Michelle – “Don’t give her the time of day to save herself.. She’s a knock off of her sister that can’t play Big Brother.. “

POV Holder: Corey POV Competition July 16th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 18th
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 21st
Roadkill Competition Winner: Tiffany
Original Nominations: Tiffany, Natalie, Corey
After POV Nominations: Tiffany, Natalie, Da’Vonne
Have Nots James and Natalie

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Big-Brother-18 2016-07-18 15-10-15-318

3:09pm Michelle and James
Michelle is blowing up because she doesn’t want to be around Tiffany and everyone is calling her mean due to her being rude to Tiffany (People says she’s mean to Bridgette also but it’s not mentioned in this conv)

Michelle – she betrayed us.. After what she did I don’t see how you guys can be OHH TIFFANY OHH TIFFANY I don’t want to be around her..

James – if you don’t want to talk to Tiffany thats likes what you do.. I’m not going to do it
Michelle – I don’t get why.. She betrayed all of us
James – I’m a nice person
Mich – Ok I’m a mean person

Michelle – you are judging me.. Calling me mean and that is hurting my feelings that’s not the first time you’ve said that to me
Mich – you pick on me say i’m mean and a bad person …
James – C’mon Michelle it’s not that serious
James says when she goes on the block and no one talks to you is not a good feeling, “I would never do that to you or anyone in the house”
James hopes that Michelle is never in that position where she gets shunned.

Mich claims that she was buddy buddy with Victor because he never betrayed them. She now accusing Tiffany of the ultimate betrayal to them all.

Michelle – I cried over her.. Literally me and Da cried and this is what we get.. Sending one of my good friends … it hurts I don’t want anything to do with her.. I’m never seen anyone betray..

Michelle asks him if it’s ever been seen where someone was saved one week and the next week they flip to the other side.
James- Judas did that with Jesus.. But Jesus forgave..

Michelle – she’s trying to get Da out..
James – we’re sending her home what more do you want… Street justice.. A lynching nail her to the cross

Michelle – don’t give her the time of day to save herself.. She’s a knock off of her sister that can’t play Big Brother..
James – no one is going to save her this time..
Michelle starts yelling at him for talking to Tiffany.

Michelle saying that Tiffany was telling her all these lies, saying that Corey, Nicole, Zakiyah,. Paulie alliance

James- she’s gone..
They hug it out after some apologies..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-18 15-24-42-558
3:22pm Making the cake for the Giraffes Birthday party

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-18 15-47-21-871
Finished cake

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-18 15-39-26-381
3:37pm Hammock James, Michelle and Nicole
Michelle – why is Da pissed..
The other haven’t noticed..
James asks if Natalie is being weird.

James says last night they stopped sleeping in the same bed
Nicole – I’ve never seen her talk to PAulie a lot now..
James- she was rubbing Paulie’s leg
Michelle – She needs attention constantly
Nicole – she still calls Corey gorgeous.. I don’t want you hurt.. I want you to be OK I don’t want you hurt she’s not allowed.
James- I’m just adjusting..
Nicole – you going to be ok
James – i’ll be fine.. It’s starting to stuing a bit in the upper chest..
Michelle says Paulie didn’t like Natalie

James says Natalie thinks if she’s close to him she’ll be safe.. HE’s decided to back off Natalie a bit.
Jame s- if she asks me if anything is wrong I should talk to her right
Michelle – no
Nicole – no
James – it’s been going on for a day and a half (Being distant)
Michelle – I see this perfect girl for you she likes fishing and hunting

Nicole says she has a big crush on Corey.. Michelle and Nicole list off all the wonderful attributes Corey posses..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-18 15-54-53-931

3:48pm Zakiyah and Da’Vonne
Zakiyah tells her when she went into the Have nots Tiffany was sitting in a bumper car and said that the 5th wheel in their showmance alliance told her everyone knows about the showmances Zakiyah says this was 5 minutes after the Roadkill competition . . .
Zakiyah – she said I’m, not putting up any of you girls..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-18 16-10-17-784

