Never won sh!t yet running the game “It’s that weird Dr. Will 2.0 thing she’s got going”

POV Holder: Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd
Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie
Have Nots (head cheese and habaneros) GM, Amanda, Helen and Elissa


2:55pm Everyone sleeping except for Elissa who is reading the bible


3:06pm Cockpit Helen and Elissa
Elissa asks if she talked to Aaryn today.
Helen: “no.. i’ve been sleeping”
Elissa: “ohh I thought you’ve been talking to her”
Helen: “I talked to her yesterday for a little while.. have you talked to her”
ELissa: “no Hmm umm”
Helen says Aaryn told her if she wins the veto she will not use it.
Helen: “I’ll need to convince her otherwise.. we might have to make a deal to keep her safe again”
Elissa: “she‘s not going to be able to play next week.. so she needs deal. “
Helen says if Spencer wins the veto they can offer him a deal to keep him safe next week if he uses it the veto to backdoor someone.
Helen: “Spencer is alone..”
Helen tells Elissa no matter what there is always a way but they shouldn’t worry about it too much until they know who wins the POV competition.
Helen: “Did Aaryn tell you you were a pawn or a target.
Elissa: “Target”
Helen: “Thats what she told me to.. if Spencer gets on the block Aaryn says she doesn’t care who the house votes out”
Helen says if Elissa and Spencer are nominated she would have McCrae, Andy and herself to keep Elissa safe.
Helen adds that she would hope if it’s her and Spencer nominated than they would have McCrae, Andy, and Elissa.
Elissa: “Of course hmm umm “
Helen is certain she will have GM’s vote over Spencer.
Helen: “what type of comp do you think it will be “
Elissa: “athletic”
Helen: “could be”
Elissa goes back to bed Helen messes around with the frog

CBS Interactive Inc.


3:37pm Cockpit McCrae and Helen
they are going through the alphabet and matching each letter with a big brother word. This is in prep for a possible POV contest.
“A is for alliances”
“F is FLoaters”
“S is Showmance”
“H is Head of Household”
“S is scrambling”
“P is power of veto”
“C is chopping block”
“N is nominations”
“B is Backdoor”
Helen: “They always like to use the phrase chopping block.. I don’t use that phrase in normal vocabulary”
McCrae says they may use new words that they’ve been noted saying a lot like HOHitus..

McCrea thought it was going to be what would you do for veto but it’s taking so long for them to build the set so he’s really not sure.

Helen says Elissa told her she’s going for all the punishments to get the veto.
McCrae: “baloney I don’t believe that for a second..” McCrae points out once they get to cutting up your clothes and cutting your hair she will hesitate.

Helen talked to GM and Gm told her she would use the Veto but she would need to talk to Aaryn first so Aaryn doesn’t get pissed off.

Helen says Spencer, Aaryn and GM are trying to take down the pairs so they control the house .

McCrae: ‘Just make sure Ginamarie doesn’t win the HOH next week”
Helen: “Ya because if GM wins she’ll put you and Amanda up”
MC: Yup”
Helen: “If Aaryn left then Ginamarie and Spencer will scramble.. Aaryn thinks she can work with me after ELissa leaves”
Helen: ‘Gianmarie trusts me a little bit and Ginamarie is getting annoyed with Amanda a little bit”
Helen: ‘If Amanda won HOH what would she do McCrae”
MCrae: I dunno… maybe she would put up Aaryn and Ginamarie just to break those two up.. I dunno we really haven’t talked about it”
Helen says she can control Elissa 100% if McCrae and Amanda are nominated next week he has Andy, Elissa and Helen’s vote.
McCrae: “I dunno I feel that Elissa is more loyal to Amanda”
Helen: “NO she is loyal to me”
Cut to fish

Helen: “I can’t lose Elissa this week I can lose her next week but not this week”
McCrae hopes Elissa kicks it up a notch.
Helen: “I think she will after our conversation”
They start talking about how upset they are at Elissa saying she wants to quit if she goes to jury.
MC: “I dunno.. I don’t think she cares.. “
Helen brings up how nervous Elissa gets before the competitions and how she trying to live up to Rachel
MC: “If she was a good game player she would realize she doesn’t need to win competitions”
MC thinks she should take the exact opposite route than rachel, she should lay low and build relationships.

