Cody and Derrick are really close “If I win HOH i’m breaking that sh1t apart ASAP” Vic

POV Holder: Chrisitne Next POV Aug 4th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner Caleb Next HOH Sept 4th
Nominations: Nicole and Victoria
Have Nots Derrick and Nicole
POV Players Victoria, Nicole, Caleb, Cody, Christine and Derrick

BB16-2014-09-01 15-00-36-581
2:49pm Christine, Victoria and Derrick
Derrick breaks it by saying to Christine he doesn’t think they will get the wall this season.
Christine thinks he might be right
Production calls her to the Diary Room.
Frankie joins them playing his Russian Character saying he’s got acne all over his chest.. .. MIUTE .. Frankie leaves I unMute
Victoria and Derrick Silence..
Victoria – I didn’t sleep at all last night
Derrick – I can tell .. honestly you’re going to be sick
She goes through her day.. talked to DR for a hour showered..
Victoria says she doesn’t know what to say on Thursday. She starts to cry and leaves
Derrick – Victoria is crying again.. F***
Derrick – That’s my ally pfft F*cked.. I’m absolutely f***d
Derrick starts studying.
Christine joins him. Derrick says Nicole is ready to leave she was actually complementing Frankie. She said he played the best game.
Christine says she hates the sound of that. She would rather lose to any of the three boys not Frankie.
Derrick says the Jury house is all tight they will vote as a block. His fear is If Nicole thinks Frankie played the best game she could lock up the vote for him.
Christine knows Frankie has been the strongest competitor of the season.
Derrick points out that Frankie is a beast he’s won 4 HOH’s, “He’s probably the more articulate people in the house.. imagine that person final 2 speech oh my god”
Christine – he’s very smart
Christine thinks she’s safe from Frankei for a little while she just can’t stand him so that is why she wants him out sooner.
Christine says there was a moment that she felt like Calling Nicole out but she didn’t
Derrick – That wouldn’t have been good for your game.
(Derrick is trying to make sure if Christine wins the HOH she puts up Frankie)
Cody, Victoria and Frankie joins them Frankie says he wants to have a pool tournament tonight.
Chit chat..

BB16-2014-09-01 15-27-29-697

Nicole sleeping while the rest of the houseguests chit chatting about the seasons.

BB16-2014-09-01 15-53-05-686
3:51pm Backyard Caleb, Victoria, Christine and Frankie
Backyard s$x talk, chit chat..
Caleb – that’s how you get a good girl you wait.. she’ll come to you it’ll happen when it happens. I think i’ll have the opportunity to date a few girls.
Frankei – you think
Caleb – On my facebook if you’re not a christian don’t even try it
Christine good for you I was the same way.
Caleb starts talking about a past girlfriend who wasn’t super into religion feeds cut to Cody making a sandwich then to Nicole sleeping.. Feeds back to backyard at 4:10pm
Chit chat about being sore. Frankie points out how the pestilence has changed in the house, at first it was ants now it’s flies.
Christine starts talking about flying ants, “I hate them they are a nightmare I hate them.. I hate them”
Derrick says he thinks Production has something planned for them because it’s labour day.