4:07pm Michelle and James..
Chit chat.. Michelle saying her dad is a engineer makes tanks for the US government. Her mom makes 16 dollars a hour.. etc etc …

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-18 16-10-36-786

Nobody to play chess with…

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-18 16-13-54-847
4:11pm Natalie and James
James- what’s up Nat.. you doing OK
Natalie – I’m having a good day, how about you..
James – not that bad
Nat – as long as you’re having a good day that’s all that matters
James- same to you to.

James – I haven’t seen you all day
Natalie – I’m just trying to chill..
James- trying to chill..

James says he feels weird tension between them, “I don’t know if you feel it too”
Natalie – what do you mean weird tension
Natalie says she doesn’t feel any weird tension.. “I offered to make you breakfast this morning and you rejected.. you said you were a grown man .. So I just let you be I was just trying to be nice”
James – Are you upset about that
Natalie – YOu could have said no thank you.. I’m a Grown man I can cook for myself.. thats not nice..
Natalie says Michelle told him that James while wearing just underwear was asking Nicole to sleep in the bumper car with him
Natalie – So i’m like OK i’m not talking to him today”
Natalie – so ya thats weird tension
James – I apologize if I hurt your feelings
Natalie – you didn’t there’s no weird tension between us it’s fine

James – there’s a lot of tension people whisper things about stuff..
James – we’re just friends or whatever which is cool.. maybe I was getting mixed signals..
Natalie – what do yo mean
James- everyone is telling me I was in a flirtmance then they’re saying you are rubbing Paulie’s legs..
Natalie – that was right in from of you.. I am not flirting with Paulie at all.. those are (Some Spanish term)
Natalie – i’m not here to hurt you.. I told you that..
Natalie – every single person has rubbed each others back

Natalie – you wanting to take a nap with Michelle and Nicole in the bumper cars that’s nice..
Natalie says its obvious she’s going to be super nice.. She’s not flirting with anybody. Paulie put her on the block she obviously going to be nice.
Natalie – I know Paulie’s Ex.. I have ZERO interest in him.. he knows that. I’m not flirting for strategy it’s to be super nice. so people that are putting me on the block aren’t mean to me.

Natalie is upset say the entire house is talking behind her back telling James shit. Calls it a double standard guys rub girls backs with lotion and she’s not allowed to talk to people.
Nateali tells him she wants to be left alone.
James – fair enough.. Just know I had your back..
Natalie – with what
James – the game and everything
Natalie – you hurt my feeling today
James – I apologized.. I’m sorry people boosted up my head..

Paulie joins them..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-18 16-37-07-103

4:34pm Tiffany and Bridgette Have nots

Tiffany says in her heart Michelle was her number two from early in the game.

Tiffany tells her about the Fatal five but the showmance alliance she doesn’t have a name for.
Tiffany points out that Da’Vonne told her all this.

Bridgette says her and Frank never campaigned against Tiffany…

Bridgette says the house talked a lot of shit about her about Tiffany always wearing sunglasses and you are paranoid
Tiff asks who was laughing at her sunglasses
Bridgette – I’m sorry everyone… except for Nat and Bronte.. I kid you not
Tiff – Michelle too
Bridgette – ya I’m sorry.. everyone but me Nat, Bronte and James
Tiff – Michele would say things
Bridgette nodes.. people would say Tiff goes into her room and nobody wants to be around her..
Bridgette – people are f***G fake in this house.. I’m sorry if I hurt your feels..
Tiffany is upset about this.

