Nicole talks about her dream of Derrick and her playing big brother in multiple rooms..

POV Holder: PAulie POV Competition July 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 1st
HOH Paul Next HOH Aug 4th
Original Nominations: Bridgette AND Paulie
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Natalie, Paulie, Corey, Zakiyah

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-30 19-03-33-015

7pm Backyard – Vic says I think he will put up Da. And his excuse will be hey you volunteered. Nicole comes out. Corey, James, Paulie and Vic start yelling. They ask Nicole about her dream about Derrick (Big Brother 16 winner ). Nicole says it wasn’t like that. They ask her what room they were in? Nicole says multiple rooms. The guys go off yelling and screaming. They ask her what they were doing. Nicole says playing big brother. The guys go off yelling and laughing. Nicole says we were just playing, I’m pretty sure Cody was there too! They guys go off.. Nicole says I’m done. I’m not talking about it any more! James, Corey, Paulie and Vic hold up their fingers and whistle. James says we’re holding up our districts. Nicole says it was the most innocent dream ever! Paulie asks what were they wearing? Who was going after who? Nicole says no one was going after anyone. I can’t even remember it any more.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-30 19-08-42-167

7:25pm – 7:35pm Natalie wants to do the water condom thing where you drop a condom full of water on someones head and it wraps around their head without breaking. James and Natalie fill up a condom with water and it breaks. James grabs a second one out of his BB bag. They fill up another condom and are about to drop it on Paulie’s head but it breaks. Paulie jumps up screaming saying its really cold water. James grabs a third condom from his bag. They all ask him why he has so many condoms in his bag. They fill it up again and it breaks. Natalie says to be continued.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-30 19-26-25-770

7:50pm Nicole tells Z that Corey said he really likes me. He said he’s interested in a 24 year old girl with blonde hair and green eyes. Z says I think a year after this one of you might be making a move. Nicole says I think he might get back with his ex. Z says I don’t think so he wouldn’t be doing all this on national television.

8:30pm Big Meech and Z are talking on the backyard lounger. Z says that even if she got second place it still wouldn’t take care of her student loans. $28,000 a year as a teacher doesn’t cover anything .. that’s why I’m moving back with my parents. Michelle says I want to see me, you, Da even but I don’t think she will make it to the end because of the boys. …Nicole, James and I feel like Paul would even win if he made it to the end.

8:35pm In the phone booth – Pauli chugs a glass of wine and 2 beer. Vic heads to the kitchen to get another beer for Paul to pound. (Get ready for him to go from 0 – 100 and then crash in the next hour)

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-30 20-35-23-828

8:50pm Backyard – Paul comes out into the backyard with another beer. He says he’s had 4 beer and a glass of wine. Michelle asks what did they want with you in the DR? Paul says they wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to die. Paul heads back inside. Michelle says this is going to sound weird but I think Paul is really cute. He’s growing on me. I think he’s too good for me though. Z asks why?! Michelle says he’s dated Disney actresses and stuff. Z says you should sleep up stairs. Michelle says don’t tell anyone. Nicole joins them with a big glass of wine. She asks them not to let her do anything embarrassing with Corey. Nicole asks how fine is he though!?

9:05pm London Bedroom – Paulie says we could probably keep the heat of him if we keep Bridgette. Corey says she really trusts us. She trust Nicole too. Paulie says Vic is pushing to win HOH. He would put up Natalie and Z. James would be pissed at him and go after him next. Either way we tag Da this week, another girl next week and then we ride the wave all the way to final 5 dude. I could see the final 4 being me, you, James and even Paul. Corey agrees. Z joins them. Paulie says I’m going to use the veto and I have a good feeling Paul will put up Da. Z asks do we know how it will play out. I think she (Bridgette) will leave. Paulie says I’m voting Da out.

9:20pm – 9:40pm HOH room – Corey, Paul and Nicole. Vic joins them. Paul feeds the fish! F**k you fish! You have gills .. never knew lungs! Paul asks what do you call a fish without an eye? FSH! F**k I’m so funny!

10pm Natalie asks if she knows who is going up. James tells Natalie they’re going to backdoor somebody. That’s all you need to know. The less you know the better. Nat says that’s all you had to say. Bridgette said she was happy for me that I have you in the game. James says that’s good we should kiss. James tries to kiss her and she tells him to stop it. James says we’re boyfriend and girlfriend .. we should kiss.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-30 22-03-37-368

10:15pm – 10:30pm Nicole & Corey head to the hammock. Nicole asks Corey to get her more tums. He gets up to get them for her and she falls out of the hammock.

