Nicole “If he wants to throw it away with someone he considers a “Jersey girl” then so be it!”

POV Holder: Corey POV Competition July 16th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 18th
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 21st
Roadkill Competition Winner: Tiffany
Original Nominations: Tiffany, Natalie, Corey
After POV Nominations: Tiffany, Natalie, Da’Vonne
Have Nots James and Natalie

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12am Big Meech, DaVonne and Z are talking about Bridgette. Michelle says I remember she was like “I don’t even know the show.. and then she knew Frank’s season and other seasons. She knew answers right away. Z says I think everyone here except for Paul is a mega fan. DaVonne says I’ve caught her in way too many conversations. Big Meech says I remember when Frank was working out and she was kicking him in the stomach saying he he he he. Z says she’s annoying! Big Meech asks do you think Frank thinks she’s secretly annoying? DaVonne and Z say no. Big Meech says it pisses me off how she’s playing up the cooking and cleaning thing. They head down to join the others in the kitchen.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-20 02-50-42-382
12:10am Kitchen – James, Corey, Tiff, Nat Nat, Nicole, Bridgette, Frank, Paul, Paulie. Nat Nat tells James you can sell my underwear online. It would make a lot of money. That’s what James just said and I just agreed. Nat Nat says James I’m going to sell your underwear online and make some money. James says make a penny. Natalie says I’m going to sell Franks underwear. James says you had to send to to bio-hazard. Frank says F**k YOU!

1:10pm The house guests play hide and seek. DaVonne counts in the storage room and then comes out to find them. She finds Michelle under the kitchen table. Then Nicole under the couches in the safari room. Paul in the ottoman. Z in the shower. James under the covers beside the HOH bed. Natalie behind the plant in the HOH bathroom. Nicole is the seeker next.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-20 03-04-26-870

Bridgette helps Paulie and Natalie hide under the boards in the bed..
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-20 03-10-11-066
Bridgette hides in the havenot locker..
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-20 03-10-49-511
James hides under the sink. After Corey finds James he heads to the bathroom and opens the bathroom door to find Bridgette going to the washroom. He says sorry I thought you were hiding.

1:45am Corey can’t find Natalie or Paulie. Frank says I think they hit the red button and self evicted. James helps him find them by telling he’s getting close by says hot/cold.

1:55am Nicole and Z are in the bathroom talking. Z says I don’t know how to act and react in a situation like this. Nicole says she wouldn’t know how to act either. I don’t think its a good idea to sleep down here and act weird… Act like you’re not jealous and don’t give a crap. Act like I don’t care what you do. If you like her then you sure as heck don’t like me because we’re nothing similar. Take your pick. You’ve got everything, you’ve got morals, you’ve got goals, you’re beautiful, you’re smart, you’re talented, you’re basically a dream girl to a guy and if he wants to throw that away with someone he considers a “Jersey girl” .. his words.. then so be it. I would act like you don’t even give a crap, you’re too good to give a crap. Hold you head up high. Just be a little harder to cuddle tonight and play hard to get but just confident, not where you’re mad. Act like you don’t even give a crap. That’s what I did with Corey he was acting all like that and then now look at it. Z says you’re right! Where have you been all my life!?

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-20 03-21-33-750

2:40am HOH room – James tells Paulie I need to tell you some information when its just you and me. Top secret information. Z joins then and they stop talking.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-20 03-34-44-514
FLASHBACK and watch everything you missed: CBS All Access FREE Trial!

3:10am – 3:30am Storage room – James and Paulie. James says I didn’t want to withhold any information from you but Day is my girl…. BUT .. If this gets back she’s going to know who said it. You know when me and her were sitting on the couch and you and Z baby walked in here this morning/earlier to day. She was like James these couples we have to get them out of here. You and Z baby walked by and she was like that. James says she might not be coming after you but .. I’m just looking out for you. Paulie says everyone is on the fence about who to send home. James asks who really!? Paul joins them. They talk about how they’ve had suspicions about Day. Paulie says we could put up Day and Tiffany (may have said bridgette) and then backdoor Frank.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-20 03-41-43-820

3:50am Paulie, Paul, Nicole, Corey are chatting about random things in the HOH room.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-20 12-49-15-680

4:00am Paul and Paulie Storage room

Paulie is telling him that Da’Vonne and Frank are both coming after him 100% they need to clip Tiffany this week and Frank next week. Paulie is doubtful Da’Vonne will win the HOH so he’s thinking they have time.

Paul is eager to win this next HOH and take the shots to take out Da/Frank.

Paulie says Zakiyah/Michelle/Nicole will target Da if they win HOH. They have to keep Zakiyah and Nicole safe for the next 3 weeks but after that he wants to clip Nicole/Michelle (Big surprise) . Right now the guys don’t have majority votes but once the numbers flip they can start making their moves against their girls.

