Michelle – “This is our third week trying getting him out”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition July 23rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 25th
HOH James Next HOH July 28th
Original Nominations: Frank AND Bridgette
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Nicole, Zakiyah, Michelle

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Big-Brother-18 2016-07-23 04-27-14-906

1:13am Victor and Michelle
Victor brings up Tiffany saying that Frank’s the only trustworthy person.
Michelle – She’s probably just salty. Damn

Michelle – you came back at a good time..
Michelle – this is our third week trying getting him out.. We’re the only team with 4 players..
Michelle – did he seems shocked was he expecting to go up.
Victor saying that Frank did expect to be nominated. Frank thought it was going to be Victor and Him. Not Bridgette nominated.

Michelle – I want Bridgette out First.. I don’t want her make it to Jury.
Victor brings up Bridgette telling him the girls are being bullies to her, they never had a birthday party for her but they had a birthday party for a stuffed giraffe.
Michelle – How… she did that to herself.. Little by attaching herself to frank
Michelle – “A” she didn’t ask for one..

Michelle – She said she didn’t like cake she liked some Puerto rican.. Dessert
Victor – Asian ..
Michelle – She said she didn’t want to celebrate her birthday..
Michelle claiming that she’s caught Bridgette in lies. Now says That Bridgette is more of a super fan than Michelle.
Michelle – She plays it up.. Oh i’m not that smart. .. I think she has a big secret

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-23 04-38-37-250

2:00am HOH Natalie and James
Natalie saying she never really hung out in the HOH room a lot. James says he doesn’t like doing it because it make him look desperate. Says he’ doesn’t mind Natalie spending time up they’re.
James – you’re my BB girlfriend
Natalie claims she’s playing dumb it’s her strategy in the game.
Natalie – I don’t want people thinking I’m a threat…
James – you are a threat
Natalie – I’m terrible at this game I don’t know what I’m doing.. Why did you link up with me
James’s- those brown eyes
Natalie says “Rico Suave” told everyone Bronte was a mathematician.

James teases her he’ll make her a have nots, “I need you to be my spy”
James – people don’t thin I can lie becuase i’m a straight shooter.. but I can lie..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-23 04-50-03-465
Natalie complains that James didn’t get enough Candy in his HOH

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-23 04-52-01-467

2:38am Paulie and Paul Kitchen
Paulie says Z told Michelle that Paul’s family came from Money.
Paulie mentions Zakiyah talking about her partying outside the house, that’s not his style when he goes out with a girl.
Paulie – I think she has feelings for me..

Paulie – I like Z she’s a super cool chick..
Paulie saying that there’s a side of Zakiyah he’s into.

Paul – when the times right for Corey he’ll cut Nicole.

Paul – After we get Frank, Bridgette, Da then we can clip… (victor)
Paulie – Frank, Da , Bridgette and maybe another girl..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-23 05-08-00-350

2:48pm Corey comes by… they give him a hard time for spending so much time with Nicole.
Paulie brings up when they should take out Victor.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-23 05-48-43-177

5:28am Safari Room PAulie, Michelle and Zakiyah

Paulie says he’ll “Probably” not use the Veto. he wants the nominations to be the same. Zakiyah gives him a hard time for saying “Probably”

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-23 05-40-03-455

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-23 10-05-50-297

9:53am Bathroom Frank and Paulie
Frank is saying there’s really no point for PAulie to win POV. He wants Paulie to throw the POV to him.
Frank – It make sense that I pick you.. And I’ll get Bridgette to pick Michelle
Frank assuming him and PAulie are working toegether. Frank adds if Paulie uses the veto on him it’ll draw too much attention to them and put them in a position where they have to win to stay.

Frank brings up that Corey is saying if the Nominations stay the same Bridgette goes home.
Paulie says he’ll vote out Bridgette.
Frank – than who votes me out.. Da, Zakiyah,m Natalie, Maybe Pauli and Nicole.. I would like to think PAul wouldn’t do it.
Paulie thinks they might be able to sway Nicole to vote against him.

Frank – you think we have a better chance of flipping the vote if I went down.
Paulie- ya ..
Paulie says it’s not looking like Frank will stay if he on the block. And he’s thinking it’ll be very hard for Bridgette to stay safe if Frank goes down.
PAulie thinks the only chance they have is if Da’Vonne goes up in Frank’s place.