Helen says what kills her is she helped Elissa their entire season and now she might go home because of Elissa. Helen: “If she survives YEs she’s a extra vote to me but that’s all she is at this point.. I need to start playing for myself”
McCrae: “Dead weight”
Helen says there is things she cannot do in this house because Elissa is around. “ I need to manipulate and do what I need to do to get things done“

Helen about ELissa: ‘She really wanted to keep Jessie and Canice.. that is not good game play.. keeping them was not good game play”
MC: ‘She fell ass backwards into the best position but she keeps self sacrificing herself”
Helen says she carried Elissa their entire time and now Elissa is detrimental to her game.

Helen says all her life she did what other people told her to do, especially her father. She adds that growing up was very traditional and strict. She went to school got a job and worked hard but she never did what she really wanted to do. Going on Big Brother was something she really wanted to do.

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


4:24pm McCrea tells her that Amanda and him had a symbiotic relationship they both played different games.
Helen says she loves him to death but if he goes to final 2 with Amanda he will not win.
McCrae agrees it’s a worry for him.
Helen points out if Amanda makes it to the end never wins a HOH and ran this entire house she will win the game.
McCrae: “It’s that weird Dr Will 2.0 thing she’s got going”
Helen says if McCrae blindsides Amanda that will win the game for him, “you won’t’ have to do anything else in the game.. you would go down in history.. “
Helen: “So Andy and I can let you do that” She laughs then gets serious tells McCrae she will support any move that get their 3 person alliance further in the game.
Helen: “I don’t want Ginamarie, Spencer or Elissa winning this game” Helen says Spencer is a fan of this game but he lied to her so much. Her reasons for Elissa and GM is they never were fans.


Spencer/Andy roll in.

Spencer: “Elissa is the new Candice in terms of door slamming”
He explains that Candice was worse.
Helen leaves.
Spencer says last week they didn’t start the POV until 6pm.

Andy doesn’t understand why production wait so long to do the Power of Veto contests. They talk about how last week there was problems with the Veto production told them they were losing lighting and had to hurry parts up.


5:25pm Cockpit Chit chat Helen’s zit seems to be growing pretty damn fast. A bit ago Helen said the Zit has a life of it’s own she can feel it’s heartbeat.

Andy says he loves Britney but didn’t feel like she was an amazing game player. Someone mentions that Britney wasn’t the first choice someone else was selected but did go through.
Elissa says that Dr Will was going to be on last season but he asked for too much.

CBS Interactive Inc.

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I’m sure Dr. Will is pleased.. not

Roisin Dubh

Dr Will would’ve said” you all are pansies, send me home” and then set someone else up to take the fall. Come on people am I right or what?


bringing past winners back they have no chance was amazed dan got 2nd I watched last and this so a new fan but if I were in the house any winner or top finisher from previous show comes in instantly marked for death no deals no anything don’t even talk to me


his whole thing was way more amazing because he won in a year when they didn’t have the Veto and then in all stars… he made it to final 4. Funny thing is, he would have been the only two time winner had it not been for Erica

Uri Dequad

It is way to hard finding GOOD in any of these people.
I think it is better to imagine how they treat their own
friends and family

David- will continue to be a lifeguard, surf, skate, and finally
end up dying from Narcissum. He will always love himself
more than anyone else

Nick- will request asylum in Russia with Edward Snowden.
His career will still be skating except he will switch to ice
skating due to the harsh Russian weather

Jeremy- will continue to piss EVERYONE he meets in less than
10 minutes whether they be friends or coworkers
His boat will always be his home and will get a face
tatoo like Mike Tyson…thinks it looks GREAT

Kaitlin- will continue to bartend until getting a supporting
role in the next Mean Girls movie leading to a Playboy pictorial

Uri Dequad


Howard- will start a church football league and have church then
BBQ social then gametime (sorry I like Howard )

Candice- will continue her speech therapy with kids forcing ALL of
them to say axe and call everyone Boo. Teaching technique will be
Watch what my mouth say

Judd- will continue to appraise properties in small town Tenn all valued
under $60,000. He will marry cousin and have three kids that all mumble
yet the whole family understands each other

Jesse- will continue to be unemployed until hired as a Jenny Craig
spokesperson or wait for a year to be on The Biggest Loser where
she still cannot get along with anybody and plays the game alone




pretty soon that zit may grew big enough to wear Helen’s denim shorts.


