Nicole “I don’t think anyone would say that they can’t trust me.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Monte
Nominees: Indy and Alyssa Taylor and Nicole
POV Players: Alyssa, Indy, Monte, Terrance, Joe, Kyle and Daniel (Michael is the host)
POV Winner: Daniel & Kyle
Veto Ceremony: Daniel used the power of veto. Taylor and Nicole are nominated.
Havenots: Turner & Jasmine

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine
Joe & Monte & Terrance
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy
Nicole & Taylor

7:38pm Kitchen – Jasmine hobbles down stairs the to kitchen. Jasmine – I can’t believe tomorrow is my last day. (Till she is off being a havenot) Joe – that’s it Jassy! You’ve got one more day .. then never again. Jasmine – never say never .. hopefully never again.

7:43pm Backyard – Taylor and Brittany.
Taylor – he puts a lot of trust in me and you and Michael. Brittany – yup, I was really honest with him last week. He was like you are good. Don’t you dare listen to anyone else that tells you otherwise. I would be so devastated.. and like I better be right by the door and I would be out behind with you. I swear on my life I haven’t heard anything. You should be good. I talked with Jasmine a little bit today.. Taylor – how was it? Brittany – good. You should talk to her after. Taylor – I want to. Brittany – I feel like she is open to it. She could be BS’ing me. She is good. Taylor – I want to. I never want to walk away and be like I should have talked to so and so. Brittany – She seemed conflicted because she really close with Nicole. She takes care of me. But she said at the end of the day “I want to be with the majority of the house”. Brittany – I think those girls need to find out sometime late tomorrow. Taylor – They will, that’s the plan. Brittany – I can tell that Alyssa is spending more time with her. Kind of like too late. I think this is a good week to get closer to the girls in case they win HOH. He has to know that me and Michael are close. Taylor – yeah. You know there is no way I continue to stay here without help. And so if we’re here next week, which we would be he is not going to go for me he is going to

9:08pm Nicole, Brittany and Michael.
Nicole – obviously I am on the block now and the conversations we had were pre-touching the block. And so I just wanted to touch base with you and see where your head is at. If I am beathing a dead horse then I totally understand. I know you and Taylor are friends. And I would definitely never expect you to vote against her. Brittany – well I want to make sure she doesn’t feel ostracized. Nicole – oh definitely. Brittany – I am definitely trying to make more of an effort here recently. I do consider her a friend but I will set that aside for game. For me game and personal are two very distinct things. They can overlap but I am approaching this very objectively. I just don’t want anyone to go home feeling any type of way. Nicole – and it all goes back to me choosing her as my Festie Bestie was a strategic move for me because of what the majority of the house had been telling me so I wouldn’t have made the decision if that wasn’t the case. I personally prior to our thing that happened between us I never had an issue with her. Brittany – no you didn’t. Nicole – that is the truth. I never had an issue with her. I was still fighting for her to be here. I was like she is good for our game. Lets keep her here. I picked her as my partner as a strategic move and after everything happened I made it clear that this is a business relationship. I said I am not going to talk behind your back or bash you in anyway. Going forward I know that if I were to stay and I don’t know if I were to stay who I would choose to be on a team with. But I will say this, moving forward if I am still here Thursday night and I don’t go home .. I would love to know if the option to join the both of you would be okay with you. Would you be comfortable with me joining you.

Brittany – yeah. Nicole – I think we could be a force to be reckoned with. For me I want to be with people that I get along with and that we all want to play this game. I would love to have your vote to stay. I think in totality of this, I feel like I have proven to be someone who doesn’t have drama in their game, who doesn’t talk sh*t, who doesn’t spread rumors. I play a very honest, straight forward game, a very transparent game. I don’t think anyone would say that they can’t trust me. I can keep a secret. I can keep a strategy. I got second place in the HOH comp. Brittany – so what would happen in that situation, if you were to get HOH who would be your target? Nicole – well that’s the thing as of right now I can’t even answer that because we’re in a position where I don’t know who is against me in this house because of the whole Ameerah situation. I really feel like she shot me in the foot. I put my trust in somebody that I couldn’t trust. With what you told me she said about me. If I were to get HOH, I honestly don’t know what I would do. We have not connected, this is only the second conversation we’ve had but I feel very close to Michael. Brittany – no, that makes a lot of sense. Nicole – I am not here to make promises. I am not here to make alliances. I am not going to POOCH myself. So if I get POOCHED 2.0’d its going to be because I played a fair game with myself and with everybody else in this house. Brittany – here is what is tricky to me. I found out she was throwing around my name and a lot of other things that she is not here to defender herself about. There is a lot of stuff that she said about you, how do I fact check those things. Nicole – I say you ask me is the only thing I can say. You can ask me questions and I can clarify as best I can.

9:20pm Backyard Upper Level – Brittany, Nicole and Michael.
Brittany – I think my thing with Ameerah was that she was throwing around my name. Nicole – and she was throwing around your name… she was. She said that you were inserting yourself in conversations around this house and that you were taking words and twisting them. When she was giving the why’s and the how’s she wasn’t giving true detail. Its like when you’re friends with somebody, you’re kind of taking their word for it. She was basically saying that you couldn’t be trusted. Brittany – meanwhile the whole time I was in an alliance with her. Nicole – okay so there you go. So for me that is hilarious because she never said that to me. Brittany – and all she would tell our alliance is do not trust Nicole. Nicole – and you know what is so messed up about that. The day before she got evicted she looked at me and said you’re my number one. I want to go to the end with you. And I was like girl you just told me a week ago that Jasmine was your number one and that going forward you wanted to keep her safe. Brittany – she is no longer here and those things were not true. I am willing to put those things under the bridge. I am more concerned with moving forward. Nicole – I am 9 million percent for moving forward from that stuff. I have nothing but myself to put on the table. I can do nothing but be as honest as I can and hope that people trust in me. Michael, I already feel like you should 100% win this game. But I feel like you are playing one of the best games in this house because you know how to separate yourself but you also know how to include yourself. But I know you feel left out and isolated at times. Michael – you asked us about wanting to joining a team. I only see having 3 people benefit, because that is 3 people. Nicole – I see power in numbers. Michael – I am okay with it. Brittany – I was just thinking about it more. It just caught me by surprise. Nicole – I can honestly say that I trust Michael 110%. Brittany – so what can I do to get to that point with you? Nicole – having these conversations. Take it or leave it.. and obviously I would rather you take it than leave it.

9:45pm Showmancing ..

10:25pm – 10:35pm Bathroom – Joe and Daniel.
Daniel – I will tell anyone 100%, I am voting for Nicole to stay. I am not hiding it. I am not playing this POOCH game like oh I don’t know… we’ll see. I get it, we had to… you know. Joe – no yeah for this one I am trying to be on the same page. Daniel – I just respect anyone even if they are like I am voting her out.. like dope! Thanks for just telling me. Joe – yeah honestly I know.. and if anything changes .. and I’m not saying it plans to.. I will talk to you. I trust you enough to be like Bro like I heard! Daniel – it would mean a lot to me because I am staying. Joe – and you’re someone that I want to keep an open dialog with since we have since day one. Our gameplay has been very similar since day one and I saw it from your HOH. If anything does change I will come to you. If I had more time in terms of the Ameerah vote I would have come to you. Daniel – yeah and I heard from other people that it happened right before.

