Nick “I am blowing up her game to Michie when I leave. I am not going to let her win.”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Cliff
Have note are: Tommy, Christie, Jackson, Kat
Nominations are: Jack and Jackson Bella
Power of Veto Players are – Cliff, Jack, Jackson, Sis, Sam, Kat
Power of Veto holder – Jackson
Power of Veto Ceremony – Jackson used the Veto on himself Cliff nominated Bella

Powers in the game

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

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8pm Kitchen – Nick and Nicole. Nicole – I am going to konk out at 10 today. Nick – do you think I was bad for Bella’s game too? Nicole shakes her head no. I don’t think so. Nick – really? I feel guilty for everything that she does. I feel like she took a lot of the blame for what I did. Nicole – maybe but. Nick – to be honest I feel guilty. Nicole – you can’t feel guilty. You can’t have any regrets. Nick – Like I don’t buy that Christie was going to use it. I don’t regret doing that. Like the whole Kemi thing .. I was given information and I pursed it and she was brought into it. I think it was the way she handled it. I feel bad. It just sucks, I feel bad that it was her game. Nicole – I am sorry. Nick – this week could have been so easy. I was good. My game was good. Nicole – I wouldn’t feel guilty about affecting each others games because its just the nature of the beast. If you went back in time it would have happened the same way. Nick – Yeah, I wouldn’t have done anything differently. (Really?!) I feel like that power was held over our head .. like we were both laying low this week. We were chilling. Now its do or die. I’ve got to win. One of us has to.. well you’re good next week. Probably me and Sam next week? Nicole – that’s what I hear yeah. Not saying I’m a fan. I would rather go out swinging than going out cowering. I wouldn’t b***H away with my noms. If its a wall comp you’re going to have the best chance at it. Nicole – it would be terrifying. I don’t know who I would put up. Nick – do what’s best for your game. I won’t be mad at you if.. if it gets you an extra couple weeks. I got you. Nicole – that’s not best for my game. I don’t want to put you guys up. Nick – yeah we need each other right now. Jess – would probably put me and Sam up too. Nicole – I don’t know.

8:50pm Boat room. Jackson, Christie, Holly, Jess, Kat and Cliff. The house guest are sitting around chatting about random things. Christie – I am going to update my HOH basket because I have a feeling I might win and I would really like to not get wine this time because it was DOG SH*T! I would rather get Bud Light Platinum’s because they have a higher percentage of alcohol. Jackson – that is a power move! Big d!ck energy! Christie – and they’re also my favorite. They’re very good.

9:18pm Bathroom. Nick and Sam. Nick – I talked to Kat and I said sorry about yesterday… she was like it makes sense. I was the only one you told so I understand. I was like I’ve got to win this next HOH. And she was like so do I. She said if she wins she wouldn’t put me up but she is probably just saying that. I am blowing up her (Kat) game to Michie when I leave. I am going to tell him everything that she said about him. Like how he is mean to women, and like how she doesn’t like the way he talk to her and how she wants him out. And that she doesn’t want to go to the end with showmances. I am not going to let her win. Sam – she was hardcore loyal to Jack this whole time and we’re just idiots. Nick – we need to win this next HOH. I am putting up Christie and Jack if I win. Sam – but if you do that the power will be use and I will go up. Nick – well who do you want me to put up? I would expect you to do the same thing. Sam – I would say if you were to win HOH you just put up Jess and one of them. And then that way I don’t have to go to jury with Jess. Nick – okay. Sam – you could put up Jess and Christie. And everyone is going to vote out Jess, it would be automatic. If I win the veto, I wouldn’t touch anything. Nick – no you would. You would take Jess off and put up Jack and then one of them would go. Sam – but she could use her power. Nick – if you won veto you would get to pick the replacement. Sam – oh. Nick – I am done dude. I am actually angry. I only made that alliance because she came to me and said that she wanted Jack out. Sam – when you’re campaigning blow it up. Nick – I will. If its the wall comp. I know my chances aren’t great but I am holding on until my body collapses. My body is going to shut down before I drop. If I die, I die.