BB16-2014-09-01 16-18-47-248

4:16pm Hot Tub Frankie, Christine and Cody
Frankie doesn’t know what is going to happen after Big Brother “Am i going to have a job.. am I going to LA or to New York”
Christine gets called into the Diary room, Caleb joins them says hit fitness tracker reads 5.
Caleb says they are doing goodbye messages today, Caleb said now Nicole gets to hang out with the rest of her alliance “Give Hayden a kiss for me”
Feeds cut.
When we’re back Christine asks Derrick how he can wear that Sweater and sweat pants all day.
Derrick grumbles something back
Christine – Impressive
Cody and Christine alone at the hot tub.. laughing at Nicole’s speech today at the VEto ceremony.. Cody – It was so good I didn’t know what was going to happen
Christine – I didn’t know what to do
Caleb rolls in with a burrito in one hand and a monster energy drink in the other.
Christine can’t wait to tell Nicole she’s been working with the guys since day one. Caleb – and there will be no more buybacks.
Caleb starts talking about in 20 days they’ll have red carpet interviews in the backyard.
Caleb says the bomb squad will be remembered the biggest squad to make it from day 2. Christine wonders if someone will try again next year.
Caleb says they would have to start week 1 because him and Frankie started the bomb squad day 2.
Caleb wonders if Victoria suspects she’s on her own
Christine doesn’t know
Cody doesn’t care what Victoria knows.
4:42pm Christine and Cody
Cody says this part of teh game sucks.
Christine – there’s nothing you can do
Cody – except take a poo
Christine – Victoria if you are out there congratulations you floated way further than you should have
Cody called into the Diary room

BB16-2014-09-01 16-46-33-875

4:47pm Nicole and Victoria
Victoria thinks they are having a party tonight for the holiday. She say they are rushing through the Diary room sessions fast it’s the only thing that makes sense given the Holiday. Nicole says she’s a jury member and everyone has been mean to her for these past 2 weeks.
Frankie walks through says something after he leaves Nicole says “Good luck with him”
Nicole hopes it’s a double eviction so someone goes home with with her.

Nicole says she knows sh’e going home sop does every body else
Victoria – Cody said you are ready
Nicole says Caleb made a idiotic move his brother told him to man up and he didn’t
Victoria – he’ll only realize it until he watched it
Nicole he probable won’t care

Victoria says Cody and Derrick are really close
Victoria – If I win HOH i’m breaking that sh1t apart A-SAP

BB16-2014-09-01 16-51-48-357

4:53HOH Caleb and Derrick
Caleb talking to the camera’s and Derrick saying this week is a breeze all they have to do is win during the double evict it shouldn’t be that hard they’ve been doing it all season. Caleb thinks today went well with the Ceremony. Derrick says they will have to see what happens on Thursday if Frankie wins HOH and puts them up then they made a mistake if he puts up Christine and Victoria it was the right move.
Derrick thinks Frankie will stick with the plan for double evict.
Derrick – We gotta get Christine and Frankie out of the house those two are bad together they will take each other to the end”
Caleb – If Christine thinks she can beat Frankie in the end she’ nuts
Derick – she’s got 5 wins .. everyone puts a spin to their own game to make them feel better.. it doesn’t hurt our game her going… nobody is going to convince me that Christine needs to stay.. she’s a beast in comps she’s not here for us she’s taking Cody over us all day long ..
Derrick says if Christine wins POV they have to have a fast talk
Caleb – Victoria goes home
Derrick – ya we’ll have to have a talk.. gotta win it first.. if Christine wins it that’s worst case scenario..
Caleb says it doesn’t matter who Christine puts up as long as Victoria goes up
Derrick – All she does it talk sh1t about Frankie all day long and she won’t put him up… the way she talks sh1t I think she would put up Frankie with Victoria.
Derrick wants their final 4 to be Victoria, Caleb, Cody and himself she has no chances to win that HOH. Derrick says they will get Cody to send home Christine so the second to last HOH is played by Caleb and Derrick.
The final three is Caleb, Cody and Derrick final two sounds like Derrick and Caleb. (Derrick’s got lots of final 2’s)

They start talking in circles thinking they can get Frankie to put up Victoria and Christine and Christine to put up Frankie and Victoria.
Derrick – if Christine does put one of us it’s be or you not Cody

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Victoria has a game? Whattt??


actually Victoria reminds me of BBCAN2 Sabrina everyone underestimated her and wouldnt you know she gets 2nd place. Looks like thats happening again. IM not saying shes a good player but being quiet and attaching to Derek has got her this far. ANd DErrick keeps telling the HG’s that Vic would be a waste of HOH they dont seem to notice he is always protecting her. SIGH i miss Donny and Zach.