Bridgette says Da’vonne flaunts around the Bible, “That really kills me when people do that, I’m not religious myself but I was raised Christian and hold the values highly”

Bridgette – “It’s truly disgraceful.. the fact that she’s going around saying all this bullshit.. she throws so much shade she treats us like sh1t and she goes around carrying her bible.. that makes me said f****g said it’s disgraceful”
Tiffany – she lies so much
Tiffany – they’ve all gone in a room and talked so much sh1t about Frank..
Tiffany – Zakiyah goes uncle peanut… uck.. call him old man this old man that
Bridgette – who is in the room when they do this..
Tiffany – Paulie, Corey, Paul .. oh Paul’s playing both sides now it’s obvious.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-18 16-57-37-813

4:50pm Bridgette and Tiffany
Tiffany wants to know more about what people are saying.
bridgete – people say sh1t i’m sorry
Tiffany – they say awful things about you to
Bridgette wants to know, “It fuels my fire”

Tiffany – Michelle can’t stand having conversation with you because it’s so lame.. they say you are a act.. fake youway to the top
Tiffany – they made so much fun about your speech
Bridgette – the one about peanut butter cookies
Tiffany – I don’t want to be friends with any of them… they are a$$holes f***g a$$holes..
Tiffany – was Paulie mean
Bridgette – I don’t talk to him.. Corey and Nicole those two..
Bridgette – I don’t know why people hate us why they make fun of us.. America I’m cool as F***
Tiffany says most of teh shit is coming from Michelle and Da’Vonne
4:58pm James comes in says Natalie is mad at him.
Bridgette and Tiffany saying they’ve heard all the personal shit that has been said about them.
Bridgette – it sucks..
Tiffany – makes them look like evil people.. america does not like people like that
James- I know that
Natalie comes in to nap, Bridgette and Tiffany leave. James stays.

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Z using the cake mix that was meant for Bridgette’s bday for her stuffed giraffe instead….. Incredibly shallow.


So transparent. She thinks for sure that throwing a stuffed giraffe a birthday party is going to get her some extra camera time on the show and that’s what she’s all about – camera time.


Z knows exactly what she is doing and she is trying to rub it in. She is such a mean girl! If I was Brig I would try to “accidently” push it off the counter.


Funny you say that because Z and day always throw away everything Bridgette makes.


I know, that is so childless. What are they, still in high school? I hope they both know how it feels and soon!


Day has not thrown away anything. It’s all Z.


It was Z and Michelle that thru away Bridgette’s cookies that she took over from Paul.


Bridgette Birthday was Friday and she said that she wanted everybody to forget about it. She said she didn’t want to make a big deal. Big brother didn’t even make a big deal about so…….WHO CARES!!! Bridgette Is fake she talks about other people talking about people when she does the same thing. I can’t wait to Tiffany leave she’s hella annoying and a hypocrite because she talks about everyone else being nasty when she was doing the same thing she really needs to grow up! A lot of these people are playing a very bad game….. Michelle needs to calm down its just a game I really hate that they get personal….


Bridgett birthday was Friday…. She didn’t remind anybody because she didn’t want to. So I’m pretty sure She doesn’t care about that cake. Big brother didn’t even do anything for her so who cares about that cake. I don’t think it really matters to her


She wishes that giraffe was hers and Paulie’s baby! hahaha


Ironic, because she doesn’t get any. She was one of those dud casts…she looked good on paper and didn’t pan out. I don’t recall seeing even one of her DRs. She’s rarely on the show unless it’s her pitiful performance in the Roadkill comps or her being a total narcissistic b****!


When I think there is no way I can hate Michelle more, I just have to watch her again on the feeds. 95% of the stuff that comes out of her mouth is nothing but venom and hatred. First before talking about how someone else cant play BB, maybe just maybe you should know what a double eviction is(Michelle was asking how a double eviction worked yesterday). When she was whining about James saying she is mean, its like..wtf !!!! seriously own who you are girl, you are a MEAN B !!!. Then she goes on saying how nobody should talk to tiffany…is Michelle now the Queen of England to tell others what to do? and even more low she is obviously trying to get James to turn on Nathalie just because of her own jealousy of not being in a showmance. That chick is a straight up catty, childish, double faced, coward nasty witch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Drop a house on her and let it be done


I can’t stand her either. She’s hateful.

