Big Brother 15 Amanda tells Elissa No matter what Helen or Elissa are getting evicted

POV Holder: Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd
Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie
Have Nots (head cheese and habaneros) GM, Amanda, Helen and Elissa


5:30pm Ginamarie working out in her room.. Camera pans around and some of her stuff.


5:44pm Cockpit Chit chat
Helen: ‘What are people going to dress up as this year”
Andy: “I’m going to put on a pink dress and be David”
McCrae mentions that Matt Hoffman from season 12 dressed up as britney in that prom picture picture (Image here ).
Helen is laughing.
Elissa: “Mat’s a character.. A funny guy that Matt Hoffman”


5:58pm Bedroom Aaryn and Amanda

Aaryn goes over her conversation with Helen earlier in the day. She told Helen she wants ELissa to go home so if she wins the veto she won’t use it.
Aaryn: “I told her I really want Elissa to go home. Spencer is not as scary to me”
Amanda told Elissa she has to stop plotting with Helen because no matter what one of them is going home this week. Amanda told Elissa “You have a lot better chances to stay here than her” Amanda explains that she trying to get close with Elissa so once Helen leaves she can guide Elissa. Aaryn mentions how Andy thinks he can control her to.


6:05pm HOH Andy, GM and Aaryn
Aaryn: “Did Amanda tells you what she told Elissa”
Andy:”yA.. she said it lite ELissa’s fire a bit”

Aaryn: “I thought for some reason we were wanting her to feel safe”
Aaryn mentions that Spencer is worried if Elissa knows she’s a target she’ll self evict and he’ll go up on the block.
Amanda gets called into the Diary room

Aaryn tells Ginamarie that Clownie has killed himself again this time it wasn’t hanging it was something else. GM goes into the bathroom and see Clownie beside a empty pill bottle. AAaryn: “The were lysine” (Image is below)

Andy: “If Hleen comes down there is no way Elsis will selff evcit she’ll talk her out of it”
Aaryn: I dunno apparently they’ve been fighting.. I just don’t know how much pull Helen has over her”
Aaryn: “If Elssia comes down I’m not telling Helen she’s the target.. I think Amanda will… I dunno things are starting to get sticky people are thinking about jury votes”

6:12pm Trivia POV competition
7:31pm Still trivia
8:37pm Trivia yo

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142 thoughts on “Big Brother 15 Amanda tells Elissa No matter what Helen or Elissa are getting evicted

    1. No Amanda will win it the dude was right if you Google Amanda Zuckerman Realtor twitter her twitter comes up it says Los Angeles California real estate agent ? She tweets her boyfriend who is a big reality tv producer ? I am looking at it right now on my other computer ?

    2. THE AMANDA ZUCKERMAN ON BB IS IN REALITY AN ACTRESS WITH A SAG CARD AND IT IS THE ONE ON THE SHOW BECAUSE SHE IS A REALTOR. This show is nothing more than a rigged game show just like the game shows that were on CBS in the 50’s that were rigged. Chen’s husband should lose his job for this crap and CBS should be fined just like before. What fraud!!! I bet that is either her mom or her aunt that works at CBS. Hope the media picks this story up and runs with it. Now it makes total sense why Chen was so or acted so “offended”, I bet it was to try and deflect anyone from finding out that the show was rigged and Zuckerman’s family is employed by CBS. What a bunch of lying hypocrites!!!!

    1. Poopy has XXXmanda both wrapped around her finger with a knife to her throat and Xmanda is unaware of either. Did you here her tell McStrange she wants to take Poopy to final 3.

    2. i don’t get why they are bringing aaryn to final 4, or gm to final 5, they are both comp beasts and will win the final 4 hoh or veto, thus andy, mccrae or amanda will leave in f4 or f3. it’s probably smarter for 3AM to bring spencer or even elissa to final 5/final 4, but they are talking about getting rid of them next week. i think mccrae does realize aaryn is a huge threat in the end but i don’t see how he can convince amanda and andy to get rid of her before final 4.

