Nicole “If Victoria makes it to the final 2 she has a good chance at winning because its a bitter jury.”

POV Holder: Chrisitne Next POV Aug 4th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner Caleb Next HOH Sept 4th
Nominations: Nicole and Victoria
Have Nots Derrick and Nicole
POV Players Victoria, Nicole, Caleb, Cody, Christine and Derrick

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-01 12-54-20-196

12:50pm – 1pm Derrick and Nicole talk about how this week will be a double eviction and I’m going to study because that’s all I can study. Nicole tells Derrick to be careful of Christine and Cody. Derrick says I trust Victoria but she’s not a good competitor. Derrick says she’s not going to win a comp. Nicole says she might. Derrick says I am trying to concentrate on the things that I can change and not on the things I can’t. If Christine wins HOH I don’t know who she is going after. Nicole says if Frankie wins HOH he will put up you and Cody. If Christine would put up you and Caleb. Derrick says Caleb isn’t even fond of Victoria. If Victoria makes it to the final 3 who wouldn’t take her. Nicole says I would take a better player. Nicole says if Victoria makes it to the final 2 she has a good chance at winning because its a bitter jury. I will tell you that right now! Derrick says its true, I would vote for her. Nicole says I’ve heard people in the jury say they’re voting for her. I would vote for her. She could be playing a whole different game than we think she is. Victoria joins them. Nicole goes to the diary room. Victoria ask do you think she’s going to campaign? Derrick says no not even a little bit.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-09-01 12-52-27-362

1:15pm In the kitchen – Derrick asks Frankie if he was actually scared of going up? Frankie says yes because he told me. Frankie and Derrick agree that it wouldn’t have worked. Frankie says especially against Victoria because I have so much ammunition against her. She gave me more yesterday. Frankie says you and I are realists you can’t expect something like that to come across our minds. Derrick says you didn’t have to worry about me. Frankie says its not surprising though considering how many times we hear don’t you want to make a big move. Frankie says if you had wanted it, it definitely would have happened. Derrick says but its not good for my game. Big Brother ends the lock down.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-01 13-12-21-090

1:25pm Derrick and Frankie are in the storage room. Derrick asks if you did win HOH who would you put up? Frankie says Christine and Victoria. Derrick says I told them last night if you did win the second HOH and you did that they we would be like see we had nothing to worry about. Frankie says I just did that all I had to not do is use the veto. Frankie asks does that mean that Cody would put me up? Derrick says no he thinks he would put up Christine and Victoria. And obviously if he didn’t then we would have the votes to keep you and the trust is gone. Derrick and Frankie leave the room.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-01 13-23-41-349

1:50pm – 2:40pm Derrick, Victoria and Nicole are in the kitchen. Derrick & Nicole head out into the backyard and sit on the backyard couch. Nicole heads inside to change. She stops at the mirror and says come on something show up on that screen to save my game! Nicole heads back outside and joins Victoria and Derrick in silence on the couch. Frankie’s in the hot tub and Cody and Christine are sleeping. Derrick asks Nicole and Victoria about what days things happened on. Derrick gets called to the diary room. Nicole and Victoria head inside to take a nap. Victoria can’t sleep and gets up to do laundry.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-01 14-29-53-662

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224 thoughts on “Nicole “If Victoria makes it to the final 2 she has a good chance at winning because its a bitter jury.”

  1. Definitely the most boring season to date. Is it the worst? I would say last seasons was worse, however since it was I would have expected a big change for this season to make it a real interesting season. Again CBS has failed and will continue to fail with that useless producer Allison Grodner in power.

    Things need to change badly, with a more mature cast and while showing us more of the Diary Room Sessions since all I really want (as well as most BB Fans) to know is what each House Guest truly thinks. Enough of this teen reality crap, if I wanted that I would watch MTV. Honestly I don’t think I can do another season of this since I have been such a die hard for 8 years I will probably stay loyal for next year as well. Oh well. Expect the expected I guess.

    1. The reason the season has gone the way it has, is actually because for the most part, these houseguests have played VERY smart games.

      Drama comes from people doing dumb things in the house — like blowing up their alliances over petty personal squabbles, trying to make “big moves” without thinking through consequences, and doing other impulsive things.

      Derrick’s influence in this game has been to limit the damage from impulsive players like Devin and Zach. Everyone else is playing a very cautious, safety-first game.

      I may be a minority but I have enjoyed BB16 a LOT. It’s like a pitcher’s duel in baseball or a defensive struggle in football — not a lot of overt action but a ton of behind the scenes maneuvering and subtle strategy — where the smallest mistake can cost you the game.

      Though I know many disagree, this has been one of the best seasons ever, IMO.

      1. Actually SBB, the season is trash because of the “safe” game they are playing along with nobody having a brain. Add that to the “twist” that never was and you have for a boring season. The level of intelligence in the house is very low. Why not put up derrick? He has never been up. He hasn’t done anything but make deals with everyone in the house including the outgoing houseguest. Frankie is just plain repulsive. Any other house guest would of been repranded for making such a tasteless remark about raping victoria. Caleb didn’t play it safe. Caleb didn’t play it all. He just did what was expected from the other hg. Hence this year, the HOH wasn’t necessary. Was a waste of time, just like the whole boring season.

        1. sbb, your post flew RIGHT over junk’s head. proves your point.

          junk, maybe derrick hasn’t gone up because he’s a smart player. maybe because all the deals he has made, which you hate him for, have made the hohs perceive him to not be a threat. you might have forgotten that the houseguests don’t see everything that we the viewers do.

          if you respect derrick’s strategical game, this has been a good season. if you hate him for being a liar, a cop or a lying cop, i can see why you might be upset. maybe you would be more satisfied watching an m. night shyamalan movie instead.

      2. I’ve enjoyed this season, too. I think having more mature players, like Derrick, has added to the intrigue. The less mature players bring the drama (Frankie). And I agree with you also about the MTV for teenieboppers – if you want drama, go watch The Real World. Big Brother is more calculating and strategy and I’m glad to see this season. Derrick is a master, for sure. I know many dislike him, but I’m a big fan and think he’s manipulating well staying out of the spotlight, and maintaining integrity. Go Derrick (I only wish he could have convinced Caleb to keep Nicole and nominate Frankie).

        1. Most of these houseguests are very mature for their age and that is the exact reason the season has been short on the “fireworks” that everyone seems to be missing so much.

          It takes an immense amount of maturity to spend 70+ days locked in that house with strangers and not lash out and explode at people.

          Even Frankie and Caleb, who have demonstrated some childish ego-driven behavior, have also proven that they can be calculating and patient as well when it’s in their best interest.

          Compare Victoria’s behavior, handling herself in a game she doesn’t really understand in a house with few friends, with that of recent houseguests like Rachel Reilly, Aaryn, Amanda, Danielle — the difference is night and day.

