Kemi “F**k me! And having to play nice with him. I would rather fillet myself & shower in acid!”

Big Brother Spoilers Jack wins the Head of Household. A new twist called CAMP COMEBACK allows the first four evicted houseguests to stay in the house. They do not play in competitions or take part in ceremonies but one of them will be given the chance to come back in the house.

8:08pm Jack – how do you feel about David coming back? Holly – I hate it. Kat – I think he hasn’t had any personal contact the first couple weeks.. I think we should have as much social game with him as we can because what I am afraid of and I already see happening is Kemi was sitting with him a lot. I just don’t want her .. Well she’ll be gone anyways. Jack – no she’ll be sleeping with him in a week. Kat – I don’t want him to retaliate and go against Jackson. But if he battles back in, then just get him out then. Holly – I can really see him stirring the pot and pitting people against Jackson and you (Jack). I just don’t trust him not to stir the pot and f**k sh*t up. He is already flirting me with me and the other girls. We need him to freakin’ go. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt ..but he just scares me. I think its safe to keep it really neutral. I can see them going group to group because honestly they have nothing to lose. Jessica joins them. Jessica – oh so this is your game just to look at this handsome man (Jack) right here. (She’s already sucking up to Jack) Kat – MMMMMhhhhhmmm. Christie joins them. Christie – so David was not where we were .. he was in a jury house. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Christie – it kind of sucks for me, you and you and the other person that evicts someone because they’re going to say and could f**k your whole game up. David joins them.

Storage room. Ovi to Cliff and Nicole – these next two weeks I am a free agent so I am going to try and do whatever I can to help y’all out. Nicole – and then when you come back! Ovi – Even if I don’t get to come back I want to make sure y’all are set up in someway. Cliff – I appreciate that. Ovi – y’all really fought for me day and night. And I told them, I gave me word if anyone fights for me, I will fight for them. Cliff – I am just glad you’re back. Ovi – I am just going to lay low. Nicole and Cliff leave the room. Ovi – I feel really betrayed by Tommy and Jack but I’m not going to let them know that.

8:46pm Bedroom. Kemi and Nicole. Kemi – I am so f**king annoyed I’m going to spend my birthday on the block. If I’m not on the block for my birthday, I am going to spend my birthday thinking about how I’m being backdoored. F**K! F**k he (Jack) is probably feeling so f**king great because he is spending his birthday as HOH. And he deserves it because he won but f**k me! F**k me. And having to play nice with him.. I would rather fillet myself! Like fillet myself and then take an acid shower. Especially since he’s being so nice afterwards. Its just so f**king annoying but I’ll be nice about it. Nicole – I don’t know what’s going to happen but we just have to keep our cool.

8:55pm Sam tells Christie that when Zingbot comes into the house he is going to zing him before he zings them. “Hey Zingbot, Hang on I’ve noticed that when ever you come in here you make people pout but we’re all laughing because you’re the first one out.

9:20pm Bedroom. Analyse and Holly. Holly – today I was like I just want you (Kemi) to know that I am here if you need someone to talk to or if you just need someone to sit in silence I’ve got you. Analyse – I know f**k her! Holly – f**k you b***h! Analyse – I am not talking to her anymore. All she wants to do is … how did you get so tiny!? Holly – yeah! All the time! Analyse – how do you look like that?! F**k you! Holly – she was like I have a question for you.. and I was like oh maybe she wants to talk game. And she was like how are you so pretty?! I was like .. because you’re not! That’s literally the only thing she ever says to me.. What’s it like to be so tiny!? Its awkward because that’s like the only thing you ever say to me and we’ve been here for two weeks and that’s the extent of our conversation. Analyse – people are saying stuff about you and Michie (Jackson) and me and Jack. We just have to be careful. Jackson joins them.

