Frank – “She’s not diabolical .. she’s goofy .. She’s so f*****g goofy.. She’s like this big kid”

POV Holder: Corey POV Competition July 16th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 18th
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 21st
Roadkill Competition Winner: Tiffany
Original Nominations: Tiffany, Natalie, Corey
After POV Nominations: Tiffany, Natalie, Da’Vonne
Have Nots James and Natalie

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Big-Brother-18 2016-07-19 20-05-12-006

8:00pm Storage room Frank, PAulie and Corey
Frank trying to get Da’Vonne out this week..
Hammers with with all the same reasons we’ve heard before, Tiffany’s a lone wolf, DA’Vonne can influence people, DA’Vonne is close to more girls.. Etc etc..
Frank’s pushing the angle that Da’Vonne is getting hooks into the girls.

Corey – think of the 3 people Da can get her hooks into.. She can get one other and she’s good
Corey – I’m game for whatever
Paulie – I don’t want Tiffany lingering around
Frank – If TIffany god forbid wins next week she’s going to make a small move put up Natalie, Michelle maybe Zakiyah
Paulie thinks Tiffany will make a big game move.
Frank – we can talk her into throwing it

Paulie thinks Tiffany is diabolical
Frank tells them about Tiffany’s Diabolical plan to talk Nicole to hide in the chest in the safari room and get Da to admit she was going to vote Corey out

Frank – She’s not diabolical .. she’s goofy .. She’s so f****g goofy.. She’s like this big kid all the girls don’t like her.. Don’t talk to her..

Frank says Tiffany feels “Fuck those girls” right now and that’s what Frank wants to keep going so if she wins HOH she‘ll not go after them.
Frank – Da will get her hook into people
Paulie says if Tiffany stays the girls might start thinking the guys have an alliance.
Frank tells them honestly the only person that will be left in the dark is Zakiyah .

Frank – JAmes is on board with getting Da out.. He wants to take the shot but make sure we have the numbers
Frank – you me Corey, Bridgette and Paul you break the tie.. Then she’s not in Jury

Corey – I’m happy either or
Frank – you boys are everything long term
Corey – we get that
Paulie – we get that
Frank says Da is trying to drive a wedge between them.
Paulie says Da coming after all three of them but Tiffany is only coming after Paulie and Frank, this leaves him more exposed.
Frank warns them that DA could get her hooks into PAul
They agree Da won’t put up “one of her girls” and she’s not putting up James and PAul.
Frank – 2 of us 3 no the block
Paulie – With everything she pulled i’m trying to find the rational reason
Corey – She (tiff) just put me up
Frank – you know.. Da.. .

Paulie – with Tiffany I think I could have a conversation to my face then boom (turns on him)
Corey – dude Da’s into acting..
Frank says da’s got this matriarch figure.. She’s the mom in the girl group she’s the only one that can band them together.. She’s the mom and nobody wants to get out the mom.. This is when we can do it when we have 2 girls on the block.

They decide to talk about it later.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-19 20-16-11-536

8:15pm Corey and Frank kitchen
Frank – my biggest worry is jury..
Corey agrees
They mention hearing construction noises outside. Frank brings up his last season he felts that they did more construction work at night.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-19 20-33-08-558

8:20pm COrey and Zakiyah HOH massage
(@ 9:04pm down in the kitchen with Frank, Zakiyah, Nicole, PAulie and Frank. Paulie goes on about how strong ZAkiyah’s back is. It’s so strong in fact “Rubbing her back is like rubbing a brick”)

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-19 20-24-01-428
8:22pm James and Natalie
James says Da is going to try to cut people.. They’re cruel.
James- eventually people are going to cut you.. Even me
Natalie – That makes me sad
Natalie says she wants to win HOH before she gets cut
James will throw it to her if it’s the two of them hanging on He’ll make some joke like ‘Natalie I’ll jump off if you don’t put me on the block”
After she won he’ll sneak up to the HOH and be with her.