Justin beaver

So Frankie calls me up and says come on over, Ariana wants to lick your donut. I said I don’t have no donut. He says we’ll get you a donut.so I did and it was fun. So what I’m saying is you people need to not be so jugmetal.OK?

Daisy Rose

And I was thinking to myself in those screen shots of her, that her face looks huge (like she’s putting on weight or something) and I’m not saying that to call her fat but how ironic that she carried on about hating fat people yet she is always shoving her face and looks like she is the one gaining weight. And yep, she is definitely a mean, mean girl. Christine 2.0, maybe even worse?


To be fair that comment was also mean …


Several other houseguest a commented that she will win Favorite Houseguest this year because she is funny. I don’t think she is funny at all! She may be in the running for least favorite!


I think Michelle is related to Christine from the last BB she looks like her and even has the black glasses like she had. jmo


Michelle is f’ing crazy, my god


Bridgette forgot that she started this by saying to her initial group that if Michelle faints again she will get rid of her eyebrows. lol


I didn’t like it when Brig first said that but now I feel like doing the same.


I could be wrong but I thought one of the boys (Jozea,Victor or Paul) said something about killing Michelle and Bridgette initially said, that’s terrible, i’d have to resuscitate her if that happened. Then to get a laugh she said then i’d shave off her eyebrows.


That was actually another conversation. Bronte, Bridget, Zakiyah, Victor, Jozea and Paul in the back yard. Paul ranting about how much he hates Tiffany and if she died right now… Bridgette said she would resuscitate her, and then they all would shave off her eyebrows.
Michelle heard about this when Zakiyah told Da’Vonne and Nicole. Michelle was of the opinion Bridgette should lose her job for saying that.
The Michelle comment was when Meeech passed out.


Still a million times better than when Amanda said they should knock out Jessie’s teeth and proceed to sodomize her.


Michelle aka BIG MEECH is truly a horrible person. I have never disliked someone so much in big brother since season 15 and frankie lol. She acts like Tiff betrayed her, but Meech and everyone else used her. And yes Tiff is crazy and all, but like James said he would never be mean to someone like that and shun.
Its inexcusable to act hateful towards Tiff and Bridgette and Natalie. Michelle hates them, and is jealous and wants a showmance.
James is a good man and is sincere, he knows that it is wrong to be mean like that, good for James!


What is going on with Michelle? They keep Tiff for the sole reason of getting out Frank and Bridgette. As soon as they are safe they want to get rid of her. That’s fine but you got to understand she’s trying to save herself. Should have known when she came in talking about not like people that are overweight she was going to be like this. Something is wrong to get that upset! James is a nice guy but his game is terrible! He’s not going to make top 4 just bc of some crush. I hate to see a wasted opportunity like that. By the way Michelle grow up! Hard to like this cast. Pauline and Paula want to be gangsters and Corey and Nicole are worthless. Right now I’d like to see Victor come back and stir it up!

one two

Tiffany is in denial. it’s you and Bridgette we don’t like. just because you’re on the block don’t mean you shiukd be acting a fool. you’re simply not cut out for this game

Daisy Rose

Hey, speak for yourself. I’d much rather see Tiffany and Bridgette in the game over Michelle any day.

James is a Creeper

looks like james will be moving on to another woman in the house, the creeper that he is


Michelle is a BITCH! She is honestly a horrible person lol I had no idea she really was this bad I guess I haven’t been paying close attention


There are 4 types of lying I see going on in this game. Lies for strategy and game. Lies for the purpose of screwing someone else’s game or ruining their reputation in the house. Lies to exaggerate how good you are and how amazing your life is. (Yes Paul-I’m talking to you.) And lies that you have told so many times you actually convince yourself that they are not lies. (Michelle-“I’m not mean.”)

