybe everyone will stay in bed all day and then when they come back they will tell their story and stay up all night talking about it. If Zach does talk he could say Donny said something. Nicole says that’s what he did with my name, I am just so glad that Derrick got to the bottom of it so quick. Donny says if we did go there would be a lot of fighting and carrying on with all the promises they’ve made to each other. Subscribe to the Big Brother Live FeedsNicole says I am just hoping that one of them can be us. Donny asks you reckon its about time for the photo booth? Nicole and Donny talk about Jocasta and Hayden in the jury house. Donny says I bet they’re having a ball. Nicole says she bets he’s sad. Nicole says as long as you and I aren’t sitting beside each other then we’ll be okay. Donny says I think having me up, they want me out. Nicole says a lot can change. Donny says I say don’t worry about nothing till after the veto meeting because then you know who you’re sitting beside. Donny says I haven’t had one person tell me not to worry. Donny says typically you need someone though to take your friends down. Nicole says that’s what I was thinking. Donny says because you’ve got to get there with the least amount of blood on your hands.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-10 15-04-54-291

3:17pm – 3:40pm Big Brother says “Hey everybody! Its photo booth time!” Donny and Nicole head inside to take photos in the photo booth. Nicole thinks theres something wrong with the photo booth. Nicole heads out of the room. The photo booth turns on and Donny starts taking photos. Nicole comes back and she takes photos. They take a few and then quit. Nicole then heads back to bed. Donny heads out into the backyard and starts filling up the hot tub with water.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-10 15-27-36-817

3:45pm – 3:55pm In the fire room – Nicole asks Derrick are we good after everything that happened last night? Derrick says of course we are. I think it was good for me and you. Nicole says I’m glad you approached it in the way you did. Derrick says I knew the way he (Zach) said it to me and how he said it to me I knew immediately that he was lying. Nicole says that I know that Frankie is telling Christine a 100 times today to put me up. She told me she wouldn’t so I am just going to wait and see what she does. Nicole says I am just tired of people using my name and putting words in my mouth. Derrick says then that would ultimately fall on her. Victoria joins them and Derrick leaves the room. Derrick heads into the storage room and tell Cody about how Nicole thinks she could be going up. Derrick says for me when people start talking like that it looks like they have a guilty conscience.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-10 15-49-42-070

3:55pm – 4pm In the bathroom – Cody tells Derrick how Christine wasn’t sure if she should tell Victoria she would be the replacement nominee. Cody tells Derrick to not to say anything game related to Christine. Derrick says I don’t.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-10 15-56-01-558

“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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Is it just me or does everybody this season seem like a cheap rip off of a past houseguest?
Frankie is andy
Nicole is Jordan
Christine is a female Ronny
Zach is dr will / evil dick
Cody is Shane
Donny is chicken George
Caleb is cowboy mixed with lane
And Victoria is just a collection of all past floaters

Jimmy 64

And Derrick is playing like Dan did in season 10

Teri B

Don’t forget Derrick…..he’s Dan.


I think Derrick is Dr Will/Evil Dick.

Frankie is Helen/Amanda.


Lol. I see a lot of disagreement. The reason I chose Helen for Frankie is because in some ways his relationship to Zach is similar to Helen’s relationship to Elissa.


Oh yeah I forgot Derrick is Dan


Same BB game, but Frankie lacks Andy’s focus, drive and nerve endings. He’s almost
too nice a guy to finish in the Top Three. Derrick can eject him in an instant if he wants to.


Victoria is Danielle….so gullible.

(The Other) Nick

Please, quit comparing Derrick to Dan. If you can’t tell by the massive ratio of down votes to up votes you all are getting, you couldn’t be more off base. Derrick wouldn’t have lasted to jury most other seasons. He got insanely lucky being placed in a house with so many insecure women he and cody could manipulate. Helen would have had his number, Amanda too. Jordan is such a genuine soul, she’d have seen right through his fakeness, and forget Rachel, she’d never take her eyes off of Brendon to entertain anything Derrick and Cody were peddling. Derrick is a joke, and will never compare to the greats.