11pm – 11:45pm Hot Tub – Paulie, Paul and Vic – Natalie joins them and gets into the hot tub with her shirt on. They laugh about how Corey made his havenot bed and James messed it all up. They joke about James being the saboteur. Paul says America vote me as the saboteur, I will make you very happy. Paul says his pool is 13ft deep. I jump of my parents balcony into the pool and get boned. Friendship! Natalie says she thinks Corey is rich. He has a lawyer and an accountant. Natalie says I have over 80k in student loan debt. Michelle says I have 60K .. maybe 40K. Vic says I paid all mine off.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-30 23-43-22-237

11:55pm – 12am Big Meech talks about how she feels ugly and not herself. Natalie tells her a couple days of exercising and she’ll feel better. Vic tells Michelle she has mascara all over her face. Michelle puts her tank over her face and goes inside to shower.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-30 23-49-17-363

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Nicole dreaming about something she can’t have. Looks like James is too!

Pop Can

Win that fast forward HOH, James, and go to work. Last year he couldn’t quite get that late game HOH win, so hopefully he’ll be more aggressive this season during the mid game. Take a swing at the king.

Crank Case

If Derrick comes back for another season he’ll be a pre-jury boot. Same with Vanessa. Frank, however, will get the magical Boston Rob final season, where the whole goal of the season is to get him the big win.

Suit Case

Boston Rob, wrong show haha. How about bring back the winner from the first show. lolololol and June, oh and chappy or whatever that tools name was. Bring back all the idiots and lets see what would happen.


Bring back, Chicken-George.

Gordon Ramsey

Yes! Bring back chicken George or anyone who isn’t 20 something and modeling on the side!


first..let’s see if Paul has the balls to place Day on the block. second….even if Day is on the block, these idiots on eviction night will probably send Bridgette home. this season is so predictable in how stupid the game strategy has been played, that the season may end in a horrible death by having Big Meech & Z final 2. fans should vote for Bridgette as America’s favorite as a big F YOU to Paul and this cast of dummies.

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

Speak it! Bridge will go home and Paul will continue to be a POS! Michelle thinks Paul is cute? Yes I want to see this hook up end with her literally cutting his tiny balls off!


Paulie, Vic, Nicole, Corey are lock votes for Da going home. Paul breaks the tie. James doesn’t want Da gone, she is one of his allies. But there is nothing he can do, he just has to ride the wave this week.

No way

With this type of casting? Derrick d win this season without a sweat, geez even these vets, that were one of the worse players of their seasons managed to stay in while the plan was to get them out…none of them have any strategical skills yet most of them is still in the game..

Captain Crunch

I wish BB would start looking for people who actually want to compete, not people who just want to float, be in showmances and throw competition to certain people.

Crazy Stuff

I totally agree with you. This is so boring and sad.

Powder Puff Girls

They cast people who are only there to become famous “reality stars”, they need to cast the average Joe!

Crank Case

As a Frank fain, I am still wounded by his eviction. I’m just going to hang around here and say, as each person is evicted, “You should have worked with Frank!”. Even if it makes no sense, it will make me feel better by placing the blame on other players.

I wonder if Frank will buy his girlfriend a short black wig and a bottle of helium?

Tonight on 2020

I know you’ll think Paul and Paulie are douche bags but they really don’t get on my nerves Vic does get on my nerves he is a big-time tool like for real he just needs to go ….


The condom keeps breaking, cheap condoms or foreshadowing?

It's Just too easy

A condom on paulie’s head……dickhead??


Filled with water…….douche?

Bridgette's Denim Jacket

Shake this up. James needs to get off of his azz and get a coalition together to flip the script. He is the only hope to stop the Juggernaut hat is the PP. Now is the time to be bold. Put it all on the line. The die is cast; Paul and Paulie need a reality check. Get the outsiders together, flip the easily manipulated Bridgette to join and together they may be able to turn the tide. If not, this is a greased road to a Paulie victory. What is there to lose? Not much. If no effort is given, no reward can be gained. If they don’t try, they lose, if they try they may win. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. How do they just sit on their azzes and take the beating? You are already getting a spanking, don’t lay down for an onslaught of inevitable doom. Nicole and Puzzy, er, Corey are not that good. Shake the freakin’ tree already.

