Power Of Veto Competition Results! “THIS IS SPARTA!!”

POV Holder: Big Meech POV Competition July 23rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 25th
HOH James Next HOH July 28th
Original Nominations: Frank AND Bridgette
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-23 22-56-57-018

Power Of Veto Winner: Big Meech

It was the OTEV Competition.

10:40pm The live feeds return – The house guests are congratulating Big Meech on winning the veto! Z says things worked out perfectly! Nicole says I’m so proud of you. Michelle, Z, DaVonne and Nicole go into the storage room and start dancing to celebrate winning. Michelle holds up the veto and says “THIS IS SPARTA!! Paul joins them and dances with them. He leaves and and Victor joins and they all dance again. Corey joins them and they all kiss the veto. Michelle says Frank didn’t even hug me. They head back to the kitchen. Michelle says that was fun! That was my favourite comp.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-23 23-02-53-116
DaVonne is happy again..
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-23 23-04-18-106

HOH room – James and Paul are talking. James asks so who do we get out? Paul asks are you kidding me? Frank! Bridgette without Frank will fall a part. She’ll want to leave. James says I don’t think she will want to leave. Paul says us doing what we did was the smart move. James says oh 100%! Corey joins them. Paul says next week Bridgette. But in order for them to feel safe we tell them their pawns. So they won’t be PISSED! Paulie joins them and congratulates James on a successful HOH.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-23 23-16-05-226

11:10pm – 11:20pm Frank says they’re just happy that I didn’t win and that I’m going home. Oh well, I just don’t have good luck with OTEV. Bridgette asks why am I always the weird kid. Frank says I won one thing here .. my friendship with Bridgette. I’m not going to campaign against you. Frank tells Bridgette I don’t want to go out and watch you go out next week. This week brainstorm and figure out what your best move is next week. Who knows you might be able to blend in.. F**K! Bridgette says they all hate me. Frank says I’m just more sad about you being lonely. James joins them. Frank says I assume Michelle won’t use it and that even if I we had the numbers to get Da out you wouldn’t push for her to use it? James says he’s not sure. Frank says I assume its me. James says I’ll have to ask. Frank says I’m not going to campaign against her. James says its a game, in the end its just a game. Frank says yeah .. I quit my job for this f**king game! F**King OTEV! James says whatever happens its been fun. Frank says please don’t let them f**ker her next week. They’ve been picking on her all summer… you could have put me and Victor up .. instead you do what all the mean girls want. James says its just what the house wanted. Frank says second f**king time I go out on OTEV.
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11:35pm – 11:55pm Frank says I don’t think there is a way .. but I’ve got to at least ask. Bridgette says I don’t think I can trust Natalie. F**K! When in doubt win! Frank says that’s all you can do. I’m kind of happy .. I get to go home. Ashton .. I’ll be home in a week. Bridgette says Ashton you’ve got one hell of a man. Frank says I just want to tell all of them to eat a monster d**K! EAT A SH*T SANDWICH AND F**KING CHOKE ON IT! Bridgette asks do you think I can trust COCO? Franks says maybe. I need to pull out a coup d’état and save both of us. Frank says and they’re reaction just made me more pissed… like they’re acting they’ve got the plate now. Bridgette asks can I trust Paulie? Frank says I don’t think so .. even he went up stairs. Frank says if James told me one more time House, House, House .. its just a game .. I was going to take a sh*t and throw it at him. Bridgette asks that A$$HOLE got America’s Favourite?! What the hell America!?! Bridgette says I’m going to bake every day. Frank says just put lots of laxatives in them. Bridgette laughs and says I would never.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-23 23-36-35-515

11:55pm -12:05am Michelle says I would rather Bridgette leave. She is more likely to win HOH than Frank. At least we made it to jury. Natalie is happy. Michelle says I am just more worried about how next week if I don’t use it they’ll come after me. But I can’t let that affect my decision. Nicole joins them. Frank says talk to her and see if she will use it. Nicole says not right away but talk to her tomorrow. Frank says maybe get James on board. You don’t have to if you don’t want to. Nicole says I don’t know .. we can see. Frank says its going to be me, right?! Nicole says I don’t know. I’m kind of happy of maybe going home next week. Nicole says f**k off Frank. Nicole leaves. Frank tells Bridgette that it seems like she might be open to it.

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this has become another season of an all house alliance.