9:18pm Boat room. Holly, Jackson and Bella.
Bella – I can’t go out without a fight. Jackson – I wouldn’t respect you if you didn’t. Bella – I know and I am going to campaign hard. I am not going to sit down and die. I recognize that I f**ked up because I said a lot of things in the beginning and I acted more on emotion and re-actively. Like trying to trust in people and like I didn’t like really learn. I threw that away and now I want a chance to learn that. My problem coming into this game is that I didn’t trust anyone. I was gaming so hard and I didn’t watch the show before. I really do love you two. I like and respect Jack. Whatever you decide I will respect. I gamed too hard because I didn’t trust anyone. I am owning everything that I did. I would love to be given the opportunity to stay and move forward. Jack is a much bigger target than me. I haven’t won any competitions. He is a comp beast not only physically but mentally. AND he has a great social game. He is a bigger threat, I am a bigger target. If you win HOH I will volunteer to go up as a pawn. One you get me out, you get Jack out I don’t really care. I just want Nick and Sam to have a chance at this game. If I was granted another weeks safety. If I could get your votes .. I would have five. Jackson and Holly tell Bella if they decide to vote to keep her they will tell Jess “Blueberry pancakes” in a sentence. If Jack stays in this game… he will win. Bella leaves.

9:50pm – 10pm Bedroom. Bella and Nick. Nick – ..well you really don’t need to .. and then she goes what is your campaign going to be? And Christie said oh and I never told you a lie. Such a f**king cun.. aagghhhh.. I’m not going to say it. She is a f**king b***h bro! Shut the f**k up! I am not even going to waste my breath! There is a point in the game when it gets personal and now I am angry. Bella tells him about the “Blueberry pancakes” line. It sounds good to me.

Jack – this is my campaign speech. Okay .. so I never lied to you. Okay! Jackson – she is swinging for the fences. You know where I stand. Jack – do you think she will get Nicole. Holly – I don’t know. Nicole’s been sketching me out. Jack – but we have Kat. Kat hates Bells. Jack leaves. Jackson and Holly talk about Bella’s campaign. They both agree Bella made some good points. Jackson – Bella made some valid points. Holly – everything that she said are things that I’ve already thought about. I know that we’re both at the bottom of the pecking order.

11pm HOH room. Cliff and Jack.
Jack – for me I am not trying to pressure or crazy campaign or convince anybody. The deal was I’ve never taken pride or lied to anybody and I want to play an honest game and continue to do well in POV’s when anybody needs me, I show up and that’s the game I play. Cliff – yup. And here is the latest just between you and I but I’ve now been told that Nick is going to stay nice and cool as long as .. because he didn’t want to screw up any chance that Bella has but if she goes out he is just going to blow everything up. So just be ready for it. It works to my advantage if he wants to blow up his game afterwards and make himself that much more of an enemy then whatever but just be ready for it because he is going to try and throw sh*t out there I am sure. Jack – I appreciate that. Cliff – I’ve made my decision and I’ve decided to jump on board with y’all. I am not going back and forth on this. I don’t know what wacky plans they have but I don’t see it happening. Jack – yeah, and I think moving forward its me building trust back up with you. Cliff agrees. And I don’t think we had distrust. Y’all were playing your side and y’all know why I did what I did. Jack – yeah absolutely. I trust your word.

11:10pm Kitchen. Bella campaigns to Tommy. Bella – I understand that I am not trustworthy. Jack is a bigger threat than me. I haven’t won anything. Jack won the second HOH and he almost won the last one. And he won a power. I haven’t won jacksh*t. There are a lot of competitions left and he seems like he might win. You need to think about what’s best for your game. If it came down to you and Jack in a competition versus me and you like your chances would probably be higher if you went against me. And two because I have to build a lot of trust back, I would probably be back on the block next week. As long as I’m in this house I am a bigger target. And if I am a bigger target that means that you’re not on the block. And if he went out this week and I went out next week.. that would just guarantee a lot of other people going to jury. I owe it to Nick and Sam to give them a chance to play. Not saying that no one can beat Jack but he does have a really good social game. And from this point on I am done dropping names. It is a numbers game and you have to think about what’s best for your game and who’s going to have your back. And you can’t have 10 peoples backs. It is hard you can take a leap of faith now or later. I respect your decision and I love you. Tommy – good points for sure. If I have to vote to evict you .. you and me are close. I am obsessed with you. You are my friend for life. Bella – I am happy and I have Nick.

