Jon, Adel and Neda agree to target Heather “Tell her she’s just a pawn”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 26th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 28th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: May 1st
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-24 19-18-19-117

10:15pm HOH Jon, Adel, Heather, Sabrina and Jon
Jon dancing to his HOH music and doing shots of vodka with Neda.
Adel says Janelle has a “Nice Grill”

NEda says JAnelle looks like one of the teen moms called Farrah Abraham, Neda adds that JAnelle is much prettier though.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-24 20-05-02-612

11:00pm Hot Tub Room Jon and Neda

Jon says he talked to Adel and it will be a two zero vote if he puts Heather up.

Jon – “Yes that is what I want to do”
Neda – “That is what I want to do”
JOn says the way he say that comp was that Heather was going balls out.
Neda says the expression on Heather’s face after JOn won scared her.
JOn tells her about the final 2 Adel thinks they have.

Adel joins them, JOn confirms final 3 they tell Neda Heather is the target.

Adel says he knows JOn and NEda are final 2. JOn and NEda say all they have talked about is final 5. Adel – “Whatever you guys want I’m game”
Neda and Jon point out how much stronger Heather is over Sabrian in competitions.
They agree to take out Heather. Adel warns them to not

NEda – “Tell her she’s just a pawn”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-24 20-18-46-525

11:05 Heather and Sabrina HOH

Heather and Sabrina talking about who can beat who in the final 2. Heather says she’s getting scared because she doesn’t know anymore, “The jury loves Jon and Heather.. I’m not the most loved in Jury right now”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-24 20-28-46-508

11:25pm Bottle of vodka is gone Jon is drunk. Sabrina impersonates Arlie entering the house.

11:45pm Hot Tub Adel, JOn and NEda

BRiefly chatting about how much they like “Ice Cream” (Code for weed) Jon and Neda go on and on about how threatened they are by Heather in competitions. Adel says he really wants to get Sabs out first but it doesn’t make game sense. Neda agrees says getting Heather out makes the biggest game sense.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-24 20-57-17-582

12:00AM Hot Tub Room Sloppies

Jon drunk saying they made it to final 4.

They start going over different scenarios during the season. JOn and Adel get a bit heated over who was in the room when Andrew and Kenny threatened him. Adel recounts the story explains how Andrew and Kenny gaev Adel a list of things he has to do to work with them. Adel adds that he told Andrew and Kenny he would cut his manhood off to be loyal to their group.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-24 21-32-14-758

12:30AM Jon give Heather a big “HUNDO HUG” tells her he loves her and says final 4

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-24 21-37-59-011

12:40AM Sabs alone in the hot tub crying

12:43AM HOH Neda and Jon
Neda says she’s already decided she doesn’t want Heather in the final 2.
Neda – “I want Heather gone so Deli and Sabs goes after each other”

Sabrina rolls in crying.. Jon leaves. Sabrina says she sad because she misses Rachelle. Heather joins them and they start going over the number of weeks left in the game. They come to the conclusion that there is 2 weeks (Correct)

Heather offers her place up to Sabrain anytime she knows they had their differences earlier on but Heather see this as just a game and won’t take anything outside of the game.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-24 22-14-37-924

1:16AM If they are not already in bed they are heading to it.

1:21AM Jon and Neda HOH Jon says as long as Heather is gone he doesn’t care if Adel or Sabrian go to final 3. Neda says she knows Jon wants to keep Adel because he knows Heather won’t take him as far as Adel will.
Jon thinks Adel will send Sabrian home and Sabrina will send Adel home so they are guaranteed final 3.
Neda points out that Adel is not playing with his emotions anymore assuming Adel will target sabrina is false.

Jon – “There is no one I’m taking to final two beside you”
Neda – “I know I believe you”
Neda – “I’ve already decided I want Heather gone.. I’m just annoyed”
Heather joins them.

Jon leeves.

Heather asks Neda what Adel has planned because he hasn’t talked to her about anything. Neda says Jon and Adel have deals, “This is the point of the game where I feel really lost right now”
Heather – ‘Just as long as we stick together I’m happy”
Neda – “I Agree with you”
Jon comes back and Heather leaves..

Jon says he’s not going to tell Heather she is going home. Neda – “Put her up as a pawn right now of course”

Neda’s big concern with keeping Adel is it was so easy for him to turn on Heather who he loves whats to say it won’t be easy for him to team up with Sabrina and take them out.
Jon is certain Adel won’t do that.