BB Jon

Sabrina was playing the game from the beginning, Victoria does not understand the concept of BB, she had and still have no clue about what’s going on

Michael from Canada

Sabrina was definitely a better gamer than Victoria was. She knew the game a lot better and had more influence. But at this point of the game it was obvious she was gonna come in 2nd place, just like it is with Victoria. Unless Caleb evicts her that is.


You know I honestly think that Victoria’s “game” has more to do with jealousy rather than actual game. I think she wants to be the only person in the house that’s close with Derrick.


Right there with you – at this point Victoria has made it as far as Derrick.


I love how Victoria is running her mouth gonna break up these alliances you go bird girl holla


Yes……let’s never forget GinaMarie and Spencer were 2nd and 3rd last season! Oi vey…..


Derrick is attempting to take a page out of Dan’s book and hook up with a young female like Dan did with Danielle. He deserves to win because he has remained off the block this entire season. I just fear that if he takes Victoria to final two, that the jury will give it to her. He has played her a little too close. Dan never crossed the line with Danielle like Derrick has with Victoria. Just might bite him in the @$$.


Derrick scrambling that Caleb told Frankie about the backdoor plan. Oops. Guess Derrick has some explaining to do. Hmmm.


Yes! She has come off of the block every single time that she was put up (2 PoV’s, 2 BotB’s). This is the first time she’s up for a vote. Also, y’all know I like to spit out random facts, so has anyone realized that Christine has gotten 2nd in A LOT A LOT A LOT of competitions? She’s underrated as a competitor in my opinion, but very unlikable.

Zing Sting

Nevah! Victoria’s game is her hair extensions, makeup and looking at herself in the mirror.

Kathie from Canada

Who is Victoria? I thought her name was Valerie or Veronica. Something like that. lol

Sheet pan!

Victoria thinks she can HOH….the delusions are strong with this one.


Victoria thinks she has a game lol, all she has is an enormous crush on DerPrick, he is the older man she has always waiting on, her whole boring life. If the next competitions are anything to do with washing hair extensions or who can put their mascara on the fastest then Vic is byfar the farthest behind


Nicole should have just told everyone privately that the jury house was leaning toward voting for Frankie. Since her chances are slim to none, she can pass that on to Victoria. Voila! Victoria now has game.


Please tell me I didn’t just read “Frankie walks in, Mute, Frankie walks out, Unmute”…….
Bah Hahahahahaha Dying over here. 🙂


Priceless lol. Especially when followed by comment later ‘frankie comes in says something, and when he leaves Nicole says good luck with him.”

Oh, Derrick, gee, you gonna comment NOW about how CHRISTINE might not put FRANKIE up, and you got some kind of snarky comment about THAT??? SERiOUSLY?? wtf, man, you just told Caleb to not do it, when you had a 10000% chance to actually evict him, but you are going to try to blame Christine who hasn’t even won the next HOH yet for not putting up Frankie? omg

And Victoria, too priceless. I hope they keep her and she wins HOH on double evict, AND she puts Cody and Derrick on the block immediately. That would be too awesome, after they decided that Nicole was going to be their biggest problem this week. Fingers and toes crossed.


Simon and Dawg……WE LOVE YOU!!!


You have to give Nicole credit. It has to suck bring on the outside. Hang in there Nicole.


*being on the outside

Irked by the stupidity!

I like Nicole but she is reaping what she has sown. Karma is a bitch. She didn’t have to join the ranks and dog Amber and Brittney but it was “cute” then. Not so cute when it’s happening to her. I’m sorry it played out like it did but she is only getting what she deserves. Mean girls get what they give.


Frankie gets a little more evil as each day goes by. Finale night were going to see some little horns spring up!


No you won’t, you will see the suck hole side of Frankie, as that is what he does in front of the cameras, he is so two faced. Can’t stand him!


Or is it. . .
Frankie becomes more of his true self as each day goes by.


It’s so annoying that they know everything before it happens. They shouldn’t be able to have Thursday’s double eviction planned. Argh!