10:06am Camera zooming in on props.. Are these the clues?

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Franks fumes

Does anybody else want to hit Paul with a hammer?

nicole's diary room voice

I just hope he doesn’t start acting more like a dill weed since Victor came back. I bet his band sucks!


Lmao his band probably does suck


And he’s probably just the bass player.

The Roach Coach

Paul should start to put a rubberband in his beard… then he could look like a mini-me-Austin…. but then Paulie would start gluing rubberbands in his beard too…


He’s a beard model so probably not going to play with it any time soon.
He’s done a neat video for deadskull https://vimeo.com/114971235
He’s in a music video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNjKsAhPF6s

and I did hear his band in one video but will have to look for it.


His band is screamer music – REVIVER and found here: https://www.facebook.com/reviverofficial

Here he is singing pop in his room https://www.instagram.com/p/BD_5aK-C7uo/?taken-by=deadskull&hl=en

And on here is with and without beard: https://www.instagram.com/p/2B4Itki7hN/?taken-by=deadskull&hl=en


I don’t mind beards on most guys and it’s not the worst on Paul honestly, but that photo of him clean shaven? He’s a good looking guy. I’m still trying to wrap my brain around him being in his early 20’s.


Yeah he looks much older to me.

Mike Pence

No. I want to hit him with my fist and tell him “First of all you are not my boy!” Then I want to put a bag of Franks farts over his head.


Now the big question is can they hold it together to get Frank out? Can Day keep her mouth shut long enough to keep the focus on Frank instead of herself? Will Frank win his way out via competition? Will the boys decide bros first includes Frank after all? Will the girls even remember Frank is way more dangerous than Gidget? These questions and more will haunt our week.


Yes… thanks to previous response.
Yes, again thanks to the second response.

and tricky Vic(tor) is looking like he isn’t anyone’s priority to evict for weeks… until he starts getting under their skin and moves up the target list.

sunny dee

he doesn’t seem to be anyone’s priority at all. in fact i saw a couple commenting about how different he seems since he got back (even tho before he left he was cooking and cleaning, somehow they see him cooking and cleaning now it looks ‘different; lol

i think they are just taking advantage of the fact he doesn’t really need to go more than 3 other people, and that james won the HOH and there is no teams, so they finally have a chance to actually put up frank/bridget by someone who isn’t going to back down from doing it. anyone else would probably wimp out and put victor up with someone lame.


I’m not sure why Michelle, Nicole, or Natalie should see Frank as the bigger threat….and if anything, a smart player would know your biggest threats in competition are your mirror, meaning those with similar physical/mental attributes. That’s why the guys are all terrified of Frank….because they don’t think they can beat him.

And a smart player would see that fear and appreciate how even if Frank’s threats are my allies, I want him around to thin the herd. I also see Frank as a player, not personal. Dump Bridgette and he gets it’s game and not personal….whereas on the other hand, Bridgette is calling them mean girls, saying the ignored her birthday, and evicting Frank means she’s the cornered animal.

Because the house is filled with people afraid to play, Frank has to win veto…but if he does, I think Nicole, Michelle, Natalie, Corey, Nicole, and Victor won’t be at all upset,

Nichole's awfull nose

Natalie im sure you are not playing dumb! She will go deep into the game as the guys will send James home before her. She is totally a better looking version of Meg and Veronica. My money is on Paul FTW!


Paulinas head is so far up Paulies butt his beard is sticking out.

An ornery mouse

I think you’re the “dumb” one if you can’t see that Natalie in fact amps up the giggly routine in front of certain people she doesn’t trust, like Paulie. And after that earlier conversation with James, I’m pretty sure she needs to be in charge of strategic decisions for this duo moving forward.

Natalie doesn’t know the game, but she’s perceptive as hell and is smart enough to know that it’s better to come off as a non-threat. And yeah…. she’s hot.


Did you mean Natalie’s response about not putting up Da? It would be a waste of an HOH. James needs to keep the herd focused on Frank or Bridgette. If I were Nat/James, I would keep Da close/around for info and votes. Make her feel included so she doesn’t feel threatened or isolated. She’s a number and not a threat. I would use her to help get out a few more fish.


Yes nat makes one smart statement then makes 5 stupid ones.. Like frank needs to go. She has called out Paulie and Paul for playing both sides yet frank-who wants to work with them needs to go? I get why James doesn’t want to target Paulie but he knows Paul is a rat .. If he was playing his own game he should have put up Vic and Paul with Paul as his primary target… This season is awful


Gawd Nicole!! I’m like, so glad I cut you off when I did!