10:41pm Backyard Hammock – Daniel.
Daniel – people think I am so stupid. I respect them for trying but there is no doubt there is a huge alliance .. not even huge.. a six person alliance. There is no doubt its going to be a 5-5 split and Monte is going to have to show his cards. And all of a sudden he is going to keep Nicole.. I mean he is going to keep Taylor.. and all of a sudden there is going to be a stupid rumor about Nicole was backstabbing and talking sh*t on me.. which I am not going to believe. I will probably stand in their face and be like I don’t f**king believe you! I am done dude! If I lose Nicole this week I am going to have to start calling people out in front of everyone. House meeting sh*t! Call a f**king house meeting! Our key to this vote is Kyle. My bestie. Alyssa’s showmance. I need it to happen. Nicole needs it to happen. Who am I going to put up for HOH?! BRO let me win it! Yeah, let me tell you that I am going to put up you and Monte!? Let me tell you to your face. Get the f**k out of here dude! You have zero power and you haven’t won a single competition. Don’t ask me like you own some sh*t. Win an HOH and then start asking me questions. And Michael, don’t get me started on Michael. I say 100% I’m keeping Nicole how do you feel. Oh you know, I’m close with Taylor. Since when!? Oh so you’re not close with Nicole!? Get the f**K out of here dude! Say you’re in an alliance, admit it and we move forward. These people think we’re stupid. We may not win this game but we are not f**king stupid dude. We see every f**king move, every detail. We just might not have the numbers but we will f**king try. I need to talk to Nicole and Terrance because I am going to lose my sh*t. And before any stupid other cast member comes out here I am going to leave because I cannot listen to Brittany’s sh*t… EVER! Stop! Chill! Chill!

11:04pm Bedroom – Alyssa, Nicole and Daniel.
Daniel – I think Brittany and Michael heard me say I’ve heard comedy and that is top tier.. I’ve seen bad acting and that is top tier. I don’t think they knew who I was talking about. But also I don’t give a f**k about them! She isn’t winning any competitions. Nicole – Whatever its fine. I don’t need their vote! Daniel – It comes down to Kyle. I am not even kidding! It comes down to Kyle. Nicole – I need everyone’s vote. I just told Alyssa that I guarantee on the day of voting if it all ends up being majority its because they don’t want to be .. they don’t want to look like… Alyssa – and they’ll say it was the plan all along. Daniel – even if we don’t have Kyle which we need for you to stay… Big Brother switches the feeds. Daniel – if she goes at it with Brittany. Brittany might want to keep you. If you want to do that. Nicole – no I’m not worried. Like I am not going to do that. Daniel – you’re not worried about what? Staying? You better be worried! Nicole – no that’s not what I am worried about… Can you like let me.. Daniel – why can’t you throw Brittany under the bus? What is wrong with that? Nicole – why am I going to cause friction in the house right now? Daniel – to get her vote! Through Taylor calling her sh*t out! Nicole – but that just causes drama. Daniel – and you staying.. Nicole – I don’t think that lets me stay. That’s just whatever Brittany is telling me I am blabbing it off. Daniel – okay?! That’s your version of playing. That’s fine. Nicole – I just can’t do it and if I go home for that .. that’s fine. Daniel – all right that makes me feel better .. I will do anything to stay in this house. Nicole – if I go home for that, that’s fine. Daniel – You’ve got to want it bad if you want to stay. Nicole – I do want it bad but I am not going to sit there and start sh*t. Daniel – that’s not starting sh*t, Brittany started sh*t because they’re in an alliance together and she is talking sh*t on her own alliance member. Nicole – I think that would hurt me more than it would help me. Daniel -Right now it looks like a 5-5 vote, until Kyle commits to one side. Nicole – right and Brittany and I just had a conversation about trust and whatever.. and if I create that to be an issue.. I don’t want that to be why she doesn’t vote for me. Daniel – Joseph said that Brittany said she was 100% voting to keep Taylor.. but that’s coming from Joseph. Nicole – so Indy, Alyssa, you, Terrance, Jasmine… Kyle. Just remember if I go home and the vote is 5-5. Daniel – yeah I know exactly who it is… means I can’t trust Kyle. Nicole – or its somebody else. Daniel – or Terrance flipped last minute. Nicole – No Terrance isn’t flipping last minute. Daniel – those girls aren’t either.

11:55pm Backyard – Taylor & Brittany.
Brittany talks about the conversation she had with Nicole. Brittany – She can say anything to her and I will agree .. good point .. this that and the other just to make it easy. But you know.. there is nothing in the world that she could say. If you hear this just know ..people that I have been talking to have been saying I just want to make sure Taylor is included until this week and I don’t want anyone to feel excluded. Like that is why I am hanging with her. Just know that’s bullsh*t. Its just personal, its not game. Its personal AND game! Okay, just so you know. I know she is not counting me as a vote.

1:30am -1:47am Bedroom. Nicole & Terrance.
Nicole – I have two jobs, to make sure that the people that I trust, know that they trust me. And for the people that are in the sorry six alliance ..because that’s what they are by the way. I’ve named them. Terrance – oh you named them? Nicole – yeah the sorry six. Terrance laughs. Nicole – because they’re going to be super sorry when I am left in the house. Terrance – so you’re going to be here so figure it out. Nicole – I am creating as much BS as they can Handle. I have never been to acting school but I am a way better actor than they are. Terrance – I agree. Nicole – I literally caught Britany trying to bate me into talking sh*t about Taylor. Terrance – the piece they don’t have is Kyle… and me.

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un autre nom

Wednesday Veto Episode
lots and lots of showmance without showing Kyle was the driving force to get Alyssa on the block. Then. Not now.
Post Noms D/R
Monty still has the post veto target of Nic, but Alyssa is fine to go too.
Indy doesn’t trust anyone.
Alyssa who do i trust?
Taylor Happy i’m not on the block, i don’t want to do that again
Nic after Ameerah i could be the target.
Post Noms Discussions
Guys talk about trying to build trust with Taylor (ED. let’s just say today that they have been failing, still giving reasons for her to be evicted instead of saying Nic’s going)
Daniel goes upstairs. Monte says Taylor is the target to appease Dan.
Kyle trying to play middle in veto discussion with Taylor and Michael.
Taylor: if Dan is the reason Nic leaves… like that for vengeance.
On feeds
Terrance floater game is being exposed big. The seven finally shared notes on his game. exposed: back with Dan and Nic resents the boys, offered deal to Turner, another to Brit, Michael and Taylor.
Showmance Poo
Shooooooot me. eyerolls like slot machines.
Daniel doesn’t want to use veto. He doesn’t trust the guys. His Wyle E. Coyote Acme order shows up soon.
ED. Everyone pretty much knew in the house the night before veto pick that Dan and Kyle were being picked.
Britt’s worry that she and Michael aren’t covered by a non leftover. Valid concern… poor timing to say something.
Kyle and Dan talk. Both trying to snow each other with you don’t know what i know you don’t know. Gotta win veto.
Stupid slop animation and actual animation crap.
!)Kyle Indy correct. 2) all correct. 3) Kyle correct 4) Kyle Indy correct. 5) all correct.
Kyle and Daniel win veto
D/R Kyle Daniel celebrate. Indy mad she lost again. Alyssa says Kyle better use that veto. Monte wants veto used.
Kyle D/R happy to send Nic home.
Dan still doesn’t want to use the veto.
Leftovers Kyle not present. Long term gains. Leave noms the same.
Kyle arrives.
Kyle moral compass vs. Britt and Michael safety. ED. Kyle just finished making out with Alyssa after being the one saying evict Alyssa for days to convince the alliance. So the actual argument is Kyle’s peepee vs. his allies safety. Gee wonder what a guy with 11 year old boy sexual maturity gonna choose.
Monte Daniel chat. Monte doesn’t want the vote to flip and Taylor to stay.
Nic thinks she’s staying and Monte is lying.
Dan doesn’t trust Monte. You say don’t… I’m gonna use it even harder.
Dan to Kyle thinks the numbers aren’t there to get rid of Nic, so Monte is caving.
Kyle’s peepee d/r save my showmance. Kyle d/r he’s helping us backdoor his best friend Nic. Send her ass packin’.
Dan uses veto on Indy and Alyssa.
Monte nominates Taylor and Nicole.
Kyle d/r gets best of both worlds.
Britt d/r we had a chance to insulate.
Taylor d/r what the deuce. Can i trust the leftovers. LIne of fire again.
Nic she’s excited to be on the block. Thinks it was about saving Taylor…. oops.