Talk moves To Zakiyah, Paulie says she’s been getting pissed because apparently wants to kiss him. This is coming from Nicole to Corey and back to Paulie. Paulie suspect it’s Da’Vonne getting in her ear.
Paulie – I like Z I really do and I’ll f****g talk to her outside of this house.. but it is a game i’m not going to get blinded by that.
Paulie will see if it works with Zakiyah after the game. “The feelings are there.. she wants a kiss that sort of thing.. I don’t want to do that

Paulie lays out their plan, Final 8 will be Paulie, PAulie, Corey and James vs Nicole, Michelle, Natalie and Zakiyah. The next to go is Natalie. Paul thinks james will keep Natalie safe. Paulie is adamant he won’t Natalie will got that week unless she wins POV/HOH. They consider Natalie the weakest girl out of those 4 she will be easy to evict.

They comment on Frank thinking DA’Vonne is going, He’ll be pissed when she doesn’t and will be gunning hard for the HOH. Paulie believes this will mean DA’Vonne and Frank will team up. (To take out the showmances and save the season! -simon)

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-20 12-42-56-162
5:43am Michelle in the safari room chatting to the camera..
Michelle saying she wishes she had won a HOH instead of throwing it to Paulie (During the week Victor got out)
Michelle – they want me to win HOH cause they want to play in double eviction… not happening
Tiffany my hit list is – Bridgette – Frank – Da’Vonne – Natalie – James – Paul
Michelle – that leaves 5 of us (AKA shit a$$ season if it happens).. That is my hit list, James and Natalie can be switched cause Natalie bit be ok by herself..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-20 12-33-27-601

11:48am Safari room Tiffany talking to the camera

“I want to tell everybody exactly what the hell is going on with Da’Vonne this is the friggin truth and I’m so friggin over it. CAuse the feeds weren’t on for the first couple weeks “

“She’s in the business of lying.. So I’m just going to say everything that happened.. So… “

“Day 2 she wants to make a final 2 with me She tells me how she wants to work with me she likes my vibe.. All this stuff.. And .. Honestly I thought because my sister told me final 2’s are a big deal in the house Just don’t make them with anyone… and i’m like ok this is cool.. She has my back, she has my best interests. “

“Clearly she has no idea how to play the game.. Because.. Like.. All this stuff came out blows my mind.. “
(Before Tiffany can continue Big Brother comes over the Speaker)
Big brother- Houseguests please report to the Head of household bedroom.. Feeds cut..

12:51pm Feeds are cut to Jeff.
(they are probably filming the battle back competition that is why the houseguests are on HOH lockdown so they don’t hear the noise from the competition)

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Can I get the live feed for free trial without using my credit card?


no 🙁


You can with one of those pre-paid credit cards. This way you have fuller control over your subscription payments.

Tiny Trump Hands

It’s not a hassle to cancel. I do it every season, just takes a phone call and less than a minute.


If you sign up through the iPhone app it will be easy.


No, but just remember to cancel before your week is up. Just one phone call, super easy. Or you can cancel through the website, also super easy. When I went to cancel after the free week, it offered me another month for free. So now I just have to remember to cancel before that month is up.
Sign up through this website though as it helps Simon and Dawg.

Big Jim

I was assuming Tiff was going but now it doesn’t seem so sure. Either way whoever goes I want either that person or Victor to come back.


First I’d like to point out again how James like Paul is another loyal follower of Paulie who rats info to him (about Day/Frank). Would Nat be salty if she knew James waa doing the same thing as Paul?

Secondly, and far more important, is the storage room convo with Paulie and Paul. Wow. Paulie is a real gamer. His reasonings for getting rid of Tiff are a bit flawed (Day and Frank will probably team up to come after me so I need to get out Tiff). However his plans post Day/Frank/Bridge are impressive. Keeping the boys close to him and basically knocking the girls out one by one. Paul suggesting they keep Nat the longest made me lol. It kind of felt like Paulie’s the Derrick, Paul is his Cody, and Nat will be they’re Victoria. Paulie seems to be one of the only people playing that is looking at the end game (Frank and Day being the other two). If he makes his eviction order happen, then the rest of the house is just waiting to get picked off.

It would also sort of be poetic justice for Nic, Meech, and Z to get booted before Nat.

The flaws in Paulie’s long term plans though may be who comes back in the house, and whether James and Corey will be down for clipping their showmances. If Nat is the last girl in the house then James might be fine rolling w/ the “bros”, but a part of me feels like Corey is potentially more loyal to Nic. But then again maybe not.

If Tiff, Day, Frank, and Bridge go though then Paulie may just be able to take it all the way to F3/F2. It’s remarkable how much of the house is playing for him to win without even realizing it.


I think you’re putting way too much stock in what Paulie telling Paul precisely what he believes as opposed to what he wants Paul to believe. Paul is his side piece, but so is James, and to a degree Michelle….so Paulie is in a great spot, but there are always pitfalls. I think his plan is Showmance at the end and after his 4 main targets, he’ll have a plan to dispose of the easy marks.

I think he goes a little too hard and at some point, when his allies run out of “villains” to bash, they might very well look at him for his dictatorial ways….but his paranoia is a big weak spot. Take not only his read of Tiff or Da, but his need to try and control it, rather than reading whichever is the easiest sell, since he has no use for either.