Mrs. Mac

Paulie is in some serious need of a seat on the block.

Big Brother Is Life

He was there and he stated by a blow out


and a humiliating loss in the POV. Make his life in the game totally at the mercy of others.


Piggybacking on an idea that someone (sorry can’t remember screen name) threw out about the words in green on the signs…………..

The Secret Room……

Looking at the destination signs, words in green read “Your dream destination begins now”. Looking at the departures sign, “Paris 211 departs Now” is the only departure for “Now”.

The only reference to France that I can see is the Eiffel Tower above the refrigerator. ???
Somehow think the phonebooth on the second floor down from the HOH door is involved. Dial 211???

Any one got any further ideas?


The 8 on the ‘Ocho Rios’ sign could be another number to dial. I was thinking the same thing. Phone booth, dial numbers from clues on posters.

Bad Breath

thanks Yikes for taking my idea to the next level – I think you are onto something about “Paris 211” because if you take a look at the SECRET (in green) Tokyo poster it has an Eiffel Tower smack in the middle – so that is another reference to France and the Eiffel Tower. And I think the London phone booth is somehow involved, but if you look at the London poster, it refers to departures Every Quarter Hour – is there anything departing or arriving ending in xx:15, xx:30, xx:45 other than ‘Now’ ?
Does anyone think any of these HG’s will figure out the Secret Room?


Don’t think any of them will figure it out without some major hint dropping from Production.
However, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if those strong manly men ripped down wall panels and fixtures in their quest for the secret. Just kidding.
But if Frankie is in any way involved, I’m out.


It is the Tokyo Tower. It looks similar, but it is a separate tower in Tokyo.

Bad Breath

I believe the secret room is Paris and that it can be found in the Tokyo room but I don’t know how.


Thanks to Bad Breath for your original insights! You are the one that got me thinking. I’m starting to think that the prize in the Secret Room is a trip to Paris! I still think the key is the phone booth upstairs down the hall from the HOH door.

Newonboard had a very interesting comment about the “ochos” in the Ochos Rios sign is translated to the number 8. I agree it might well play into the code. Am going to check the signs again to see if I can see any other numbers.

Love a mystery!


OK…I’m ready to call it.

The Secret Room is a room to the right of the HOH door. You get into it through the phone booth at the end of the hallway. Dial “211” & the back of the phone booth opens to the Secret Room. The prize is a trip to Paris.

Many thanks to “Bad Breath” for kicking my neurons into gear. If we’re ever in the Big Brother House (lol), I want to team up with you!

Hope James figures it out……..


This is all amazing! You guys are good!!! Now, do we know if any of the HGs are trying to figure it out like you all just did? Or are they sitting on their butts talking about lying to Frank again? And I really hope the prize is something related to an extra power in the game and not a trip to Paris. They can win trips during any of the comps. Great job guys!

Double D

Actually Julie said it was a power that would change the game. Didn’t mention a prize.

Bad Breath

Well done Yikes! !! I think you’ve cracked it. I’ll join your alliance anytime and we’ll go places… maybe even to Paris, lol !!
“secret destination departs now” posters Tokyo, Ocho Rios, London, Nairobi
departing now – 211 to Paris via the phone booth


I don’t think it is just the signs they need to be looking at. Julie said check out the boxes and something else with it, not sure but thought she said bags. As in check the boxes and bags. I’m thinking the suitcases also play into the clues. Surprised you don’t see anyone trying them to see if they open and have something in them.

Cabbage patch kid OTB

They had it figured out at jokers.

Call 211 for departure to Paris room (via upstairs phone booth)

I wouldn’t be surprised if frank or bridge are suddenly looking for the clues.

Frank wins veto

Paulie needs to shave the rest of that hair! He looks ridiculous. But, he does look better with a beard than without. I’m going to laugh if Frank wins the veto. Paul is starting to get on my last nerve. I wanted to cry with him when he was crying and saying it wasn’t in him to lie. Now, not so much, but he has turned his game around. And, yes, they ARE mean girls!! I really wanted to pull for Michelle in the beginning, but she’s the meanest one! Natalie is stupid and thought she “was going on a cooking show!” Nicole is turning into a mean girl with Z. Z is too into herself and looks in the mirror. And, on the feeds, if I were part of production, every time they do something like “talk about production” or sing, they’d be fined out of their paycheck. Just my two cents. I never comment, but felt like it today.