Right? James was talking earlier about if Frank or Bridgette won the POV that he would have the rest to draw straws to see who would go up. There are 12 people in the house! That means he would have had 9 other choices! Draw straws? 9 person alliance? Can’t wait for Frank to find that room

The Kathy Slayer

Hopefully Frank finds the secret room, I feel like it is the Coup d’état. Because the DPOV would save them now. Unless Meech uses the Veto on one of them. Julie said a secret power not a brand new power so it has to be DPOV or Coup d’état.


No he said he would want to put up someone who hadn’t been up yet. Paulie, Corey, Paul, Nat, Da and Victor have all been on the block.

Only Michelle, Nicole and Zakiyah have not.

So, James did that for a couple reasons:
1) protect his showmance
2) protect the guys
3) force Nic/Mich into a situation where they wouldn’t throw POV knowing they could go up as replacement
4) to show Frank/Brig this really was a HOUSE decision


wow ; all you people cheering on frank sure have short memories.. this guy is a taller version of booger man .. he is a bully, and mean. and a liar .. if he finds that room I will so be pissed.. why because he isn’t smart enough to find it ….he will need help from the diary room… But I must say he has found his double in the house .. yep Bridgette.. that girl and her mouth can put a trucker to shame

Brody Schiller

this is spartaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

big meech with the otev win booooooooooooooom!

fridgette crying haha


OTEV comp…

sunny dee

when they were all sitting around waiting for POV and it being late at night for some reason when i read james talking about the pick a prize comp, i just thought it would probably be OTEV comp. they do it around when there is a certain number of people, so more watching i think especially if they use a guest actor voice, more people reacting to the whole thing. it’s a big comp with a big setup, seems they wouldn’t waiit for less than 10 people in the house to do it.

i don’t know if i am happy for michelle to win something, she seems mean enough to throw it in both their faces that she isn’t going to use it. as a superfan, you’d think she’d be a bit more aware of how she’s coming off over the live feeds,

Powder Puff Girls

That is the last person I expected to win the Veto! I bet the noms stay the same.


Me too. And of course she wants Bridgette out, she thinks that means she’ll have Frank all to herself. But Frank doesn’t like you either Michelle!


Frank was so sure he had the veto in the bag because four girls in the comp was an easy beat. HAH!!!! So glad Mich won.


I’m sure you don’t care, but the only thumbs up you’re gonna get on this post is your own…


You’re right…I don’t care.

I’m not a Meech fan …. I’m in agreement that she is a mean girl with a foul attitude BUT I’m glad she won because I’m tired of the guys in the house always discounting the females in the house how they can’t win anything. If any of the other female players won the veto … I still say YAY and then HAH!

Frank counted his chickens before they hatched ….. again HAH!!!


Why are all those idiots celebrating?…. This only benefits Paulie unfortunatelly


Everyone wants Frank out but Bridgette

Slam Dunk Final 3

I can’t think of any strategy for anybody left in the house where they wouldn’t want to drag Z into the final 3 & hope that somehow she gets incredibly lucky & wins the comp to make it to the finals (If that comp is standing in front of a mirror and playing with your hair longer than the other person she wins hands down) . Cuz, there’s no way she gets the votes to win.


As if Meech won the veto lol. I hope Frank finds the secret room with the coup d’etat in it and puts Paulie and Nicoles a$$es up!!!!


That would be TV GOLD


If that happened I would watch that eviction episode over and over again. Can you imagine everyone’s faces?! EPIC!!


Please let Frank find the secret room!! I hated him 2 weeks ago, but now I’m pullin for him. Praying he gets some kind’ve game changing power.

The Roach Coach

Hope he finds that room too…I can hear him now…. “this time I do have 2 of these jokers”


Now THAT would be epic!!


Actually he would waist it and put Da up instead of one of the other couples.

Powder Puff Girls

They are still scared of Frank they celebrated in then storage room!


MEEEECHHHH!!! Bye Bye Frank!


Screw her


Big. F*cking. Meech.

Gonna take a stab in the dark and predict the nominations stay the same.




