Natalie “I shouldn’t have started liking you. You hurt my feelings bad!”

POV Holder: Corey POV Competition July 16th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 18th
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 21st
Roadkill Competition Winner: Tiffany
Original Nominations: Tiffany, Natalie, Corey
After POV Nominations: Tiffany, Natalie, Da’Vonne
Have Nots James and Natalie

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-18 17-21-01-735

5:05pm – 6pm Havenot room – James and Natalie. Natalie is upset with James because he suggested to cuddle with Nicole in the bumper cars. Natalie says I just feel stupid! I opened up to you so much. James asks why do you feel stupid? Natalie says I feel stupid and dumb. Especially after today with everything you said in front of everyone. I feel like I look stupid. I should not have started liking you. And its so mean that everyone was in on that whole thing today. James asks who was in it. Everyone was outside and clearly knew what was happening and I just sat there like an idiot. I hate when people do stuff like that .. passive aggressive stuff. Its not cool. Natalie says being flirty isn’t my strategy. I don’t even flirt. James says its all cool. Natalie says yeah well you hurt my feelings bad! Natalie asks what does have my back even mean? James says since we started being friends I had your back. Natalie says I’ve had your back too. Did you think I was lying about it?! James says I didn’t say that. Natalie says well you’re free to cuddle with whoever you want now. James says I don’t want to cuddle with anyone else. Natalie says do you know how hard it was to come out of this room after all of that. That didn’t feel good. James says all it was, was one person said something and then Day said I bet you won’t say that in front of Nat. Natalie says I wouldn’t do that to you. Everyone knows we fought last night.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-18 17-55-46-174

Natalie says everyone massages everyone. I’m not crossing the line or being disrespectful. James says and that’s why people ask what are we? Natalie says we clearly flirt, Nicole and Corey, Z and Paulie. That’s so uncool that you said that to Nicole “You wanna go cuddle in my go cart?” Who’s idea was that?! James says it was my idea, no one elses. Natalie says I don’t believe that for a second. You just don’t want me to go off on anyone. This is the worst day ever. James asks so Bronte evicted wasn’t a worse day? Natalie says no that was up there but you made me feel worthless. Natalie says that doesn’t make me feel good when I like someone and they say they want to cuddle with someone else. James says I didn’t even really know how you felt about me. Natalie says its so obvious. I don’t hang out with any other guys in the house. Natalie says you should talk to me, instead of taunting me in front of everyone outside. Natalie says me rubbing Paulie’s leg wasn’t anything. I did it right in front of you. James says I was confused. Natalie says so you thought hurting my feelings was the way to go?! James says no. All I can do is apologize and move on. Natalie says I accept your apology. Why did Michelle keep going and say you wanted to cuddle with her in your boxers. James says I don’t know. Natalie says mission accomplished you hurt my feelings. I really care for you a lot. That’s not going to change. You mean a lot to me. You’re such a big flirt too. James says yeah I flirt with the guys too. Natalie says what’s the double standard then!? James says you can do it too. James says its a good thing we had this talk. I didn’t know you really liked me past the flirting. People might be like sh*t James she rubs my back too .. it doesn’t mean she likes you. Natalie says I don’t rub other peoples backs. James says maybe that wasn’t the right analogy. Natalie says just don’t hurt my feelings again. If you’re ever feeling some kind of way with me, just come and ask me.

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-18 17-51-30-703

5:40pm – 6:20pm DaVonne and Paulie are talking in the hammock. DaVonne says there was one rumor that I couldn’t figure out. Today Z told me that Tiffany said I’m going to put up someone you’re working with and its not a girl. Z was like who am I working with Paul is on my team and Day. Tiff was like no the 5 people you’re working with. Paulie and DaVonne discuss the events of the last week. Paulie says I was like this is my HOH, and Tiffany is going home. Paulie starts talking about his brother Cody’s season.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-18 18-17-17-970

6:15pm Nicole and Z are on the backyard lounger. Nicole says I just know somethings she’s (DaVonne) done are true and it sketches me out. Nicole says is different than real life. I trust you, Paulie and Corey 100%. She proved me otherwise. Z says it makes me sad. Nicole says it make me sad too. Nicole says the fact that she come ups and tells us how much she loves us all the time makes me feel like she betrayed us. There was no reason for her to tell people about the 5 person thing. Right now I have to trust her but if she wins next week and puts up Corey and I … I will be so mad. How does Michelle feel about her? Nicole says she doesn’t trust her (Day) but wants Tiff out this week. She just came to that yesterday.