Cross-eyed Paulie

The beard hides the extra long face.

Keeping it Real

As I predicted, James won the next important HOH and did what needed to be done. The game has officially begun.

The showmances have take over, but it’s been fun to watch up until now.
I worry Nicole will get her heart broken by Corey. It’s my opinion he’s not into a long term relationship. Nicole can do better. I just don’t think he’s ready for something serious, and she seems so smitten. But, hey, you never know.

James and Natalie could be the next BB wedding, and I’d love to see them on Amazing Race. Unless she’s an amazing actress, I find her to be adorable and lovable. I’d love to see that relationship work out.

I think Paulie and Z are a great match after BB. He’s there to play the game and has to keep her at a distance for now.

Now back to BB. Let the games begin.


You’re right. I would watch The Amazing Race again (after six years of not watching it) if James and Natalie were competing. Hmmm.


Yeah I would watch it also if James and Natalie was on it.


The girl is a keeper. She said after they do Amazing Race she wants to help him find his parents.


Paulie! That haircut! That is the funniest thing to happen in the house this year! I can’t stop laughing!!!!!!!
You are slowly morphing into Paul………

Fuzzy Num Num


Min O'Pause

I’m praying for a Pauline back door but I won’t hold my breath.

Fuzzy Num Num

I want Nat to win pov, take Bridgette down. Because I find Meech to be distasteful and I want her to suffer. And then James to put Not-Cody up.
But, that’s just a dream.


That would be an AMAZING play to back door Paulie.


I with you, get Frank and Paulie (Con Corleone) on the block together and finally see who has who’s back. All the little rats will need to finally stand their ground and pick a side. They have been telling Frank they are with him and then platting with Paulie to put Frank up. Paulie has been saying he was going to “call Frank out” “tell him straight up” (much like his brother) well get up there and do it son. Watch them two have to campaign against each other would be great.


It would be great if Natalie wins POV and takes Bridgette off and James puts Michelle up.


From the looks of things Paul has already “backdoored” Paulie. His and his haircuts and beards.


Frank wins veto then Vic goes up or frank finds this hidden room, production wants frank in the games still cuz he’s the only one that will stir sh!t up

Jimmy 64

Why do you like frank so much he is as
big a jerk as his mentor mike boogie.


I dont like Frank mostly because he is boring….people only want him gone because he can win competitons..other than that…he brings no drama at all…he is very chill actuallly…

nobody is bringing drama at all so far.


There goes Michelle talking crap again…

Oh Michelle

I’m reminded of a word that rhymes with punt.


smh.. tiff on her way out drops victor secret valuable info about frank.. victor who has no clue whats actually going on in the house runs straight to michelle and immediately shows his hand.. victors dumb ass will be heading back out the door again soon enough..


He’s so ignorant about the game. Which is sad since he’s good at comps. Total waste.

Fuzzy Num Num

Bless his heart. He’s one brick shy of an outhouse.

Double D

Hey Simon…how about some camera shots of those clues and departure board? Do the house guest even know they should be looking for something?


I wish girl win this time but right now… Guys play game. Girls play on showmances.


The girls main goal is usually to get the prettiest girl out of the house. It’s especially obvious this year when the prettiest girl is also the nicest and they still get catty about it.


Tried to post this once before so if I’m repeating..I apologize.

The Secret Room…………

Piggybacking on someone (can’t remember the screen name, sorry) who said the green words in the signs might be a clue……….they read, “Your dream destination leaves now”. Looking at the departure screen, the only departure now is “Paris 211 departing now”.

The only reference in the house that I can find is the Eiffel Tower above the refrigerator. ???
Can’t help but think the phone booth on the second floor past the HOH door has something to do with it. Dial 211???

Any other ideas?


Ocho Rios means eight rivers in Spanish it is a town in Jamaica. Any Depature or Arrivals for Jamaica? I haven’t had a chance to look yet.

Wut Now

I hope Frank goes out pre-jury, but these dumb girls are wanting Bridgette out.

Loud Noises

I’m pretty excited to see this HOH comp. It sounds pretty epic.

