“My game is going to change you will see a new Zach the people I thought had my back don’t anymore”

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BB16-2014-08-07 21-36-37-659

8:01pm FIRE ROOM Zach, Derrick and Cody
Derrick and Cody blaming everything on Frankie. Derrick says Frankie just came up to him and Said Nicole and HAyden were trying to work with Cody and Derrick . Cody says Frankie was coming to him every day saying that Zach was saying LTA wasn’t his alliance.
Derrick – they (NIC/HAy) weren’t trying to work with us
Derrick – DOn’t f** repeat that we just showed our loyalty.. we trust you
Derrick – they told us straight up Christine and Hayden Frankie and Christine wanted you out
Derrick says Nicole and Hayden came to Frankie and Christine for an alliance they didn’t come to Derrick and Cody. .
Cody – you know who was never going to put you out o f the house.. us
Zach – Frankie and Christine are playing both sides of the house.

BB16-2014-08-07 20-08-43-974

8:08pm BEEHIVE Zach and Derrick
Derrick says he’s got Zach till the end.. “I’m here for my family i won’t burn you .. i’m playing a honest game.. “
Zach – ok
Derrick – I love you
Zach – Love you
Derrick – I’m not going to give shout outs to your family and stab you in the back.
Derrick says nobody talks to him because they thinks he’s a pretty straight up guy
Zach says Frankie and Christine came to him and said final 3 we got to get Cody out first.
Cody comes in says he’s done with Christine and frankie .. “Christine dragged NIcole in here and blamed it all on me”
Cody says he’s going to tell him everything that went down this week..
Nicole and HAyden came to him and Derrick and ..
Zach – Frankie is covering his a$$ right now
Frankie comes in..
Cody says Christine is telling NIcole I’m responsible;e for everything.. she just told everything to Nicole
Frankie – How am I getting involved in this
Cody leaves
Frankie – are you mad at me
Cody – no
Zach I have no idea what is going on.. beast mode is saying stuff..
Zach says his game is f***d, “ I don’t want Caleb mad at me he said he’s mad at me”
Frankie says Caleb was the one 100% down for getting Zach out.
Christine come in says she feel like she’s being avoided like the plague out there
Frenaki says Cody told him some sh1t and its not true..
Zach – I don’t even know we are on the same page.. .. Sh1t is going down..
Zach says there’s going to be 2 HOH and 4 people on the block sh1tz got real
Zach – If things are said and If i’m sleeping you wake me the f** up “
Zach – My game is going to change you will see a new Zach the people I thought had my back don’t anymore.. you know I had you back and you blew me up.
Frankie leaves to make food. Christine and Zach in the Beehive
Zach – People are pissed at you.. you went to Nicole.. Hyden and Nicole called you guys out on national television.. I have your back “
Christine – thank you for telling me
Zach – Sh1t’s gettign crazy right now.
Christine says she got played this week..
Zach – by who
Christine doesn’t want to say.
Zach tells her if they are going to survive this week they cannot be associated with each other he’ll get close to COdy, Caleb, Derrick she stays with Frankie and Nicole.

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BB16-2014-08-07 20-17-19-117

8:17pm Rock room Derrick and Donny
Derrick is playing up Donny saying he’s a beast one of the strongest competition players of the season.
Derrick says Caleb wants strong players in the game yet he put Donny up it doesn’t make sense to DOnny.

BB16-2014-08-07 20-33-18-804

8:32pm Have nots Zach and Cody
Cody says Frankie and Christine were trying to get him on the block from the beginning of the week. Cody beings to Blame everything on Christine and Frankie .
Cody says he doesn’t have to cover his a$$ that is why he’s not up with Nicole.. warns Zach that Freak Is going to be up his a$$ all week. Zach – He already is”
Cody – THey all have stories to cover I have no story to cover.
Cody says that Frankie and Christine said they wanted to get COdy up with Zach because it was the only way to guaranteed Zach goes home.
Zach thinks the reason Frankie wants Cody out is he knows he’s closer to Zach than Frankie. Zach knows Frankie is a liar they are threw in this game.