To be fair, I don’t think it is mean of Michelle to refuse to speak to Tiffany. I actually think the only time Michelle is not being mean is when she is not speaking at all. Just for a little karmic retribution, I hope that when Michelle goes home she watches the feeds from the beginning. When she hears the things her new friend Paul said about her the first week she just might get a little taste of how it feels to find out what people are saying behind your back. And yes, I understand they are bored and under a lot of pressure. They get on each other’s nerves and say things they wouldn’t normally say. But some people just thrive on saying mean things about other people all the time. Michelle is one of those people. And not only is it the crap talk and gossip she does behind people’s backs, it’s the passive aggressive yelling mean things loud enough for the person to hear but not being woman enough to sit down and have a conversation. And yes, I will admit, the meanie in me can’t wait to see her otb, especially if she is against someone that people want to keep over her. I want to see her cry and freak out and be paranoid and play the victim. Sorry, not sorry Michelle. You reap what you sow.



Joe Kerr

Amen…this is the gospel of Glendon. I love it.

Big Jim

Its getting real catty and high school like with a lot of the HGs. Should be a long summer


James is a dork. I guess he is so afraid of getting hurt that he wants to tank his relationship with Nat so he can go back to the old woe is me. She wants to cook you breakfast grown ass man you say YUM! Some b*tch who has a multitude of reasons tells you stories of OMG! She might be flirting! You tell said b*tch to STFU. If your are a lonely loser James you only have yourself to blame.

Bridgett's Birthday

Fuck it.


Well here we go. Bridgette fills Tiffany in on the jokes people made about her wearing sunglasses inside etc. (which, really it was nearly anyone and everyone) and she’ll dwell on this while getting obsessed with anything else people have said about her. This girls head is going to explode. I see zero good coming out of telling Tiffany things like this.


The good is watching her head explode!


Michelle is the new Christine. Remember when we all were like “Eh, she’s kind of annoying, but she’s a superfan so I’m sure she’ll make moves later on.” Nope, just annoying.


Cant wait for Nathalie to figure out its Michelle who is doing all this shit with James. Nathalie is such a sweet person, now granted she is not a great BB player but she is sweet and why Michelle is talking crap about her like tat is BS. James should tell Nathalie all that Michelle told him….

The Roach Coach

Welp its official, the meltdown has begun…
They’re all cracking…
Z:Throwing away Bridgette’s cookies first, now baking her birthday cake for a stuffed animal…
BigMeech: Don’t talk to Tiff because she don’t like her, she believes shes spreading lies because she can’t fathom she’doesn’t want to start an all girls alliance without her…
NatNat: not a good idea to turn on James while on the block after EVERY member of your alliance is gone… for someone who hates Victor, she sure finds a way to mention him at least 5 times a day..
Day: the hair whip…
I can go on buthe you all know what’s going on… They’re losing it…
Frank: Thanks ladies! 🙂

Unbattled Block

Big Meech = Big Idiot

Trashing James for trying to be civil is just beyond disgusting


Michelle is going to talk herself into a one way trip to Blockville. Pull it together!! After all she pushed for the Tiff save why is she falling apart? Tiff hasn’t really implicated her in any double dealings but she is acting guilty enough for Frank, Da and Nicole. Add that with the crap talk and now she is starting to come up on several HGs radars as “sketchy”.


Meech is afraid of Tiff because she is telling everyone about the Showmance alliance. Day was the 5th wheel, but she didn’t like it. Meech is also the 5th wheel, now! She talks like Tiff is crazy, ,but Meech knows full well it is all true! She wants Tiff out before people start believing her!

Team Vets

I was feeling really bad for Tiffany until I saw how snotty and childlike she was being on Sunday’s episode. It made my skin crawl.

Bridgette kills me, telling Tiffany she and Frank never campaigned against her…you keep being


Nicole was pretending to be concerned in order to try and fish for information about Tiffany’s conversation with Frank. Tiffany knew this. I thought the way she acted was perfect.