Why don’t you ask Spencer

Helen's Zit

I’m a zit, and a pretty darn glorious one at that!

Just saying

I didn’t want to laugh at this comment but I couldn’t help myself! How gross! It’s probably from stress…. lol


Helen thinks that her Zit is a vote for her…. but the Zit told Andy that it is planning on leaving the nominations the same if it wins POV. Amanda is recruiting the Zit to be on team 3AMz.

Judd's granny

Where you getting this information?


from your chickens

Judd's granny

Are you the one who stole my chickens?


Looks like a bull’s eye to me-Hellen’s going to jury this week! Hey Hellen, is it time to get Amanda out yet???

can't stand helen

good one!!


Someone took the target off her back and put in on her head


Andy tells her it’s not a good time and that’s it. He get HOH and plays it safe. How dumb can you be Helen? I guess we will find out Thursday DUMBO.


I’m glad its taking a lot of time. Hopefully most of Aaryn’s Adderall will wear off by the time it starts….


She takes the Adderall capsules which are long acting (12 hours)


Darn it!


Helen has got to be the most dumbest person on the show…..I hope Elissa wins Veto and I hope Helen gets voted out. Maybe Elissa will play the game she started out playing. I cant stand seeing Amanda anymore and want to see her go out that door.


Its so wrong for Arran to be on Adderal that is giving her a big advantage in these games…just give her coke same thing just legale


helen starts to get a clue…finally. maybe elissa isn’t the best for her game, and neither is amanda, but what a bad move to try and talk mccrae into cutting amanda. sometimes helen doesn’t realize what she says, just like her conversations with jessie.

wonder if it’s too little too late? if she doesn’t win this veto, she’s toast.


Its funny, if Helen had actually gotten a clue and listened to ellisa about keeping Candice and jessy, Amanda would have been gone and they would have been running the house. Seems to me if anything Elissa will be going home because of Helen dragging her down not the other way around. Elissa should have ditched her long ago.


I’m pretty sure that Aaryn will target Spencer.


Look up Barbara Jean Zuckerman on US SEARCH BE INFORMED .com The proof that it is being rigged is on there her mom lives in Burbank and Hollywood ?


what does Barbara Jean Zuckerman, a lawyer in California have to do with Amanda’s mother, Marilyn Zuckerman in Boca Raton? All the web sites I have seen say her mother is Marilyn and her father is Robert.


Just “binged” Amanda Zuckerman and I discovered as you did that her mother’s name is Marilyn and the Lion’s research is way off. Now, here’s my question… Is Spencer dating Amanda’s mom???



Black Lion is lying

Black Lion quit passing your lies and bullshit here! You information is wrong, fool.
If you looked up A. Zuckerman, there are many in the US. The one in California doesn’t look anything like the vile bitch on BB who is from N.Y..
Not all white women look alike, you tard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The game may be partial to certain HG at certain times but get off this kick of the winner being picked b4 they enter the house. You have posted that enough times so move on.


So she is a big wig attorney for NBC. What does that have to do with a rig at CBS?


The game may be partial to certain HG at certain times but get off this kick of the winner being picked b4 they enter the house. You have posted that enough times so move on.


Networks care about one thing: ratings, or money. Why would CBS expect a ratings increase in rigging the show for a single, unlikable player? Would the perceived increase be worth the PR nightmare and probable loss of the show were the shenanigans to come to light? It may even be illegal based on legislation dealing with game shows passed in the 50’s or 60’s (when some competitions for money on network television really were rigged)….. not to mention the fact that CBS would be opening itself to lawsuits.

That’s a whole lot of risk and very little (or zero) reward to rig the show for one person.

Production certainly stuck Amanda’s ass up on the block the second and third week America voted for the nominee…. when it would’ve been very easy to throw Elissa or GM back up there. Amanda hasn’t won a single comp, so I guess those aren’t being rigged for her.

I don’t like Amanda and my primary hope for the rest of the season is that she goes down…… and I think she will.

P.S. Also, the US did land men on the moon in 1969.


Amanda knows they rigged all of this for her CBS needs to be exposed ? Barbara is Amanda sister that works at for Warner Brothers and CBS. Amanda did live and work in California she worked in Beverly Hills and Hollywood ,CA . And she has a boyfriend that is a reality tv producer it is on that real estate sit she has in Los Angeles ,CA . So maybe you are right it looks like they really are rigging it for her to win ?