6:25pm Natalie is back in James’ bumper car.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-18 18-29-10-117

6:35pm Safari room – Frank and Michelle. Frank tells Michelle how Day isn’t that likable and isn’t good at competitions. Her only strategy is to lie. Frank tells Michelle that she could be vote number 6 or 7 (voting out Day). Frank says I’m getting more and more confident with it. Right now for sure you would be 5 .. maybe even 6 or 7. Wouldn’t it be fun to flip the vote like that? Michelle says yeah.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-18 18-37-05-061

6:50pm – 7:15pm Paulie and Frank are talking in the safari room. Paulie says DaY told him you know if I keep Tiffany they are all going to gun for me. I said that there is no reason for Frank and I to go after each other because we could literally win every other week. Frank says I’ve never seen her awake this much in the day. And how she’s going around complimenting everyone. Paulie says I’m not really worried about Day or Tiff winning anything. Frank says I have to tip my hat to Day because that sh*t she started between Tiff and I f**king worked. Paulie says at the end of the day you do have to tip your hat because she is playing the game. Frank says when you save someone when they’re at their bottom, they’ll be as loyal as a dog. That’s what I think about Tiff. Paulie says I have a gut feeling Tiff would take a shot at me. With Day I don’t think she would till it gets down to it. Frank says the thing with Day is she can taint a jury. That’s why I want her out before jury. Do you realize what happens if you or I are at the end with a girl. They will win hands down with Day in the jury. Obviously I want to be in the end with you though. Frank says I just think Day is the bigger threat. Paulie says I don’t see either of them threats. Frank and Paulie talk about the past events and what the HOH comp might be since they’re being locked inside at 6am tomorrow. Frank says I hope its something we can give to Michelle so that its me you and Bridgette in the next week. Paulie says if its a team thing we can.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-18 19-12-42-992

In the havenot room – Tiffany is looking for something but can’t find it. She thinks someone stole it and hid it from her. She says she hate these people. I’m so over this house.

In the backyard – Nicole, Michelle, Paul, Paulie, James, DaVonne, Corey and Frank are playing their orange tossing game.

7:40pm – 8pm In the kitchen – Natalie tells Z that James is literally the cutest guy. I like him a lot. I get a little jealous here and there and so does he. Z says I can get a little territorial here and there. Natalie says I genuinely care for him a lot and regardless if we date outside of here or not we will be really good friends. He is everything I look for in a guy. Everything matches with us. Is that how you feel with Paulie. Z says to a degree. We’re opposites too. Natalie says opposites attract too.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-18 19-51-30-614

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Love that photo with Natalie back in James’ bumper car, awesome…

Thanks Dawg…


Natalie teaching James how she wants him wrapped around her little finger.


I don’t think that is the case at all. I think Nat’s feelings are true. She wants a nice guy and James fits the bill. I hope it works out for them outside the house.


until football season starts and shes hanging out in the nfl lockerrooms


Awwwww sweet:)


As it should be, when 2 people really dig each other.


I wouldn’t have a liked Natalie rubbing paulies leg, and in front of James….damn yo, that would have hurt my feelings….what about James’ feelings yo…James just bullshits, she was making contact….
James must have been thinking, damn what’s next happy endings


So do we call them Names, Jatalie, or Mighty munchkins? They need to win some stuff for the last one though…


I wish they had a pole for the least favorite. I would pic Michelle and Paul. Everytime until they are out for good!!!


Pole? Do you mean we vote for the worst in a poll or we make the worst dance on a pole? lol


Both, we need a pole and a poll.


I think Paul would love a pole….he comes off that way

Truth Hurts

She’s still playing him.

Big Brother Is Life

James you better apologize #Jatalie 4 life



Da's braids

James is a P.O.S. Toying with Natalie. Although serves her right, she got a chance to watch him in his first season and see what a P.O.S. he was.

