“Nat said I was disrespectful to women. AKA slandering my name. I want to be the one to call her out on that”

POV Holder: PAulie POV Competition July 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 1st
HOH Paul Next HOH Aug 4th
Original Nominations: Bridgette AND Paulie
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Natalie, Paulie, Corey, Zakiyah

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-30 15-54-38-256
3:50pm The live feeds return – Michelle says he’s taking himself off. Z asks who’s going to go up? Michelle says I don’t know. I’m voting for Bridgette to go. A double eviction is coming up and she could win it because its always mental. Z says I don’t care who’s up there I’m voting her out too. After that we need to get Nat Nat and Vic gone! They all want Da gone but … she ain’t coming after us. Z says we’ve really got to win HOH. Michelle says next week we have .. someone goes home next week and we have a 1 in 9 chance and then a 1 in 8 chance. Z says I’m ready for Vic to go home. He (Paulie) is definitely in a good mood now that he won. Michelle says he’s acting like he just had s*x. Z tells Michelle about the “misunderstanding” she and Paulie had. Z tells Meech that she would be okay if she won it. Michelle says I just want to fast forward. Are you and Nicole okay? Z says yeah we’re cool. Z says after Paulie went off on me .. I wanted to jump over and kiss him. Michelle says well that ended well. Z says he told me not to wear rompers .. they distract him too much. I think I’m going to wear one on Thursday.

Outside the HOH room – Nicole and Corey are playing chess. Vic comes out of the HOH room and talks about how he’s getting into the beard oil. Nicole asks is everyone growing a beard? This is beard season. Vic says except your boy. You (Corey) need to stop shaving.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-30 16-01-00-378

4:30pm Bedroom – Vic and Bridgette – Vic says I hope our plan works out this week. I think Paulie will use it. Bridgette says yeah why wouldn’t he! Hopefully Da goes up and she goes home. Vic says it helps your chances if Da goes up. Bridgette says that right after the veto comp she was wanting me to get Nicole up on the block. I want her (Da) gone. She attacked me and she attacked Frank. Vic says I think you’re good. I haven’t heard your name being dropped. If I had the power I wouldn’t put you up. Me and Paulie wouldn’t put you up. We want to work with you. Bridgette says I don’t want to take a swing against you. I’m f**king down dude.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-30 16-25-19-356

4:40pm – 5:40pm Safari room – Vic says people are getting annoyed by Natalie. She doesn’t do anything and now she’s not a havenot. She made comment about me being disrespectful to women in her goodbye message. AKA slandering my name. I don’t think I was ever disrespectful in that way. Especially not to women in general. I think my mom would be upset to see my name tarnished like that… So I want to be the one to call her out on that when the time comes. Paulie is getting really pissed with Z these days. She keeps nagging at him as soon as he gets a chance he’s putting her on the block. Nicole is a pretty shaddy person. She backstabbed me. She voted me out when she said she had my back. Me, Paulie and Corey are a trio. Bridgette.. I like the girl. Corey joins him. Vic says I think you’re on the same boat with Da going home. Corey says yeah if she goes up. Vic says you and Nicole are getting pretty close. Corey says don’t go there. I’ve got a little crush on her. Vic jokes about how Natalie’s reasoning for not going up on the block was because she was a havenot but now she’s a never-not… so now you can go up!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-30 17-39-32-105

5:40pm – 6:35pm Big Brother opens up the backyard. Vic, James, Natalie Paulie and Corey start working out. Natalie says I’m working out twice a day everyday. This is not my body and I want to make it better. James says me too. Motivate me! No more being chubby. I don’t want to be fat anymore. Nat says you’re not fat.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-30 18-31-17-425

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-30 18-34-06-123

6:45pm Paulie, Corey, Vic and James get in the hot tub. Nicole comes out and says that she had a dream about Derrick

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natalie vs bridgetye

whoo goews home?

Kick Plate

Don’t knoew.

