“2 LUCKY HOTTIES” Cody and Caleb have a double date for you just don’t get drunk…

POV Holder: Chrisitne Next POV Sept 6th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner Caleb Next HOH Sept 4th
Nominations: Nicole and Victoria
Have Nots Derrick and Nicole
POV Players Victoria, Nicole, Caleb, Cody, Christine and Derrick

BB16-2014-09-02 17-17-46-202

4:38pm HOH Caleb, Derrick and Victoria
Caleb – It’s crazy how in love with Cody Christine is and she’s married.. that’s bad.. that’s bad.. that’s bad .. She can’t stay away from him she’ literally melted to him “
Caleb looks at the camera (See image) – Tim sign the divorce papers.. sign them up sign them up they are in love baby .. THEY ARE IN LOVE . there’s nothing you can do baby .. None of us house guests can separate them”
Caleb and Derrick start laughing.. “I don’t know what to do.. “
Derrick – jenna I love you I got my ring on
Caleb – you notice Victoria ain’t wearing it around the house playing pool and badminton with it Like when Cody was wearing Christine’s wedding… ring ya umm.. “
Derick – speaking of which HI tena hi Jenna love yo a lot

BB16-2014-09-02 17-35-47-029

5:31pm Backyard Caleb and Cody
Caleb – I just want to go out see some chicks get some numbers.. I’m missing.. like female..
Caleb – wouldn’t it be nasty if what Derrick says happens.
Caleb explains that Derrick told him the fans pay $500 to go to the after party to meet them.
Caleb – Imagine if a girls pays $500 just to see you and she was a smoke bomb
Cody – can you imagine
Caleb – I would probably marry her you are the girl for me.
Caleb – a girl just walks up to you hey beastmode cowboy.. or two of them together
Cody – they are best friends
Caleb – we literally paid 500 a piece to get into this party just for you I love city boys I love country boy ‘s
Frankie joins them Caleb tells him his fantasy about meeting two SMOKE BOMB Big BRother fans that paid $500 each to see him “SMOKE BOMBS”
Caleb brings up a fantasy about a man nice looking smoking businessman coming up to Frankie saying he paid $1000 to meet Frankie
Frankie – I don’t sleep with fans doesn’t turn out well .. it’s bad. they are already obsessed with you
Caleb says he would SMASH Jessie from BB15 says he liked her behind.

BB16-2014-09-02 17-40-59-412
5:41pm Christine and Derrick
Christine says she’s thinking about Targeting Frankie she’ll put Victoria up as a pawn. Derrick doesn’t plan on going after Victoria because she’s not a threat to him. Derrick is concerned about hi chances to win the game. Says when he came in he wanted to be a frank Character that is why he had the shirt. Christine says it’s hard to tell who wins in the end, says Ian did nothing at all and won.

BB16-2014-09-02 18-11-21-036
6:04pm Random chit chat around the house.
Frankie mentions lots of screen actors have been making it to TV “There’s hope for me yet”
6:09pm Caleb challenges Channing Tatum to a dance competition
BB16-2014-09-02 18-38-00-537

6:17pm Frankie and Cody HOH
Cody screams “LET IT OUT I’M POOPING”
HE jumps on the bed .
Frankie yells at him from inside the HOH bathroom using his english accent. “How’s it going”
Cody – It’s going great”
Frankie comes out of the bathroom and starts studying with Cody.
Cody – I’m beyond bored.. we’ve been doing the same thing over and over.. there’s no game talk we all know what we’re doing.
Cody says once they hit final 4 they will be bored again.
Frankie leaves..

BB16-2014-09-02 18-21-45-075

6:20pm Derrick, Caleb, Christine and Victoria
Derrick tells them about the final 3 last year. Christine says Spencer did absolutely nothing in the game.
Caleb says the final HOH is literally luck
They start chit chatting about about the final competition in the final HOH. Caleb Says some of the question they ask are so har

BB16-2014-09-02 18-59-37-371

6:37pm HOH Caleb and COdy
Caleb comes in rubs his left breast says his gland is acting up.. “Nothing has stopped it.. I gotta get it taken care of.. especially if I win this or come in second”
Cody – Get that cut out
Caleb – There’s a girl out there that is going to get the lucky chance to go to a FGL concert, We need two girls
Explains two “Lucky Girls” get to go on a dates with Beastmode and Cody to a concert to see FGL “Hit us up two lucky girls.. WE need two hotties with some bodies”
Christine comes in “Smells good in here”
Caleb keeps calling out for fans to hashtag give them beer, drunk dinosaurs etc etc..