8:32pm Living room
Tiffany is teaching Bridgette french
Corey is working out
Frank is clipping his nails
Bridgette – I’m definitely have a thing looking at people’s hands and knees
Big-Brother-18 2016-07-19 20-46-26-531
8:44pm Bridgette talking about her childhood. She went to a arts school and was into singing. When asked why she didn’t pursue a signing career becuase she has such a unique voice.
Bridgette never wanted to be famous she’s going to disappear after Big Brother she doesn’t want to be in the spotlight.
Bridgette – it’s difficult to be yourself here..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-19 21-13-33-214

9:02pm Paulie delivers a friendship pizza to Paul.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-19 21-15-50-459
9:12pm Corey and Nicole
Corey says he totally agrees with Frank.
Nicole – we do need to get Tiffany out.. her Bridgette and Frank are a solid three automatically
Nicole doesn’t think they have the numbers. Corey thinks they can get them.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-19 22-12-10-430

10:03pm HOH Nicole and Zakiyah
Corey must have told Nicole about a ex girlfriend that was recent.. Nicole’s melting down because of it, she thinks Corey is still interested in the ex.. Sounds like this ex girldfirend is crazy and super jealous and beasts people up.
Nicole thinks this ex is “model beautiful”.

Nicole feels bad because this ex probably hates her, “It’e been a year and a half and she’s still acting like this (Hung up on Corey).. when would it ever stop”

Nicole – it’ll never stop it’s not even worth flirting with him because it can’t go anywhere..
Nicole – there’s no point at this point
Tiffany says if things move along with their relationship Corey will protect Nicole.
Nicole – I hope he’s not trying to make her jealous..
Tiffany – I don’t get that.. I guy would make someone jealous with Natalie… You know what I’m saying. (HAHAHAHAHAH.. )

Nicole – he said he doesn’t like her at all or never marry her..
Nicole – Gosh.. crazy a$$ ex girlfriends..
Zakiyah – Nicole I’ve dealt with Baby momma’s .. feeds cut
when we’re back Nicole is whining away about this ex girlfriend..

(At this point I’m cheering with whoever gets the showmances out.. ugh)

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-19 22-16-02-380

10:18pm Bridgette and Frank
Frank gives her a rundown with the conversation with PAulie and Corey. Tells her Corey is on board but Paulie is still unsure. Da talking to Natalie today made Paulie nervous but he’s still worried that Tiffany will target him next week.
Bridgette doesn’t see that happening she knows Tiffany is after “Those Girls” that lied to her.
Bridgette says Zakiyah doesn’t even look at her. Frank and BRidgette both say they don’t like Zakiyah.

Bridgette says even Natalie is moving away from her, “At this point she hangs out with those girls more than she hangs out with me”
Frank – I know.. I hope she’s doing it because she’s on the block.. You win HOH trust me she’ll be hanging out with you the whole damn time

10:33pm Tiffany and Frank Safari room
Frank says he’s making progress with Paulie and Corey “Wants to drop the hammer”
Frank – Paulie is scared you’re coming after him
Tiffany – I’m not I swear..
Frank – I try and tell him she’s not diabolical..
Tiffany – I’m not

Frank – PAul is 100% on board..

10:44pm OH MY GOD why are you being weird
Corey you said you’re sleeping upstairs
Nicole – so I don’t get beat up ..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-19 23-00-39-398
10:49pm PAulie and Paul
Paulie wants Tiffany out and next week he wants Bridgette and Frank to be nominated.
They both call Frank a lying piece of sh1t.
Zakiyah comes up.. They have a laugh that Frank is going up next week along wit Bridgette.
Paulie – He (Frank) calls all you girls Mean Girls
Zakiyah – what is he talking about .. Bridgette talks to me every day.. I don’t talk to Bridgette.. Bridgette comes in the room I walk out.
Pualie wants to trick Frank and Bridgette into thinking there’s a problem between them. Just to see how fast they come to the two of them.

They all agree Frank is a funny guy.
Paul – he blew it..
Paulie – he blew it..
Zakiyah about Bridgette- that will be a celebration when she leaves.

11:28pm Frank and Bridgette.
Bridgetet getting after Frank for flinging boogers at her. Frank says boogers are fine they’re clean. Bridgette says they are not. She informs him that he has a long nose hair.. Frank starts pulling them. BRidgette helps. Pulls too many Frank screams, “my nose is bleeding”

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-19 23-45-25-133
11:40pm – 11:50 Zakiyah and Michelle
Zakiyah complaining about Da’Vonne’s lies.
Michelle saying they can still trust Da’Vonne, “Why did she tell Tiffany all this crap and not us.. I’m in the same room as her”
ZAkiyah – It hurts my feelings..

Zakiyah says Da and Natalie were talking for a long time
Michelle – really Natalie…
Zakiyah says Da’Vonne has been acting weird today
Zakiyah – She’s no on my radar.. I don’t want her to pull a frank
Michelle- Or Tiffany… what if Da move over and joins Frank.. I think tings will be normal once Tiffany leaves.. Definitely when Frank leaves..