Asian Redneck Hillbilly

I’d like Frank to stay in the game because he’s entertaining, but he really did this to himself. Tiffany warned Frank many times not to trust Paulie and the gang. But his blind trust in the boys stopped him from making any attempt to really try to team up with James/Day and go after the cool kids.

At this point I’d like to fast forward a few weeks and watch the carnage begin as there’s no one left to ostracize and they have to start devouring themselves.


I don’t think Frank is dumb. I think he knows Paulie is shady but Frank’s playing – Keep your friends close, and your ENEMIES closer. Paulie is def afraid of Frank and Frank knows it – but Paulie has the numbers so Frank has to do his best to convince Paulie he doesn’t see him as anything but an alliance member he would be loyal to. If he has to lose Bridgette to do it, he will, even though he will fight to make that his last resort. In the end, I totally think Frank knows that Paulie is running things now but the minute he can take the shot at Paulie he will. With that being said I hope Frank stays because short of Day and Frank I don’t see any of the other idiots actually looking or smart enough to get Paulie out. They will follow him like sheep to the end and be happy to hand him a check. What a boring season if that happens!!!


I see an obvious 6 v. 4 with one odd out. But the butt kisser is unpredictable too, although he may ride for a bit to get the 4 out. My strategies never play out, so oh well.


I want frank to win pov in find secret room cause michell puile pual all should go home
over any body they just sit there in talk about people over in over again then they say we will
be rooting for them me in my family not we want frank to win pov so bad in find the secret room


I hope James realizes that he need to align with Da, Frank, Bridgette and Vic Add Nat and that is 5 votes. Enough to get out Paulie who would probably be more loyal to Frank than James. I wouldn’t mind them as a final 5. Of course getting Da to work with Frank would not happen (one reason she will not make it to the end) so it is most likely bye Bridgette.


It’s only four votes. Either Frank or Bridgette will still be on the block if POV is used.

Michelle or Zakiyah are the only ones from that alliance of five (Paulie, Zakiayah, Corey, Nicole, Michelle) they could realistically get out over Bridgette.


Some of you need to realize that the goal of these people is to win BB. Not just get Paulie out.


Unless they get Paulie out, they aren’t going to win BB.

Sounds true

But not true.


Oh Victor. Victor. Victor. Playing like this, you won’t be the Victor.
You have had weeks to learn from your mistakes and formulate a plan. Tiffany gives you some info and this is what you do with it?
How about you tell people Tiffany told you Corey is the only person in the house he can trust. Making think mb he doesn’t need to be second to Paulie when he can be number one with Victor and Nicole.


Get to steppin Frank and don’t let the door smack you in the ass several times you slut with no kid’s!

There are always 2 sides

give a pass to Da’vonne who called Frank a Douche first, then he called her a slut, then she laughed about it. Then she laughed about the drama caused she was egging him on to put heat on Frank. She could have told Frank a slap on the bum was inappropriate on the first slap she has the mouth to do it but held back. They are both in the wrong. Just because a house guest has kids does not mean they are more entitled to win BB to provide for them. Get a full time job to provide for your kids! Spend less on hair extensions they cost a months salary.


LOL! I called it weeks/days ago: Victor was coming back. I really want to see how the dynamic between Natalie and him will be like after that goodbye speech of hers. And he’d silly to trust Tiffany’s advice since Frank was instrumental in sendong him packing. But he can be such a dummy! I hardly can think of a more gullible BB player in the last seasons. I’d not be surprised if he wasted this opportunity entirely.


Love this group.so much hatred for people you do not know, says something about their character.
Michelle, Paul and Zakiyah top of list.
Lots of fuddle duddle!
Go Frank Go!!!


This season is driving me insane! Why oh WHY is everyone kissing Paulie’s ass?! I think James could have taken a big swing at him & been good with everyone by the end of the week. They know what Paulie is doing and I think Nicorey would have gotten others on board & taken the swing to get him out. It would have been easy to flip the house transitioning to Frank’s team. I just cant deal with these bs hgs


