Nicole “it’s going to get bloody in here. lots of beasts.. They’re going to get pissy”

POV Holder: Chrisitne Next POV Sept 6th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner Caleb Next HOH Sept 4th
Nominations: Nicole and Victoria
Have Nots Derrick and Nicole
POV Players Victoria, Nicole, Caleb, Cody, Christine and Derrick

BB16-2014-09-02 19-33-35-105
7:31pm HOH Christine, Frankie and Cody
Frankie brings up talking to Victoria about studying the dates and she asked him a sample question
Frankie – Was Cody dethroned before or after week four
Cody – that is so sad
Christine just laughs
Cody and Frankie start to laugh “oh my goodness”
THey start talking about how disgusting smoking is.
Frankie says he was raised by a lung Doctor.

BB16-2014-09-02 19-54-43-377
7:53pm Feeding the fish
Christine says she took too many birth control pills, “I took one extra pill or three.. and now it’s supposed to start Thursday but maybe I jacked it up taking too many.. I was like why does my tummy hurt”
Christine heads downstairs.
Frankie starts to change “as soon as I get naked the cameras go nuts”
Christine – Everyone is watching..
All 4 cameras move off Frankie.

BB16-2014-09-02 20-33-43-256
8:34pm Kitchen Frankie and Christine
Christine tells Frankie about coffee enemen “I heard they’re amazing Cofees enema’s they give you energy really fast.. it’s the best way to get Coffee to get the caffeine to absorb the caffeine ”
Frankie – are you serious can you buy that at CVS
Christine says you just stick coffee up you BUTT, Sound like she had a friend who did that. Apparently “It worked really well”
Frankie – are you serious I’ve never done it that’s so weird.. I thought i’ve tried everything.. what I didn’t say anything.

BB16-2014-09-02 20-52-58-584

8:48pm Hot Tub the girls Christine is talking about the rings in Tim’s ears “Tim takes his gauges out every shower”
Christine lets out a big SIGH looks up at the camera “ohh Timothy I miss you”

9:00pm Christine brings up taking Anti Depressants and getting off them. She wasn’t able to have deep emotions when on the anti depressants.
Christine – I never wanted to have them in my system if I got pregnant and I literally got pregnant when i stopped taking them… Feeds cut..
Christine says it’s been 2 years now but she’s off them it’s doable.
Victoria – I’ve heard in other big brother not this one they give people.. Feeds cut.. Or which one that’s just what I heard they give them Anti depressants near the end.. Feeds flip to Cody and Frankie playing pool

BB16-2014-09-02 21-21-44-112

9:25pm Nothing….

BB16-2014-09-02 21-44-14-819
9:43pm Nothing really…
Frankie says watching Top model I learnt so many posses
Christine wants to know hoe Cody meets girls at the bar.
Frankie does a Joe Pesci impersonation… MUTE…
Cody talks about how much money he use to spend going to the bars, Says every night him and his buddies would wake up in the morning and be out $100 each.
Frankie talks about his friend john Eric, says he’s in his 30’s… says he’s going to take Cody to nice gay bars, “It’s neighborhood like.. the gay bars I go to are neighborhood bars not club”

BB16-2014-09-02 22-11-31-032

9:57pm Backyard
Cody asks if the feeds are always boring. Christine says at this stage they are (Not all the time) Victoria and Nicole head to the hammock.
Nicole apologizes for being quiet.
Victoria – Cody is ridiculous.. he annoys me a lot..
Victoria says Cody was trying to get information out of im.
Nicole – do you think Derrick told him.. what did you tell him
Victoria – I’m not telling him..
Nicole – If you throw out names he’ll use that against you.. he’s kissing your butt
Victoria – ohh f*** crazy.. I called it last night for sure Derrick spoke with him.
Victoria is not going to waste her HOH, “He wasn’t Frankie goes so bad him and christine or at least that is who they state”
Victoria says she speaks more game with Caleb than Cody and he’s coming
Nicole – I’m really mad at Derrick if he told COdy .. I trusted that Derrick keeps stuff to himself
Victoria – he does..
Nicole – She pretends not to like him but she’s kisseing his mbutt more than anyone else… she’s playing her cards right
Victoria – yup.. I can’t stand all this fakeness and kissing butt
Nicole – it’s getting to me I’ve never been so much and at such a high dose.
Victoria- She literally laughs all the time..
Nicole – I hope it’s a double eviction on Thursday.. everyone is feeling way too comfortable.. look at those two they aren’t worried at all.. Caleb doesn’t care if he goes.. Frankie is paranoid.. if Frankie doesn’t win he’s in trouble if he doesn’t win HOH or POV he’s going home.
Victoria – he’s a beast.. A BEAST
Victoria and Nicole say they are being themselves in the house. Frankie was telling them that he’s playing a character.
Victoria- he’s in Character 24/7
Nicole – he’s getting exhausted of it he wants to break free
Nicole says it’s frustrating how much people threw things in her face and used her name for fun.
Victoria thinks being put up the first week shook her confidence if that never happened things would have been different, “When people get put up on the block they freak out”
Nicole- people have not had to deal with the stress we have..
Nicole – don’t fall for his fakness (Cody)
Victoria – I’m not
Nicole – it’s going to get bloody in here once they start turning on each other.. you are the next easiest one out and I don’t think they are going to go after you.. they are definitely going to turn on each other if there is a double eviction.. They are going to get pissy..
Nicole – Is that Derrick
Victoria – ya .. I love him
Nicole – he so nice
Victoria – I’m so blessed to have him in this game
Nicole – he’s so nice he cares about people’s feelings
Victoria says derrick and her are a lot alike but he’s a lot stronger.