11:22pm Camp Comeback room. Kat, Bella and Christie. Bella gives them the same campaign speech. Bella – there is no reason to trust me. I have no proven track record but regardless of that if I was to not go home this week, I would still be a target for next week. Next week is the final week before jury. Not that I would volunteer to go on the block next week but I would be a bigger target than both of you next week. I respect the game. I am blessed to make it to week 4.
Christie – the reasons you’re giving are the reasons ..using versus not using the power. Like I know that Jack is a huge threat. He is f**king amazing at this game. He is a mental, physical and social threat and he is a smooth talking. Bella – and I respect Jack and I’m not trying to say bad words about him. I want to express that I really, really want to be here. Christie – it wasn’t a matter of gunning for you. I was just scared of you once I heard my name. I love you Bella. I just feel like you would want me out even more now. Bella – I am so blessed to be here and you have to do what’s best for your game. I would give anything to spend the next week with you. Bella leaves.

Christie and Kat. Christie – I don’t benefit at all from having a dishonest person here and now her, Nick and Sam are going to go like this (come closer together). It comes down to who is putting us up. Jack is not putting any of us up. Kat – I know. Nick is going after them. Kat – I only feel scared of Jack because he can win comps. Christie – but someone else will take a shot. And the moment Jackson goes he loses a number. Sis said to me today that she does not want to go to final 3 with him. She would much rather go with girls. Someone is bound to keep putting him up. Cliff wants him out too. Like I am not obviously going to be putting him up next week or the week after. Jackson is going to go first. Kat – if Jackson were to win do you think he would put me up? Christie – never! Not even 1%! Kat – who would he put up? Nick and Sam. And then after that he would put up whoever was left and Jess because he can’t stand Jess.

12am Camp Comeback room. Tommy, Kat, Jess and Christie. Kat – the only reason she says she has my back now is because she has no one else. Christie – I think her family has old Chinese money. She was like yeah I probably don’t have a car when I get back but I’ll just get another one. And how she gives away all her lulu lemon stuff. Her grandparents in China were apparently the biggest plastic surgeon. You ever see that movie Crazy Rich Asians.. she is probably loaded. Tommy – Nick and Bella in this game are toxic. They bring out an energy in this game that is toxic for everyone. They just egg each other on and bring out the worst game player in each other. Christie – Jack and Sis don’t even talk game to each other. Bella and Nick are toxic with each other.

12:10am HOH room. Bella and Cliff. Bella – thirty minutes ago prior to my talks I was accepting that I was going to go home and I felt blessed. I was resigned. And right now I feel good. My best chance is .. the minimum I need a tie. I hope you can talk to Nicole and tell her that I really feel guilty for everything that has happened. I did vote her out but she needs us just as much as we need her. I know she doesn’t trust me. I know doesn’t want to vote them out and then have me put her right back up. Cliff – I would hope that she gets that .. the desperation that we have. Bella tells Cliff the campaign speech that she’s given to the others.

1am Cliff and Jess. Cliff – just let her (Bella) do her thing. We have got to make sure that no one votes the wrong way to make us stand out in this thing. Jess – yeah. Cliff – and you let me know if there is a different option. I am not calling the shots here. Jess – it seems like its Michie, Jack, Holly and Sis. And then its Sam, Nick and Bella here. And then here in the middle is You, myself, Nicole and Kat. And then Tommy and Christie are right here so if we can get them we would have the majority. Cliff – and I trust Christie more than Mickie and more than Bella. Jess – I personally don’t care much about Nick. He put me up. Cliff – me too. Jess – and he was heartless and didn’t care which one of us were going.

2:07pm Jess and Bella hug. Jess – I see a different Bella. Bella – I hope so. Bella hugs Jess and starts crying. Jess – this is the Bella I wanted to see. Bella – I am just really hard on myself. And a lot of people have been hard on me. For you to say that you see a change makes me really proud of myself. I really want to be the best version of myself. I just want to be a better person. Thank you. I really really need that.

3am All the house guests are sleeping.

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Feeds Gold

nick v christie

lets go!

