Amanda starts crying and says she is TERRIFIED of what will happen when she gets out of the house.

POV Holder: Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd
Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie
Have Nots (head cheese and habaneros) GM, Amanda, Helen and Elissa

CBS Interactive Inc.

12:55pm In the HOH room – Aaryn complains that she doesn’t understand why she didn’t get a photo of her Dad in the HOH room. She talks about how one of the photos even had her Dad in it but that he was cut out of it. She says that he signed the papers and doesn’t understand why they didn’t give her a photo of him because she gave them 5 photos of him. Big Brother switches all 4 cameras to Andy and Amanda in the kitchen. The cameras switch back to Spencer and Aaryn talking about jury votes. Spencer then heads down stairs he says he wants to be there when Amanda comes out of the diary room and yells “Grab your this and your that, lets get f**ked up! or whatever.”

1pm In the kitchen – Amanda starts to cry in the kitchen. She says that she has so much sh*t to deal with when she gets back to Miami. She says that even though her ex was mean to her she says he loved me. And now him and his family who loved me have to watch me doing this in the house. Andy tells her that she has way more people rooting for her than against her. Amanda says that we have now been apart longer than we were ever a part. She says that it just wasn’t right and that they already had trust issues. Helen joins them. Amanda talk about her ex and says that he cheated on everyone of his last girlfriends and was even married when I met him. Amanda says I am terrified of what will happen when I get out of the house. She talks about how her ex has naked photos and videos of her and worries they are all over the internet. Andy says I think you know your answer because McCrae is such a nice guy. Amanda says she isn’t having second thoughts or anything, I would never leave McCrae. The conversation turns to talking about how they have no idea what is happening out side of the house and how something terrible like 9/11 could happen and they would have no idea. They talk about 9/11 and where they were at the time.


1:25pm – 1:30pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen for a minute and then the feeds return. Amanda comes out of the diary room and Spencer says that his heart just dropped thinking the veto was going to start because he thought Amanda was going to announce the veto starting. Andy asks did they even elude to it happening soon. Amanda says no. Amanada goes to join McCrae in bed. Spencer heads to bed as well. Andy heads up stairs to the HOH room to listen to Aaryn’s cd while she is in the diary room.

1:45pm Up in the HOH –room Aaryn discovers Clownie has committed suicide in the bathroom. Andy laughs as Aaryn discovers clownie on the floor with a bottle of pills.


1:55pm In the bedroom – Spencer asks do you want to see my hat trick. It will ruin this hat for you forever. Spencer goes over to show Amanda and McCrae. He then hold the top of it and show them the inside moving it back and forth and says that it look like what Howard and Candice would look like having $ex. Amanda says ewww gross!! Amanda says oh my god I bet Howard can f**k like a machine. I would have to go to the hospital after for a ruptured spleen. Spencer says oh yeah I know he does! Amanda asks do you know that from experience.


2:15pm – 2:25pm Spencer asks Elissa what her favourite video game of all time is. Elissa says Donk King Kong. They all laugh. Amanda says you mean Donkey Kong? Spencer asks what her other favourite game is? Elissa says Mario Part. They all laugh.


2:40pm Everyone is waiting around for the POV to start..

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV:

BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Johnny (the european one!)

Aaryn still in this house turns out to be a case study: “how far can I make it if I just lay dead on the carpet, ready to do whatever my biggest opponents want of me, even if I’m repeatedly HOH?”
My answer:
-in every normal season: eliminated real soon
– in this season: second place.


AMANDA was working as a Realtor for last 5 years in Los Angeless ,California . She just moved to Florida in April of 2013 .


She said Howard was using his race ? But she uses her race says because she is a JEW its ok for her to make racist comments ? Amanda is one filthy disgusting WOMAN .






Geez do you suffer from Kanye’ism?? Stop with the caps. LOL. This show is for entertainment, it isnt the end of the world. Take a deep breath back away from the computer slowly and no one gets hurt.


Amanda is a white-skinned Caucasian woman who says she is “Jewish”, a white-Jew.

She says she’s not racist because she has had multiple sex-partners who were African-American and Puerto-Rican.

It’s hilarious how the casting-department for CBS were able to pick the trashiest racist-bigots they could scrape out of the gutter, I just don’t understand their fascination with Howard and Candice and why their conversations always have an underlying sexual conjotation in regards to Howard.

Just last night the vile and crass Ginnamarie was saying how “Hot” Howard was but she wouldn’t date him because he wasn’t the same “species” as her.

Didn’t Amanda claim that she was afraid of Howard because he made a lewd remark in her ear? What type of woman goes from being a victim of sexual harassment to fantasizing about the sexual prowess of the man that’s supposedly harassed her?

What a sick bunch of dysfunctional deviants but a fascinating case-history on race and mental illness.


Thank goodness this stupid broad Gina Marie doesn’t date outside her so-called species. Could you imagine anyone wanting to date this broad. First of all, she is not a lady, she cusses like a sailor, she farts and burps like a hot- air balloon, she’s a dunce (can’t spell Chicago, or write an HOH blog), she’s 33 yrs old, but looks 53 and she is delusional (the whole Nick thing). Can you imagine bringing this broad home to Momma. Hey Gina Marie, I know this is hard for you to believe, but it would actually be several steps down for anyone, (same species or not) to date someone like you.


You just described Staten Island.


now that’s racist…


Yes, Amanda is, as you say, a “white-Jew”. Just so you know – Most Jews ARE white. And I will agree. These houseguests are indeed dysfunctional and bigoted. They disgust me.

Dan Fan

Howard fan in d house


Also, she apparently has a relative or friend who visits this blog . . . who shall remain “Name-” less. I MEANT . . .

Amanda's therapist

Fyi: Ex-boyfriend is a “brother”!!?!! NOW you know why….Amanda wanted Howard out …. just saying?

Amanda's therapist

Anyone catch what Spencer said about Amanda-being 28 NOT 38 ? Must say I think he is onto her,TOO.


Yeah, Last Night Amanda Actually Said She Thinks She Looks Better Now Than She Did When She Was In Her 20S. Then She’s Aging Well. Humm…. Bet She’s Older Than GM.

Amanda's therapist

GM = #1 in the house for being absolutely the nastiest. Her nasty ass hair looks like a “horsetail”. AND don’t think she washes her “fake” hair – only IF – she gets it dirty when she is in a comp. AND her “fake” tan looks like her skin is dirty…SHE is truly a STINKY ASS SKANK.