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BB16-2014-09-02 22-40-07-826

10:33pm Storage Room Frankie and Cody
Frankie – are you concerned that I would put you on the block.
Cody – NO is that coming from Caleb.
Frankie – YES.. that’s coming from Caleb.. He’;s concerned.
Frankie – the point of the matter is we’re going to be the final 4 mother f***rs in this game.. I don’t question you and Derrick at all”
Frankie says Caleb is infusing paranoia in them all.
Frankie says if Caleb is a mastermind in this game he would be worried Caleb is trying to pin them against each other But Frankie know he’s not.
Frankie – I’m so excited I love you
Frankie says he didn’t’ think he needed a check in but he doesn’t think it would hurt. “It’s nice to have check ins they hug
Frankie – I don’t distrust any of you
Cody says that is why they are going to the end, they win all the competition. and never put each other up.
Cody asks if he’ll keep Christine, Frankie says no.
Frankie – I never lied to you I never lied to Caleb except for small manipulations at the beginning of the game..
Frankie laughs.. THey grab the new badminton rackets and head outside.

BB16-2014-09-02 22-52-32-164

This is still going on I thought it had ended.

BB16-2014-09-02 23-45-31-314

Derrick doesn’t think the TA tasks is over because Donny is gone he’s think it’s just done for the season.
Frankie doesn’t think so he thinks it might be a week off.
Frankie brings up “THey” could hate us
Derrick doesn’t want to think it’s because Donny went home he would rather believe it was scheduled to end.

BB16-2014-09-02 23-29-17-686
11:27pm Christine and Derrick
Christine says Frankie confronte her and said she was being too nice Nicole, “He said I gave her special treatment” CHristie explains Frankie got after her for telling cody to not make slop for Nicole that contained milk because Nicole is lactose intolerant.
Christine says if Frankie wins HOH it’ll be Cody and Derrick going up, “I don’t want that”
Derrick – it’s possible.. i’ve resigned to the fact if I don’t win a couple bigs ones i’m going home.
Christine says Frankie is SKERRY in the final 2
Derrick tells her not to play down her accomplishments she’s building up a nice resume. Points out that he’s one the least comps.
Christine says theres different ways to play the game.
Derrick says Cody is genuinely a good guy “I’ve never heard anyone come up to me say Cody is talking sh1t about you ever… definitely means a lot”
Christine – If you won HOH are you still going after Victoria
Derrick – Yes.. I wouldn’t say I’m goign after Victoria .. VIctoria is going up
Christine – Oh obviously if I win she’s going up.
Derrick ultimately one of them have to go.. but ya she definitely has to go up there you have to… would be a waste to send her home.
Christine says as nice it would be to make it to the final 5 as a group she started thinking about the money and likes that more.
Derrick says if Victoria make it to the final 3 it’s going to be scary. you’ll need to win HOH to make it to the end.
Victoria joins them.

BB16-2014-09-03 00-03-21-193

12:03AM Frankie and Derrick
Derrick says he’s nervous about the end game, “I’m feeling the pressure I know we all are” .
Frankie whispers “I think we’re good”
Derrick says everyone with the exception of Beast Mode is sitting here saying “AS long as I don’t win i’ll still get America’s Player”
Frankie says he wants Derrick to know he’s got Caleb 100% in this corner and he’s got Frankie 100% in his corner.
Derrick says he needs to earn his spot in the finale doesn’t expect for someone to take him “I gotta do what I gotta do”
Derick Say they had a bond from the grandfathers they’ve lost they’ve been close all season.