They start in on Tiffany calling her “So creepy… so so Creepy.. weird.. awkward.. ”
Zakiyah talk about her, Nicole, Paulie and Corey sharing the bed..
Da’Vonnne comes up points out the entire house is in the kitchen eating pizza. Da’Vonne points out how cheerful everyone is together, “When you are on the block that’s the last thing you want to see”
Michelle – you’re 100% she’s going home..

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Boo hoo cry Tiffany a river I hope they are smart enough to know if Frank is trying to keep Tiffany that means they need to get rid of her


No one is crying.


It’s a figure of speech….was referring to Frank’s efforts trying to convince the house to feel sorry for Tiffany


I actually DO feel sorry for her. Initially she did nothing not one thing to cause all the crap to come down on her and then this last thing when they’re all saying she threw them all under the bus I don’t blame her one bit they were treating her like pure dog crap! She’s allowed to play the game and try to stay. This is supposed to be a game that been on for 17 years called Big Brother. It hasn’t really resemble that yet this summer, but hopefully it will eventually!


The only person crying around right now is Nicole and you tell
Tiffany to go cry a river. Lol. Figures.


Nicole… you didn’t want to come into the house and fall for a boy. You now have a boy that is clearly playing you with self interests only. Corey is so down with this Bromance Alliance.

Min O'Pause

Corey is soooo musical…

Min O'Pause

As in Rock Hudson definition of musical.


More instead in a *bootymance*


lol @ Nicole. this thirsty idiot is an emotional wreck now with her love for Corey.


Cast Assessment

Nicole- Whiney, and just a bad player. Don’t know why they brought her back. She’s into showmances and she is always scared to make the “right” move. Ill never forget her nomming Jocasta and Zach and saving the guys alliance.
Corey- Useless tool. I don’t understand his game, and I don’t care for it.
Frank- He’s doing what he can to regain control, but he is oblivious to everything that occurs in this house. He thinks Nicole and Corey are still trustworthy. I give him props for trying.
Bridgette- Next..
Natalie- Nice, but 0 strategy. Even Meg had a group to work with, and Victoria worked with Derrick. Natalie is playing like she is waiting to get evicted.
Davonne- My favorite player of the season, glad she’s back. She needs to lay low and form some true alliances. She wants everyone out! Don’t pin everyone against eachother!
Tiffany- What a trainwreck. Her only shot of staying in my opinion would be to not blow up day’s game and try to get day to make a move against Nicole. I think it could’ve worked. Tiffany is not cut out for this game.
Paul- He’s fallen in a really decent spot, but again I can almost see what happened the first 2 episodes to begin again. He was somewhat rootable when he had no allies, but now he’s going back to trying to be this powerplayer.
Paulie- He thinks he is the greatest player of all time. Id like to see him on the block with an actual real chance of going home and see how he acts. He’s a mid jury boot, allies will turn on him quickly.
Zakiyah- Probably the best shot at getting to the final 4. No real enemies, coasting. That’s about it.
James- Probably best spot in the house, but not intentionally. And he does pranks.. (sarcasm)
Michelle- She is doing really well, but she isn’t really forming any real tight alliances. Plus anyone she doesn’t like she won’t even mingle with them. Kind of catty, but decent player.

Don’t worry fans who feel the season is bad…
Glenn will take over this house and show us gameplay like no other.


I’m so glad you got that off your chest Josh. :/

A Girl Has No Name

I absolutely love your assessment! Spot on!

Dang Bro

James has done nothing today but sigh and stare at Nat. Poor kid. He’s got heartbreak in his future.


James better step it up and get a soccer game going under them sheets before he or his boo gets sent to jury. No BB house, no more play.

James Fans are Delusional

James will do whatever Paulie says so if Paulie tells James to vote out Day is the ONLY way he will do it.

Paulie wants Tiff out for no logical reason but that he is scared shitless of her. This tells you that he really questions his own game that he fears a girl with no one on her side.

I think though that Frank almost has Paulie ready to order his butt boys Paul and James to vote out Day. Only way those two will do it.

Go Tiff!


Paulie fears no woman, except momz


Us James fans are not delusional , we just have good memories and remember his last season. Last season he came out too strong, winning HOH, POV, right from the beginning. He is now trying to play a smarter game. Stay low, let a few attack each other, float by, then when it is 1/2 over go for the win!