Amanda's therapist

If ? CBS is okay with Miss Piggy Amanda and Blueballs McCrae in bed – hours upon hours – and everything else they do on camera …. WHY do we need to watch After Dark on TVGN?


i assume you are using the term “WOMAN” VERY loosely (pun intended)


Aaryn’s mother has hired a PR firm who probably advised against having their pictures shown on tele in case of threats or something like that.


Yep threats are possible or I’m thinking Aaryn’s father is so ashamed of her behavior in the house that he doesn’t want anyone to know that is his daughter, and that is why he stopped his photo from being displayed.


Me thinks that Production gave Amanda a heads up about the way she acts!!! Anyone else think this is what happened? These people are so nasty!


Couldn’t agree with you more regarding production. Most likely as Amanda and Crae are practically guranteed at least 2nd if not 1 and 2, they were probably looking for some damage control. I cant believe the nerve of these people trying to gain sympathy for their actions and comments. How is Amanda worried at this point about her image and character, when everyone has already seen her half naked and giving h%&d to Mcrae. Does a few photos and a video tape really matter. If anything, production should have started damage control as soon as they saw how the people were acting towards Howard and Candice in the beginning of the show, instead of dropping hints to people at DR sessions.


Now it all makes since she had the boyfriend for only 2 months in FLORIDA . Do the math everyone her AMANDA ZUCKERMAN TWITTER that was left up shows SHE IS a realator in Los Angles California and the tweets stop around april 15 2013 . That is when CBS paid for her to move to FLORIDA .This is a block buster

Listen Fat Black Cat

Stop stirring up shit here!! I hate that bitch Amanda, too.
The Amanda you looked up does live in LA area. This whore from BB is from NY and has not lived in California.
Dah….. sometimes thousands of Americans have the same name.
Any idiot can see they are 2 different women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Check them out on Facebook.


Amanda said earlier today that she used to live in LA when she was talking to And.

John Doe

No he is right she lived and worked in California . The Beverly hills and Los angeless area its on her old Realtor twitter she had google it ?

Just saying

Listen – you are wrong all day long. Amanda did live in Cali and is now back in Florida. Do your research


She goes from saying he wanted to rape her … To now fantasizing about how good he is in bed

Same breath begs McRae for anal …. Then freaks out about what people gonna think after show

Oh and she clearly had a boyfriend ….. SLORE

And she has the body of an O-line man on the patriots

Big Sister

All the more reason to disbelieve he said that to her. Julie needs to bring it up at the finale so he can clear his good name. This witch lies like a rug!

Not a PHD Student

1) Did Amanda hide behind anything this time when she cried?

2) She is worried about the private video’s and photo’s she made with her ex in private but is not worried about what she has done with pizza boy in front of a live internet audience?

What a piece of work……….


Amanda is aware of her actions and maybe she is trying to pull a Kardashian, which is to reveal a sex tape and blame the release of it on the ex boyfriend. A Man Duh making the comment is also giving her ex the ideal to do so, and if he doesn’t she will when she is out of the house. So many are trying to be the next Kim K, but the difference is there mom “cough cough pimp” isn’t helping them. Any women truly feel uncomfortable with a sexual comment would never be curious about a sexual act with that person………I call bullshit that Howard said that to her, SHAME ON YOU, YOU FILTHY WOMAN. I’m curious why it doesn’t concern MC the crap she says about sex and other men, good grief woman have some respect, oops I forgot she gives BJ’s after having bloody sex on camera with a man who did not use condoms with other women, so self respect is long gone.


The guy won’t release anything. She’s like a moped…fun to ride but you don’t want your friends to see you doing it.


Amanda is pulling a Kim Kardaishan move cry about naked pictures of them and people might see them but both didn’t care to have sex on camera Amanda saying that says hay America go see my naked pictures!!!!


Look up Barbara Jean Zuckerman that is Amanda mom it shows BARBARA JEAN ZUCKERMAN LIVES IN HOLLYWOOD CALIFORNIA AND BURBANK ,CALIFORNIA . Barbara Jean Zuckerman worked for CBS and NBC ? Amanda is fried this is JEWISH AFFIRMATIVE ACTION they were gonna give her the $500,000 dollars from day one ?


Wow, worst than the game shows that were rigged back in the day! How in the world can a child of an employee at CBS be on a show for $500,000. It seriously makes me think all of these people are paid actors playing a part. I would almost bet money on it. CHEATING AT ITS FINEST. Hope someone sends it to TMZ and all media outlets that her mom is a paid employee at CBS!!!!!

John Doe

Black lion is close Barbara is Amanda sister she works for Warner Brothers and CBS .


Definitely related to Amanda somehow because it even lists her as a relative. Could be Aunt perhaps? RIGGED, RIGGED, RIGGED!!! Hope CBS and BB and The View get in big trouble, and bet that Chen acting like she was all offended was to try and throw everyone off the scent that BB and CBS, of which her husband is President, could get in major trouble if it is found out to be rigged like the early game shows. Bet Chen’s husband could lose his job if it is. That would be justice if it is rigged. Bwahahaha, wonder if that would offend or outrage Chen. I doubt it since her outrage seems to be selective outrage!


Amanda’s mom’s name is Marilyn Zuckerman and her dad is Robert Zuckerman. Her mom is a very successful realtor in Boynton Beach, FL. Both of her parent s were out and proud doing all sorts of interviews when the show started. Haven’t heard a peep from them in a very long time.


Its on US search .com they have the info on BARBARA JEAN ZUCKERMAN who is Amandas mom she works for CBS and NBC . Amanda just moved to florida in april of this year 2013 . Amanda going to Florida was set up and paid by CBS because they didnt want to say she was from Hollywood ,California . AMANDA knew from day one she would win the $500,000 dollars . This shit is fucking rigged they need to be sued fans need to shut them down . Howard got railroaded out of there . It was no fair game what they did to Jeremy and all of them . SPREAD THIS TO EVERYONE ? SPREAD THIS TO EVERYONE .

Amanda WAS CBS Employee

OMG. I just read her resume’. Amanda lists that she worked on many shows. Some CBS. Thought you could not be on BB if you were affiliated with CBS. Now the recruiting process for her is explained!


Something is fishy with Amanda’s residency. She says she lives in Miami but she actually lives 2 counties north of Dade! Boynton Beach is in Palm Beach County.
Apparently the state of Florida has revoked her licence.