BB16-2014-09-02 19-10-43-431

7:12pm Victoria and Frankie
Frankie says everyone is giggling upstairs in the HOH he would rather clean. They start to study together while Frankie cleans the kitchen.

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This is soo boring. No strategy or interesting game talk. What happened to BB? Guess its time to quit watching and wait for survivor to start.

Jimmy 64

22 days to SURVIVOR


Yes! Boooring! And these boys have bigger egoes than brains!

Captain Crunch

Even tho TA is over i think it would be funny (trolling) if DR told them to come up with 2 missions on their own and that America is gonna vote if they like them (missions) just so we (America) can vote NO just to see the looks on their faces and maybe they’ll start to realize how hated they really are.

Eure ka!

Fantasy Team America Mission: Get the other houseguests to vote out a Team America member. Derrick vs Frankie Death Match!


no more missions team America died when Donny left no more missions think they would get it then

give me a break

I’m tired of Derrick talking about his bills: Paying rent or a mortgage, food expenses, clothing, and taking care of your child.. ARE.. necessary bills that everybody has in this country goes through. This guy talks like he has some undue burden..his bills consist of shelter, food, and clothing…necessary bills….I guess this line of crap work with the idiots left in the house..who all live with their parents or still having their parents pay there bills….Derrick is a 30 year old police sgt. with a mortgage…and have the opportunity to take three months off work…I think life is okay for Derrick…..So Derrick need to shut his bacon breath the Fu&k up about bills that every working adults haves in this country until death.


Yup, he’s a bit full of it. Probably has enough accrued vacation saved up for most of this. Anyway, if you need to pay the bills, keep your day job buddy.


Derrick needs to shut his mouth PERIOD. He’s the main reason this season is so boring. Every time someone wants to make a big move he tells them NO. He’s the reason Donny is gone and team America is dead. Summary= Derrick Sucks.

Rio Seven

Yeah, Everything Derrick says is a manipulation. He is obviously trying to get people to NOT give the money to Frankie. With Derrick, I haven’t figured out who he is NOT lying to?

The Beard

Totally agree with your assessment of Barney Fife,he is what I would expect to see if a cop was casted on bb.Yeah I’m here to help?Now it’s time to go to jail.


At least Derrick isn’t lying about what he would do with the money. He’s not lying about donating the money to African children like Frankie is.

Mary Poppins

He challenged Channing Tatum to a what now?………….Ohhhh Caleb you poor delusional fella.


Frankie mentions lots of screen actors have been making it to TV “There’s hope for me yet”
WTF? Talk about delusional!

The Beard

Yeah i’d be surprised if he could be an extra on The Walking Dead,come on Rose!


They’re all delusional. Except Nicole.
I mean I can’t even believe these clowns. They actually think they’re famous and popular.

The Beard

Now Now,Caleb is a skilled break dancer hunter and held down a part time at Lowes?He deserves our respect.He is the daggum Beast mode Cowboy at the end of the day and it is what it is


“Cody – I’m beyond bored.. we’ve been doing the same thing over and over.. there’s no game talk we all know what we’re doing.”

That’s been going on on season long, “boring” is an understatement… How about, you stop being a pussy and actually call someone out and make a Big Move?


THEY”RE bored. Ha…

The Beard

Give him a break,he was close to calling out Donny Frankie and Zach but just never got around to it.If he could just got the dinosaur costume earlier we would not be questioning him now.Plus he is desperately involved with the chick from Charlie Brown,holy poop balls

Dr. Emmett Brown

This sucks. I really was way to excited to see Frankie sweat on Thursday and then leave. MAN now we have to sit through him maybe winning an HOH. If people are talking about Christine and Cody being close, are they not getting a clue?

Helloooooooo Mcfly

We Want to Watch The Jury House

Do Christine or Victoria ever do dishes or clean anything in the house? I haven’t seen it, but that doesn’t mean anything!


I have not seen these two pick up or put back or wipe up nothing. Being a women I wouldn’t want to be stuck in there cleaning up after a bunch of pigs either but I couldn’t just sit there in it. I don’t know why they all don’t clean up after themselves and the place wouldn’t be so bad.

The bathroom situation is one thing that would stop me from doing BB. I know it sounds petty but……Remember Kathy Griffin was just in there saying how it stinks, think about it lols.


i’ve seen Christine watch people do the dishes or cooking, etc. I haven’t actually seen her do any herself.