If Tiff stays it is because Paulie let it happen. You can tell Cory is 100% down to evict Da. Paulie so far wants nothing to do with it.

Big Brother is Life

I agree he needs to sit down and talk to Corey and let him know that he isn’t voting Day out. If Corey flips it truly is a 4-4 vote. Even if James finds out Corey and Nicole will vote Day out I doubt he would keep Tiff over Day. So that means Paulie is the one to break the tie. And Paulie wants Tiffany out. So why hurt a relationship you formed with Paulie dude? Like Paulie trusts you Corey and if you send home the girl he wants to stay over his target now you got 1 person coming straight after him that as we have seen is capable of winning competitions. Someone needs to sit Corey down and let him know if he votes Day out it’s not going to be good for him moving forward with alliances. Corey is expendable when know one needs him he is gone. Cause he literally is a number to everyone but Paulie and Nicole.

Nicole I think wants Day out but wants Tiffany out this week. So if Paulie won’t talk to Corey then she needs too. And James needs to think a second before he thinks Tiffany is a better bet to stay over Day,

BTW most of you people want Tiffany to stay over Day and it makes no sense. If you put yourself in that house yes Day told a lie or too but its the game and every lie is so caught up to everyone “I won’t vote for someone who fake prayed with me”. Tiffany is a loose cannon wrecking ball. The majority kept her in the house and even though they had intentions behind it instead of trying to maneuver herself somewhere to move ahead and not be put in that position she told everyone to fuck themselves and went to rage mode. That’s why paulie nominated her. Yes he keep saying she is Vanessa but I think what he means is that breakdown is the same thing she did and he isn’t here for it. And he has a reason cause as you see people trying to keep this girl after she shows she emotionally unstable just like Vanessa. I am a huge fan of Day because she is a huge voice of strategy in the house but she’s an easy out in my eyes that it makes no sense to take her down now. She shows that because she’s a thinker she’s too distracted in HoH to win it. Tiffany is like Frank in which when they feel like they are on the bottom they tend to focus and win.

I rather have someone who’s game is damaged stay in the house then a wildcard.


Paulie listed the reason he wants her out and it’s a personal one. He said it’s his goal to be the only sibling of a former house guest left in the house. Spin it how you want it, but that seems a bit personal. Paulies continued droning on about how Tiffany is Vanessa’s sister and how dangerous she was last season and how Tiffany is playing a similar game, needs to check himself. It’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Yes Vanessa made it to 3rd place by doing everything she had to do, but she did it by standing on her own 2 feet and manipulating everyone else in the game whereas Cody made it to 2nd place by being Derricks little lap dog and everyone knows it…. yet he did in fact make it to second which by his own logic would make himself an even more dangerous player than Vanessa.


Paulie isn’t afraid of Tif, Hes scared to death of his
Ghost . . Vanessa. . He’s obcessed by Van


Maybe because you’re a “day fan” you’re not seeing it. It actually is in Paulies best interest to vote out day. She’s the one that’s been talking about getting out the showmances since week 2. Not that she can win a comp to put them up, but she’s definitely in people’s ear about it.

The problem is Paulie is so self absorbed and worried about something so stupid as being the “sibling that last longer” that he can’t see the forest for the trees. I hope if he does get day to stay, she gets in people’s ear enough to get him out.


Tiff is getting voted out. Paulie just told Z and Paul verbatim what he talked about with Frank in the storage room.

The weird thing is, during the Frank conversation Paulie was just bullsh*tting Frank. Corey on the other hand thought they were having a serious convo, he actually wants Da out.

I got the vibe Paulie is playing Corey a little. Lets see if he picks up on that.

Flip Flop

Corey is your typical flip flopper! He can’t and won’t think for himself. He has to be told how to think.

Powder Puff Girls

If Frank pulls this off he is the man!




tiffany is cool but getting tiff out benefits nones game but frank and bridgette. She will most likely go for the showmance alliance (paulie and corey included), shes more of a comp threat than davonne, and she’s showed she can be just as diabolical as davonne. There is just no logical reason for them to evict day over Tiff #byefelicia #giveitarestFrank

Powder Puff Girls

That’s what I like about it! Team #teamFrankTiffBridgette! Paulie is way more of a dictator than Frank and the mean girls need to go!


Da has told James multiple times on feeds she wants to get Cory out to get Nicole back on their side.