BB16-2014-08-07 20-53-06-746

8:40pm Have nots Derrick and Cody
Talking about how Christine and Frankie have HUGE targets on them now. COdy adds that Christine already ran to Nicole and told her everything throwing Cody under the bus
Derrick – we have to win the HOH
Christine comes in says as a human she felt bad for NIcole that is why she went to her in the BEEHIVE Nicole was crying.
Derrick tells her to relax
Cody – don’t worry we got your back
Derrick – we locked it down.. they tried to make a Big Brother Move but we snuffed it out and rolled it
COdy – we made a huge big brother move
Christine says Nicole doesn’t trust Cody but she’s more pissed at Frankie.. she feels alone.. and she’s going to hide for the rest of the week .
Christine doesn’t understand why Nicole isn’t mad at Derrick
Derrick -I’m better looking than him (Cody) .
they laugh, but because he’s married he’s sending them all to cody .
Cody and Christine hug.
Derrick tells her they don’t want anyone to see them as a group because if DOnny wins HOH he’s putting two of them up.
Christine leaves
Victoria comes in
Derick says the targets are Donny and Nicole, “we’re golden. “

BB16-2014-08-07 20-58-07-965

8:58pm Packing up HAyden’s sh!t

BB16-2014-08-07 20-59-55-962

8:51pm Storage room Zach, Derrick and Cody
Zach tells them Christine and Frankie came to him said Final three. Derick they said you came to them.. “If we didn’t trust you we wouldn’t have kept you”
NIcole comes in
Zach – you and me what about that showmance
Nicole -you are so mean..
Zach -think about it sleep on it girl

BB16-2014-08-07 21-06-06-306

9:03pm HAve nots Zach and COdy
Zach says Frankie has MAD money he doesn’t need to win this.. Zach – I don’t lie I just say sh1t but I don’t lie.. “
Zach says he’s never lied to Cody this entire season.
Zach says he’s been conflicted up until now “Frankie and Cody Frankie and Cody” but now he’s picking Cody.
Cody wants to send Christine home
Zach – Frankie is sh1ting his pants,
Cody – I’m putting money on it if Frankie wins HOH i’m one of the two.
Zach – Donny is dead to me F*** Donny “
they agree they trust Nicole more than Christine and Frankie.

BB16-2014-08-07 21-13-58-927

9:02pm Rock Room Derrick and Victoria
Derrick coaches Victoria in how to talk to Nicole, “Just be calm and relax… we’ll deal with it week to week”
Victoria – they are dangerous (Zach and Frankie)
Derrick – We need Nicole and DOnny out next

BB16-2014-08-07 21-17-08-318

9:15pm Derrick and NIcole BEEHIVE
Derrick says he didn’t have the numbers that is why he didn’t vote out Zach.
Nicole – That’s OK I don’t blame you”
Nicole says Frankie stayed up all night and told Christine she was making fun of her.
Derrick – don’t act defeated win the HOH
Nicole – I can’t trust Frankie
Derrick tells her hayden called out Christine and Frankie because he knew in his heart those were the two that f**d them.
Derrick – I’ve been honest to you the whole time.. you just got to win.. you think you are down right now not everyone can win the money.. if you win HOH you can make deals
Nicole says Deals aren’t worth anything
Nicole – it’s over honestly.. us four could have gone so far.
Derrick – They would have gone after us .. we didn’t have enough numbers
Derrick says Donny trust hers it’s not over for NIcole she just needs to win.
Nicole – He (Donny) voted me out.
Derrick say he voted hayden out from a game perspective..
Derrick – Nicole i’m here for my daughter I’m not putting my game in jeopardy
(Derrick is tossing the daughter thing around a lot now)
Derrick reminds her that Julie did say someone could come back and Hayden is a beast in competitions.

9:45pm FEEDS ON JEFF HOH is being played


?Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole

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78 thoughts on ““My game is going to change you will see a new Zach the people I thought had my back don’t anymore”

  1. Did Frankie just lose Zach? He and Christine are in deep sh**t if one of them doesn’t win HOH (and they still might even then…)

  2. The amount of lying is insane lol. Everyone blaming everyone else for something. I’m happy that Frankie the Rat/Christine the Witch are being seen for who they are. It’s crazy how the most honest people in this house are Caleb and Zach haha

    1. Ok put up Derrick & Cody, and Frankie & Caleb!! This will be a week of rats coming out and someone is going to tell Nicole That Derrick pulled the plug. He did it last night and got everyone fired up, he’s drawing the line in the sand. See you idiot.