Da has told many that she’s after the Showmances and is clearly more apt to take out the guys….that’s a direct threat. Tiff’s issue is clearly with the girls and that’s not a direct threat, but his paralyzing fear of Frank keeps causing him to overplay on votes. He got very lucky more of the fallout didn’t land on him last week with his overplay and with all the variables coming up, no HOH for him, a returning player, and sharing so much because he’s afraid and needs to feel control, he’s easy to throw under the bus.


Go Frank!
Frank for the Win!
Go Frank Go!


Personally, I don’t get why Frank causes fear…maybe for Paulie it’s little man’s complex….and if I’m Paulie there’s no way I want him leaving. I want him to annoy people, to be seen as transparently lying, to have for everybody else bash while privately being terrified, to corral votes to go certain ways when either way doesn’t impact my game. If he’s in the house, commanding all the focus as a target, then that means I’m not.

And I’d be more than happy going to the end with him, facing a jury that hates my opponent….but then again, I wouldn’t fear Frank in the slightest, wouldn’t fear facing him on any level in the game.


Oh there are certainly many potential pitfalls ahead for Paulie and the chances of him getting to the end look slim as of now. But if he does get there then he’ll deserve his win. He’s played sloppily as well (pushing so hard for Tiff to go w/ poor logic/fear of Frank who is a target in front of him), but luckily for him so has the entire house. In fact I can’t think of a single HG this season that has played consistently well. Lots of people this year are playing out of fear and paranoia.

I don’t put my entire stock into what Paulie tells Paul, but comparing it to his actions and insinuations in other convo’s I don’t think he wants Nic or Meech at the end at all (they are both “super fans” who will do well in mental comps). Maybe Z will last longer, but he could just as well have someone else clip her. He likes her, but he’s playing to win.

But Paulie is in a better position than most and I think that, like Frank, he knows that the girls would make up most of he jury by the end and he might need another guy to sit next to. And he’s got 3 immediate choices b/c I don’t see Corey, James, or Paul doing too well at the memory comps at the end.


I have no doubt that Paulie would love to take Z to the end with him. Not because of that showmance,but because he wants a player like Victoria who essentially does nothing in the game other than what she’s told to do (Like Victoria). Z is that girll. Thus far I’ve I haven’t heard one word of her own strategy come out of her mouth. She listens to the others talk and then agrees to go along, no objection, no analyzing from a differet perspective.

Unfortunately her focus is Paulie, the game comes in a distant 2nd.

Sunny Dee

i know, paulie makes no sense. he’s like yeah, day is coming after showmances, meaning the guys, we know that, so let’s keep her because we know tiffany wants to take out some of the girls, which is what we want./ Not only that, if Frank thinks day is going, and she doesn’t, he’s going to do exactly what he did in the last comp when he thought tiff was going, as in go for HOH really really hard. making it impossilbe for his team to throw it to anyone else, and we can ensure that he or michelle or bridget will be hoh, leaving frank untouchable again.

Ok, yeah, let’s do that, instead of getting out Day now while we have the chanc.e nothing like the arrogance of saying ‘we can always get her out next week. ‘ and then find out she’s in and winning the roadkill or POV or HOH or her team mate does. so no, you can’t always get someone out next week, you know what she is doing, and and you know that tiffany has zero power and 2 allies, whereas we have no idea how many are going to stay tight with Day in spite of what they might be saying.

but paulie has be so focused like with blinders on to have what he says should be done, for whatever reasoning, get tiffany out. so for that reason alone, i’d like to see tiffany win the battle back just to stick it to him, and have her then get HOH and put him and corey on the block, or Day to win and watch her put him and Frank up there. see what happens.

i kind of think after the battle back, there won’t be more roadkills or teams. because where would the battle backer be going? their original team, or just free agent.

BB Floater

Another flaw for Paulie is his ego. He doesn’t seem to be taking into account the kinds of comps that come later in the season. I feel he believes he can beast his way to the end and the memory and puzzle comps may be his downfall. Girls can win at those comps so for him to just believe the girls will be easy to pick off at that time may bite him in the butt. I really hope he gets cut before then, though.


If he’s smart he will cut Corey or James loose before the final four and keep Nat and Z if it’s possible. I don’t think Paul, Nat or Z could beat him final two. We know what’s going to happen Thursday. Bridgette or Frank will win HOH and Da and Michelle will be on the block. If Pauline can hang on and get Frank and Bridge out he should coast because everyone else is to dumb to notice they are playing his game. Look for James to go right after Nat bc he will want to be in jury with her. Terrible. By the way Nicole is the worst player!


As soon as I saw Paulie and Nat hiding under the bed I knew Z was going to flip out. So sad ????


I would LOVE to see Nat somehow win an HOH and put up Nic and Z! The fur would fly!

Velvet Rose

Every since Rachel and Brandon’s marriage, every bimbo that come on big brother is looking for a husband and not a check……… If what Paulie is saying about Zakiyah is true (date after the game) than he should tell her that. Hey Paulie, if you communicate with Z she will help you win the game and you will win her heart.


I agree. Brendon and Rachel are the exception to the rule. I didn’t think it would last but I guess they proved us wrong. The other two successful couples didn’t start relationships until the cameras stopped rolling. (Dani D. and Dominic, Jeff and Jordon) I do realize that it was obvious Jeff and Jordon liked each other but, out of respect for her family, he did not pursue her until the game had ended.