It’s not that they want to keep her (tiff) past next week…the main motivation is to NOT have Davonne make jury. If Day walks out the door thurs,and if someone outside of the freakazoids wins hoh, tiff is going back up. and if she doesnt win veto, she will be out a week from thursday


I agree, Da in jury is much more scary (for the guys) than Tiff in jury.


Can anyone tell me how Paul’s whole “friendship” thing started? It makes me think of Maggie and her cult, lol. I thought maybe that’s what it was referencing, but I don’t think Paul’s seen that much Big Brother. Haha. I was really starting to like him again, but this whole “friendship” and rat tendencies ruined it >:(


Paul made joke using the word friendship during one of his speeches on the block a few weeks ago, a couple of people laughed, and now he thinks its the funniest thing in the world and is probably trending on twitter for the rest of the season.


Twitter top trends Jul 2016:

1. #MiddleEastCrisis
2. #Friendship
3. #Election2016
4 …


I went to check out twitter. Shocked to see #1 was Garry Marshall. I didn’t know he died until I saw this. Love all his works…RIP Mr Marshall.


No. The friendship shit started at the steak dinner reward. He got a laugh there and has been saying it since then


Wrong. It started in a pov speech as stated above. Everypne laughed at the steak dinner because he had already been saying it for a week since the speech.


I like that Dora (aka bridgette) is not into the spotlight, shows that she is humble and not in big brother for a “career launch” like others. I know a lot of people dislike her, but she is not all bad.


Look folks I’m no Frank fan, but I hope he rallies votes to evict Da….I’m sick and tired of her emotional complaints all the damn time….if she would just win something instead of running mouth.
She’s digging her own grave, so pour it on her Frank!

Min O'Pause

Bridgette it’s Dorothy Hamill’s wedge cut. It’s not THAT ANCIENT of history.


History is people in their forties. Pushing half a century! That’s real, real old.

Min O'Pause

It’ll happen to you quicker than you think….


From now on, Nicole/Z/Michelle/Day should really stop bitching and talking about how Frank is rude, mean etc….they are in no position to be critical of him, I am also sick of hearing about the butt slapping issue. Its DONE, Frank was wrong he apologized again and again, the girls need to stop bringing it up just to make him look bad. Change your tune girls, beside the point you bitch and talk so much shit can you really call out others for being mean?


What I really hate about the whole butt slapping incident is that Frank has personally gone up to Da’Vonne and Zakiyah one on one and sincerely apologized to them about it and has stopped doing it. What Frank did was wrong, and I’m not making light of it, but Da’Vonne and Zakiyah accepted Frank’s apologies and said everything was cool, yet they are still bringing it up in conversations like the apologies never happened. To me, that’s not cool at all. Sometimes fake acceptances of apologies are even worse than fake apologies, and that’s exactly what Da’Vonne and Zakiyah have done.


Have you forgotten that Frank has been running around yesterday calling Day a liar because he apparently did not call her a slut? The objective of the game is to villify and put a target on a person, you are calling out on the girls for bitching about Frank but completely ignoring the fact that Frank is also doing that to Z and day.


You are so right. How about they get their heads in the game instead of cuddling and bitching. Just a thought…


DaVonne, Zakeyah and Michelle are big time being mean girls, right now. Tired of that!
Zakeyah is quiet and meek, when with Paulie, then a big-time mean girl, when with Da and the girls.
I was feeling bad about how Paulie and Corey were treating the girls, but maybe they should watch out for these mean girls!

Beaver Cleaver

I totally agree. I am a Frank fan and really hate when he acts like a bully. I think even though it was in friendly gest and he meant no harm at all, he still should have kept his hands to himself. I cant argue that. What I think was a little too much of the Dramz was her going on and on. She acted like it was some stranger in an alley who just accosted her instead of it being a friend who was a little inappropriate and she should have come and talk to him as such and say “Dude don’t be hitting me on my arse unless you want a smack for real! Friends or not”….But she didn’t, she didn’t handle it like a friend or ally would do. she made it a house issue and not a friend issue. THEN when the guy is truly sorry for it and feels like a shit heel. She still holds that grudge hard. Then in turn tells Frank that he should have come to her and “talk to her” if something was wrong or if he thought something was off. I think it was about the Tiffany blown up Da wants Frank out thing. I cant exactly remember but I thought it was very interesting how she wants people to address her yet she doesn’t follow her own rules.