nicole go home.

No Name

? Can anyone tell me who the recruits were this year?I heard a lot of them were.

Game fan

kyle? he understand this gae better than those so called super fans.


Ameerah was also a recruit (off Linked In of all places).

un autre nom

Dan said he didn’t apply. Ameerah said linked in. Kyle and Alyssa.
Indy. and there is at least 1 more because during the discussion of applied vs recruit this week, Terrance said five hands? Why do they recruit when so many people apply and feeds cut.


Daniel needs help, therapy, the dude has some serious issues.

Evict him before Jury, I’d be afraid for Taylor to be alone with him in jury.

I’m serious, Daniel seems kind of mentally on the edge when he’s upset ?

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

He goes for the jugular.


No he needs to stay. Calling people out, and Calling house meetings is what this season needs

The Beef

He’s so full of himself and how brilliant he thinks he is. He FINALLY seems to have figured out where the votes are (5-5), but that’s assuming Terrance votes Taylor out, and I’m not convinced he’s going to do that, but where was all that brilliance BEFORE he decided to use the Veto and put his #1 ally at risk of going home? If you’re truly a great BB player, shouldn’t you know where you stand before making a risky move like that? And if you do, and it blows up in your face, who’s to blame for your dumb move – the other players or the idiot who used the Veto and basically got his own partner evicted?

He has no reason to be upset with anybody but himself if he thinks about it, but since thinking doesn’t seem to be his strong suit, I doubt that will happen in the aftermath. In fact, if Daniel had a brain, he’d probably take it out and eat it (or maybe Jasmine would eat it for him).


I hope there is a battle back and Nicole wins. Then she can be voted out twice!!!


It will be a battle back! Cause Ameerah is not on social media yet


Julie told Ameerah about the alliances so she will not be able to battle back.


She’s likely not on social media b/c she’s dealing with the fallout of her actions. Julie told her who was in the Leftovers & wouldn’t have done that if there was a chance she was returning.

Ameerah had a job lined up with Google working in diversity and inclusion (with the potential to earn $250k with stock options) so out of the trio who’ve left the house & been tagged as those bullying Taylor it makes a lot of sense she would try to fade into the shadows at least initially.

She was the only one of the three who exited (Paloma/Pooch) who took any ownership for her actions and was very professional in her exit interviews (read: she listened & took to heart what the producers told her prior to meeting with the media) while the other two tried to push the narrative of live feeds don’t show everything neglecting to do their homework to realize how many receipts are already out there.


You will know if there is a battle back on Thursday if Julie doesn’t tell the evicted HG any details of the alliances.

Buh Bye

Nicole has become the poster child for the L.O.S.A. Association – Lack of Self Awareness. She seriously needs an intervention…


I hope Nicole leaves and then Daniel. This is getting ridiculous. Their behavior is childish and uncalled for.


Do you want them to hold hands and sing Kumbaya all summer?


Most of us have been burned after letting our guard down. Some recover by shaking off the dust and moving on. Others push so far in the opposite direction, they practically run over those who could be their strongest allies.


Recognizing many of us long-time fans of the show are a tad jaded b/c we see the gremlins’ hands in the mix it’s still impossible to ignore some obvious interference or at the very least questionable shifts in what occurred for the drama, leading into the POV Ceremony.

Case in point:

HOH visitors:
Since the Leftovers formed they have held almost nightly meetings in the HOH (with at least four of the seven in the room, especially late at night.

NONE of the trio of ladies (Jasmine, Ally, Indy) or the Vile Twins ever commented or noticed that for an entire week. But on a night when EVERYONE was in the HOH to celebrate Michael’s B-Day & when there is a reasonable explanation for people to remain in the room unless they were headed to bed suddenly they find this suspect??? Come on — that’s DR influenced for sure. You’re electing to ignore the prior week of this occurring but not this night?

The tell: Evil Elvis & Cruel Chef point to SIX being in the room but not Kyle. The problem with this observation is Turner was out of the room almost the entire time that Kyle was – – hanging out with Ally. There was only about a 5 – 10 minute segment where Turner was in the room w/o Kyle & I’m trying to remember but I think either Brittany or Michael was out of the room when that happened but you get the drift. It’s a selective “period of time” that CC/EE is pointing to.

Evil Elvis Masterplan:

I mean there is so much to unpack here – and the Vile Twins have set themselves up repeatedly by constantly talking about how they’d already won the game, how no one was as smart as they are, how everyone is clowns, etc, etc.

It’s obvious that ‘the 5-step plan’ began via TPTB coaxing it in four separate hour-long plus DR sessions. When EE first started talking about it was following a 2.5-hour DR.

It’s no coincidence he pulled out the Chinese Checkers game board to “suddenly realize” the other side of the house would wipe them out. What TPTB neglected to TELL HIM was to look closer at the pairings – noting who would be safe in each instance or that he was conveniently leaving out someone who had been tied to the Alpha males since Day 1, Week 1 (which HE DOES KNOW b/c he was in that alliance – Oasis). The fact he ignored his own Festie Bestie as being an issue is highly suspect!

So, after his DR-fed epiphany, he’s pulling in everyone outside of the Leftovers PLUS KYLE. AND this plan began BEFORE they noticed the six in the room late Sunday – so HOW exactly did Evil figure out those were the six people? All of their prior reads were wrong but the one they consistently got right was how the trio of Monte/Joe & KYLE were together.

Hmmm, but now we’re supposed to believe they forgot about that being the case? Evil knew Kyle was part of PP, had listened to Ameerah talk about how smart he was yet we’re supposed to buy that Evil suddenly thinks Kyle wouldn’t be included in a new alliance & ate a stupid pill overnight?

Okey, dokey – (insert big eye roll).

OR — why is it neither he (nor CC) question Terrance? Why did he have athletic gear on last Thursday? Why didn’t he look nervous? (Ameerah sure as hell did). And MOST OBVIOUS, WHY did he pick Joe/Monte to join as Festie Besties?

It can’t elude them all these things occurred and can’t simply be a coincidence. The fact they aren’t questioning his vote at all isn’t necessarily that surprising b/c they rarely ever have a good read of people or the house. In the case of Terrance, they’ve always treated him like he’s a number for them – that he just does what he’s told & they’ll boot him when they feel like someone is more valuable (he saw that last week).