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I Hate Frankie

Another funny video by Wil about last week:

I hate Frankie too!

That video is hilarious! Wil is spot on 🙂


Americas Favorite Player will be Donny or Zach. I just don’ see any other outcome. Can;’t wait to see Derrick and Frankies face when they see how much AMERICA hates both of them. HA HA, they are in for a major reality check when they get back to their normal lives. Frankies YouTube channel will get down votes and Derrick will be assigned as security detail to Arianna Grande!! LOL!!

Grandees Suck

Pay attention CBS! I used to look forward to this show every season, now I can’t wait till the next season.


I had to go to YouTube to see all the other videos. This guy is AWESOME. Wow. Love the frozen one. Lol.

Just Me

Ok… That one WAS hilarious!!!

Ariana Grande stinks

The ending is the best 🙂


Yup the vid is pretty good

Carlotta Attendant

That. Was. Hysterical. Skerry how much he looked liked Crustine.



LOL. That’s the funniest video ever. The Christine character was spot on. Love, love it. You made my day. Thank you. And thanks to dawg and simon for the wonderful job you guys are doing.


OMG, that is hysterical! Had to watch it twice.


Great vid. Wil’s Christina is so much prettier than the girlgoyle in the house.

Grandees Suck

Oh my! I just watched the Youtube video. It is a must see!! Hey CBS! You really need to have movie nite for the turds and get them all sitting around with popcorn and such, then play that video. Ouch, the reality blast!! We would tune in for that.


OMG! Wil is genious! Such talent. Love his videos,


OMG!!! That’s fricken brilliant!! Wil, your Chrustine is perfect. I absolutely love this!


Rachel was a “beast”. Frank was a “beast” no one this season gets that label.


Rachel and Frank both got blatantly saved by production.
I hope noone in this season gets that “beast treatment” by Mrs. Grodner.


The are all “beasts” and not in a good way.

Just Me

Simon!! How can you guys expect us to pick 3 favorite players? I’d give dawg two votes if I could. He will get all three by the end of this week. Thanks for the mute!! We REALLY appreciate it. You guys are the best!

Zing Sting

I think I just threw up a little in my mouth


There are a few people I can name in past seasons who were beasts. Especially when people wanted them out and Boom Veto Win baby!!!! (Love James) .


Two of the reasons that BB sucks from here on out:

1. Voted out anybody that was interesting.

2. All of the moves that they make are all predictable and SOOOOO boring.

There were backstabs. And then when it looks like its about to get good, they say oh no never mind we will continue to play by the game plan. They all voted predictably. We waited for someone to turn a vote. No, they played Stepford GHs and almost voted unanimously for most of the season.

This season we waited for someone, ANY ONE, to really make a move like has been done in the past seasons. They were so afraid of making a move too fast that the show has become down right glacial. And what sucks is that none of those chuckleheads can even see the most telegraphed moves in the house. I know it is easier to see game playing from our angle but these players are surely not THIS CLUELESS!!!!

WE the fans have been let down by Production and the HG


Except for the first two weeks of BBCAN2, I was never bored with that season, apart from Adel’s HOH win which he used stupidly (partly because he’s in love with Jon), things were not predictable. This season is a total mess, never thought there would be a much more boring season than season 9 and 13 but here we have a huge snooze fest. No big moves, no twist and no one to really root for.

I actually preferred last season because at least they had that “Cool kids VS Weirdos”, then “Helen VS Amanda” and “Elissa VS Amanda” storyline. Even when the floaters grouped together and Andy jumped ship to oust the Alphas of the group was (not the most but is still) entertaining.

This season’s storyline focuses so much on the character and not their strategy per se, “Derick’s child”, “Frankie’s relationship”, “Christine’s Infidelity”, Caleb’s obsession etc. If I wanted those things I would’ve watched a drama instead. Nothing really spiced up this season, saving Zach for two weeks really was the downfall of this season, had production not interfered, we would’ve been given a Frankie, Caleb, Christine VS Nicole, Hayden, Donny storyline yet they preferred Zach’s antics only for it to backfire and produce a yet united house.


What are you talking about? Zach staying changed everything in the house. Had Zach left, Nicole and Hayden would have been working with Derrick and Cody in “The Rationale.” They wouldn’t have gone against them because there was no reason to in their minds seeing as though they thought they were in a final four alliance.

