NEW Big Brother Canada 3 Commercial Featuring the House Guests!

Big Brother Canada 3 2015-03-19 13-01-17-181

The newest Big Brother Canada 3 promotional commercial was just released highlighting the all new cast of house guests. They’ll be moving into the newly redesigned house shortly, which we will get our first look at tomorrow! From the commercial it sounds like the house guests will be enduring more Twistos Twists the moment they walk in the door. We can’t wait to find out what the producers have in store for the 16 new house guests.

Monday on Global Big Brother Canada is BACK! The
TWISTS begins the day they move in! This is the season that could bring the house down!


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3 thoughts on “NEW Big Brother Canada 3 Commercial Featuring the House Guests!

  1. Simon and Dawg weekend to do list before premiere and feeds start monday night-

    get as much sleep as you can

    stock your fridges with redbull

    ha ha

  2. for sure cant forget to have a few jars

    i just watched all 16 hg vids and i really like the 4 blonde girls, seem pretty fun and goofy, but also mentally strong and very aware of whats required to survive and advance in the game

    of the guys, if bobby and zach teamed up, that would be a very strong combo…and i could see either hooking up with one of the blondes too

    first boots – im picking cindy and johnny

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