Black Lion is lying

Get your facts checked you fool.
You got the wrong Amanda. Not all white woman look alike!! Are you blind????
This nasty vile BB Amanda is from NY.

John Doe

Black lion its not her mom but her sister Barbara that works for Warner brothers and CBS . I looked it up on the US search .com site like he said it pulls right up it shows her sister works for WARNER BROTHERS AND CBS


Also on Amanda real estate twitter she tweets a friend that works in REALITY programing needs a new job ? Look up her florida reality twitter she says it on there ? Wait it shows she is a LOS ANGELESS realator dam they fucked up we all have caught them . CBS needs to be sued ? Thats why her boyfriend and her have were only together for 2 months she just moved to FLORIDA in late April 2013 from Hollywood , California .


ALL YOU FANS LOOK UP BARBARA ZUCKERMAN ON US SEARCH BE INFORMED .COM start doing the math . CBS needs to be sued its being rigged . Connect the dots also look up her AMANDA ZUCKERMAN REALITY twitter she forgot to shut down by mistake it shows in she was a realotor from Hollywood , CA THEN THE TWEETS STOP AROUND april 15 thats when CBS paid for her to move to Florida . Thats why she has a boyfriend of 2 months plus he is married she is disgusting . CBS going down on this i cant believe i figured it all out .


AMANDA ZUCKERMAN last boyfriend was JUSTIN R . HE IS ON HER LOS ANGLESS ,CALIFORNIA TWITTER he was a television producer look it up ? They have been caught ? He was a television producer and her mom works at CBS AND NBS IN BURBANK,CA


Things she did were good for her game, if you haven’t noticed. If she did otherwise, she’d be voted out the following week. Plus, she smartly positioned herself in between Amanda and Helen, just like Andy.

I don’t mind criticism, as long as it makes sense, but people grab a wrong idea and roll with it just as it is the case with your post.

Just saying

Thank you! A voice of reason – perhaps it will put a stop to this madness taking hold…


I would think if something like 9/11 would happen again, that Big Brother would tell them again. Just like they did in season 2. Given I realize that one of the house guests had a family member who was in one of the towers, but I don’t really think they would keep that from them. I could be wrong, but that would kind of be cold hearted of Big Brother to do.

Judd's granny

Clownie killed himself. Maybe he stole my chickens, and the guilt was too much.

give me a break

God forbide….if a 9-11 happen CBS would have a reason to cancel this racist season…


ROFLMAO! Demanda has much bigger issues to concern her when she gets out of the house than the former boyfriend putting up naked pics on the net. And the fact that he was married when they started dating? How many times can we call her a Skank?


Her boyfriend was with his wife when she met him ? Did everyone here that ? And we were suppose to see Jessie as a slut ?

Judd's granny

Judd asked if his friend Spencer could come visit. I said sure, but keep him away from my chickens.







Dude, chill out with the caps. I give it a thumbs up considering how funny and hypocritical Amanda looks, since she told America to lock up the husbands because Jessie in on the prowl. If anything Jessie to my knowledge has never said that she stole or dated anyone while their partner was in a relationship.


The point you can’t not consider is she is the one who couldn’t stop herself on public television from doing what’s she’s done sexually. I mean who does that? Secondly, the way she talks IS discusting potty-mouthed if what’s typed here is what she said. I don’t have the feed so go by what I read. No one is throwing Amanda under the holy bus–she did it all on her own.


Actually, what she might mean about being worried about when she leaves is deep down and based on past history, she probably suspects her charade with McBalls will be over.


Relax and go eat your catnip.


Not that it matters any different but her ex was seeing another girl when she met him and the other girl was married not the boyfriend if u listen.


Black Lion you are the best. We all thank you about the information about this rigged show. I think anyone who purchased 24/7 should sue CBS for their money back. I also think all the producers of BB should be fired. Keep up the intel gathering it’s beautiful. For friends of Amanda which will remain NAME less get a life along with the rest of the 1 percenters. GO BLACK LION!


Not only that, but isn’t she used to laughing at herself? If he does put naked pics of her up, they will be on some comedy site. Like, really?! Why does she keep talking?!
Umm, Aaryan, he’s embarrassed?!

give me a break

Oh please….nobody want to see naked pictures of Amanda….probably Spencer…but that’s it….ewwwww


You want to see naked pis. of SPENCER . ewwwww

delusions run rampant

And she was the one screaming that America needs to lock up their husbands because Jessie would steal them. Just another example of being a hypocritical douce. I wish Jessie had (unknown to Amanda) been aware of that information during their fight.


if you watch the feeds yes he is married but SEPARATED. u guys are so holy im sure none of you went out with somebody

that had a previous spouse. SO HOW MANY LOSERS GAVE THE THUMBS UP?


You misheard. She said he was dating someone who was married when they met, not that he was married himself.


Amanda, now you cry after you’ve tooted your butt in our faces opened up your mouth so wide you put “Linda Lovelace” to shame (young folks “Linda Lovelace was known as deep throat back in the day). You guys have a lot of damage control to fix.

Andy what does that mean MC cares, of course he cares in that house he’s getting did, wait till he comes out his “Mama” gona put a stop to that!!!

BlackLion says Manda worked in Calif for the past 5 years and moved to Florida in 2013 Well, she’s done Calif., Florida and watch out she may be in a state near one of us soon. At least she’ll have enough money to buy tissue.


To be honest, I don’t think Amanda is concerned about the pics or vids as she’s shown us everything on BB anyway, she’s crying because production has likely told her about the hatred people have on the outside.

I also think that she’s behaved so disgustingly because she had no plans to go back to real estate and probably thought she was going to get into the entertainment business. How do people become famous these days? EASY just leak a $ex tape.


I agree!! She probably also found out America put her up 2 weeks in a row.







Stop Being a Bitch

Maybe you should learn how to turn off caps lock…


Right! Nothing like that ol’ grey-area morality.

Piggy Banksta

Hi Amanda’s mom!


Why are you going ballistic about him being separated or married? Related to Amanda or her ex boyfriend? You act like what is said is hurting you personally.


She clearly made some bad fucking choices in her life. :)


Oh, Amanda… and you think an angry ex-boyfriend is the worst of your worries?

Try again.

How about being widely-known as a vile, racist, trash piece of garbage.

Seriously cannot wait until this show is over so that she gets what she deserves.