Really Helen? You don’t get why Elissa wanted to save Jessie and Candice, maybe it’s because you all had a frikkken alliance. Man she’s so delusional I just can’t wait till Thursday


Helen wants Spencer out and doesn’t want him to make it to the end because he “lied to HER”. How dare he lie to Helen. Just like Howard and the moving company alliance. But Helen has never lied or had an alliance. Lady get a clue!!! Helen wait until you find out who has really been lying to you!!!

Helen is an idiot

What’s even stupider is that the same people Helen denies and helped get out around have had her a$$ right now. What an idiot she is. But like she said, house ruled! And, how the heck can’t this stupid idiot not realize she is the target. I WANT her gone just for her stupidness!


I’m with you, can’t wait to see the look on her face Thursday. She thought she was so much smarter than everyone & she turns out to be the dumbest.


Helen has got to be the most naive person in the world. Does she really think that MC would rather have helen in the game instead of Amanda? They are talking about living together, sleep together every night, etc….but he is more loyal to Helen?! what an idiot.


If she want her out so bad do it yourself, we gave you 2 chances you blew it! Now you want McCrack to do it.
What a game play from Mars, to late.


Elissa really believes she is better than the remaining house guests …. You know what?… She’s right.


Amanda knew from day one she would win the $500,000 dollars CBS needs to be sued the her being a realtor in Florida is a lie ?



Black Lion is lying

Good! Praise the Lord we won’t have to view you ignorant misinformation.
Check out FACEBOOK for Amanda Zuckerman.
Even Helen Keller knows they are 2 different women!


Amanda is a realtor in Florida. I looked her up online and she’s listed as a realtor in the state.


Helen is so out of the loop is not even funny. Queen Amanda FTW.

WatchingGoodLuckCharlie W/My Daughter

Goodbye Helen(if she doesn’t win the veto)! NOT SORRY FOR YA! You should have listened to Elissa, Jessie, or Candice. Judd is feeling it. Now she will too.

Now I hope Andy(still can’t stand him) or Elissa wins this game. I will be upset if racist Aaryn, Amanda, Ginamarie, or I do nothing pizza boy Mccrae and I am a disgusting pig Spencer wins it.


Gotta admit I’m getting a sick pleasure watching the house snow job Helen the same way they did Jess last week. It was ticking me off last week because I’d grown to like Jess and wanted her to get a shot at Amanda, but it’s fun watching it happen to Helen since I feel like she deserves it. Wonder if she’ll catch on at some point for more fireworks. All any of them have to say is “Sorry, Helen – it’s what the ‘House’ wants.”

Roisin Dubh

Helen is just digging her grave deeper. Normally it’s six feet. I think she’s at the 20 ft mark now. Wow, what a dummy, she throws Keychain’s steady pump under the bus while talking to the guy? She throws your her Elissa under the bus and say she’s detrimental to her game? Candice and Jessie have no gameplay? Candice and Jessie had no gameplay because Helen and Andy ratted them out at every turn. Elissa is only detrimental to her now because she can’t use her for MVP anymore. She’s are going home because everybody knows she stabbed the people that could’ve helped her, will throw anyone under the bus, shows no loyalty whatsoever and says the wrong things to the wrong people and won’t listen to the people that would’ve helped her. Say what you want about the brigade, but those guys were loyal and had each others back since day 1. They even kept Enzo, the masturbating monkey who couldn’t win a comp. After this POV, they’re just gonna let her know she’s gone just to screw with her head. She totally deserves it. Still think it’s too soon to make a big move? What a dummy.


AMANDA ZUCKERMAN Boyfriend in Los Angeles , California is Reality tv producer named Justin he is on her Los Angeles ,CA real estate twitter she forgot to close down ? Her mom is Barbara Jean Zuckerman who has homes in LOS ANGELES ,CA and homes in Burbank ,CA . You can go to US search be informed .com it wil pull right up . It shows AMANDA ZUCKERMAN mom works for CBS and also for Warner Brothers television ? I just F#ucked CBS i have the proof it is rigged all of this proves it . Google Amanda Zuckerman or Amanda z realator it will show her twitter on her twitter she tweets her boyfriend . Click on to his twitter he is HUGE REALITY TV PRODUCER in Hollywood ,CA . Fans need to call for a apology to CBS were they behind all the racism and how are all of you gonna let them get away with rigging the show so AMANDA ZUCKERMAN who is already wealthy gets to win $500,000 dollars so her Hollywood Jewish friends that own Big brother can throw a party for her .