Is this Bizzarro BB?

How is James pulling this off?



Umm Ya!

James is an Ewok


Ooops, I forgot to wipe my a$$. Wait a minute, that’s not what I think it is, it’s just Tiffany sticking around like butt paste!


Love james

Unbattled Block

James and Natalie is by FAR the best showmance in recent BB History

It’s cool to see the Underdog find romance..James FTW !!

Corey's slippers

Ooooohhhhhh!!!!! I just wish Corey and I had something like that with Frank! It’s so frustrating!!! Everytime we look into his eyes he thinks we’re looking somewhere else! I don’t get it

Fuzzy Num Num

Maybe if your eyes didn’t go in three different directions, Frank would know you were looking.
Hehehehehe “snort” hehehehe

Corey's slippers

We can’t help it. Too many hot guys running around!!!

conservative white male

Some of my best friends are asian{;°

sunny dee

Jeff and Jordan were that cute.

Mr Pots and Pans

After Tiffany goes home this week, would love for Paul and Da to go home in a double eviction.


It’s so funny when Paul brings information then Michelle tries to one up him with her own info. Dislike them both !

Natalie's fine Venezuelan a$$

James, you can sq*** all you want, but you will never get to see what’s inside my pa***s.

Just curious.

Why do people hate Paul?

Big Brother Is Life

Ikr Paul is playing the game he has to play until he can manifest into his own. People just don’t like to see that for some reason. But let me ask those people this if you go into the house the way Paul did eve if you know the game and everyone went after your allies and you are the last one left and continuously get nomianted how will you move forward? Everyone wants Paul on their side and they make the mistake of telling him all their information. He takes this info back and forth through out and he doesn’t care if he gets caught the only thing though is that what he does is working cause no one blames him for info sharing. They either blame it on Day or just don’t even talk to the other side. Paul can continue doing it cause guess what haters (bring on the dislikes) he is safe for the first time this week without ever touching the block. No matter what happens this week Frank thinks he has him next week and Paulie still knows he has him. Now you might just say he floats to whoever is in power but it moves him forward doesn’t it? Until he wins HoH and has to choose a side he is the safest person in the house that gets nominated. For example as Frank think Paul is with him if anyone on Frank’s side wins HoH and can still play that up and people on Paulie side won’t even say anything because he’ll be like pissed around Paulie and act like he’s gonna ask to be nommed. Vice verse if Paulies side won.

So to answer your question people hate him for having to play that type of game. But no once can blame him his game started off to a bad start and he’s fixed it for at least 2 more weeks. You never know he may just win.

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

I dislike him bc of the way he behaves. He acted like a total jack a$$ when Josea was in the house. A lot can be said about a person by the people they hang with. When your so called LEADER is going around the house calling himself the messiah that should tell you somethings wrong. He liked to talk about ripping his balls off and slapping someone with them. He said if Josea got voted out he was going to act a fool on everyone. Don’t like the game he’s playing but not liking him is bc of how he portrays himself as a human being


Cuz he got our hopes up about ripping off his own balls and didn’t do it, so now we’re all pissed!


You don’t have the feeds do you? He is a grade A d-bag.

The thing about Paul is he had that crying breakdown. How he hated lying to people and doesn’t like being in a house full of liars.

But now he is rat and liar, running around being Paulie’s lap dog acting as a double agent.

It is so obvious he was one of weird kids in high school that got picked on and didn’t get to hang out with the in crowd. He just wants to be part of the group. But they are just using him.


it’s probably because of the friendship thing, it’s getting on people’s nerves. I think if he stopped saying it he would be more liked, but I almost feel like having a catchphrase is strategic, because people will associate him with a phrase and not his game moves.


There are many reasons why. For one, his identity is tied to a beard. He has stupid catch phrases which I suspect he plans to use for his clothing line. His clothing line consists of shredded leggings (for a man) and creative ways to put the word “f-ck” on a shirt/hat. He’s loud and obnoxious. Just an overall self involved douche.


Apart from that he’s a great guy


He’s a rat like Andy


It is hard to like a rat. I didn’t like Andy either.