Neda thinks they should let Sabrina win the veto so it’s Heather and Adel up on the block. Neda – “It’s good for both me and you gives us a reason to send home Heather”
Jon says Canada loves them and wants them to make it to final 2.
(FYI last year the feeds went dark the Sunday before the finale so going by that we have ~10 days left)

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Good move by jon since it was clear neda wanted her f2.


nooooooooo poor Heather! win that veto girl!! they’re already ignoring her, she’s all quiet listening to the 4 of them talk, it’s really stupid for Neda to get rid of Heather knowing Sabrina has two votes in the jury (roro and ali )


Heather Girl betta win that POV! cuz we all know you’re the only one that can break JEDA.

team adel

Best scenario ever is, adel wins pov takes heather off jons forced to put neda up adel and Heather vote out neda, at the hands of Jon. =) evil but I love it.


This game makes me an indecisive wreck! I love Jon but not drunk obnoxious Jon so I want him gone. Neda played a good game but I don’t like her personality so i want her gone. Adel wins me over with his smile & humour, but his asshole side makes me want him gone. Heather is a beautiful soul but her baby talk drives me nuts so I want her gone. Sabrina adds crazy moments that make me laugh but she’s a bit too much when she’s mean and emotional so I want her gone too! I can’t take this bb emotional roller coaster lol, hoping the Adel pov win with a heather save happens this week, that would be great tv.


We’re in total agreement, I could applaud Neda for her game but I think she’s a mean hearted person and I don’t want to see her win. Watching Rachelle dissolve into tears really got to me – like it did for Heather and Jon and all it did was make Neda laugh. And that’s just one of countless occasions where she just proves to be ugly on the inside.


Even better though because jon cant play in the next HOH


That’s so perfect I could cry.


Can some answer this question, if you are not on the block win pov take someone off, can you then be put up, or are you safe as well?


If you are not on the block and use it to remove someone from the block, you are also safe .


No if you play and win POV, you can’t be put up on the block as a replacement for the person you just saved.


You are safe then.


You can not be put up if you win veto, whether you use it or not.


I do not know why people felt the need to vote down your question. Many people are not sure about that so.


BB USA All Stars….. Dr. Will evicted 2-0 with Boogie HOH. It was epic TV then and that would be epic now. The game is win comps move forward. I think the chances Adel wins POV are small as Joneda and the other girls will be going all out. I do think Neda is right Adel won’t play emotionally at F4 down so no guarantee they are F3 good yet for sure. Joneda are still driving the bus for now and Jon is starting to sit in a sweet spot if Heather goes this week.


That would be AMAZEBALLZ!

I’m relying on the DR to hint this to Adel if he wins because he won’t think of it on his own.

I find it interesting that neither Jon nor Neda are considering this possibility.


Im fucking hoping heather wins pov and a screws things up for jon and neda…. then she wins f4 hoh and puts jon and neda on the block… does adel not realize that if heather wins pov his going home? what a dumb ass… the fact that jon and neda wants to keep sabrina should send red flags his way but his so stupid to see it … for fuck sake adel your going to jury if heather wins pov open your eyes,,,


And if Adel wins POV he is not safe the following week as he becomes a comp threat and Sabrina goes F3.


That won’t happen because it would expose both Neda and Jon for their back stabbing ways, they would rather take out slobs


What a stupid move by Neda you know adel is taking jon to f2 and you’re going to rid of the person taking you to the end. If heather leaves jon is winning this game.


I don’t see Jon as set up in jury votes as many believe.


What the heck is Neda suppose to do it’s Jon’s HOH and his noms? Joneda talked about this on the feeds the other day. Jon goes after Heather if Neda won HOH she would nom Adel and both said Sabby was their second nom. There is nothing Neda can do about the noms just play hard for the veto.