Dang, I must be a flip flopper, first I liked Frank, then I didn’t with the Da slapping her booty stuff, then I liked him again after I realized Da started the lies between Tiff and Frank that essential broke up the 8 pack. Fkn Da! Guess I’m an under dog fan. But seriously the vets will be down one now. Come on Pandora!!! Frank needs to be saved. He’s so entertaining


F**K Michelle and James and all the other houseguest. James has zero spine and will not do anything for his own game. Michelle is just a B*tch. Paulie “I am the mastermind of everything” isnt actually anything he is just a F**kboy douchebag. Da will be Da. Victor meh he is just meh. Nicole the horny toad hasnt done sh**. Corey the clueless playboy that Nicole is all ga ga over. Z is a nasty pinhead. Paul honestly dont even know how he is still there. Natalie thinks she is on a vacation but other wise isnt bad. Frank and Bridge are the only ones actually playing the game but they just got screwed over by James who has no spine. I pray there is someway the two can stay in the game and screw over James’s hoh!!


Cry me a river. Frank’s the only one playing? Then why is he on the block now? He played his hands and got caught early. He tried protecting his puppet Bridgette too hard and then throw everyone else’s name. He is angry at Day for playing him and Tiff but he has done that with Day/James vs Paulie/Corey, remember when he wanted to keep the spy girls over any of the four + Mich? LOL. Frank is a terrible player that got caught with his hands on every jar.

No one knows where Paulie and Corey’s loyalty lies, they are in complete control on who is on the bottom and who is not. James has a side alliance with them and getting rid of Frank (who also has a side alliance with the two) only solidify his place. If frank is not blinded with his love for Paulie then maybe he could’ve bury that hatchet with Day and James and manage to make a game changer and exchange notes. Sadly he is the same as Nicole (Nicole follows the dick) and cannot accept the fact that he got outplayed by Day. What is really pathetic is that Tiffany already told him that Nicole, Corey, and Paulie are against him and yet he is so shortsighted on getting Day out.


You answered your first question with your next one hombre.


Paulie is probably a top while Corey prefers being bottom.


Can’t take the truth can you bruh? But I bet you take Paulie’s dick with no problem


Is Cory gay?

This eviction

the person voted out this week is not on the jury, right?


I hope Frank finds the secret room and gets some type of power… I’d like to see him have the last laugh!


they all running around sooo happy meesh won cause they safe for a week but damn they short sighted.. whoever at the bottom of the stupid way too big alliance errr nic da nat vic james not to mention meesh heeelllooo is seriously missing the chance to flip the script and actually take out real threats before its too late.. smh


Missing a chance to take out a real threat? Are you kidding?! Frank is a real threat. He wins comps, everyone likes him and he knows how to play the game. I’d say that makes him a pretty big threat.


Is anyone actually happy that Michelle won the veto?! Worst OTEV winner ever.


Not me. I’m not a mean girl fan


That storage room celebration .gif though! Big Meech’s finishing move at the end is making me lol irl.


Secret room frank

Joe Kerr

Ugh is right. Of all the people to win, it’s her.



Frank must’ve been crushed that Big Meech sealed his fate


crazy thing is, Frank went out on BB14 on OTEV too.


OTEV right???
I guess that answers everyone stupid thought that Production was going to step in and pick a comp to favor Frank.
They picked his F’ ing Achilles Heel.

Not necessarily

or perhaps the secret room twist becomes even more epic with him being a virtual lock to go home. Having him losing OTEV again sets the stage for a ton of drama.

Fuzzy Num Num

So much for it being rigged for Flicka Finger. Hehehehehe


Corey. Loves. The. Dudes.


Meech winning an OTEV comp is very surprising! I guess we’ll have to see whether or not Frank finds the secret power this week or whether is game is over. I don’t see Meech using the POV at all. Paulie and Nicorey may try to save Frank w/ the vote though. That would be worst case scenario b/c then Frank would team up w/ the showmances.

If Frank leaves I’d like to see Bridge, Nat, or Day win the next HOH. Bridge should put up Nic/Z/Meech, Nat has said she’d put up Nicorey (bless her!), and Day would more likely than not go for the showmances (also probably Nicorey).

James, Nat, Day, Paul, Vic, and Bridge have to turn the tables next week or they are all going to be handing the game over to the Core 4 (Paulie, Corey, Nic, Z).


If Big Meech can pull out a veto win, there’s some hope for Natalie. The woman needs to shock the house and country by winning HOH next week and put up Paulie and Nicole or some variation of HGs that think they’ll continue to be untouchable and run the damn house.

*sigh* A girl can dream.