Reality Check

The production crew should go home. They had enough of this “yawn”, “boring” and “predictable” season.



BB Conspiracy Theorist

RIGHT? They should’ve been fired years ago.


As is sits right now if Da goes up. Paulie, Vic, Nicole, Corey are lock votes to evict Da. So Paul will break the tie and send her packing. Doesn’t matter which way James, Nat, Z, Michelle vote.

I want to shake up the house

If Da gets the second care package it won’t be so easy to get her out!! Paulie is running the house and needs a wake up call!!!

Crazy Stuff

I hope Zakiyah go home. I have come to the conclusion that she is not on BB to win the half million dollars. But wanted to be on the show to be up in some man face. She is on the wrong show. All of her talk is about Paulie. My guess is when Paulie put Zakiyah on the block she would run and jump on him and kiss him. How FOOLISH of her to come on the show and do nothing at all. Her and the nomance needs to go home.

That True

Z likes the back of the hand.


Max-Z has some issues. After Paulie “puts her in her place” she want to jump over and kiss him. As long as she is getting his attention she doesn’t care what kind of attention it is. He basically told her he doesn’t have time for her and her high school games and as usual all she can say is “you right, you right”

Victors reputation

Zakiyah is a waste of space in that house. Get it together girl. In other news, how do y’all think we should vote for these care packs? I want to send on me Bridgette but realistically how long do you think she has?

Grandma G

I don’t think Bridget is in any danger next week unless Michelle or Z wins HOH and thats not very likely.

BB Conspiracy Theorist

Never say never. If Big Meech can win a veto, I won’t be surprised if she can win an HoH. Besides, it’s not uncommon for the floaters to wait until mid-game to win some comps.

Marvin Gaye

Paulie is targeting the Vets without saying it…James is next on Paulies’s list them Nicole…. I hope James, Michelle or Da gets care package #2 so that they can block Corey n Nicole’s votes .


Vote for Bridgette to get a care package. It’s going to send Michelle over the deep end with jealousy. Little B$!*h

sunny dee

i will be voting for her to get something. In no way am i voting for zak, paulie or michelle to get anything, zip, nada, zero. if nicole hadn’t complained about natalie getting it, i had her for the week of safety, but that was before the day backdoor plan was going to work out. i would still be ok for her to get a week of safety because it will flip out the boyz planz. the other thing is that i want only the girls and James to get anything, so it kind of reduces who i will be voting for to: nicole, bridgette, natalie (already done, she won) and james.

i want the boyz there to have no doubt in their minds that America does not approve of their attitude that the girls are only there to be props and votes for them, to get them further. None except James and Frank and maybe corey has considered that the girls are actually players, who have just as much right or cred to be in Final 2 as they do. People like Paulie’s attitude really disgust me, of course he was an athlete, he’s got jock arrogance, and entitlement that he is better than women, and that they are subservient after thoughts to get him to the end.

i never saw that in Cody, so not sure where he gets it from. Zak is useless, of course she’s expendable, but a true alliance with stronger females is not something to be afraid of.


I am waiting to vote Brig on #3 or #4. I don’t think #2 will help her much plus from the way P/P have been talking I don’t think she is in danger much next week. I do think James and Nat though are in danger next week so I am voting for him on #2.


I am voting for James for #2, it may help save him and Nat next week because unless one them wins HOH I think one or both of them will be on the block. Heck James even having that power may keep anyone from wanting to put him or Nat.

Total Vacuum

Hey, Natalie.
If you win HOH for double eviction.
Throw up Paulie and Victor.
If Paulie takes himself down, put up Paul.
If Victor takes himself down, put up Paul.
If Paul wins and takes down someone, put up Z.


not Z, boys don’t care…. put Corey up! the guys are too cocky! need some shake up


That’s why you would suck at BB. Z is a more important piece than Corey right now. If you can’t figure out why, I’ll tell you.