      3. WOW, What are you drinking that would cause you to say this sorry excuse for BB is a great season. It is by far the worst season ever, and talking of raping and hitting women is not entertaining to the majority of people. Sick yes, entertaining NO!

      4. Well I thought there was a glimmer of hope for this season,….nope busted, Caleb is not a BMC, he’s a Weenie!! His brother was trying to tell him to make a big boy move. Loser! Derrick & Cody are a joke, and this whole BS cra# has gotten so old. From start to finish the same people ran through the house, at this time who gives a shi# who wins this thing.

      5. I have noticed that there are almost ZERO BB FANS on this site.
        All a bunch of attention seeking whiners who cry about the outcome and mostly come here to BASH the house guests and go WAAAY over the top demanding people be fired from their jobs, kicked out of the game for (get this) LYING! making up lies about house guests etc…
        Everyone plays the deserve card blah blah blah…
        the one who wins is the most deserving period
        sbb is right most moves the “FEEDERS” are calling for would have ruined the players game ala Danielle Donato insisting on making BIG (equals foolish) MOVES for which she was immediately targeted and evicted.
        Entitlement generation on here thinks CBS owes them something…
        The game is for TV the live feeders are a by product of CBS cashing in on footage they ALREADY HAVE bc the cameras are already rolling.
        Great post Sbb…

        1. The real fans are out here, we just don’t waste our time spewing hate about the house guests and coming up with ridiculous names for them…. Derrick has been running things this entire season and his game is very subtle, doesn’t mean it’s boring. If you’re a true bb fan you should be able to appreciate different types of game play that gets players to the end – either flashy and competitive, or subtle and strategic.

          1. The only problem as I see it as far as Derrick controling the whole game, which he has, is that all these egotisical people (Caleb, Cody) think that they are in control. The jury may see Derrick as just a good guy that everyone liked but didn’t contribute anything.

        2. People need to realize that this show is more scripted than they would like us to believe. So, my point being, it’s not straight forward or cut and dried. It is in fact an unfair social experiment swayed towards whatever direction CBS and Allison Grodner desire. Some of the actions of these people are despicable to say the least. Who really cares about the outcome? The people who would like to see a level and fair playing field for all who went into that house after leaving jobs, family and their freedom to win a significant amount of money. Period.

      6. You and I obviously have very different ideas of smart game play. Smart game play is not going to the end with the strongest competitors, or people that could beat you. A good game player makes an alliance with one other person that they are very loyal to.. and plan on going all the way to the end with. They then align themselves with strong competitors (if they are on the weaker end of the spectrum) so that they aren’t a target and have strong players looking out for them. Which is exactly what Derrick did… however he missed the last part. The key to being a smart player is to take a shot at those strong competitors first chance you get to limit their chances of making it to the end.

        Why was Caleb’s move of NOT backdooring Frankie such a bad idea… Well because Frankie is by far the strongest competitor in the house and Caleb has no intention of going to the end with him. If Caleb is not planning on going to the final 2 with him then he needs to get Frankie out as soon as possible. Caleb has now given the strongest competitor in the house a chance to save himself every week by playing for POV.

        Also another reason why these houseguests are playing weak games and not strong games is the whole house vote thing. The smart move is to throw out odd votes to cause paranoia and confusion throughout the house. I love Derrick’s comment “the jury will probably all vote the same”.. um no they will be thinking for themselves and not be scared to vote how they feel. This scared mob mentality is why this season is so poor. And Derrick not taking his shot at big targets when he has the chance (especially being such a weak competitor himself) is why he is not a good player.. and he was the only one I had hope for, besides Nic.

      7. I actually agree that this season has been one of the best. I don’t ever say anything, but I like the game play. It reminds me of a game of chess. Derrick is playing a really good game. He always looks at all of the pieces and all of the possible outcomes before he makes a move. He’s playing a genius game, and if he wins it, he deserves it. A lot of these players are very calculating. I even think Caleb is really intelligent ..not saying anyone has to agree with me, just my own opinion.

        1. He has been playing chess with himself and his alliance
          He lucked into a big alliance and all the HOHs went their way
          It’s easy to play chess when all the power is on your side throughout the season
          If Nicole or Victoria or Hayden or Donny or Jacosta or Joey or Brittany or Paula had won any HOHs and put Bomb Squad members up, then we would have known if Derrick can play chess..
          It’s a bad season because only one side is playing the game… A game is only fun when it’s competitive

    2. I agree. CBS now must admit their Real World experiment has failed. Putting a bunch of 20 something kids in the house has failed 2 years in a row. No gameplay. If you think about the best players of all time they were older, not 21, 22 year olds. They need to cast 28 and older people.

      1. Interesting. Just checked everyone’s age:

        Hayden: 21 (youngest)
        Nicole/Vic: 22
        Zach/Christine/Cody: 23
        Caleb/Amber/Devin: 26
        Pao: 27
        Brittney: 29
        Derrick: 30
        Frankie: 31
        Donny: 42

        1. And Derrick and Frankie are running the game, Donnie had things figured out early on and could have done moves but he had no one to work with and Brittany did buy the bullshit either and got voted out because of Derrick who was afraid of her. That leaves the brained dead young ones. It’s just they don’t have enough life experience to make decisions and gameplay.

          1. But Hayden, despite being the youngest, would have played a good game if he had stayed, in my opinion. He was not afraid of making big moves and was smart about who was running the show. I think it’s not necessarily about age but about Intelligence (Hayden is very smart) and strategy.

      2. While I agree I don’t think we’ll ever see it. CBS casts the 20 year olds because of the drama they cause in the house and I bet it makes up most of the demographic audience. They wouldn’t want to watch a show with people resembling their parents. People want to see the train wrecks, the hook ups and the trash talking which probably wouldn’t happen if you had a more mature cast.
        Even people who are complaining about the show are still watching it and that’s all CBS wants (and needs) is for everyone to keep tuning in 3 days a week, and we will all still do.
        So let’s just all take a breath and use the motto “Expect the worst”when we tune in every Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday.. We all check in here because BB is our guilty summer pleasure.
        Good or bad we will watch it every year.

        1. people complain but think it was 2 weeks ago looked up ratings all 3 bb episodes were in the networks top 10 for the whole network they ranked like 1st 3rd and 7th so cbs is not sweating the ratings

          1. Feed fans and TV fans watch two different shows..
            The TV fans are happy with whatever the feed fans for the most part are not.
            TV fans outnumber feed fans zillion* to 1.

            1. So to get more enjoyment from BB should we no longer watch feeds and blogs? Wondering would we find more enjoyment? Like the TV viewers. I wondering now in my quest to know ahead of time what’s going to happen, i have in my own way taken the enjoyment out of watching BB. Hmm I would be interested in how others feel about the quest to know what’s happening before the show is edited and aired live.