Big Meech your a moron! lol That alliance of the showmances is real you complete noob! James takes the high ground during that convo. IMHO he still has to start playing the game. His season his rep was nice guy and comp competitive. He is not going to be able to float to the end.

Lisa B

Tiffany wouldn’t still be in the game if it wasn’t for Day. Tiffany chose to repair her alliance with Frank because she knows big brother us just as much a social game as it is a comp game. She fears Day social game more than Frank’s.Day on the other hand wanted Tiff out because she’s emotional and irrational like her sister and you never know if she’s going to throw you under the bus because she’s super paranoid. Tiffany picked to use the wrong attributes about her sister Vanessa game play and that’s why she is still on the chopping block. Emotional players will go before players who are good a comp and social game if it’s possible to get rid of them.

Day problem was she wanted to mess up Frank game by getting rid of Bronte however if she hadn’t and Tiffany got evicted than Tiffany would probably be the one to return.

Tiffany just want a comp for the first time so I’m wondering why people are making it seem like she’s just so much of a better player than Day.

The game is pretty much about who can out wit and out play the other players . You don’t have to win comps to win the game. People look for reasons to evict or distrust because it’s easier to evict someone that way.

Tiffany and Day both were over thinking things and Tiffany let her emotions get the best of her. That fact will probably cost them both the game.

Day was right to target Frank she saw his social game is just as good as hers but he’s also great at comps. He was a good target. The only problem is if he had have been evicted he would have without been the return player. Vic and Jozea don’t seem that great at the game and Bronte just wants to be liked and nice.


So is Bridgett’s beaux a doc or or yoga instructor. I thought I saw somewhere that she said he was a dr and now says yoga instructor. Dr of yoga? All of these folks are getting on my nerves the last couple of days. Can tiff and day go now? Energy in the house is very dark and silly


Funny, every year these alliances and friendships are so tenuous that the slightest hint of strain in the relationship throws everything into chaos. James and Natalie are fighting over a statement,Nicole and Corey are having a misunderstanding about one sentence, Frank, Brigette and Ztiffany are stirring up their own paranoia…This year seems to be the most distrustful ever! I need a defined Alliance to stick together…just one! Can be an alliance of two! Holy smokes…everybody is acting like a jerk!


I am thankful they got rid of Jozea early. He would have ruined this season like, Frankie ruined last season. I can honestly say, I am enjoying this more than I have in a few seasons….

On another note Dawg and Simon, I have been shopping the hell out of the Amazon link you put up here last year. I hope it still works 🙂


If Michelle is hurt by what she claims is James “judging her” I can’t wait to see her reaction to America’s judgement….


Leave it to Natalie and James to have the most “grown up” conversation relationships in that house. The two of them talking about how they feel about each other right now is adorable and lacking the passive aggressive weirdness of the rest of the house and I love it. I was wondering if and when Natalie found out/was told that people think she’s just using James, how she would react to that because from the beginning with these two it always seemed genuine. To me, anyway. The others saying that she’s just using him shows how much more shallow they are than Natalie, since it basically comes down to the feeling that Nat can’t possibly like James because he doesn’t look like Corey or Paulie or Victor etc., and that sucks. They suck. These two are the only people I really even care to listen to right now, since everyone else has lost their damn minds.


Okay BB, whatever you are putting in the food, stop…..these women are nuts!! I have never seen so many nasty, petty women in one place. {I am a woman}
I did not like Vanessa’s gameplay last year and I got attacked and insulted…..I am not a fan of Tiffany’s gameplay….{crying is not gameplay, however Tiffany’s crying I do believe is not gameplay, but hurt feelings}……..but Michelle has Tiffany beat by a mile where sanity is concerned. She has an inferior complex and she is very mean and vindictive, this is not fun to watch or read.
This game can be played without the childish personal insults, and shunning.