Jatalie Fan

What about Nicole or Michelle?


Good plan, but everyone talks about Paulie in the F2. Now they’re talk about Paul being F2. If some of these HGs don’t start thinking beyond Jury as a goal, I don’t see Paulie or Paul put on the block except as pawns. And they’re both so f**** cocky, they volunteer as pawns and it makes the HGs even more intimidated.

Reality Check

This season is tanking like a hot potato. Michelle and Z still talking about Paulie. Boring. Rico Sauve Vic wants beard oil. Paul still wearing his tremendous HOH robe. If this is the topic poor Dawg has to write about and finds, the season really has gone to the dump.


I hate the fact that people either don’t know how to play the game or claim to be super fans and then join the herd because it is safer.
A real super fan would know when to flip the house and if it wasn’t the time throw the odd vote out against the house wishes now and again then deny deny deny (mix it up) knowing America love this sh*t and it would open them up to being given advantages by the viewing audiences, not to mention maybe another shot at another season.
Be aware of how the house dynamics are and where you fit into the group, if you are not being asked about the choices of noms or are not included in decisions you are a being played, if you are asked to be a pawn or spy then you are being directly told you are expendable.
Most seasons everyone waits one week too long to pull it off, your best ally is usually the person you detest and that ally is almost invisible to the house.
This year for example James could of tried to build the “misfits” him and Nat, Frank,Bridge, Tiff and Bronte, out of those people he would have a better chance of positioning himself for a run at the title, but he just didn’t like them (not cool enough?), if you have that read why wouldn’t you want to go in that direction. This would make you the most “likeable” house guest instead of being weird old uncle Larry.
We know what AFP is supposed to mean but James has made it Another F*cking P*ssy
Who I’d like to win right now? Bridge (one 2 comps against the crowd) Nat ( handicapped by the mental midget James) or that poor b*stard that has to interviews in the diary room (I’d shoot myself in my face)


Absolutely agree. James ruined what strategic game Nat Nat could have played to supplement her social game which suffered because of James wanting to pursue a flirtmance|showmance instead of Big Brother. I think Nat could of helped with bridging the Jozea survivors (Paul, Bridgette, Victor) with Frank or Da. While I have been smitten with Nat’s natural beauty (enough of the FTs jokes!), it’s really her warm heart and positivity that will make her win AFP. I hope James and Nat can make it out of the house, but the last 2 weeks have most likely proven to Nat that James is not going to be there for her when things get tough.


Frank wasn’t a misfit. He was a dying star going supernova. Sometimes your enemies enemy isn’t your friend. Once James won the HOH comp (which was his massive mistake of the week), taking out Frank wasn’t a terrible move.


Oh NO!!!! The morphing of Paulie and Paul has now infected Vic! It’s starting with beard oil. Make it stop!!!!


i say vote out nat, she is going to get a big head cuz she won the first package, they can get da and bridge out any time


Slowly put the crack pipe down and take two steps back.

Roll Tide

My wish is that Davonne or MaxiZ go home.


For those thinking about Week 2’s America’s Care Package (block 2 eviction votes), remember that it’s for the next HOH, not this one. Voting ends Friday at 10AM BBT. From the CBS website:

Voting Period Schedule:

Start Date and Time End Date and Time
6:30 pm PT, July 28, 2016 9:59 am PT, July 29, 2016
5:00 pm PT, July 31, 2016 9:59 am PT, August 5, 2016
5:00 pm PT, August 7, 2016 9:59 am PT, August 12, 2016
5:00 pm PT, August 14, 2016 9:59 am PT, August 19, 2016
5:00 pm PT, August 21, 2016 9:59 am PT, August 26, 2016

I hope James or Bridgette gets the next ACP. Nat will most likely go up if neither one of those 2 wins HOH.