9:37pm – 10pm Storage room. Holly and Kat. Holly – I feel kind of worried for my game. Its a low key game. No one was paying attention but now the girls are starting to think that I’m not on their side. Kat – no. Holly – Kemi said she wanted to backdoor me or Sis (Analyse). Kat – what the f**k! Holly – today she said that. Kat – she’s such a little skeeze.. Holly – she said her targets were Jack, Jackson, me and Sis. Kat – the only reason why they’re saying that is because you’re pretty. I hate girls that are so insecure. Holly – then she is targeting you too. Kat – well sh*t maybe. But what have you and Sis done besides be nice and look cute!? Holly – its because we’re all friends with the guys and so by association Kat – we’re getting Kemi out first. Holly – but she’ll still be in the fricken house! Jess doesn’t trust me either. And Jess has zero reason not to trust me. Kat – my conspiracy with that is that Jess was feeding me all types of sh*t.. it was coming from a good place because she truly believed it. Holly – Kemi said that she would put up Jack and Jackson and then backdoor me or Sis. Kat – f**k her! That’s my alliance. Holly – if I go up against either of the guys.. I don’t want to do that. She’s not even in power so its a moot point. Kat – she is so nasty! I hate when girls are so ruthless. Holly – the only thing that Kemi talks about to me or Sis is about our looks. Kat – girls like that are so toxic! You’re in a good spot though. We have Jack and Jackson on our side. Holly – I think you’re in a good position to just float the next few weeks. I am worried about being too close to the guys. Kat – I know. Holly – because its starting to put a target on our backs. Kat – b***hes! So why don’t we just wreck sh*t and stay on top? Holly – I am so back and forth whether I trust Bella. Kat – I don’t trust Bella. If Bella won HOH she would for sure put Sis up. For sure! Kat – I’ve got you. If anything I’ll be a diversion.

10:30pm Bella eats a spoonful of mayo and then drinks a glass of hot dog water.

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Sis and Holly! This seasons mean girls!


Kemi is the hottie this year .. sorry sis .

BB Juicy Blast

I think Tommy is the hottie

Stupid Me

What person was Analyse and Holly talking about?

another name

so the woman with enough filler to be nic-named play-doh and the woman that says everyday that she doesn’t want to talk game: who together want to do makeup tutorial podcasts in the house… are upset that they are only asked about their looks, not their contribution to the game?
I mean thus far their contribution to the game is… flirting and making bitchy comments. That game contribution talk isn’t going to go so well either.
Wanna know why Holly is upset? Because Nick and Jack lied. Kemi did mention Sis as a backup pawn. I don’t remember her mentioning Holly as an option. Did She? I’m operating under the belief she named Sis but not Holly. If she said Holly and Sis to Jack, that’s because Jack is her target and he asked. Why would Nick do this? Because he’s afraid of being nominated for conspiring and throwing the comp, so he’s packing the bus before he pushes Kemi into traffic, knowing the toxic twins and the jackholes will eat it up.
Honestly, i’ve not been a fan of either jack or son or holly since day one. I sort of had hopes for Sis for a while, but days ago noticed she would parrot the last opinion she heard, no matter how disdainful and pat herself on the back as if it were an original thought. I wasn’t impressed.
Do i care about Kemi in the game? Not really. I’d like her to do well, but I don’t see where she helps herself when she keeps saying too much to Jess (the loose lipped pollyanna who thinks the women will all work together so really has no read of social dynamic whatsoever), and Bella (who, like Nick, is mercenary at best in her gameplay).
I think sometimes the energy of the house mirrors the energy of the hoh. If this holds true, the week will get ugly. Last week got wishywashy flippyfloppy everyone flying everywhere and wordvomitting too much and jumping to conclusions. hi Christie. With what we know about Jack… oy gevalt. ya. gonna get dirty.


You are spot on. Love it!

John Doe

Holly has a problem with people of color. And she applies all that makeup because without it she looks even more hideous.

Club H.O.H

Here we go! Holly the Hag Thirst and Anal IKEA! Ugh! Thanks OBB for all the updates throughout the years.


i can not wait for the H8fuls to implode on each other.

Just sayin'

Holly & sis and Jack & Jackson all deserve each other, garbage humans.


What a ridiculous reason. And Holly should enjoy the compliment, because she really is not that pretty! She’s kind of average looking, but does wear a lot of makeup. I am sure Kemi knows MANY women who are more attractive in real life. I really hate saying something so mean, especially about something so superficial, but this is affecting the game now, so I’ll be honest. We see the feeds, Kemi is not sitting there all day talking about these women, she associates them with the men they are latching onto and that is the extent of her wanting them out.


Holly looks like the grinch! She is so stick up its disgusting! She is catty and talks shit about everyone cept sis! Cuz sis is just like her. Can’t stand that to. She is also stealing Jackson from Kat and nobody seems bothered by it! literally stealing another girls showmance! What a skank!


This cast is probably the most vain, non players that we’ve had……well, since season 19. After last season I thought they learned their lesson and we’re going to continue to cast gamers. Ugh! This is going to be a long season of a cast that I don’t care about. I’m so disappointed.