    2. you forgot to add that Donny is also one of the most honest in the house. He , Zack and Caleb tell it like it is!

  3. Wow! I can’t believe how gullible Nicole is! She still trust Derrick?! She really deserved her plans blowing up in her face. I hope she goes next followed by Victoria and then Christine.

    1. Dance Derprick, dance! As fast as you can!
      Zach, Nicole and Victoria – start repeating everything that Derprick tells you ‘in confidence’ and compare your stories. Then all will be clear.

  4. Zach saying what about our showmance when they just got rid of hayden, to Nicole, is freaking classic. that is the stuff you just don’t get from anyone else

    I don’t want them singing songs together, I want them hating each other. Zach has basically in 1 week on the block without even knowing it, completely divided up the house and outed almost every single alliance. wow.

  5. Nicole wake up don’t let Derrick fool you again Derrick talked about Devin now he’s pulling the daugther card but it was a crime for Devin

    1. Im pretty sure its okay for him to mention his daughter once in a while.Devin talked about his daughter (the one he didn’t see for 3 months and saw her for about 5 seconds before coming into the house) so much that I thought her name was Daughter. You hate Derrick, we get it.

      1. I swear every year the person playing the best game gets the most hate. And as Derrick keeps getting farther along and playing all these people, the more these comments are lit up with people hating him and calling him names. The guy just manipulated the vote AGAIN (how many times is it now?) and these people still aren’t targeting him. I personally like Donny the best, but Derrick is steamrolling these people without even winning comps. The guy deserves to win if he can make it to the final.

  6. Who wins HOH is going to shake things up. I’d still like Nicole and Victoria gone first, but then I’d like Derrick, Christine, and Cody to go. In any order. I just pray Hayden doesn’t come back. I pray Donny doesn’t go, but if he does I’d save my vote for him to come back in.

  7. Nothing more boring than a big ass alliance controlling the entire game until the last 5 weeks of the season. Oh well hopefully Donny and Nicole wins this HoH.

  8. Hoping Derrick’s game gets blown up. How can they all keep up with the lies being thrown around? I’m thinking that a full blown Zach Attack is coming soon.I hope that Donny and Nicole win HOH ,PLEASE! i CAN’T STAND THESE MO FOs!

    1. I agree! It’s time to RELEASE THE ZACKEN on the house. Turn Derrick/Cody against Frankie/Christine so that Zack, Nicole and Donny get lost in the crack.

    2. The worst scenario is for Cody, Caleb, Derrick, Frankie and Zach controlling everything. Cody needs a shot of the steriods that Caleb obviously injects since Cody is lacking in testosterone, Zach needs his ritalin, Caleb needs an education, a dental hygenist and some deodorant. it will get excruciatingly boring if these 5 get rid of everyone. Out of the 5, I would cheer for Derrick only because he can talk people into doing his dirty work and that is a good player, ethical? no, but good player. Frankie seems to be on this show only to audition for acting roles, seems that is all he does day in day out.

  9. Nicole needs to talk to Zach, I can’t believe how stupid Zach falling for Derick and Cody BS. And Nicole also needs to open her eyes and see that Cody isn’t the brain but Derick.

    If Donny and Nicole leaves I think I’ll actually surprise myself and be rooting for Victoria and/or Caleb. Those two winning would make this the perfectly worst season of it all. The BoB twist has taken its course already, it shoud’ve ended weeks ago, like the MVP twist it only encourages the power to remain in one side. The Team America is also a load of crap, had it not been for TA, Donny would’ve sussed out Derick and targeted him back in week 2. Honestly, I can’t wait for survivor to start and this BB to end, I’m just glad that there is Amazing Race Canada and Australia airing to satisfy my reality competition needs.

  10. Honestly zach is probably sitting pretty right now like basically a war has started and the only person I see nominating him is Nicole

  11. Nicole! Wake up!!! Don’t target the floaters. Get the big guns out! You messed up last week nominating Jocasta, don’t repeat your mistakes

  12. Derrick will win cause the rest of them will help him get Donny out! Not one of them mentions getting Derrick out. I doubt Donny puts him up either. They suck on so many levels.

