Derrick “I promise, if she made it to the final 3 & someone took her, I’ll give f**king Victoria the money.”

POV Holder: Chrisitne Next POV Sept 6th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner Caleb Next HOH Sept 4th
Nominations: Nicole and Victoria
Have Nots Derrick and Nicole
POV Players Victoria, Nicole, Caleb, Cody, Christine and Derrick

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-03 02-09-26-374

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12am Derrick and Frankie are playing pool. Derrick says definitely nervous if there’s a double eviction you don’t know what’s going to happen, like hey Derrick take a seat. Frankie says well Christine doesn’t talk game with me any more.. and I don’t know that I want to necessarily initiate it. Have you spoken to her about it? Derrick says not game other than when we’re all up in the room saying final five, final five. Frankie says right exactly. And we’re also the dad’s of the house and every time I look at them I think you really are children. Derrick says like I said you don’t know. You don’t know what deals have been made or what promises have been given. Frankie says what I do know is that Caleb has absolutely no ability to lie. Which is nice and literally as soon as something happens he runs and tells you. Caleb joins them. Victoria comes out. She says that she wants to say something cute on Thursday. I don’t want it to be boring. Caleb says she knows, she already knows she’s going out. Victoria says I know. I’m not talking about that. Her’s is going to be very entertaining. Caleb says her’s isn’t going to be entertaining. Victoria says I know she’s not going to just say hey mom, hey dad. I don’t want to be the boring one. Christine joins them and then conversation ends.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-03 02-38-54-539
12:25am In the bathroom – Cody and Frankie are talking. Frankie says that he (Derrick) told me he feels like he hasn’t pulled his weight. Like I sent Zach home and kept you and him safe. Cody says and I won HOH and veto and sent Donny home. Cody says we’ve been winning HOH / veto back to back. Frankie says the last time the beasts made it to the end was the Brigade. Frankie says I’m looking forward to it. Frankie says when Derrick is on slop he gets super depressed and then seeing the video and winning 5k for his daughter also gave him a taste of what could be you know. I think he does feel guilty that he hasn’t saved us. Like it really has been you and me. Cody says all we can do is get ready for the next one. Frankie says we’ve had opportunity to take advantage and take a shot and we haven’t. Am I capable of course but I don’t want to. I’m a smart player. I want to make it to the end. I feel like I am a representative for the gay community. I think a lot about how I’m perceived outside of his house. I think we all do. Its a cool thing to get to the end with my boys. I feel like in my life I’ve never been perceived as a bro. Its not a good thing or a bad thing but I’m excited to show the world. Like a right wing republican who murders animals (Caleb) and then the Dad (Derrick) .. like we’re awesome. We all come from different walks of life. We have a hunter that believes our president is evil. Like that he will walk into your house and take everything. Cody says its just fun to play with a group of people and get to the end. We’ve been a big part of the core group. Frankie says I will feel accomplished if we make it to final 5 and then final 4. That jury is going to have a decision to make. Cody says we have crossed a lot of them. Christine, Victoria and Caleb join them. Frankie says Amber was blind sided. Hayden was blind sided. Jocasta was blind sided. Nicole wasn’t but going up she was. Frankie says I reminded Zach all the time he was going home. Like you’re going home do you want to talk about it? Frankie says I feel like Pow Pow was one of the more popular players even though she left week two. I wished she could have stayed to loose more competitions. Frankie talks to Caleb about how next week there will be guaranteed a luxury competition, guaranteed money and a host for the veto. Caleb says and there’s America’s Favorite if I don’t make it to the final 3. Frankie tells Caleb I can’t see anyone beating you in getting America’s Favorite.

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1:20am Derrick and Cody are in the hammock. Frankie just left. Cody says I don’t trust him. I don’t trust him at all. Derrick says of course not dude. I feel the same way about him and Christine. I think they would take each other and they would have equal chance of winning. Cody says I don’t think they feel that way. Derrick says so Frankie doesn’t think he will beat Christine. Cody says I don’t think he thinks he will beat her as much as you think he will. I think he will take Victoria. Derrick says that ain’t happening. Its a huge risk taking Victoria to the final 3 and risk your money on you’ll beat her. Derrick says if you take Victoria to the final 3 and you lose the other person will entertain the idea of taking her. I promise you if Victoria made it to the final 3 and someone took her over the other person just because its a guaranteed win .. I will give f**king Victoria the money. Cody laughs. Derrick says I am deada$$ serious. You think I’m kidding, I would. You think you’re so smart. Cody says I’ll do it too if its just me. Cody talks about his conversations with Frankie and Christine. Cody tells Derrick I would love to take a shot at Frankie. I know you would rather Christine. Derrick says If I think about big brother and take emotion out of it ..I think my best chance at winning would be against her. Cody says why wouldn’t you want to keep her till at least final 3 just in case she goes Derrick I’m going to bring you. Derrick says because if she had an opportunity and Frankie stayed in she would vote us out. Cody says but that’s the game dude. I don’t think it would be you. Derrick says I don’t think it would be you. Derrick tells Cody I have a lot of pressure to take home the money. We will talk about it after the finale. I never wanted to put it out there. I don’t know what other peoples stories are but I’m got a lot of pressure. Frankie and Christine join them. They talk about the possibility of All-Stars next season. Derrick thinks they would have a big brother champions season with the winners. Cody starts running around the backyard like a dinosaur.

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So confident you’ll be in Final 3, huh Derrick? LOL!