Is CBS setting up the Vile Twins?

So, with a lack of sleep & witnessing the shift late Sunday I was sooooooooooo pissed b/c of my personal distaste for the nopes of the season. I understood the logic behind it b/c Michael/Britt were vulnerable if they stuck to their original plan, especially Britt who tends to get nervous prematurely.

How Evil Elvis & Cruel Chef acted to immediately say screw Monte we’re using the POV felt (even for them) to be orchestrated. It makes ZERO sense why this man who supposedly masterminded what’s happening in the house wouldn’t take at least a few minutes to sit down & walk through the options of keeping his BFF safe. Even if he felt they had the 6-4 numbers he was basing that on having Kyle & relying on Terrance who they shafted & has proven to be a floater.

Walk this back to one week ago & examine the relationships EE/CC had with the people they now are claiming to completely trust. Of the five ONLY Jasmine was someone working closely with them that they hadn’t overtly trash-talked. Recall how CC exploded over Ally’s post-POV ceremony slip in the room stating Indy/her were the other replacement option. At the time it felt over the top & a cry for the cameras to be on her.

Later a tearful apologetic Ally was treated coldly by Evil & admonished by CC. When she left the room CC said she would NEVER trust/work with her/tell her anything again while he said to her face ‘I DON’T CARE’. But now – the Vile Twins want her in a F4 with them & trust her the most along with Kyle? Again – I ask you does that seem like a logical transition?

Never mind, the person other than Taylor the Twins talked the most smack about was Indy – then Britt but now Indy is someone they trust 100% and not just b/c she hates Taylor.

So here’s the thing, while I was angrily watching the feeds early Monday morning & saw Evil Elvis IMMEDIATELY jump on using the POV I wondered – if this was a setup by TPTB. Think about the episode layout — they would have his “5-finger master plan”, then the almost flip to keep Ally/Indy OTB & then Evil calling BS – taking no time to walk through it with his BFF to realize regardless of the shift the safest route was to not use the POV ensuring they both moved ahead this week. Instead, he’s jumping on using the POV.

Regardless of whether the Vile Twins thought they had the numbers at that point even in this scenario, they know it would only take ONE vote flip to create a tie & for Monte to be the one to decide. That seems like a pretty dumb choice even for the Vile Twins (UNLESS – they got some sort of direction in the DR). They sure have said it enough times on Live Feeds how they’re going to win the game, are the only ones really playing the game & carrying the show.

Did TPTB use their own narcissism against them to set up a potential rating bonanza with Taylor’s speech & the Vile Twins getting blindsided?

Paul Sucks

Whether it’s production, their stupidity or a combination of both…bring on the ratings bonanza!

The Beef

A great post – very informative and one I suspect could very likely have occurred very similarly to how you laid it out, since I don’t have a lot of respect for the intelligence level of either Daniel of Nicole, nor their ability to “think things through”. We all know TPTB interject themselves from time to time for the purpose of “keeping things on track”, driving ratings up, or simply promoting the player or players Grod wants to keep in the game (or eliminate), so pick your reason that they may have done it this time.

For whatever reason, it was a stupid move on EE part to use that Veto, for a lot of reasons. He was going to lose a number no matter what he did, but he damn sure didn’t want to lose Nicole, and using it puts him right up there with Dawon and Marcellas (well, maybe not even with them but just behind them) for dumbest moves in the game.

L.L. Bean Dip

Nicole looks scary in that photo. Like she needs a straight jacket and padded room scary.

illegal smile

Hello, hello Evil Elvis is there anyone in there? Just nod if you can hear me is there anyone at home? Relax, relax…I’ll need some information first, tell me just the basics… can you show me where it hurts?
He is a Pink Floyd song come to life for me. He is losing it. When he gets shown the door, I would love to see that exit in real life. Do these people forget they are on tv 24/7? They are in a fishbowl. Like when Alyssa was talking about her hair smelling like dreads…are you serious right now little girl? That’s not a good analogy. Or that Jas bragging how great and what a bad ass she is, and that Taylor or britt better not talk to her. So who does that leave for her to play with? Self awareness is obviously a deal breaker to get on this show.


Please stop calling him “Evil”…He’s not deserving of that title..That belongs to one of the best players, Evil Dr. Will


Evil Dick, was my favorite!! Please don’t forget him


i didn’t forget him he’s a fav of mine too but his name is Evel not Evil

Jasmine’s dog pile of butterbeans

So hoping for a Taylor HOH Thursday …..heh heh heh


Split vote will shift Wednesday – you wait…

Entering the day before eviction, we know at worst, Taylor has Turner, Michael, Britt, Kyle & Joe voting to keep her with Monte breaking the tie. Barring TPTB gremlin fixing & pushing for a tie – (especially with the speech Taylor is expected to make) it’s highly unlikely we get a split vote.

Based on the conversations held Tuesday, it’s anticipated the Leftovers will dial up their efforts today to get a bigger shift in the vote to take out Nicole with Monte wanting a 9-1 vote.

The smarter choice might be to try to get a 7-3 vote so Kyle has some leeway with Evil Elvis (in case he wins HOH). The players most invested in that happening would be Kyle (and Michael to an extent to push the target off him/Britt). They should present that option to Monte/Joe early Weds to see if they agree.

If it’s a go then Monte/Joe pull in Terrance & tell him the vote will favor Taylor & for him to vote out Nic but NOT to tell Jas/Indy in case Evil Elvis wins HOH next week so they can keep their trio safe. Since Terrance will want to go with the house but also protect himself this shouldn’t be that hard of a sell, especially since he’s wanted revenge for last week.

The other key will be getting Ally to vote with Kyle using a similar strategy. He needs to lay out how Monte/Joe views her as the strongest of the three ladies (Jas/Indy/Ally) which is fair & that she also has the best social game of the three ladies. Kyle needs to lay out why it’s better for them to vote out Cruella to be on the right side of the house but equally essential she doesn’t tell Jas, Indy, or Evil she’s doing that. That way she’ll be safe if someone on Monte’s side wins HOH this coming week or if EE wins they’ll lie & say they were the two votes.

As for how she deals with Jas/Indy unless they win HOH (which will be a long shot) she sticks with the plan of saying I voted out Taylor (if EE wins HOH) or if one of the Leftovers wins say I voted out Nic b/c I was told one minute before sitting down that Taylor had the votes & I didn’t want to be on the wrong side of the vote again -but I, unfortunately, had no chance to warn you.

Although this ^^^ would be the best route to take in order to keep the house in-flux & offer uncertainty for next week in case one of Jas, Indy or EE wins HOH it’s unlikely the Leftovers take this route. Rather, I feel pretty certain Monte will push for the 9-1 vote & tell Jas, and Terrance where the vote will be, get Kyle to tell Ally & Joe to tell Indy (although this latter convo might not happen until Thursday given she might make a scene).

I also suspect each of those individuals will be told to NOT tell EE/CC but we know they’ll start acting differently anyway which will result in Nic freaking out before the end of day (bank on it).


We have at least one snorer in the house!


Delusions of Grandeur for Terrance?
Does Terrance REALLY think he has that much agency in the house? After Ameerah was evicted he had conversations with Taylor, Brittany, Michael, and others where he was pumping up his chest acting as if he was the reason why Amee left.

Seriously – you’re telling the trio (Tay/Britt/Mike) you did that when they told you the day of the POV ceremony not to stress you were safe. So HOW does he exactly think he was the one who shifted the vote?