  1. amanda sucks the other day she said i dont no why people find jesse sexy will let me tell you i dont know why people talk to you you ant sexy cry cry cry america dont like you amanda you bully people if i was on thier i would mess up cbs riggin by voteing you out what a pice of dump

        1. As a high school teacher, in Canada, I can tell you categorically, that young people are NOT the product of the school system. We try very hard to remediate and intervene where and when we can. Young people are the product of their home environment first and then, the things they experience, much of which relates to home environment, then with things they’re born with – good and bad.

  2. I’m not buying this idea that Clownie commited suicide. Who “found” him? Spencer? C’mon, Aaryn left him alone with Spencer? I think they should check Clownie’s backside for DNA. something is not right here.

    1. They should call in Elisabeth Shue and CSI Clownie. I don’t think Spencer has the guts but that Andy has no fear!

    2. Lysine is taken naturopathically to prevent the occurrence of Herpes Simplex 1 or 2! I am thinking perhaps Aaryn is not the Angel her potty mouth has led us to believe her to be. Pretty difficult to o.d on Lysine…poor ugly, scary little clown.

      1. Lycene is also used for people post-operative, it helps to repair tissue/build muscle and, I think, assist with red blood cell production. Athletes use it Yes, it also has some efficacy, for some, in preventing or reducing symptoms of Herpes and yes, you can buy it over the counter, you don’t need a prescription.

  3. Can anyone honestly tell me what they have liked about Elissa’s game play this year? She honestly comes across as a total bore. Please don’t say, she is the only classy lady, blah, blah, blah. I mean actual BB game play.

    1. When it comes to actual game play she was only useful for the 3 weeks she was MVP, from then on she was carried due to other targets being bigger.

      If it wasn’t for the MVP twist ruining the game, she would’ve been gone 1st week, and we could’ve seen some entertaining game play from Nick and Jeremy, not this sheep infested “What The house wants, we can’t make a big move this week” mentality.

    2. Elissa has played her own game, she was targeted early in the game and she survived even winning a clutch Veto to save herself.

      She’s been the voice of reason in the house but she’s in an alliance were Helen is an idiot.

      Elissa has shielded herself behind Helen which is an intelligent move and she has Amanda & Anday actually believing they can control and manipulate her so she can slide by untill it’s time to make her move.

      America loves Elissa because shes not a racist-bigoted coward that’s too scared to call out injustice when she sees it or hears it she’s been loyal so far in a house where backstabbing and backbiting is rampant.

      What has McCrae done besides allow himself to be a sex-toy for a shapeless ugly woman who smells like onions and slurps his meat after she has menstrul sex with him? What has GM done besides campaign to evict the dangerous and scary African-Americans?

      The Creeper Spencer just waddles around waiting to be a pawn with no real strategy eating crumbs off the ground and spying on crotches.

      Elissa is the only hope to salvage this horrendous season.

      1. Name, you are right. Amanda, McCrae, Spencer, Aaryn and Gina Marie, are perverts. Especially McManda and Spencer. They are racists (I haven’t heard anything racist from McCrae yet). And they are mean and always cursing.
        Elissa defended Candice. She even left the room when a group of them were saying racist things about Candice. They should make a video with all the racist and mean things every house member has said. Elissa would come in last. They are always beeping the other house members for all the cursing, but not Elissa.
        I’d say she’s the best person in the house. I hope she wins the game.

        1. Who knows what all Elissa has said or done… whenever she has acted up in the house they go to fish so no one can see it. She has been protected by production. She has NO CLASS! Anyone who walks around with their nose in the air like they are better than everyone else… lacks class! Futhermore, she is a walking talking plastic surgeons messed up idea of “beautiful”… talk about low self esteem… only someone who hates themselves would have so much work done to correct every flaw they think they have.

          1. Elissa is not perfect, but she’s the best left in the house. The only other HG I could tolerate winning the dough is Andy, he’s not an A&&hole; the rest are. The evicted HG I’d like to see come back is Jessie, that girl has had her eyes opened wide and I think she’d continue to “tell it like it is”. That’s who I’d pull to win…if she gets back in the house.