Not necessarily. Heather going would be a vote for Neda over Jon if they went to final two (if Jon wins the last HoH he’ll take Neda to final two)


So we know Sabrina and Heather are going on the block. If Heather wins the POV (God willing) and takes herself off and Jon puts up Adel, then he is gone for sure. I wonder if Adel (Miraculously) won POV then would Heather convince Adel to keep her? OMG I would rather Adel leave than Heather because she actually played a better game and I love her.
Neda will win HOH next week if Heather leaves because Sabrina and Adel are useless in competitions and Jon wont be able to compete.
I wish Sabrina and Adel were smart enough to squash their stupid drama and secretly work together because otherwise they are screwed.


if heather takes herself off the block, then Adel goes up,but he won’t go home. Sabs will, she isn’t worth keeping over adel.


adel is to dumb to make a move like winning veto and taking down heather….. his to chicken to go against jon and neda…… fuck heather is on her own on this one……


If Adel was shooting for 100G’s and not 20G’s he might see he has a stronger chance of beating Heather at F2. Each had similar struggles in the game and similar wins. Heather got out Kenny, but Adel was able to remain over Arlie.


Agreed. If Adel is thinking about it, he has the best chance to win against Heather in the end. He should be considering this move but I think he’ll need a nudge from production.


I think a great move by Neda would be to split the vote if the nominees are Heather and Sabrina… Make Jon break the tie! Then she can blame the vote on Adel…more ammo for final 3 decisions! I really think Neda would have a better chance with Heather at the end…and Heather would probably take her over Jon! I hope Heather wins veto!


if neda lies about adel and he goes to jury soon after, he will never vote for her to win.


Imagine this. Heather and Sabrina go up, Adel wins POV and takes off Heather like someone already mentioned. Neda goes home, next week Adel, Heather and Sabrina work together to get John out. And somehow Adel and Sabrina work it out and go final two. I’d hate that. Not because of Sabrina but because of Adel. He’s annoying (I agree Sabrina is too but like it or not the girl has/had game)

However, whomever splits John/Neda up deserves at the very least second place IMO. I’d love to see Neda win it though.


I’ve had a disturbing vision of Adel and Sabrina being the final two for a while now…


i rhink neda is going to take sabrina to f2 now….. notice she did not object to jon neda and sabrina f3….. jon is going to get screwed over by neda f3 … i think neda will evict jon when she wins final hoh….. what i think will most likely happen is if sabrina and neda happen to end up in the final part q and a neda will throw it to sabrina and let sabrina evict jon…


If Jon makes F3 he will win the final HOH…so Neda won’t be doing the deciding.


Does anyone know what made Neda change her mind about F2 with Heather? She seemed very pro F2 Heather in the diary room the past episodes and now just changed.




She still wants her F2 but knows she needs to swing Jon as her solitary vote means nothing and Jon will decide who goes home… in this veto I believe Adel is in the safest spot slobs can’t take down a win in any comp even if it solely designed for her to win. Adel is playing a smart game imo if he wins Veto he knows he has control on who goes home with taking off Heather.

Jon's ye@ster

Jon winning HOH does put him in a tough spot for next week going in to F4.
Puts Neda in a good spot to get rid of him for F3 (POV depending of course).

Jon probably assumes he is safe, especially with Neda, but we shall see…but let’s first see how this week turns out before we think of the followin week!

*scratches balls

Jon's ye@ster

BAHAHA…some compliment by Neda about Jon’s gf “looks like Farrah Abraham” oh…the “B@ckdoor Teen Mom” …thanks?!

*scratches balls

Jon's ye@ster

Adel and Heather have a great chance to “flip the house” on Jon and Neda, as they aren’t in the clear just yet because of POV.

Why not “pair up” at POV and hopefully non-nominated houseguest wins and takes the other off…leaving Jon no option but to nominate Neda therefore allowing Adel and Heather to take out Neda (yes, it kills me to keep Sabrina) and head in to F4 with Jon not able to compete for HOH.

ie. Jon nominates Heather and Sabrina. Adel wins POV and takes off Heather. Jon has to put up Neda. Adel and Heather control the votes and 2-0 out goes Neda.


…never know…

Sabrina, Adel, Heather compete for HOH while Jon watches and stews in his own farts

*scratches balls

Jon's ye@ster

oops…I see “team adel” already posted this same scenario…missed it

*scratches balls


they aren’t now thinking about who will take them further, but who will beat them and decide if she wants to take them further. Heather is super close, she chose to throw a veto, but she clearly won. she was close in the HOH, too. This only means they will all have to work so much harder just to beat her, when it comes down to F3 they all only wanted a body that likes them. Heather is a body that wants to win, and take them lol.

