Nick “I’m not f**king sleeping with you no more then! I’m f**king done with it Bro!”

Big Brother Spoilers Jack wins the Head of Household. A new twist called CAMP COMEBACK allows the first four evicted houseguests to stay in the house. They do not play in competitions or take part in ceremonies but one of them will be given the chance to come back in the house.

10:40pm Bedroom. Tommy and Nick. Nick – I’m having a f**king discussion with her about if I like her or not. Will you f**king relax?! And then oh we shouldn’t sleep with each other tonight. She literally just said that. So I was like alright, I’m not f**king sleeping with you no more then! I am f**king done with it Bro! I don’t have time for this, I am 27 years old. If I f**king tell you something, I mean it. I get it, its a f**king game. I come back to you every f**king night. I already f**king told you that I am not going to go out there and be PDA with you. Its not going to happen. I’m around you enough when I am in here. I lay on you out there. And if I’m talking to someone else, its not because I am trying to hookup with them. Its a f**king game. I’m allowed to do that. I am not going to have someone continually badger me and get upset and f**king annoyed when I have a conversation with someone. I am sorry that the girls in here are good looking, that’s not my f**king fault What?! I’m not allowed to have a conversation. F**k that, that’s petty insecure bullsh*t. I’m not doing it. Tommy – You’re right, you’re absolutely right. But you can’t act out like that, you can’t. Its just going to hurt you. I’m being straight with you because I love you and I want you to go far. I don’t think a showmance is a big deal but you just have to be smart with that. When you guys start to have tension ..that’s when it becomes a thing. Nick – you’re f**king right. I know you are. I was already having a bad day and then she had to go and make it about her. To have her break my balls after that is just annoying. I just don’t like that sh*t. I can’t handle it. Tommy – but you have to handle it. You have to suck it up for 2 more months. Nick – this is just hard, that’s four days in a row that she’s been breaking my balls. First of all we’re not even together, I just sleep with her. I literally care about the girl more than anything .. this kind of stuff just needs to stop!

10:48pm Jack comes out of the diary room yelling “Who wants to see my HOH room!!!! All the house guests head up to the HOH room door to see his room. Jack reads his HOH letter and looks through his HOH basket.

11:05pm David heads to his room to get somethings..

11:20pm – 11:35pm All the house guests are in the HOH room except for Ovi and David. Jackson – our natural instinct is to welcome him (David) in and nurture him. And I’m not saying that he shouldn’t but don’t forget that this isn’t real life. This is a game. Emotions have got to star at the door.

12:35am Backyard. Nick and Bella. Nick – She came up to me. What am I supposed to tell her I can’t talk to you. I like you. I don’t know how many times I have to tell you. I am not going to hurt you I promise. Bella – I will try. Nick – And if something is going on I will tell you.

2am Bedroom. Holly, Jack and Jackson. Jack – you’ve been busy chit chatting private stuff.. what’s up? Jackson – Sis? You’ve been very secluded. We’re both just checking in on you. Holly – I’m just frustrated today. Jackson – honestly, we’re just checking in on you. I don’t want to hound your a$$ like Kat does. Holly – she is literally making me close in like a hermit crab because she is exhausting and depleting me energy. Jack – I am sorry that Kat is making life a living hell for you right now. Holly – its just that there is no space. She never leaves me alone. Jack – this is the game though. You’re good and I don’t blame you for a second. Jackson – dammit Julie why didn’t you just put them in a sequester house. Holly – I could have also chosen better people to befriend.

3:45am – 4am HOH room. Jackson, Jack, Christie, and Holly. Jackson – I was trying to say that I can’t continue this at this rate. And she goes well you know you already have a target on your back, you spend a lot of time with Holly. What do you mean she has a target on her back?! Christie – really, I don’t think she has a target on her back at all actually. Jackson – anyways I’m like I am just over it. Christie – the craziest thing would be if she goes home and doesn’t really go home. Jackson – she goes in there. She’s shacking up in there with David. Jackson – can you imagine the first showmance of the season is them in that nasty a$$ room. Jackson – why do I have the worst luck? Christie – its not luck, its judgment.

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another name

I know i’m not a therapist, but what would a therapist say?
The day after Nick and Bella are intimate in any way, they have an argument, usually about Nick and Sis. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this.
It’s starting to be contrived.
Nick told Bella he was interested in Sis the day after the last time they were playing under blanket shadow puppets. So it isn’t EVERY girl. It’s Sis that pushes Bella’s buttons. Nick just thinks he’s smooth enough that he can have his cake and the other cake without getting eaten himself.
This, I believe, is just more of Nick’s game. Bella is useful to Nick because he believes it looks like he’s more involved with her than game. when danger (noms approach) there is a distancing so they aren’t considered a pair threat (in his assessment). he flirts with the other one. danger passes, he gets the info Bella has gained and gets close to her again to once more look distracted.
If Sis were playing the game as more than a pillow case, he’d probably put her in the Bella role. She isn’t.
I think Nick considers Bella one of his bishops on the board, and half the time treats her as such openly.
On Bella’s part: mercenary with a dash of jealous and a dash of possessiveness? my take.
Not a therapist, but i’d be interested in knowing what such a pathology means.

Guy From Canada

Wow, is there anyone to root for or is this season turning out to be like bb15 again


i like nicole, but i don’t see her going far. that’s about it though. maybe cliff and sam could grow on me but also not thinking they’ll be around long. everyone else i like less each day.


I like David, cliff and tommy. Kemi is harmless.