Feeds Gold

cliff revealing to jack about nicks plan to blow up games should bella go

cliff is all in with six shooters plus kat, and he also has his cliffs angels with kat/jess/nicole on the side


Cliff is gonna be gone sooner than later. Silly old man.

The Beef

Cliff is playing scared, and it shows. He has no chance of breaking into that six unless they break themselves up first, and just like Paul and his minions from a couple of seasons ago, they are so strong as a group, and so frightened as to what might happen if they try to move on each other, they likely won’t until all of the misfits are gone.

Bella first. Then Nick, followed by Sam and Cliff, leaving nothing but non-competitive lamp posts Jess and Nicole. Kat will still be insisting she is the 7th person in a 6 person alliance during the massacre, while happily doing what she is told (vote wise), only to be voted out before the real blood letting starts at final six.

All because Cliff was afraid to call Christie’s bluff and at least force her to use the DPOV, or maybe lie to the people who have lied to him so often, in a game that requires lying in order to have any chance to win. #Chickenshitdeluxe


Blueberry Pancakes? Hahaha…


hahaha that was my favorite nonsensical comment of the night lmao


Blueberry pancakes makes me thing of Pulp Fiction.
Which is a strange connection I know.


I would love to see Bella go but my heart would soar if Jack comes walking through that door. Either way, the house will become less annoying!


1. CBS needs to change the name of the show from “Big Brother” to “Pimp My Instagram” already.

2. Let’s see here… vote out the guy who has won multiple comps and tips the numbers scale towards a six-person alliance that doesn’t include you OR vote out the girl who nobody likes and will take up permanent residence on the block in upcoming weeks… Why is this even a question?

Oy vey

1. uh haha ha uh haha

2. a false dichotomy is a logical fallacy

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

But…..wait…..your making sense…I’m confused.Stop it!What?Go Jess!


Obviously you are speaking to Jess, Nicole, and Kat. Kat is closer to six shooters, and Bella did Jess and Nicole dirty already in this game. By keeping Jack doesn’t make the six stronger, there are already cracks and the cracks will just keep getting bigger. You maybe new to BB but keeping the HoH’s target in the house and keeping the biggest target in the house is a proven decades old strategy.


1, Yup, 10 years ago everyone wanted to be a model or actor on BB now they all want to be Instagram influencers
2. Totally agree ..
Kat is worried how it will look to her MOM watching back at home when she votes to keep the Mean girl of the season.. (ZOMG)
Jessica is worried if Jack is gone “the other side is coming after us”
Nicole is worried she’ll get screwed again
Cliff wants Jack so his HOH doesn’t look like sh1t but other than go back on his word in a game based on lying he’s got nothing else he can do.


Social Engineering. It’s working:( Dumbing down the younger generations

another name

Dear Big Brother 21 eviction nominees: while you campaign to Jessica, look up over her head and tell me what the word bubble picture is.
Bella sells out Nicole to Jackson and Holly because of course she does. Bella does not give out Jackson and Holly’s names to Jess or to Nicole. Gee. Priorities are pretty well established there. But too late. they already mentioned something to Nicole. Will she realize she’s been sold out, uhhhh-gain, by Bella?
Cliff is biting hard on the bait to mend fences with the six. Biting hard like it’s Jackson and a pizza in the shower stall hard.
My thought, is Jackson selling out Bella’s campaign in order to create plausible deniability, or is he being…. sincere? When it comes to Jackson i have a hard time with sincere, since everything is artifice. Not as artificial as Tommy and his ‘i’m so in love with you’ to every person crap… but artificial.
I just can’t make up my mind. I so dislike so many people playing this season. It really means nothing to me whichever one of Jack or Bella leaves. Usually i can find a reason to tip the scale. I just want them both out so bad. I want them both out, and i want them to take a couple with them.
Even the analytical game part of me falters: if you keep Jack you’re an idiot. If you keep Bella you’re an idiot. Seriously can they just change the rule and say in the event of a tie… you’re both out? You know, while we’re playing fast and loose with rules.
Added notes: Tommy. stop with the proof in the pudding thing. just stop. and Christie: the old chinese money doesn’t need the money like it’s a charity telethon? smdh. just. no. just no. jeepers. just. grr.
Bella later tells Cliff that Jackson is in four showmances…. so Robin Kass and the Grod are finally being counted. nice.