They all got some cute onesies i see. 🙂


neda really does not have a say on this one…. jon won hoh and jon wants to keep adel for his game….. better for jon to keep adel and get heather out…. if neda would have won hoh im sure she would have tried to convince jon keeping heather is a good game move, but since its jons hoh neda has to go along with it even though she might not like it……


If Heather goes, I’m rooting for Sabrina.


Jon is such an obnoxious and annoying drunk UGH. I think Neda is ready to drop him HUNDO next week.


if heather wins veto adel is going home…. the fact that jon and neda wants to keep sabrina in the game should make adel think long and hard about his place with them….. come on adel use your head …. adel you are going home if heather wins pov…..


Maybe Adel has sensed Jon and Neda don’t want him in the game already and, whether he goes up on the block or not, he NEEDS to win the next POV if he wants to stay in the game.


fo jon winning hoh and jon wanting to keep adel for his game…. neda really has no choice but to go along with what jon wants…..


I know it’s a game but we all have our favorites. I really hope heather wins. But ease vote Sabrina out! Please! Big brother could you pull a twist to get Sabrina out I don’t like the way she tried playing the game. She hasn’t won anything and now still not playing good just getting drag along


production really want to see jon and neda f3 and to see how neda will take jon out…… they are building this to climax where neda evicts jon making her one of the most rutless bb player of all time…… that comp was customed made for a strong guy to win brenden won that against lane bb 12 usa…


I still think Neda has a chance to win over Jon…most of the Jury knows that most of Jon’s decisions came because of aneda’s influence… I think they should both try for F2 and let the chips fall where they may… Taking Sabrina is awful and even awarding her $20,000 is disgusting… Unless, both of them want F2 with each other and want to make it an easy win…then Sabrina would be a good choice… Hmmm…


jon and neda are going to do it bye bye janelle….


I’ll be glad when ‘Sabrian’ is gone. LOL


I really hope Adel wins POV and takes Heather off the block.


Letting Sabrina win the coming pov is a really smart idea on JONEDA’a part since that will be the best way to evict one of their alliance members without really making them a bitter jury member since they “had no choice’ 🙁 . Great move if they can pull this off. Rooting 1 HUNDO for JONEDA


Amazing that Adel doesn’t care about about voting one of their final 4 out before final 4. He and Jon were both adamant that none of the four would be voted out before then or they lose their jury vote. if Neda and Jon make it to final 2, Heather may vote for Jon just because it will technically be Adel and Neda sending her to jury.


neda is trying but its not going to work jon wants to keep adel…. i would be amzed if neda somehow convince jon to keep heather… that would be move worthy of her winning big brother….


Jon just won HOH. There is still time for minds to sober up and change. Sabrina could go. Not likely though.


Being how smart Jon is, he has to take neda
Out NOW!!!! Doesn’t he know he’s going to
Get fucked by a girl that “loves” him and has
His “back”? Lol WAKE up Jon!!! Take sabrina
To final2!


I hope Jon and Neds and Adel make it to F3. Heather has to go (game wise) but I do like her. I wouldn’t like to see Neda make it this far being a huge bb gamer and be backdoored or scumbagged but any one of these people left. It would totally suck. They need to get rid of Sabrina and hopefully Adel gets a chance to do it.

If it was (lets just say by some scary chance) Neda and Sabrina F2, I think some of those ding dongs in the jury house would vote Sabs. YET she hasn’t done anything since her alliance crumbled and only because of their “hate ” for Neda would Sabs get the votes.

Im not looking forward to watching the jury house with Allison getting a chance to run her mouth. What “Super fan”(not) says to people “I don’t want to talk game? Pfftt waste of space she was in the house and I am glad she didn’t get far. 😛


Jon made such a great speech to Neda about who he is. If he gets to final two no one will beat him. Excellent speaker.


lets say Sabrina wins pov, does any one think neda and Sabrina will vote out adel? if its adel and heather on the block will neda go against jon wishes and vote to keep heather? I don’t think so….