Frankie is like Andy a rat but lacks loyalty and no one in the house trusts him.
Nicole is more like Danielle from season 14. She can be a powerful player but she’s not a fighter and is to naive.
Zach is playing like Evel Dick by being honest and giving a shit about what anyone says but he also has a little Dr.Will in him because he is really likeable and his speeches and telling the house he hates them and makes fun of them but the houseguests are still friends with him plus their have been 2 times to get rid of him but he uses the fact that he is a target so they keep him.
Cody is totally Shane and is playing for 3rd place.
Derrick is Dan all the way he is a nice guy and super smart but he is in the wrong alliance and unlike Zach he is very unlikable.
Christine is the Shelly and had been playing both sides and we hate her.
Victoria is Porsche from season 13 I hated her at first but then towards the end when she figured out the game I liked her and last night get and Zach flirting was funny.
Donny is the Chicken George and his relationship with Zach over the last couple days remind me of George and Will on season 7.


that is how they do the casting. They are meant to be ‘types’;. That’s supposed to be the focus of Dan Gheesling’s book: how to get cast on BB. be a ‘type’.

Butters Mom

It would be nice if there was a diamond power of veto in that photo booth that Donnie or Nicole found… better if Nicole found it and used it on Donnie so she couldnt go up either…. Is that asking too much?!


But you forget, production only manipulates the game for Frankie.


That’s funny. I could’ve sworn everyone was deadset on Zach going home last week if not for a mysteriously abrupt change of heart from Derrick/Caleb. Hmmm…


Yeah, how convenient that when the plan was for Caleb to throw the BOB then BB mysteriously has a competition that is better for one person anyway & Fakie wins


Convenient ?? For whom? Frankie was up against 3 to 1 odds with Caleb sitting out and pubicly shaming and telling everyone in attendance he basically wanted him to lose and go on the block, then he had to deal with Zach and Donny on his own.. What is it with some you people? Your blind hatred for Frankie has finally got to the point where you are coming with wild conspiracy theories instead of congratulating him for winning against 2 to 1 odds.. At least Caleb showed some class and was a man about it afterwards and congratulated him.. Something a lot of you sore losers lack, and that is an ounce of class. Is Frankie not worthy of the win because he is gay, is that what some of you are suggesting? Two to one odds is something to admire when one overcomes it regardless of your personal feelings towards Frankie.

Lady D

Oh man… I was hoping that Nicole and Victoria were just pretending to believe Derrick, but it looks like they actually do. Poor Zach, if these dumbasses would listen to Zach and Donny (who are basically saying the same thing), they could still band together and have Christine take him out.


even with all that has happened at last minute same people been in charge since day 1 that’s were it sucks looked several times like it would shift but no guess they just should have started with the 6 and go from there

Social Experiment

As much as I adore Donny as a player and even more for being a supremely kind human being, I almost feel he would be better off being voted out on Thursday. It just doesn’t seem worth it. He carefully chooses moments, tries to point out the truth and get the sheep to work together. What happens? It blows up in his face every time. Now that he suspects there is no hope to stay – at least for now – he speaks openly to help Nicole and even then, “WAHHH – Donny’s the biggest schemer.” I was sad to read in one of the recaps that he left his job to be on this show – perhaps because the show runs into the beginning of the school year. I hope it is just a short-term issue. As far as America’s Favorite, he has my vote… but I am not part of the millions of followers that can be led by a tweet from a “pop star.”

Derrick is definitely a cut throat player… nothing in the rules against it so to each his own. After all, he can’t go back to undercover work so I guess he put all his eggs in this basket. He seems to follow the “Burn Notice” script that when you are suspected or caught by your enemy, go with guns blazing on the offensive. He does that with a relentless vigor; with this set of houseguests (except Donny), Derrick is extremely successful in obtaining the results he wants. Even Mr. Magoo would foresee that despite all the evidence regarding Derrick and everything Zach told Victoria, all Derrick would do is call the “accuser” a liar and proclaim how insulted he is that Victoria (or anyone for that matter) dare doubt him. Problem solved.

Big Brother is touted as a social experiment. Since production has its hand in posing pointed questions and gauge the response/actions [as is necessary for an “experiment”], it would be more legitimate to share the questions that proceeded the edited Diary Room response that is broadcast. It wouldn’t have any impact on the players’ game but it would certainly be more honest. Is the reaction from a mean-spirited individual with a superiority complex? Is it the reaction of someone hurt at betrayal? etc. How loyal will player “a” be to their “bestie” after questions suggest the bestie isn’t honest… etc. Instead of an experiment, it is just a glorified, scripted farce. It’s a free country – but at least be honest about it.