Yesterday, he was laying on a lounger counting out the two sides (of five) but putting Cruel Chef (who is on the block) in one side & putting Monte (who can’t vote) in the other, then referred to himself as the swing vote.

Clearly, he hasn’t clocked where Kyle is or that Taylor has the votes – nor will he likely get there today (meaning which side Kyle is really on) either since Monte/Joe aren’t likely to give him names – they’ll just say it’s better for him to exact his revenge & vote her out so he can be with the majority of the house.


Remember yesterday he seemed to be lying to people from both sides of the house. Now if he was talking to the camera with this talk at some point…..maybe he does have a false sense of where he is based on his relationship with 2 people


Yeah, the talk I’m referring to was by himself on the lounger saying ‘you need your boy’ (himself) I honestly think he’s drinking his own tea at this point feeling like he has far more power than he really does. He believes he’s right in the center feeling safe with Joe/Monte as well as with Nicole/Dan.

The reality is he IS NOT safe with Joe/Monte b/c the Leftovers would vote HIM out & N/D has already proven how easily he can be cast aside.

Moving forward, his bubble can easily be broken — Kyle can share that Evil Elvis made a F4 with him/Nic/Ally to show him he definitely isn’t as much of a strong consideration on that side. It’s less likely he learns about how low he ranks with Monte/Joe UNLESS he’s still in the house in a few weeks especially if a double happens.

At that point, Taylor, Britt, Michael (or all three) could share the real reason why Monte/Joe pushed for him to join their Festie Bestie group — so he would be the one evicted if they were OTB. But they’ll only reveal that intel to get his vote in a double. Otherwise, he’ll remain clueless about the Leftovers’s side of the equation.


I agree! He was tap dancing on Mt last nerve! Monte/Joe dropped the ball with Terrence to make him feel included BUT Terrence is a grown man! He needs to actually play the game and stop waiting for the game to come to him! He is too full of himself


On the live feeds last night, Terrance was talking to his family, and he is leaning towards voting to keep Nicole, then the cameras cut. I so pissed, Terrance all of a sudden thinks that he is this big time player, Terrance is a straight up floater, he just does whatever he’s told to do.

If Terrance is dumb enough to vote to keep Nicole, when her and Daniel have shown him just how non important he is, Terrance is a fool. He’s walking around now acting like he’s playing a hell of a game, dude, you can’t win anything, you have no game play, you are showing that you are easily led, you are a Floater !!

If what Terrance was saying to the cameras last night about voting for Nicole, I really think he will show just how dumb he is, he should have never signed up to play this game, dude is just floating from side to side, and now he’s getting a big head thinking he’s important, he is in for a rude awakening if he thinks siding with Daniel and Nicole is a good move.

The Beef

I hate to say I agree with you (not that I don’t want to agree with YOU, but because I don’t want Terrance to end up on the wrong side of the vote), but it does seem like Terrance may be making a bit of a fool of himself here if he votes to save Nicole, especially after the other side just saved his big dumb ass last week. He’s already in a weak position with BOTH sides for reasons outlined by you and TTOTambz, but I don’t see it getting any stronger by voting with the losing side this week. He’s basically telling the Leftovers to get bent, and joining up with EE, Jasmine, Alyssa and Indy, which is a move only the dumbest BB players would be proud of, not to mention he’d most likely be on the bottom of even THAT alliance of bottom feeders.

It’s a really stupid move, especially if he knows the votes going to be 5-5 and Monte’s going to break the tie. He should just be asking Monte which way to vote, and go with it for self preservation, at this point in the game.


Leftovers Posturing to be the Main Meal:

For those who suspected the Leftovers would follow the pattern of the season with large alliances not staying committed, we got the first signs that might be the case yesterday for this group.

My instincts that Kyle was closer to Michael than Monte proved accurate given their chat yesterday. I miss the one-on-ones by this duo who had them far more regularly the week prior to the creation of the Leftovers & same week Ally outed Old Skool.

In fact, much of the reason why the Leftovers was created & the logic behind it was based on this duo’s chats. Although Kyle is taking all the credit (and he did do the heavy lifting with the Pound guys) much of the strategy for the reason to create the group arose courtesy of Michael (and/or this duo’s chats).

Notably, this week the information Kyle obtained from Evil Elvis was downloaded far more frequently by him to Britt/Michael & Taylor than it was to Monte & Joe which seemed to highlight where his comfort level was. We don’t see every conversation, but based on his talk with Michael it’s fair to say Kyle has figured out the Pound isn’t the best avenue for his game. It didn’t hurt that Turner presented a F2 to him so he now has that comfort level to combine with his prior F2 with Michael & F3 with Mike/Britt.

So, a few things precipitated the shift from Kyle. The obvious one being he decided that he wants Ally to get to the jury & likely wants to take her to F5 or F6. However, the other was what he’d been fighting to accept for a while which was Monte/Joe were purposely setting up the board/boot order to their advantage. A few of his comments this week also seemed to highlight he wasn’t happy with how Monte dealt with his HOH.

Aside: that was a bit of odd take, b/c Monte was very fair in this HOH always listening to the group – and in fact, if anything he hurt his game by making the last-minute pitch to keep noms the same. This is something the others can use against Monte if Jas, Indy, or Ally wins HOH.

Kyle reiterated to Michael his concerns about the LOs stating no one beats Monte or Joe in the end & saying “we just need to get to seven” makes him feel like that statement means THEY (him/Michael) would be the target at seven. To be fair, that’s not something Joe/Monte have stated, in fact, their goal seems to be to get the Pound to F4 with Michael being the cut at F5.

To my knowledge, Kyle didn’t share Turner asked him for a F2 but he did say I’d like to go F4 with you/Britt/Turner. While Michael was keen to have three women in his F4 I think he needs to embrace the fact he may need to bring Kyle there or at the very least consider Turner being in that mix. For sure, Michael will want to bring Britt/Taylor (and one of Indy, Jas) but again getting two of his three preferences to F5 would be a huge success considering a week ago they (Tay/Britt) were the next on the chopping block. As long as Michael can get them both to F5 at that point if they win HOH they can make the move to cut Kyle (or Turner).

In the later chat with Britt, he shares Kyle’s thoughts about a F4 for them with Kyle & Turner which puts her at ease knowing they also have their F3 with Taylor. Given Britt’s propensity to freak out, this was a vital piece of information to keep her calm. Knowing that five of the seven wants Monte/Joe cut first “should theoretically” keep her much calmer & less likely to give up intel (emphasis on theoretically, lol). They both would prefer Taylor over either male but just knowing Monte/Joe are at the bottom of the totem pole will help this duo navigate moving forward. With this information in hand, they know it’s essential to build stronger bonds with the non-Leftovers.

Britt of course, brought (some) of this to Taylor noting Monte/Joe are at the bottom of the seven for more than just their trio (them/Michael).

Aside: On a week when Michael knew he was safe he invested time nurturing his relationship with Indy. Initially, there wasn’t much movement – – but when Monte put her OTB that did not go over well. The combination of Michael IMMEDIATELY telling her she had his vote, combined with him noticing her CB earrings had her seemingly shift to trusting him.

Whether that has moved him ahead of Joe/Monte isn’t certain given how much of a wild card she is but Michael has definitely moved up her list. This week Indy talked game with Michael often seeking him out to sit & talk – which isn’t something she typically does – so I’d lean more to him ranking higher than lower just based on those actions.