That’s part of the recruiting process. Since viewers liked that showmance, then every season needs a showmance. It’s like production takes something people liked in it’s season and try to shoehorn it into the new season. They seem to have no idea that we liked it because it was genuine and not coerced. So we end up with Nicole’s desperate clinging to whoever will cuddle with her and get her air time.


At least Rachel eventually won. I don’t see Nic or Z winning anything. Rachel was no damsel in distress who thought the man should be slaying all the BB dragons all the while constantly reassuring her of his never ending devotion to her and only her. Whether your a fan or not Rachel rolled up her sleeves jumped in with both feet mixed it up and backed it up with comp wins.


She was protecting her man not the other way around because as she said “No one messes with my man!”


As soon as I saw Paulie and Nat hiding under the bed I knew Z was going to flip out. So sad ????

Butters Mom

How are they going to put up Da and Tiffany and back door Frank if one of them goes home this week?


Nat will go then it will happen OR one comes back in after Friday

I can't take it...

I swear I cannot watch one more minute of Z’s jealous ramblings and Nicole’s analyzing of crap that doesn’t matter. Paulie has no clue this girl is about to boil his bunny if he passes the salt to Nat. Someone clue him in……please!!!!


Lmao!! I absolutely agree with you!! The amount of jealousy these girls have are quite ridiculous! Zakiyah gets mad when he is even around Nat. I’m sure the only reason he flirts with her is because he’s stuck in the house with a handful of girls that would be a 7 at most if rated. Outside of the house there will be a ton of girls. I’m sure he will see her psycho side eventually.


You are absolutely right! It is so hard to watch this summer. I teach high school and this is what I see Aug-June each year. I don’t want to see it on BB. Zak and Nichole are quite a pair and so delusional because those “boys” (cracks me up they call them boys and not men, yet want a relationship with a boy) will cut them during jury. Until the high school dynamics stop, the gals will continue to get played by the guys. the guys don;t realize that the girls will have their power in jury when they wind down from the game and relax, they will see they were played. Too funny


Dawg got the names wrong. It happens. You kind of have to read the updates with a litle knowledge of the house dynamics and fill in the proper names at times.


He probably meant Da and Bridgette. He either misspoke or the guys here that give us the recaps typed the wrong name. They’re working hard to keep us updated and it happens sometimes.


Pretty sure that was a typo. I didn’t hear that conv. I’ve added a bracket on the post to highlight this. That’s for pointing it out.


Hello James. Welcome to Big Brother. Thanks for joining us!


I agree. The only game James is playing now is bumper car bed buddy with Natalie. I can’t wait to here what the Zingbot has to say about all these showmances.


Finally, James seems like he’s making a play. This crap about, “Just waiting until we get cut,” was really annoying to read. Can someone tell Paulie that just because you are the HOH, doesn’t mean you control who is going home! I hate that he keeps saying, “This is my HOH and I want Tiff out!” The only good thing about Paulie is that he refuses to kiss Z! LOL!! Look who’s the bigger gentleman now! Z wanting to ho it out on tv not caring. Nice. I hope Paulie never gives in to her! Also, Frank has a good point about Da being in jury and being the matriarch. He’s very wise, which is weird that he can’t pick up on the guys lying to his face.


Frank wants Tiff in jury because she has already said she will do whatever to get the jury to vote for him should he make F2. Da definitely will do the opposite. I hope Paulie sticks to his guns that Tiff should go. On the flip side I would love it if Tiff came back. Shake this already shaked up house some more!


Since when is kissing someone considered “HOE’ing” it out on national tv? I know she sucks at the game and is a petty bitch 24 hours a day, but kissing someone doesnt equal being a ho.

Min O'Pause

Is Jersey Girl some kinda code for “stud muffin from my gym?” Just wondering….


Seriously, Z really does need all of that make-up she uses! She looks like a man to me without it!

Min O'Pause

Guess I’m confused. I thought Jersey Girl was Corey’s supposed ex. Duhh on me! I still think Nicole needs to wake up and smell the KY jelly.

BB Bopper


Jealous, much?!

You just said Zak looks like a MAN. ARE you looking at the same person that the rest of America is looking at? I’m not sure why some of you females are hating on Zak. Just like Bridget talking about her but never talks to her. I think because she is black and really pretty. Plus you probably don’t like the fact that a white dude (Paulie) is digging her. I’m a white dude and I never dated a black girl because there are none around me, but I would not hesitate to date Zak… would totally date her. I don’t care if her hair isn’t real (her ass is). I dated chicks with fake hair color, fake boobs, and the worst is when a girl causes a bunch of drama then cries about it.
Get over yourself and quit talking about people looks Valerie. Its just not nice and it makes you look jealous.


I am a white woman, and I think Z is very pretty but I don’t think she is amazingly gorgeous or beautiful. Just very pretty in a very regular way. I do think Natalie is super hot, much more so than the average woman, and her body is amazing. So I think that is a fairly objective assessment, why would anyone be jealous especially of people we don’t know and who will never be in our lives. It’s great you find Z attractive but that doesn’t mean everyone does or should or is jealous if they don’t.