Not an All Star

wow. just heard this on the feeds this morning: Derick is talking to the camera, pandering as usual , and the fool says: “I am trying to be the next Tony. Back to back a cop wins Survivor and a cop wins Big Brother.” Did I hear that right? Derrick thinks he is like Tony from Survivor? NO WAY! Tony played an awesome game, took risks, worked his butt off and didn’t make the game personal. Derrick I know Tony from Survivor, Tony is a friend of mine, You are no Tony! Oh yeah, one other thing, Tony owned his game and didn’t hide behind little girls and pussy boys as he played. And one last thing that differentiates you from Tony: Tony WON! Just because you’re a cop Derrick doesn’t mean that your are anything like Tony from Survivor. If you resemble any cop, it would be Samuel Jackson in “Lakeview Terrace”


You’re are no Tony! Too funny, Lloyd Bentsen/Dan Quayle 1988


Anyone who thinks Tony played Survivor well is the definition of a casual fan


Ummmm….isn’t tony the one that not only swore on his badge and lied…but built a fort to spy on everyone?

All he said

Too bad Derrick isn’t going to win but it serves him right for treating women so badly. The women do get to vote in the jury.


Yes, Tony was even more ruthless than Derrick. Once the game is over and Derrick is out of game mode. He will own up to all his secrets, lies, and manipulation.


And in an interview tony said he kept spencer in the game to hide behind. because he knew as long as spencer was in the game. he wasnt going home.


Tony also had multiple immunity idols. He couldn’t be voted out. Derrick has nothing protecting him except his own gameplay.


wwat uy meen, qweshtin marck? fwanki pee smell lik poool tabwle. hee no win, champion nichole. eye no no.


Derrick was smart enough to get rid of the people that had him figured out. He lucked out with the band of misfits that remain. None of them have an independent thought. They voted together as a block. You have to give credit to anyone who makes it this far, but you do not have to like or respect them. Next week should be more entertaining….fingers crossed.


I would love to see any of these people in an upcoming All Star season. They have no idea how to play with the big dogs! All those big mouths will soon shut. So, they may not deserve to be an all star, but it sure would make for some good TV.

Moe drama

Skankie sucks!!
Hope anyone besides Derrick Frankie or Christine wins.


Agree!! Still loathing Freakie! His comment is so telling of him.
Frankie: “I have vested interest in what the world thinks of me. I have a name to uphold. I don’t have the luxury of being a dickfuck”


I think the only way I could continue watching this famewhore would be if CBS spent the remainder of the show showing the freak show exactly how he is perceived over and over again until his delusional self is so humiliated that we could sit back and laugh our butts off. Yep, Crustine too. Now that I would enjoy. A little come upance so to speak.


think I read this right why is Christine taking so many birth control pills in the bb house does that mean she doing the good spooning


It is because she wants to stop her menstrual cycle from starting … and have no blood on her hands. Lol!


HAHAHAHAH I love your idea of showing the little troll POS what we think of him …and do the same thing to the witch POS Christine.


Why the thumbs down? It was Freakie’s comment.


If Frankie truly represents the gay community as he claims, I’m turning in my gay card and going straight.


Right behind you in line on that one! Why do they always cast gay characterchers? I would love to see production cast a masculine gay next season. Production only seems to cast gays that embody the all to common stereotypes out there.


I would like to see them cast everyday men/women without regard to sexual orientation. If a man is cast and it turns out he is gay, so be it. If he is straight, so be it. Does the application form ask if a wanna be contestant is gay or straight. It seems that BB is trying to fill a quota. Personally I don’t give a damn if contestants are gay, straight, white, black, red or purple or if they are religious or non-religious. As long as they are not drug addicts, paedophiles or have a criminal record, they should be considered as contestants.


That is great in theory and I would also agree that these demographics should not be considered. Personally I would be ecstatic if the only requirement be that the contestants are big brother fans and know the game, not recruits. That said, we live in the real world and this ideal will never happen, demographics have to be considered. This is America and America is the world’s melting pot. Every season the houseguests have had certain demographic makeup. There are always a certain number of women, African American, Asian American, various religious denominations and homosexuals. I was just voicing my opinion that I wished my particular demographic, homosexual, was accurately represented. I am personally dissatisfied that only one variety of the homosexual community is constantly being represented, a flamboyant male. Besides Annie Whittington (BB12) and Steven Daigle (BB10) all homosexuals have been of this type of variety. As a homosexual I would like to see people like me and my friends not a stereotype play the game, that was what I was trying to convey.


BB Canada 2 had the type of gay guy you’re describing:
He wasn’t flamboyant or anything, just a regular guy.


BB canada 2 cast a masculine gay man with a beard as big as Donny’s and a body as hot as Calebs. No one in the house knew he was gay until he outed himself. The reason he outed himself was because he was in jeopardy and needed a sympathy card so he threw the gay card in the ring. That was when I began disliking him, not because he was gay, but because he used it as a substantiation to not vote him out. No different from using kids, illness, failing U-Tube career etc but still despicable nonetheless. In today’s society homosexuality is not an excuse to be treated nicer or any different from anyone else.

I would like to see BB cast more “mature” people (+35) and not just a token oldster who will be voted out my paranoid young as soon as they can. I would love to see a fifty – fifty split in age groups, including gender, and put some real people in there and not just the Hollywood stereotype. Real people, a real representation of the real population, a real opportunity to compete on equal footing. Sigh .. I am dreaming I know, they just keep casting eye candy and to hell with the rest of the world.


Fathers of the house?!? Holy shit! Ya my dad whips out his nuts all the time!
You care about how your perceived? Holy shit! You make nobody proud you ass hat!

Ariana Grande stinks

Oh Crayleb –the narcissistic rube– is THE WORST! Never liked racists and never will. Sorry!

Derrdick >> Crayleb

Mt Feet

Looks like Frankie may finally be wising up about Derrick!!!


Frankie pegged Derrick a long time ago and Derrick knows that he knows. He’s just been biding his time and going with the flow until he can figure out the right angle to get Derrick out. The dance (power struggle) has been between Derrick and Frankie for weeks. It hasn’t been as obvious as it is now because all the other players were in the house getting eliminated by their coordinated schemes.