      2. Elissa did not play her own game. Week one, she is MVP, and what does she do? She runs to McCrae, tells him she is MVP, suggests he can use her and asks him who to put up. She put up David, which was a great move for the Moving Company, but did nothing for Elissa except set her up to be used over and over again in the future. Then week 2 she put up Nick, not because it was a particularly good move for her, but because Amanda, Judd and McCrae pressured her. Third week she didn`t put up Howard like they wanted, but again, how did her nomination help her game? Then she stopped being MVP. She may not be racist, but she is a wannabe elitist bitch, who has said very rude and inconsiderate things to people in the game that have saved her ass, she feels entitled and superior. Since her POV win, which seemed rigged for her to win, she has done nothing but annoy and stir the pot for no strategic reason. Saying she is loyal is a laugh! She didn`t shield herself behind Helen, Helen browbeat her with the friendship and loving moms crap and treats her like a child that needs to be kept in line.If anything, Helen has used her as a shield. And Elissa allows it because she is an airhead. She had a huge advantage coming into the game with Rachel`s fan base and the MVP, and instead of using it wisely to further her own game, she decided to share it and brag about it to everyone in the house.She wasted a huge advantage because she has no game. If Elissa is the salvation to this season, then BB is officially dead.

        1. “Then week 2 she put up Nick, not because it was a particularly good move for her, but because Amanda, Judd and McCrae pressured her.”

          Wrong! Week 2 Amanda wanted Howard up and she got pissed when Elissa refused to do her bidding. Instead, Elissa made her own decision and put Nick up! Elissa helped get out David, Nick, and Jeremy. After the MVP was over for her, she made the decision to stick with Helen, knowing she would have her back so Elissa could lay low.

          I have no respect for Helen because of the way she turned on Elissa. She used her and threw her out for no reason. Talk about loyalty. She should have said, “Not this week. Maybe next week.” Elissa is the most descent person in this entire cast. As was already said, Elissa has been the only person to verbally stand up for Candace, Howard, and Jessie. She’s also shown this physically by leaving the room when the others began running people down. Elissa wants no part of these disgusting people’s garbage. I think she will walk away the winner whether she wins the money or not.

          1. Helen was on the block, Elissa put up Nick because that`s what Helen pushed for. It wasn`t Elissa“s idea at all, because ideas don`t come easy to her, especially good ideas. Judd and Amanda and Andy are the ones that flipped the house and got Nick up and out. It didn`t help Elissa`s game at all, except that it saved her and Helen. The result would have been the same for her no matter who went up and home that week, as long as it wasn`t her or Helen. It`s really sad to see that people worship this woman who isn`t even in the same league as her sister, they ignore her catty, petty and snobbish comments and attitudes, waste a superpower and float like dead weight around her supposed allies necks, but they pounce on every inappropriate thing that anyone else, especially Amanda, Aaryn and Gina do. Elissa is easily as nasty as anyone else there, she just expresses it differently through passive aggressiveness.

    3. You are absolutely right! Elissa is riding Helen’s coat tails and when Helen gets evicted, Elissa is not going to know what to do! so glad they finally made the move!

    4. No one can honestly tell you that because she hasn’t been playing the game. She’s on fucking vacation and a publicity stunt. She can’t reason, she can’t win shit, she can’t strategize, hell, she can’t even talk because she sounds like she is on drugs whenever she opens her mouth and you can’t understand what she’s trying to tell you. The girl is, seriously, either mentally slow or on some heavy medication that turns her into a zombie.

      All her fans make up shit in their own minds to like her because they were fans of Rachel and so they think they have to like Elissa. I admit i became a Rachel fan during the season she won and was rooting for her the entire time, but I despise this lunatic that is her sister. She is selfish, stupid, and a giant bitch that talks behind people’s back but she doesn’t use swear words and talks quietly, so she thinks she’s “classy”.

      According the Rachel herself, Elissa is this season’s biggest floater. So there you go. Anyone who says otherwise is just wrong

      She has fucked Helen’s game up so bad, she is leaving because of her. She sabotaged Helen and her own alliance two times already with the earlier Aaryn stuff that got Helen so pissed off she wanted to kill her. And now, in her third screwup, Helen will be going home because, as usual, Elissa had to go around and badmouth Aaryn and Gina and they found out. Who knows whom Aaryn would have put up, but she now had a clear excuse to go after the Helen/Elissa duo.

      Elissa is so stupid, she managed to not only get herself in trouble, but also her partner. And she doesn’t care… she’d rather go home now and get ready for Survivor tryouts. I swear they need to put her in a fucking straight jacket.