Joe/Monte: As noted, are keen to go to F4 with the Pound but this week with Monte in power they sort of dropped the ball. Monte hasn’t utilized the HOH to nurture relationships while Joe spent ample time with Taylor with the obvious intention of getting her to feel closest to him. Unlike Indy/Jas, however, she’s able to separate game from personal. Joe has miscalculated when it comes to Taylor b/c she’ll have no issue putting him/Monte OTB ahead of Michael/Britt/Turner & Kyle!

When will the first shot be fired at Leftovers by a member of their own alliance?

This week (F13) Cruel Chef leaves taking the house to F12 & the last pre-jury boot. Joe/Monte are already pushing their narrative of targeting Dan or Ally whereas Kyle wants to win in order to target Terrance – although he also mentions Indy I suspect Jasmine could become an option to garner favor with Taylor by keeping her off the block (& keep his showmance happy).

If he did put up the trio of Indy/Ally/Taylor the question is whether that would mean Taylor & Ally would remain a duo post eviction or if they would have to split & join another team once Indy left. If they get confirmation they would split it would be worthwhile taking out Indy b/c then Kyle could push Ally to join Michael/Britt so that everyone in the Leftovers had a non-Leftover on their team. If that’s not the case and they would remain a duo then it’s still better to target them so they keep Turner/Jas as an option to go OTB at F11.

If Evil Elvis pulled out the HOH I also expect Kyle to push for the same two groups going OTB with him suggesting Joe/Monte as targets.

EE might believe the split isn’t in his favor regardless but if Monte/Joe & Terrance were OTB Kyle might be able to convince him they just need to sway one vote to get out one of the two alphas. The question is whether the Leftovers would make the move at F12? It’s DOUBTFUL — they would make the leap this early, and more likely they would vote out Terrance, especially b/c it would mean the following week at F11, EE couldn’t play & would be at his most vulnerable. How he navigates this coming week regardless if he’s OTB, especially with Britt/Michael could determine whether he has one or two weeks left in the house (IMHO).

Notably, IF Taylor wins HOH at F12 there is no way Evil Elvis survives unless he wins POV b/c the Leftovers would be keen to let him get his just desserts for how he’s treated Taylor in this game.

I suspect it’s unlikely Michael (or Britt) tries to win HOH this week unless it’s to stop Evil Elvis from winning (or the unlikely chance of Jas or Indy winning). There’s no way Kyle would let Ally put up Michael/Britt plus they’re well aware of the oddity that no one who won the 5th HOH has ever won BB – so much like being the first to enter the BB house I’m sure they’re aware of that history.

I’d noted prior that I could see the trio (Britt/Michael/Taylor) making a move at F10 if it was a double. Now that Kyle has told Mike he wants to go to F4 with Britt & Turner I’ll re-up that belief especially if F10 is a double. If it is, watch for Joe/Monte to be targeted & based on Michael/Britt’s chat it seems Joe would be the primary target b/c they believe Monte is more amenable to logic. That target could shift depending on what Kyle/Taylor/Turner feels but one of the two alphas would be extremely vulnerable in a double.

Something else to watch for is whether Michael will try to position Taylor higher on the ladder. The concern of where Ally falls in this mix will undoubtedly be on his mind, especially as the showmance becomes more and more obvious. With Turner also close to Ally it’s imperative she’s gone before F6 so they don’t hit that spot in the game with two F3’s (Ally/Kyle/Turner vs. Michael/Britt/Taylor) so he’ll need to figure out the logistics of taking Ally out before that point & pulling Jas with them OR the long shot would be for the ladies (Britt/Taylor) to get Ally on board with them to take out her own showmance in this season of blindsides (OUCH)! Highly doubtful she’d do it but you if she felt secure with Turner & the ladies you never know.


Ok been traveling seems working takes time lol.
Simon an Dawg thanks for your tireless work to keep me updated, excellent job as always.
thank you as well to all the posters, I have more than enjoyed them and the insight they provide.

TTOTambz love the analysis and speculation your are usually spot on.

like the rest I am looking forward to tomorrow night and personally I would love to see a tie so monte would be forced to brake it and send psycho chef ??? home.

popcorn and whiskey standing by.


I do not watch the feeds and it is a little hard to glean from this site about Alyssa and Kyle. It seems like Kyle likes her but is fighting a showmance for game purposes. From her DR comments Alyssa seemed aware of Kyle’s interest, but said she was more or less friend zoning him. Now she seems to be pushing for a showmance. So my question is: Is Alyssa playing Kyle, more or less faking the showmance in order to get info. from him about his alliance or votes?

Let’s Play Fair

I think she is milking his affection since she was all over Kyle all night before the veto decision (remember the kissing on the arm and sucking the fingers). Then Joe caught her talking about her “special one” that she was missing. She knows her only connection to the Leftovers is Kyle – and she will milk that connection for information and safety. What she doesn’t know is how Kyle was encouraging the Leftovers to vote her out! If you really look at her behavior toward Kyle, it is pretty sexually abusive (think about if the sexes were reversed).


Feels like TPTB (the Powers That Be — ie: Production/DR) pushed this showmance on them. Alyssa is friends with last season’s Alyssa so knows being in a showmance typically helps you get further in the game.

This past week it was Ally who was pushing the showmance (and I mean licking his arm while he vacillated between saying stop/no but never leaving the room & pulling her back toward him) & Kyle fighting it. He’d been pushing for her to leave in a pre-jury boot worried his Leftovers allies wouldn’t want him in a showmance mostly b/c Joseph was pushing how dangerous Ally was. The latter b/c Joseph has been trying to set up the game board to favor him with ties to non-Leftovers Indy, Jasmine & Terrance.

On Sunday night/early Monday morning, the Leftovers discussed leaving nominations the same & evicting Ally in order to make all the duos safe (the thinking was Indy would stay & join Michael/Brittany). So, they filled in Kyle last (b/c he was downstairs cuddling with Ally). When they got up a few hours later, & Monte told Daniel/Nicole he wanted him not to use the POV b/c he was worried Nicole wouldn’t be safe, they didn’t buy it believing it meant Monte didn’t have the votes to protect Taylor so he chose to use the POV.

Kyle never even tried to push Daniel to not use the POV. This sort of highlighted that he (Kyle) had been saying get her out (Ally) all this time but when push came to shove he wanted her to stay. Subsequently, she came off the block & they shared their first kiss that day. So now they are a showmance & it’s very likely Kyle recognizes it’s better to have her advance to the jury at minimum as she’ll be a vote for him & more likely he’ll be trying to get her to go deep in the game.

The odd part of the equation is Kyle was the one fighting the showmance this entire season but now that it’s been cemented it feels more like he’s the one more committed to it. I’m still not convinced she wouldn’t take a shot at him once she learns he was the creator of the Leftovers & excluded her from it plus was integral to Ameerah being the target/evicted. He told her he found out at the last second (lie).

These secrets could very well be exposed by his Leftover teammates if she ever gets power & there is an opportunity to backdoor Kyle. More likely, is now that he is committed to the showmance & also told Michael he wants to go to F4 with him/Britt & Turner that Michael will try to get Ally out sooner than later via someone else’s hand of course.



un autre nom

Alyssa came into the game saying she wanted to get a man as her showmance/protector/meatshield. Day ONE to Paloma. She said week three that producers had promised her a showmance. Is it real? Um. Is it to get info? No. She’s giving away more info than she gets. It’s for protection in the game and more screen time.