Totally agree. BB needs to
Revamp this show. Not the same ole same ole crap. Are you listening BB gods.


I dont think that they know for sure. They are just going by what has happened in previous years. But I agree…they should switch it up!


cbs has to change the format of this show. after 16 seasons it has become total pig shit.

some changes should include:

-making the whole season no more than 8-9 weeks long
-change how hoh, pov, and evictions are done so that there is less emphasis on alliances and more on individual ability:
example 1: for the hoh competition have the last 1-2 competitors automatically be put up on the block for eviction,

example 2: when a hoh nominates 2-3 for eviction then the only people who can play for pov are the hoh and the 2-3 nominees; if a nominee wins and uses the veto then the winning nominee gets to select his replacement

my suggestions are designed so that house guests compete in every competition and that strategy and individual ability are taken more in to account because if you are hoh and one of your nominees beats you in the pov then they get to pick their replacement not the hoh. this will shake things up faster and more effectively.

what we have seen in bb16 is a clique dominate all aspects of the game for pretty much the whole season. floaters like victoria and christine have lasted far too long. and things do not get flipped around fast enough.

bb2 canada had the flip where Canada voted which two players were put up for eviction. this move destroyed the alliance that had been running things since day 1 and the person eliminated, Andrew, was one of the best players to be eliminated making the season much more excitihng and unpredicatable


The BoB while entertaining, was a complete disaster, as it probably didn’t do what it was intended to do (get big players and atheletic types put on the block) and ultimately led to all physically weaker players to get evicted. There were not a lot of mentail comps for the BoB, they were all but one something physical in some way, usually involving wires and pulleys and harnesses. That part was incredibly stupid, and also ultimately ensured that physically inept players would always go on the block.

The time they did America to vote a 3rd nominee was always the better twist. Same when Canada was able to vote nominees, and in BBCAN1 was able to save a nomination. What is twisty, is when the house votes someone out, the secret voting can save them, and they actually stay in the game right then and there. The comp between 4 people to win their way back into the game isn’t actually as interesting as going thru a week telling one specific person they are leaving, only to have it back fire hahahaha.

DPOV and coup d’etat are long overdue, and should have been considered long ago.

Butters Mom

The only people who enjoyed the BOB and thought it was a good idea are those who watch the prime time show only and like to watch the comps…. it gave an additional comp to watch. It wasnt thought out very well for strategy though for the game.


If they want to continue with BOB they should have only one hoh and have her pick names from a bag like they do veto players.


Your suggestions are great! Especially the part of shortening the season…….too much down time (yawn…..). Keep things moving……boom, boom, boom.


If they want to keep the BOB they should have only one hoh and let him/her pull four names from a bag like they do in veto comps. First two drawn are one team, second two, the other. No targeting weak players thereby controlling who is hohs.


I hope Frankie wins and puts up Caleb and whoever just because Caleb wussmode cowboy didn’t backdoor him when he had the chance. Dumb dumb dumb

Butters Mom

If Frankie wins I think he will put up Cody and Victoria or Christine and Victoria. He thinks he has Caleb and Derrick on lock.


Hold Up….Victoria just said something logical about the Big Brother game!? Well Victoria if what you say is true than I hope to the Big Brother Gods that you win HoH.

The Truth

Nope. She’s pissed that Derrick spoke with Cody for a few hours the other night and wouldn’t tell her about the convo.

No one comes between Veronica and her man!


Hey ass hat! Your alliance DID NOT make it to the end idiot! Devin, Amber and Zazch are gone! I thought Devin started the alliance….get a grip you self involved morons!


Caleb was HOH when it was started, i think it was a combined idea between him and Devin. It was Devin who decided without warning to add Amber and Christine. Done deal, since he told them about it, and then told the rest of the BS team 😉


Caleb was petting Frankie’s ego telling him that Frankie started it.


Is that what Frankie calls it these days, his “ego”? Hope Caleb enjoyed stroking it.

waka waka

“im breaking that sh*t apart ASAP”– wow, when Victoria becomes the gutsy one, you know there’s something wrong with the people in the house.