Now that the numbers are lower,those two have to figure out how to strike against one another without it ending their own game shortly afterwards.


I agree that Derrick deserves to win. People can say what they want but he has a social game like no other. He has convinced pretty much everyone that they can all beat him. I don’t think Frankie has Derrick figured out I just think Frankie is trying to play Caleb bc we all know Caleb will go along with whoever tells him he is GREAT most. I mean Caleb always talks about himself and how everythng he does is awesome. He even said the other night that noone is beating him. What? He hasn’t won that many comps. But go ahead Caleb and throw that endurance comp Caleb and hand it to Derrick. I am sure he will appreciate that….lol….Also i think Caleb has a 0% chance at beating Donnie for America’s Favorite. He honestly believes he has already won it….Wow….Go Derrick get Frankie and Christine out asap!


No, I think Frankie has know for quite some time what Derrick has been doing and will do his best to make sure Derrick isn’t in his F2.

Derrick is the best

He is the all time best reality tv player. Sorry people Derrick is bringing home the bacon and there is nothing you can do about it.

He is good

I agree. I pegged him as winner from day 1. As soon as everyone entered the house they would all go to derrick and spill the beans to him. His social game is spot on. I think the reason so many viewers hate him is because of him working with the evil pink flaming flamingo. If team America never existed I believe we would have seen a different game with Frankie and Derrick going at each other earlier. Don’t get me wrong I still want Donny as Americas favorite!! Everyone vote for Donny! But Derrick deserves to win game 😉


Uh no! I dislike him for how he bosses & intimidates Vic, how he has her get his food & drinks & laundry. How he is using this naive young girl which is going to crush her. How he talks to the camera like we are all dumb too. How he has no respect for women. And lastly, this dude is just plain lazy!



Agree woman alert!

Lawon's Special Power

Bwhahahaha. Thank you for making me spit out my drink.

He’s not even in the top 50 Best Reality Show players ever.

Former BB Fan

I agree with Lawon’s Special Power. Derrick’s good fortune lies mainly in the fact that he has been in BB house with a group of immature, easily-led, group-pack individuals, who are more concerned for their future number of Instagram followers and record sales, than actually playing the game this season. (Except for Donny of course, who recognized Derrick’s strategy right from the get-go.) Caleb and Frankie and others seem to simply view this game as a stepping stone to future fame, fortune and followers. It would have been very interesting to see just how well Derrick’s schmoozing would have succeeded with some of the real game players from the past. Different results, I guarantee.

Hell No

Is he going to win.


every season players know exactly who to take and how the jury will vote for any of them to even consider taking derrick is foolish but most think they can beat him honestly not a big fan but you couldn’t have played a better game never on the block with most of the season 4 people on the block each week that’s unreal hey it is what it is


Not getting Frankie out when he had his chance may be Derrick’s downfall.


I agree. Cody and Derrick could have gotten rid of Frankie but they did not, now I think it is too late for them.

Why this season, is everyone afraid to make a big move? They all seem to think there will be some perfect time to act and week after week miss perfect opportunities to move forward in the game.

What a timid, boring, bunch.


If Derrick is under so much pressure to win the $ then WHY didn’t he take one of his two shots at Frankie?!!! If anything that will most likely be his downfall. Frankie is already plotting with Caleb and he is not fooled by Derricks “I’ll be happy with 50K” attitude. He can also see Derrick getting Vic to the end for the win. If Derrick doesn’t beat Frankie in comps he will go out.

waka waka

“I get so scared talking game,”– This statement explains so much


I don’t know who’s the bigger fame whore Flake or Beast Moron? Caleb thinks he’s doing Survivor, Amazing Race, The Bachelor, BB all stars, the next Transformers movie and I read something about him keeping Flakie because he can make him a big ol’ country music star. The guys dumber than a rock. He also thinks he’s God’s gift to women but he’s been single for four years. He’ll be back at Lowe’s in a month or two. I love that Donny got asked to do the soap and he cares nothing about fame! TEAM BEARD FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’ll answer that question. FRANKIE is the Biggest Fame Whore…ever! He’ll even pimp out his sister to get his name out there.

Caleb just lives in a fantasy world that’s all in his head. SkidMark Skankie isn’t crazy like Caleb and actually lives his life with his pathetic grasping at something he’ll never have. The TMZ and TheWire articles talking about what an asshole he is will be the most fame he’ll get. The End


and its his half sister at that two different daddys shouldn’t even be using same last name ariana dad is not named grandie


and i can’t wait for Caleb to hear that Donny was immediately asked to be on the soap…..omg, would love to see his face when he hears that! priceless…..most of the remaining HGs are truly fame whores, that is all they care about is what they will get when the season is over. They are not there to play the game, only what comes to them after the game. The only reason Caleb kept Frankie is because of what Frankie could do for him later, caleb even made the comment he couldn’t do it (frankie on the block) because of all of the haters he would have as a result. huh? who cares, it’s a stinkin’ game people……..AND, if Christine is supposed to be a Christian, why is ever other word out of her mouth…..HATE? That’s not Jesus like at all, hope her Pastor calls her out on that in addition to her cuddling antics…….

The Beard

Caleb will be on tv, mark my words either Call of the Wild man so turtle man can locate and cage the pesky vermin(Yeyeye Live Action) or reoccurring roles on Honey I hurt my boo boo.


Hey! You forgot Dancing With the Stars!!! LOL


Lol! It is like I posted before. Derrick will be PISSED if someone uses his strategy of taking Vic to F2 right out from under him, especially since he has done so much work to get her there. He has to realize that getting her to F3 he has to beat a male physical threat for FHOH or watch Vic walk to F2 without him. Too risky. He should have kept Nic and he should want (I shudder at this) Christine in F3. Better odds for him.