Kyle originally walked in ‘saying’ no showmance, but he was not against showmancing in his Grod produced bio video q/a. His problem was embarrassing mom (who is beside herself on discord talking about how she had to turn feeds off when they kissed, and he’s going to get a good talking to when he gets home). Kyle is now acting like an eleven year old that saw his first bra strap. He was the one that pushed for Alyssa to go. Now he is going to tank his alliance very soon so that a)he isn’t the safe pawn with Daniel on the block b) so that Alyssa is safe because he is horny.


alyssa seems interested in the showmance purely so she can be on camera more. kyle seems interested in the showmance to try to prove to himself he’s not gay.

The Beef

She’s friend zoning him? Never seen a girl throw herself so hard at a guy she is friend zoning! And while the information flow seems to have slowed down a bit this week, last week the faucet was WIDE OPEN, and it was a one way flow from Alyssa to Kyle, and NOT from Kyle to Alyssa, as he’s given her basically zero information thus far in the game.


Looking forward to Nicole’s exit interview with Julie! Lol

un autre nom

So, server issues, no internet from 930 last night (EST) until noon today (EST)…
more slurpy noise from bonerboy and notagirl’s girl. eyeroll. I’m wholly and completely against showmancing. Sorry. Tinkly piano in-show segments make me want to barf. It’s not that hard to have some self control… these people act like a few weeks has been an eternity.
Nic really acting like she’s some virtuous hero with integrity? take a seat in the alley.
Jasmine worrying about being on the wrong side of the vote… and Indy? More bullshit from Indy. Hmm, i liked Indy more when she was trying to play big brother, now she’s just trying to play big asshole.
Terrance wants to keep Nic? But acknowledges Taylor has always been down for him, so he’ll vote with the house. Terrance was of course reclined when he said this… la-z-boy.
Aw… Daniel and Nic will be hurt if Hannah and Tiff don’t like them. Hell even last year’s Britt doesn’t like them. I haven’t actually seen a past player…. endorse them. Was there a weirdo that endorsed them? hmmm… anyone check Couch?

So let’s be truthful in our analysis:
A selling point is “I’ll go after the guys”?
The only person that will actually nominate the guys is likely Kyle. Joseph and Monte have taken over “his alliance.” He never wants to sit on the block so Daniel can’t be a target. He doesn’t want Alyssa to be a target. Realistically, Kyle’s cam talk yesterday was laden with things that make sense to storyline but don’t make sense to feeds. He had been in the d/r early that day. Talking points for his cam talk. That’s the only thing that explains Kyle’s ‘why was the alliance after Alyssa’ crap when HE convinced them to target Alyssa. If a leftover wins and noms Daniel, Kyle hits the block as the safe pawn and IMMEDIATELY flips sides.
Otherwise, If a non Leftover including Daniel wins… they target Mike and Britt. Daniel has proven that he is afraid of taking aim at the big guys, and will spin his version of logic until Mike and Britt ARE the biggest threats so he can pump up his chest.


I’m trying to ascertain if TPTB are warning the hamsters for their comments suggesting they would physically hurt the other hamsters.

Cruel Chef, Evil Elvis, JasMEAN & INDYignant have all made threats about hurting Taylor or Brittany. We assumed the day that CC left the DR & was crying prior to the POV it was likely b/c she’d received a warning for saying “I’ll beat her a$$” (about Taylor) the night prior, but we’ve never gotten confirmation about that (HAVE WE?).

The reason it seems like they aren’t being warned is they KEEP doing it so what’s the deal?

The concern about Thursday’s eviction with Taylor planning on calling out Cruel Chef for her two-faced play & knowing how she spoke about her behind her back combined with her eviction could erupt into something nasty.

Earlier this season both EE & CC said they would go ballistic if they were evicted instead of Taylor so my worry is one or both might do so on Thursday. Although EE is already saying he’s going to go low & get in everyone’s face is anyone buying he would do that to Joe or Monte?

Sure he’d have no problem doing it to Britt/Taylor & maybe even Turner or Michael but not someone he’d be afraid of dishing it back. All you need to do is go back to his first HOH to see how he talked a lot about being powerful but ran a cowardly, spineless HOH & that should answer those questions. As is typical for a bully they’ll attack someone they think is weaker/inferior but never get in the face of someone for want of a better term – their own size.

Cruel Chef is a different story – she also said she wouldn’t leave without making a scene earlier this season. I recall her saying to Evil Elvis – oh you wait they don’t want to see how I’ll go off if I’m sent out before her (Taylor), they haven’t seen what I’m capable of, they’ll have to come in and carry me out. Now, this could all be posturing/grandstanding but given how unhinged she’s shown herself to be – are we sure she wouldn’t go off? I don’t know if I trust that she wouldn’t get in Taylor’s face, especially with the speech she’s expected to deliver.

Of course, she might sit there thinking she’s safe & be so shocked she doesn’t do anything. The question is whether TPTB will tell Taylor to dial back her speech. At the very least, they should speak to each of the hamsters (especially Cruel Chef & Evil Elvis who previously discussed this very situation) to remind them NOT to get physical on Thursday.

As much as it would only play into how they are received outside the show – it’s on the producers to do everything in their power to ensure they conduct themselves accordingly. Sure, spout off with whatever you want to say – but producers should tell both of them that if they get violent then they’ll lose their stipend.


Indy was warned against doing what she said she was going to do by other houseguests (I forget if Joe was one of them)

Just a viewer

Daniel wants to call a house meeting or try to bully someone again? I hope he tries it. What tool he is. So, only he and Nicole are allowed to be in a bunch of alliances? So if he calls them out, is that suppose to scare them or what?


Any Super Fan knows you never call a house meeting.


*cough* Dan’s Funeral *cough*


Yeah – and when he does I hope Joe or Monte (someone he would be scared of confronting) says — OH you mean like your Old Skool alliance?

We know you think you rule the roost but you were warned what would happen if you used the POV & you did it anyway adding your name to a long list of bone heads who made TERRIBLE game moves.

So, take your 6’3″ spineless arrogant bullying shell, sit down, STFU. Go hunt some ghosts in the house or practice doing some sincere apologies b/c the receipts are awaiting your exit!

He’s SUCH a tool.

un autre nom

The guys in the leftovers are annoying me. It’s the whole wait to the last minute for drama bullshit they keep insisting on.
I mean, really, if the vote is in the bag, just pull off the bandaid and do it. Right after veto ceremony. Not these guys. Noooooo. They’re going to wait until wednesday they said. It’s wednesday now…. and they want to wait until later tonight.
There is no reason other than being candy assed. So their stupidity now has Terrance thinking Nicole should stay because they’ve isolated him and Dan has been in his ear 24/7.
They are encouraging Nic to think she has their votes. On Wednesday afternoon.
Oh but the blindside? Shut up. I’d rather watch Nic realize that her game is over because of her behavior, and be hopeless to change the outcome for days on end.
This last minute vote flip stupidity? I’m over it.
It’s pointless.


This last minute drama is annoying and will bite a couple of them in the tuchus at one point

The Beef

I said several days ago that they better work Terrance and make sure he feels included to ensure he votes the right way tomorrow night. Looks like they let that one fall through the crack, which I just don’t understand. If you ask me, Brittany is the one most likely to run her mouth to the other side, and nobody in the Leftovers is keeping any information away from her!