On the last post someone mentioned that people on this site are only hating on Da and Z…….wait for it…….because they are strong black women! Besides one or two trolls I have not seen that so correct me if I am wrong. First I don’t “hate” any of these people, I don’t know them. I may hate what they say or their game play/choices. For me Da has not played a good game for many reasons none of which include her being a “strong black woman” As for Z what has she brought to the game? Nothing! She thinks she is on a dating game or trying to get noticed to be a model. Hamming it up to the cameras posing like she is walking the runway. Acting like a 6 y/o playing with her stuffed animal and talking about making babies with some guy she just met. I think there has plenty of “hate” on here from posters for all of the HG and calling them out for being mean and nasty. Nicole for being a whiney man hungry fool. Mech for all the sh*t she talks because she thought she was one of the cool kids. (if not for the team safety crap I think she would have already felt the block or gotten the boot) I just get tired of the same old race card being played which to me shows who the true racists and race baiters are. Someone said Z looks like a man or a ladyboy. Big deal it was not because she is black. Someone also said Tiff was ugly and red puss face. Was that because she is white? I try to keep comments to their gameplay and not personal as I said I know it is a game and I don’t know these people personally. 99.9% of people on this site (the only one I read) have never said hateful things based on race that I have seen. Sorry so long it just pisses me off when a few lump us all together to fit their own racist agenda.

Keep if it Real

Amen, Dan! Well said!

My family is biracial, so we see everything from both sides. Throwing race into a situation where it doesn’t belong is offensive to me, personally. In other words, I found that post claiming “racism” more offensive than any other post. While I detest people criticizing anyone based on their appearance, I detest character attacks even more….especially when they are based on ignorant assumption.

I agree that most posters are here are good people!

Skips mom

Dan I agree with you. Race has nothing to do with it. Day is downright mean and nasty, liar and messy game player. Wants to glorify God one moment and contradicts her faith the next. Z has many moments if sheer mean spiritedness but three stand out the worst for me. 1). When z complained about Frank calling her a Hussie but then called Natalie a THOT (that hoe over there). 2) When Natalie asked her if she could take pictures with Paulie out of respect and Z said sure, and then totally threw a tantrum and wouldn’t take pictures with Paulie and then talked so mean about Natalie. 3) not baking Bridgette a birthday cake and making one fir the stuffed giraffe and admitting she did it on purpose. Didn’t the house celebrate z birthday for at least two nights? She is just rotten in my eyes. And if she was the one to throw Bridgette’s cookies in the garbage then add that to the list but I can’t remember. She is just mean mean mean. There is more but not enough time.


Agreed Dan! Okay, I said Z was a ladyboy and perhaps that was harsh. But, it is my opinion and just that. As far as I can tell a ladyboy can be any race and there have been far worse comments made about others, that you have so eloquently pointed out. Someone said I was jealous, which is laughable because I certainly am not. I was simply stating my opinion that without all of that make-up, false eyelashes, and hair primping- she is not a natural beauty. With her make-up she is bomb! Reminds me of a very young Angela Basset. I’ll give her that. If she wasn’t mean, based on the feeds I’ve read, and if she didn’t throw herself at a guy she just met, I would have said nothing. But, I guess it just came out, after reading all of the venom about other HGs, I finally gave my opinion. I too, thought it was ridiculous that the Race Card was mentioned when it had nothing to do with race. But, you are right it isn’t nice to make comments about physical attributes and we should stick to the game. I just got carried away, from reading everyone else’s comments and felt this was a safe and funny place to rant. My bad.

Do you remember?

When all of you wanted Frank and Bridgette on the block?

Pepperidge Farm remembers.

I see that...

We have some thumbs downers trying to act like it never happened. Doesn’t change the fact that it did.


As the game changes so do peoples opinions of the players. It’s the same every year.


But that doesn’t suddenly make game moves bad decisions.


Frank has dialed it down a bit and others have become more vile. In context the issues with Frank are still there but by comparison there are worse behaviors than Frank’s and/or Bridgette’s.
Michelle is going to get an extremely rude awakening both in the game and in life after BB.


For whatever reason CBS has ignored the mean girl behavior. So only live feeders will know. It sucks because she’s awful.

Powder Puff Girls

I have been rooting for Frank during the bad times due to him being the best player in the house this season. However, I changed my mind about Tiffany when they were mean to her, when she spilled the beans and hooked up with Frank. As for Paulie I liked him until he became such a….