Instead of posting on here why not send this news to all of the media outlets? CBS should get into a lot of trouble for this and so should the VIEW and BB and contact the what is it Federal Trade Commission or whoever regulates television game shows and lets sit back and watch and see what happens. I will be watching and waiting for the Fireworks to start.


Amanda told Andy earlier today that when she lived in LA she worked in reality tv but did not elaborate and Andy didn’t follow up on it. don’t know the time but she was baking in the kitchen.

F O L L O W M E ! !

Give it a rest man. It’s not a gold mine you found. Everyone already read what you had to say. Enough!


This dude is not lying. Zuckerman is the most blatant gameshow plant I’ve ever seen. I hope social media forces this corrupt jabba the hut-lookalike out of show bizz. I bet if some young lawyers forced CBS to do an audit of their show, it would be the holy grail of gameshow fraud.


Howard is that you????? LMAO!!

Fake ass Helen

Helen “OMG OK OMG you’re awesome OK OMG you’ve already won this game…… like OMG OMG you’re awesome OK!!

Fake ass game has caught up to you lady……. you have been got got! Stop already, my head is hurting listening to your fake speech to every HG!!

P.S. Tell Candice, Judd & Jessie hello for us! :)) :))

Roisin Dubh

No way, let her keep rambling, it just gets better and better. Especially when she finds out that Elissa is now in the loop.


Have any arrangements been made for Clownie? Hope his funeral is better than Dan’s was.


Helen didn’t carry Elissa.

Elissa won 3 MVPs in a row and then she won a Veto…..after that the mean girls evicted the evil African-Americans and their showmance and then Amanda evicted Judd over her suspicion that he was MVP. Jessie was next which was a no-brainer since the pattern for eviction so far has been:

Guy-girl-guy-girl-guy-girl and all showmances or suspected showmances (Jeremy/Kaitlin, Howard/Candice, Judd/Jessie).

It’s been mathematical the way the “pairs” have been separated over the past month and now we we most likely get to see another pair split up when Helen is evicted unless a miracle happens and Spencer is evicted which would go according to pattern with his showmance Andy being next.

Elissa will win this comp, she’s the last person on this show that isn’t disgusting and filthy either based on personality, hygiene or both.


Can’t wait for Helen to re-watch her bad game play and give props to Candice/Elissa/Jessie!

helen is clueless

Helen is incomprehensibly delusional. Jessie was right when she asked Helen why she never gives Jess the benefit of the doubt. Jessie was the mean one one her fight with Amanda, Jessie has no character because after i called her a liar, she called me a liar which i am, Jessie would have nominated us (H and E) if she was here this week etc. Helen is in such denial I’m sure she’ll believe Jessie edited the show to make Helen look bad.


TO SIMON orDAWG: I believe in free speech as much as you obviously do, but when people start making threats against house guests, their parents, and other people connected to them, Ithink that’s going too far. A poster on the previous thread ,user name Black Lion stepped over that line a number of times. Additionaly, he made several severely anti-semitic remarks.i realize you do not have a lot of time on your hands, but Ihope you can take a look. Many of us do not come here to participate in outright HATE speech. Thank you.


Black Lion is also posting false/wrong information on other Zuckerman families not related to BB Amanda.


Helen: “I’ll need to convince her otherwise.. we might have to make a deal to keep her safe again…HAHAHA Helen you can’t even keep yourself safe at this point!
——>Helen says all her life she did what other people told her to do. Going on Big Brother was something she really wanted to do.Helen about ELissa: ‘She really wanted to keep Jessie and Canice.. that is not good game play.. keeping them was not good game play”<—Oh Helen, I can't wait til you find out Candice was right & you turned on & voted out the very people that were actually on your side…


Another YouTube video, “Amanda Zuckerman Fired?”, does a bang up job. Wonder how many more will show up before she’s out.


Dr. Will 2.0? that’s laughable, funniest part is, she didn’t intentionally “throw” any competition, she just sucks at everything, period.