    1. Sargent Derrick rules the house, that’s why he was called the laziest BB (Julie Chen’s words) player on live TV! The lazy slug seems so arrogant and acts like the winnings are his for the taking. His sheeple will never put him up, wussies…… take that back, Donny might, unless Sarg tells him some outlandish lie!

  13. Nurse, Nurse, we have a lunatic dressed in over-sized overalls going rogue. Make that two doses of Thorazine! Warning the mental patient may go ballistic beast mode…… tighten the strap!

  14. Why doesn’t Derrick tell Zach to stop harassing Nicole? Oh that’s right… if she was Derrick’s daughter he would.

    1. Because the fact Nicole has blonde hair and looks nothing like Derrick’s wife…(my bad) Victoria! Derrick see’s his “other” wife in Victoria!

    1. I think you just got a preview as to what the final week in the house is going to look like. BMC is going to win this thing if they’re not careful. Just to clarify, I’m not a BMC fan, but it would be a mistake at this point to keep underestimating him.

  15. Seems like The Detonators are came together just in time when it counts (double eviction), only to fall apart almost immediately again. No surprise, since the outsiders are decimated, and there are 4 nominees again.

  16. Caleb is too damn much! I can’t believe how much I like him. I mean I still think he’s a kinda creepy stalker type, but lol.

  17. I’m really starting to admire Victoria

    So how many get evicted before we have one at a chance to get back in the house FOUR or FIVE?
    Jocasta,Hayden,Nicole,Donny,and probably Frankie vying to get back into the house run by cody,zach,derrick,calib,and Victoria?

  18. I have no problem with the way Nicoles strategy. She’s playing tough, hard and not taking Crap off anyone. That’s my kinda girl. Donny has proven he needs no alliance because he will just save himself when he needs to. Props to him for that. Christine and Frankie are basically playing the same game. Until last year, which was the most disappointing season, this type of strategy didn’t work. They are leaving soon, doo bye bye. Some HGs seem to be viewing Caleb as an asset and he’s extremely loyal but self absorbed so is time in the house is nearing an end as well! Zacks strategy is… well let’s be honest, who cares? He’s fun to watch makes me laugh but if he leaves I won’t feel it was a huge Big Brother injustice. Victoria is irrelevant. Cody will probably ride Derek’s coattails for a few more weeks. BUT like it or not, Derek is running things around there. He walks into a room last night and said”we’re keeping Zack” and they basically said yes sir and did it. And then when the damage is done NOT ONE PERSON IN THAT HOUSE called him out, or immediately blamed him or even threw him under the bus. He reminds me of “Survivors” Boston Rob the season he won. He was pretty much the child they went to to get their directions they would need to follow for the week. Say what you want to, but y’all know it’s true!

  19. I am so glad the fish came back on so I don’t have to listen to that idiot talk about himself anymore….Hurry up with the HOH comp….PLEASE

  20. Great show tonight. I cant wait to see/read who wins HOH. It seems to have forced an open “who is on whose side” didn’t it. Sucks about Hayden though, only because it was just so damn soon for him.

  21. Think about it-Zach went from being evicted within 24 hours to being in the best spot in the house. His non eviction has destroyed trust and alliances, and the only people I think would put him up are Donny and Nicole. There are multiple wars being fought and Zach is Switzerland sleeping away.

  22. Totally off topic, but what else can be said? They are all lying, they all know they are lying, and they all hate each other. But, my concern is this: did y’all see how DIRTY that place is? Why doesn’t production do something really underhanded and convince Derrick to convince the other to clean up? The could promise him a nickle or maybe a dime!

  23. he was just caught off guard. straight up got played by a bunch of people he thought had his back. so I think it will be VERY interesting to see how he reacts now. will he fly off the handle? or is he going to change up. obviously he will still be a pest to Nicole etc, but I wonder how far he could go if he sits back and really looks at who has been lying to who

    problem is, there has been so much of it, IMO a record amount of lying this early in a BB season, that no one can keep it straight anymore

    1. I can’t believe they wouldn’t think that would be the first thing Nicole and Hayden would do. However, Derrick got a way of making them think it was Frankie and Christine? I watched the After Dark last night, the idea was brought to both of them, not brought up by them lol. Unless they figure out that Derrick is behind this, (why do they all think it is Cody? Same reason they think Donny and/or Nicole are criminal masterminds behind all kinds of plotting. Derrick tells one person who tells someone else. Because anyone with a lick of sense would be able to see that neither one of them are really that clever. If they were, Donny wouldn’t always be on the block having to win the Veto, and Nicole would never have tried to align with derrick and cody, but instead maybe just Cody.)