      1. You Lost Me Once You Said Elissa Is The Reason Helen Will Be Voted Out. Helen Continually Going To Andy To Vote Amanda Out Is Why She Will Be Going, That Is Unless She Wins Veto. Elissa Isn’t Stupid, She’s Just A Plain Ole Airhead.

        1. Helen is absolutely going because Amanda feels it is time to get rid of her rival (don’t know yet who won the veto as I’m writing this), but what Helen should have done a long time ago is dump that useless sack of shit (Elissa) and aligned herself closer with someone who can play the game like, let’s say, Aaryn who’s smart and can obviously win competitions. Or maybe even closer with Amanda and McCrae themselves.

          Helen has been stuck with Elissa since the beginning and got nothing but problems because of her. If Helen was closer with a couple others, rather than having to protect and hold Elissa’s hand all this time, then it is unsure she would be going on Thursday.

          She is going at this particular time because she and Elissa are a duo and what better excuse for Aaryn to do that than Elissa calling her and Gina “useless freaks”. As far as I’m concerned, Aaryn wasn’t really sure who go stick with the last few weeks, Amanda or Helen, but this surely made the choice for her.

          So I agree with you, but there is more to it than that.

  4. So Aaryn takes Lysine too. Interesting. Here is the info for lysine: Lysine is an amino acid (building block of protein). People use it to make medicine.

    Lysine is used for preventing and treating cold sores (caused by the virus called herpes simplex labialis). It is taken by mouth or applied directly to the skin for this use.

    Lysine is also taken by mouth to improve athletic performance.

    I don’t recall seeing a cold sore on Aaryn so why does she have this. Improve athletic performance maybe? Hope Season 16 has people who don’t take any type of medication. Even yesterday Aaryn said she took too much adderall in the morning. She looked stoned just like she did during the live show. Prescription or not maybe she needs to be rechecked.

    1. No one is going to be taking lysine for any type of athletic performance. If anything they would use another amino acid, arginine or a long acting form of arginine such as arginine alpha-keto-glutarate. Arginine taken in high doses can actually cause herpes virus outbreaks in high doses. Lysine is used for herpes both oral and genital along with anti-viral drugs like zovirax and others

      1. I mentioned above it’s used in post-op folks to help heal/rebuild tissue. I think it also helps with red blood cell production, yes, which might make it useful for athletes as well…but given this crowd, the Herpes relief is more likely.

    2. Perhaps BB has been delaying the POV the last two weeks because they see what an advantage Aaryn has in the comp. If they give her the medication in the morning, maybe they are hoping some of it wears off in the evening to make it a more level playing field.

    3. Spencer: When people ask about my Herpes scabs, I tell them I’ve got Chicken Pox….That way, they actually encourage me to kiss their small children.

  5. These people are so boring, any other time it never got this boring until 3 or 4 people were left. Great casting they’re boring and rude. A bunch of losers.

  6. Hey if they rigged this from day 1 for Amanda to win the $500,000 ? Is that against the law i mean we pay for live feeds . I am ok for it being rigged for some drama but not from day 1 on who should win ? CBS cant be that shady can they ?

  7. The live feeds could be called a Pyramid Scheme if it was rigged for Amanda to win since day 1 ? Why would Amanda not tell them she got family and boyfriends who work for Warner Brothers and CBS ?

  8. Aaryn says those pills were lysine which is an amino acid that can be used to help in herpes outbreaks. She didnt say the pills were hers but someone in thos house has had an outbreak of herpes. We would have known if someone had a cold sore so the herpes outbreak must be genital. I wonder who was taking the lysine.

    1. See, yet another example of the kind of comments many of you deride the contestants for. If you plan on saying stuff just like you say they do, you are now on notice, that I will call you out on your bull crapola. Lurker, you now have lost all credibility to say anything nasty about one of these contestants. As you have already been educated, Lysine can be used for other things. To say it is positive one of the contestants is using it for herpes is a personal attack. Shame on you and you now shall refrain from saying crap in the future.

      1. You are dead wrong. Another post said lysine can be taken for athletic performance which is wrong. If anyone was taken amino acids for that purpose it would most probably be arginine or another form of arginine. So get your facts straight Brian because you are dead wrong and I’m right

        1. So, you are saying it is ONLY used for herpes? And lets say you are right. Now, if I was gonna be like you, I might ask, how do you know this so well? HMMM. Now see, is that nice? But you feel fine to insinuate about others, yes or no?