I agree 100% in a house filled with 16 idiots, Amanda is the smartest.


Did you see that thing that is growing on Helen’s forehead? Looks like something getting to erupt on Mt SAINT HELEN for C*rist sake.
Needs to be lanced!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I thought is was a 3rd eye.


That’s gotta hurt!


you made me laugh out loud…all her lying has built up and it will erupt when she evicted due to her own machinations lol


I’m probably going to be rooting for whoever comes back to win at this point.

I mean..

Amanda- Just ugh vile, entitled bully and I’m so sick of her and her ‘house’ running the game. I also find her to be the biggest hypocrite the show’s ever seen.
Mcrae- I lost respect for him about the same time Amanda took his backbone away.
Aaryn. Although I think she’s a good player as far as comps go and managing to work the house in her favor, I could never root for someone who has said the things she has and without any real remorse or growth.
GM. I don’t even need to explain.
Spencer: If he wasn’t so creepy…
Andy. Biggest kiss up and floater of the season and his ‘win’ became a Mcranda win.
Elissa. She’s probably the second biggest floater of the season well the second part of it anyhow, she started off good getting out big threats then became Helen’s sheep.
Helen. She just annoys me, she thinks she had so much game and actually let Amanda push her into voting out any potential future allies and the ‘house vote’ this season I blame on her. It ruined the excitement of the live show.

Hoping Judd or Candice comes back..maybe Jesse.

CBS....keeping our friends closest!!

Here is another weird blog Amanda put online self-titled ’16 and pregnant ‘ good readings!


Poor Helen (not) !


How could this bitch say elissa and unemployed scrub shouldn’t win the game cause they are not fans. Excuse me weren’t you the one that wasn’t sure if anyone has ever been voted out and returned to the game. Its happened like 5 times in 4 different season. A fan would know that.

Jack Daniels

Helen is beyond delusional. Although I hoped she would stay around to come after Amanda & McCrae, she needs to be evicted asap. Yes she protected Elissa in the early parts of the game, but she never believed or listened to Elissa’s concerns about evicting Howard, Candice , and Jessie. Helen is much like Judd, they are both so desperate to stay with the pack, that when known outsiders tried to warn them of whats to come they would scoff and laugh, as if it they were the stupid ones. I do not want Judd back in the game. He will only target Amanda’s minions Aaryn, and Andy. Once he comes back in the game, McCranda will put all the blame on Helen & Elissa, and unbeknownst to him, Andy. Just watch, Amanda is already starting to make her move. McCrae acts like a little girl with his attacks on Elissa. He seems so scared of her. This year the players are not very smart. Aaryn, GM, Andy and McCrae would benefit from evicting Elissa and keeping Helen, yet Helen is the target. They always do what Amanda wants. Helen leaving benefits Amanda and Amanda alone!!.


Helen should name the zit Karma.


ROFLMFAO @ Boil Alert and NurseMary… this site and forum for updates and comic relief…….now I can’t get that Ke$ha song out of my head: “This Place About to Blow”

Judd's granny

TMZ is reporting that KE$HA took another bath! The same thing happened last month.

give me a break

Helen is a moron….if she was a true leader she would of seen that she had 3 solid teammates in Candice, Elissa, and Jessie and form her own group…..but chose to be PART of a team that did not want her….in the end she will see her biggest downfall was herself…..instead of listening to her true allies…she march to the orders of Andy..who marches to the order…OF THE ONE THEY CALLED ….ONION…..


He was right US search .com shows AMANDA ZUCKERMAN is related to someone who works in Burbank and Hollywood its on there . Also the real estate site show she had a Reality TV producer boyfriend and it is her her picture is on the twitter that must have been forgotten . It says Los Angeles ,CA Realtor ? ? ? ?


Hey, moron, we can change names too!
Keep your board spamming clap-trap to your self.


CBS has bamboozled all the fans . AMANDA know to many big time HOLLYWOOD people that work for and make Reality shows ?


I thought Elissa played a better game in the movie The Dark Knight.


Is the plan to back door Helen? I hope so can anyone tell me my feeds are still down


Helen is on the block. She can defend herself in the POV. So backdoor doesn’t even enter it.

A backdoor is when a person, who was not nominated is the target. They do that so that, hopefully, that person doesn’t even get a chance to play veto.And if they get picked to play veto, the hope is they are feeling safe enough not to have to win it.