I can’t wait until DeMANduh, GM and Aaryan all find out what is in store for them as well as Spencer and anyone else who has lost their jobs due to their racism. Is there a list of who all got fired?? What I don’t get is every one who has been evicted has said that they know DeMANduh is running the house yet none of them have the balls to put her ass out. We handed her to them on a platter and they still didn’t vote the disgusting bitch out. They’d rather vote out Candice and Jessie who posed no threats other than to piss of DeMANduh. Bunch of f’n idiots. Oh yeah, another thing I can’t wait for them to find out…that America put Aaryan and DeMANduh on the block because they are so hated.


Can any of you figure out who Amanda boyfriend is in Florida to find out what he and his family think about all this stuff she has been doing ? Is he on her twitter can any of you figure out who he is . He needs to be interviewed because . Amanda is disgusting


Let’s leave the guy and his family alone. He had nothing to do with her upbringing or who she is and now that she’s outed him as a cheater, He’ll have enough problems especially if his divorce isn’t/wasn’t final. And his family did nothing to deserve being caught in the way of ugly that is Demanda.

Judd's granny

I wouldn’t want Amanda around my chickens. She’s a bad influence.


She’ll choke your chicken.


No, she won’t choke the chicken…she’ll rape it, cut it up, fry it, then eat it .


You need to evaluate your priorities, friend. Try focusing all this energy on real problems in the world instead of trying to ruin someone’s life because you don’t like something they said on a damn tv show. Honestly, if you care so much about racism, I’m positive you can find a more productive way to effect change.


I would like to know how CBS think`s anyone with a brain, will be willing to be in that house next year , after all the trouble most of the people this year are in as well as their family`s due to them being on the show. and the press picking apart every word thay say ? just askin.


Oh , the people this year did`nt have a brain. oh well , never mind.


It’s All About The Money


“Andy tells her (Amanda) that she has way more people rooting for her than against her. ”

Oh, the irony!!!!!


He doesn’t even have more people rooting for him than he thinks. I hope it’s good to have family, for his sake.


I think we should drink whenever a House guest cries over bullshit.

Dead Carabelle

We’d be drunk 24/7 and miss all their shit! Literally shit!


Production must have given Amanda a heads up that something is about to go down. Aaryn’s Dad must have contacted BB about showing his picture on air- I guess the chickens are coming home to roost!


I believe you may be right on the Aaryn’s dad comment. I am sure he does not want to be linked to his daughter in any way right now. There needs to be a reality show on some of these houseguest when they leave this show. That would be more entertaining than what we see now of them. I would not mind seeing them come out the house and find out what America actually thanks of them now.


All they had to do is ask Demanda how her boyfriend might feel about her having sex with McMinute then telling the world her crotch smelled like onions. That would be enough to get her thinking.

I’m sure both Aaryn’s parents contacted CBS/BB and rescinded their waiver to have pictures of them made public as well as any letters. I mean what could they say in a letter anyway–STFU!!!

Judd's granny

When are the chickens coming home? do you have them?


Amanda is worried about some pictures and a video coming out by her ex? Duh she has already showed us everything. clue Amanda “you’re on TV!!”


WOW! Does Am think he has anything worse to post on the internet than her actions in the house that have gone viral? Must be something really awful if she is that worried. Can’t wait to see! LOL!


Okay maybe I’m really old but do woman (term used loosely here) really give a guy they’ve only been seeing for 2 months naked pics and videos of themselves? Two months = 60 days–and you trust someone not to post it for the world to see?




Hush! People have a right to dislike Amanda, just as you have a right to like her. She is not worried about having sex on television, so why would she care about naked pics? Amanda has hurt herself so much that no one else’s actions can hurt her more.


It’s a little too late for shame, Amanda. You and McCrea made the sheets sticky and now you’ve got to lay in them. I hope the ex does us all a favor by burning up all the Amanda nudes. I’d nominate him for a nobel peace prize if I could.

Papa dont preach

Aaryns father is most likely embarrassed having himself cut out of the pictures was probably away of sending her the message that he’s displeased. As for Amanda she had sex with McCray so did she not think to stop herself then truly feel sorry for Amanda Gina Marie Aaryn and spencer and to an extent Candice although she didn’t act totally wild she let her self get sucked in. This is why I don’t get why fans don’t like Elissa or judge her for not wanting to be too closely associated with these people. If this is what we see on the feeds and the show imagine being in the house directly with this 2013 cast. No woman has had sex on big brother since the first season this cast has taken the cake in my eyes and I’ve watched since season one. Maybe Amanda will stop banging McCray and try to show mire class


hate to say it hope some people realize most of America is like this they just don’t want people to know these guys don’t care I guess what people think its like the racist thing I dated a black lady for a year when I was in my 30s great person but I really noticed then that almost every white person I worked with or met when it was just whites around you heard the n word by pretty much everyone even the people that 100 percent against racist that’s one side but spent a lot of time with her black friends and family well guess what they were exactly the same exactly both sides are to blame its a wash

Randy House Guests

Actually lots of couples have had sex on Big Brother. Brendon and Rachel were like bunnies last season then there was Ollie and April in Season 10 and David and Amanda Season 4….No one even had sex the first season…

Papa dont preach

Yes your correct April and Ollie did have sex ok perhaps this is big brother norm

Judd's great granny

“Judd , I reckon you’uns better keep Spencer from from my chickens, that varmit is a pervert”

Aunt Nazeeba

Aaryn, you have embarrassed your family, you bigoted lil bitch. Your dad doesn’t want his pic associated with you on national TV!!!
Don’t be surprised to find out they moved and took the house with him. Guess you should be at home in a gutter.


Simon, Dawg. The hateful people who like to pretend they are better than the people they watch on tv are using inappropriate language on your forums again.


Nick don’t worry your woman Gina Gonnerea Mouth will be with you soon.


Aww Nick. I don’t do the things these house guests do, nor do I treat people the way they do. Am I better than them? Maybe not, but I have more morals than them.


Sounds to me like Amanda is realizing what a slut she is on national tv/live feeds whatever you want to call it.


Amanda has every right to feel that way. What she isn’t aware of yet (which will make her re-entry back into the real world even harder) is that people don’t like her because of the racist comments, attitude and general behaviour in the house.

It appears she wasn’t so worried about her ex-boyfriend, his family or her family when she was having sex and giving McCrae blowjobs.

For a women her age, you would think she would have played things a little differently!

As for Aaryn’s comments about no pictures of her dad – wow, that should be a hint to her that her poor dad doesn’t want his face splashed all over TV so people know he is her father (smart man!).