Betcha anything that if anyone of the bunch takes Victoria to the final 2, she will win. A bitter jury is something they need to consider. I really have an issue with each one…crap shoot.

The Beard

Wow wouldn’t that be something if Victoria won,Her speech would just be unwavering eyes that don’t even blink and then this gigantic bird could just swoop in and take her home.


This is what i gathered to be popular opinion amongst viewers:
1) We want something unexpected to happen
2) We don’t want the winner to be the following people: derrick, christine, frankie, caleb or cody

Based on these criteria, our winner is Victoria?!?! Oh well, what can you do. There’s always a next year.


My husband was asking what was going on in the BB house and I said nothing, same old boring crap. I told him how I can’t stand anyone in the house and don’t want any of them to win it and he replied, “someone left in the house is going to win it!” Groan, I know and I hate it because I don’t think any of them deserve it.


If by “something unexpected”, you mean “production intervention”, then I certainly don’t want that.
I want people to play this game strategically, and the best one to win.
I don’t want someone in there who’s playing a pathetic game or no game at all to be saved just because they can’t help themselves.
If that was the case, then “laying down and dying” would become a successful strategy for future seasons of Big Brother.
I LOVED Nicole for a large portion of this game, but she spent the entire time since the POV meeting sleeping, telling the camera that “those people are torturing her” (?), asking for some intervention by producers, and basically “making a final 2 deal” with Victoria who’s up for eviction against her.
All this from a self-proclaimed “superfan” just makes me angry, and if someone like that got saved by production, I’d be disgusted.
It’s too bad most of the players left are not worth rooting for, but if they enter the game and noone beats them, then that’s just the way things go.
Changing the outcome by production intervention makes the entire show – and future seasons – pointless to me. My 2 cents.

Kathie from Canada

If production does intervene, I think they will be pulling out all the stops to block Frankie from the win. They would be in such a negative spot given F’s highly controversial behaviour. There would be a lot of outrage from so many. Other than that, they would likely just let the game play out.


I think they only wanted Frankie around for entertainment value (though it’s debatable who is entertained by him). I never pegged him as the winner this season. His crudeness and vulgarity is something they like as it courts controversy but he’s not the winner type.

This isn’t to say CBS won’t force him down our throats in other BB related instances (hosting,commentary on future seasons,etc) Of course that all hinges on how difficult he becomes to manage. I just hope he doesn’t show up on ‘The Amazing Race’ like Rachel and Brendan did.

boring bb

I would prefer derrick to win instead of christine or frankie. Those two are full of themselves.

Zavias Grammy

Derrick has a tell. When he’s concentrating on his lie, he rubs his mustache. Any other poker players notice that?


He rubs it all the time. Probably because it’s new to him to have facial hair. I mean sometimes it’s nonstop!


Derrick has another BIG tell….he opens his mouth. That’s how you can tell he’s lying!


Frankie James Grande tries to manipulate individuals by telling them, “I love you.” Although that has worked on his immediate family members for years, it does not succeed in manipulating others.


I think Derrick wants to take Cody and Vic to F3. That is a win win for him. He knows Vic won’t get FHOH so he is letting Cody subtly know that if Cody gets the FHOH and takes Vic then Cody will lose his jury vote. I personally pray Vic does not make it to F3 and def not F2. Cody is not my fave but what a blindside if Derrick picked Vic over him. I’m sure he would say “Dude it’s for my daughter!” Frankie is on to Derrick wanting to take Vic to F2 so lets hope he does some good and gets her out.


BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!…………………………… This just in. A Virginia man has discovered a cure for insomnia. He claims to have a tape of a show called BBAD. Independant studies have shown that after 15 min 99.97% of people have been fast asleep! The only side effect is the possibility of nightmares.

Team Anyone

Oh Shut Up Derrick. Talking about making the BB Moms like Helen, etc., proud. Shut Up! Talking to the cameras… Talking about, ‘I would give Victoria the money if anyone takes her to the end!’ Oh! You mean like you are planning on doing??? Nice attempt at reverse psychology there! Caleb is disgusting. Anyone that would date that arrogant, swollen-gland-titty, obsessive bigot, is equally disgusting! Ick!

L. Nessman

I wonder if CBS would have removed a houseguest if they tried to organize a couple of guys to go downstairs and beat the crap out of the gay guy. I suppose gang raping a virgin is okay with CBS.

Day Yum Yum

Caleb is a dumbo for passing up the chance to get that old, beat up looking, clown Fakie out! I hope he goes in the double eviction for it too!

Quick question

Is Frankie getting a good edit on the CBS shows, I just can’t watch any more!

Simon and Dawg deserve medals for subjecting themselves to this 24/7!


I wouldnt say they are giving him a great edit. Actually everytime Frankie opens his mouth his over the top, childlike, yet egotistical personality is loud and clear. It is so obvious that he sucking up to the other players that one can understand why the commenters on sites such as this, get frustrated by the players not calling him out or giving him the boot.
One scene in particular….when Donnie was pitching to the other TA members to stay comes to mind when thinking about a bad edit.Frankie was in the diary room applying makeup looking like some crazed down and out diva while dismissing Donnies proposal like it wasnt worthy of his consideration. He looked ridiculous. So I would say that they are not impressed by his antics either. However they are not showing the more disgusting comments he has made especially the one in regards to Victoria.


Please, they love Frankie’s cheeseball try-hard attitude.

Quick question

Thank you! I was just wondering if it was only the live feeders who disliked Frankie (well most of them!)


I would be surprised if anyone made a big move. Seems like they are stuck in the predictable mode for the rest of the game.


Short of Victoria winning an HOH AND POV AND evicting her ‘brother’ Derrick, there are no big moves left to make. It’s like watching a re-run of a show you’ve seen before and expecting a different ending.