I’m a white woman too and I think Z is smoking hot!!! Im not saying she is the smartest person in the room lol, but she definitely has the best looking NATURAL body in the house and a pretty face.
Natalie is cool, but you see her type everyday, and she looks completely unnatural even her makeup looks caked on. I remember her and James talking and she kept stuttering on if her 34DD boobies were real or not. Sooooo funny.
All the women in the house are pretty even Tiffany (in the eyes of the beholder).
For the guys: victor was the hottest this season followed by Paulie
For the girls: Z is the hottest followed by Nicole (she can use a nose job)

Powder Puff Girls

Z is very beautiful with and without makeup I think she would have a better shot at winning America’s Next Top Model. Natalie is pretty she looks better without all the make-up she does not need it. Maybe she layers it on due to being on TV. Natalie is also very nice, friendly caring, funny so happy. It is nice to see someone be nice to others than being mean like some of the girls in the house.


Jersey shore…fighting…girls
jersey girl used to mean Tranny


James better be careful….he’s making a run to promote Paul and take the “easy to dispose of/sacrifice rat” spot.

Big Brother Is Life

Why do I have this horrible feeling that someone is going to come up with some plan to keep both Tiffany and Day so the whole house targets them with Frank as a back door. That meaning they have to send home Natalie this week. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that. And so what James of Day wants the showmances out she doesn’t see you and Nat as one and she told you that.


Maybe you “have that feeling” because you just read it. “Paulie says we could put up Day and Tiffany and then backdoor Frank.” Wow, you are really a genius to think of that all on your own!

Big Brother Is Life

Paulie wasn’t saying to keep them over Natalie. He didn’t say keep Natalie. I’m pretty sure he was thinking the one that stays Tifdany or Day tho he said and goes up and then Frank goes back door. But the plan was already discussed that next week it’s survivor and Bridgette with Frank as a BD. But I was saying what if Paulie say down and had a nice long Derrick shower and thought “wait a minute” two girls the whole house is targeting and aren’t directly targeting me could be a good idea. While Natalie is only with James and idk how I feel about James. If the vote somehow flips to keep those girls over Natalie it garunteed me at least 2 weeks of safety.”


Why is James telling Paulie that information about Da,Vonne, that she wants the couples out.? The only thing that makes sense is that he wants to put a target on Da’Vonne. James could of used Da’Vonne to start taking out Paulie, Nicole and Corey. Da’Vonne could of been a number for him and now he is throwing that away. I really like James but he needs stop trusting Paulie.Frank is the only one who is not one of Paulie’s sheep and will put him up on the block.


Sadly that one conversation may have cost James the game. Yes Paulie wants James in F8 as one of the last 4 guys but he wants Nat the first girl out which tells me James is low on the totem pole. With Da James could have formed an alliance with Frank & Bridge to get Paulie/Z and Nic/Cory which would have benefited both him and Nat.

Crazy Stuff

Why would James tell paulie. James needs to stop with the natile thing and start thinking clearly. Wow! second chance in the BB house and his game sucks not good at all. We are talking about a half million dollars and mostof them is about showmance or homance because once BB is over they will not talk or see each other again. Crazy stuff.


James realizes that he is in the “couples” category and this probably made him nervous because before you know it Da will be after him also. Of the “couples” James and Nat are last to target because Nat is not good at comps. James will step it up when he has to.

Every year stupid girls ….. it’s not often that a guy really really wants to protect a girl to the end ….. most of the time they are being played. Z and N are so being played!!!! They are going to come out watch the show and feel like fools. Z and N are so insecure when C or P speak or talk to someone else. Geesh, I wish for once they were having the conversation that they (girls) are playing them (boys) but no!!!!


This season we need Rachel Reilly, please give these losers a floaters speech, grab a life vest floaters, man its getting annoying


#BringRachelBack. Omg Rachel would have a field day. “Nobody messes with my man” lol


Rachel was given the title of BB by production in the worst season of production manipulation BB has ever had.
Where do these cat people come from?


Oh Nicole. The wanna be player oblivious to herself being played. Corey and Paulie talk about making sure to keep you girls close. Corey making less than subtle hints for him to throw Zakiyah a bone, giver her a bit of what she wants, kiss her. Both guys using the same girl to make them jealous. Corey stepping it up to include talking about some ex (may be more fabrication or exaggeration to feed his ego). Nicole giving advice on how to ‘act’ in the situation believing her ‘act’ is responsible when really the only part she played in the current state of her imaginary relationship with Corey was rubbing off a guy who admitted to Frank he was in heat earlier in the day. Nicole, you lose. Acting like you are carefree when it is really bothering you, eating you up inside… anything you do that seems to work is you being played by guys who are doing things to keep you close as strategy in their game.


YES! She is soooo acting like it doesn’t bother her and then she goes and gives Z advice to do the same! That is hilarious! The only reason those boys are anywhere near those girls is because they are trapped on an imaginary island, on top of a building, for months! Once their out, it’s peace out!