Yes but we start voting tomorrow. Correct? Duh


I really wish people would wait and give James the co-HOH package. He needs to be able to get into whoever wins head that week. And by the looks of things, it will be one of the big heads.
NOT this next one, I doubt seriously he will need it!!
I would love to give Bridgett the votes because she will be on block, but with WHO is what I worry about. If it’s Z or M or V I REALLY want her to have it. PLUS the house will see who America wants to stay and they’ll be confused. I think the voting shouldn’t happen until we actually get to see who is on the block or it could be a total waste of our votes!


James had an HoH and gave it to “the house”. As co-HoH he’ll just be totally useless.


I agree. James will not make any big moves with a care package bc it’s not secret.

Jatalie Fan

Looks like James is starting to see the light(a little late) that they are on their own. But if Nat is still there, I think that they will nominate what is best for them to move further into the game.


I disagree, James or Nat will probably go up next week so I am voting for James to get #2.

Please explain

Why do people hate DA someone explain


That’s what I want to know. She’s the only female not crying and chasing after the guys rather than playing Big Brother!


Damn I was with you on the not crying, I saluted you on the not chasing guys, and then you jumped off of the cliff and left me behind with “playing BB” where? when? she has turned on every alliance she was involved in. tried to convince everyone “I got you Boo, I got you” She had a solid 5 girl alliance with Tiff but nope she couldn’t stick with that and stabbed Tiff in the back. She promised Nicole the 2 Vet girls needed to stick together but no she is doing nothing but talking sh*t about her. Hell she had a pretty solid 4 with the vets esp. when you add in their extras like Bridgette/Corey/Nat boom solid 7 but no, not good enough she jumped on the hate Frank gang with Con and One Ball Paul. Add to that she has not won jack sh*t throw in her shrieking voice in the DR finger pointing, arm waving, weave flipping “Hey Julie girl” it makes it hard to get behind her and root for her.

Hide the chips

O … Lol I thought you were serious … Good one


A lot of it has to do with her talking crap in her good by messages without actually winning anything to actually cause the eviction


That’s what dr will did, never won a como and talked trash about everyone. He is liked and said to be one of the best. Now da is doing the same and hated. Makes no sense. I rather vote da for the next ACP and throw it away (if she is evicted) rather than give it to any of these idiots. If people hadn’t be so rush to vote Nat for the first one, they would have thought about it and give it to Paulie to put a target on his back and not able to get another one. Now our only chance is to give James the 3rd or 4th week ACP since i don’t think he is in danger for this coming week.


Wait, are you actually comparing Da’vonne to dr will? He purposely didn’t win comps and when he said crap it was strategy. He was playing a “part” in his goodbye messages etc. Days just being an ass in hers, it’s not strategy. And she says the dumbest things sometimes i.e. Telling James they have to go after the showmances. Going after Tiffany when she would’ve really been loyal. Constantly trying to plant so many different seeds all over the place that she puts the spotlight on herself are just some examples. Just bad game play all around.


I hope when they evict Da vonne she has the round trip ticket and walks back in. Paulie’s face would be priceless.


Paul will not put Natalie up. He’ll consider it a waste of his HOH. He will put Da’Vonne up & the lemmings will follow Paulie & vote her out.

Captain Crunch

What a huge move (sarcasm) P?a?u?l?, I mean Paulie, since he’s running everyone HOH is making by getting Da out who hasn’t won a comp in 2 seasons. Paul and Paulie are such tough guys that they were afraid to put Da up b/c she might blow up at them so they decide to backdoor her. Natalie and Da were the only left that wouldn’t let Paulie control their HOH everyone else just follows his lead. I cant wait until they have to turn on each other b/c this is so boring right now.

Pizza Sass

I don’t want Bridgette winning the power, because there is a good chance she’ll be on the block against Natalie and she’ll just end up sending Nat to jury.