I’ve read that Victoria was folding laundry, so assume that laundry is something that she does

Caleb i am glad he is talking about it. Even that, calling them out like that out loud and not just talking to someone else, that is great. If that also doesn’t get them to stop, i don’t know what it would take.


Victoria was probably folding Derrick’s clothes. Remember she does his laundry. I’ve seen her cook, but I’ve never seen her do any other cleaning.

The Beard

Vic was gonna do dishes once but injured her toe on the walk to the sink!

boredom but back for bb17 on this site

well. it was fun Big Brother. these past few years you help get me to football season during a sad time for a sports fan and television fan


Eure ka!

Where it is ENCOURAGED to have a bad social game!


thank god that nowadays there is a summer TV season, unlike when BB was first introduced, it was literally the only new thing on TV, not a rerun, and 3 nights a week (i never understood why they switched from tues, thurs and sat, btw) now you can watch the good tv that only comes in the summer months, and not waste time watching BBAD anymore. yay


Christine pisses me off she is the ultimate floater this season not Victoria. I wish Nicole didn’t have to go.

Gaylord Focker

I just cant believe who is on the block right now. The best move would have been to put up the “Pink shadow” and get rid of him. Cant Caleb and Cody have a conversation with out Frankie being there………EVER. Its like him and Christine come in a room and see whose missing and then search them out to destroy any talks being had. Grrrrr.

We Want to Watch The Jury House

They should tell Christine that she needs to leave them alone for awhile because they all need a respite from her incessant hyena cackling. (I had to mute TVGN last night…I can’t imagine how horrible it would be to not be able to escape that annoying noise coming out of her.)


frankie can NEVER leave people alone. remember when he invited himself into codes hoh room and cody had to tell him no?? but i agree. absolutely no big moves in this season. they’re all afraid to get frankie out for some reason??

Jimmy 64

Hey football is getting ready to start.
I’ll be happy as long as Frankie don’t win.


Lol I don’t get how they all seem to want Frankie gone, but they are aaa constantly studying with him.


Please anyone that is lucky enought to go the the live finale, when Frankie, Caleb,Cody,Christine, come out just one clap and sit there, so we can see their faces when they realize how much they are not liked,then when the rest are announced raise the roof,it would be magical,we deserve that much for sitting through this and listening to them talk about what America thinks of them! Thanks!

The Mist

I feel bad for the people that paid for the live feeds. Thank you Dawg and Simon for enduring this torture to keep us updated.


This is my first time paying for the live feeds. :'(
And it shall be my last!


Show me by raising your hands.. who would rather watch an empty storage room than watch Skankie talk, play with his teenie weenie and pick his nose


Don’t forget the lemon balls!


Even though I like Victoria, I would like to see Nicole stay and see who she would side with and go after. Should be interesting to see what happens.
I can not believe Frankie is a favorite of production or who ever the hell his audience is. I just don’t get it.


I really hope they are studying for nothing. I’ve commented before that it’s pretty bad when the HG’s know what games are going to be played. What would be fun is if the questions were guesses on how they are preceived on the outside. I hope there are no luxury comps …. they don’t deserve any as they didn’t provide us with any good entertainment.


How/Where do I watch Big Brother Canada? Thanks in advance! 🙂


If you can change your IP address, you can stream the old episodes from here:


But the season 3 will be on Global not slice, so I don’t know if they will use the same link for that one yet 😉


Shaw Media owns Slice and Global.. They switched BB Canada to Global but Slice will still air BB Canada After Dark just like BB U.S. After Dark is currently being aired on Slice. Slice was also airing BB Canada 2 full episodes before BB U.S. After Dark recently.


Graboid should have them…subscription service similar to netflix. I have not gotten into BBCanada, but I’m thoroughly enjoying Celebrity BBUK going on now…


I just read a bunch of tweets from ex houseguest & they pretty much all say the same thing. This is such a boring season & go Nicole. Hopefully next season is an All Star season an Nicole&Donny come back.


I partly disagree with you, I fail to see how Nicole deserves to come back as an All-Star, she has no game and she gave away every opportunity to make a big move because she continued to trust the wrong people. Yes, she lucked out in comps but those wins did very little for her.

Beatrix Kiddo

Caleb: “Well my first Date is with Amber”…………..Oh Dear God!


I thought Christine said she is a super fan. What show was she watching? Right now she is watching Nicole do the dishes. Holy shit Batman!