At the POV ceremony, the winner of the POV takes one of the original nominations off the block and the HOH puts up the target. Now the target has to stay there, they can’t get off the block, and it’s open season. They vote that person out of the house. That is a backdoor


sometimes in a family 3rd or 5th or 7th cousins have very similar names…
what if there are some near and distant kin inside all the search engine intel?
BLACK LION may be near a basic truth even if things are not precise or concise.
this name game guessing game may have stumbled on loose & nebulous
factoids, and an extended network of people who might all be distant kin…


simon if amanda win big brother 15 how is cbs going to tell alot of angry people thats she won fair cause we all know she didnt so next year nobody will watch it cause they know its rig so that mean what aryan said was in the srip if i was cbs i make sure somebody else win so i want lose rating or fans that make your money

i watch the challenge rival2 on mtv on wed its better

so we will see at the end if its rig in we not dumb we will know

what you think simon


Is her boyfriend Justin Ridge? He did some production work for Wipe Out.


I don’t remember Dr. Will crying?

Dr Will Fan!

Lol! I’m pretty sure he never hid behind a trash can and cried either.


BB comp question: How many times has McCrae yawned this season?


I am a complete tw@t…


Helen says “there is things she cannot do in this house because Elissa is around. I need to manipulate and do what I need to do to get things done.”

Maybe Elissa’s bringing out a guilty conscience. This statement is wrong in so many ways.


Maybe Helen will squeeze her giant ZIT and it’ll hit Spencer in the face and then Andy and Amanda can lick it off ! ! ! LOL


Can anyone tell me (for sure) that Helen should see this blindside coming? Other than the fact that everyone was in on the plan to make Jessie believe she was safe so she would be surprised when she got evicted. We know more than them (livefeeds) but is there any other proof that helen has experienced/seen/heard that would make her believe these HGs are lying to me?


Well, if when she realized she couldn’t manipulate Andy last week to use the POV that might have been a clue; the fact Aaryn who she has severely manipulated before told her she wouldn’t be using the POV if she got it would be another clue.


thank you :)


That blog isn’t a good idea for her career. This one shows she was rated one “house” with a comment that sounds it probably fit. Was posted Aug 2 though–maybe after the person closed and wondered where she was.


Helen is hilarious.

Mc vs Amanda in the final two and he wins in a landslide. People often vote based on like ability over game play so she has zero chance of winning. Even against aaryn I’d say she’s in trouble.

Plus mc has actually done something. Not sure who honestly thinks Amanda is playing a good game. Alwys easy when you got the numbers.


MC calls Amanda Dr Will 2.0? HAHAHAHAHA (times infinity) That’s even more laughable and appalling than Hellen calling Aaryn Janelle 2.0! -_-

Teri B

TOTALLY and COMPLETELY LAUGHABLE. (excuse the caps….got a little carried away) :))

64 thousand dollar question

Aaron, GM, Amanda and Spencer (I think) have already lost their jobs outside of the house
because of their remarks. My question is….if one of them win, will CBS still pay them the
$500,000 dollars? Or will CBS tell them something in “legal language” that because of
their (racial etc….) comments they will not be paid. Just wondering.


Elissa wanted to keep Candace & Jessie because she is a lot smarter than you, Helen. You made the decision that you wanted to come on BB all by yourself. I can see why your father told you what to do. (Because you are too dumb to make a decision by yourself) Your husband must be really embarrassed by you being on BB. You go around thinking that you are so much smarter than everyone else and you turn out to be the dumbest in the house. You got played from day one and helped vote out people who could help you win. Amanda had you vote out everyone that would and could get her out. BB never had so many unanimous votes until you came and got everyone to vote what the house wanted but, you were too dumb to realize you we’re doing Amanda’s dirty work. Candace,Jessie & Elissa are a lot smarter than you when it came to the game, but you can tell them how much you love and respect them when you get to the jury house. You will probably be known as the dumbest house guest in BB history. Basically voting yourself out the game. Nobody left to vote your way. (You voted them out STUPID.). I’m just glad you are a dem. strategist so maybe we can take the government back from idiots like you that think this country is doing so well.


Looks like Helen’s brain is trying to escape… it doesn’t want to be associated with her anymore in this game.