Ohhh Michelle, Michelle, Michelle. What a rude awakening you’re going to have when you get out of the house. You haven’t won a single thing, have only been safe because of your team and your social game consist of sitting around putting people down personally. I would say you’re absolutely terrible at the game of big brother. Honestly Vanessa would run circles around you.

And if you “cared” so much about Tiffany and “cried for her” (LOL) then why wouldn’t you say a single word to her after brontes eviction? The way you and others acted is what forced her to flip on you, dummy.


Yes, they all used Tiff by saving her to spite Frank and hoping she would win the HOH comp since they thought it would be a mental one which her sister did so well at. They had shunned all week and then played up to her the night before eviction and HOH. Immediately after not winning the the comp they began shunning her worse than even before. I am sorry but no one should be treated like that in my book no matter how crazy they think she is.

Just Sayin'

The BB house is not for the mentally weak. Tiff and Michelle crying emotional wrecks. Paul and Paulie pumped with testosterone and ready to “throw down”, Da and Nicole full of paranoia and indecisiveness. Makes for a great season but I have to wonder about the quality of the psych tests they give these people when they audition.

Misty Beethoven

At this point I’m ready to shave off Michelle’s damn eyebrows, whether she’s passed out or not. She never, ever has anything nice or positive to say about anything or anybody. Her anger at James for refusing to shun Tiffany speaks volumes about her lack of character. Regardless of how you feel about James, he is consistent in his kindness and compassion, whether it be for Audrey or Tiffany, and that is enough for me.


Michelle has serious psychological/emotional issues, she needs to consult a therapist when she comes out. She hates Bridgette because Bridg is with Frank. She hated Bronte(God knows why Bronte never did anything to her) She hates Nathalie because Nat is in a showmance with James. When Michelle talks about Nathalie its so filled with venom, why? Nathalie is one if not the nicest HG this season. Obviously she is also trying to turn James against Nathalie with all the crap about Nathalie “flirting” with Paulie. Now she is on the back of Tiffany, non stop trashing her. Michelle needs major help !!!


Maybe because she needs a man and the good ones are all taken.

She said she didn’t like Nat because she reminds her of an old roommate.


Maybe Meech will cause James to vote out Da. I can only hope. I need some sign of the good James from last season.


Tiffany is delusional

Anonymous #3

Tiffany is a b*tch!

Min O'Pause

Hmmmm…..looks like James may get a “Dear James” letter. Sad.


I want frank to win hoh an tiffny wins back in next week

Da's braids

Get rid of Tiffany now. Finish the unfinished business.


Michelle cute, but she can’t play BB neither, but unlike Tiff she got people carrying her.


She is only safe because of the team thing. I think once the team thing is over she will one of the first to go….at least I hope so!


Paulie says: I’m smart. I know things…and stuff and like, I’m an athlete and like, I studied real hard. Like, I studied Vanessa’s game and like, Derrick’s game and like, even my brother Cody’s game and like, then I decided not to play any of them cuz like, I don’t need no advice-not even from a winner cuz like, I was bred for this. Like….ooh, there’s a mirror, like damn I’m pretty.




Michelle is mean. I wish there was a way that they could get Michelle out, instead and without the opportunity to come back!!!

who's leaving??

Based on the feeds, who do you think is leaving on Thursday?? vote up for Tiffany, Down for Da’vonne. I love that it’s not set in stone yet, usually i complain about everything being so flat and predictable. I don’t mind seeing either one of them go though. And i’m not sure if it’s a little too early to start thinking about this, but honestly, I’d try to keep bigger targets in the game for as long as I could without jeopardizing my own safety. I know it’s easier said than done, but in the long term, someone who is less liked and you can say was carried to the end (versus winning comps to stay) seems beatable.

sunny dee

doesn’t michelle realize that she isn’t on the block? she’s acting like she’s campaigning to stay, she isn’t even campaigning on behalf of someone else to stay, she’s just flipping out, basically doing exactly what people didn’t like about tiffany the first time tiff wen t on the block and everyone agreed she was staying, 1000% . that didn’t happen the 2nd time, but her epic meltdowns at least had some kind of reason by being on the block at least.

