Big Brother 18 Spoilers – America’s Care Package Official Rules!

big brother 18 care package

America’s care package is your chance to send one house guest an advantage that could help them in the game. Below is the list of care packages and the order they will be delivered. Each week a different care package will be in play. You can only vote for the current weeks care package. Think carefully before you cast your votes because once a house guest receives a care package they are not eligible to receive another. You can work together with fellow fans and strategize just like the house guests to impact the game. Vote now! Voting is Free and you can vote up to 20 times per day.

“Never-Not Pass”

WEEK 1 – July 28 to July 29
The winner of this care package cannot be named a havenot for the rest of the season. So long slop.

“Eliminate Two Eviction Votes”

WEEK 2 – July 31 to August 5th
The winner of this care package could single handedly flip the house by preventing two house guests of their choosing from voting in next weeks eviction.

“Super Safety”

WEEK 3 – August 7th to August 12th
The good news is the holder of this care package will be safe for the week. The bad news is the house guest must also wear a “Super Safety” costume all week long.


WEEK 4 – August 14th to August 19th
This winner automatically becomes Co-HOH, sharing all HOH perks and responsibilities for the duration of the week, including choosing 1 of the 2 nominees.

“BB Bribe”

WEEK 5 – August 21 to August 26th
The winner gets $5,000 to bribe one house guest. Bribes my influence voting, competitions, vetos or nominations. The bribe can only be given to one house guest, for one action, within the week leading up to the next eviction.

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Powder Puff Girls

I want Paulie to get the Never Not Pass #1 so he is ineligible to receive another reward. Also with hopes that it posts a target on his back. The HG’s may think he is the favourite and start playing to win. Michelle would be jealous she has a track record. I want Paulie knocked of his pedestal!


First off you couldn’t be more wrong…. Paulie deserves to win the entire game because of the way he is playing the game, and if that were to happen it’s pretty unfair, and Julie Chen should not be bringing care packages into the game chosen by the fans, that’s nonsense and an unfair advantage, make the house guests targets basically… screw that. If you were playing the game you wouldn’t want that shit to happen to you, you are beyond selfish to try to play god

Powder Puff Girls

I have no God like powers to encourage the masses I will rely on Paulie’s hardcore fans to do the job for me they are voting 20 times per day.


PPG has a wonderful idea. If Paulie continues to play the Godfather, I grant all fans permission “to play God” and participate.

Life isn’t fair. The sooner you figure that out, the better of you’ll be.

Carry on.


Paulie definitely doesn’t deserve to win, and life isn’t fair. Pulie is an a..h.


I’d rather save the next 3 rewards for James, Nat and Da so players like Paulie who get James to put up Frank/Bridgette and then deny having knowledge AND then ignore the fact rat Nicole & his F2 partner who betrayed him should be targeted instead choosing to get out someone HE WANTS that’s GOOD ONLY FOR HIS GAME to get out (& his two rat minions).

In fact I don’t want Paulie, Corey or Nicole to get ANY of these packages.

I voted for Bridgette to send the house a message and for the reasons listed above.

My hopes are Da stays safe this week b/c the fact Paulie is so worried about her means he’s scared she can beat him so now I want her to stay at all costs.

I’m sick of Paulie’s ego, dictator style leadership and how he thinks everyone should just do as he says. Ditto for rat Nicole (who I loved in her season).

The next 3 care packages I’ll decide who gets as HOH is determined, but I can guarantee they’ll be allotted to James/Da/Nat & I’ll make the final pick depending on who needs it most.

Sick of Paulie’s ‘Rule’ and can’t wait for him to be truly in jeopardy and scared!


After reading these comments, I am with most of you. Give Paulie the first one so he doesn’t get any of the more powerful ones. I’m all in! Thanks!


I actually really like this idea wish it was a comp or something though because the whole americas vote thing can easily be rigged.


this added concept to game is just plain freakin’ stupid. with the team HOH in the beginning, battle back , secret room, which everyone got an envelope and now this? why are they continuously resetting the game this season?


They have to do this. The producers realized this cast is not playing Big Brother, and think they are on showmance in Paradise or some other adolescent cupid show. So throw different senereos in to play a game.
I want to see real characters!

oh dear

ughh paul is just gonna do whatever paulie orders him to do =l at this point paulie has a strong alliance with almost everyone in the house, very similar to what Cody did. Unfortunately, that paulie will probably/most likely make it atleast to f4 -_-


I hope Bridgette doesn’t get the first “care package”. I personally believe if another females gets the package, it might create tensions among the females. Fingers crossed Nicole or Davonne get it.