Teri B


Retired teacher

Very well-written & extremely truthful comment! I agree with you completely!


This is why I will never make it on the show, because I would never vote with the house even if I said I would. And I would never ever own up to it. I would never vote out someone because they suggested we vote them out. If everyone truly voted the way they wanted we would have a much interesting game. If no one is going to trust make it for a reason. Because you don’t know who is voting off.


Denise you would vote and do as the guys told you to do just like all the remaining airhead chicks left if they promised you the world too !!!

Go Fetch Fido !!!

Do you f*cking know Denise2 ??
No, you don’t, so don’t insult her.
She is simply voicing her opinion of how SHE would or would not play the game.
Do us a favor,, put your microchip in, and go get lost !!!


Donny needs to talk to Frankie and turn the house against Derick. Sleeping and talking game ONLY to Nicole (who’s influence is probably only Christine) will not gain him anything. Also he hasn’t even try talking game to christine who is the current HOH. I get that he isn’t an asskisser yet being passive and just waiting to be nominated and voted off is just plain stupid. I’m still rooting for him but his charm is slowly decreasing.


Why does BB let the hg sleep all day. They can’t ring bells or make them do something. Deprive them of sleep that’s always a good show.


Most of these people are night owls. I swear most of the drama occurs a couple hours into me being asleep.


Simon and Dawg, I’d really like to know if there’s ever been any player in BB history as dumb as Victoria. I genuinely feel sorry for her parents.


She is sheltered and that is her culture. Don’t be so mean.


Stop blaming her ‘culture’. She is NOT an orthodox jew. I have no idea why she thinks she is.


I didn’t blame her culture. She is sheltered and it apperas to be a family tradition form what she says. I like Victoria. She is doing her best. She isn’t nasty or mean. She doesn’t know the game and Derrick has been expalining things to her. I think Derrick is alos protective over her because of her shelteredness. I respect Derrick for his game and his unwillingness to let others attack her.


This has nothing to do with culture. This is about her personal character which is very lacking. There isn’t a day that goes by that she doesn’t have something nasty (and non game related) to say about someone. She spends every other minute looking at herself in the mirror and she allows Derrick to speak to her as if she’s a 5 year old. Her strategy coming into the game was to be the “hot ” girl that could manipulate guys and when that didn’t work she tried molesting them in bed. This girl is a mess. I cant wait till she leaves the house and sees how people really feel about her.

Butters Mom

Victoria almost strikes me as a “slow learner” and even Derrick said she wouldnt remember anything she is told by the next day… everyone calling her dumb is probably hurtful to her parents. Im certain if she has a learning disability, they are aware of it.


Butters Mom, I may have to agree with you that she might have a learning disability. However, being sheltered her whole life and being taught how/what to think could also be a huge factor in how she acts in the house. But damn, it’d hurt to have a daughter/sister like her.
I am also beginning to think that Nicole’s just a couple notches better than Victoria. I sure wouldn’t want someone as dumb as her to care for me in the hospital.


I wouldn’t call Nicole dumb – you can’t be dumb and go to nursing school but I would say she is not street smart and very naïve. She and Victoria have a lot of life to experience. Book smart is find but in this world you need both. Two nice girls but a little ditsy. Christine on the other hand, well I won’t be mean but ya get my drift.

A Nonny Mouse

Yeah, but there is a very good chance that she does not have a learning disability and is just your regular garden variety idiot who has not been exposed to anything.


Victoria. Is a waste of live feed time.
I think she has air where her brain should be. She spend to much time on looks, hair makeup, and dressing. Her mind is consumed with those thoughts, she can not focus on anything else. What a waste.


Like the rest of these people she’s probably fine within the context of her own little world. She’s definitely not the only dumb one one this cast not even my a long stretch. But she is the most vapid so it shows up differently. I personally just hate to see those girls allowing themselves to be used by the men like that in there. So if they should be embarrassed by anything it should be that. It’s uncomfortable to watch. At this point in the game she and Nicole both needed a strong trustworthy female to help them sort through the details, especially Victoria since she is being manipulated has an emotional tie to Derrick and I’m sure she’s probably hasn’t dealt with anything like that before with him being older and street really. So it may be easier for her to concede unfortunately and making her look even more stupid.

Tiger Fan

Breaks my heart how Donny has been treated by these punks


F*ck Donny.