Highly unlikely Sabs wins POV. But if that happens I absolutely believe she is capable of convincing Sabby who to vote for. What I’m not sure about is whether all Neda’s agreement to get rid of Heather is common sense as Jon has the noms. Or she has come to a strategic decision that Heather is to dangerous to take F4. If Neda wants Heather to stay she will or if she wants Heather gone she is gone. For some reason I think Neda is off the Heather train and will vote to evict her.


ugh I hope heather goes home can’t stand her


Just proves how stupid Heather was thinking she could go against a couple to the end. She should have switched last week and worked with Allison…


I’m not an Adel fan but I thought he was smart till tonight when he agrees with Jon and Neda to take out Heather. I mean how clueless is he with that move………


When Neda compares Jon’s gf Janelle to Farrah and says she doesn’t mean it as an insult is hilarious.. Because she definitely meant it as one. You can definitely tell she’s so jealous


Neda needs to stop mentioning to Jon about throwing comps, she clearly wants his head on a platter… if Jon had a any game he would figure it out and cut her now and role with Slobs and Deli to F3

The Truth

Jon talks over people alot! Neda get’s upset over very trivial matters and becomes passive aggressive. “No Jon I’m not mad…. I’m just annoyed” “It’s not a big deal I’m just annoyed.” I think what is beginning to irk me about Jon and Neda is their indecisiveness. If you can’t agree on who you want to take to final 3 or whether or not you are going to throw a HOH, then keep it to yourself. I can’t take the constant back and forth. At this point I wouldn’t be upset if either Jon or Neda went home. They need a healthy dose of humble pie to readjust their attitudes.


Just the mention of RacHell Reilly out of Arisa’s mouth on the side show made me throw up a little in my mouth. Are we EVER gonna get rid of that bioootch?


How to discourage people from watching the live feeds. Give the houseguests babies who cry and listening to Sabs talk baby talk. Real entertaining. NOT!!!


kim i feel u, i want heather to win also but i just dont think she can win this next pov…. that hoh comp has always been the domain of the guys in bb history…..
i was hoping for the wall endurance heather would have had a great shot at winning that one…. i call bs on that comp jon was going to win that for sure. production really want jon and neda in the end, from a story line standpoint neda cutting jon at f3 would bring so much great tv…..


hello stan…. late last night jon and neda was thinking about throwing pov to sabrina, that way they can put adel up with heather…. this way it would be easier for both to vote out an alliance member,,,,, smart move on their part…. im still thinking the option for neda f3 with heather and jon to tempting for her to pass up on incase they hand sabrina pov…. what do you think?


Here are some of the scenarios that can happen. Sabrina winning the Veto, Neda can convince her to take off Heather and vote out Adel. Neda can win Veto take off Heather and vote out Adel. Neda kept saying on the last 2 programs that she can’t keep Jon for final 2. Problem with this I believe she would lose Adel and Jon’s vote, and as we seen in the past Jon is a sore loser. Adel winning POV, taking off Heather voting out Neda but as some one said he doesn’t have the balls for that.Jon winning, probably wouldnt use it. Heather winning, Sabrina or Adel would go home. This Jury seems like the type to vote with their emotions.


if Adel wins pov, and doesnt take Heather off the block he is a a complete MORON. True he was loyal and more likeable than the others early on, but after watching live feeds and as the season has progressed I can see how fake he is.. His whole friendly, jolly, and quirky demeanor is an act, the real Adel has proven to be a wanna be thug, jerk. His problem in the game is that he is very short sighted, he doesn’t have the ability to think ahead, only sees what is in front of him. Case in point, he will not take Heather off the block because he is whole heartedly trusting Jon, unless production tips him off to making that move(crossing fingers if it comes to that). He has been relaxing and coasting this entire game, and it appears that he doesn’t really care if he doesnt win the 100,000…same can be said for Heather or Sabrina.

Here is how I see it playing out…I see Heather winning pov, and Adel going up as a replacement. Adel goes home. Sure it depends on the HOH comp but then I see Sabrina winning(either it is throwed to her to get out Heather or she wins a mental challenge)…she then puts up Jon and Neda…Jon goes home. So my prediction for final 3 is Neda, Sabrina and Heather…Neda and Heather final 2, and Neda wins. I hate for Neda to win though she seems like a nice and good hearted person, she is just as fake as anyone in the house. She is a cold hearted and cunning bitch..and not in an endearing way that makes the viewer want to root for her maybe because she is not an underdog( Peter was cold and calculated but people loved him because he was an underdog, Neda is just a bitch masking her true feelings)


i cant understand for the love of god , why does adel believe jon is going to take him to f2? im hoping and praying that adel knows jon is bull shitting with him and he is doing the same with jon,,,,, adel is going to get voted out thurs should heather happen to win pov,,, does adel really believe if its him and sabrina on the block jon and neda are not going to take him out?