  24. Hope its anyone but Donny to win HOH. I don’t care if he is a fav for everyone. Hes not one of my favs at all.
    Good play from Caleb. Its nice to see him when he is acting “normal” and not like a fruit cake, hes bearable sometimes.

  25. This has been so incredibly infuriating! I’m surprised Hayden didn’t cast more blame on Derrick and Cody when they had formed the alliance with them. Also, alarm bells should be going off for Nicole when Christine conveyed that she and Frankie were informed that she was planning on backdooring Frankie. The only people who would have put that out there would be Cody and Derrick.

    Donny or Nicole need to win to rattle the others, because it’s starting to get stale!

  26. Nicole and Christine won HOHs! Oh no. I was happy to see Nicole there but Christine will probably have saved herself cause she was on the outs after the eviction but now they’ll have to suck up to her and it’ll all just work out for her in the long run F%*&.

  27. Lol they all say that now.. Things will Change if Frankie or Christine wins that hoh lmfao..
    Posted this on the last thread:

    Lmao.. Nicole is one of my favorite players but I have to say.. She is pretty naive. This is big brother… Half a mil is on the line. IMO this is how the game is played. My Favorite alliance all time was chilltown..and I’ve missed that kind of game play..this season isn’t as good but it’s pretty darn close… As it goes on it should only get better(expect the unexpected) so who knows what production has planned:. All the babies crying that Hayden left and saying oh look at production keeping zach around.. Are the same ones hoping production brings Hayden back… So before you question the integrity of the players in the house look at your own hypocritical statements.. This is a game we all get a little upset when our favorite player goes..just like in sports.. A real fan doesn’t cry over it.. A real fan knows it’s just the game..I can promise you one thing.. The detonators will be done before the night is over lol.. From what I’ve read zach is Onto Frankie.. And everyone is onTo Christine.. Frankie can schmooze his way out of it with the house and zach.. I don’t think Christine’s social game is good enough to get out of this one.Everyone that was complaining before is about to see a good show.. I think people who started watching the last few seasons got used to having everyone in the house be friends.. That’s Isn’t really a whole of excitement if you ask me.. I want people who want that money and will do anything they can to get it.. Cuz that’s real life like it or not. I know if someone gave me an opportunity to win that amount of money.. I would do whatever I had to, to look out for myself… Because in the end only one person gets to leave with that 1/2 Mil. And We all have families to feed.

    1. Yeah, really! The vote was 6-2. If Derrick & Cody stuck to the plan it would’ve been 4-4 and Nicole votes out Zach with the tie breaker. It was stupid of Derrick to use that excuse but even more stupid of Nicole to not see through it.

  28. Nicole is probably putting up: Cody/Frankie

    Christine I’m not so sure about. Maybe: Donny/Victoria or Derrick and somebody.

  29. Nicole and Christine are the new HOH’s. This should be interesting! PLEASE put Derrick and Cody on the block against each other. I think Derrick is playing a great game, even though I’m rooting against him. How he handles being on the block will show how good he really is or isn’t…

  30. Oh my Lord! How can so much sh*t be thrown at all over that damn house and not a speck of it lands on Derrick??? Unbelievable.

    I’m still rooting for Donny, he’s still there and not one player has had his back from the very start of this game. He saves himself without any help from anyone else and if he makes it to final 2 he’d have one hell of a good case to present to the jury. Honestly though, Derrick is a BB All-star if I’ve ever seen one. He’s The Mist 2.0.

  31. Nicole and Christine?

    is this game meant to just torture poor Zach all summer? back on the block, eh? fair enough. I hope Victoria goes next just to get rid of the unnecessary HG….

  32. Nicole needs to take this to gain allies.. She has a chance to bring zach in… He’s a crazy mother f’er but he was loyal to the people he thought were loyal to him..