No one liked Andy

Min O'Pause

He’s a Tampaul.


I love James and Nat together. They are truly so far the most sincere and likeable HGs. They don’t trash talk other HGs.

Captain Crunch

Why did they bring back Nicole? She’s always whining and complaining about other players when she’s 1 of the sketchiest people in the BB house.

Also Its always “Corey and I” She’s more interested in finding a bf in Corey than playing the game. Maybe she should sign up for the bacheloerette or some other dating show b/c BB isnt her game.


Yes Nicole does act like that but honestly I think James and Natalie should have tried out for Love Connection or something because they are not playing the game either.

Truth Hurts

Natalie was mad because she got called out on her fauxmance. She knows she has her hooks in James and got scared that he almost broke loose today. She reeled him back in with that guilt trip, avoiding his attempt to make her say whether she actually liked him in more than a temporary-best-friend kind of way.

Truth Hurts

I find this post most insightful. I agree completely with your read on the situation. Thank you.


It is nice that you completely agree with yourself ” Truth Hurts”.


I think your read is way to cynical…even though your ultimate conclusion that this isn’t a romance is spot on.

I know girls like Natalie. Insecure, needing attention, affirmation, and valuing safety over all else. James fits the perfect temporary bill: He devotes all his time to her, tells her everything she wants to here, and he’s not going anywhere. She likes him of course and that’s genuine, but he’s already in the friend zone, even if him and fans here are the only ones blind to it….while everybody in the house and most watching can see pretty clearly.

Not a big fan of the term, but Natalie is a classic c*ck tease…and she’ll end up with some very wealthy, not-happening guy who dotes on her and will never cheat….until she hits 40 and he trades her in for a younger model.


I love Nat & James they’re the only HG’s I like and the reason I’m still watching BBAD .


I came late to this season of BB. Will someone please explain to me the importance of the giraffe?

No prob

So the giraffe is a new power in the game and there is a comp for it everyday, if with win the power of the giraffe you can throw out as many F-bombs out as you want at the houseguest without them getting mad at you,but your only allowed to eat cookies for the day.
Your welcome

Fuck police

I wish Tiffany goes home this week… I don’t want watch too much ???? like her sister did last year…

Black LIES Don't Matter

You have a problem. Lies from anybody don’t matter and hate from anybody should be squashed just like a pesty bug, that means you.


Black Lives Murder seems more appropriate if you support this group. ALL LIVES MATTER but you should be bug splatter.


I now that James was upset that Zakiyah made this stupid party for the Giraffe knowing it was Bridgette’s birthday. Just seems so mean like she was mocking Bridgitte and rubbing it in her face.


Especially since Bridge wasted her Outback reward on Z bc it was Z bday.


A. First time a vet has been up for eviction don’t these loonies remember day one when they wanted to get the vets out first uh here’s their chance!
B. Does anybody know that Franks they are all plotting against him


If he doesn’t know, Paul the Rat will surely tell him


A. First time a vet has been up for eviction don’t these loonies remember day one when they said they wanted to kick the vets out first uh here’s their chance duh!
B. Haven’t watched enough feeds are the rest of the houseguests still playing like Frank doesn’t know they are all against him and is he playing them to a degree bc they don’t know he knows?


For B I think the house knows that Frank has caught on to the house coming after him. But it took him a long time and he is still in the dark about a lot of it.

I like Frank and I am rooting for him but he plays poorly in a lot of ways. I think the main problem is he just talks strategy all the time and doesn’t really stop to listen and read between the lines.


Natalie continues to surprise me… I hope James does date her outside the house!! I still have my doubts though. Keep proving me wrong Natalie!!


I can’t believe that Frankie is still in the house why wouldn’t jorden put him up??? I bet it because what of what Will said to Dan, and Dan relaying the message to Ian who then told Andy and we all no Andy has a big mouths who told Britney who then started crying and zach being nosy asked Britney to tell him what happens, then zach slipping up and saying what happened to evil dick, and we all no the dick evil dick can be m, he goes and tell Jeff who spells it out to Derrick, and Derrick being tight with boogie, tells him were now the whole house knows just crazy crazy I tell you

sunny dee

What’s Tiffany looking for? Her sunglasses and big hat?


the gorilla that Da hid


Love James relationship with Nat. Pretty sure if he doesn’t win the game, he will win America’s Favorite again.


why so much hate for Bridge when the other houseguests minus Nat and James to a degree are all super nasty?