Paulie with this “diabolical” line is making himself look as crazed as Tiff did a few nights ago. Tiff has won 1 comp and is a pariah in the house. Day is a social gamer who doesn’t need to win comps to make big moves, and is attached to many more players in the game. Taking Day out is the most logical move this week. Paulie should have used this week, and Tiff’s revelations about Day to reforge some type of relationship (they could have even kept it DL). Instead Paulie is still trying to leave a player in the game (Day) who is definitely still coming after him and his close ally (Corey). I almost feel like Paulie is a Gemini or something I mean he really throws me for a loop. He has really aggressive/crazy moments, but then he’s nice and bringing food to Z and Paul.

Corey has generally been inept, but I’m always down for giving credit where it should be given. He’s right to want Day out who has been gunning for him for a while. Nic wanting Tiff out is stupid at this point. Who cares if she goes after Meech or Z or Nat? Nic/Corey/Paulie/Paul/Frank/Bridge etc. would have the numbers to decide who to clip. But Nic isn’t here to play BB so it’s no surprise she’s missing the big picture. She like Paulie should have been using this week to reforge a relationship w/ Tiff blame Day for creating a wedge between them, and move forward w/ someone who isn’t immediately going after you or your closest ally (Corey).


Taking out Z who is clearly alone rather than Tiffany who has two people behind her, two of which he wants out? Day who is clearly targeting Frank and Bridgette, to Tiff who is a wildcard? Keeping Day is the smarter move for everyone apart from Frank and Bridgette, Day has already self destructed while Tiff is getting traction. You also believe that Tiffany will not target Paulie? Paulie is already the established alpha in the house, the only person who seem to not see that is Frank who has a really terrible read on people. Also if Frank wins HOH without Day in the house who will he put up? With Tiff in the house also, she is but a shield to Frank and Bridgette.


I don’t think people believe for a minute that they can forge an alliance with Tiffany, she’s just too prone to melt downs where she blabs any secret she ever knew. You just can’t make plans with her, she’s useless really.


She’s known a lot of information and didn’t say a single word until they forced her to do so. And she was right to do it too. She couldn’t rely on any of them, that left her two choices: spill the beans and team up with frank or do nothing and just sit and wait for them to evict her. Sorry she didn’t roll over and tried to turn things around. Smh


Say what you want about Tiffany, I dont the like her either, but the smart game move here is to take Day out while you have the chance.
If not, they are idiots…


It’s interesting to see how everyone keeps saying how nasty Da, Z, Nicole, and Michelle are when Tiff and Bridgette are just as nasty as well.


No one is as nasty as Michelle. No one. Her entire time is spent talking bad about people. She’s a total waste of space. I can’t wait for the team crap to end so she’s not safe anymore. I just want her gone for the sanity of my feeds.


Michelle is super creepy. I can’t with those videos they found on reddit.


Do you have a link


That’s sad. Maybe bb house is not the best place for her.


Big Meech is disgusting

The Roach Coach

Paulie, please listen to Corey and Frank, even if you don’t trust Frank, you do trust Corey and theyre both giving you great advice together… Tiff is so likely to be loyal to Frank Paulie and Corey even Bridgette… that’s a powerhouse that would steamroll…Corey and Frank are both being truthful with you Paulie with that talk and advice…stop being so stubborn. Franks right, well who knows if he’s right, but he was 100% sincere he and I both think Tiff would NOT target paulie (or atleast this next week, which is a great deal for Paulies game when you can play this weeks HOH), and Frank says shes more likely to nom 2 girls excluding Bridgette, I do think Tiff would put up a non treat to not make waves, a Natalie and Michelle type this week if she won like Frank and Corey said, that doesn’t mean she wont put up a big target eventually, but not after feeling shunned by a lot of these girls recently, and not after 3 weeks on the block, if she won I think she’d want to work with Frank Corey Paulie and even Bridgette in a super sneaky alliance,,, I was buying what Frank Corey was selling seems sincere… that would be a powerhouse alliance…. Paulies stubborn, and wish he’s stop focusing on Z and open his eyes, if you can make an alliance at this stage, that no one suspects, like your bro did, with 2 smart girls and the 3 strongest men in the house, and youre out numbered by girls, why not form a powerhouse 5 with the 2 girls who were treated mean by so many of these girls in here and will want to target the girls for Paulie, Corey and Frank, while the 3 guys focus on big targets, it makes sense,,,,after you even the numbers Men and Women, & you have a secret 5 tm alliance that controls the votes… Tonight 2 people u know trust you and are both trying to make you see a different perspective…. maybe hes just paranoid… stubborn…or mind on Z but Day is the move this week, and you could guarantee yourself final 5 if you just listen to people who have good advice for you and trust u…Paulie seems to want to play his brothers game so bad, the detonators were great and worked, and u want that with Corey and it could work, but what you forget Corey is your brother had a powerful alliance at this stage and the detonators became most powerful after their alliance made it deep and no one suspected…. sorry Paulie frustrates me…


I want to see Da get blind sided, voted out….. but than come back in with “buyback”


Problem with that is, Da can’t win comps.