Good Lawwwddd….Caleb and his stupid obsession with America’s favorite! I really hope Amber has a date to the finale…that creepy fool is still talking about her! Oh and by the way Frankie…you do not represent the Gay community…I’m sure you have greatly offended each and every one of them with that statement alone you self obsessed fooligan!!

Future BB Playa

The best!! Thanks for a good laugh. Her Zach was dead on.


That was soooooo cute! I loved it. 🙂


She’s a better actress than Frankie–loved it


That was great. Best of the day by far.

Derrick "The Assassin"

😀 Fantastic! Thank you.


I’ve seen EVERY episode and night episodes since BB began…our family are real longtime fans…and I have to say…this year is the most boring, lackluster, unentertaining, no personality, no conflicts group EVER. Last year is now runner-up, but, truth be told, it had its racist controversy the producers milked for all the publicity they could get. This year…they couldn’t even find one iota of anything from these dead-heads to keep us on the edge of our seats watching and listening, etc. In recent times, the producers starting replacing the regular contestants from middle America, ordinary people, from unwed moms to grandpas to teachers and garbage men…to models and wannabe Hollywood LA and Broadway actors with web sites and agents. That’s NOT what the original concept of BB was about. But, they THINK America wants all that. SO, their ratings are now the lowest ever and they continue to flounder each year. All the other countries still adhere to the original concept and their ratings are far superior. I think American BB needs new producers.


You should check the information you are looking at, if you’re even looking at anything, or just spouting from the lip. Sundays BB episode was the lowest of the season… And it was still the most watched program in its time slot, and the most watched program of the night… I personally agree with everything you said until that, but don’t make shit up to try and prove a point. It’s foul and lazy

echo 1

Just sit back and enjoy the Rude Awakening that’s coming That’s the best part of this show now . There sure wasn’t anything else that created any interest. Maybe the last BB

Beach girl

Don’t know if Frankie is wishing up about Derrick, he is just so paranoid. He will be after Derrick because Caleb likes and trust Derrick. Frankie only wants Caleb to trust him and do what Frankie says.
Sure Hope Frankie follows Nicole out of the house on Thursday night. Vile human being!

Ariana Grande stinks

Don’t forget that Crayleb-the-Rube is IN LOVE with Frankie! He will not obviously say it explicitly but it is totally obvious.

Dear Skankie

You DO NOT, I repeat Do Not, represent the gay community!! Damn, if that were true I’d be turning in my gay card and jumping the fence.

You are a disgrace….not just to gay people but most every living creature out there…except maybe lizards. You can be a representative for the reptilian community (although that might be an insult to lizards and snakes everywhere). I think even people with pink hair are pissed and looking at their color options.

What a mess of a person you are.


If Frankie is gay, then he’s a representation of the gay community. He’s also a representation of Americans, men, singles, and a whole host of other things as well, so go ahead and hold your nose while you swallow that too


Looks like most gays I have seen on TV, that would make it an accurate depiction.


Yeah Frank, that’s the problem. TV, esp reality shows like BB on CBS, continue to stereotype gays as flamboyant messes like Skankie… yet none of the gays I know in my life are like that at all. It’s pathetic.

The gay couple next door are both super cool, low key, nice fun guys with good jobs and are great neighbors. Can you imagine having to live next to the pink poodle?


So…..Freakie says he IS a representative of the gay community! Oh Gawd!!


Really? I thought he was representing neopolitan ice cream.


Good one JMT!


Frankie represents the gay community as much as his sister represents talent.

Ariana Grande stinks



I can not understand why anybody that is a fan of bb wouldn’t want want derrick for the win. He is the only one there actually playing the Big Brother game. Victoria doesn’t even understand that a game is being played, BMC is entertaining, but not smart enough to get past his ego and play bb. Cody is blowing with the wind, Christine came in the game to play but got sidetracked by the fact that there was a hot male body that could not escape and she has been hypnotized by that fact, and has forgotten why they are actually there. Nicole played a decent game but did not play a strong enough social game to be able to save herself. Frankie…i do not even want to discuss him and inflate his already conceited notion that he is a celebrity and is there to self promote. So not only by process of elimination, but by the pure fact that Derrick has played this group of people flawlessly he should win this round of Big Brother.


He hasn’t played the best Big Brother game. He has lied by omission and misdirection and been masterful at it. He has made few enemies. He has been instrumental in the evictions of most if not all the jury members. And only a few of them are aware of it. And here lies the problem. The only ones who know exactly what he has done are Derrick and us. He has been playing with nitwits. Easily manipulated to perform in the way Derrick wants. But, they are the ones doing the dirty work. They are who the jury KNOWS are the ones who did the deeds. NOT Derrick. Derrick is everyone’s friend. If the jury wants to go by the spirit of the game, they give the money to the one who won comps, formed alliances, and got bloody. What they see is that’s not Derrick. If they are bitter, they are gonna give it to the one that will sting the others the most, that’s Victoria. If Derrick wants to win, he has to make something visible happen. Something only he can take credit for.


And all of it assumes he can manipulate Caleb and Cody into getting rid of Frankie and Tim’s wife. And then manipulate either Cody or Caleb into taking out the other. And keep Victoria safe. But, I think Frankie will strike first. Frankie has shown that he is better at keeping his drone, Caleb under control, than Derrick is. If Derrick had been able to keep Caleb closer than Frankie, I think we would have seen Derrick & Victoria f2. Now I see Frankie, Caleb, Victoria f3. Either Frankie & Caleb, or Frankie & Victoria.