I have a feeling Bridgette would only hit the block next week if Z or Michelle win. I think most of the guys are wanting to use her and wouldn’t put her up again. But she’s not so enthralled by Paulie that she would just do what he wants. She wants the mean girls out (me too) so her being able to knock out two votes could be very beneficial. If James got it, I still think he would just do whatever Paulie wants. It’s not secret when they win the package so if he struck down anything against Paulie it would be game on. So basically James/Nat against everyone. They’d be gone in a hot minute.

If James is going to strike against Paulie it will have to be in a sneaky way otherwise it will never work because of the numbers Paulie has.

At the end of the day

I hope it’s Natalie who goes up. Just to piss dummy James off.

Tonight on 2020

Is this Thursday the double eviction or no because usually Julie says on Thursday if the next week is a double but I can’t remember if she said that or not ???


I am with you. I don’t think it is DE either for the same reason, Julie didn’t mention it and she usually does.


Does anyone think Week 2’s ACP could be awarded in secret via the DR? That would be better than revealing it prior to nominations like they did this week. Fosters more suspicion and distrust during the week. Oh crap! I said Fosters- now I’m thirsty for an ice cold lager…


Yummmm ice cold beer! If it’s something to give them an advantage I would think it should be in the DR? Hummmm


IDK, having the power to cancel out 2 votes may make someone decide to go after another target instead of the person holding that power.


Simon – Dawg, would it be a good idea to have a separate link maybe off of the care package poll that would take us to a spot that we could discuss the care package vote? Who we are voting for and why? It wouldn’t be muddled in the updates and would be a good spot visit when there may not be much going on in the house. Same format as your updates but just a running discussion, would be coo to hear who others are voting for and why…


SAVE DA’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zakiyah Scratches Her Head

Oh well! The house is really boring. I am going to cut my livefeeds subscription. Can’t stand airyheads Paul and Paulie, mean Michelle, floater Zakiyah, one sided showmance of Nicorey. James used to like you but not anymore after what he did to Frank. He can make an alliance with him and Bridgette.

I am not a big fan of Bridgette but I hope she goes far in the game. She is the only one that I like in the house.


I know everyone loves Nat and she is sweet but to me personally based solely on looks I think Bridgette is the prettiest girl in the house. Prettiest face not all caked with make-up. She doesn’t appear to spend hours needing to put her face on like Max-Z and Big Biotch

Jatalie Fan

True. They even put on makeup before they go to bed.


Paulie- “Guido”


I bet production would give anything to have Frank back! This season may put the last 9 nails in BB’ s coffin! I have never seen a more dickish bunch of guys. The women were talking about finally winning; I think each would gladly give 500,000 to keep their weak ass showmance! It is so sad!!


If you can remember *The Four Horsemen*, these pack of dicks remind me of those pack of dicks. It’s not to often when you cant stand pretty much everybody but one person and that’s only by default.


“Corey, you should stop shaving too!” Corey doesn’t need a beard, he’s already got one (Nicole).

Corey's A$$hole

I promise you Vic does not want ME to quit shaving! Taco night!

Brontë's Zen



It’s a slow creep up the hill, but at least Zak, James and Meech are finally starting to talk about winning HOH and making big moves. So crazy Zak went from talking about something like that to immediately wearing a romper for Paulie on Thursday lol.

Everyone tells each other business this season and Paulie has been throwing Zak under the bus when she isn’t around….somebody wake me up from my sleep when that happens
@Cluvbotox on Twitter


Shirtless boy band gaying it up as usual (not that there is anything wrong with that) James in the background shirtless as well trying to fit into the band? Sorry James they already have a Ringo

Art Vandelay

True but they might need someone to ring the cow bell. There’s never enough cow bell and who better.