If James had any real balls he would have put up both Frank and Paulie. Let two strong players fight each other for safety. You can’t let Frank coast like he is running the show and you can’t let Paulie who you know is in a 4 person alliance gain strength and be able to play it off to Frank like he had nothing to do with it and he has Frank’s back. If you know you are on the bottom of both groups it is time to start your own group. I would sit down the floaters and say hey we have got to get some of these strong players out. He can get Da on board for sure, he has Nat. If others like Nicole and Corey were not such week players they would see it is the smartest thing to do. I would use this HOH to shake them up. Time to play James. Use POV on Bridgette and put another strong player or Nicole or Z to break up that 4 pack


That idea sucks. He might as well self evict with that move.


Well you can’t just sit there and wait to be picked off either. Get rid off a strong player and take his place. The spineless floater fish have to follow someone.


Would do poorly in the house.

Keeping it Real

Yep! But, I’m hoping that’s part of his plan with veto….put up PAULIE. That way two strong threats to choose from. Win, win! James is smart. Many claim he’s playing soft but I’d rather believe, and hope, he’s just biding his time. I am hoping this is what Nat was referring to when she told him he did the right thing, even though her spy girl is up there. James knows Bridge will vote with him once Frank is gone and she’s no threat even if she did win two comps. Put up two big threats and let the house decide….leaves James a bit safer.

He’s even already telling the other HGs that he will vote for whoever the house wants next week. Very smart, James! Very smart!

Michelle was surprised James didn’t come to her about noms before the ceremony. WHAT???? As Da would say, “Get your life”. The ones that win the comps get to make the plays. HOH is not plural, unless you’re Fridgette.

Impress us James! Put up Paulie if you get the chance.

Afterall, BB is part skill, part luck, and part prime opportunity. Love this game!!!


Yes sir. I’m gonna put up two strong players from opposite sides of the house. That’ll get me to the end.

Daisy Rose

So basically this season we’re gonna be stuck with Cody 2.0 and a bunch of mean girls? Wonderful. I hope Frank gets the Diamond Power of Veto and puts Paulie and mean girl #1 Zak up on the block with Paulie going home. One can hope.

Get with it

Why is Bridgette calling the other girls bullies because she didn’t get a birthday cake? She told them she didn’t want a cake or a celebration – can’t have it both ways and play the victim. Also, why didn’t her other spy girl, Natalie, step up and bake her a cake instead of complaining about the others. Geez Bridgette/Natalie gets on my nerves. Quit attaching yourself to guy and start to play the game.

Dishpan Hands

Every girl in there is attached to a guy, except for Da’Vonne–and she’s 1. Ugly, and 2. Openly racist in her dating preferences.

Michelle isn't

Because Michelle


She didn’t want a cake but she did mention a certain desert she likes. I know a ton of peeps who talk about not wanting people to make a fuss over them who have self worth issues and actually want people to show they care in more meaningful ways.
Not wanting a fake party with the default, no thought or imagination, birthday cake doesn’t equal ignore the significance of the day completely.


None of these people are smart enough to find the secret door. I’m sure production will give hints in the DR

Go Fridgette

These people are nasty. The way the girls treat Bridgette is disgusting.


On the secret room, I’m sure production will start dropping hints. House guests able to read between the lines in the DR will gain an advantage. You’ll hear the house guests start talking about secrets in the house over the next couple days. Much like road kill this may very well be productions way of protecting someone or just trying to stir drama.


I agree totally. Production knows exactly who they want to get closer to the end and who they can dispose of. Just look at one of the first comps, Glen and Corey… was there any doubt Corey was going to win?


If the person in the DR is Frank then yes, production will drop hints.


I think they already know about the room because several of them were discussing last night about hearing the sound of drills coming from the walls of the HOH room. Now as the whether they know they have to found out how to enter it I don’t know.

One question…Have the signs always been there or were they only added while they were out doing the HOH comp?

Bad Breath

The travel signs have been on display since Day 1. It was at the end of Friday’s broadcast that they showed them in the sequence Tokyo, Ocho Rios, London, Nairobi and each sign has a single word highlighted in green.

Keeping it Real


I’m quite sure production will clue them in to the secret room search because it doesn’t seem any have an inkling that something needs to be found. Production is already trying to spark the search by using the tv to highlight clues. But, I haven’t seen a raised eyebrow from any of them. Chances are the one person we wouldn’t want to find that room, WILL find it and BB can live on in all it’s unnatural glory.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this game! I just can’t believe anyone out there would even think production would leave it to fate to create good tv. They are producing a show to entertain us. Of course they are pulling the strings!

The HGs knew about the Battle Back. Frank was first to mention a “pre-jury buyback” weeks ago and all the HGs were openly “speculating” about it.