Gina Maria, Aaryn and Amanda will have a hard time when the show is over. Spencer and Helen are others that might face backlash but I think it will end quickly and they will be able to get back to normal life.

Dead Carabelle

What chew talken bout, Willis? Spence is a g*d damed pervert!!

you know ok...

I am not a fan of Helen’s but I think she will kind of be forgiven like Shelly was. Shelly was hated by many but she is now doing the “Big Brother video chat/blog stuff and people talk to her about the game. But Aaryn, Ginamarie and Amanda will have hard time, their reputations are pretty much ruined and the hateful things they have done will forever associated with them. There is not much any of them can say, to clear their names, IMO.


Thanks like ur comment Helen was just playing the game is
not making vile,nasty and degrading comments towards
Other houseguest. I agree annoying sometimes speaks
Too much of her and moves and most likely
Trusting wrong person Andy the snake who brought her
Down. Everyone on this site the last 2 weeks wanted
Amanda to be voted out before and constant criticism
When Helen did not when Jessie approached her she
Was adamant cause she knows not enough so asked
Andy and Andy Ratted her out. She kept saying no not
Yet cause they are outnumbers and still is. She wins
POV and realizes her saboteur is Andy. I think we have
Nothing to forgive as she just tried to play a game
and done nothing wrong. All houseguest lies. Scheme ,
Strategize but without nasty, degrading, mean, and vile
Comments towards houseguest and families are

you know ok...

Jessie mentioned that Amanda had a boyfriend of two months before she moved in the house…makes me wonder if he is still married. She is crying because something was brought up in DR and now she has come to the conclusion that her man in Miami will not be her man when she leaves the BB House. I guess she forgot the cameras were on. Little does she know that that should be the last of her worries, she will know and hated for a lot worse.

Dead Carabelle

Amanda’s mom keeps coming on here giving everyone thumbs down. Get a life Ma Zuckerman!!!


Actually I’m an Amanda fan, in no way related to her, and have been rooting for her (and thumbing down hateful comments) all season.

As far as I’m concerned, all the judgmental people on their high horses are way worse than anyone in that house.

you know ok...

How are we being judgmental? The camera only picks up what she does and says. The cameras (live feeds especially) don’t lie. I will rather ride a high horse than the horse Amanda rides any day! I am a BB fan so I have no problem with lying or backstabbing in this game, that is what BB is all about and what makes me want to watch but Amanda takes class to a different level. But hey, I blame the dummys that follow her and did not get her out of the house when the could just as much.

Judd's granny

Judd says that spencer has a goat named Marilyn that he introduces as his girlfriend. Makes me wonder….?

give me a break

NICK SAYS: It’s sad that you support racist behavior,,…..Helen and Andy are playing the game, they sh*t talk, but they do it without being racists…





Sick of Dummies

Believe it or not Amanda does have fans who respect her game and don’t feel the need to rant, personally attack, and generally go ballistic when someone says something or does something offensive on TV.


The only one and I do mean the only one that will have a normal life is Aaryn because she is only 22 and still in college. The others are older and had semi professional jobs and they are literally screwed even the pizza delivery boy and Andy is seriously screwed since he teaches kids and Helen whose husband is a judge.


Helen hasn’t really done anything embarrassing. She is sure annoying but I wouldn’t think she has much to worry about. She and Andy will be the least scathed by their bb experience. I think Amanda will be stunned.

Amanda foresees trouble

Well ….duh?

She knows nothing of what’s in store. She’ll have to leave south Miami / South Beach now that she’s given “pizza boy” head in front of the whole of North America.. And she’s worried that her ex BF has naked pictures of her…. What an idiot / degenerate.


AHAHAHAHA! Aryan’s father probably had his lawyers take away his permission for the photos amid all the controversy. Too funny!


He probably doesn’t want his picture shown so people like you don’t come after him and try to burn him at the stake for something his daughter said. Its got nothing to do with being embarrassed with his daughter, its for his own safety against nut jobs who worry about every little word somebody says.

give me a break

He doesn’t want his picture shown…because the public would see the face that taught his daughter to display racists behavior and have this racist ideology about the world…..babies aren’t born racist…..the are taught racism……and when you grow up….you can either denounce these racists teaching or embrace them..and Aryan Nation chose to embrace racists ideology……


This is Aaryn dads business …. thats y he dont want is pic on tv and all the nasty racist crap she be say,,alpng with the other racist P>O>S

Dead Carabelle

I don’t know what is worst for Manda: Having a married boyfriend (lol) who cheated on her or Manda sucking, f*cking, and giving hand jobs on national TV .
Either way this fake uttered cow is despicable.

Aaryn Woof

BB 15 is racist enough by now, and now there gonna piss off people by talking about 9/11…


Why – they are merely speculating about whether they would be told if anything tragic like that happened (which did during BB2). You people are getting ridiculous!!

Ian's Squeeky Hammock

Holy cow Amanda, Andy and Spencer are sick F&#^@. Can’t even watch the feeds right now without gagging. Wonder how the camera people can deal with that for so long. Last night the slurping Amanda and MC were doing was gag worthy also. I cannot remember other seasons being this bad, bad but not this sick. Ugh.


demanda, you oughta be terrified for when you get out of the house. but not for the reasons you think. more for how the public perception now knows what kind of monster you are.

hoping youtube amanda zuckerman social justice warrior lasts for a long long time.

Judd's granny

Judd says that spencer showed him a video that he made with Marilyn the goat that was worse than Amanda and McCrae.


I think a great show would be Big Brother After The Show starring Amanda Suckerherman, Aaryan Picasso, Ratny the Redhair, Hellen the Hellhound, McMinute, Spenny the Perv. Gina Gonnerena. The premise of the show is when Big Brother ends to drop ship them to South Chicago with the Brothers and Sisters and let them spew their racist hatred. The winner is the one who gets out alive. I think Amanda would win this. Because she is begging for a Brother’s manhood up her big butt. The rest wouldn’t last 10 minutes.


So the skank has a conscience… I’m floored. She’s worried about pictures and videos that he has of her (SHOCKER)… Oh , you stupid woman, do you realize that you showed us everything? In your own words Amanda, what game are you playing?


Amen sister!! U got that right!!! Applause to u!


IMO, Amanda is trying to make America feel sorry for her by crying and showing remorse. It is part of her game. She has said more than once that she doesn’t care what people think about her. She will do and say what she wants.