          1. Brian, Besides my comedic genius I have a PharmD along with a Phd in Pharmacology and have written a book on Nitric Oxide which is the chemistry behind the use of Arginine in athletics. I am an expert in nutraceutical products along with pharmaceuticals in their relationship to athletics and the aging process and I am a consultant for many of the companies that sell these products world wide.

            1. Right! haha You are some genius in pharmacology, consultant, expert in amino acids, and you watch this crap on BB? Please.

        2. Actually lurker the post about the lysine being used for athletic performance came straight from Web MD. While you are probably right about the arginine, I simply quoted what was on Web MD but forget to use the quotation marks. My bad. Regardless, maybe the have nots take it as they are on such a limited diet. Just so you know, there are plenty of sites that talk about the use of lysine for athletes but it is hardly worth arguing about with all the other crap going on this season. Cheers!

          1. Your right that its probably not worth an argument. Who really cares about lysine? Amino acids are just the building blocks of protein and you can argue that any amino acid taken can be a benefit for the building of muscle mass but at the same time any amino acid that is absorbed in your digestive tract is rate limited which means that only a certain amount of amino acids can be absorbed in a certain period of time. Because of this lysine would have little if any effect on athletic performance because the main amino acid needed by your body is arginine which has a direct effect on blood flow and a genetic effect on muscle mass. Other amino acids like ornithine can be converted into arginine. The reason why arginine alpha-ketoglutarate was invented was because this form can bypass the rate limited absorption and also has the benefit of that this salt form is also is needed in the kreb cycle which increases energy production

          2. Also WebMD says lots of things that may not be the best advice for situation that you are looking up. Anyway these posts started when I was accused of attacking someone in the house. If you read back all I did was to suggest that someone had the herpes virus and never stated who I thought had it. I just said since there was no evidence of a oral cold sore it was genital and that lysine would be used for that purpose. If it was a severe case of a herpes outbreak Im sure a pharmaceutical product such as valtrex or zovirax would also be used.

            1. Lurker, the only people I have ever known to use L-Lysine have the herpes virus in a particularly aggressive way… numerous outbreaks with little time in between. I think I know who in the house is using this based on the display of aggressive sexual behavior, and boundary crossing going on. Also, this person mentioned having a one night stand Method of Operation. Not mentioning names, but someone has issues that need to be discussed with their sexual partner as this is a lifetime illness.

  9. CBS released a statement that foul play is suspected in Clownie’s death. A strange smelling onion residue was found on the Adderall bottle

    1. I have to disagree that Amanda did it. In the past she has stated that she would stick a knife in someone’s eye. Her method would be a brutal death. It could be a set up by McRea, who has that onion smell all over him. The pizza boy did it with a bottle of lysine in the bathroom.

      Or maybe we should get Scoobie and the gang on this.

  10. Helens Zit is crying “racism” in the DR. Zit has said it overheard other HG’s laughing and calling it “whitie”… Zit also complains it is being squeezed by Helen to win HOH and backdoor Amanda. Zit feels like it is too soon.

      1. Judd’s Granny, I am missing two chickens too! A white silkie female, and a black silkie rooster! I thought it was a coyote from the forest next door, but maybe I should look elsewhere for the culprit! : )

    1. Hey, don’t be so harsh on yourself… I feel like you need a Helen-style pep talk… OK…We have all made a comment or two we should have rethought before posting, but I don’t see that as your problem, you are good enough and I think you can add alot to this site… post on friend, post on! Feeling better now!

    1. Depends who’s singing, but sometimes the glass shatters! Those fish are tortured for 3 months every year. My African Cichlids want to send in an army to do battle for them.

  11. I hope there are cameras in the jury house so Helen can keep practicing since she’s gonna be a superstar after the show, you know? ok? cause of all the beauty pageants she’s gonna be in & all the public speaking she’s gonna be doing, all the talk shows she’s gonna be on AND she said she will be getting paid very well for it… GM & Aaryn will star in “2 Broke Whores” GMs po*n name-Head Cheese… I bet any guy trying to screw Amanda will be like throwing a hotdog down a hallway… Spencer won’t be invited to friends houses that has small kids… McCrae will get a job trial sleeping at mattress factories… They all have a lot to look forward to come September…

    1. Come on now Pearl, you have to stop. My heart and chest can’t take it any more. You are on a roll today. LMAO….

      1. thank you, usually there’s 2 maybe 3 from the beginning that no one likes but this year? hard to pick one to like!!!