Instead, Zach stayed. discovered Frankie was a liar, and called him out on it. It sent the house into total chaos. It was the closest thing we had to seeing people align against The Detonators, only Zach, Nicole, and Victoria were too stupid to form a group.

The Beard

Just 3?Im torn so many choices Caleb’s ego Vic’s menacing stare and Chris’s helicopter laugh or pimple popping precision.I just can’t decide where’s Derrick to give me my idea?

Straight Guy

Frankie wants to take his boyfriend and Cody to gay bars. What! Frankie, you skag, Cody won’t want nothing to do with you unless you pay up (preferably all in ones). And then he’ll sneak out the back door and leave your skaggy a$$ up $hit creek without a paddle handle………………..


Victoria’s not gonna waste her HOH. Thank god I was so worried she’d play it safe like pie alamode or Tampex boy. Can’t wait to see Victoria run this MFing house for a week! You’ll see game play like never before. I mean literally NEVER before. ROFL What a twit this girl is!

Nicole might be a fav but she is so WRONG on Derrick. Hate the douche bag but appreciate his positioning the jury where no one else is. Barring bitter jury he’s an F2 lock for 500K. Question can he get there?

Whose who F2….
Derrick – beats anyone heads up
Cody – loses to Derrick, close versus Caleb. Think he sits beside anyone but Derrick he gets the dough.
Caleb – so much bad and some good. Beats Victoria, maybe Christine but I think loses to Frankie and the other 2.
Frankie – not counting jury votes yet but I have him beating a girl losing to all the guys. His fool mouth catches up to him. He has very little filter.
Christine – she’ll make a good argument if F2. Beats only Victoria IMHO. Maybe bitter jury gets her past Caleb or Frankie. She should be happy with 50K
Victoria – wait a minute Chris that 50K is mine Derrick said so! She’ll keep talking about her strategy to get F2 and her amazing HOH that flipped the game(never happens). Her F2 speech will be the delusional ramblings of a BB lay about spoiled brat queen!

Derrick, Cody, Frankie Caleb and the girls. Don’ see an all girl final. Derrick or Cody win 500K. Been a long season to get to where I was at sometime in week 3.


You said it yourself ‘bitter jury’ trumps all. Derrick or Frankie lose no matter whether they make it to Final 2 or not.


Enemas and anti-depressants… the stuff dreams are made of for bb16 viewers.

The Enema Barista

No frickin’ way am I gonna get a coffee in Tucson now, WTH? I’ll bring my own coffee in a thermos!

Do people stand on their hands while they’re waiting in line at Christine’s coffee shop?



The Beard

If Derrick wins this Season than just throw away the comps they don’t mean jack,cause his record is not much better than Vic’s.We can just watch people manipulate their so called friend and or alliances to the point of obscurity.Matter fact just change the name to Big Liar,no comps just lies and boring predictable evictions.Man what a great game he has played great competitor and such big bold moves he has made.Watch out Dan Dr. Will this guy is da best,what a killer he has been sneaking around every f-ing corner blaming everybody else for things he put in all these kiddies heads.

Roisen Dubh

I wouldn’t be surprised if Derrick gets bounced on DE. Rash decision, no time to think might actually push these jokers into it.

no chance

Derrick would have to okay his own eviction before these dummies could make the move.And furthermore if I was any of them I would check my self into some type of asylum knowing Victoria won 50 k over me!I couldn’t stomach the pain of watching her 1000 mile stare glaring at my money like it were a mirror.I mean wow what a gift to someone who doesn’t even deserve a door prize.


comps are only a small part of the game. Derrick has been sneaky and set him self up perfectly in the game.. he hasnt made big moves, because the big moves that need to be made are people he is aligned with so he would have been stupid to make a big move, and you mentioned Will..well he didn’t make big moves really, he just had everyone doing what he wanted.. Will is my favourite, and derricks game is no where near his obviously. but derrick still has manipulated and made everyone do what benefits his game. so that actually is good game play. and LYING is part of the game.. name 3 winners who never lied?

No chance

Given the fact that he is playing against the sesame st gang,not really hard to manipulate people that know no better.Plus the lies yes are part of the game and true it’s done by all who have won on past seasons,but this rent a cop is lying to us the viewers so how smart is he really?Most of us see all his pandering.

Skerry Sherry

Fakie says he’s in character…? He’s not in character all the time — sometimes his horrible, mean spirited, petulant self shines through.