Wouldn’t they just $hit their pants if Victoria miraculously pulled out a win in the eleventh hour? Talk about scrambling…one can only hope. You know it’s bad when we are cheering for Victoria!


i hope Christine spends a lot of time with her helping her study dates and stuff. I don’t think she can win even then because at the end of the day she is translating the questions. I think if she could read them, her comprehension would be even with the others, but she is ESL and I think that is slowing her down. Not saying she is a comp beast or anything but I do think that she does have a slight disadvantage.

Look at Sabrina in BBCAN2, she was French Canadian, very little accent but still not English first language, and everything is done in English. And she never won anything, over and over again, similar to Victoria.


That should say NICOLE not christine, bleh


Victoria winning the whole thing would be a fitting end to this __________ (fill in the blank) season. You go girl!


…and yet you all know very well her daddy Derrick will tell her who to put up.

Never going to happen anyways, unless it is one of total luck games…putt the ball into some random slot with numbers.


You know this season really sucks once you’re rooting for Victoria to win HoH…


Hahahahaha ha…


It would be so funny to see Derrick lose on a bitter Jury!


What is funny for the haters. Derrick has Zach, Victoria, Frankie, Caleb, Cody’s, Zach’s, and now Nicole’s vote on lock down. If any or all make to Jury. Hayden hates Cody, so probably another vote for Derrick.

Get use to the idea Derrick has by far he best odds to win, as long as he doesn’t go to the end with Caleb. Caleb is the only one that can beat Derrick at the end, minus Vic’s dumbass.


If it was any other season I would’ve hated someone like Victoria winning, but her winning would be a giant middle finger to the rest of the HGs. Seriously hate how this season turned out so far. Expect the unexpected? I expect NOTHING!


The fans need to come together and let CBS know just how bored we are. The only thing they care about are ratings, so kill the ratings. Give them a blackout Thursday night. A little less talk and a lot more action. We need some excitement CBS. Change it up!


“CBS Big Brother scored a 1.9, down 24 percent from last week’s season high 2.5 adults 18-49 rating.” Sunday night ratings were down, maybe CBS will realize that viewers have had about enough of this boring season and enough of Frankie’s disgusting vile comments and actions.


Unfortunately even with the ratings drop, it’s still a positive value proposition for CBS. It’s a low budget show to produce and still manages to get decent ratings during the summer (In comparison to other networks/cable shows). I can’t see CBS risking tossing the show or spending too much time/money revamping it to only improve the ratings incrementally. This is one of the reasons that it most of viewers complaints go ignored.

We just have to face that short of a drastic drop-off in ratings,network brass really have no incentive to change the status quo.

Jimmy 64

Let’s see beast mode cowboy went to Iraq and fought for our
country,( thank you ) . He comes home and is scared of a
5′ 2″ four eye girl from Michigan . Who knew.


lol – that comment was priceless!

Frankie or Derrick?

As much as I hate Frankie I think if Derrick wins it will set a precedent for further BB’s. What do you think?

Thumbs up for Derrick to win or Thumbs down for Frankie?

I don’t really want anyone of them except Nicole and she will be leaving soon…


Can’t thumb’s up, or thumb’s down, sorry. I want Nicole to win. Period. Having to chose one of two I can’t stand is painful. I’d rather vote for Dawg! Oh wait! I did!

Team Edward


You need to win competitions to win HOH!!!

BB Jon

Man, Derrick is good, they are all drinking the cool aid, even Frankie is Derrick puppet


Get a smart person, like myself in there, and see how well he does… He would have been gone… Not good at all, just lucky, in a house with a bunch of dumbasses…

Victoria FTW

Would it be nice if the HOH competition was a crapshoot, Victoria wins and puts up Derrick and Cody?

Jimmy 64

She would never put up Derrick

No Way

Victoria would never put up Derrick.