I hope she doesn’t win this first one either. I want her to win one of the other more powerful ones.

REMINDER: Only a short time to vote on this 1st one. According to the CBS site voting closes Friday, the 29th at 1PM EST and 10AM PST


Use to like Nicole but NO respect for her now going after Natalie to force her to volunteer on the block… Time for James to stand up and defend her…


We’ll see. You can tell he’s pissed at the suggestion. Maybe it’s what he needed to wake up and grow a set.


Paul is doing a pretty damn good job
Of surviving . he’s won a couple of comps. I say kudos. Glad Paul won. Makes things different. Paulie is given way to much credit.
Paul went from the bottom of the stack to the top. He’s working baby!

Hide the chips

I was hoping one of the care packages was a muzzle to send to Da and Paul.


I was hoping one of them was a closet for Corey.

Russ 604

Give it to Natalie. She’s likeable and it’s an irrelevant power anyway. The other powers are more useful, and should be given to Bridgette, or another likeable player.


I want zakiyah and Michelle out along with Corey.
But especially Z&M
Those gals get on my last nerve.
Oh yeah, Nicole too.

Daisy Rose

I voted for Bridgette but I think Natalie will get it. But then that means she can’t get a prize next week and the better prizes will go to people I can’t stand.


It would suck for her to get the weakest power. But the silver lining would be all of them realizing how popular she is.


You should voted to give this power to one of those people you can’t stand. This would knocked them out of the running for any of the other more powerful ones.


Nicole as the pawn!!!!


Natalie “If I get put up as a pawn this week and I ever win HoH, I’m putting up Paulie and Paul. I don’t care.”

The littlest girl has the biggest balls in the house.


Damn it this is Nat we’re talking about. I should have said chesticles. I blew it.


I hope James or da gets the remove two votes power to shake up the house


This is a dumb way to make the fans think they’re making a difference, the producers are going to rig the care packages

Wishful Thinking

Week 1 – Day; Week 2 – Bridgette; Week 3 – Nat; Week 4 – Nic; Week 5 – James;
If some one is evicted that was chosen, fill in Meech, Corey, Zaki, Vic, Paulie, Paul.


I voted for Bridgette to show Michelle & others she is liked and b/c she’s a comp beast so I don’t need her getting one of the main powers (especially if she wants to target the girls).

As for the other powers I’ll vote for Nat/James & Da depending on who wins HOH that week and my wishful
thinking is that Paulie, Corey and Nicole GET NOTHING so they have to stand and watch as everyone BUT THEM gets given a power to use against them!!!! Maybe eventually Dictator Paulie, whiny rat Nicole and Dumbass Paulie will come to recognize the masses don’t like them or the game they are playing!

Wishful Thinking

My reasoning for voting for Day for the first care package is to add another reason to vote out her out. And if she is voted out, No one gets it. I would hope Paul and Paulie get NOTHING to bust their big egos.


I say give this first one to the person you like the LEAST. That way they will be ineligible for any of the others which are much more powerful.

I am voting for Paul for the 1st one and hope he wins it. I don’t want him to get any of the others.


Note, I need to amend my post above, I made before I actually voted. After thinking about it I decided to split my votes between Paul and Paulie for the 1st one. I don’t want either of them to get any more power.


Yes I did 20 votes for Paul yesterday and I’ll do 20 for Paulie today.


No on Nat for this weeks Power. Give it to someone un likable. The list is endless.


I’d give the never not pass to a strong player, who may end up being a real contender, that way they aren’t eligible for the better care packages. I am thinking Victor, he seems like a strong competitor. Since I don’t lie his attitude, I’d give him the never not care package this week.


Congrats Natalie for winning the No slop pass….. Fun watching Nicole make all faces about why Natalie won and what a Bi%ch she is now talking behind Natalie’s back all of a sudden because America loves Natalie and cannot stand Nicole…


I really really really hope Bridgette gets the void 2 people from voting care package. I don’t really care for her but I’d like to see her stay, Just so the others don’t get their way:)

ill decide

Im glad Day is gone. She’s twofaced back stabbing nothin but a juror, washed up has been. I would love to see Paulie sit with Julie Chen. When he is evicted, everything will change. Hes not as great as he thinks. A final thought: a cabbage patch kid Is not fierce. Let her play.
So who are we giving.the 2nd care package to?