The Beard

I’m not so sure Frankie knows where real life and stage life ends and begins.Very weird how badly he wants to be seen but isn’t aware that he’s always being watched!

The Beard

When he knows their rolling he becomes theactrical,but other times he spews his venom like a copperhead.He don’t know he’s pitiful, in his own mine he’s a star.Cant wait to see him burnout.

The houseguests of Oz

These people are unreal. How deluded are they?
Btw I think they should be characters in the Wizard of Oz
Nicole as Dorothy. Naive but good.
Cody is definitely the cowardly lion.
Derrick would be the Wizard. A film flam artist that can’t actually do anything.
Caleb has to be the brainless scarecrow.
Throw some green paint on Chris and Vic. Those two hags would make great wicked witches.
Frankie would be some disgusting maggot stuck to a rotting tree.


Naw….Frankie’s a flying monkey!


“Nicole – Is that Derrick; Victoria – ya .. I love him – Nicole – he so nice ; Victoria – I’m so blessed to have him in this game ; Nicole – he’s so nice he cares about people’s feelings; Victoria says derrick and her are a lot alike but he’s a lot stronger.”

If you only knew Victoria…who really is Derrick…poor girl.


Did anyone catch the offensive remarks made by Caleb and Frankie?? They were referring to the “short bus” which is a long known offensive insult to developmentally delayed people!! I have a special needs child and I’m beyond offended!!! BB has been scraping the bottom of the barrel for cast members the last few years but has hit an all time low this season. Frankie is the absolute worst but the entire bomb squad/detonators are the most delusional group I have ever seen!! These people know they are on camera but are still behave like evil two faced pigs. The majority of the venom they spew about each other is not even strategic gameplay, it’s just plain hatefulness an snobbery!!! None of them are even brave enough to say anything to their faces!! They run around like cowards insulting one another to their backs while faking love and affection to their face!! It’s vomit inducing!!! The only decent ones left and in the jury are Jocasta, Hayden Donny and Nicole!! I don’t know what is sadder, the fact that these people are spawns of satan or that they think they are gods gifts to the universe!! I thought Derrick might actually be a good man, but no amount of money is worth a persons integrity! He is a sell out!! Tired of hearing he is doing it for his daughter! I would never want my children to see or hear me behaving like that for any amount of money! Donny is a great example of integrity! He refused to sacrifice his!!


Oh, lay off the exclamation marks, for god’s sake.


Exclamation marks = enthusiasm = a Good Thing.

Canadian Girl

Guy’s a first class egocentric creep.

Frankie starts to change “as soon as I get naked the cameras go nuts”
Christine – Everyone is watching..
All 4 cameras move off Frankie.

Thank-you production for that particular intervention!


Unleash the wildcard. PLS this house is a bore bring Zach back for 24 hours!!!!


I think with this jury they like Caleb they hate Frankie and they don’t like the way Derrick lied to they face so I think if Caleb made it to the end by winning the last two HOH he wins cause I think he’s more liked by the jury than Derrick and Frankie cause he was friends with everybody in jury and they all think he’s a str8 up guy and I counted all the people faces derrick lied to Donny, Hayden, Jocosta and I think Nicole will vote with Hayden and them plus Zach always liked Caleb so I see Caleb winning 8-1 or 9-0 due to the fact that if he’s sitting against derrick Victoria still will vote for Derrick but if he’s sitting next to Cody or Christine its 9-0 cause they haven’t did as much as Caleb plus the jury hates Christine and they’ll prolly tell Cody all u did was cuddle all season with the girls.

just my thoughts of how I think it ends.


For all of Derricks game, he has turned the jury against him. I don’t understand why so many people who are watching the feeds say that his jury managment is so good. I see just he opposite. As it stands right now, he has 4 votes against him in the jury even if he goes up against Frankie. Nicole is still playing a game, she is telling Derrikc and Victoria what they want to hear. Once she gets to jury, she is going to campaign against Derrick.


If you want to watch something exciting cause nothing is happening this season of BB?

Watch your toe nails grow. Constant 24/7 cell growth. If your heart can withstand all this action and excitement…throw in a major twist… choice of three paint colors. Use M&Ms instead of skittles to nom two colors for eviction.

The Beard

Cbs please put me on the payroll,i have stumbled on to groundbreaking television, my idea for bb17 is a winner!I don’t wanna give away the plot but let’s say we put 15 monkeys in the house one somewhat manipulative conniving and meh intelligent zoo keeper to convince them they like bananas,and whoever don’t eat gets to kick rocks.If you like that you love the twist


To liven things up at this point maybe Christine could organize the first Big Brother coffee enema night.

