“I call them the sorry six because they will be really sorry that they crossed me” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Monte
Nominees: Indy and Alyssa Taylor and Nicole
POV Players: Alyssa, Indy, Monte, Terrance, Joe, Kyle and Daniel (Michael is the host)
POV Winner: Daniel & Kyle
Veto Ceremony: Daniel used the power of veto. Taylor and Nicole are nominated.
Havenots: Turner & Jasmine

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine
Joe & Monte & Terrance
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy
Nicole & Taylor

1:55 pm Daniel and Michael
Daniel says he feels that they are in the middle “we will need each other”
Michael – that’s how I feel too
Daniel – we have both won the most competitions. Moving forward it would be helpful to hear each other out and have an open conversation about what is best for this week. The minimum would be Jury.
Daniel goes on about respecting Michael. “moving forward dude I’m being honest help each other out I’m always down with I’ve never had anything against you if there’s anything you have toward me I would love to talk about it”
Daniel – I have so much love for you guys
Daniel – I’ll always be as clear as I can like I was this week and keeping Nicole. If Big Brother said here’s 10K I’ll say NAH.. I’m giving my love to my Friend. Strategically it makes more sense in the game (Keep Nicole).
Daniel – I’m doing what I can do because it was me using the veto someone I’m close with goes up. I’m hoping people can see it benefits their game.
Michael – People have to realize if she keeps sliding by and sliding by.
Daniel – as far as jury goes I think she will vote emotionally and vindictively.
Daniel – If Nicole is in the jury it’ll be what did they do game-wise.. That’s the way I’m going to vote
Michael – same

2:04 pm Back to the pool

2:15 pm Taylor and Alyssa
Taylor says if she wins HOH she’ll put up Monte, Terrance, and Joe with the plan being a backdoor to get out Daniel
If Taylor remains in the game she will join Indy and Alyssa’s Festie bestie pair.
Taylor – even if you have an inkling I will come after you I literally cannot come after you. From there we put some guys on the block. My target hasn’t change since 2 weeks ago (Daniel)

Alyssa – have you talked to Indy very much?
Taylor – I don’t think she likes me
Alyssa – I don’t think she doesn’t like you she hasn’t said anything about you.. she’s just going around making food.

2:22 pm Out in the sun

2:30 pm Baby birds are doing alright

2:44 pm Daniel and Nicole
Daniel – Michael did not give me a straight answer.
Nicole – WHAT
Daniel – I was waiting the whole time for him to say ‘i’m keeping Nicole’ and he didn’t say it once
Nicole – you know what he said at the washing machine? he said he spoke to INdy and Alyssa and pretty much Indy said that she’s planning on going with the majority of the house.
Nicole – he said he has my back and he’s planning on keeping me so is Turner.
Daniel goes over the points he made to Michael like how Nicole will be a straight shooter in Jury and Taylor will vote on Emotion.
Nicole – let’s say they are all working together the ones that say they are on our side are doing a really good job acting being truthful. If that’s the case congratulations
Daniel – that means the minute you go home I’m by myself
Daniel – there’s a cookout 2.0
Nicole – the only reason why I don’t believe that is they wouldn’t have sent Ameerah home if there was a cookout 2.0 and they would be including Terrance.
Daniel – it’s happening now with Terrance.
Daniel – have you talked to Kyle at all? that’s HUGE he is the vote to stay.
Daniel is going to work on Kyle tomorrow use the angle that the house see him and Nicole as a pair and they see Alyssa/Kyle as a pair. The pairs should look out for each other.
Daniel and Nicole agree Alyssa was the target if the veto wasn’t used.
Daniel – Turner hasn’t spoken one word of game to me neither have I But I don’t trust him one f***ing bit
Nicole says “They” want to create drama “They want me to flip out. It’s comical because that is not who I am”

Nicole starts talking about the group she saw up in the HOH for two hours Sunday night which is the Leftovers minus Kyle.
Nicole – I call them the sorry six because they will be really sorry that they crossed me.. First to do Monte, Second to go Brittany,
Nicole – let Joe sit here and crumble then he can go.. I will put him on the block.
Daniel – Brittany has to go because of Information and Lies.
Nicole – she is such a liar. she is the worst liar.
Daniel – Acting is lying. I’m a professional actor.. not that I’m good. I’m good at acting as Elvis.