Hit the road Da and don’t come back.
Because it would be a waste.
Same amount of nothing.


Right…production even getting mad because she can’t win lol


I think we are getting a Da’Vonne eviction this week. It started off with Frank and Bridgette as the 2 sole votes, but Frank made a bunch of good arguments and has now convinced Corey that Da’Vonne needs to go. That’s the 3rd vote. Corey has influence on Nicole and even Paulie, who are becoming more and more receptive to the idea as the week goes by. Nicole would be the 4th vote, and Paulie would be the tiebreaker 5th vote. However though, Paulie might not even need to vote because James is starting to turn on Da’Vonne. Him and Natalie have now had a few discussions about it and are becoming more and more on board with the idea. Obviously Natalie can’t vote since she is on the block, but James would be the possible 5th vote. In terms of Zakiyah and Paul, I think they will blow whichever way Paulie steers them, making Michelle the only one in the keep Da’Vonne contingent (and she may be savvy enough to go along with the majority even though she clearly wants Da’Vonne to stay). On top of all of this, Da’Vonne isn’t doing herself any favors with the way she is acting inside the house. Hiding Tiffany’s stuffed animal is just unnecessary behavior of a child and does nothing but create resentment of her from the other houseguests. However, that isn’t even the worst thing about her. During the Sunday episode, Da’Vonne and Frank had a conversation where Frank wanted to know who voted where and Da’Vonne just laughed and said she couldn’t tell him, and then afterwards stated to Frank that they needed to start re-building trust with one another. That was a big mistake because, as bad as Frank’s read on people has been, anyone could have noticed she wasn’t down with working with Frank in the future. She had a golden opportunity to at least partially patch up her relationship with Frank but didn’t. Now Frank has now compared notes with Tiffany and the two of them have pointed out everything that Da’Vonne has done to the other houseguests, which includes creating a wedge between two people, making the wedge even bigger by stirring the pot, then actively going around changing the votes last week so that the wedge she created still existed, and then finally denying it when confronted about all of it. While Tiffany could be seen as a threat by a lot of people, she really is on an island. People are actively avoiding her, which means she really doesn’t have any new information to use against people since she’s exposed everything she knows up to now. She’s much less of a threat than Da’Vonne, who can at least still have conversations with people, find information out and try to cause discord like she has proven to be able to do in the past. It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out, I’ve definitely been enjoying the season so far.


Tiffany still has at least 2 pieces of information. Paulie’s leadership role in the vote that saved her last week and Paulie and Corey’s roles in creating her big Frank speech prior to the vote.

Hal 9000

As disgusting as Frank is, he seems much more genuine than Paulie and his minions. And he Tiffany, and Bridgette are the only ones worth rooting for at this point.


Paulie and Paul…then Corey. Biggest asses in the house. Can’t wait till u all get evicted. All three are F****** idiots.

Paul go away

Paulie is voting Tiff out 100% if it’s a tie. That isn’t even a question.

The only question is James. And I don’t see him going against his daddy Paulie.

So right now it’s Frank, Bridge, Nicole and Corey voting Day out.

Michelle Paul Zak James voting Tiff out.

Nicole and Corey will jump off Day out wagon if they see James is indeed following his daddy.

James ruined the full blind side last week. Punk. Now the lame ass b**tch is again making the house more boring following orders like the butt boy he is.

He on my list of can’t wait till he evicted. It’s a toss up between he and Paul who is the bigger little punk ass boring b*tch.

I hope Tiff comes back and boots his little chubby short ass soon just like Vanessa booted his irrelevant ass last season.

Can I tell you how I really feel about James?:-)

Hal 9000

James is a real disappointment this year. Natalie has ruined him.


Paulie was also 100% voting out Tiffany this time last week, so I guess we’ll see where we’re at 42 hours from now.