What a predictable season. I can remember years back when this show was so exciting. I counted down the days…had friends over for viewing parties, with food and drinks. Now, we just text each other to say, “whatever…”. I hope CBS has someone monitoring this site to learn from this season and last. Guess I’ll have to take up baseball ? if things do not change for next summer.


now you can say even before the nominations are filmed ‘Nicole is getting evicted’, and be right. That is how predictable it is. Has anyone besides Donny won the veto when they actually needed it? Nope, and even someone else who was the actual target relied on Donny to win the veto for her and take her off, that’s how far in advance you know they’ve all decided who goes.

Production seems ok with the way events play out. I think they must be bored as well, because we rarely see anyone doing anything seriously different, like Caleb going into the DR after Derrick twists everything around and coming out and saying, yup, Frankie is going up after all.


Wow is Caleb stupid. His ridicolous loyalty to Skankie makes him look like a complete dufus. Too bad he won’t realize this till after the season. They just cannot think for themselves. Why do they keep protecting Skankie and keep focusing on Victoria and Ratine?


One edit to your comment, I don’t think he’ll even realize after it’s over.


“Caleb says the bomb squad will be remembered the biggest squad to make it from day 2. ”

Sorry Bragade 4> Bomb Squad 9 any day… at least they had the balls to make waves…

Michael from Canada

He cares more about the Bomb Squad making it to the end than he does about winning. He even had the name picked out before coming on the show.


I’m pretty sure Caleb was discharged from the military with a medical discharge, that dude is off his rocker.


Crustine is turning into Cody with the “I would call them out” bold claims… That needs t be Cody’s tagline in social media…


Victoria if you put up derrick an cody
you just did the best thing this season win hoh

Skerry Sherry

Wow, Skerry Christine really values her Christian beliefs. I didn’t know that included hand holding, cuddling, fondling, petting and stroking of another man while you’re married. What a hypocrite!


And sleeping EVERYNIGHT with him in the same bed!! She is crusty trash!


I watched a Youtube montage of Crustine insulting all the girls. It was eye-opening. Not a good trait.


I seriously almost ate a jar of Nutella because I was so mad Caleb didn’t put up Frankie!!! My health is at risk. Actually not sure I want to watch the shows. Only watched Sunday’s just now and was glad they showed Chrustine’s cackle the others have complained about.

Amy Pond

I hear you, SP – I did a serious number on a jar of JIF Salted Caramel Hazelnut spread. It was that or taking a tire iron to an old tire. Thankfully, I was too lazy to go out to the barn, plus it upsets the animals.


I too, have a serious Nutella addiction! Just grab a spoon and not even these losers can ruin your day! Loved your post!


If the comp is “looking in the mirror” Victoria just might pull an upset out, and actually win a comp on her own…


I’m not sure. Maybe Cody (flexing), Caleb (flexing), and Frankie (____) may give Victoria a run for her money in that comp.


That a girl Vic mindlessly float to 1/2 million dollars!


Victoria’s game is like the movie Weekend At Bernies. Derrick lugging her body to the end.


no no no no no no no no no no no to any mison they do
stay up all night in waited to see when I could vote again
already had my finger on the key then a green light
no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

any thing eles you want to know derrick an Frankie


If Nicole goes (she will) im actually rooting for Victoria she has for me played a great game. It wouldn’t surprise me if she just turns into a beast. Id like to see them scramble if she wins HOH.


Did Derrick just say that Chrustine just talks bad about Fakie but won’t put him up?!! Look in the mirror a$$wipe! That is you!

I heart zach

I think Derrick the real life cop should have not went along with the r@pe talk and shut it up immediately .. He should be fired from his job as a cop he did not do what he sworn to do
My nephew is a cop and he would not have tolerated any of that talk
Fire Derrick!!!!