I’m not sure I would have let it out on Monday, but I don’t really see the need to lie to someone all week when you have absolutely no intention of keeping them in the game, and there’s no chance any of the five of you (six really with Monte being the tie breaker) changing your votes, but more importantly it’s the other people voting you should consider. You might as well put the word out strategically to Terrance FIRST, and then the three women so they can decide if they want to “go with the house” or not. I couldn’t care less if Daniel or Nicole are told, but I think the others probably should be, especially after last weeks blindside.

un autre nom

At this point, Dan and Nic have been in Terrance’s ear while Joe and Monte have had a total of five minutes of interaction with him. So where is Terrance’s head? Wants to vote with the house, if that means Nic goes fine, but subtly campaigning against Taylor to Joe.
That’s 100% the guys being overconfident and wimpy in their control of the social atmosphere of the house.
Jasmine? Wants to be on the right side of the vote. So does Alyssa. And you have a 7 person alliance who are ALL afraid of passing the hot potato.
It’s poorly executed strategy that’s going to screw them.
Kyle still wants to play secret agent.
Joe and Monte don’t want to be the ones to say it first.
Michael and Britt AREN’T going to be the ones to say it first.
Turner doesn’t talk to anybody.
Nice way to control a majority vote nimrods.


I think it is so they can all have plausible deniability. It gives them the option to say I heard about the switch last minute, and protect themselves from backlash from fellow houseguests. If they say they knew all along and planned it they make themselves targets for those angry about the vote, or those who were left out of the plan.

un autre nom

Being honest: they’re being idiots. They didn’t keep Terrance in the loop because they think they control him. Now they’re fretting that they will have to break a tie and Monte doesn’t want to break a tie. Considering they were going to wait until THURSDAY morning now? It’s their own dumbass buffoonery.


True – they really misplayed this but in fairness, this falls on Monte b/c it was his HOH & the others were following his lead/awaiting his go-ahead.

Turned out okay in hindsight in multiple ways … first, Terrance’s game got BLOWN WIDE OPEN. Turner revealed he was pushing a F2 with him, Britt said he always says us 4 to the end (about her/Michael/Britt). Monte actually made a deal with him that they would vote for each other if they were in F2 but he also acquiesced to voting out Nicole & dropped some nuggets along the way like Nic/Dan’s plans were to target backdoor him this coming week AND asked him to throw the HOH.

He also told Monte – I rock with Jas (another deal) & it’s fine if Nic leaves I’m solid with Dan (okay so you’ll be his F2 once she goes).

He also brought tears to my eyes as he had gas tonight & it must’ve been odorous b/c Nic/Dan were talking right beside him & he cleared them out. I know it’s juvenile but it made me almost pee my pants (maybe b/c of who he drove away).

Anyway, he upped the ante on his own eviction b/c now everyone knows he has deals with every single person in the house – that he can’t be trusted with information & is playing all sides (and not very well). He’ll be an easy boot for many who know he’s completely untrustworthy & loyal only to himself.

The girls were another story altogether putting targets on their own backs – Monte told JasBOOT that Nic was leaving & he had the votes. He reminded her they didn’t want to be blindsided so to join in on evicting Nic, not to tell CC or EE & the house target would be EE this coming week.

Unfortunately. Taylor LIVES in their heads so Indy blew a gasket at the prospect of her remaining yet another week. The trio started speculating (led by JasBOOT) that Monte was lying about the votes & was just doing this so he could pin Nic’s votes on them tomorrow when Taylor left.

Ummm – okay.

Britt did some spin doctoring & an admirable job I might add stating Monte wasn’t lying – & told Indy if she wanted to vote the other way no one would hold it against her (YES THEY WILL).

While I’ve been writing in here things may have shifted but Monte has his 6-4 vote with Terrance but expect Ally to check with Kyle & Jas to double check with Joe & Terrance. I highly doubt Indy shifts off voting out Taylor though so I think it’ll be an 8-2 vote.

Although Indy was spiraling & paranoid she knew enough NOT to say the vote had changed – instead telling Nic just to make sure she has her SIX people.

The Vile Twins say if it doesn’t go as planned that Kyle was the mole (as Terrance sat inches from them & then dropped the SBD gas bomb). They expect a tie at worst so for the vote to be 6-4 (or 7-3 or 8-2) it will rock them I’m sure.

PRAYING for the by a vote of 8-2 — pause— Taylor you are safe.

SIDE NOTE: Cruel Chef brought up Rihanna unsolicited tonight as being a super fan so the fact Taylor’s opening line mentions Ri Ri should be as Turner says FIRE! Her opening sentence that she’s teased us with for the past week is “Houseguests, specifically Nicole, to quote BB superfan Rihanna you look so dumb right now,’”

I’m hopeful, the bully Evil Elvis doesn’t get in her face and/or that Cruel Chef doesn’t go former cop ballistic on Taylor (as she’d previously indicated she might if she got evicted).

One more thing — the Vile Twins are SURE that Nicole will be told by Julie she’s getting a second chance to come back in via a playback. Ummmmmm, don’t think so.

Rather, I think she’ll be going incognito into stealth hiding about 48 hours after leaving the house & completing her media interviews once she realizes how many receipts are out in the social media universe and copious stans (and yes trolls) awaiting her return.

Perhaps she is a much better version of herself in the outside world – – but I for one won’t miss seeing her on the feeds anymore – far too negative & cruel for my liking. Hopefully, she gets herself into some therapy to ascertain where the vitriol comes from b/c this was not a successful venture for her.


Nic is completely delusional!


Just remember, If something goes wrong and Taylor is evicted, it is all Monte’s fault for this haphazardness


Oh NO! What could go wrong? Don’t they have the numbers?

The Beef

What exactly makes you think something is going to go wrong? Which vote of Turner, Joe, Michael, Brittany, or Kyle do you think is going to flip? Frankly, given TTOTambz’s post above, I expect Terrance to join them in voting out Nicole, as well as probably Alyssa, and even possibly Jasmine. I’m not predicting 8-2 but I expect it to be at least 6-4 in Taylor’s favor and maybe 7-3. After last week, people just don’t seem to want to be on the wrong side of the vote, although I don’t know why, as everybody knows where everybody else stands at this point in the game.

The fact is though, some people may want to try and switch things up after losing the second “power player” in two weeks from their alliance, so if they truly think about it, believe the five votes are solid and KNOW Nicole is going to be evicted tonight, it wouldn’t be shocking at all to see everybody but EE vote the former cop out to try and get that ball rolling. It would be very hard to vote to keep her and then try and make inroads with the Leftover’s alliance, unless one of them happens to win HOH, and tries to use that as a means to build a bridge to safety with them, by attacking her old team (I can’t see EE doing that, as he’s just too stubborn and vile, and would want to seek revenge for Nicole’s ouster).


Os anyone else think the show is going downhill


It’s been generally going downhill since season 7 but since then we’ve had some great seasons and some awesome BB characters so I guess I can say it’s trending downwards with occasional blips skywards.


Can someone please explain CC&EE strategy because I am getting lost. Now she is telling everyone the girls and EE don’t have her back

Who does she thinks believe this nonsense.

They say they no there is a six person alliance and she knows who they are. So shouldn’t she assume they are talking to each and telling each other all the lies she is telling them individually.

CC must be the dumbest hg ever.

What is she trying to accomplish other then looking like a total fool