(The Other) Nick

Blame Derrick. He’s been sabotaging Donny inside the house, and even trying to manipulate America against him.

Zach Attack 4 life

Shut your trap NICK!


BB wake them up!!!!!!!!!!


Production is busy. Johnny Manziel called he wanted to see if Caleb was free.


How stupid can Christine get? She is so two faced, how about doing something about all the shit you have to say about Frankie and putting his ass up? These people are a bunch of spineless pansies, stop being scared. You want to win the game you make big moves!


She can’t put him up idiot…He won the BOB.


Frankies whole deal has been like a kick to the nuts to the entire house…. I hate to be that guy but, I’m going to take BB off of my DVR and quit. I find this season sad. #Overit


Caleb will come back telling them
They asked him to play for the team.


Thank you, Jake, I laughed out loud!!!!!!


And Victoria will ask “Can he play football and still be on Big Brother?”


No he’s not, he’s going come back and say they gave him a 20 year contract cause he so fiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnne LOL


Not sure if we can post links here, but there’s a pretty funny post about Frankie on

Teri B

That was very funny…loved the author likening “the sister’s name” to a drink from Starbuck’s (extra whip!). LOL


That’s funny…thanks for sharing. My favorite comment from that article was attached to a ANNOYING pic of him(Frankie) that says: “My God… Is this the patient zero of all douchebags??”. haha

Love BB

Oh THANK YOU Newsflash! Great comic relief! “Caterwalling”, “latte”….LMAO


Damn! I had hope for her but we are back to KnowNothingNic and VapidVic. Derprick saved us! This was their chance to make a move and she’s just going to lie down and get walked on.


I hope when game is over Donny makes it big somewhere. Show the other hg he’s a great guy with integrity and although he was alone in game he came out a huge winner.


Donny has represented himself, his family and community with honor and grace. The true fans know how great he is and I think only good things will come his way.

Retired teacher

America’s Player = Donny? I can’t imagine anyone else deserving it!

Fear The Beard Forever Fan...

It would be wonderful to see Donny cast for Survivor !!!
Or maybe him and his beautiful girlfriend can do Amazing Race together??
I really am going to be so sad to see him go,
but I sincerely do hope and pray that other opportunities come his way…


The only reason Zach came clean about his lies is because he was backed into a corner by Derrick, in front of everyone. Otherwise, he’s still be playing the same game as Frankie and Derrick. Nicole needs to get off her high horse and put her Frankie hate to rest, as it’s basically blinding her to the bigger threat: Derrick.


She’s back to KnowNothingNic. This was her chance but if something doesn’t wake her VapidVic up tonight then they deserve whatever they get.


there is nothing like a bag of rocks getting crushed by a steam roller. Why don’t they just give Derrick the money now and just end this nonsense. Even Donny knows it all but what good does that do at this point, when even Nicole is deaf dumb and blind..I guess it is what it is

Teri B

Quite Frankly, I agree with you! (And it’s a drag)

A Nonny Mouse

Agreed. Everyone is playing Derrick’s game, including Donny. Just hand the check over to him and call it a day.


Victoria is fooled by Derrick’s big brother act. Nicole is intimidated by Derrick and looks to have a crush on Cody. As far as Christine, she is the ultimate floater and her routine is way too obvious so she is probably gone in a week or two.


I personally don’t get the Donny fandom. Nice guy? check, smart? check, obervant? check, read on the house? check, I said nice guy, right? yup. What exactly has be done? Yeah, we’ve all heard Donny never had anyone blah blah blah. Has Donny put much effort making any in roads with anyone all season? It maybe too late. All the POV’s does not make a great player, so what he saved himself, and? HOH? wasn’t so interested. He should of been working his ass off 2-3 weeks ago pushing his observations. Now if Christine pulls the trigger on Derrick, Donny stays and Hayden gets back in you might have a chance. Quite frankly if the opportunity presented itself “out” Derrick in front of others and tell them, look, if any of you want to win this game he needs to go he has been running the house. Not likely. Are these people hypnotized?


Given what happened late last night and early this morning, some of the HGs are hypnotized.


not hypnotized, they are stupid


hey everyone I just mute derrick in cody talking I couldn’t here anything
but this how I want it to go
derrick to cody I need you to give me 500 thousand dollors ok you stay in here 3 months then give it to me
this cody responds yes master sorry it took so long but I got it to you in 3 month thank you master for telling me what I had to do can I go to the restroom master derrick says no then he hold it for 20 min then derrick said yeah go then he go in come out in say thank you master derrick


Honestly Nicole and Victoria a couple of jokes……. ZACH AND DONNY TELL YOU TO STOP TRUSTING DERRICK and what do they do ? TRUST DERRICK!!!