I personally think a lot of the hate comes from her association with Frank. If I had to choose a work-mate or house-mate out of the cast (for real life) I’d gladly take Bridgette over most of the others.


Yeh real nice girl, she only wishes to shave off eye brows, rolls eyes, throws other peoples cookies in trash, bosses people in the kitchen, calls them horrid names behind their backs, and anything Frank says is okay with her, even if it sends her best friend out the door. Not my idea of a nice person.


Anyone know what juicy stuff day and z were talking about alone in the safari room during 1120pm..michigan time?


I honestly don’t think Natalie is the brightest bulb and has no clue what she wants in life or in a relationship. That is what is giving James a chance with her in the house. In the real world they do not work as a couple.


Ryan, You Racist Bastard. I hope Hillary will ban you from the USA because you seem to think that looks matter. I can’t believe your parents chose you to live during pregnancy. They raised a fool that only thinks “looks” matter. I bet you profile little kids and prey on them too.


I don’t typically comment on the personal side of things during the game but Tiffany is insufferable. I think she may be one of my least favourite houseguests of any season. She is right up there with April from BB6 and Aaryn from BB15.

DaVonnes Butt Stinks

Frank is dumb thinking he has 7 votes to evict Day. He is going to scare his actual votes away. Nic and Corey will vote her out he just needs to get James.

Paul, Zak, Michelle are all for sure voting Tiff out. Frank stop thinking you have Paul and Michelle and start worrying about James.

Nic, Corey, James, Bridgette, Frank need to vote out Day

If Nic and Corey get spooked cuz Frank doesnt have Paul and Michelle like he keeps telling Nic she will freak and vote with other side.

Frank needs to just lock in James and tell Nicole he has 5 votes to keep Tiff.

Michelle go away

Michelle got a little attention from her obsession Frank while working out so now she all happy. Maybe she will vote Day out if Frank gives just a little more attention. But if she sees him around Tiff or Bridge again too much she will go psycho again and throw things and cry that she hates Tiff wants her out.


What is Frank’s obsession with Day? First he complaints that she won’t talk to him. Then he complaints that she slept to long and that’s not the way to campaign if she wants to stay. Now he saids that she’s mad and totally ignored him. Since he wants her gone, why is he harping on Day? I don’t get this one.


Frank wants people to vote DaVonne out Thursday of course he is talking negative about her. He is playing the game. He isn’t obsessed.

Fuzzy Num Num

Are we absolutely, completely, totally sure that Christine doesn’t have a sister named Meh-chelle?


Paul has said numerous times he’s throwing a vote to Frank’s side as a ploy to make Frank think he’s loyal. Paulie thought it was a brilliant plan.
With that in mind, all Frank needs is to secretly get Nicole and Corey, and keep his mouth shut.
On a side note, when James tells Natalie he is the master of flipping votes, does anyone else see Jeff, Jason, Becky, Jacky and Meg’s heads exploding in unison? I mean if he’s the vote whisperer there must be a major language barrier. His entire idea last week of calling a group meeting killed the first vote flip. Which was secured. Yeah. He’s the master.


I feel very badly for Natalie- it is one of the worst feelings in the world to have a guy completely disregard your feelings and make you feel so horrible, worthless, unsupported & alone, and not give you the time, attention, respect, and love you deserve. Sometimes you need it to happen to have that 1 big wake up call and realize that same behavior will just continue with no change. James needs to do EVERYTHING to SHOW and prove to her how truly sorry he is and spend a lot of time with her treating her how she wants to be treated. Words are cheap and usually just lead to a continuation of the same selfish neglectful behavior. If James acknowledges how badly that treatment felt for her and puts in 100% effort and time and takes the actions to undue the hurt he has caused maybe they can make it but most don’t and continue on with the neglect and selfish behavior and then Natalie will need to throw the deuces once and for all and realized she deserves better than a guy who makes you feel worthless and alone.