Great post! I would say Jack is the bigger threat just because Bella has blown through so much social capital. But with that said Bella and Nick might just as easily team up with the remaining 5 shitshooters…

another name

My brain says Nick has always been after a 5. Note when he proposed misfits it left Nicole and Jess out. Now say that Michie and Holly would jump to them. That’s the five of Bella, Sam Nick Michie and Holly. The others can kick rocks. They’d be voting to save part of a showmance that would be saying within seconds, “if we keep them at the outside and tell the other side everything that Cliff and Nicole, Jess and Kat were saying… maybe we can get the target shifted back on the losers if the other side wins hoh.”
Sam was already planning to use Jess as a pawn on the block, which further shows this isn’t an alliance, this is an act of desparation that will be dismissed immediately. We’ve already seen Bella throwing out names again. It’s the names of the people she is thinking are already going to vote for her. She can’t help herself. She is the scorpion on the frog’s back.
Jack. Ignorant Jack. remembered some colors. picked up a snake. Was bottom of the pack in physical comps so far (injured Cliff beat him in veto? and he was one of the first 5 to fall in the first hoh i think?)
Jack’s threat: he’s imposing and threatening because of the power that the other houseguests bestow to him because he’s big and has a temper.
Bella’s threat: she will turn on everyone over and over and convince herself it was everyone that turned on her. She will reveal every plan and every target. It’s who she is.

Allies Mom

The good news: There is a possibility Jack might get voted out.

The bad news: it depends on Jess.


Holly, Jackson, Tommy, Christie, Sis = Bella

Nicole, Sam, Nick = Jack

That leaves Kat and Jess. It depends on both Kat and Jess. Kat was playing both sides but seems to be with the alliance of 6 now along with Jess.


If it depends on Jess, Jack is going nowhere.


Jess loves Jack and not in a Tommy – “I love you” way.

An ornery mouse

Nah, Jess could vote to evict Jack and Kat vote to keep him – and he’d still stay via a 6-4 vote. They’d need BOTH of these dingbats to force a tie that Cliff could break in Bella’s favor…… therefore, kiss Bella’s ass goodbye.

It blows my mind Sam is still talking about throwing Jess up there next week and still doesn’t understand the machinations of Christie’s power. The naivete is running rampant outside of the six.


Well if we are relying on Jess we are f’d lol


Is this the first time Bella talking game? Why didn’t she talk game to Cliff before he put her up?

Guy From Canada

if There is actually a flip This season may be saved but I doubt that will happen….,


Me thinks the black widow will be staying in the house

Feeds Gold

its not happening – 5 of six shooters (excluding jack on block) and kat are voting bella out, jess/nicole, maybe sam will follow

nick will make it 9-1

Dalia Hobelman

Does Christine ever STFU she annoys me worse than any person in that house, she’s gonna keep using her power that’s the worse mistake on CBS let them play ugh it don’t matter who wins until that power can be flushed that’s when we will see real game play


She doesn’t shut up and she never will. lucky for us we have until September and we’ll never have to listen to her again.


I can’t wait to never have to listen to her again. Much like it was so nice to never have to listen to Shitmas and Paul again

Ugh.. this season...

I swear if Paul ever comes back on this show, I will never ever watch again. Like nails on a chalkboard!

J e t s jets jets jets

Where the F$$$ does this even come from? You’re as oblivious as Jess!


I just shuttered:(


I can’t listen to her blather on & on…I won’t make it til September…I’ll be gone from alcohol poisoning…lol




You just had to jinx us, didn’t you Simon!? Now that you said you can’t wait to not hear Crusty’s voice again, you know production will see that comment and Crusty will be back hosting comps and being annoying for seasons to come……,


This is why we LOVE OBB:)

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

The Universe: “Christie, keep me out of your mouth – I’m not in an alliance with you.”

An ornery mouse

What if Dominique (from BB19), who was getting pointers from God himself, were on this season and teamed up with Christie…… talk about a dream-team: Christie, The Universe, Dominique, and God. They’d be unstoppable.


WOW you are onto something God + Universe they would walk away with it.