I find it incredible how bad they are at this game.

Assuming Donny goes I hope he wins back in the game and he and Zach win every comp and end up in final 2 because the rest of these HG are either Derrick or dumb enough to trust him.

Devin's Tears

Just wondering if anyone else was getting a battered woman vibe from zach? Poor guy got humiliated and verbally beat down in front of everyone… He’s hopeless and depressed… He’s been betrayed by basically every HG but he still somehow sees the good in people. He’s been manipulated left and right. It makes me so sad!


I don’t know about battered wife syndrome, but he’s definitely insecure – and I think he was especially (and genuinely) hurt by Frankie. However, he did mention (I believe to Cody) that he likes Frankie as a person but hates him as a player, which suggests a degree of perspective on the situation that generally only comes to HGs once the show is over. So maybe some of this is put on for the cameras, or the HGs.


All these houseguests are so stupid for real. Am done with them. Wake me up on the finale. The worst season ever!!!!!


cody use to be tight but now he derrick stack


Since people asked in the previous thread –
D’s Mom: Susan Levasseur ?@suel2379

Z’s Mom: Jill Rance ?@KjzpJill
Her response to Derrick’s Mom: W/all respect I promised I wd never disrespect HG or the families but as a BB fan for YEARS I am allowed to hv opinion on GAME MOVES!


It appears Momma Derrick has removed her twitter because of the responses she got for her comments & the overwhelming support Momma Zack got 🙂


Oh & apparently Nicole’s Mom is retweeting all the negative stuff about Derrick


Seriously… THREE of these BB HG Moms are now inside off again and on again flame wars?
Does BB-16 break an online record if one or two more of the Moms defensively leap online?


Well we all know Caleb’s mom & step-mom have been defending him on twitter all season. Frankie’s Mom was friendly tweeting with Zach’s back when Zankie was happening talking about getting together after the show. Cody & Amber’s siblings are/were tweeting for them. And Christine’s husband gave up in disgust. Don’t know about Victoria.


Awful how they all drink Derricks Kool-Aid, just when we see a glimmer of hope. NOPE! Christine the time is now, take down Don Derrick. You’ve been playing underneath all season STRIKE. I would give a bit of respect to her game if she did. If her game was to latch on, contribute in whatever way was needed(rat), win a couple comps and BAM. I’d be OK as long as she continues with a good game plan, she could make a case. Or it can just be Ho Hum the usual predictability and you not padding your BB resume and the sheeple can escort Derrick to the finish line.


Could Derrick get any more ridiculous & paranoid? If people start talking like they think they may be going up it shows they have a guilty conscience??? That implies that he should be saying the same thing all the time himself or that he has no conscience.


Down arrow me all u want but I am pulling for Caleb. Yes, he is naive and has issues but what you see is what you get. He is very loyal and being used to do everyone else’s work. He wins the old fashion way by competing, he has his alliance’s back even though they don’t have his. If he continues to last, then he deserves to be there and deserves to win over these players that are doing nothing. Hopefully, they keep him around to do their work and when it comes to crunch time he can eliminate the key players. I also like Zack, I wish that he would secretly team up with Caleb. Zach is not a follower and is not afraid to stir the pot. I like Donnie but he is doing nothing to further his game. He doesn’t attempt to any bold moves, doesn’t talk to anyone about game and it will ultimately cost him and he will be shown the door.


Are the detonators still in tacked? Is there any true alliances besides the hit-men (hated even righting that one).
I don’t get these people, all the bottom people can come together and have the numbers. There idiots.


Note to self: get help for your bb addiction. Note to HG’s : get a clue and get your game in gear. Tic to

wait a sec....