I like Christie and Tommy.

another name

can’t sleep. still on feeds.
when i look up and see Kat being Camp Counselor / Adviser to David. first thought:
oh look it’s their new podcast: Get Out, the reality show.
Thus far Cliff and Nicole and Jackson and Tommy broke the first house meeting proposal. Tommy, Christie, Holly, Analyse, Jackson and Kat have all broken the second house meeting no game talk with the twilight zoners unanimous agreement. Who would be at all shocked that the only people that would get dinged if it were known are Nicole and possibly Cliff… and maybe Kat if Jackson and Holly pumped up Jack about it? Imagine if Jess or Kemi or Bella sat down alone within 20 feet of either David or Ovi and somebody walked by. The scandal.
Hmm. Is a unanimous agreement reached when the person who controls your fate is the person that is proposing the agreement, and standing watching a show of hands vote (meaning no devil’s advocate, and no anonymity and therefore no dissent) binding? lol. It’s like they all agreed to allow the prosecutor to also be the judge, while they were still waiting in holding for their own cases to be called after waiving their right to counsel.


This season is so boring! A whole summer of the Jack/Jackson/Nick nonsense. They just aren’t interesting. This is the first season in years that I check this site for updates every couple of days instead of 3 – 4 times a day. Nothing ever happens. There live feeds basically read like the same conversation over and over again.

Jack is clearly production’s favorite. I’m thinking it will be all about the bro-mance this season as the girls are portraying themselves as too needy and vapid for production’s taste (they like a independent, non-drama seeking woman who has her own opinions, but is still a size 2 of course).


same. i usually check this site constantly. this season i don’t care.


I still visit every couple minutes 😉


I’m watching BB after dark. Simon – Dawg, you deserve a gold medal for listening to these feeds! How do you “like listen to like I don’t know like”. Ugh, does Ovi ever shut up? And, what did I miss about Jack? He doesn’t seem that bad to me. There have been worse people on the show.


I only caught a couple of hours of the feeds POst HOH last night. (today I’ll catch up 🙂 ) Prior to his HOH Jack was very arrogant and a bit of a food and nutrition nazi. Thumbing his nose at the other people that don’t live breath counting calories in vs calories out. There’s been worse for sure.

Guy From Canada

Talking about avocadogate?


I believe there was the statement regarding Nicole that it should be enough for someone like him to be talking to her.


The crazy thing is…it was Christy who first started the “getting Kemi out bandwagon.” And her as HOH…the alliance followed her. Then Jack gets blasted as a bully for saying Christy should go wit her gut and get Kemi out. I don’t get it. I’m not necessarily pro or anti Jack yet…and I def don’t agree wit everything he’s said or done…but all he was doing was following Christy’s lead and rallying the troops to follow her. P.S. Missed ya Simon and Dawg and glad to see yall again! :p

another name

That’s not how the alliance members described it. Jackson and Jack were worried about Kemi. Kemi said too much to Kat and to Bella. both repeated what Kemi said to others. We saw an example of this on night one of feeds. We saw how Jackson and Jack tried to control the conversation on the afternoon that Christie was saying (post d/r session) that she didn’t want to nom Kemi. Nobody could get a word in over The Jacks interrupting them (and given Christie’s wordvomit tendency that’s somthing). Because Kemi as target was pre-feeds, we can’t know how the actual targetting began, but we can logically infer that Christie followed Jack and Jackson’s lead. It’s what makes sense.


Yes…Christy did change and start saying she didn’t want to nominate Kemi…but she had amnesia because she really was the first to have Kemi on the radar and it was because of how strong Kemi came on in telling Christy who she should get rid of. My only issue was Christy not taking responsibility for being the initial person who wanted Kemi out and painting Jack as a bully. I’m still not sticking up for Jack in general…just saying in that instance…he was falsely labeled a bully and then everyone jumped on the bandwagon believing Christy. Moral of the story…people toss out the word bully way too much so it ends up watering down the true meaning of the word and how seriously it should be taken.

another name

the point i was going for was the initial push for Kemi asrenom happened before the feeds. Because when feeds came on Bella and Holly were already transmitting data over the broken telephone and saying but it doesn’t matter she’s going on the block and out anyway. So we didn’t actually see the initial instigation but retells by tommy and nick and holly and bella added to the christie stuff led me to believe that the jacks told everyone their plan and christie later changed it.


Wow !! Is it bad luck or did you bring this drama on yourself acting like a teenage frat boy who can’t control himself and slept with the girl knowing you were going to be stuck in the house with her for 3 months if you’re lucky enough to make it that far ??? These boys being mad at the girls because they have expectations of them since they slept together. How dare they. These kids have a lot of growing up to do


I knew about Jackson and Kat hooking up, I didn’t know about Jack/Sis or Nick/Bella…. I guess I missed that in the recaps 🙂


Spot on! I look forward to Big Brother all year and this is the best they could come up with? After last years epic season I thought they were going to cast gamers from now on. It’s such a let down.


I don’t think they are a threat. They just need someone to target because they don’t want to target the girls they are sleeping with or their friends. So they are making crap up to justify their actions. This is so lame. Last year was better. Well, mostly, some people were way to annoying, but in general there was just better game play, and not this high school nonsense.


Actually, aside from the sex (mostly) I’m leaning to middle school drama, high school drama is a little more elevated and nuanced, not much but still.


Jackson is legit awful.


I couldn’t agree more. Jackson is a freaking tool. I am hoping for an early departure for him and Jack.


You are really judgmental of people for having basic human flaws.