CLIFF should have put her on the block after he knew she didnt use it ! that is how u play BB ! cliff should have said at the veto meeting > oh christie you thought i was dumb enough to believe and go along with your nonsense to put up a person that didnt want me evicted , lady . SADLY HE WAS TO STUPID TO UNDERSTAND


I have NEVER heard someone say “literally” so much in my life. She didn’t stop talking.


Like, like literally


I wish a group of 5 new people would come in. There can be several weeks of double evictions so it still ends on time. This house needs something. This group is boring me. I also feel like Ovi’s power should be given to someone America votes to have it. We need a wizard power or the “miracle” power like the season Rachel and Jordan were given when Porsha was HOH and the noms got switched and Rachel was given her chance to win Big Brother. It needs to be shaken up!


The bottom 9 people on the ranking Grid and more or less unlikeable. Doesn’t give us much to work with at the upper reaches most of them have been evicted.

comment image


Would you have EVER thought Bella would ranked higher than most of the Six !!! Goes to show how much we hate the six shooter alliance !


I voted Bella higher just to show how much I loathe the 6, to see them below her makes me smile

J e t s jets jets jets

They should give America more power! This would keep us more involved and able to get around production.

JR_TX_RI Kemi and Nick are the only people to increase at all from the previous week, though I like her now, she is sadly off the show, and the other is a perverted douche

But, um

Let us vote like when Jeff got his power in Season 11

Franks fumes

Tommy’s breath is also “toxic”.


Christie must be playing a great game to these people because no one wants to blow up her game. Nick wants to blow up Kats game….really??


What is her game ? Suck up to the 6? Pretty potent strategy there!


Cliffs Dummy’s would be a better alliance name than Cliffs Angels.


I swear if an angel wins HOH it doesn’t matter who one of these “angels” or CLiff or Sam will be sent packing. It’ll probably be Sam or Nicole cause why not..

I have no hope. Maybe Nicole can pull something off but when you have to count on Jessica and kat you’re f*ed.


Simon, is it Kraken time yet???!!!


oh my god we’re so Kraken .. it’s going to take a lot to get out of this.

There are just too many unlikeable people this season. Out of g8tful + Jess who is there anyone I could root for?

Jack – no
Jackson – no
Holly – Maybe
Sis – no
Tommy – no
Christie – no
Jess – Maybe
Bella – gone
Nick – no

So out of 9 people, we have 2 maybe’s and that’s pushing it.

On the other side, it looks better with 3 likable and 1 maybe.

Sam – Likable
Nicole – Likable
Cliff – maybe
Kat – LIkable


Most unlikable cast ever. Go back and look.


Well put.

It was odd watching the room when almost all of them were in it. Nicole said nothing. Kat, Christine, Jack and Tommy led the conversation.

Christie was pretty upfront about her Kat crush.


I think you need to add a deplorable category.


Lol! Now all I can think of is Madeline Kahn in History of the World, Part 1 as Empress Nympho and picking soldiers for the orgy….”No, no no, yes, no no yes, no no no no yes!”


I can’t get over how dumb Kat and Jess are … they don’t seem to be able to see beyond THIS week. And, they are also completely ignorant of simple mathematics. Nicole is doomed because these misfits are so dumb.


That damn power still being in play screws up everything ! Nicks right though, they need to but up Christie if they win hoh , that way she has to use it, and if Sam Nick or Nicole win POV , put Jack up next to her.


And to think all cliff had to do was put Christie on the block to get the power out this week by sending her home, but nooooo he wanted two weeks of safety


Well if Nick, Sam, maybe Nicole wins veto Christie’s power is useless because the veto holder would replace the person with another in the group. Most likely they wouldn’t use it.

J e t s jets jets jets

No put up Jackson.


Someone give Cliff a dress b/c he’s acting like a little b**** right now.


Sam is the only one I can root for. The “bottom feeders” are useless and just go back and tell Christie everything. Don’t they realize she is playing both sides but mostly with the 6 shooters!
Although I don’t care for her much, Christie is playing the best game. Nobody (other than Bella) wants to put her up.


She has the power now which is why nobody is talking about putting her up. She will be a target once that power is used or is no longer good.


Anyone with enough brain power to light up a Christmas Tree bulb…a tiny one…could see that Jack is the biggest threat and should go this week. Thus, Jess will never see it. Sad.