  33. Glad that Nicole won HoH and sorry to say the grinning ass Christine won too.Someone please baker act Caleb soon as possible call in for 2 extra straight jackets Lmao!!!

  34. Here you go girl (Nicole)! This is your redemption to get Frankie, Caleb, Cody or Derrick on the block, I want to see Officer Jaw Breaker get his big boy undies in a wad this week and squirm for safety! This will be epic!

  35. Nicole will show how good she is at this game

    stop going after Zach and realize who your real enemies are. I mean, you can nominate Zach, sure. but to have him as your #1 target? cmon. you can do so much better

  36. Lucky for me I was away from my computer when tonight’s show ended. Had I been near it, it’s likely I would have used been kicked off of this blog for good. Fortunately, I had a couple of hours to chill out. Whew! For the record:

    1. I AM pulling for Donnie and Nicole. I have been all season.
    2. When Donny and Nicole won their HOH’s, Zac was NOT on my radar to be evicted. In fact Zac IS great TV. It’s like watching those bad American Idol auditions. Cracks me up.
    3. I DID want Frankie gone. But as I said in an earlier post (last week), Donnie and Nicole’s original nominations HAD to be four guys. Since they choose not to do that, they have to accept responsibility for what happened tonight. It was a terrible tactical mistake.

    OK….. Now that you know where I am coming from, lets go back to my topic sentence:
    Regarding CHRISTINE, …………………………”Nuff said.” I leave it to your imagination.

  37. Of course they are freaking out and running around spinning lies.
    The biggest problem this Season is, there is really NO other side of the House.
    There are 50 Alliances so far and NO Real ones. They all Float to the power, they
    all stab each other in the back, there is NO real loyalties. This is a Season of Floaters.
    I think that Derrick is the King of the Floaters, he is like an Alpha Floater. I think that is
    why he is never on anyones lips as a target…. A NEW Big Brother Category “Alpha Floater”.

    Watch if Donny wins HoH they will all be climbing up Donny’s booty saying we are cool
    You have never been my target…. blah blah blah blah and they will all live up in Donny’s
    HoH… all of them

    I knew Nicole and Donny should have gone balls to the wall. I knew that this would be the
    turn out and I knew Christine would be the newest target come the end of the week. When in
    doubt in a predictable Season, F it Go Balls to the Wall. I hope Donny learned that lesson and
    if he wins HoH Balls to the Wall your game. Cody/Frankie Derrick if PoV is used.

  38. I feel bad for Hayden.

    Donny is really lucky he found those rubber ducks..

    Still as long as Donny or Nicole don’t both win the HOHs this week (I can’t f*cking believe that sh*t isn’t dead yet) then one of them is likely gone.

    I just want my top two guys to skate by: Derrick and Cody.

    People can hate on them but Derrick is playing an amazing game. Cody is for sure along for the ride (and 2nd place) so he needs to make a BIG move (example take out Derrick before Derrick takes him out in favor of sitting next to Victoria/Caleb in the end)..

    I can’t wait to see who wins the two HOHs tonight.

  39. Nicole needs to wake the heck up and realize she needs to start working with Donny. Donny has no one and neither does Nicole. The only reason Donny voted out Nicole was because he knew he needed a beast in competitions besides him to have a chance, that’s why he voted to keep Hayden. It had nothing to do with anything personal against Nicole. Come on Nicole, figure that out! Doesn’t mean he’s your enemy.

    At the end of the day, either Donny or Nicole needs to win HOH and hope they stay in power. Christine and Victoria are easy to control if you are coming at them from a position of power. Victoria has no allegiance to anyone, only to her ability to float so she’ll befriend anyone in power. Christine is realizing how low on the totem poll she is in her alliance so Nicole may be able to use that to her advantage if she exploits that fact.

    Unfortunately I feel Nicole is too young and too immature to realize all of this and she is letting her feelings for losing Hayden cloud what needs to be done. Frankie needs to be the target and everyone is realizing he is the master of the puppets in that house. Time to cut his strings.

  40. I just dropped by to say that Nicole maybe the dumbest player to ever play BB!! 4 GUYS NEED TO GO ON THE BLOCK , INCLUDING FRANKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. OH and anyone saying Nicole is like JORDAN, is CRAZY. Jordan couldn’t win a comp but she had a much better read on people. You only had to lie to her once.

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