I find a Frankie win to be the most repulsive of outcomes. But I don’t really see Caleb or Cody mustering the will to shake loose of their handlers, ie: Frankie and Derrick. Tim’s wife is gonna go in the DE. And if Derrick outwits Frankie and does manage to get to the f2, he will have to explain to the jury that “yes, I manipulated all of you into ignoring, being cruel to, and demeaning each houseguest evicted before you. So that I would be the nice one.” Only Donny had that figured out. And that is why, in a f2 with Victoria, Derrick looses. In the other option, Frankie ousts Derrick right after Tim’s wife, and takes Victoria to the f2, then as loathsome as it is, if the jury isn’t bitter, Frankie wins.


i see you point and it is valid, but i think that derrick is playing Ian’s game, and is going to pullout a strong endgame. He has referenced Ian multiple times, and is playing a similar game. it is not an easy game and he is playing it well, to look like he is not a competion threat so that they will take him to final four and then win the comps. i think that this is what we r going to see out of him. he has been doing a great job at thowing comps while looking like is trying. ( i agreed with nicole earlier, if calab knew how to throw a comp, we would b looking at a totally different game right now). But Derrick just has to do what it takes to get to the final four and lock down jury votes, then he can win comps.


Derrick should win. He has focused on the game from day one. Has he overplayed his manipulation abilities (by constantly insulting the viewers intelligence)? Yes. But what else are we left with? If by some chance he doesn’t end up in the finale,it was by some dumb luck or a misstep (which have been few for his game this season).

If anybody else makes it (besides Frankie,who to his credit, has played along with help from Production) they stumbled up on it. They’ve all been drones-unwillingly or actively-in Derrick’s game plan. I do not want somebody who has sat on the sidelines all season suddenly waking up and winning one comp to be declared the winner. Or someone who only defensively played to stave off elimination while they focused mostly on popularity outside the game (ala Caleb). Or,even worse, someone who hasn’t played at all but has been the beneficiary of others game play (Victoria).

Yes, it’s a season of lemons, but the lemonade has to be made.

Countdown to the Merciful End of BB16 / Survivor Starts



Nicole is the only decent human being left in the house! The rest are disgusting 2 faced pigs with skankie being the worst! He is a stain on society! I vomit in my mouth EVERYTIME his face on the screen or even his voice in the background!! Ugh!!!


I hate Derrick a little less than I hate the rest of the house right now…. I’m hoping that he takes the win. It’s definitely going to be the power struggle between him & frankie. Next week might actually not be boring.
Caleb is delusional thinking that he is going to get America’s Favorite. I can’t wait for him to find out that nobody likes him! Especially not Amber lol


I think Derrick is playing an awesome game! I read these comments about all the houseguests and completely understand the Frankie and Christine comments but Derrick….I’m confused. What has he done?. … I think he has it on lock down ,his social game,game play,won when he had to. He makes himself sound like he is the only hg that’s not a beast,besides victoria. I know he has lied about his job but come on if you went into this game and said you were an undercover cop, dude your first one out. I think he is playing the best game since dan and dr will!!!


I agree! It is so hard for me to understand why people are constantly putting Derrick down. I mean out of all of the house guest he is the only one that has taken up for a woman when she was disrespected. He is also playing a killer social game. He has made everyone think he is the weakest player and can’t win. The only reason Frankie told Caleb that Derrick wants to win is bc he knows Caleb will do whatever he is told to do by the person that tells him he is great all day every day. Derrick is playing for his wife and little girl. He isn’t lying and saying he is donating it all to charity. I have no respect for that or for the Cody/Christine showmance(weird), Frankie the most disrespectful person in BB history, Caleb has proven he thinks he is running this house and he spends all of his time talking about how great he is, and well victoria is just a sad sad situation. Hell we should all feel sorry for Derrick bc he can’t go to the bathroom without explaining himself to Victoria. So out of all of those I do believe Derrick is playing the best game.


Derrick cannot take credit for his wins. The ones he manipulated into doing his dirty work are the ones who get the credit. In order to win, Derrick has to do something big, something only he gets credit for. And get Victoria safely to the end. I don’t see both of those things happening.

Beast Mode Girlscout

Caleb running the house? I often wonder with the way his mind works does he believe he is running things. He could win depending on who is next to him, would he stand up and start spewing how he controlled everything? I’m not so sure he can articulate what he’s done and been involved with and convince the jury he’s anything more than a self absorbed tool.

Any mouse

Who has Derrick taken up for that was disrespected? He is the one that suggested that Zingbot should have sex with unconscious Victoria and laughed about while thrusting his hips lewdly.


Derrick keeps talking into the cameras and begging for this and that. He keeps saying things to America that he thinks we want to hear. If you watch TVGN, have live feeds and follow this blog, you would think a little less of him. He is a married man that has crossed the line with a naïve girl 10 years his junior. He touches her, hugs her, says I love you, lets her give him piggy back rides, etc…he could have gotten this far and our respect without those indiscretions. I really liked him in the beginning. I still like him the best, just because there’s not much else to choose from.

come on

wil people stop calling victoria a naive young little girl and feeling bad for her- first off hugging saying i love you (obviously its a platonic love) and joking around is not crossing the line at all- they are all stuck in a house together and they are like a family- lane and brittney were more touchy feely and she was engaged, but poeple will only find bad things in people they dont like.. if victoria needs to be stood up for cause shes so naive she shouldnt be on the show and be playing a reality game..come on~!


Frankie: “ennemas make me feel so good” Crustine ” have you ever had a coffee ennema?” “that is the fastest way to get the caffeine in” Frankie “WOW so I can get a coffee buzz and flush my poopies out before my date?” ” I have to try that, I thought I had tried and had EVERYTHING up there before!” “Thank-you so much, I can’t wait to come have coffee with you”

A new low on the scale for these ass hats! I could only watch about 15 min of BBAD. These two clowns with the above convo and something about Frank the skank trying to feel her boobs (Christine’s ONLY positive quality)
Nicole eating and Victoria plucking hairs and applying make-up (They are unaware TVGN airs and hour earlier some nights) I was bored to sleep. As I posted earlier a new cure for insomnia. BB16


Poor Nicole was sitting eating food while Christine and Frankie were talking about the coffee enemas. She looked completely disgusted with their conversation. She is probably counting the seconds until she gets back to some upbeat, positive and rational thinking people. I would have turned and said to them how would you take that coffee? With cream and sugar or a la carte.