      3. but the two running the house and have been running the house from the beginning Frankie and Derrick, are 30 and 31 and the younger ones are just following them. I don’t think it has to do with age, I think they need to cast more people that are serious about playing and not people that are looking to make a career out of being on the show (Caleb Frankie and Derrick) or worried about modeling (Vic looking in mirrors all day) or gaining twitter followers as if that will bring them home a check (Caleb, Cody and Frankie) an people that is looking for a showmance or being flirtatious (Cody, Christine, Caleb, Frankie) They need players that want to play the game and win the money and not worry about the extras (all the ones evicted)

        1. I agree up to a point. Don’t remember hearing Derrick tell the cameras that he wanted make a career from this. If you heard Derrick tell the other HGs this, remember he has been lying about what he does for a living.

        2. Yes! The best players of this season are 30 and 31 years old! They have bulldozed over these young kids. Never would have happened if their fellow houseguests were a little closer in age. Derrick had me from jump until he started playing with Victoria’s heart. He is going too far with the physical touching, hugging and saying “I love you” every day. Too much. Frankie was also in my top picks early on…til he started manhandling everyone and his vile comments. That’s why Donny won everyone’s heart. He stayed true to himself and the people he cares about.

    3. I agree, it’s time for a more mature cast!!!! Donny was the most loved HG and he is 42 years old. Forget about the eye candy and hard bodies, let’s have a cast where they aren’t afraid to make a decision on their own. Every time I think Caleb is going to think for himself and make a move, someone(Derrick) gets to him. I hope Derrick realizes what Nicole said about it being a “bitter jury”, and will vote to give the money to Victoria. He may start to scramble and let them vote her out, if he has any sense left, sure his wife wants her out, like now!!!!

      1. Nicole should just stop saying the jury would vote for Victoria because at this rate she is the only decent person left after Nicole leaves. If Nicole keeps talking, at the DE they will vote her out instead of Cristine. Let Victoria get to the end and screw all the boys, that would be the only saving grace for this season.

      2. see the mature guy reels in caleb I wish Frankie was gone but if they had older players they would analize everything like derrick and Donny hate to say it even with some of the idiots on there America loves to hate and criticize its normal america

    4. at least last season was more entertaining and by this point in the game they made big moves, so I disagree that this season is better than last season. This season each week from the beginning we knew who were going on the block and who were going home. Last season people were backdoored and the houseguest were more entertaining. These people are predictable and boring. Maybe we should all protest and not watch the show Weds and Thursday night to allow their ratings to drop, so they’ll do better because this is ridiculous.

    5. Remember last night when Nicole was in the Diary Room for a long time? When she came out Derrick ask why she was in there for so long. She said it was because she kept messing up the script. So those are not really houseguest thoughts in the Diary Room.

      1. Derrick wants all the feedsters to give him a holla. Hey Derrick you may have been selected to be in team America. But by far your the most hated by America. Go holla that.

    6. One of the biggest mistakes made this season was having two HOH’s and allowing the one to remain that’s nominees’ lost. Had it been the ones who won, they would have put up the strongest players to compete. That’s what targeted Jocasta, Victoria, Donny, Pow and Brittany every single week. Dumb move Allison. Shape up or get another job!

    7. Haytham, I agree and was having same thought. BB15 WAS worse. Watching that season made me feel bad about myself for spending my time watching that cast. BB16 people are dull, fearful, make bad decisions. But with one pink-haired exception, they’re not heinous.

    1. Agreed! They had one last shot to save the remainder of their audience by getting into Caleb’s ear about backdooring Frankie. I guess the only entertaining parts of the rest of the season will be watching the idiots get evicted one by one.

      1. watch them not be able to get Frankie out now he has min.players to play against in hoh and veto they are going to try and put him up he wins veto and they go up because nobody is left

      1. Of course…. they stroke us and stroke us to make us think there could be a big move coming and then bam! whadda ya know… they leave us blue balled. I hate these freakin whiny a$$es.

    2. I am so hoping Vic and Christine are sitting in the final two and Vic win it just to show future players that are dummies and wimps like Derrick, Cody, Caleb that dragging someone to the end thinking they will take you instead of playing the game and putting them on the block and voting them out. These people really think more about the friendships they make in the house instead of the reason they’re there and their families back home that’s probably paying their bills so they can be there. At this point Frankie and Christine are the only ones thinking about who they can beat in the end. Derrick and Cody are sitting back depending on Caleb Frankie, and Christine to win comps and drag them to the end. It would be nice to see Vic win the first HOH during live eviction and put up Cody and Christine and Christine wins POV then Vic will put up Caleb because with all of Derrick talk he’s so hoping for another TA mission and don’t want Frankie to go anywhere. And watch Derrick game be exposed, because Chris will vote to evict Caleb and Derrick will have to put a spin on voting Caleb out which would serve wimpy Caleb just right. Then Vic will know where Derrick stands because she will want Cody out before Caleb because she wants to separate Cody and Chris, and hopefully start playing harder to keep herself safe. But because this season is so predictable Frankie will probably win and put up Christine and Vic, and Chris will probably go home unless she wins POV which will piss Frankie off and show him where he stands in the game and cause him to team up with Vic or at least tell Vic everything that has been going on to keep himself safe against the three guys, because he will now know they have tried to get him out twice already. I still don’t know why Nicole hasn’t blown up Derrick and Cody’s game and told Frankie it was those two that wanted him out before?

      1. The only thing Beast Mode about Caleb is his ego. Dude thinks he’s gonna be famous and need an agent and millions of followers and tons of women. He is a weak, big mouth stalker. His brothers need to give him what for!

    1. Seriously!!! Why haven’t they done something like that for these season yet??? “Most twisted Summer yet”??? Really? Lame missions for TA and Landslide votes for evictees. Total bs. Come on Big Brother, give us a REAL Twist! Don’t let Nicole go yet!!!!!

    2. It won’t happen, but I would greatly appreciate a morsel of respect from production in saving Nicole. The Bomb Squad/Detonator’s are making this a gruelingly boring season. Same thing every damn week.

    3. I think Nicole unknowingly might have just saved herself?!?!
      If not, she at least took Derrick down a few notches, made his head start spinning, and bruised his ego.
      THINK ABOUT IT FOR A MINUTE, four bitter jurors on lock.
      I know Derrick just thought about it, and realized how he really should’ve played this weeks nomination!!!