Crazy Stuff

Yes…as soon as the game is over the boys will be leaving with the CASH and everything the girls gave them. The girls are so crazy with it. Can’t see further than a man. They are on the wrong show this is NOT a dating show. Nicole should be very shame of herself on TV doing the nasty stuff. Take all that to a motel and not on BB show. I very disappointed in Nicole she did this last year. Crazy stuff


OMG you are so right! I couldn’t believe it when Paulie said that Z wanted to kiss but he didn’t want to do that. I mean, what more do you need than that to tell you that he isn’t really in to her and is just playing her. And the way Corey talks sometimes really tells you that he wouldn’t hesitate to cut Nicole if it was to his advantage. These poor silly girls are being played and they have no clue.

Team Edward

These houseguests are worse than my mom at a restaurant. Just pick who you want to go home already! It is very likely that neither one of these evictions will have much impact. Neither are good players and both will be gone soon. But keeping Tiffany around is more dangerous….


Vote out Nat! That would be more exciting


LOL James. Bringing bringing top secret information to Paulie packaged up as though it shows loyalty then open by stating Da’Vonne is your girl… BUT and proceed to paint a target on her while helping Frank flip Paulie’s vote.


Day tells James who is in a showmance that she wants to get rid of showmances! Naturally he tells Paulie who is in a showmance, naturally she is now a bigger target and all because she just can’t stop with the motor mouth. She may just accomplish the impossible which is get voted out before the dreaded Tiffany and she’ll deserve it.


I don’t know but the fact that Da felt comfortable telling James that showmances need to be broken up should tell him that she is not including him in that group. And that should lead him to ask himself why? Because no one sees you and Nat as anything but low on the totem pole non threatening floaters who have no game. By going to Paulie he just proved that to be true. Sometimes it is best to sit on some info and do some observing before you get to blabbing.

Crazy Stuff

I like Day but she is talking way to much. Get off the block first then say a little bit.


James is ridiculous.,


Wow…James is a sellout


I don’t believe you know what that word means.


Nicole and Zakiyah gets upset when Paulie and Corey don’t pay attention to them. How are they going to handle when they are put on the block by these guys? Wonder if Paulie really wants go to the end with Paul. Corey and James or is he just telling them that. James will never get rid of Natalie, but I can see Corey and Paulie putting Nicole and Zakiyah on the block.


Mean bitches…

Go Nat Nat!


Tic Toc… who will succumb to the stress of being on the block.
Thursday is on its way.
Will it be Tiffany; or will it be Day?
A Victor battle back,
Give Paulie & Frank heart attacks.
from the floaters a new alliance rises,
Paul’s battle cry is shrill and high,
he’s cut off his balls
The next few weeks may be full of surprises.



Powder Puff Girls

love this post thumbs up!

Dang Bro

So, Paul is winning this season, right?


The showmances need to get broken up their the BIG banks of this season.

this week I’m team whoever isn’t in a showmance..


FYI .. we got this from CBS
“The feeds will be down for longer than usual later this week, but it will be worth it! Tune in to Friday’s special “Battle Back” episode at 8/7c on CBS to see which evicted Houseguest will return to the game!”

I’m thinking it’ll be Thursday afternoon to Friday after the special episode.


Do you think Thursday will be an endurance comp? For the past few seasons they have been stingy on letting us watch endurance. Sometimes they wait so long to come back on after the Thursday live show is over the comp is close to being finished. If we have to completely miss one this week because of a feed blackout I am going to be like Paul-PISSED! I have waited longer each season to decide whether I even wanted to pay for feeds. With update sites like yours the feeds are really only exciting for the endurance and for possible confrontations. (I notice we got fished this season when Paulie said he was going to confront Tiff and call her out.) I’m not sure what their logic is. I don’t know if they have lost subscribers or not but it seems that the last few seasons I have read an increasing number of complaints about the way the feeds are being handled. They seemed a lot better on Real.


Could be. They usually have an endurance type comp when they go into jury territory


I wonder if they’ll even start the HoH comp Thursday on the show. What if right after the eviction, they have the final battle back and then play the HoH comp with the returned House guest. They show us the HoH and battle backs on the Friday show.


Nat nat for the win

Min O'Pause

The only reason id like to see Corey get HOH is to see if he gets hot fudge, polish sausages and a stack of Broadway showtunes in his gift basket. But I doubt Nicole would get a clue even then.


Hello yes 2 dollar bill anyone

Corey's slippers

Maybe we will get a pedicure kit!!!!!


Day maybe a loud mouth, lies and shows here hand constantly, but at least you know where she stands. The other HGs are doing the same thing, but don’t have a backbone to blow up anything except there noses. I am not a Day or Tiffany fan, however, I do like that they know who they are and are comfortable in their skin, the others not so much. Nicole wants to cuddle with Corey. Corey wants to cuddle with Nicole while thinking about Paulie. Paulie doesn’t want to kiss Z cause he will be afraid Corey won’t think about cuddling with him anymore. Z wants to kiss Paulie and mark her territory with all that makeup so Corey knows Paulie is hers. All this while Nicole is saying…he loves me, he loves me not. This is not a love triangle, these are lost squares…IJS