I really hope Nat wins HOH next b/c she told James she would put up Nicorey, and at this point I feel like she may be the only person in the house w/ the stones to take a shot at the showmances. Hopefully Day would go after the showmances as well. People need to start taking shots starting next week.


Yeah, I agree, Natalie just may have the stones to nominate Nicory and honestly I’m crossing my fingers that she gets the chance sooner rather than later. She’s not the completely ditzy and oblivious person everyone thinks she is. The girl has been paying attention and seems to have a pretty good read on things. Nobody would expect her to win an HOH, let alone make a big move, which makes me want that to happen even more, lol. Hell, let her find the secret room in the house and then blow minds again with an HOH win. These are the things that, for me, make BB worth watching.

Doran Martell

Why? Why why why!!?? With James nominating Frank and Bridgette and now Michelle winning the POV, this week is so disappointing. I wanted Frank to take out Paulie and smite those fools. Damn them. It would have been cool to see the showmances and Michelle to panic. Not gonna happen tho. I guess if Frank goes then Victor would be the best man for the job. God help me for saying this but let’s go Team Victor.


I’m sorry but the only thing that will Salvage this season is a Frank wjns that secret power. This is freaking terrible


Suck it haters big meech ftw!!!

Powder Puff Girls

it is nice to know that she has a fan thanks for stepping up to the plate!


Right? At least she has one…


Never dreamed Michelle could win a competition that didn’t involve eating. I’m shocked.<3


Honestly if Frank leaves it’s gonna be so boring. Nicole and Z worrying over boys, Meech, Z, Day b*tching about everyone, Paul yelling, Paulie acting like the best player ever, etc.. Production please help this season is going downhill

Reality Check

Production, leave it at it is. I am here enjoying the show no matter what anybody on this site say…

When Jozea was in the house, everybody on this site complain about him. When Frank touch Da’s butt, everybody complain about him. Now it is complaining to Nicole, Corey, Paulie, James, Z, Paul, Bridgette, Tiffany and the production crew.

Why don’t we just sit down, relax and enjoy the show. People complaining about no excitement on these houseguests should stop watching Big Brother and go watch wwe wrestling instead.

If you really want to complain, complain to all the houses in the Vancouver, BC area that even the shit houses cost almost a million dollar to buy.


How dumb is James? Doesn’t he realize his girlfriend will be out after Bridgette and Vic?


Frank exposed nicole please


“Hell has no fury like a woman scorned.”. Frank, Big Meech wanted you…you wanted Bridgette…now you are going home.
I wish in the secret room, there would be a whole new cast……….this cast is not entertaining.


Lol right. Secret room save the fans please.


hey dawg I fill so sorry for bridget production should do something michell an zarchey all they do is talk about showmance
or brdiget it is wrong I want to cry for bridget I hope frank find that secret room I really do in take him an bridget
off the block look frank did some thang this season too but I give him credit he treated bridget real nice come on production somehow someway save brigdet an frank please


I feel bad for her too

If she wasn’t such a shyt talker
She talks almost as much shyt as the so called mean girls


Frank did some thang indeed.

Private Pyle

Bridgette is the mean girl. She talks like a drunken barhopper at 2:00 in the morning. And now she’s being a sore loser.

Franks fumes

Don’t worry Frank ain’t goin nowhere secret room is his…you’ll see…l would have loved to toss a handgrenade in that storage room celebration! Lol



Powder Puff Girls

toss one of Franks farts in the room

Franks fumes

It most certainly would be a slower death…so I’m down!

Daisy Rose

What makes you think Frank will get the secret room? I hope he does too and hopefully it’s a Diamond POV.

Powder Puff Girls

When Frank leaves I will have no front runner…back to the drawing board. It is hard to find front runners this season. Maybe settle on Natalie she is my favourite person.

A Girl Has No Name

Doesn’t matter how things shake out in any situation, most of you people are never happy with the outcome. I often wonder why you all watch.


If frank or bridgette won people wouldve been happy u turd.

Pull my finger

With Frank going now, we all have to watch a bunch of boring c*nts.


Yeah everything is going Paulie’s way thus far, Ughh I swear these idiots better wise up and evict his ass. Impressed by Natalie’s game play recently, wouldn’t mind seeing her and James make it far, Z and Nicole are so far up their boyfriends ass it’s unreal. I can’t believe Nicole is doing this again! Also can someone please crush up a Valium and put it in Pauls drink, HE NEVER SHUTS UP, it’s so annoying how he manages to be in every single conversation in the house! Seriously is there two of him running around?!