Nina pink

Hey Simon who you are hoping would win this season!


In terms of strategy, social skills and ability to execute it’s too early to know
In term of who is likable to me, it would be Nicole or Sam

Glenn Simpson

…but you know it’s going to be Christie or Tommy.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Yup,that’s the final 2.Sad but true.

Lardy Butt McSaggy-Pants

I kinda admire that Cliff has no shame displaying his physique.

another name

The guy that is breaking have not rules is complaining that someone can’t wait until he’s not a have not before eating a watermelon.
OOO. Petty me would be eating allllll five of them. right in front of him. until i was sick. and i’d still keep eating them.
So they are what… rewarding his rule breaking by giving him his special request foods? oh. Gee. That sounds about right.


Help me out here. Are CBS Live Feeds and After Dark two different things?


The live feeds are on all the time. ONly goes off for competitions, signing and when houseguests talk about Jackson eating.

Aferdark from what I gather is just on certain times and only shows you 1 conversations whereas on the feeds we sometimes get 1.5

another name

in the canadian version, after dark is a selected storyline from things that happened between 730/8pm and 1130/12pm on feeds roughly. In my area it was aired between 1am and 5am. I’ve always wondered if that is the way the us version after dark airs as well.

Feeds Gold

us after dark is 9pm to midnight house time…live east coast, tape delay other time zones i believe


I feel like that would be more fun. Unfortunately, ours is just what they are actually doing live during those 3 hours 🙁

another name

it kept you informed of what production was pushing as their theme in some cases, because of who they chose to include in the episodes… but because of feed blocks for parties, alcohol (after they moved from the affiliate to the main network post season 2), comps, ceremonies (sometimes up to 19 hour feed blocks), there were cases of repeats. lots and lots of repeats.

Jack's Dirty Scrunchie

“. . . when houseguests talk about Jackson eating.”



After Dark’s not on in Canada this year though? I haven’t been able to see it in the listings. If by chance it is can someone let me know what channel?


And after dark is highly edited


After Dark is one camera view from the live feeds and usually runs 3 hours. That one view shifts between whatever cameras have something going on although it can be very frustrating when the shifts happen in the middle of good conversations to a what are you eating conversation or I really want to be an influencer talk. It’s edited for content and some language, I think the F-word is the only one they silence. I think it runs between 9-12 Pacific in my area. It’s a slice of the live feeds from what I can tell.


what channel?


So wait……are you saying that Jackson is a Have Not and gets to eat food? WTH!! How is that even allowed? Was it addressed as to why he is able to do that?


BBtwitter has gone on a holy crusade but nothing has happened.


They’ll make some announcement like with Audrey, she got a penalty vote. The worse thing that will happen is they’ll take his vote. They might make him a penalty nominee but that’s very unlikely and wouldn’t change anything because no one made a plan for that so no one will change their vote. Although that might give those folks looking to toss Jack the boost to flip. So nothing happens…

another name

He volunteered to be a have-not.
He complains about everyone else eating, and how hungry he is while he is sneaking food.
In my opinion he knew he could get away with it by using his past history with body image and food issues. He was gaming the system. Since he’s aware production has been image fixing, he knew there would be more incentive for them to look the other way.
Others have eaten in the past as a have not without punishment. hiding their heads under blankets with krinkling noises from wrappers and the like.
A former co-worker who was once a house guest (no name or season because they are still contractually obligated) once insinuated one have not would come out of the d/r smelling like burgers. I’m not sure it was a joke.


There cryptic conversation Jackson had with Holly He insinuated he had a previous eating disorder (when he had a 3 year old tantrum and stomped off…)

Feeds Gold

cliffs hoh week…

forms an alliance with jess/nicole/kat

begins a steady working relationship with six shooters even after targeting them

helps the most influential player in the house keep a power which was hugely appreciated, likely to get him at least to jury

backdoors bella, then hours after has her boyfriend nick saying “cliff…i love that guy” to bella with bella agreeing

has nick spewing his gameplan to him (with his noms combos if he wins hoh constantly changing)

has the entire house respecting his game thinking he is trustworthy and honest


Just looking at it through a Cliff lens…seems like a good week for him…time will tell

Franks fumes

If you admire gutless play then I agree.