Normally I wait each week to see who is otb after POV. If it’s people I am rooting against, I breathe a sigh of relief. If it is someone I am rooting for, I hope for them to get the votes. Until this house splits (as in-Frank figures out he CAN’T trust Paulie and little Paul) it really doesn’t matter what happens. Whether Tiff stays, goes, or wins the battle back, as long as Frank trusts the P’s he’s going to do their work for them when he, Bridget or Tiff have power and they will continue to take shots at him when they have power. If Victor returns it will be the same-Frank will tell Vic he can trust ‘the boys’ and the boys will target Victor and then go right back after Frank.
I actually give Corey more credit than Paulie at this point-not because he is making any major game moves, only because it is becoming more obvious that he does not agree with or approve of everything Paulie wants to do.
The only thing that can change the game as far as Paulie’s clipping order (clipping-could it be any more obvious that Paulie considers himself the leader and considers everyone else the sheep) is if Frank, Bridgette and Tiff / Victor? stick tight, have each other’s backs, don’t turn on each other, stop trusting the P’s and win HOH for a couple weeks. One week of Paulie not having power and one or both of the P’s being targets could bring out a side of them that could completely change the house dynamic. Can you imagine them campaigning against each other.
I just can’t handle this, ‘one person running the house and the others walking blindly towards the edge of the cliff’ for the 3rd season in a row. I would like Corey to decide he likes his odds better with Frank and Bridgette. Hopefully after buy back is done Tiff or Vic would be the returnee and join team Frank. Nicole could stick with Corey or stick with Z. Team PP would definitely keep Michelle because her hatred for Tiff and Bridg runs deep. Zak would stick to Paulie unless she gets sick of waiting for a kiss. James and Nat-if they had to choose a side I’m not sure which side they would pick. They would probably try to continue playing the middle. Da would continue doing what she’s doing but since there would be people on both sides she wants out I don’t know what she would do with power. She would still be trying to pull the girls in and get rid of the guys. With crazy exes (Corey) a non-kissing rule (Paulie) and a girl who is PISSED because none of the guys picked her maybe Da could pull it off.
If the house could split up like this and some alliances could form that would actually stick together then I might choose someone to root for. Until that happens I will just continue rooting against Paulie.


Nicole and Zak can leave this season and go join POF. Its ridiculous how they are chasing after and getting jealous over these boys (Paulie and twisted eye Cody). BB18 are doing a good job of not showing the showmances on the cbs show.
I think Nat is seeking out whatever guy seems to have the most power…strategy. Nat sure did run game on James and have his mind all screwy. I hope she loses too.
Bridget is pathetic, lmao Frank told her he put her best friend up and orchestrated all drama she doesn’t care cause she wants some of Frank’s stinky ding a long



Bridget didn’t put up her friend-Frank did. Bronte went up when Frank won roadkill. He did tell Bridget but not until after the fact because he was sure at that point that Tiffany was going home.


Bridgette got the POV and decided to exercise girl power by not using it because her new best guy buddy was just going to put up her other gal pal Nat. Frank could have put up a pawn to ensure Tiff going home and as a good faith gesture to Bridgette.

James ugly head

Nothing new for James. He has followed orders from Paulie and ratted info to him the whole game. James is a rat and only cares about getting to jury with Nat. He thinks his daddy Paulie will get him there.


Someone give these thirsty ass bitches (James included) something to drink!!


I wish a sky writer would write to the house guests and say “Wake The F** up!”… seriously though, Frank, how do you not know you’re being played. If he goes another week thinking he can trust everyone he deserves to go home. The lines have been drawn in the sand, dude. You need to play smarter and reign in the people who are on your side. Otherwise we’re gonna have yet another predictable/boring season.

Michelle go away

Michelle who cares if Bridgette knows more about the show than she leads on? Michelle you lied that your are a “Super Fan”. Didn’t watch last season or have a clue about any of the seasons really. Had to ask someone to explain Double Eviction.

Psych 101. Says others are lying and also tries to cut on everyone all the time means you are really talking about yourself.

Michelle is a case study in insecure, jealous, obsessive, stalkerish, immature women.

Can you stop calling her “Big Meech”?You are glorifying this sick twisted severely mentally ill girl.


Damn I’m going to have a lot of fun spamming “Natalie is prettier than you” to Zakiyah after the season.


But that’s not the truth


Zak is not prettier than Nat. Especially if you factor in personalities.


Zakiyah seems like the type who’ll get crazy and literally cut a person, so be careful.

Pet Peeve

I’ve always cringed when I have watched Big Brother over the years and everyone wears each others stuff. Most times it’s without even asking. If I were in house this practice would cause fights lol.

I love Tiff but she just grabbed James boots one day and was like ” look who’s boots go with my outfit” without asking James.

Yesterday she kinda took Paulies hat without really asking if she could wear. Now as much as I enjoyed that this annoyed Zak to no end I still think Tiff needs to stop wearing other peoples things. I think it’s kind of known as a common practice in all BB seasons so I think houseguests don’t see it as huge deal…but it bothers me lol. Maybe I need a BB break:-)


umm you need a tshirt that reads “doesnt play well with others”


I was just gonna say, girls started “borrowing” clothes as soon as we hit high school, well through college….and guys don’t remotely care….