It’s ridiculous to believe BB isn’t “rigging” and “manipulating” the show for the best show possible. Don’t forget, people. This is television.


Frank a beast in comps when his backs aganst the wall so if they do manage to get Frank out, it will be the 1st big move of the season.

It's all Dan's fault

I enjoy Frank’s stories of using Ashley for sex, then dumping her after the show. I enjoyed it when he was in power and putting his hands all over the girls like he owned them. I like it when he degrades women. I really do. I’m into that sort of thing. That’s why I’m supporting him.


What else was he supposed to use Ashley for?


lame.. trolling obb just seems desperate perhaps you should try yahoo.. who knows maybe you just need a hug 🙂

tea leaves

Hope that was sarcasm!


I wish James was smart enough to put up part of his alliance because I hate them.

Hold up

Let me see if I follow this. The smart move is for James to put up part of his alliance… because YOU hate them?


Powder Puff Girls

His alliance is with Natalie
he is on the outskirts the showman 4, Da is with Michelle flip floppers,
he knows Da wants out showmance and that also means him

James has spent too much alone time with Natalie to see where he is on the hit list.


Would love to see Frank win POV this week and HOH next week. And watch “the house” have to kiss Frank’s butt and throw each other under the bus. That would shake things up and would be entertaining imo.


Last week – If James wins HoH and puts Frank and Bridgette on the block, every applauds it and calls it a great ballsy move.

This week – James wins HoH, puts Franks and Bridgette on the block. Now it’s a stupid move. James isn’t playing the game and has no balls.

So basically the difference between a great move and a stupid move is the whims of the fans huh?


Nailed it.


Seriously our focus of hatred has shifted so the house guests better be able to anticipate our whims like an omniscient concierge so I’ll be slightly entertained or I can complain how predictable everything is!


Exactly! That’s what I said earlier. Last week everybody wanted Frank out. James wins and nominates Frank and now he’s Paulie’s bitch. That shows you can’t please people in this world. Whatever you do,good or bad, you will be criticized. Best thing, do whatever you feel comfortable with. (Vote ur conscience ????????). You can’t please everyone. I like that he nominated Frank because Frank had said before that he doesn’t want James in the finals because he has a kid and people win vote for him to win. So why is it a bad move that James put him up?

Powder Puff Girls

Da also said she wanted the showman out of the house and James is very wary of her of her lies and pitting players against each other using them.
James is not part of the Corey, Nicole, Z, Paulie alliance (he knows about this alliance)
James is not part of Corey, Paul, and Paul alliance (not sure if he knows about this alliance)

Is James aware of that comment about the kids?


I really hope Day beat Frank to get the clue to the Secret Room because she’ll need it to stay in the house and shake things up. The only problem though is her big mouth…please Day…STFU, observe, listen, keep your temper and thoughts in check, and play the damn game to win!!!!


comments like this make it very difficult to vote. 1/2 down for the part about Da’Vonne being first to find the hidden room, 1/2 up for the rest… net 0


People have a right to change their minds about who they’re rooting for.
I wanted a real fight to the end by different sides. Not this boring ” it’s what the house wants bull.
Frank’s departure will leave the house
Even more ” meh” then it already is.
I hate when the game becomes one sided.
I hate the fact that Michelle and Zakiyah will be our entertainment for weeks to come too.

Ugh… Just ugh.


Of course people have the right to change their minds. But when it’s obvious that they change it to hating the HoH every week it’s kinda laughable.


It’s not about people changing their minds about who to cheer for. It’s about people acting like game moves are stupid because it’s not what they wanted.


Michelle is ugly both inside and out.


Simon/Dawg (or others):

Do the houseguests know about the secret rooms and the presence of clues? Nothing was mentioned on Fridays show to houseguests.


Come on POV!


Big Brother lied I thought they removed the team safety and the roadkill out of the game. But I still see the roadkill on top of Paulie’s head.

I see what you did there

pointing finger with sly grin


Does anybody know what prize they are suppose to get if they figure out the clues? Is it for veto or a special type of veto?


Who are the alliances (for real, not fake ones) in the house now? So confusing. Is Paulie really working with Frank? I like Frank as a person, but I do not like him as a BB player as he seems nasty.

Stinky frank

I’ll be sooooo glad to see
Frank the tank ….to Sank !!