3:22 pm Daniel and Nicole
Daniel – Brittany pretty much told Jasmine she’s keeping Taylor
Daniel – I said of course. she’s not good at this game. I guess we can’t have everyone know how to make moves.

3:56 pm Taylor and Michael
Taylor – even when he apologized he was a bit condescending. I had to prompt him to apologize for the blow-up
Kyle joins them “Is he still confident” (Daniel)
Michael – yeah
They figure tomorrow the word will get out that the vote is flipping.
Kyle is hoping to say “Voting with the house” up until the last minute.
They work on some reasons for Kyle to give Daniel. Like he heard she’s putting up Monte and Joe or if he and Daniel would ever get nominated she’s a vote for Daniel every time.
Taylor – you got options.. who she said she’s going after but using Monte and Joe? you two.. you two are her targets next week right? (Mike/Britt)
Michael – who knows..
Taylor – it’s the season of backdoors.
Kyle – there hasn’t been one nomination that stayed
Taylor – yes there has, Me and POOCH

Taylor – Homies gotta go

4:16 pm Jasmine and Indy
Jasmine says Brittany is voting out Nicole.
Jasmine – we still have the numbers but if we don’t we have to go with the house so we don’t look bad.
Jasmine – we need to feel it out and see

4:30 pm Kyle and Alyssa
Alyssa hasn’t been called into the Diary room about their late-night kiss. Kyle asks her if she’s told, anyone. She hasn’t he jokes and says he’s only told Indy. Kyle asks her if she tells anyone to let him know who it is.

4:34 pm Indy and Terrance
No idea what they are talking about.. Might be about the vote.
I think indy found out that Taylor wants to be festie bestie’s with Indy and Alyssa. She’s not happy.

5:17 pm Terrance and Daniel
Daniel – There’s another one (Taylor)
Terrance – I don’t want her to see jury
Daniel – you don’t know where her vote will lay. it would be all over the place, Emotional, Lies
Terrance – Weirdo
Daniel – you’re killing me

Daniel – I’m done putting on a face.
Daniel – I’ll be out here in the hammock and be like if anyone come out here I hope it’s not Brittany and then she opens the I’m like F****
Terrance – It might be me but I have never met nobody this politically correct
Feeds flip

5:34 pm Daniel, Nicole and Daniel
They’re talking about Power. Terrance brings up one season of Big Brother Canada where the HOH was secret.
Danie wonders if maybe there is a secret power in the game.
Nicole – if you don’t think there’s a big alliance then you’re not in one
Daniel – if you’re not in it you’re against it
Nicole – Guess what we got one of our own and we’re bigger and better
Daniel – let’s see them prove it on Thursday
Terrance- let’s go crazy I mean it. absolutely crazy
Nicole – “They” are playing the same game against all these idiots that think we are stupid (LOL)
Nicole – NOPE not today .. it’s going to be a good day.

6:00 pm Alyssa and Kyle
Alyssa goes over her conversation with Taylor.
Alyssa – Micahel is tweaking .. do you think they are going to change it and vote Nicole out
Kyle – I don’t know.
Alyssa – do you really not know?
Kyle – It’s been Taylor the whole time
Kyle – do you think it’s going to be Nicole? She’s rubbing people the wrong way
Alyssa – Brittany told Jasmien she’s keeping Taylor..
Kyle – I’ll let you know if I hear anything. I wouldn’t be opposed to it, to be honest. the one person in the house I get along with the least is Nicole
Alyssa – she will never put you up..
Kyle – I think she would because Daniel has the votes.
Michael joins them and Alyssa called to the Diary room.

6:10 pm Kyle and Michael
Kyle brings up Indy.
Kyle – It’s amazing how she’s made it this far. For a player like that to get to this point she’s probably in a real good spot. A player with Zero threat, socially, in competitions or games. Everyone will want to sit next to her in the end.
Michael – which makes her dangerous that’s like BIGD last year
Kyle – how do you feel within the 7
Michael – I don’t know.. When it gets to 7 what’s the plan? I have had any of those conversations
Kyle says he hasn’t either “I feel like you and I since day one have been very open about everything”
Michael agrees “I feel the same nothing I have told you I haven’t heard from anyone else”
Kyle says the same with Brittany “I trust her 100%”
Kyle – Monte, and joe are great I’m excited they are in the pair and everything.
Kyle says he feels really comfortable with Michael and Brittany.
Kyle – I’m always very cautious of the people that say let’s just get to 7 you know.
Michael – usually in their mind they already have a plan.
Kyle – it’s still early in that Alliance but I haven’t had any of those conversations.