The Roach Coach

who cares Nicole, everyone has ex’s, you have an ex that everyone knows who are fans of the show, that’s not ideal for corey either, atleast talk to him,,,, unless he told you his ex girldfriend was an exboyfriend and Nicole feels super weirded out and uncomfortable, and corey told her to say it was an exgirlfriend, I don’t see why this is making Nicole so freaked out

Bad Breath

Everything freaks Nicole out. What an immature, whiny little kid.


worst part, she is not a little kid, she is an adult, a nurse even, poor patients


Nicole is just a little girl wanting attention. She thinks she will be America’s sweetheart by playing the worried little victim.


For me as a fan of this show from season 1….showmances are just killing BB now. They have become so pathetic and really useless that I am tired of having to endure them on this show. If I want relationship drama I will watch Bachelor in Paradise. Nicole who all night was worried about what Corey’s ex gf will say or do to her, Z who says she will be done with Paulie if he does not kiss her and has seriously jealousy issues if another girl even looks at him. You got Michelle who whines that she is not in a showmance…my God ENOUGH !!!!!!!!!!!!! stop just recruiting these 20 somethings who have as goal to get in a showmance, who just are seeking fame….bring back the old BB


I agree. I too have been a fan since season 1. They need to bring back the more diverse age groups, not all these girls who think they are on the Bachelor.

Operation bye bye

Nicole just self evict already, they didnt bring u back on to get a boyfriend and waste a 2nd chance at 500k… Shes whinning n crying cuz coreys ex is crazy. This is the same guy who says every girl in the house is flirting with him yet hes always checkin the guys out… I hope da gets evicted by james vote and then on her way out the door shes like damn maybe i shldnt of run my mouth abt gettin shomances out… haha… da’s game is pretty much over anyway with showmances and frank hot on her trail… I want to see frank/brig/tiff/nat/james vs paulie/z/corey/nicole/paul/mich match up and let the games begin cuz paul and michelle will just float to whichever side has power and we can see paulie try to talk his ego off the block…


Wanna be fake 130 pound monsta! Him and he bitch boy wanna be mama fighter Paul! Such clowns! I would love to meet these two on the streets

we kwow who you are

Hi… guys Roach Coach is tiffany sister Vanessa. You have been exposed Vanessa.


The Bad Attitude Squad = Da, Z, & Meech… Always talkin crap abt everyone and all have a bad attitude… Funny how Da had a bad dream of packing her bags… called KARMA!!!


yes the three of them are mean girls,they just lay around talking trash about everyone. And without Da, Z and Michelle are nothing, they have no game. I do not have a fav at this point, want a new cast.


Ppl talking about James being heartbroken , or how Natalie doesnt like him…. wot? Where did you get that from? From Natalie saying he s a dream boyfriend or that she would date him outside? Literally I just see 2 whipped individuals that fallen for each other….and not like Nocorey or Zaulie in which the girls are a lot more into the guys then the guys into them….If I had to bet on one showmance I d say Jatalie has the biggest chance to make it….


Nicole – I hope he’s not trying to make her jealous..
Tiffany – I don’t get that.. I guy would make someone jealous with Natalie… You know what I’m saying.

Absolutely GOLDEN! Hahahaha!


Nichole looks like a mega-thirsty, desperate, woman. She’s actttinh very immature and almost girl like in her daydreaming of them getting married etc. Its disqusting. She will have lost BB twice due to her insane, obsession. This time is worse though because he is so obviously gay.


Wrong. The friendship thing started when Paulie pulled Paul off the block after his POV win. Paul gave an awkward speech followed by an awkward celebration where he acted surprised while he kept repeating “friendship, YES”. Nobody reacted. Again, awkward.

The Outback thing was already a week after he had been shoving the punch line down viewers throats. Now it just grows more tiresome by the day.


Honesyly I’m kind of sick of the showmance alliance they act like they’re the popular kids and school and everyone is playing their game.


I do not get the feeds and so need to ask this question. Was Nicole this obsessed with Hayden during her first season on Big Brother? It seems to me she is ridiculously obsessed with Corey whereas with Hayden they were simply “cute” together. What the heck is she thinking? This is so disappointing. Any thoughts?


I don’t know how she acted with Hayden, but her obsession with Cory reminds me of how she possibly just recently got out of the Hayden relationship. The obsession she has could be from rebounding with Cory then fearing rejection on national T.V. – where her ex is likely watching. Anyone else think this is the possibility to all her freak-outs over Cory not “liking” her enough?