Once again Frankie never said rape.


lets hope they don’ stack the audience with cBS employees when frankie derrick christine cody caleb are eliminated with either thunderous loud booing and hissing or dead silence. They did that last year with Amanda and Aaryn That would be the last exciting event left to look forward to!! Nothing else left to route for. Best final two should be christine and victoria

Derrick I'm here for nickels and dimes

I feel like Derrick only won’t to keep Frankie around there in hope there’s another Team America challenge.I don’t think he is there for 500k he is there just to nickel and dime for his money,because he know he have no chance in hell to win the 500k


Was supposed to be the season of twists ….. what were they? BOB was that a twist? TA …. was that a twist? Anybody else with a idea? Sugguestions on what may work. I know I would love to see anyone who has played Survivor play BB.


I am an avid BB fan and I have written for other websites covering BB over the years and I must admit, this has been a very interesting season. It might not be the best or worst but from a game play stand point it has been interesting.

These players have obviously studied past seasons. Though we may find them boring and others may say cowardly, they are exhibiting a sense of restraint, when it comes to their nominations and evictions, that we have not seen in past seasons. We have all seen in the past that a lot of floaters tend to make it to the end and a lot of strong players tend to fall by the wayside due to the titans of the game knocking out their equivalents so early that so many floaters are left that they uprise at just the right moment. These guys, are holding it together long enough that most of the strong players will, in fact make it to the final 6. I think we will really be in for the fireworks when it comes down to the last 5 because really and truly they all seem to think they can win, which brings the question of “who do they take to the end and who do they uses to take out someone else now that the floaters are gone?”

I fully agree with Nicole though, this is an extremely bitter Jury but that only holds true for the first 5 jury members (Including Nicole but maybe excluding Zach). The last 4 will be from the Alliance and may value game play more so than personal feelings. The problem here is that of the alliance of 5, they all seem to see different things as being a strong player and will vote accordingly. Like it or not Derrick has been a master manipulator in this season but Caleb Frankie and Cody don’t seem to think he’s a threat at all. They all thought think they could beat him so if Derrick were to make it to the end vs one of them the other two won’t agree that he played the best game and will most likely vote for the other guy. Derrick has to take either Christine or Victoria to the end. His manipulations were so subtle that they were actually too subtle. To the rest of the house they really don’t see him as a threat or a beast in comps and thus unworthy for the grand prize vs a Cody or a Caleb or even a Frankie. If people don’t know you’re manipulating other people then they can’t see that as one of your strong points when you plead your case at the end of the season.

Caleb isn’t playing to America, he is playing to the house. He’s well liked by the jury and his Loyalty to his alliance is most endearing to them so I feel as though if he were to make it to the end against anyone he would win. Which paints a huge target on his back in my opinion but I almost feel as though he has paralyzed the rest of the house with his show of loyalty. It, to me, is the one time that this strategy of OPEN devotion to an alliance has actually worked in this game. Everybody knows Caleb is loyal to a fault and would chose certain people over others but he’s never a true target.

Frankie would be able to use the typical arguments that win BB in past seasons. I won comps, I was targeted and had to manipulate and fight to get to the end etc, arguments we’ve heard before that has won this game but he will suffer most from the Bitter jury. Though outwardly strong and aggressive no one so far appreciates Frankie’s game. He played way too hard

Cody Hasn’t done anything major really, except he has perfectly done the duality of being apart of a major alliance, while having a sub alliance as well as winning some well timed comps and not making any waves to this point. The fact that the talk is to eliminate his sub alliance with Christine and not to eliminate him, shows he has positioned himself well that it wouldn’t matter who won the next couple of HOH’s. I think he will at least make it to final 4.

To Christine Nicole and Victoria, hindsight is 20/20 and this also goes for Amber, Britney, Pow Pow, and Jocasta. When Joey came to you all asking for an all girl alliance you all should have jumped at that opportunity. This is a tip to all women who try out and make it onto the show. If you find yourself in an alliance and you are the only girl or one of 2 girls with 3 or more boys, you’re going to be the expendable one. It will always happen and has always happened. The gender narrative here is astoundingly loud and clear, these women hitched their games to men and seeing what they were doing to the other women, It’s incredible that they all thought “Oh they would never do that to me.” I don’t feel sorry for them at all. This is the game and you win it by playing on people’s weaknesses. They were too weak and insecure to do it. A lot of people laughed at Joey saying it was a horrible idea to start such a large all girl alliance so early in the game but I mean there was an 8 person alliance going strong by the second episode so it wasn’t that bad of an idea.