      1. Those dummies won’t vote Vic out, because Derrick has planted two seeds with them that may come back to bite him in the butt
        1. Vic is always a good pawn to get the target out and get less blood on your hands.
        2. Vic is easy to beat in the end.
        He or no one else even though it’s true will believe Vic will win in a final 2. They all think they can beat her. It makes you wonder if you really want to think about something how Vic all season long gets called to DR more than anyone and how she told Zach she knew something but Production won’t let her tell and then DR called Zach in and he confirmed he couldn’t repeat what Vic told him. Also it makes you wonder if Production is also saving Derrick, because no one talks to each other about the things he says. Frankie during his confession tried to call Derrick out and when Derrick said you have money we don’t so don’t blow up our game Frankie backtracked. When Zach told Vic the truth about Derrick being in an alliance and when Derrick confronted Zach like he did Frankie Zach backtracked. And to this day Nicole told Derrick she kept his secret and didn’t tell anyone he was in on getting Frankie out when he was on the block and Derrick tried to deny it, and Nicole let it go. Considering all of that isn’t it odd Derrick and Vic are aligned and he can say what he wants to Cody he will take Vic in the end because he think he can beat her even with what Nicole told him he think of everyone left in the house Vic is the only one he can beat. He keeps talking about resume and if he really believes that his resume is only one up on Vic, everyone else has a bigger resume then him. He won’t get rid of Vic or let anyone else evict her. Vic is his shield. He’s a wimp of a man hiding behind a woman after being hypocritical saying how he wants his daughter treated.

    4. When was the last time there was a DPOV? And did it affect the game? Same question for Pandora’s Box? It’s obvious that even with the huge outcry over the rape comments that no matter how much CBS tries to tell us different they don’t care about the ” War On Women ” as a matter of fact , by their inaction they condone it . To a lesser degree they don’t care about the sensitivities of the audience audience at home….I enjoyed watching the show with my 16 year old daughter, but the vileness ( and I’m not talking about the language, that’s to be expected) of some of the HGs has made it too uncomfortable anymore.

    1. Nicole is telling him he can’t win. She knows that Hayden, Jacosta and Donny will vote for anyone but Derrick. She is also telling him she won’t vote for him. You’ll see.

      1. I don’t. She is defeated, knows she isn’t going and actually has respect for Vic (which I don’t understand). She has said more than once she trust Derrick the most and likes Vic very much. Her telling Derrick and Vic about Hayden hating Cody, was the truth.

        1. derrick is fine with the jury now they have to vote for someone if Frankie goes to jury he will tell them all we picked you off 1by1 how did yall not see it but it wont matter because the last 2 will be alliance members unless they take Victoria and then the jury outraged turns and votes for the bird lady holla she rides off in the sunset thinking shes the best that ever played bb

      2. It’s pretty obvious that she is telling Derrick that they will all vote for Victoria to win so that they will vote to evict Victoria now and keep her.

    2. I think what Nicole is saying is that Derrick needs to keep her and get rid of Victoria because if Victoria makes it to final two, she will win. I am glad she is campaigning. Sadly, it won’t be enough.

      1. I don’t think Nicole will be saved; however, she could’ve just inadvertently ruined Victoria’s game as this may have Derrick rethinking taking Victoria to final 2.

  2. I like Frankie as much as I like the pith of an orange. This season is really bad. I really hope Victoria wins and hurts these peoples egos.

    1. Yes Mat….Victoria winning would make me smile. I would LOVE to see these egomaniacs (the boy’s club + Christine) get burned. I know this comment will get “thumbs down”…..but
      if these dumbbells aren’t clever enough at this point of the game to evict one of their own, they deserve to have that half-wit win.

      1. No thumbs down from me, I 100% agree with your comment. It’s like kindergarten and it’s the boys against the girls. The “boys club” will be turning on each other shortly and it is the only reason I may still watch.

    2. But Frankie and Caleb are going to go down as two of the best players ever! I can’t believe how highly those two think of themselves! Freaking maggots! Summer of twists my ass!!!

  3. Victoria winning would be icing on the cake in this awful season. Imagine the looks on Officer Derprick, and Media Mogul’s faces.

    1. Media Mogul hahaha that still makes me laugh. Ohhhh Pink Poodle, a Media Mogul would be the chairman of CBS Sumner Redstone, Fox’s Rupert Murdoch among others. You? Ughhh. a disgrace to mankind.

  4. Done with bb16 about cancel my sub forever. My snipped fog has more balls than all these people combined. Most useless season ever. Done with this . Nutless wonders!

  5. Done with bb16 about cancel my sub forever. My snipped dog has more balls than all these nutless wonders combined. Most useless season ever. Done with this .

    1. My thoughts exactly! As she is saying her good-byes…Nicole should hug Derrick and say “Thanks for everything! The entire jury is voting for you to win the $500K!”. He’ll be out right after her in the double evict.

      1. Nicole just may congratulate someone on winning the $500,000 as she is leaving. What has she got to lose. No jury member is coming back now. She is going to jury and has already told Derrick they are bitter. Everyone knows the five members in jury as of this week will pick the winner. I think that would a GREAT twist. Watching those imbeciles trying to figure out if she meant what she said. I would love to see her congratulate Frankie on her way out the door… Problem solved over his obscene rant about Victoria.

    1. Phyllis, why do you insult yourself? Do you really think less of yourself because you are a woman? I’m not trying to insult you, I’m just mystified. I can understand males on here making pussy, no balls, kotex, change your tampon comments, but why would join in on such sexist talk.

      Don’t we get enough macho loving bs from the meatheads in house (and the self-hating women).

        1. At least I don’t hate myself. And I’m impervious to those kind of comments because I happen to be an attractive person, so your tired you must be fat, old, ugly, bitter nonsense is wasted on me.

          I think this is the best BB site. The only reason I still read about this pathetic season is because I think the commenters here are awesome (minus all the pussy/no balls comments). I am not an angry person. I just want to point out that women are not the lowest form of life on the planet and should not constantly be referred to as an insult.
          I think almost everyone here makes great points so it surprises me when they show little thought in this regard.
          Simon and Dawg, you do a great job. Why they always refer to joker and hamersterwatch and not your site is more evidence of what fools these HGs are.

  6. CBS is having the last laugh. What we consider a boring, predictable, chauvinistic season (almost as bad as last season) CBS considers it another successful season. The more controversial the guests, the more successful the “ratings” season.

    1. May still be a success compared to other shows running this summer but this season’s average overall ratings are the lowest of any other season and record new lows set several times for individual segments.

  7. Again they will scramble Wednesday & Thursday make it seem like they flipped. Then at the end of the day Nic goes home. Same ole same ole!

  8. If Victoria wins, it would be funny.. Zero big moves all season.. What’s the point of playing the game like a pussy? While they’re taking out people that are defensless against the group, they haven’t had a single thought about Jury votes.. Nobody in Jury will be voting for them, unless they happen to be the last 2 left, since they can’t vote to give the 500k to charity.

    True BB Fans, want EXCITMENT, and we haven’t got any of that this season…

    At least last season of racist, it was actually entertaining all season, as we NEVER knew what they were gonn do or say.. Big Moves, were made almost consistantly…

    This season was a true snorefest, thanks to the stupid twist, which was actually worst than last season’s stupid MVP(aka project protect Rachel’s sister)..

    Frankie is already preparing to be the 1st to turn, and take one of those wimps out.