Bridgette's Denim Jacket

Shake this up. James needs to get off of his azz and get a coalition together to flip the script. He is the only hope to stop the Juggernaut hat is the PP. Now is the time to be bold. Put it all on the line. The die is cast; Paul and Paulie need a reality check. Get the outsiders together, flip the easily manipulated Bridgette to join and together they may be able to turn the tide. If not, this is a greased road to a Paulie victory. What is there to lose? Not much. If no effort is given, no reward can be gained. If they don’t try, they lose, if they try they may win. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. How do they just sit on their azzes and take the beating? You are already getting a spanking, don’t lay down for an onslaught of inevitable doom. Nicole and Puzzy, er, Corey are not that good. Shake the freakin’ tree already.

Only can wish

Did Z just say ” After Paulie went off on me, I wanted to jump on him and kiss him”? I must admit it now, yes she is clueless…I can no longer defend a person who is in serious denial. I’m still rooting for Da. I can’t give up on her just yet.


Preview of next Wednesday’s show:
“Michelle finds a hidden clue in the 3rd bag of chips she eats that day. The clue tells her to go to the phone booth upstairs and dial ‘Pyongyang.’ She dials. The hatch opens, revealing a bullet train tunnel that shoots her to North Korea, where she is held captive until the end of the competition.”

Tonight on 2020

I am so sick of all the gay comments about Cory if he’s gay who cares if he’s not then it’s none of your freaking business I don’t know like what possessed you to say these things it’s a very mean and demeaning towards gay people if he is or he isn’t it’s none of our business I don’t believe he is at all and it’s just rude to keep going on and making these comments it’s like what do you have against gay people .

Crazy Stuff

NOW! TELL THE TRUE AND SHAME THE DEVIL well said. His sex preference should not have anything to do with your opinion of the game. That’s his business you think you know and you don’t. Please stay on the game subject all this gay stuff is not right. Corey is still human and have feelings just like you. SO WHAT IF HE IS GAY OR NOT it is not what the BB game is about. Shame on you all that keep make these comments.

Totally Agree

Also tired of reading the snide comments about Corey’s sexual preference. Like you, I believe he is not gay, but whether that’s true or not makes no difference. He seems like a decent guy, and that’s what’s important to me. Sometimes the mob mentality we witness on BB also appears in the comment section. Oh well, time to crawl back up on my high horse.


He certainly does not act gay under the sheets with Nicole……

Bryn Mawr Mama

Neither did my ex-husband. He’s a decent, kind man and we’re still friends, but I wish he had the confidence to be true to himself instead of being pressured to be something he was not.

Corey's A$$hole

Thank you!!! Well said!!!


I don’t think anyone honestly cares if he is or isn’t. People are just joking around since Corey made such a big deal about it in the first week.

Exclamation Mark

It seems like YOU have something against punctuation.


Corey to Victor –>full of love >just a team member


Same old crap, different pile.

Brontë's Zen

I can only pray that Natalie will win HoH next week and hopefully shake things up. At this rate, she’s our only hope for this season to turn around.

To think that the girl who considered glitter a color in a pre-season interview would be our only savior.


Victor is giving Bridgette a lot of information.He telling her that Paulie, Corey and him are trio. She can use that against them later. They are putting a lot trust in her.

Only can wish

Da have James, Natalie, Michelle & Z.
Bridget have Nicole, Corey, Victor & Paulie. If the HGS vote that way, then it’s a tie and Paul has to vote. At first he said he wanted Bridget gone, now Paulie got in his ear about Da. I hope he keeps Da. She’s more entertaining than Bridget, especially now since she going to be put on the block. JMO


I think Nat will vote to keep Bridget.


Z will never ever in a million years go against Paulie. Day or no day, you think she’s picking anyone over him?? No way in hell.


Did zakiyah get caught red handed?




I’m done with this season … I’ve stop watching the feeds stop watching BBAD I only check this site for the updates . now I’m hoping bridgette has the round trip ticket because if she leaves who’s next in line for the care package I don’t know maybe day and James I don’t want these ungrateful bitches to get one I’ll be fine with victor but fruit loop dingus,scooby doo,maxi-z , bitch-boy, michelle ( one of the most forgettable people ever in BB ), and don corleone ( but he ain’t going to get shit as he surpass jozea and is ranked last on jokers ) no I would not fine I wish Julie would evict everybody expect Natalie and bridgette and bring back frank,tiffany, and Glenn and replace the others with people who actually wants to play the game not the people who is only there for jury and exposure it’s not even a socal experiment no more gosh this season is in top five for the worst bb seasons ever just end it now and let the people who watch the feeds and watch after dark and watch the show out of our misery.