Mama love

I don’t think Amanda is worried about anyone but herself. She doesn’t have a conscience; that would imply she is sorry for what she’s done. She’s only concerned about her reputation and how any of this fallout will affect her.

Sofia Petriilo

What does Amanda and Blache both have in common?
They are SLUTS.


Clownie committing suicide is the funniest thing I’ve seen all season! LMAO.

Amanda's dog Woofy

I think it’s sad.


Clownie was told by production that nude pictures of him and Amanda were about to be released on the internet. It was too much to take. He OD’d on Adderall and head cheese.

Amanda's dog Woofy

is that true?


Ewwww. I thought head cheese was something Amanda syphons out of uncircumsized C—–KS!


I disagree. Lets have some sort of comprinization



Bigot Brother

It could be a sympathy ploy by Amanda. Maybe production tipped her off of to some of whats going on in social media about her. This maybe their way of lessening the blowback (no pun intended) if she really has been chosen to win this crap season. A tell tale sign of this will be if they show this in the next episode or two.


Lmao! Blowback!


I so hope Helen does not win the veto and get voted out, that Judd comes back into the house after the 4 evicted house guests compete, and that Amanda gets voted out shortly after. That would be so awesome!

Judd's granny

I just wish Judd would come home and help me take care of these chickens.

Elissa's Botox

Lol Aaryn is putting the clues together that she caused national outrage


I don’t know why you have so much hate for these HGs, some of you are as bad as them when it comes to filthy mouths. The HGs punishment will be, when
they leave the house and hear how they were perceived, they will want to hide their heads in the sand.


Boo, hoo…cry me a fricken river. Amanda, you should learn how to keep your orifices closed to any Tom, Dick and Harry, especially when on National TV. But in your little reality your dignity, character and respect is less important then performing oral sex and two minute quickees for $500,000.

Boo, hoo…cry me a fricken river. Aaryn, you should learn to curtail your overt racism, especially when on National TV. But in your reality your family’s perceptions, your livelihood and your sense of decency is less important then spewing racial epithets and derogatory comments for $500,0000.

Oh well, “Life’s a Bitch and Then You Die”

DramaFreak:” You know what, everyone must hate me right know cause it seems like there all being ass holes.”
DancingQueen:”Life’s a Bitch and Then You Die”.

Amanda's dog Woofy

Life’s a bitch and then tou die. Are you a fan of NAS?

Dramanda pleaseeee

Bahahahahahaha Amanda afraid ahahahahaha
All that sexing with a man she just met ahahahahaha
Skankmanda please. Try again! You’re still a vile, narcissistic, nasty, slutty mess.
Not afraid of anything, but maybe the camera not being on you.
I’m just waiting to see which one of the most horrid players in bba history actually take the money. Bad actors!


“Amanda says oh my god I bet Howard can f**k like a machine. I would have to go to the hospital after for a ruptured spleen.”

This coming from the women who “CLAIMED” to be afraid of Howard after he made those vial comments to her. Hmmmmm?


Amanda actually said she had “rape fear” from Howard. Unbelievable. She lies so much she can’t remember what she said.


What is wrong with these people? Amanda is constantly spewing sex & racist & vile crap, giving McCrae BJs AFTER riding him WHILE on her period, dancing around wearing nothing but bandaids, walks around in panties showing her flat ass to the world, & she’s “worried” about an ex showing pics of her? really? I think she’s saying all this hoping he will put that stuff on the internet thinking it will help her chances of getting Americas player, cause she is just that full of herself…..Aaryns Dad having his pic cut out & not showing the other pics of him should tell Aaryn something is seriously wrong, She should pick up on the hint but she’s another one that’s too full of herself to get it… And what is with all the hate GM has for Candice? Candice wasn’t my favorite but dang, she’s gone, let it go…. this whole batch of people is ruined… I can’t wait til Helen finds out that she’s the target, she might cry for real this time/////


Oh Pearl, Pearl, Pearl…you almost cause my heart to stop because I was laughing so hard…loved it though!!!

Roisin Dubh

Guttermouth can’t stand Candice because just like Aaryn, they both can’t stomach the fact that a black woman has achieved so much more than both of them ever will in life. They hate the fact that she stands up for herself, unlike Helen who “knows her role” and sucked up to the people that made racial comment against her. When Candice told the truth about GM living with mom at age 32, which is the truth, that stung her so hard that in that one instant, she knew what a loser she is and it drove her off the deep end. That’s why two weeks later they still talk about her, they’re playing catch-up to a game they couldn’t win as long as she was in the house.


Nope – it’s all jealousy over the pageant crap. What has Candace really achieved beyond that? Aaryn is still in school – why would she even expect to have achieved much yet.


Candice won Miss Louisiana, she was an NFL cheerleader, she is a Pediatric Speech Therapist and she was on Oprah. The Mean Girls just can’t stand it.


Candice is NOT a Speech pathologist. A Masters Degree is required for a S. P. That is just another of her lies to make herself look good.


Candice was a teen beauty queen as well as Ms Louisinanna as an adult and was the first African-American woman to achieve that feat.

She also has a Bachelors from Xavier while Aryan admitted she’s flunking out which is why going on BB15 was no problem.
Candice is also a former NFL cheerleader with the Houston Texans (Aryans home state) and she has her own paegent consulting business.

It must have been difficult for Aryan to see that curvy educated Beauty-queen with that big ass and natural tanned skin walking around the house.

… must have been even more unsettling for the two nazi girls to see Candice and “Hot” Howard all cozy together knowing that both their showmances had already been evicted.

Women are envious creatures by nature but when you add in race-hatred you have a scenario where the sick women will have violent fantasies of harming their target and obsess daily over their target as if it’s normal behavior.

Roisin Dubh

Well besides the pageant thing, she’s college educated, a pediatric speech therapist, which is a job they don’t pull people of the street for and was an NFL cheerleader and she not even 30 yet. Here’s the thing about Aaryn, she’s the type of person that will never achieve anything on her own, she’ll either need daddy’s cash and influence to get her through life. She doesn’t possess the maturity or insight to get to the next level on her own. She’s a spoiled, vindictive, entitled little girl. Case and point. Her parents had to hire a PR firm to try and clean up the mess she started. Her mouth writes checks that daddy has to cash. She can never admit when she’s wrong or even see that she’s wrong. Successful people in life can and have to admit when they are wrong and will do the work to change their shortcomings. This one doesn’t possess that trait. You can say she’s young. That’s a copout. People her age don’t like petulant 14 year olds, at least people that don’t have mental health issues.