Michele is beyond reason. people may vote to keep Day only because michele will be the one who is unpredictable if they don’t. i see Bridg is managing to undo any repair work Tiffany had done for herself, no doubt tiff will fester, and fume and over react based on this new info. Tho really, why they can’t just see some comments for what they are, which is ‘based on who they are talking to, not always reality’. If you are talking to the person who put someone on the block, you are unlikely to tell them nice things about that person. You are more likely to agree with them who are no doubt saying bad things.

notice how bridget is not telling Tiff that Frank was one of the main people talking about Tiffany and the sunglasses, which means so was Bridget. When Frank brings it up and Nicole or whoever nods and says, yah, you are right’, it isn’t the same thing as nicole running off and mocking Tiff (sure, she might have done that too, but she wouldn’t have done that in front of Bridget of all people, so why isn’t tiff asking herself why would bridget know anything about anyone


Damn! James better get at least some makeup kisses from Nat after a day like today!

I agree that Michelle IS a mean girl and is still in the game because her teammates are winning. While I love some of her comments towards the HGs, there is no reason to refuse to even speak to someone she doesn’t like. Her spite and close-mindedness will expose her once the teams are gone.


Bridgette and Tiffany need to come down to reality. They have said and done their share of being and saying rude things about the others – these girls are catty too. Natalie needs to stop declaring how nice she is, it is becoming a bit sickening. And, for being upset with James because he didn’t answer her correctly about breakfast. But, Michelle is just plain immature and seems to not understand it is a game. Bronte, also, was very mean at the beginning of the game (I for one is glad she is gone).


I’m just looking forward to seeing that bird face Nicole and her big dorkster Cory on the block. These two will make up a lie in 10sec and spread it like wild fire. And here’s a little advice Nicole. It is not cute digging in your ass, pulling out wedggies all damn day. And then talking about cooking something. Disgusting!!


I cannot stand Nicole and Z Nicole trash talks day all the time
Z is an attention seeker


After watching big brother after dark. I would liked to see Michelle and Paul out. Before anyone else, instead. With no chances of either coming back in!!!


And then Paulie was like, “He was like… then like…I was like…then like, 3 point lead and like…that’s like…winning like….yeah. So like, I’m like…….like…..I’m like Frank I’ll throw down with you, like, I’m not like, like afraid of you bro, like, I was like, I’ll take you on, like, so yeah. I was like don’t come at me with that shit, like, I’m not afraid bro. So like…yeah.”

Good talk go team.


And please don’t forget “type thing”. If I hear Mario say type thing one more time I’m going to scream!


to me yes frank is wrong sometimes but im rooting for him to win
puile thinks hes a vet
micheal think she wright in not mean
zarchrey talk about people behind their back in hurt their fellings
pual he think he caveman when I look at him I see coco puffs
Nicole she cool she trying to play the game
corey he cool too
davon was my favorite but not now she think she the mom of the house think people will always obey her my mom at home
tiffny is cool to people just mean to her I hope she come back
frank is un cool sometimes but im sill going for him cause of the people I just talk about up top in they all want him out I hope the plans mess up in they be out before him


Big Meech = Big Beetch




I hate to say it, but the full moon is tomorrow, and I think these women are all pmsssing at the same time. That conversation between James and Natalie was like the episode where Debra on “Everybody Loves Raymond” is pmsssing. Hysterical episode, by the way. Plus last night the way Michelle was crying to Corey, that girl has ulterior motives….I don’t know why everybody hates Corey, he is a Scorpio, my husband is a Scorpio, and his personality is perfect for this game. I hope he wins.

Min O'Pause

They hate Corey because he enjoys goat burning. And he has a funky eyeball.