Julie: I hope you enjoyed BBAD. Nooooooooooooooo!

echo 1

the whole cast and production need an enema


I need the following help. I need 2 dump trucks filled with Shoit from ALL northeastern zoos, 2 tractor trailers filled with eggs (Justin Bieber has this covered) and 2 tankers filled with New Jersey swamp water and a few catapults. Also a few volunteers to go with me to CBS Studios, Julie Chens and Gronder house and give them back what they gave us this season of Big brother slim and shoit. you all earned it


They missed their best opportunity to backdoor Frankie this week……….They are so self absorbed with “fame” that they think more about what America thinks of them, than making big moves. Guess what?!?! We can’t stand the way you have ruined this game………so yours suspicions are right, WE DON’T LIKE YOU!

Da Cop!!

OK Mr. BadAss Cop Derrick… You are about to be taken down by a Twinkie. HA HA


Victoria is playing the best game this season.
– Survives early being on the block
– Keeps her mouth shut almost all game
– acts like a useless ditzy player

Watch she will win a HOH and make it to the final 3. She is the darkhorse who just may win BB16 this year.


Victoria has definitely played like she has no clue what is going on in the house.. Her tears about Derrick leaving before she goes was priceless. Telling Derrick she would self evict to keep him from going home (in tears) was the first time I saw Derrick actually become truthful. He let her know that it is game and he is not who he claims to be on BB. I think she did pick up on his words. She was basically told by Derrick that she is going to go to F2 with or without him. She would have to be an absolute fool to not realize her “clueless” game is winning for her.

Ariana Grande stinks



Uh – if Victoria opened her mouth to ‘give information’, nothing but air would come out. She has no knowledge of what’s going on except for what Derrick lets her know. She is clueless because she hasn’t forged any other relationships other than with him – that’s why she doesn’t talk to give any info – nothing there.
I find it confusing how people can support this game play.
She has been a useless waste of space, uninteresting, uninformed and very superficial as a person.


Derrick might be playing to good of a game to get the jury vote. I don’t think they will get what he has done this season as the rest of America had seen. That is being one of the biggest puppet masters in Big Brother history (besides Dan of course!). He has done a masterful job of orchestrating how everything has gone down, but I think the just will be to dumb to figure that out.


I think if Derrick is final 2 and talking about all he did to manipulate the game and make it to final 2 that he will piss off a lot of people because everyone is owning the moves he made behind the scenes and it might cost him votes.


I think it will be a pretty powerful statement to the jury when we has to talk about his “wins” and he gets to say that of course he doesn’t have as many as every other person because he NEVER had to play in the BOB competitions because no one put him on the block. That might open up their eyes to just how he played every single one of them like a pro.


CBS has a problem, because the last 2 episodes have earned ratings below 6 million viewers and they continue to trend down. Nicole is perhaps the last person left in the house who most of the fans view favorably. When the final 6 is revealed to Caleb (Creepy, and delusional stalker), Derrick (Overbearing, and boring cop), Cody (Snot swallowing, and overly flirtacious), Christine (Evil, skirting the line of adultery and annoying), Victoria (Who in the hell is Victoria?), and Frankie (The spawn of satan), not exactly the most likeable group of people to say the least.


They only have themselves to blame.. with all the stupid twists they use over the years they could have used one to shake the house up a month ago. Instead they gave us crap shoot buy backs, Team America garbage and HOLLAS!

I looked at the ratings for the season and to be honest CBS made out like bandits. Looks like the last 3 years the ratings have been similar. These ratings must still be profitable for CBS to keep this boring format and Allison Grodner in business.


No, it’s true Simon. The previous Sunday was a season high. I was blown away by that, my only hope is the exit of Zach and Donny has put a nail in the coffin for this season. Hopefully the downward trend continues. I can’t even think that anybody is enjoying this season…at least no true Big Brother fan that is. I was hoping and praying for a Diamond POV or Coup D’etat this season. Only thing that would have salvaged this train wreck to some extent. Oh well though, it is what it is I guess.


Agree simon. The ratings look almost identical. Comparing them to 14 and 15.


With CBS, it’s the devil you know vs. the one you don’t. CBS knows its summer television and even with a ratings drop off, it’s still profitable for them. I’m betting they won’t risk drastically re-tooling the franchise or replacing it with something untested/unknown.

I think the BoB was an attempt to make all the HGs play hard from the beginning. It did not take into account that large alliances could easily manipulate it for their benefit. Collusion between dual HOHs just exacerbated the ridiculousness of it all.

The BB is also showing its age as evidenced by the fact that the players can pretty accurately guess the flow of each week. They know all the games, when evictions are scheduled,etc. That leaves them to focus on other things (fame,social media,building their own brands,etc) instead of the anxiety that would normally come with the unknown and how to shape it to their benefit.

Production has made it worse by encouraging obviously false confrontations and poems (staged Zach attacks) and forced intrigue (phony conversations about flipping the votes). The funny thing is these types of events would happen naturally if the HGs were indeed genuinely invested in the game for the duration of their time in the house.

Unfortunately the only thing that will get CBS attention is if another network introduces a new show to compete with it and that show eats away it’s viewers. Kind of like how NBC did with ‘The Voice’ against Fox’s ‘American Idol’. It doesn’t look like ‘American Idol’ will recover. Maybe they waited too long and took their ratings victories for granted. Let’s hope CBS learns from that lesson.

Big Sister

The problem is that the ratings are determined by Nielsen families and I can assure you that they are not watching the feeds or BBAD, nor are they visiting sites like this one (the best one in my opinion). They are watching what CBS spoon feeds them on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights.