Paul is playing Andy the Rat’s game, and unfortunately Andy won


Not that I love Frank, but I hope he finds the secret room, just to shut that smug group up.

Otherwise five slow days. No way for Frank to socially get out of this.

12 Pack Perspective

Observing this years cast I’ve come to the personal conclusion that of the 16 cast members I would only enjoy “hanging” with 3 of them outside the BB house. Nat Nat, Bridgette, & James. It seems they all have a personality trait that will bring them lifetime friendships and happiness with whomever they chose outside the house upon the completion of the game. Having said that, it will no doubt keep them from ever winning BB 16. :Integrity & kindness don’t win you $500k in this game !!


This is season 18 jack ass


Kindness my ass you must not have the live feeds because Frank and Bridget are constantly taking shit about the other house guests


Yeah they talk about what a group of middle school acting mean bitches they are. I don’t get the feeling either one of them would be saying much about the rest of the hg, if the hg weren’t acting the way they’re acting.


I feel ill for the POV result

So this season is bb16 2.0?
Vets make same mistake


How many weeks ago did Zakiyah self evict? Oh wait, it says on this site that apparently she is still in the game.

Biggest floater since Porsche. How did she ever get cast? Does nothing, says nothing.

Frank Fan

Sorry to see Frank leave – he made the game interesting! Frank, thanks for the entertainment and for sticking up for the underdog. Now what’s left? Just the joy of watchingthem all turn against one another.

Crazy Stuff

No trust in the BB house. Frank played a great game alot lying and backstabbing from him. But it is time for him to go. Bye Boy Bye!

Paul's Balls

CBS Producers are probably still gonna figure out a way how to leave Michelle off of the entire Veto episode even though she won the competition. They will probably just do an episode long mash up of James Pranks and Paulie strutting around without a shirt on.


I honestly thought that Paulie and Natalie would be in a showmance when I first saw them (good thing it didn’t happen). And James and Natalie are the cutest 🙂


James knows it was too early for a kill shot, so he just went with the safe picks. His best outcome would have been Frank winning veto. With Frank out, James is pretty low on the totem pole.


Surprised Big Meech won VETO and still laughing at Paulie and Corey kissing it.
Not a Frank fan but don’t want to see him go so soon. I understand wanting to get out strong players early but all he has won are two Roadkill comps. There are bigger targets in the house: Paulie the asshole comp beast, Paul the rat (nothing against being social with everyone in the house but he has to be aligned somewhere and he isn’t), and the Showmances.
I was a huge James fan last year but no so much this year…as someone else posted, it is almost as if he left his game at the door. I like Day for her perceptiveness but it would be nice if she could do more than talk the talk. Excited about Victor returning: comp beast, social enough and good DRs. He is probably next in line to leave (depending on the mood Paulie is in), but I hope to see more game from him.
A Victor HOH would be interesting to see who he puts up as I don’t think he is fully aligned with anyone and hasn’t forgotten being backstabbed.
Random observation: is it just me or has Corey laid in that HOH bed every day?


If frank or bridgette won people would’ve been happy. Turd.


Jen is such a douche. Frank sealed his fate when he named 7 of 8 of his so called alliance members as people he wanted out…and that was # WEEKS AGO! What an ass he is for thinking they wouldn’t talk among them. Jen we would be happy if you left you turd.

Former Janes Fan

James is such a douche!


Gotta love that once Julie/BB powers that be announce that there is a secret game changing twist in the house waiting to be found, HGs start talking about things like pandoras box or a coup d’etat. Judging by gameplay thus far, I’m hard pressed to believe some of these people could figure out the clues /twist on their own.

Franks fumes

I just heard Bridgette confirm in convo with James that he told her if she let him have hoh he would not put her up…sad about James lack of spine… I didn’t think it was true.


James did to Bridgette what that girl did to Kaysar, { I forgot how you spell his name} several years ago. James is trying to wiggle out of it, by saying it was late , he was tired, there wasn’t time to talk, pleaseeee, you acted like a weasel own it.

tea leaves

Didn’t James promise someone last season they were safe and then put them up? Cannot remember who?