We Want to Watch The Jury House

In Christine’s interview with Jeff before the season started, he asked her how her friends would describe her. She said “hilarious”. To me, Zach was hilarious. Anybody seen glimpses of hilarity from Christine?


Are you sure she didn’t say “thinks everything is hilarious”?? WHY is she always LAUGHING?


And on the first episode she also said ” can I share a bed with a girl? I’m married!! Can’t stand her!


I don’t not remember that! Now I am even more convinced that her husband needs to throw her sh*t on the lawn. Or! If for some reason she actually walks away as the winner of bb16, Tim should file for divorce & get all the money for having to be humiliated all summer. Show the judge her appearance on bb to prove she was unfaithful & had no respect for Tim. BB16 winner – the soon to be ex-husband of Christine!

Beast Mode Cowpie

She IS sharing a bed with a girl – Cody

Carrie White

Is it double eviction Thursday. I cant remember yay or nay. Anyone, Anyone????

I don’t know why people don’t want to get blood on their hands. I know I am a little bias, but wouldn’t it make for a better story at the end telling people how you got them out instead of someone else thinking your moves are their moves. Its sometimes hard to prove.

*No one’s gonna laugh at me, Mama*

Eure ka!

“They’re all gonna laugh at you”…Carrie’s mama AND Adam Sandler

Caleb's BOOB

Yes. Double eviction Thursday

Carrie White

Thank You Calebs Boob lols.


At the end of they day, Caleb will always be breast milk cowboy to me.


“Breast Milk Cowboy” that is hilarious! People should wear shirts to the finale with that on them. But, Caleb would somehow twist it into a compliment. He is so delusional.


BOB might have looked good on paper but I think it may be the reason this season is such a disaster…….that and this particular group of “women haters”.


I think a much better version of BOB would have been to have only 1 HOH who nominates 1 HG for eviction then America or random draw (I like America better) votes 4 players for the BOB with the loser being the second nomination. That puts more of a twist into every week where even if you are HOH a member or your alliance could end up on the block. Also by saving these people with veto or votes it exposes who is working together and breaks up the vote with the house crap.

give me a break

This cast:
Victoria: wants Derrick to win
Nicole : wants Derrick to win
Derick : wants Derrick to win
Caleb : wants Derrick to win
Cody : wants Derrick to win
Frankie: wants Frankie to win
Christine: wants Cody and Christine to win

When Frankie and Christine leaves Derprick has this game in the bag. Frankie and Christine are the only two people left that would put the Human Bacon on the block…..I can’t believe Nicole fell for Derprick good guy, good cop routine……Derprick and Crybaby Cody stab her and Hayden in the back and she trust him again…what a moron..


Team America twist is to blame for this. Frankie and Derick would’ve a go at each other long time ago but are “forced” to trust each other because America “likes” them. Even if Frankie wins one of the next two HOH, I will not be surprise if Frankie does not put Derick up even if that is the smartest move for him. Same reason why Donny was ousted, Donny was targeting Derick week 2 before TA was revealed but lay low because he became a part of an “alliance” which is not really existing. Right from the get go, TA is a mess. Had Team America remained loyal to each other this twist would’ve been great, it woud’ve been nice to see how they blindsided people into thinking they are targeting each other but are really loyal to TA.

Pink haired turdlet

The problem with Team America was that the viewers didn’t have a great read on any of them yet. If it was done later in the season there was not a snowflakes chance in hell of Frankie or Derrick being picked. I really think this Big Bros. should have copied Big Bros. Canada and had America as having a vote one week. I think it really could have changed the game up.

coup de 'état...

can’t they just give nicole the wizard power?? and on live eviction night she takes her and victoria off of the block and puts up frankie and cody?!


Just started watching BBAD for the first time, no one has spoke for like 5 minutes now…. how boring! Haven’t watched the CBS show since Donny left. Am I missing anything? I am thinking no.


BBAD must be recorded, then use the fast forward. I have literally FF’d 20 to 30 minutes at a time where the only thing showing is people playing pool or watching people play pool. then a brief look at nicole and victoria in the kitchen with play dough, and back to pool.

no one can have a conversation without Frankie bursting into the room with some excuse anyway, so i think over the weeks there hasn’t been any game talking unless they all know where he is.


Aren’t DVR’s great. Sometimes it only takes me 30 minutes to get through a 2/3 hour show. I can not watch the cackler, the humping pervert, the delusional cowboy or codypendent without a fast forward to Nicole, Victoria (is much better around Nicole) and even Derrick occasionally. I really miss Donny. Probably will not watch much after Nicole is gone until finale night.