    2. If you read Robert Zuckerman’s twitter account, he says, he fully supports what his daughter is doing on BB.

      Hmmmm….Now isn’t that special!!!

      Daddy is blessing his daughter’s actions on BB. Now he really deserves the father of the year award. While his daughter will get the AVN Award for best sexual acts performance in a Reality TV show.

      1. Daddy’s little girl making him proud! Touching… McCrae might be faking his orgasm to make the whole ugly mess stop! I think they may also qualify as the most disgusting sex act performed on a live show at the AVN’s too!

  12. Since Nick and Jeremy left early in this season, Helen and Amanda have been running this game. But it seems no one wants to take them out. Smh

  13. Ah! Aaryn, I have never met your dad, but he sounds like a very smart man. You made your choice to play this game. Your dad is obviously making his choice not to be part of this mess. Now you are worried about what possible repercussions might happen when you are out of the house. Aaryn keep it real! Show America how racist you can be. Gina show us how they do it in Brooklyn. Aaryn was crying and getting the house sympathy about her possible future outside the house. On qeue, Amanda says I can top that and knows a good thing when she sees it. What can Amanda do to take the sympathy from Aaryn and place it on herself. Hmmmm……what about an ex and those naked picts and how she felt betrayed by her true love. You guess it, her true love is not McCrae.

    Wait, Amanda got married to McCrae while still in love with her ex-boyfriend. This is the same boyfriend that supposedly has the naked pictures of her and now Amanda is worried what he might think of her behavior. Ah, Amanda at what point in the game did you start having doubts that your ex boyfriend might not like your actions. I am guessing when you started having sex with McCrae that your ex might of had second thoughts. And on cue….Amanda reminds us of those naked pictures of her, now you can see what McCrae has been getting for the low price of 19.99$ on the internet. Amanda is going to be so pissed when she finds out that her boyfriend…i mean exboyfriend didn’t release those pictures. Amanda could of made grand total of ten dollars by now from the internet download of her pictures. Wait, after expenses Amanda is still in the hole for about $500.00. So keep marketing Amanda…remind us every episode about these naked pictures.

    Wait, Amanda thinks she has said to much. She needs McCrae for her game. McCrae ignore everything Amanda said after saying I am still in love with my ex.

    Wait, Amanda this ex that you are crying over. He’s married? I am calling BS on this whole thing. This is Amanda being Amanda and playing the house again. We have seen this time after the time. The Amanda and Elissa fight and Amanda getting all the house to sympathize with her. We saw it again with Amanda and Jessie, then Amanda getting everyone to sympathize with her again and Helen saying it was Jessie’s fault. We saw it in her fight with Candice as well. We saw it with the fake rape story. Now here is Amanda who was raped by Howard, today saying I bet Howard can f$$k like a machine, that Amanda, such a kidder. Amanda is orchestrating the house emotions to benefit her game. She is already thinking about next week.

      1. Actually she was born and raised in Brooklyn. Maybe Howard Beach, Fort Hamilton or Bay Ridge section. Her family moved to Staten Island at some point. And based on her hood rat persona, she definitely hangs out at the Jersey Shore.

  14. I found a way out of the house and I don’t have to be on that jury. I faked my death… I couldn’t take the Clown jokes they were offensive.

  15. I do not like anyone on this years BB…
    Arryn is a racist b*tch
    GM is bat shit crazy
    Candace played the victim card way too much
    Jessie is borderline sane/nuts
    Helen thinks she knows it all
    Elissa does nothing unless Helen tells her to
    Andy, well he is just play all sides of the house
    MC has literally played more with Amanda then he has this game
    Amanda is just a bully cry baby can’t win anything manipulating c***
    Spencer is this years definition of a floater
    Judd couldn’t play his own game, tried playing everyone else’s game
    and all the rest are just losers…
    I have to agree with the polls…
    person I like the most is NOBODY
    person I like the least is AMANDA
    what a messed up season

    1. Simon, Dawg: More offensive language on your site.

      These Amanda haters certainly keep you busy. Very classy on their parts I have to say.