  9. I wish they would add a crazy twist where one of the people on the block could self evict them selves and choose 2 jury members to come back into the house

  10. I think derrick is not going to win this game here why
    joscasts-kept going on the block in her in Donny talk a lot in the house about derrick
    hyden- derrick let him down when they was going to vote out zack
    Donny- might not cause derrick let down team America in prouble give it to the person beside him
    zack -might not either after talking too Donny an hyden in the jury house
    derrick game is on the line cause now Frankie know derrick was in on it to try to get him out twice Christina will take cody Frankie will take cleab Frankie just told cleab the other day derrick never being on the block I see Frankie win hoh in nom cody and derrick double eviction in Frankie wins pov keep it the same Christina vote out derrick Victoria vote out cody cleab vote out derrick derrick goes to the jury this week

  11. ok now we need the bullhorn people to blast the house with info on each person, make them suffer the rest of the season inside the house! firkin idiots the who bunch (not Nicole)

    1. I think CBS is using the bullhorn, the helicopter and who knows what else to blast out these “messages”. That is not a public street surrounding the BB house….it’s on a movie/tv lot with security gate(s) to get in. Pathetic…

      1. BB house is located on the outside edge of the studio property next to the LA river, directly across the river is residential. Not sure who is really doing this but the guys supposedly doing this have been on twitter tweeting with EvilDick. But regardless of who it is I hope they keep up forcing a lockout of the backyard every night as punishment for such a boring season.

  12. Good Bye Nicole time to go back to the jury house. Plus next week your friend Christine going to be there too. Then after that Cody going to be there in a hammock with Christine flirting again.

  13. Well dumb ass Cowboy you’ll probably be out the door right behind Nicole he’s too stupid to realize he’s being used to do their dirty work!!! Although I can’t stand Christine or Frankie I hope one of them wins HOH..Frankie will probably put Derrick/Cody & Christine on the block Victoria would be a waste , Christine would probably put Caleb/Frankie!! Calebs’s gonna look like such a fool when he’s sitting in jury & Frankie’s in the final 2 (gosh I hope not) wishing he should’ve gotten Frankie out!!! Geezers these are the dumbest group of people!!!

  14. To Caleb and Cody and any other houseguest who thinks they’re going to be famous and need an agent, how’d that work out for Spencer and GinaMarie (remember them?)

  15. Not able to watch Big Brother 16 since Direct TV not allowing CBS on their services. But I would like to see Derrick and Victoria final 2. Victoria WINS while Derrick comes in second place.

    1. I agree whole heartedly. Only decent one left. I guess I can deal with her for a few weeks. Never thought I would be in her corner.

  16. It’s hilarious how Derrick is setting himself up to lose… Maybe he’s a plant to ensure Frankie wins? That would make a lot of sense, every time someone brought up the idea of taking Frankie out, Derrick shuts it down…

    1. You people really don’t watch the feeds do you. Derrick was the only one late last night pushing hard for Frankie to go up.

      1. Seriously? You don’t even need to watch the live feeds!!! Can you read?!?! Derrick was OBVIOUSLY pushing Caleb to put up Frankie. I’m only commenting because the inaccuracy in several of these comments baffles me. I just don’t get how some of you have no idea what’s going on. It’s pretty straight forward. Jeez.

      2. I read the post last night OBVIOUSLY, Derrick, wasn’t pushing hard enough, but just enough to save face.. If Derrick did, Cody, would’ve been on board, and we know Crustine would’ve done whatever Cody told her to…

        1. If you had the feeds. You would realize your analysis is way off. You want me to tell you what happened.

          Derrick was unsure in the beginning. He had a talk with Nicole that made him feel good. To the point where Nicole said he was the only one she trust. Derrick then talked to Cody, said lets do this. At the same exact time on cam 1 and 2 Frankie was talking to Caleb, having a heart to heart. Basically after that convo Caleb no longer was putting Frankie up. Cody went up to HOH later to talk to Caleb about putting Frankie up and Caleb started squashing it. Derrick came up a bit later and was ready to do it. He kept pushing and pushing, Caleb would not listen. Cody started to agree with Caleb, like a bitch. Derrick was getting very frustrated. To the point he insulted Caleb and said you need to take an IQ test. Derrick did not get his way.

      3. I have to disagree – Derrick went up there to make sure Frankie wasn’t going to be put up – I don’t have the feeds but heres the post from 4:40 am – Derrick plants Frankies noms to be Vic and Christine

        Derrick says I think so. Derrick says just the other day Frankie was wanting to get out Victoria over Christine. Caleb says if he did that we would flip the vote. Caleb says I am just going to do what I feel like in the moment. Cody says f**k it we’ll send Nicole home. Derrick and Caleb say okay. We’ll worry about Frankie next week. Derrick leaves. Caleb tells Cody If it backfires on us it backfires on us. Cody says I’ve got your back.

        1. Not seeing the feeds for this whole conversation, I believe you are both right. Based on previous times I have watched the feeds, he plants seeds for who he wants out and just pushes it enough that he can look innocent in the eyes of the person just in case it doesn’t work out.

      4. Yes he was and he managed to put a target on his back. Caleb may not remember the reasons he was so mad at Frankie that he tried to throw the comp to make sure Frankie stayed on the block, but he won’t forget Derek insulting him by implying that Caleb isn’t as smart as Derrick. That was just DUMB. If Caleb has the opportunity I think he will go after Derrick first

      5. If Derprick would have gotten his ass out of bed this morning and blocked Fakie from getting up CrazedCaleb’s butt Fakie would be on the block. I can’t believe I’m going to say this: VapidVic for the win!!

    2. If Derrick were to make it with Frankie to F2, Frankie has already gave away part of his speech to the jury earlier to Derrick in the kitchen when Frankie told him “its not surprising though considering how many times we hear don’t you want to make a big move”

  17. Nicole telling Derrick that Victoria will win if she gets to F2 was an effort to get Derrick to campaign for her. Derrick knows Nicole/Hayden/Jocasta will probably vote alike. That is three votes locked in for Victoria. She just gave Derrick heads up to think about his game plan. She is still gone, but now Victoria may go before F3 now.

  18. Next summer if there is a BigBrother
    1.CBS mix it up put at least 5 more people over the age of 35 in the house
    2. for every houseguest have one person at home on Skype that they get to talk to in the diary room as sort of a coach.if the person at home Houseguest makes it to the final 4 the at home coach wins 5000 dollars.
    And this way the diary room sessions will be far more interesting since the HG’s will only have ONE person to talk too outside the game. Could make for a very NON alliance season being as the at home person would be able to watch and tell their HG whats going on in the house.
    Just my opinion I think it could work

  19. Someone mentioned Caleb’s “pink frilly panties” instead of his “big boy pants” as referenced by his brother’s letter. I think Frankie rubbing on him, sleeping with him, etc is VERY unhealthy, not to mention detrimental to his game. I agree – getting out Nic (& Vic) are wussy, wasted ways to think. They are all so darn dependent upon Derrick’s wishes, I’m sure he’ll take home the $. While I can’t stand him, I think the other 3 guys are just doing BB for the fame (already talking about getting agents!) and at least we know cops are generally underpaid & Derrick’s daughter does deserve the $. Again, I really can’t stand the guy, but also can’t even IMAGINE Crustine winning….and I think Vic is a moot point. {Sigh} I am so done with this show – I really can’t handle another stupid season of this crappy display of self-centered, mean-acting, vile-talking filth!