Time to put Evel Dick in the house for 24 hours. Just let him bruise all their egos Evel Dick style! Would pay good money to watch that!


Slim pickin’s for sure!


Am I the only one that is really confused? Why would Caleb think he will win America’s Favorite? Especially over Donnie. Not a chance. But he believes he has played the best game. I don’t remember him doing much other than driving a poor girl crazy and talking about how great he is. Maybe I missed something!!!


Caleb thinks that his “Beatmode Cowboy” persona is revolutionary. He thinks the American public is just eating alive, and he is going to turn into the ridiculous A list celebrity on the scale of a Brad Pitt or “The Rock” the poor guy isn’t the brightest and I almost feel bad for him when he comes out of the house and gets a peak at what people think of him. He is going to likely need to seek counseling.

Kathie from Canada

I think Caleb’s family seems far more sensible than he is and will give him the reality check he desperately needs. His brother will have a few choice words for him to be sure. He just comes across as a small town guy who is doing what he thinks he has to do to fit in with the cool city guys. Unfortunately he has managed to create the exact opposite impression. He is In for a rough ride when this game ends.

Down to the wire

Would love to see Cody, Crusty or Derrick kicked out the house on this double
Eviction it would be priceless


Oh Christine is gone shortly for sure. She has to run the table winning HOH’s and POV’s to make it to the end. She has no allies in the house.


Finally Christine has become aware that there are other HG’s besides Cody in the house. Her kissing up to Nicole last night was classic. She used the sympathy card on Nicole and Victoria who were not buying what she was trying to sell. If she is fishing for jury votes, she is as delusional as Caleb. It was mind blowing as she was talking about how Tim had helped her through so much, claimed she missed him – then within a short time was laying up against Cody. She cackled and rubbed him as well as had that lustful look that is so pathetic. Hope she is gone soon – her poor me act is NOT working…


If derrick has any hope of continuing this game and getting to the end he’d switch his player. Vic should walk out on thursday and then the double will be either cody or coward cab. with either frankie taking a stab for cody or der taking a stab at cab/ if cab wins veto takes himself off and frankie goes up goes home..D then has a chance with nicole cody vs christine and cab. that would make for some entertainment this season..

Ariana Grande stinks

Is that tongue-in-cheek post or you’re not really following the live-feeds [and/or read the updates on this website]?


I have learned that posts on here are based not on facts and live feeds. But rather hate and what they wish will happen.


It’s hard to tell anymore if Victoria is as stupid as she acts, I’m starting to think she may be playing it up big time. Everyone has a game plan in this house and I think hers may be to act like she is weak and heck she’s outlasted many good players to get this far!


Whatch the feeds. She is a grade A weirdo. She is as clueless as she seems. Vic is also nuts, like cut your dick of nuts if you cheat on her.

Momma says

If our Nicole goes home, really – who do you want to win? I’ll take Derrick – I don’t hate ‘cops’ – some are good, some are bad (just like the rest of us) and we really don’t know what he is like except an interesting player in this Big Brother Game. Yes, I’d rather Nicole win but if she can’t then Derrick with Victoria – anyone besides these three, just forget it! Don’t you think, though, that Production could have done a MUCH better job in their choices for players? I don’t care for the rape, blood, etc. filthy talk that goes on constantly. Production, change that part of it please! Get some smarter, nicer people! It would be a lot more interesting seeing them playing against each other. Love Donny and Nicole!

Ariana Grande stinks

I only hope –once the Hyena-Crustine is evicted– the fugly Evil Gay Clown Frankie or Crayleb-the-Rube (with racist past) won’t make the F2.

As for the other 3 –Veronica, Tampax-Cody or Derdick– I couldn’t care less who wins.

MAYBE, and since the season was boring and without power shifts, without unpredictability or excitement, the most appropriate winner would be Veronica… err Victoria! That would definitely seal the season — that will remain as the most boring/stupid EVER!


what have derrick done to think he should win the game over everybody I don’t see it
I hate to say this but Frankie should win over anybody cause hate him or love him he playing the game
im not a fan but from the game stand point Frankie should win over all of them look at his hoh
he won battle of the block by himself he won pov everytime hes playing for hoh he come close to win or win
derrick just tell people what to do I really don’t want derrick or Frankie to win but from the game stand point
Frankie should win in I do not think Frankie will take derrick to the final two cause he know derrick control everybody he will not take that chance only way derrick make it to the final two win the last hoh in I think that’s going to frankie


They are both playing the game. They just have two different styles. Frankie is more in your face. Derrick is the kind manipulator.


If you have the live feeds and have been able to watch them religiously late at night. He is a master at manipulation. Not going to lie, it is rather entertaining. As far as comps, not much. He has won two hoh. The tv show edits have not shown 99% of is manipulations.


Nobody but Donny has a chance to win America’s favorite. The way the other houseguests have acted is NOT what we americans look up to. Who wants a cop who has lied from day one as our favorite. Not this American. How about you?


Been out of pocket. Thank you for these updates! While there are a couple of real good players this season, they are just not people you want to root for or tune in for. While these folks are more PC than last year they are not fun to watch. In an earlier post you wrote that Frankie said be was always in character. That’s just sad I noticed the two selves — the frank voice and the Frankie voice. Just sad for all the ones left. It’s like hell house.

I Hate Everyone

I vote to evict Robyn Kass and Allison Grodner.

Just Me

If CBS really wants to throw in a major twist they should swap houses after the double eviction. The jury house plays for the $500,000 and the current house guests become the jury. Then we would have Hayden, Zach, Donny, Nicole, Jocasta (slight downfall to the plan) and one of the bone heads playing for the money. Talk about expecting the unexpected…that sure would do it!


If Victoria is in the final 2 and she wins, can America vote to give the money to a jury member instead?