Oh poor little kaa, trying doing some research before you espouse baseless BS.

Miss Teen USA – representing Louisana
Miss USA – representing Louisana
Graduate – Xavier University
NFL Cheerleader – New Orleans Saints
NFL Cheerleader – Houston Texans
Career – Pediatrics Speech Therapists – Houston, Texas

And all at the young age of 29….

Now what have GM and Aaryn done so far in life…oh, be fired from the real life jobs due to racists rants on National TV


I’m not buying Amanda’s fake tears. A little later she goes on top say that Howard F@cks like a Machine. Yeah I’m really buying her concern about leaving the house. If it’s real, that girl has split personalities. Keychain, you hitched your wagon to a real keeper. That girl is nothing but trouble and drama. That’s the type of girl that gets your ass kicked by other dudes because she can’t keep her mouth shut. If you continue to see her after this, you better go to a gym, learn how to plant your feet and start hitting the bag. I’m now convinced, Aaryn is a sociopath. Not only that , but just plain delusional, she’s lucky daddy has money, because unlike her buddy Gutter mouth, she’ll have a hard time but that money will cushion the blow. Guttermouth and Spencer are in a heap of trouble when this one ends.


Everyone on here deriding this cast for being obnoxious, rude, disgusting, etc, and then have the audacity to call Amanda a whore, a cow, a bi…., ….. look at yourselves in the mirror. You are just as bad. And even worse because you are doing it hiding behind screen names, not even your real names. Sad in my opinion that you can’t enjoy a show without attacking them viciously.


And what would you call someone who goes on a national tv show with 24/7 live feeds and tells the guys she’s hooked up with that he hasn’t showered in 2 days and stinks then climbs on top of him. What would you call someone who announces her crotch smells like onions. What would you cal someone who demands others throw a comp even when they are on the block?

What would you call Demanda?


Not to mention someone who has repeatedly made comments about sleeping with lots of Puerto Rican, African American and Married men on national TV, as well as demonstrating multiple times her willingness to have sex and give blow and hand jobs in front of the world without even trying to conceal it. It’s almost like she’s TRYING to make herself out to look like the biggest slut of all time. I wouldn’t be surprised if she announced she’s not really a realtor, but a streetwalker instead.


I’d just call her a person with horrible judgement who is gonna pay dearly when the show is over, though I don’t get off on judging others as VILE and DISGUSTING over and over….. but that’s just me. One can’t help but picture some commenters as frothing at the mouth while typing. The witch hunters are worse than the witches in my opinion.


I’d call her Jackie !!!!


Brian…..get a grip


We would only be “attacking” them, if we were telling lies about them. We’ve been talking shit about what we see or hear the HGs do on the show since season ONE.., Rule of Thumb you go on National TV and show your ass, expect people to talk about you, this is why they call it Reality TV, and why society is obsessed with it.

give me a break

Shut up Brian…..LOL…..


i believe amanda was chosen to win big brother but so much as happened this season i do not think she will win wont go to aaryn,gm,spencer or amanda.i am betting on mccrae.for all those hardcore bb fans from seaon 1 thru 15,has the prize ever gone to the person that is hated by fans?part of what makes people watch is the feeling that the person who wins the money deserves to win it beccause WE love knows this.americans love the underdog,not the bully..evil dick,rachel and even dan were disliked by some but they also had a this point it looks like even aaryns father is jumping really doesnt even have to involve rigging the can give that money to whomever they choose.just like you and i can give our money to whomever we choose.if cbs decides that arryn or amanda winning will alienate three quarters of the viewers,they wont do it.they just go to plan b.


what amanda arayn ginamare did to candice was wrong real wrong to talk about her color is wrong then to say your mom didnt want you that take the cake

i really belive these girl dont have no mother fans cause any mother would say hey i love my child in if i did give her up it was for her to have a better life

i get what you trying to do big brother but its not going to work america will always see them girls for what they are a true racist

an amanda crying trying to get america to fill sorry for her what abot candice what she went through all im say to the three girl is it going to take a lot of sorry
to bring your name to the top of america cause right now america turn there tv every time all on air thats why they voted for amanda 2 times on the block

you know simon


Question please…….
actually 2 questions

1) where did the nickname Keychain come from?
2) how long will all these comments remain on the net? Wondering if the hgs will read them.


Roisin Dubh

Keychain came from me.


what is it in reference to?


Do you mean ball-and-chain around the neck ?

Amanda is the balls, and McRae the chain.

Roisin Dubh

That she basically carries him around like a keychain

production rigged it

Amanda says that she doesn’t understand how someone could be attracted to someone like Jess with her personality. Spencer says he wasn’t. Amanda says that he was always staring at her a$$. Spencer says what he has at home is much better. Ginamarie says that Jessie didn’t even have a good body, she looked like a Pterodactyl. Spencer says Jessie was 6 months past her prime. Amanda says I think I looks better now than I did in my early 20?s. I am aging well.

Could these people get anymore delusional, I mean really? Amanda talking about Jessie’s personality she should be thinking about everything she has said and done in the house what a stupid bitch. If Jessie would have gave Spencer a chance he would have been all over that. He was just trying to fit in the “cool kid” and talk about her too. GinaMarie I don’t even know where to begin with her. I don’t get the comment about Jessie looking like a Pterodactyl maybe someone can explain that one. Didn’t she say before how it was sad that people have to talk bad about other in order to make themselves feel better and yet that’s all they do. They haven’t stopped talking about Candice or Jessie and I don’t expect they ever will either.

Amanda, Aaryn (thought she had started to change but I guess not though) and GinaMarie are nothing but a bunch of gutter trash racist sluts who think they’re being funny but the joke is going to be on them because no matter how much they talk about them Candice and Jessie will ultimately get the last laugh when those clueless bitches get out and find out they’ve been FIRED!!


Roll the tapes, Spencer and Howard were ALWAYS ogling at Jessie for her nice shape… I thought Howard was going to start a showmance with Jessie, but I guess he got caught up in the racist shit, and got forced with a person he didn;t even like in Candice.

GM is just hating because Jessie had a better shape and was better looking than her, clearly more jealousy.

Amanda talking about her looking better, OK she’s pretty and got big fake titties, that’s about it. When she bends over she looks like Quasimodo, because of her height.

For all around nice bodies are Jessie, Aaryn, and Kaitlin.. Elissa too, but just when she’s going yoga.