Powder Puff Girls

James said “Paulie is my leader”… hope he can grow a pair this week.

Sideshow Bob

He should eat some Leader Beans.


James is just as big of a floater as anyone in there, and wise up buddy. Nats just using you, even Meg wanted nothing to do with you physically, did you really think a girl like Nat actually would? She won’t even give you a peck on you’re E.T looking face. James is useless!


Hopefully James will win the game or the next HoH and put up the softee crew (Pauline, Corrinda or Victoria). They are threatened by a real player Da( the beautiful diva). They know she sees through their so-called “strategy” of getting out the girls so they can have a sausage party. Even desperate Nicole (sign her up for the bachelor please) wants Da gone. Nasal Nicole goes after Da first and then when Nasal Nicole gets busted, she whines about hating Da. Bye Nicole.Da or James for the win.

Jake K.

If Day does in fact go this week, I believe the house will split right down the middle. Nicorey, PP, Victor, Bridgette vs James Nat Meech and Z (who I’m sure would be pissed about Paulies move). I know people were upset the past few weeks but I feel that BB always goes up and down. This week has been pretty good and now everyone has to start munching their own alliance. We had a great start, a boring middle, but I think it’s going to be a great end. Either way I always love my Big Brother 🙂

sunny dee

Z knew before noms what the plan was : get rid of Day. Basic loyalty to Z is that it lasts only so far as it would be a problem for her. plus even Z sees the shady stuff day is doing. we are supposed to be focused on get Bridge, and/or Victor out, but all Z is hearing about is get nicole out. what for, is the big question plus, nicole isn’t ‘coming after Z’, plus if Nic, corey, Frank and bridget were working together before, they sure aren’t now, and if bridget is gone, as the plan is, then why on earth is day still focused on nicole with the excuse she’s working with F/B, makes no sense to anyone else either.

all she really needed to do was stick with the 4, as the 5th wheel, so what, she’d still have been taken care of to final 5 or so, so what does it matter. now she’s going to be first in jury, big woop

Powder Puff Girls

Z is jealous that Nicole was rubbing Paulie’s head, maybe she is holding a grudge. I think Z would fight girls out in the real world.


Max-Z won’t be pissed about Paulie getting da out. she sat right there with Paul-uka and the Con while they discussed Da as the target. She never went and told her girl. She is too busy doing her make-up, wearing her special push up bra, deciding on which romprer to wear to catch Con’s eye. She even told Big Biotch how “Bae put her in her place last night”


The mean girls Da, Meech, Z and Nicole need to go they r such bitches to Bridgette for being herself
Z honey Paulie doesn’t want u he sees u as desperate and clingy he just going to hit and quit n his whole fam is pretending they like u so they don’t look racist


Nic is pathetic Corey is not jealous when he sees u with other guys he likes Vic honey plus he is not hayden he is going to cut u

Crazy Stuff

Corey don’t really want Nicole he just taking advantage of the situation he is in right now. Once the game is over the nomance will be too. Corey is using Nicole for all of his needs right now. She is going to be so a shame of herself when she find out how silly she was on national TV. When she look back at the show and see what her and Corey was doing under the sheets, following after some man that do not want you and gave up 500 thousand dollars AGAIN. The light bulb will come on then she will see and realize that all of american witness her and Corey being nasty for nothing. This is Nicole third try for a half million dollars. SHAMEFUL! I have come to the conclusion she want a man and Not the money. She is on the wrong show.

I can't

I don’t even like Nicole but damn…get your facts straight. Nicole’s 3rd try? WTF? You’re whacked. What’s really SHAMEFUL is your grammar.


I believe they are counting the fact she was voted out twice in her season and then this one. That’s the three.

Fact Checker

It’s -technically- Nicole’s third try—she had two chances in BB16 (after being booted out and re-entering the game).


I am so in love w the idea of Nicole and Cody <3 I know everyone is saying she's a wh0re and calling her mean names but I think it's so cute. Plus it's drama and not to be rude but all of America loves Drama. Ps it's called a 'reality' Tv show for a reason <3 Nicody

Rotten Tomato Rankings for BB 18 HG's

Annnnnd now Paulie won the Veto…

Da’Vonne needs to become more concious of what’s happening around her or else she is toast.

And have I also mentioned Paul is a dingus? He didn’t do anything in particular, just a statement.