Michael – You and Daniel have some sort of working relationship right?
Kyle – for now, but when we backdoor Nicole
Michael – where he’s going to go? what options does he have?
Kyle – none
Kyle – what they are doing with the three weakest players on that side is very smart. How can we go and say Indy you should be next over Daniel, Or Terrance should be next. There’s not argument up in that room of 7
Kyle – this might be premature when I hear that Let’s get to 7 conversations I’m like
Michael – like you want to keep us in line
Kyle – a little bit.
Michael – at times a big alliance pitch is they have insulation within or a plan B
Kyle – An alliance of 7 is BIG that’s a lot of people. The cookout was an anomaly
Michael – they had something bigger uniting them.
Kyle – I’ve said that we don’t have that unifying factor. that cause on why we need to make it to the end.
Michael – you winning HOH will probably be best case cause you can’t go after Daniel.
Kyle – they will want me to go after Alyssa. 100%.
Michael – Taylor is going to join them. Are we really going to put Taylor up for the fourth time?
Kyle – that’s true.. I’m going to go all out. I hope I win HOH honestly just so I can have the room.

6:55 pm Joe’s talking about religion

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Only Reading Feeds

Can’t wait for Thursday. Getting my snacks and candy ready.

Karen in TO

Did I miss several comps but in what world has Daniel won as many or ever half as many comps as Michael??? Delusions of grandeur or what lol.


He won HOH and a POV.

Team Taylor

Are these two serious right now (D&N)?? I have a feeling Monte/Joe/Kyle will have to restrain them from attacking Taylor after the eviction speeches.

Rachel not Rielly

Im actually seriously worried for taylor after thursdays live eviction. Yes the episode will be amazing and hilarious to watch their reactions to being blindsided. But i do worry that daniel may over react and that puts taylor in a dangerous spot. They have an irrational hate for her, and irrational people do irrational things.

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

And it’s starting to surface towards Brit as well. They hate her because “she’s such a blanking liar” and they hate her because she truthfully said she’s keeping Taylor. It’s messed up.


Right now it is hard to keep track as to who is lying to who, lol

Let’s Play Fair

Is anyone else grossed out by the quality of the pool water? It is totally cloudy and is probably full of yucky stuff! It needs more chlorine!

Verdella W Fisher

I think it’s either over-treated or under. That’s usually what cloudy pool water means right? It can’t be good for them.

indy's gross mammeries

It’s Jasmine’s fault, she was squeezing our a gas bubble and out came a plug of slop plus cheetos, doritos, m&ms, pretzels rocky road and butterfingers from last week. Nicole didn’t do her job well, (wiping).


I just commented on the same thing…something could be lurking at the bottom.

Paul Sucks

I really am hoping for a split vote and a complete blindside…sounds like the cats gonna be let out the bag.


Taylor should wave ‘bye bye” to Nicole every time she sees her tomorrow.

un autre nom

Britt hyperhypnotoaded but not to the extent Jasmine is reporting. Jasmine knows the vote might flip from her talk with Terrance a couple of days ago and she’s laying groundwork to be on the right side of the flip.
Kyle plans to lie about his vote to the last minute. See a problem? How can the Leftovers claim they have the votes without Kyle? It’s just going to fuel Daniel and Nic more to say they have the numbers. Kyle’s play in this vote is hazardous to the alliance, and in some ways hazardous to him. So does Kyle plan on telling Alyssa he’s flipping his vote while he is lying to Daniel? How does that work? See the problem?
Indy is flipping out that Taylor would join their group and she hates Taylor for spending too much time with her boys. The only thing worse would be Britt probably, because she has described Britt as being too ugly to be in the house. Maybe it doesn’t sound so megabitch in portugese.
Nic told Terrance Indy is being pressured to change her vote…. that DID NOT HAPPEN. though Jasmine told Indy that if the vote flips they have to flip too. Terrance explained to Indy why Taylor joining them was a shield for her, and a shield for them.
The wait until Wednesday thing is stupid. TBH, they should have just went around the house after veto ceremony, told everyone Nic is leaving and went to Nic and told her she was going home a la Terrance immediately. What’s she going to do? go on strike… oh wait she did that…. reveal her cop secret while on the block…. oh did that too…..um be a bitch… well we’re on about day 22 of that (she wasn’t horrible most of week one).