  16. Helen’s zit is overpowering her. She could have popped it and avoided it all but she, of course, thought it was too soon!

  17. I am so sick of ScankManda!!! I wish the house would vote her out already. She is sleeping with McCrae amongst other things and she is worried about her ex?! Ugh then maybe you shouldn’t have done what you did on national TV Skank

  18. The funniest thing would be if they evict Helen or Elissa and they come right back in to the game! I could see one of them going after Amanda or Mc

  19. BB please give Helen some fatback to put on that thing on her forehead, It looks angry… almost as angry & scary as that thing GM wears on her head…

  20. Even though I faked my death and have exited the house… it wasn’t all that bad. Elissa showed me the proper way to put on my clown makeup.

  21. the growth on Helen’s head looks like the reset button. Maybe Julie will just pop it on Thursday and Helen will return to the house.

  22. I would not mind seeing either Helen or Elissa winning the veto and Aaryn putting Amanda or McCrae up as the replacement, but I dont think she is smart enough to do that. Helen could win the veto and try to encourage Aaryn to put Spencer up as the replacement because she is a fool full of sound and fury.

  23. The preliminary autopsy findings suggest that Clownie suffered a ruptured spleen. BB CSI will be conducting a full investigation into this tragic season of BB15.

  24. Good-bye Helen if she doesn’t win that veto. She could come back and that would be awesome because she would probably be after Amanda and McCraes blood lol!

    1. The only good thing about Helen possibly coming back after getting evicted is you evict her again the following week.

  25. Aaryn needs to realize that she has more power than she thinks. A few weeks ago she needed to obey to stay in the game, but at this point the biggest moves happened when she was HOH (Nick, Judd, Candice and now Helen or Elissa). She has also won POV . She doesn`t need to do what anyone else wants at this point in the game as long as she keeps winning. I kind of hope JUDD comes back and teams up with Spencer, McCrae and Aaryn. I would love to see Amanda go, one because I“m tired of the Amanda hate but mostly out of curiosity to see if McCrae has game or not. I had high hopes for him and I knew Amanda would wreck his game if he didn`t keep his distance. If you remove the personal from the equation, Aaryn has played a good game and is in a good spot because she has proven she can win and will make big moves. If she makes final 2 she deserves the win against any of them.

    1. Why would Judd team with Mccare to vote Amanda out so soon. If anything it would be Gina Marie, Aaryn, Spencer and Judd. Then again Spencer was really only loyal to Howard and voted to kick Nick out who he was supposed to be in a alliance with.

      1. I didn`t mean that. I just meant that it would be good to see Amanda gone, and to see McCrae actually play the game without her, and team up with Judd. I think that is what would have naturally happened if Amanda hadn`t stuck to McCrae like glue as soon as he won HOH. McCrae looked genuinely upset that Judd got evicted. Judd will have figured out that it was Amanda and Helen that screwed him up, and I think he would like to take them out if he had the chance. If McCrae ever did turn on Amanda, I would gain a lot of respect for him.

  26. Amanda Zucker-Whore, comes into the house and immediately has an affair with a puny, pathetic excuse for a human being: McCrae….

    The bitch then cries and worries about what people and her family will think of her once she gets back to Miami.

    You are a gutter snipe, whore, twot scum, cunt. Your parents should be ashamed of you, but I have a funny feeling your whole family are low life scum like you. Kids are usually a reflection of their parents and Amanda is no exception.

  27. What in the hell is Helen got going on with her forehead?? If it is full of puss, POP that sucka!!!! I am sure Gina will be more than willing to help.

  28. Elissa’s yoga came in handy – congrats to her. Aaryn is in a foul mood about it and I love that. I wish BB would not allow xanx, Adderall, etc. for the houseguests that require drugs. I’ve never seen the other seasons with any drugs given. Give everyone an equal playing ground. I have lost hope that Mccranda will be separated although I wish someone had the balls to lead instead of follow, which is all Andy has done and many others. I hope Elissa and Helen keep winning they are irritating but not as low as the other real snakes in the house.

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