  20. Dear cbs, next season take a tip from big brother uk. No alliances, no talking about who gets nominated, failure to do so results in punishment and your entire conversation aired to entire house. This makes for much better viewing entertainment. Players actually play. No voting with the house bs. Nominations come from the hoh and votes come from players not the “alliance” Player will have to play hard and not have the safety of an alliance and will actually have to ” get blood on their hands” in order to win. This would be the biggest ” twist” ever.

    1. My opinion is that Derrick doesn’t want anyone else but himself to make a big move like that. He wants to take credit for that, in order to impress the jury and get the votes. He thinks his running the show and he might be, but nobody knows that but him and maybe some viewers.

  21. Derek is not going to win because its a bitter jury. Donny Jocasta hayden nicole and zach are probably going to vote with each other so who Evers they want to win will win

    1. You are wrong. You needs to go back and watch the little conversations Nicole has with Derrick. Nicole now loves Derrick. Frankie, Christine, Cody are all hated by Jury. Especially Nicole and Hayden. Zach said in the past he would 100% vote for Derrick.

      Nicole has said to the camaras, quote: “I love you Derrick”.

      1. Nicole is still campaigning. She aint going to tell Derrick anything but what he wants to hear at this point. She and the rest of the jury members are not voting for Derrick bus she is not saying that to him now when she still has a chance to stay? The girl has watched this game since she was 8, she knows what to do at this point in the game and she knows that Derrick controls the house. If Nicole goes to jury this week, that is 4 solid votes against Derrick NO MATTER WHO MAKES IT TO FINAL 2. I love the irony in that.!!

  22. Derrick really should take what Nicole said into account. If they keep shutting out soon to be evicted houseguests, the jury might just become so bitter that they award Victoria the 500K

  23. Derrick might start rethinking his final 3 now that he realizes some of the jurors will likely vote for Victoria to win out of spite.

  24. It’s bout to be the bitterest jury, in a long time… Pretty much “who screwed us over the worst, and who had opportunity after opportunity to make a big move and didn’t?”

    Hayden,Donny, Nicole, Jocasta, Crustine, and One of Caleb, Cody, Derrick, or Victoria.. Frankie, vile and disgusting as he is is sitting pretty,, especially as long as Derrick keeps protecting him..

    1. Listening to all of Derricks little talks he has with Christine. Frankie is not sitting well with the Jury. Neither is Cody, to my surprise. Victoria and Caleb have best shot with the bitter Jury. After that Derrick should be good, Nicole now loves him.

      1. Derrick is int he most trouble with this jury. Frankie is in the second most trouble.After that, they are all pretty equal. Caleb and Cody have the best chance of winning this if Victoria makes it to final 3.

  25. I can’t pick a winner. They are all such despicable people. I hate the idea that any of them represent Big Brother. It used to be such a great game….great concept. I honestly though Grodner would have compiled a significantly better cast after last years debacle. But unfortunately, this cast is just as bad if not worse. I sincerely hope these last two seasons do not mean the end of Big Brother. I cast my vote to evict……ALLISON GRODNER!!!!!!!!

  26. House full of puzzies!!
    I wish these house guests would grow some b@lls.
    So tired of hearing oh we should do this.. when the time comes.. they become cowards and decide its not best. Who the heck are you playing for? these people in the house aint your friends. they didnt care about you before you entered and wouldn’t care after you left. Play cut throat.. !
    lamest season yet.. Never seen soo many grown people play like 5 yr old children. Wait not even. 5 yr old’s would still give viewers entertainment..

  27. Well that was the last hope to salvage this season. So much for the BMC. Caleb you will soon be able to take your moniker and your stupidity to the jury house cause you most definitely will be headed there shortly.

  28. The motto is, expect the expected. This season is way to predictable. Takes the fun right out of it. I’m very sad that no one wants to make any big moves. Really, the only under dog left is Victoria, & she’s no fun. Boring!!!!!

  29. Im confused by Frankie and Derricks conversation just now… it seems as though someone told Frankie what was going on and that Derrick is the reason it didnt go through…. who told Frankie? DR? And was Derrick the reason it didnt happen?

    1. No Derrick was the one late last night trying the hardest to get Frankie put up. Caleb and Frankie had a long talk and Caleb is the on that squashed everything. Frankie basically saved his own game.

  30. Frankie i’m sure is once again an embarrassment to his family. I don’t understand how this idiot is followed by anyone. I guess showing your kids this idiot as an example of what not to grow up and be like would make a good teaching moment and probably accounts for most of his views or followers. His parents have raised such a disgusting individual. I know if he talked about my daughter the way he talked about Victoria he would definitely be meeting me when he got out of the house and it would be the last time he ever thought about making comments like that again.

  31. It’s sad that bb15 and this season will crown the winners not based on most deserving or best gameplay but based on who was the least offensive out of the turds remaining in the house. Meanwhile other than Nicole, every hg in this game thinks they are playing the greatest game in bb history.

  32. It is too bad that Nicole did not hear the filth they were spewing about Victoria. Would have been good ammunition for the jurors. I do hope she will blow up everyone’s game before she leaves. Fill them in on every dirty trick and who is working together, who pretends not to be working together. She needs to stir the pot if we are to have any hope of seeing more than a snoozefest and a full body rub down.
    BTW does anyone know how Skanks found out about his g/father? I read on another site that his sis did not want him to know but somehow, “through social media” the info was leaked to him and that is why they told him the truth. Very suspicious.

  33. Here I was looking forward to Victoria on finale night standing there with that confused look on her face as she realizes she not only got to spend a summer being on TV(her dream come true), but she gets to leave with a $500k check simply because in her own self-absorbed way she offended the least people. Between the look of dawning on her face as she says to the camera “See, I told you I was playing the game!”(what a dimwit), and the looks of horror on Frankie and Derricks face as Derrick gets 2nd place would have been the ONLY big move of the season. Now you go ahead and tell Derrick that Victoria will win so he can make sure that doesn’t happen????

  34. There has to be some kind of twist, it’s to the point it is excruciating to even watch. There has to be a power, maybe a “diamond power of veto ” and come Thursday Nicole will play it and Caleb will have to nominate someone else in the spot!!

    1. None. They only oust people for committing a violent act. Yes, for those that remember, throwing one’s mic in the pool is considered a violent act.