The Leftovers are complicating the plan by trying to be cute. It’s stupid.

Just a viewer

Indy is a ridiculous, over the hill looking box.


I’m confused why did Daniel use the veto and put Nicole at risk if they told him not too?

The Beef

Because he’s an idiot and he sees himself as a genius Big Brother player. He thought he was “destroying” the big plan that Monte had to “get out Nicole” but when Monte realized he “didn’t have the votes to do it” (Monte never realized that – they simply decided it was better to evict Alyssa so that Indy would join Michael and Britt’s group, thus protecting them in the event their “bestie” group was nominated, they could vote out Indy instead), EE thought that’s why the plan changed to leaving Alyssa and Indy on the block. Being a “mastermind” he decided to USE the Veto to protect both Alyssa and Indy, since he thought the votes weren’t there to evict Nicole. Big mistake on his part, and now it appears Nicole is going home by at worst a 5-5 vote with Monte breaking the tie for her to leave.

He plain and simple outsmarted himself. He thinks Kyle is with them, which he isn’t. He’s also sure Terrance is with them, which he may not be. If word gets out she’s surely going home, it’s very possible Alyssa, Jasmine and Indy could also vote Nicole out.


Because Daniel is emotional, and he acts on impulse without thinking things through.

That is why it is so funny to hear Daniel say if Taylor made it to Jury, her vote would be based totally on emotions.

He and Nicole will vote solely on who played the best game, yea RIGHT. You and Nicole totally hate on Taylor and Brittany, because of your emotions, Daniel only apologized to Taylor last week, because he was told how bad that looked, and it will not be a good look for him.

I can’t wait for Daniel to realize his buddy was evicted because he used the Veto, and they did not have the votes that they thought they had. Daniel and Nicole are playing a mean nasty game, I do not really like either one of them.

Danielle Greer

Who told him how bad he looked?


Yeah, when did that happen?

un autre nom

I want everyone to keep one thing in mind:
Daniel saying he had a dream that there was a big cookout 2 alliance in the house the day after he spent an hour and a half in d/r… that’s where the dream came from. Multiple seasons people say they had a dream about something game related the morning after a long d/r session. Daniel has had 4 long d/r sessions (over an hour) this week.


To be fair haven’t there been outtakes where houseguests have actually fallen asleep in the DR? Lol


But if he felt there is a cookout 2.0, the 6 people Nicole saw coming out of the HOH that she has named “The Sorry Six”, I don’t get how Daniel is calling them the cookout 2.0 ?

The is why I say Daniel and Nicole are really not very good at playing Big Brother. They just do not understand people, they really can’t see that they are mean nasty players, he thinks that he is playing an excellent game, and he is not emotional at all, Wow, he’s a fool.


Ok, Indy needs to take a seat. Why is she so upset the Taylor told Alyssa she will join them as her new bestie if she is not evicted, other than Ameerah, Jasmine trashing Taylor every day, has Taylor ever done anything to Indy nope, so why does she hate Taylor.

To be honest, Indy cooking, and the funny remarks from time to time, what does Indy contribute to this season. Jasmine, and all of the other mean girls talked about wanting Indy evicted after Taylor, wait until she finds that out when she is back at home.

Indy thinks flirting with Monte and Joe will keep her in the game, that’s the oldest trick in the book, they are not falling for that, Indy brings no game play, she’s just flirting, wearing low cut tops, massaging Monte and Joe’s back and shoulders, that’s it.

Why the hate for Taylor ? This is really getting old, Brittany and Taylor, are the enemies of the women in the house, Why? This is why no girl alliance has made it to the end, jealous, vindictive, mean girls turn on each other for no reason at all.