Amanda thinks how that it’s unfair that if a guy f*cks a different girl every week, he’s a legend, but if a girl f*cks just two guys in a year, she’s a slut.
What Amanda need to realize is that if a key opens lots of locks, then it’s a master key. But if a lock is opened by lots of keys, then it’s a shitty lock.


If a key opens lots of locks, it must get pretty filthy, right? It’s the master but the filthiest because it has entered all those ‘nasty’ locks.
Boys are not ‘cleaner’ than girls – especially the ones who have access to a lot of entryways.


I have to agree with you Boxer


“Amanda starts crying and says she is TERRIFIED of what will happen when she gets out of the house.”

She should’ve thought about that before she opened your month, and her legs while millions are watching.


Yea. The PR people or on this site for sure. Lol lol

Stand up and show yourself!!!!! Lol


Same comments on some other sites. Lol lol

Note to CBS

For high ratings that would skyrocket, you should consider doing a Big Brother 15 Finale Show. Much like the Bachelor shows on ABC, that wraps up the season with an After the Final Rose show so the viewers can see the aftermath. After the winner is announced, etc., Julie Chen should gather all the houseguests together, and tell them what has been going on outside the Big Brother house, how their families were holding viewing parties, etc. and what America thought (and show some Twitter or Facebook comments). Aryn would see highlights of her season, and hear (before a publicist gets to her) about the racist issue, losing her modeling gigs, etc. GM would see her highlights (and some of those were doozies), hear about her losing her job, and Nick should be there to greet her (priceless for all the viewers!). Candice and Howard would be featured, etc. If this is a true “social experiment”, well then CBS should show them how they came across to each other and to America. This can really bring these issues to the forefront. What a fantastic, do not miss show that would be!!! If CBS doesn’t do it, well then maybe the After Show can be shown on TVGN!


Amanda is infected with a horrible sexually transmitted disease called ‘Temporary Post Ejaculation Reality Disorder’ and gives this to every man she has se with.

No matter how fabulous she appears when you start nailing her…..
The moment just after you have strained the last bit of jiz onto her chin, she’s a filthy horrible dirty slut bitch !!.


i want to say is thank you elssia for take up for whats right in my eyes you will always have a fan in me thank your husband an children must be really proud to have a mother like you so thank you




After what he heard from his daughter’s mouth, no doubt he insisted the photos returned.


Clownie found the Adderall stash and overdosed… ROLMFAO


A special message from the BB15 Frog


Simon it didn’t work.


I can’t get anything to open

Melanie Buoy

I read the comment saying Amanda’s ex boyfriend cheated on everyone of his last girlfriends,and I quote from rereading what she said he was married when she met him!!! Read it again that is what it says,not that he dated someone that was married!!! She is ruining someones elses reputation on national TV they will go look for this man offer him money for those photo’s of Amanda so America can get their revenge of her being humiliated for being so racist & actually the word I would use for Amanda is filthy,I just really hope McCrea leaves without Amanda,it will never work! I have to admit Aaryn made Julie Chin look like an idiot when Julie said how does it feel to win HOH for the 3rd time & Aaryn smiles and said Julie this is the fourth time I have won!! You host a show on National TV and you do not know how many times!!


If Amanda really has ties with CBS and its affiliates she should be disqualified. NOBODY playing this game should have anything to do with CBS or any of its people!!!


Amanda it is way to late to worry about what people are going to think when you get out the house. You have already done the damage, and you can not blame anybody but yourself. As for clownie committing suicide, I can not blame him with the people he was having to live with in the house. lol


Amanda may have a made a huge mistake for telling Elissa that Helen was the target. She bordered on threatening Elissa when she said Elissa better not tell Helen or she (Amanda) won’t be able to trust Elissa. Translantion: if you tell Helen I will deny and you will go home. What Amanda doesn’t know is that whoever goes out may come right back in. I think it would be so funny if Helen gets voted out, comes right back in and wins HOH. Amanda would be scrambling with no where to go and Elissa would have a lot of information for Helen. I thought Helen and Elissa had a final 5 with McCrae, Andy and Amanda so why wouldn’t Helen question them as to why they wouldn’t vote Spencer out if he is the replacement. Either she is really not that smart or she knows this veto is do or die for her. I hope Elissa is not buying what Amanda is selling. Amanda really wants Elissa to walk out so she can’t get America’s favorite player. She even questioned (Spencer, I think) if the 1st or 2nd place winner could still get the fav player prize. He said Jordan won both. What? I thought Jeff won fav player that season. Stupid Spencer. This shows Amanda’s plan. She thinks she will get fav player if Elissa is gone. Personally I hope Candice gets it but I damn sure Amanda won’t. If they show that farce of a wedding on the show tomorrow night I am going to throw something. There has to be better footage than that.


Is it possible that the absence of a pic of Aaryn’s father was something they agreed upon before she entered the house? A secret code giving the between them to let her know she was being perceived in an unfavourable way?
Also wondering if the DR/producers are starting to give them a little more feedback on their less than stellar behaviour.


Do you by chance believe that 911 was an inside job?

Does not agree

harassment (either harris-meant or huh-rass-meant) n. the act of systematic and/or continued unwanted and annoying actions of one party or a group, including threats and demands. The purposes may vary, including racial prejudice, personal malice, an attempt to force someone to quit a job or grant sexual favors, apply illegal pressure to collect a bill, or merely gain sadistic pleasure from making someone fearful or anxious. Such activities may be the basis for a lawsuit if due to discrimination based on race or sex, a violation on the statutory limitations on collection agencies, involve revenge by an ex-spouse, or be shown to be a form of blackmail (“I’ll stop bothering you, if you’ll go to bed with me”). The victim may file a petition for a “stay away” (restraining) order, intended to prevent contact by the offensive party. A systematic pattern of harassment by an employee against another worker may subject the employer to a lawsuit for failure to protect the worker. (See: harass, sexual harassment) –

I do not agree with what is going on in the house but they will all have to answer for their OWN actions. Please read the definition of harassment because that is what several individuals are doing with their comments. Do not judge anyone until you have walked a mile in their shoes.

Thank you

Amanda's dog Woofy

Clownie shoulda got a restraining order. now it’s too late.


Does not agree, I guess you’re new to this site. If you’re looking for intuitive well thought out discussion about the BB game, I’d suggest looking elsewhere. A large portion of the commenters on here are haters who feel better about themselves and their own personal lackluster lives when belittling others. They’d be perfect house guests this year on BB. Fact !!