Truth is, I truly don’t know who will win this season It’s not as clear an outcome as some of you may think. The game play, though extremely boring to watch, has actually been a genius clinic in various forms of effective strategy. However, the mismatched combination of both bitter as well as strategically minded jury members will provide for the most interesting debate on who should win and quite frankly an episode should be dedicated solely to that argument in the jury house, seeing that it will provide the most excitement we would experience this summer. At this point in time it will be one of the 4 guys who will win, Christine and Victoria can only win if they are pitted against one another and that would mean they had to win every comp till the end a highly unlikely scenario.


big brother 16 poem
hey yall they want Nicole out tell everybody wow
they said she to good they lose to her wow
derrick look in the camera in said he try to save her wow
Frankie begs his sister fans to help send her home wow
cody vote the way derrick tells him yes master derrick he is Jeffery from prince of blair I can t spell it but you know what I mean wow
cleab looking for his brain In go ask derrick have you seen it wow
Christina trying to take all the girls out but waite Victoria sill there on your way out tell Victoria she got to win wow
please quit feeding these people co co puff its messing with there thought s LOL


So they still have visions of the shock and awe reaction the HGs will have when they reveal the (Stink) Bomb Squad/Detonators. Newsflash: Nobody cares at this point. They all know you guys have been working together for a long time. Who cares what you call it? Make it interesting by revealing all the F2 alliances Derrick has.


Maybe Nicole will get a DPOV or a Coup d’Etat. A BB fan can hope right? This whole game went downhill after Production changed the comp last minute to insure that Frankie stayed when he was nominated by Nicole.


Agree with your whole comment except for 1 teeny little point. Isn’t that the way it always is 🙂 ? The turning point was that Frankie debacle, definitely. It is possible that the comp was scheduled as it was. OR it was moved form a future scheduled comp to just being a week earlier. That comp IS easier by yourself. It might originally have been to test how well you can communicate under pressure. By yourself, you don’t have to “talk to your other hand” to get the job done. Its a shame Caleb couldn’t readjust his “plan” to take that into account when he saw the comp and throw it by not communicating properly. That would have been TOO easy.

Johnny C

LMAO @ tough talk from Victoria. I feel sorry for her. It would be epic if she won HOH though.


Can you guys believe they were the best team and house guests ever lmfao there the most boringest I’ve ever watched thank godits almost over woooohoooo


A secret veto would be awesome! Come on please. Do something to cause commotion. These people are way too comfortable!


I want Derrick or Victoria to win the next HOH. If Derrick wins, we all know he’s not putting up Victoria. The others would finally see the pecking order, Donny warned them about. And if Victoria wins, we might just get the biggest game move of the season.


Christine really is a bitter human being . She talks horrible about the other women in the house, she has no loyalty at all to womanhood. She wants everyone to think she is such a good Christian , well girl I’m certainly not seeing that in you. Maybe when you are sitting with the Bible open in your hand, just maybe you should really be reading it and taking in what it really means. Just saying Christine.


Frankie is nothing more than a theme park diva.


Lol … “If I win HOH …”.
Quite honestly if Victoria was the only one playing the HOH, I still don’t think she’d be the favourite.


I’m getting really annoyed with people saying Victoria should or will win.

When since is no game play playing the game. Given many have gotten far in past years. How can anyone give the winnings to someone who changes more in one day then some do in a week. She’s full of herself and should not win if all players got dq’d and she’s left.

This season is a bore sure. But you cannot honestly want her or hope that she wins just for entertainment value. We and the boys in the house know her worth. And that’s why she’s even still there. At least playing the game is something over her dreadful game play and horrible inside and out self