Let’s hope America’s Care Package can shake things up or else this is going to be a snooooooooze fest.

Franks fumes

Can you imagine the weird ass noses on Nicoles and Derricks love child!


I can…the snout of pig comes to mind

Just Me

WOW! Dropping condoms filled with water. What a bunch of loosers, just skating through the Summer on CBS’s dime. And we are all sucked into this hoping above hope that something exciting will happen by continuing to watch this crap m

Crazy Stuff

CBS ratings should be low for BB18 cast. What a waste of money and time. But Nicole did say production wanted to have several romances on the show this season. Did you see the somewhat nude pics CBS took of the BB18 cast. Nothing to do with the game. What did CBS gain from this…I was shocked CBS did this. Poor judgment always around for picking BB18 HG cast and the nude photos.


Your boy is getting hammered tonight maybe Michelle can give me a Blowjob in the shower tonight


Paul is ugly…but he is interesting, kind sexy….i would do him if i was drink i think


Just thought I’d share a strategy I’m going to use for voting the 2nd care package:

I’m still pissed Natalie got the first one b/c I wanted her to get safety or Co-HOH not the no slop pass. I also want James to get something good, but again would rather it be the 3rd or 4th package. Outside of those 2 my
problem is the way Napoleon Paulie is running the house a vote for anyone else other than Da’Vonne will simply end up being Paulie’s anyway as he’ll demand them to use it how he says.

So…………… I’m going to vote for Da’Vonne (and yes I recognize the current status would have her leaving
Thursday. BUT I also think her #8 envelope will have the return ticket.

This way I’m not voting for Paulie (as again … a vote for NiCorey, P&P, Zak, Bridgette or Victor is handing Paulie the power and the jury is still out on whether Michelle would use the votes wisely).

Also, by voting for Da’Vonne this week I’m taking a calculated risk Da will either not leave or will return AND it will show the super fans and vets (Zak, Meech, Bridgette, Nic and James) that the direction the house has been taking is NOT making for good TV/feeds (read: I sick of boring feeds & the P&P Ego hour). AND last but not least if Da does return then it will help Nat and James, who btw has finally figured out Paulie has too much power.

Only can wish

I totally agree with you. It’s not good to have too much power. Paulie is thinking he’s above everyone else. He feels untouchable because he think all his tracks are cover. He’s made a deal with everyone. They all talk too much, hopefully it gets out. I’m seriously hoping a miracle happens for Da…

hr puffin good stuff

Why so high on James TTO?


The short answer is process of elimination and it’s JMHO, but I’m not enjoying these people, their cruelty and
obvious lack of games.

The long answer: Generally I’m drawn to strategist, charm, humor and the one player who shows a kind heart in a house full of vipers. I loved Dr. Will, Danielle Reyes, Janelle etc. Derrick was a mastermind and although I found that season dragged w/o drama at least he was playing with a solid strategy.

This year we’ve had to endure mean spirited people who lie and seem to have no real strategy. Sure P&P have a plan but Paulie changes his pecking order every week and makes the types of mistakes that would normally get him a one way ticket out the door were he in the game with players like the ones mentioned above.

On top of a lack of decent players the people this season for the most part are unlikeable. Zakiyah is still
searching for roses to hand out, Victor is obnoxious, Paulie’s (who I initially liked) ego has exploded to the point he’s resembling a certain height challenged dictator, Nicole (also someone I liked in her first season) has set the woman’s movement back 100 years single handedly and Michelle is vying to play the stage version of Regina George.

I find the only people who I can consistently watch are Natalie and James. Da is more a product of I know she’ll help Nat/James (especially after Monday comes!) As much as Da may have started playing too early (again IMO) she was setting things up for Nicole/Meech & Zak for later in the game. And I’ve seen her comfort Paulie/Paul/Bridgette/Michelle/Zak/Nat etc when they are crying so she’s at least shown some genuine

I’m in the middle regarding Bridgette who seems to have the skill set, but has been just as cruel as the mean girls at times AND for as much as she said she wanted a girl to win her one gf in the house is someone she said (just today) she hopes leaves before her. And she wants to work with the 2 men mainly responsible for her buddy leaving.

I’d like to see Natalie shock them all, start winning pivotal comps and end up in one of those F2 chairs, but I don’t think that happens without James. In the end, I can’t think of anything either Nat/James have said
attacking a player’s appearance or being out right cruel whereas EVERYONE else has. That alone makes me want them to get far in the game just to spite the others.