Would it not hurt Donny to finally go to derrick and make it final that he trusts him and wants a deal? Instead of accepting fate, he needs to fight a d regain semblance of what matters…he doesn’t talk game to Derrick and Cody. No matter what we think of them, derrick is running the joint. He is trying to make it to the end. Donny needs to approach him and get a deal finalized. Saying that Derrick hasn’t been on the block isn’t gonna magically get him on the block. What is this, kindergarten? “Aww geez, it ain’t fair cuz he hasn’t felt the seat”. That means derrick isn’t caught in the middle of these issues, diffuses ones he gets wrapped in and then spins well enough to get “major targets” truly targets. Donny, just make a leap, if it fails, it fails, if it succeeds, you may win this crazy game. Just make the approach. What’s derrick gonna do, run to the house? Tell Cody? Big deal. Bit if derrick bites, wow, what a big deal !!!

Butters Mom

It would not help Donnie a bit to go to Derrick…. look at Hayden and Nicole… they tried to work with Derrick… it would be pointless.


it sounds like Donny knows his days are numbered. and it sounds like he is waiting to see who is next to him after POV ceremony, and then he will give one big aggressive campaign. i really think he will go down swinging. but he is waiting so he knows EXACTLY who to swing over first. TEAM BEARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chick in LA

I hate to ask this question because it is asked so much… But can anyone tell me the link to watch tonight’s episode online. Golf stinks!!!


It still baffles me as to how derrick gets away with this! Like how? Literally like 80% of the lies going around can be traced to him in some way. It has to be a matter of time before he gets caught. Like if he gets to the end like I’m done. I’m tired of his crap. “Your taking food out of my daughters mouth,” that was just over the line for me.

(The Other) Nick

Yeah…hate to be one of those people, but if Derrick wins this season I can’t see myself having the same vigor for this game that I used to. Andy winning last year was bad enough! Derrick and Cody both have played a paper thin, blatantly obvious game. I just can’t grasp why his house of cards hasn’t come tumbling down yet. It reeks of production manipulation/stacking the deck. I’m also disgusted that an undercover cop was even allowed to play this game. Look at what he’s done to Victoria’s psyche, it just isn’t right. I mean what’s next? We going to let a former CIA operative in the house next year?

People say Frankie has an unfair advantage, but if anyone came in with an advantage, it was Derrick. He built a life on deceit and lies. In addition, his mother’s disgraceful behavior on Twitter leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Please don’t let these people walk away with the money, they do not deserve it!

French Connection

Vic is not dumb!!! I watched her interviews and her website and she seemed very intellient, she is just sheltered… Plus, Derrick has been in her ear since the beggining!!! I hate Derrick for what he is doing to her! It’ despicable! If i was her parent I would do everything I can to get her out and sue the MF.


Someone earlier posted that they think Victoria has a learning disability.
There is learning disabled and then there’s learning incapable.
BIIIIIG difference.
She is about the worst in every aspect to be on this show.
She’s not playing the game; unaware that you have to pretend and lie to get the big prize.
Did no one explain the rules to this girl?
She has two moods; crying victim Victoria or disgusted victim Victoria.
She’s giving me the Hebrew-jeebies because of her limited ability to adapt and learn; ethnocentric view of the world.


Zach is where frank was after boogie left. has to win each week to stay alive, if he doesn’t he is screwed. if he tries to make a deal, the other person will go back on it, no one wants to take him to the end(although its stupid this year, I could understand not wanting to take frank)

Zach stands no chance. it kind of sucks how bad of a player cody is. its been hidden by derrick’s control of the game, but its like…cody….you are going to go to the final 2 with derrick? WHY!!!! you should be keeping Zach close in that little group of yours and hope you get f3 with them and take him to the end. why the heck has no one seen that. how stupid cody is. what a weenie he is.

wishful thinker

I wish Zach….Nicole…..and Donny would put it all together (Donny already has) and work together on the rest of the house starting with getting Derrick, then Cody out……the rest are easily manipulated and disposable…….ahhhh…… if kisses were wishes…….


You know, I thought that Zach was out the door for sure Thursday and the night before everything changed. Really, anything can happen. Donny isn’t out the door yet.


Hey guys, PGA Golf is still on here. Any word on what time BB will air tonight?


i dont think any houseguests have sickened me more than cody/derrick…and i include aaryn, gina marie and jeremy in that. Their egos are huge . the fact that they have compared themselves to will/boogie or dan/memphis proves that


I want to see Christine nominate Derrick tommorrow and level a finger gun at his head and say “leave the gun, take the cannoli’s”. Won’t happen in a million years, but a girl can hope.

day 53?

I ain’t saying she is hot like Brittney or Amber, but (what day is it there?) 53? Nicole is probably looking pretty good to the guys right now.