Watching BBAD live is torture. Recording it is the only way to view it. Between the constant e-cig commercials and advertising ‘The Sorrentinos’, you’d lose your mind.

It’s also the only way for me to tolerate Frankie since I FF every time he’s on camera. I can watch a 2 or 3 hour show in 30-45 mins.


And we are back with more of Nicole eating and Christine staring mindlessly into space.

Boys are up for a surprise on outside

Dear Caleb, the females outside the house that recognize you know you are a stalker with a sense of grandeur. In real life you are nothing more then a check out boy at Lowes that lives with his mommy. Kids in high school have the same game as you. Oh, and Cody, your a daddy’s boy that is causing marital strife. Of course, that is only when people are not questioning your sexuality. At least Cody is pretty look at.


Julie Chen is on letterman tonight….


Not that I ever look at other BB sites- but on another site I read there was an in-door lock-down at 5:43 pm. Then on that site, a picture is posted that shows an airplane banner that reads: Derrick Frankie R Americas’ Saboteurs. The caption of the picture says the plane flew over the CBS studio center/BB House. There is no way to tell if the picture is legit or not. Guessing none of the HGs saw it, because there has not been mention of it. Looks like someone just wasted a lot of money.


What is the point of flying a banner now? Nicole is done. Frankie’s days are numbered, everyone in there wants him gone.

Joe S

Watching tonight and got a little more disgusted with Frankie pulling out his junk on BBAD. Something wierd seems to be going on with him as he seems to know when the cameras are on him and not just the visible cameras…..wondering if production isn’t tipping him off

Mean Girls, BB Edition

If what Caleb is saying about Cody wearing CHRISTINE’S wedding ring on his pinky is true and Simon’s and Dawg’s observation of it on the feeds confirms it, WOW! Christine’s marriage may very well be beyond the point of no return. How can either one of them face Tim on Finale nite? Playing BB may be life-changing for both of them but not in the way(s) either of them dreamed it would. They’ve sickened their families, some of the HGS, many BB fans etc. by their constant over-the-line touching, rubbing etc. They’ve been oblivious to anybody (including Zingbot) who has tried to clue them in on their cringeworthy behavior. A confident happily married woman doesn’t betray her husband by isolating herself with another man constantly and stroking him in intimate ways (I’m not implying BJS or HJS.) Their story is demoralizing just like most of this BB season.


On Jokers just before 9:00 tonight, Christine said she missed Tim. She is unbelievable. She has spent the entire summer trying to get in Cody’s pants to put it bluntly. Every once in awhile she has a guilty moment and tries to imply she cares about her husband while scheming how to get Cody. Perhaps it took Caleb telling Tim to sign the divorce papers for her to “see” the light. Cody wearing her wedding ring was probably a joke to him, but I am certain hurtful to Tim. Finally, one of the HG’s called Christine out publicly about her horrid behavior. It’s about time…


And notice how in Tim’s letter to Christine and in his little video they showed, both times he said “Don’t forget about me.” How very sad! How many times have you seen a spouse say that to a contestant in all the seasons of BB, Survivor, etc.? Never.

No faves

There are some absolutely hilarious “nicknames” In these comments, especially for Cody and Caleb. (Beast commode cowboy, etc.) Since most of us can’t find favorites for the polls anymore, let’s vote for our favorite nicknames for house guests. It would amuse me way more than anything that’s happening in that house!


we do need some new polls. Top 3 laziest HGs. top 3 dirtiest HGS. Top 3 checking themselves out in the mirrors HGs. Top 3 ‘gonna call someone out” but doesn’t HGs.



Caleb divorce papers comment was hilarious. Even their not afraid to talk about what is going on anymore.


The really really sad thing is: somewhere out there are women who will one day breed with Caleb n Cody. And so, the life cycle of the America nitwit will continue.


I don’t think Cody will be breeding with a woman.


Two of the reasons that BB sucks from here on out:

1. Voted out anybody that was interesting.

2. All of the moves that they make are all predictable and SOOOOO boring.

There were backstabs. And then when it looks like its about to get good, they say oh no never mind we will continue to play by the game plan. They all voted predictably. We waited for someone to turn a vote. No, they played Stepford GHs and almost voted unanimously for most of the season.

This season we waited for someone, ANY ONE, to really make a move like has been done in the past seasons. They were so afraid of making a move too fast that the show has become down right glacial. And what sucks is that none of those chuckleheads can even see the most telegraphed moves in the house. I know it is easier to see game playing from our angle but these players are surely not THIS CLUELESS!!!!