You want a cookie?


I would rather have a brownie you big big bully! mmmm brownieeeee


Now that they have a phone in the BB House, I need the number. I need to place a call to Z and give her two options. 1. Self-Evict and reconsider the offer from MTV for the show ‘Are You The One?’ or 2. Just go home.

This is BB, not let’s- see-what-more-I-can-do-to-annoy-a-guy-who-doesn’t-want-me-and-continue- embarrassing-myself-in-the-process. Enough already!


Dang, good idea. I have a few calls to make myself lol.

TX rar

Vote Bridgette for Care Package 2! She can flip the house AND it might show the mean girls & obnoxious boys that America doesnt like how they are acting.

WEEK 2 – July 31 to August 5th
The winner of this care package could single handedly flip the house by preventing two house guests of their choosing from voting in next weeks eviction.

Beard Shaver

LOLS reminds me of when Frankie Grandebomb said to the HOH room “I will single handedly pick the winner of Big Brother”…

How about care package and punishment package (for 3 days not a week). I would like to see that.


I think that would be a waste, Paulie wants to keep Brig around a little longer and we all know that the house will do what he wants. Saving my Brig votes for #3 or #4. Giving James my #2 votes as him and Nat or in more danger than Brig at this time.


Nah I have to hang around to watch them eat their own. The look on Max-Z’s face when Con Corleone boots her (I refuse to say clip as it is another one of those overused words this season. The only thing I see clipped is Paul’s balls) Coin Slot Nostrils melt down when she goes on the block and crazy eyes Corey votes her out. Big Biotch searching the trash cans for the thrown out cookies once Bridgette is gone. Plenty of fun yet to come. Us who have been around since season 1 take it for what it is. Every year though we get those few who once their favorite is gone complains about everything, show is rigged, show sucks, I am done, it is a communist plot and so on. I guess you can watch the Olympics to see who wins the most viruses or which swimmer can beat the floating trash and bodies to the bay. Should be fun

The Fonz

lols @ Communist plot. I friggin New It!! Yes I totally agree about the “sucks, cant wait for Survivor , im not watching” crap YET we know we will be all watching or at least reading all about it.
The show has changed so much since the first eh. So many people on about “they should get people who don’t know the game” then when they do it’s ” WTF why are these people here, we want people who know the game”, Then they know the game, ” WTF we want new people who know nothing about the game so its fresh”…SMDH lols. I complain when my fav is gone and then move on to someone else if there is one. If not I still watch the game and root for who ever.
I still enjoy it, even when its not rigged for my favourite to win 😛 .

Got your last reply, if that was you @ Dan…Hilarious about Bucko!! Love it. Principle from scream….Arrgg!


People need to stop calling Natalie “nat nat” its embarrassing and makes her look weak. “Come on lil nat nat, dinner time, bed time, bathroom time. Jeez enough already.

I also think its mean to keep on and on about Corey being gay. Who the fack cares really. I love how the crowd who has nothing to do with anything about this guy, demands that he “comes out”. And then what? Will you be able to sleep better at night knowing this information that really means nothing in the game?
*Here’s the bridge, get over it*.

Powder Puff Girls

I am with you . To publicly try to out someone that may or may not be gay is highly inappropriate. Some comments comes across as disrespectful towards gays or homophobic.


Hope da’vonne goes home she is a sneaky person


Michelle is actually trying to slowly start up a showmance with Paul.

Just when u thought this maybe isn’t as bad as BB16 you realize it’s way worse.