  35. F*ck this season and all the “houseguests” that had they honor of destroying the season.
    Big Mama J

  36. Bitter jury’s usually suck. Like in BB14 dan might of won if the jury wasn’t so upset by being screwed by him. But the jury this season really has no other option then to vote for who screwed them over the least. Nobody In this game made any moves at all. Whoever is in the final 2 the only argument will be competition wins. And yes Derrick probably played the best social game but that’s because all he had to do was suggest an idea and the house would be like ok without even considering other options. He played as safe as a game as he could and it would be more notable if he actually had people in the house who would go against him.

    1. Actually, the way BB is set-up, the point of one’s game is not to only win, but not to necessarily piss of the jury members. This season the dumbasses are forgetting the importance of the jury vote. That is why a strong player balances the game to succeed with the empathy necessary towards evicted guests that are in the jury. Something the Skank and some of the others are forgetting. If Victoria is in the F2 she has all the right to win the 500K because everyone one else was too dumb to take her seriously in the game. Hey, that’s on them and I see no reason why she should not win if she gets there. Actually, I would vote for her for shear point of her getting to the F2 by somehow never being seen as a threat.

  37. why in the world would caleb not take this opertunity to vote out Frankie. A few weeks ago he was so mad at him he made him win a battle of the block on his own. SO anoying!!! I was team Derrick and Cody for so long! Now I hope that Christine and Victoria come together and wipe the floor of these boys!! Victoria is a weaker player, BUT she can win and has won compitions. Go girls Go!!!

    1. Could Fakie have given favors to Caleb as he slept with him in his HOH room. Therefore Caleb would not want to have this exposed so he could not backdoor Freakie

  38. If all the complainers are really “done with this season” why not go check out the Utopia feeds? At least over there if you miss a couple hours of feeds you actually DO MISS things. Why do you think BB got alcohol the other night for the first time in months? Because all the “Utopians” got a crapload of alcohol that day too…lol. BB desperate for drama, but of course this is a show that thinks “starving” (HAVE-NOT) people and not letting certain people drink actually makes for entertainment!!!! LMAO

  39. Derrick didn’t understand what cody and caleb meant by backdooring frankie, they never considered putting him on the block they just have been considering “backdooring” him all season. Derrick should be very concerned if cody, caleb and frankie ask him to play corn-hole in the backyard

    1. True! Joey and Pow left early. Amber, Jocasta, Nicole and Violet certainly aren’t putting out for these schmucks (and no one’s really interested in Christine), which leaves Frankie, who’s been running around like a b-h in heat all season.

  40. Didn’t BB have a special POV comp the year Ian was in the house
    To save Ian? Things fell out side and they had to run inside to put it on a machine to see if it was a POV. Maybe they could do that and let Nicole name her replacement.
    Frankie has rubbed on Caleb so much he has rubbed off all of his beast mode

    1. I think you may be on to something! Everyone online speculated the lockdown from the Backyard was because of the outsiders when they actually could have been setting up notes or balls or something inconspicuously that they will find later. Oh we can only HOPE

  41. OH NO, my interests for this season is slowly peaking. I’ll give credit where credit is do for Derrick who has yet to be nominated as far as I remember and he has some type of mind control over the houseguests. By the end of the week everything goes his way. I don’t even get excited when another houseguest mentions making a big move unless Derrick is a part of the discussion. Nicole and others want some type of secret power to save her but if anyone deserved a redo it’s Donny; she already had her chance and I’m begging Christine or Frankie leave after her on DOUBLE EVICTION.

  42. It looks as though CBS won’t do any thing about Frankie, this is what I found: Frankie Grande has yet to give a statement regarding the offensive rape joke he made on a recent episode of Big Brother. The other contestant’s relatives, however, are still insisting that they receive an apology from his family. It sounds as if they might have mention it to the HG. If so it’s very sad to allow this travesty to continue

    1. I agree the rape remarks shouldn’t have been said, or even been a thought in someone’s head. And it’s very wrong for the other HGs to encourage Frankie instead of telling him to stop. But why is Frankie’s family (with special emphasis on his sister) being asked to apologize? Is it because Frankie’s inside the BB House (yes, I know it’s a studio set and not a real house) and can’t respond or is there another reason?

    2. All the participants in the Vic bashing should be forced to apologise to Vic and should also be forced to apologise to any viewers that were offended. This should all be done in the l/r and aired on eviction night. It cannot affect the outcome of the show as the jurors will not know what happened ( until Vic is sent to jury house ) and the public has no voting rights.

        1. In order to satisfy your overwhelming desire to be a flaming half-wit, allow me to rephrase my statement. The remaing hgs should be asked very politely, and with an apologetic tone for the inconvenience, if they would consider rescinding the remarks made about Victoria .As they clearly do not exhibit any signs of remorse for their ill-thought words and pantomimes, they should not be required to give any such statement which may be construed as forced. If they are sincerely sorry for their actions, then CBS and Victoria’s family can smile brightly, knowing the matter has been swept under the carpet. No one will be held accountable thus allowing for such behaviour to continue in future seasons.
          As you have declared yourself to be an ex BB fan, is it safe to assume that your homophobia, vile language and limited vocabulary will not be lurking on this forum again?

  43. We have all seen Derrick’s game before. This is exactly the same strategy Boston Rob used to win Survivor All-stars. He made personal relationships with each player such that everyone thought they were his #1 ally. He listens to everyone’s input then cleverly steers them to his way of thinking. I think it’s pretty impressive. Am I the only one that sees this?

    1. I agree, Rob had them bitches fighting with “Special OPs Agent” Phillip over who gets the burnt rice at the bottom of the pot… Derrick got them fighting over who gets to fold his draws..

      But the Jury wasn’t as bitter as this one will be…

    2. Sorry but Boston Rob was a competition beast, very knowledgeable about the game and never would have bowed to someone else’s suggestion of whom to vote out. Derrick is a just a floater that happens to be in a house full of morons that won’t or can’t think for themselves.

  44. Simon why is everyone misinterpreting your description of what happened last night. Derrick was in fact trying to get Frankie on the block, after he was unsure about it. Frankies talk stop Caleb in his tracks.

  45. My brother was in the Marine’s and watches BB a bit and his comment to me referring to Caleb having Frankie in his bed nightly, “I don”t know if this guy was in the Marine Corp? We don’t share a bed with another guy.”

    1. I know, right? But, I canty think that any Marine would cop to a burning desire for a meet and greet with the Biebs! Sorry Canada!

  46. On Finale night Julie should hand Cody a bag with 2 small balls, telling Cody that these balls dropped out of his jeans as he entered the Big Brother house.