WE the fans have been let down by Production and the HG.


When Frankie “cleans the kitchen” that means he licks the plates and puts them on the shelves.

The Beard

At least he wears those rubber gloves who knows where his hands have been?

fire production

Cody – I’m beyond bored.. we’ve been doing the same thing over and over.. there’s no game talk we all know what we’re doing.

fire production even dumb cody has you figured out


I have more enjoyment reading everyone’s comments than watching this show! So boring & predictable!!!

Pink haired turdlet

I’m getting more enjoyment out of the Acorn Chair lift ads than this show.


This is my first year watching bbad. I am so glad that I did. My eyes have been opened. Production edits can be very leading. If I only watched the show, I would be missing the REAL show. Granted this year is horrible but still…I am glad I watch and come on this site. I see how first hand a good edit can make a difference.
First year really coming on any site as well. (Thanks to Simon and Dawg.)


Who would have thought that Frankie wouldn’t even ben the biggest famewh0re among them? Caleb is delusional and we’re not even talking about the Amber stuff. He thinks he will forever be known by the lame BMC name and that nobody will ever call him Caleb again, thinks they’re famous and challenging famous people to danceoffs? He and Cody continuously compliment themselves on how attractive they are, there’s something wrong there. The sad thing is that while they are attractive their attitude and constant complimenting of themselves makes them even less attractive.

Cody has the NERVE to say that he’s bored. Does he realize he’s on a television show? We all know Victoria doesn’t but it looks like Cody forgot too. You’re supposed to entertain US you moron, and given how dull your personality is the only thing you can that would be even remotely interesting would be to do what you do in the outside world, strip.

These people are pretty weird. Caleb gets off on women paying to meet him. Cody strips with his brother for money. Cody wears Christine’s wedding ring after groping her nonstop. These losers are in for such a rude awakening when they get out. They all think they’re America’s favourite player and instant celebrities. Little do they know nobody cares about any one of them and DONNY is the most loved and famous one of all, complete with Bold and the Beautiful cameo. I can see their jaws collectively dropping when they find out.


The soap opera Bold and the Beautiful is well known for stunt casting and has done this for years.. What career in show business outside of Duck Dynasty does a bearded man in his 40’s have a chance at? Once that show is taped, people will forget Donny quickly, for the simple fact he isn’t considered appealing to younger demographics.. Now I can see some MTV show casting Zach as a host and even Frankie will get more work on Broadway.. Caleb may surprise some people and get acting offers or a chance to record a album.


Broadway has become extremely competitive so I doubt Frankie will get any calls for any shows there. Off,off,way off Broadway,perhaps. Shows now have to cast well known stars to even break even these days.

The only show I can see him doing is another bad reality show called ‘Help I’m a Celebrity,get me out of here!’. It’s a show suited for him. Desperate has-been entertainers and semi-famous reality show contestants get dumped in a jungle to fend for themselves.

Just Me

Seriously Cody?? YOU’RE bored??? How do you think WE feel. Ya fruit loop bustafooligan! You had you’re chance to strategize (play the game) but wasted it on Donny and Nicole, after stabbing Zach in the back. Quit your complaining! You guys think women are going to flock to you?!?! Ugh. I just threw up a little just thinking about it.

The Beard

It will be a beautiful day when these bff’s see how they look through the eye’s of the viewers,will the predetermined relationships continue to exist?Best part is finally they can expect the unexpected!

Ariana Grande stinks

As much as I despise Frankie, I would love to see him win HoH next Thursday and quickly evict the house’s rube! Crayleb, you have 30 seconds to gather your belongings and say goodbye to your friends and leave the house of Big-Boredom!


Where is the moral “outrage” now from people with Caleb and Derrick talking about sex and women? Oh right~! It’s perfectly acceptable for straight men to talk about sex with women.. But just wait until Frankie talks about having sex with men! Then the moral “outrage” will begin.


@Branded – I have read a couple of your comments. Unfortunately, you seem to be just as delusional as Frankie & Caleb, so I can’t take anything you say seriously. It’s not as of a big deal when Derrick & Caleb are talking about sex with females, bc they do talk about other things as well. With Frankie, he goes overboard with his sexual comments. Frankie is like a chihuahua in heat & it’s not a good look. As for you thinking that Frankie will get more jobs on Broadway & that Caleb will record an album, all I can say to that is, it’s laughable. I am almost convinced you are Ariana, making comments in favor of Frankie.