The Beef

Everything you say about Indy flirting with the guys is true. Taylor was seen doing basically the same thing during the first week, and was tagged by the women as a “guys girl” for doing it. Isn’t it possible Indy wants Taylor out to eliminate her competition in the house as the “pretty” flirty girl, who uses the guys for a meat shield? And before anybody says it, yes Alyssa is younger and prettier than she is, but she’s made it very clear she’s only interested in Kyle, and Indy seems okay with that, and in fact seems fully invested in helping those two get together, so she doesn’t view Alyssa as a “threat” to her “game”, as she might view Taylor to be. Nothing really to base this on other than the fact she’s got no other reason to want her out, so I’m just searching for one to justify her desire.


Wait – so one of Evil Elvis’ reasons to vote out Taylor is b/c she’ll vote emotionally & vindictively in jury but Cruel Chef won’t – Bwahhhhhhhhhhhhh


Brittany and Jasmine are talking, wow, this is so nice to see. But I kind of see why some people don’t talk a lot with Britt, she has a tendency to interrupt you, especially when someone is giving some good info, she needs to learn how to chill, listen, stop talking.

Live feeds are really annoying tonight, the cameras are all on Kyle and Alyssa. I don’t give a crap about watching these two giggle, laugh, sneak kisses etc.

I was watching the camera with Brittany, Jasmine and Indy in the backyard talking game. Live feeds has switched all of the cameras on Kyle & Alyssa, oh you’re so cute, you are so pretty, I really like you, give me a break.

Hearing people talk game, is interesting. CBS is really trying to push Kyle & Alyssa down our throats, there’s no need to keep switching all 4 cameras to Kyle & Alyssa, they are both so immature and boring.

Oh crap, the conversation was going so good with Jasmine, Brittany & Michael, now Nicole has come out and inserted herself in the conversation, go away Nicole. Jasmine left to go to the bathroom, now Nicole is trying to get Michael & Brittany’s vote, I can’t wait for Nicole to be evicted.

Nicole is lying saying, saying she never had anything against Taylor, she does not talk behind her back, blah, blah blah, everyone has heard her talking trash about Taylor.

Please hurry up and evict Nicole, just the sound of her voice, and listening to her talk makes me want to throw up, now she’s saying she is very honest, she doesn’t complain, she tries to make everyone feel welcome, she is not emotional, she also is blaming a lot of things on Ameerah, she was her best friend ? I thought Daniel was her best friend ?

Please send Nicole packing, I’m so tired of listening to her lies, and how she has played a honest fair game, give me a break. Nicole believes her own lies!!!


Brittany and Michael are scaring me, I hope they are not believing everything Nicole is pitching them to vote for her to stay. Nicole is blaming everything on Ameerah, and it feels like Brittany is buying into this, Britt needs to stop trying to always be accepted.

According to Nicole, her and Ameerah were best friends, they spent a lot of time together, do they not remember when Ameerah was here, she spent her time with Jasmine, Alyssa, Indy, Joe, Monte, she was not glued side by side with Nicole.

Nicole is really pitching a whole lot of BS, Michael asks a question and Brittany butts in and rambles, Brittany needs to learn how to listen more, and stop giving so much information.

If they don’t see through the BS Nicole is giving them, Taylor is her friend, they are Festie Besties, let’s go, let’s win this shit. Then Nicole forgets her lie, and says she partnered up with Taylor to help get Taylor out of the house. Nicole, you are contradicting yourself, make up your mind.

I pray Michael & Brittany are just playing Nicole, I hope they are not believing a word that Nicole is spewing, Nicole has tripped over her own words over and over, Britt keeps on asking questions, giving information, Michael has asked 2 questions, Britt just talks and talks, she is so gullible. Britt is really pissing me off right now.


she is so angry and entitled.


Cruel Chef:

  • I can’t believe no one told me the vote was changing so I could say goodbye to my best friend Ameerah
  • I’m so annoyed “they made me” vote against my best friend – Terrance
  • Why would he do that (referring to Evil Elvis) he’s my best friend!

But — she’s transparent about who she’s aligned with & never lies right?


Someone better check out the chemicals in the pool it looks awfully murky…wonder what’s growing in it?