I am voting for James for #2 because P/P are already talking about getting her out next week. They might think twice about putting her on the block if they know James can cancel 2 of the votes.


Obviously everyone has the right to vote how they want, but I felt it was a waste to give Natalie the slop pass just like I feel giving James the 2 votes is a waste. I had wanted them to get weeks 3 (safety) & 4 (Co-HOH).

I could be totally wrong but the Ocho Rios sign says “DREAM DESTINATION” with an EIGHT on that poster …. Da’Vonne has the #8 envelope sooooooooooooo I think she has the round trip ticket. Plus we saw how the mean crew immediately talked about wanting Nat out the minute she got the package so giving James the very next one puts a target on them both (Da is already a target) with no chance for either to get help from the next 3
packages. AND this package is more detrimental b/c the player’s votes you cancel know who cancelled them!

I looked at this long term & asked who then gets safety? Co-HOH? Bribe? & who does that ultimately help if not James/Nat/Da? … PAULIE.

Just from seeing previous seasons believe me if Da gets evicted someone in that audience is going to yell out “you need to stop Paulie he’s pulling a Derrick” or something of that nature. By giving Da the power (yes, it’s a calculated risk) but it gives merit to the message Day returns to the house with.AND since the vets/super fans know fans vote a certain way for a reason it has best chance at flipping the house.

If we blow our load on the first 2 packages then who exactly do we give safety to in week 3? Bridgette is working with P&P so her winning safety likely increases James/Nat being on the block.

IMO I doubt P & P will go after Nat next week b/c that leaves Bridgette/Victor in the house another week which might piss off the rest of the house who are all ready for both to leave.

I’m willing to take the calculated risk Da returns and YES I’d rather waste those votes then help Paulie. Anyway, that’s what I’m doing. I just can’t bear the thought of Victor, Bridgette, Zakiyah, Paul, Corey, Nicole (who are ALL working with Paulie) getting packages from week 3, 4 or 5 and as it stands 2 of them will anyway 3 if James gets week 2.

TX rar

Bridgette for care package #2. She can cancel 2 votes and might have the guts to use them well to flip the house.


I think Paulie got some BB lessons from Derrick for sure….Derrick and Cody r still close…

Nicole turned up to be this season wh@re…I bet she dreamed she was in bed with Cory and Derrick this time.

Powder Puff Girls

No longer will I give you sympathy votes due to your Nicole comment.

Tonight on 2020

Like your mama


I hope Bridgette gives DA a nasty goodbye message like she did Frank, and Tiffany. how stupid will day fill come Thursday that she tried so hard to get tiff and Frank out and she goes out right after them.Her personal grudges got her here. she wanted Tiff out cause Vanessa got her out. that’s petty and wanted Frank out cause she just didn’t like him. all I’m saying is she got rid of PPL that could have voted for her to stay and kept all of Paulie buddies & friends. the thought never even crossed they minds to vote Paulie out if he was on the block come Thursday they all was saying Paulie so nice for going up on the block for us. now if Bronte, Tiff,and Frank was still in the house they would have brought up getting paulie out since he on the block.


I had no issue with Da’s message to Frank who slapped her butt, called her a slut and repeatedly told her that her titties weren’t sitting right. Whether he felt that was a term of endearment or not it was inappropriate to say to a mother.

As for Tiff, Da knew Tiff tried to make deals with Paulie, the Powder Puff girls and had her own agenda. Then when Da orchestrated the conversation that led to her staying she sold them all out. Not saying Tiff didn’t have her reasons as well, but again I had no issues with her doing that.

With all the mean spirited things that have been said this year or blamed on others (and weren’t said) Da’s GB messages (at least for me) pale in comparison.


Get DaGhetto out now!!! Bridgette wouldn’t lower herself like that uneducated b*tch. And I’m tired of hearing about What Frank did to Da! He slapped her but, she laughed at it the first couple of times. He didn’t know that it vote red her, she should of told him before going around the house behind his back crying about it and embellishing the story. And the slut comment. First she legitimately called him a douche bag. Just remember that’s how it started. He didn’t call her a name. She started it all with the douche bag comment. He jokingly said slut, and everyone laughed, wasn’t malicious or in any type of serious way. Then she proceeded to exaggerate and fabricate that story as she has with everything this whole game, and still continues to. She was the one who started all the petty women gossip. (Laughing straight at Tiff while Tiff was crying, bashing her with lies behind her back. That’s what got Z and Michelle started. Guess they thought if it’s ok for an older women with a daughter to act like that on national tv, it’s ok for us to. She’s been a little better this week, but let’s not forget she’s the most immature one in there! She should be providing a better example for single parents, and for the children, especially her own



It’s obvious you aren’t a Da’Vonne fan and that’s your prerogative. And, I’d agree she’s made some questionable decisions. But, if we are going to call a spade a spade then let’s make sure we look at everyone equally.