  47. this has been the season of all talk and no action…… these guys always say they’re gonna make a huge game move, talk themselves up then when it’s time for the nom. or veto ceremonies they put victoria up. Derrick is the go to guy and is almost running this whole game and Frankie has some sort of mind control over BMC. Caleb turned his whole focus around once Amber was gone and was about to make the biggest move of the summer and boom just like that the hope was gone. Donny had it all figured out but nobody wanted to listen to what he had to say. Hayden was smart as well, he even told Nicole that Cody is not to be trusted. She had no hope really once she returned. The BS whether we like them or not have this season and game on lock. I’d be shocked if anyone but Derrick won this whole game

  48. TV viewers get a sanitized, filtered, compressed BB. BBAD gets the snap shot of the raw, unfiltered houseguest, and the feeders see it all. This season from a TV standpoint is pretty good. We had the hero, Donnie, the pretty blonde girl, the whore, Tim’s wife, the pretty boy, the villan, Ariana’s brother, and Derrick. That’s good tv. BBAD and the feeds showed us a group of nitwits kept marginally in line by the mastermind, Derrick, and all alone Donnie. Derrick may have a very hard time convincing a jury he did anything. Viola could make a case that her strategy was to attach herself to a stronger player and allow him to carry her to victory. I only dislike Derrick because his strategy was to isolate the one slated for “execution” and encourage the worst traits in the others, so that the jury would like him better. However, the dimwits had the choice to behave like chimpanzees or not. We know what that was. As for those of you who think Nicole could’ve or should’ve done better. Get over it. She started out a vapid vacuous dimwit and she ended the same.

  49. I think there should be a new rule. Who ever wins the veto and uses it gets to pick the replacement nom. Everyone would want to win the veto and the hoh would be a little more thoughtful with their original noms. I bet if Christine was able to name the replacement nom it wouldn’t take much convincing to get her to backdoor Frankie.

  50. Evidence Nicole’s the only one left with a brain there (re Viola being the renom):
    “A bunch of wimps”; “it’s a stupid, stupid game move! Stupid, Stupid, Stupid! Get some guts!”; “he made the easiest move he possibly could have”; “he wasted his HOH”; and the best one, “it’s going to be a very boring week.”
    She hasn’t had a very good game, and she runs her mouth way too much, but I like that she sees reality … and never gives up.

  51. I see jackass Frankie making another rude comment that Victoria didn’t like and Derrick calls himself a police officer serve to protect he sure isn’t sticking up for Victoria I hope she kicks his ass someone in there should

    1. since when did derrick get put into the game to protect people?? he isnt playing for victoria, hes playing for himself. this isnt a game of being the most liked and nice its a game of winning 500K

  52. I can not believe Caleb did not put up Frankie, regardless if Nicole is “ready to go”. Watching that face (Frankie) I can just barely hang on lols. Production is really ruining this season. Lets not pretend they don’t have a hand it things.

  53. Radar Online posting that hackers posted nude pictures of Ariana Grande! Isn’t she a little young for this? She is much younger than the other girls mentioned in the article.

  54. So now people want Victoria to win? For what? So future BB players get the idea that it’s good to float your way through and hardly even play the game? No thank you. Like it or not, based on their private discussion last night, Derrick and Cody have a clear plan in place for making it to the end. They’re playing at least. Unfortunately for live feeders, their plan doesn’t include keeping around some of the fan favorites like Donny and Nicole.

    I honestly don’t believe Derrick and Cody thought Frankie would even be an option this week with Caleb as HOH so they were a bit unprepared to make the decision to take him out. They both wanted to, that much was obvious. I also believe if Frankie is going to be taken out, Derrick wants to do it. The guy is smart and he knows two things: 1. It goes hand in hand with what Nicole was saying – it’s a bitter jury and ain’t nobody voting for Frankie so if he ends up with Frankie in the Final Two it’s a positive, and 2. Whoever takes out Frankie will get a lot of love in the voter’s eyes. Derrick has done the best job of smoothing things over with jury members, and he’s also done a good job of surrounding himself with people who aren’t popular with the jury.

    Boring season? YES. Do I wish Frankie would have gotten the boot? ABSOLUTELY. But there are at least 1 or 2 people playing a strategic game and I can appreciate that.

  55. This show is called “big brother”…but it sure isn’t living up to its name. If i had a big brother like this i would disown him. i thought big brothers help you and not kick you when youre down. nikole IS a good player and need some brothers to help here out. to let someone like frankie who demonstrates a rape has the potential to win even $.50 is so wrong. caleb is a legend in is own mind. Coby and christine deserve each other. victoria may not have all her eggs in one basket but she does NOT deserve what has been dished out about her. derrick is a disappointment. to laugh when frankie did his stunt, he as a father of a little girl should have either walked out of that room or shut frankie down. Or atleast have some guts. ive watched this show for as long as its been on and this is by far the worst yet. the only kind of moves these people make are back stabbing each other. they are a bunch of cowards. I totally understand why Jeff is still loved after all this time….he took a chance and told you to your face. to bad cbs couldn’t atleast attempt to find another like him. even evil dick was 100% better than any of those jokers (detonators). No longer watching…

  56. does no one realize this is a SHOW. just becuase someone is a cop in real life doesnt mean they have to act like a cop and “protect” people in game show where they are playing for THEMSELVES. Will is a perfect example he went into the show and was the best player ever seen, but is not like that at all in real life. You leave your emotions etc at the door when you walk in. People take this game to seriously. yes frankie said some stuff he shouldn’t, but everyone else in that room made a comment to him about what he said adn that it was wrong. And all you people who say the game is boring becuase its the same people running the house is a little ridiculous, if it was lets say donny,and more houseguests you liked running the house all season, im sure you would be saying something totally different. This is a good season, for once production hasn’t manipulated anything, and you are seeing at least ONE player play with an actual strategy, which doesn’t happen often anymore. There has also been players almost worse than frankie when it comes to being rude in the house, evel dick is the main one, he was harsh, throwing drinks on jen, the cigarette fight with jen, calling her a bitch everytime he saw her, but he is such a well liked person. I think all you negative people maybe just need to watch a different show for now on, youre picking all the house guests apart. try living in a house for 80 days and see how you start acting

  57. Hey Nicole. The only thing you should have ever wished for is to actually win a competition win it counts. Oops. Too late. Should’ve been Hayden going back in ya froot loop dingus.

  58. Derrick and Cody can still save Nicole, if they’re willing to vote out Victoria, Crustine votes the way she is told.. Having Nicole,Derrick, Cody, and Crustine against Frankie and Caleb would be for great entertainment…

  59. I want to thank Frankie.
    From now on instead of swearing I’m going to use the term “FrankieGrande”.
    E.g. Get away from me you stinking pile of FrankieGrande.

  60. Can someone please tell me why some people are calling what Frankie said about raping Victoria a “joke” I’m sorry jokes are funny, I didn’t see a darn think funny what these people said Saturday evening.

    I will say this, Cody did say, he thought what they said was gross, but the rest of them including Officer Derrick had fun laughing about it.

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