Mean Girls, BB Edition

So funny! LOL! There won’t be enough bathroom stalls for the HGS after partaking’

Have some CHEESE with WHINE!

OMG the comments on here are pathetic…
Love the updates thanks for that S/D
but wholly crap I don’t know why any of you watch the show let alone 24/7 on the feeds
so much entitlement to be entertained and seriously disturbed hg bashing


HG bashing is the only entertaining thing going on.


Some of us are true fans watching for years and expect better. And are still waiting.
1. How else can we comment on coffee enemas.
2. Frankie’s actions are insulting.
3. Its holy crap not wholly crap.
4. We are ENTITLED to our opinions.


Yo CHEESE! We bash the HGs because most of them are scum of the earth; and we all have the right to hate/love who we want on this site! So if YOU don’t like what you see on here, then get to stepping Mister/Miss High and Frickin’ Mighty Jagoff!


I think it would have been hilarious if Donny and Zach had won HOH at the same time and Donny picked his noms with M&Ms and Zach used fruit-loops! Then they said “you guys were either asleep or in the bathroom when we picked but if you want to know we will tell you which color you were”.


It’s like production made a point to cast the most egotistical people they could find for this season!! My God…Caleb is in love with himself!! The sad part is that there are stupid girls out there that are watching Caleb and are excited that he’s looking for girls to date and will feed his already over – inflated ego by giving him the attention he wants. I can’t stand how they talk to the cameras!! I am embarrassed for these idiots! I also love how Derrick and Frankie just refuse to accept that the TA missions are over because they evicted Donny. That’s exactly why you are not getting another mission you idiots! I don’t watch the show anymore but, I will absolutely be watching the finale so I can see those smug faces when Donny wins America’s Favorite player..take that b**tches!! It will be glorious!


I even think BB Production has abandoned ship at this point. They don’t care anymore who does what or who even wins. Now all they are doing is ‘minding the store’ until finale night so they can put this horrible snooze-fest of a season to bed. They can’t even muster enough energy to give them another TA assignment because 1. Nobody cares. 2. Nobody cares.

Bo Man

Everybody studying- how do they know what the competition is? Also they all know this week is a double eviction! Very strange. EXPECT the WHAT?


Frankie has made many comments throughout the season about current events that are happening outside the house. Coincidence? – I would bet my life that he keeps getting outside info from someone in production. Just the other day again actually – J Beiber gets in trouble again and the next day Frankie says it. Maybe he’s having his morning constitutions on the DR throne while putting on his makeup and reading the morning paper.

Expect the unexpected....

Can Thursday night be a triple eviction?


Janelle was a beast!


Frankie is such a POS. I thought it was really crappy of him to talk Caleb into putting Nicole on slop for the second week in a row, but I did understand it as a strategic maneuver (although the look on his face proved that it was clearly a personal vendetta from which he derived much pleasure). But getting mad at Christine for trying to keep Nicole from suffering the ill-effects of milk because she is lactose-intolerant??!!! He has absolutely no soul. What a disgusting, vindictive, perverted, self-satisfying, demented, heartless excuse for a human being. Even Christine found that, at the very least, unkind.

He has clearly taken Nicole’s discussion of backdooring him weeks ago as a personal affront and truly wants her to suffer at his (or anyone else’s for that matter) hand and is getting much pleasure from it. F*cking sadist. I mean, how DARE Nicole play the game and even discuss nominating Frankie!! Nevermind that it was weeks ago and it’s JUST A GAME, as he kept telling Zach, who was supposedly his best friend, whom he stabbed in the back multiple times. Frankie wasn’t trying to save Donny because he was scared Nicole would come after him, he hates Nicole for daring to throw out his name and wants her to pay for it.

Someone PLEASE make Frankie something to eat with a few extra helpings of Ex-Lax!

I am really curious if he will ultimately do the same to Caleb.


I had a bb dream last night. Thursday’s broadcast was interrupted for breaking news. We interrupt this program to bring you the cast of BB 17. Welcome to the new and improved BB. Season 16 is never mentioned again. They just disappeared.

The Beard

They were all casted for the wrong shows,Frankie and Chris should have been on the bad girls club,Caleb should be shown every week on ridiculousness.Derrick could be the new host for to catch a predator,Cody and Vic bring us back to Jersey Shore.