A lot of it is, they tend to need to buy a lot of new outfits because they can’t have logos, need bright colors, etc… So no one is overly attached to most of the stuff.


I don’t think Nat is the weakest player among all the girls.. Well maybe mentally but physically I think she’s one of the strongest girl.


Disposables never realize that they are disposable until it is too late. They usually have the Big Numbers in the house but they are not leaders. They usually help the people who will win to go farther in the game.

James: As much as you like James he teams up with weak people and is disposable. He is gullible and will make it to jury but he will not win, he will just watch people get picked off till it is his time to go. He is a disposable.

Paul: He started the game thinking he was a king but he is now just one of the peasants. He is a disposable and will be the first in jury.

Da’Vonne; I like her, I would probably hang out with her… but she is a disposable that usually points out what is going on but people don’t listen to her and she talks too much…. she is a disposable.

Michelle: She wants to sit at the cool kids table.. sooooo bad. My niece watches and said “Once a DUFF always a DUFF.” she is the mean girl that doesn’t have a boyfriend… a follower. She should stop looking down on people and looking so bitchy because those cool kids see her as just a vote and that she is easily disposed of. Disposable DUFF.

Natalie: Pretty girl but she has no power in the house… her protection is James… another disposable. She is a disposable.

Iff and Brittany are disposables but they are Franks disposables now and if Frank can get Corey or Paulie out he may go back to king so they wouldn’t be disposables anymore… if they survive.

Disposables need to wake up and revolt… take out the Popular Kids and rule your own destiny. What James did today is just prove he is a disposable just like he did in his last Season. They need to get out Frank, Paulie and then Corey… then they might have a fighting chance. Take out Tiff this week, Corey and Paulie double elimination… then pick off Nicole and Zak…. Rise up Disposables… Rise Up.


I take offence sir!!! James does not team with weak players! Meg was a comp beast!!!


Meg was a POWERHOUSE; strategically, Socially and to top it off a COMP BEAST. Easily one of the strongest people to ever set foot in the BB house 😉

Bryn Mawr Mama


Ian's Lament

This is ridiculous. James just told Paulie that Davonne is coming after him and he is still more concerned with Tiffany. Tiffany is the easy vote but not the better game move. Davonne is a person that plants seeds and can do more damage on a day to day basis than Tiffany. He must be doing this to keep Z close or because he is scared of Frank.


Serious question: Do James and Natalie ever leave the bumper car?

Fuzzy Num Num

As Nat Nat has pointed out, they’re tiny. To them, it’s like a king sized bed.

So Many Floaters

I never thought that I would say it but the past couple seasons really makes Derrick’s season seem like an All-Star summer. At least that season nearly everyone could win a comp and everyone was capable of making big moves (the only floater rat being Christine). This season especially is just a bunch of floater rats talking mean and scurrying around with loose lips.

Tiny trump hands

If Tiffany gets evicted, then wins battle back, Frank is going to have to get DaV, Bridgette and Tiffany to all work with him – which could be pretty lethal – frank’s angels


Eviction prediction!
Nat 3 – Z/ Nic/Mich (if she’s not here she can’t flirt with OUR BOYS, Mich the follower agrees)
Day 3 – Frank/ Brig/ Cory
Tiff 2 – Paul/ James
By default Paulie (PISSED) has to choose either:
Nat (piss off James and (unknowingly the girls))
Day Piss off ???)

tape face

you would be fun person be in the house!

Min O'Pause

God I love Tape Face! He’s hilarious!


hey people,
it’s CorEy not Cory.

sorry I had to. LOL


I actually do want Frank and Da to team up.


So now I’m confused. Did both girls have semi-meltdowns? Nicole b/c Corey talked about and ex-girlfriend and Zakiyah b/c Paulie and Natalie picked the same hiding spot? And is the supposed Jersey Girl Natalie?


There are no Derricks or Dan’s this season. If the best this season is Paulie, that’s scary. It will happen this week if they vote out Davonne or next week if they vote out Tiffany but the bottem line is it’s going to come down to Davonne(or Tiffany), Frank, Brigette against the couples. The thing is I am sure Frank will win HOH next week and then the couples will all turn on each other. The problem with this season is people don’t seem to know how to play it’s a scramble for the numbers on a week to week basis. There is no mastermind as good as Derrick(Paulie is trying but failing hard because he can only think one move ahead instead of 5 steps ahead.


It is Frank’s ego, that does not allow him to realize that he is being played by the boys. After this vote, will Frank’s ego allowed him to realize, he is in a bad place in the house? {I doubt it, he never learns}
I have never seen so many jealous petty women on BB, who are actually oblivious, that these guys are “just not that into them”. After this games is over, the fellows better not leave any forwarding addresses.

jillian and emmit

7th place and almost lost last night!


James can go, he doesn’t know how to hold tight all he knows how to do is play for other people. Day wasnt coming from him but he went and told Paulie. So he can be in the good graces of Frank and Paulie. If I was Paulie I would be looking at James like “he did this to Day, he would do the same to me”
Girl bye!!!


1. He thinks he’s in an alliance with Paulie.
2. He knows Day sells people out for no logical reason, so he needed to drop that info before Day did, blaming James.