Bridgette (especially when in the company of Jozea or Frank) made some very derogatory comments. Frank & Bridg sat upstairs that night throwing out a constant barrage of negative comments. She also said she wanted to work with females, & yet regarding her BFF Bronte she would come in the room start a conversation & then run to Frank telling him what Bronte said as if Bronte had just initiated the comment. In truth, had Brig not done that Bronte prob wouldn’t have been the RK nom. Still, Brig is one of the more likeable (and capable) players this season.

As for Frank slapping their butts, I do believe it bothered Da, but she felt she couldn’t say anything. BB 18 more so than most seasons takes the tiniest thing & flips it into a reason to be a target. BB18 players are
ruthless, spinning truths, lies, & getting jealous another player is liked. I can’t recall a season where people get mad at you for competing. The last few comps there has been comments afterwards like: ‘why were they trying so hard’ as reasons to consider nominating them. Conversely not winning (Nat) is a reason to nominate her. There is no middle ground this year.

As much as Meech/Zak/Nic have been undeniably rude so to has Da at times (though she’ll tell you to your face) & even Bronte who seemed sweet was pretty snarky the 1st couple weeks when associated with Jozea/Victor. The men have been ridiculous with their put downs focusing on physical appearance which is uncalled for in BB. As for the slut comment, YES Da called him a douche bag, but remember why she did. He kept making
derogatory comments. Was she right to do it NO .. did she own calling him that YES. He on the other hand
denied it.

I know it’s his way, but if you watched the feeds there was several things he said/did leading up to that. He kept commenting about her breasts and how they were sitting in her dress. And he saw her literally right after when she was crying. IMO if anything I felt Zak blew that up, worse than Da. And, if it wasn’t inappropriate then why did Paulie feel the need to tell him to knock it off?

I’m not sure if you are male or female, but calling a woman a slut is considered much more derogatory. Men tend to let stuff like that roll off their backs, for women – that’s not a term you ever want to be said to you, even in jest. B*tch would have been the equivalent IMO. And if Frank really felt it was okay why wasn’t he calling Brid that when they were alone joking or Nicole? He said he only says it to women he cares for & those 2 were his
closest female companions yet he never called them that or smacked their butts. And when he called Zak that it was unsolicited.

As per the laughing at Tiff (again, not condoning) but this was after she just blew up everyone that saved her. In the end it was Da who tried to console her. And, in the DR/post eviction interviews Tiff said she was
crying as strategy!

Bottom line it’s clear you don’t like Da which is your choice, but I don’t think we can paint anyone this season (other than Nat/James) with a clean slate as they’ve all said/done some very disparaging things. For me, the worst is how Paulie & the guys are speaking about Natalie physically. Who cares if she had breast implants.

What exactly does that have to do with the game? It’s cruel, unnecessary and reeks of a pack animal mentality. Paulie can take exception to Zak talking about athletes being treated a certain way, but it’s okay for him to talk about Nat’s physical appearance and laugh about it? Anyway, hopefully you see my point.

And for the record, many people took Brig’s eyebrow comment very negatively. She doesn’t remember saying it (she did), but I don’t hold that against her either. Brig tends to be more snarky in mixed company.

Things like I want them to die (Paul), or comments on their physical appearance (P&P, Corey, Vic, Nic, Meech) is what I think is inappropriate.

Just so you see where I’m coming from. At the end of the day (no pun intended) they should all be considering their comments and tempering them. Other than Nat/James who don’t participate or add to those types of
conversations. ,,, IMHO

Only can wish

Couldn’t have said it any better. Totally agree with you. These comments about Da being ghetto are crazy.


Omg. When are they going to wake up and get out nasal nicole. She should go before Da. Bridgette ‘s little girl voice is old.

American Cheese

I understand that it’s boring to watch totally boring people talk about things that have no substance, which is fun sometimes but not mind numbing always. BUT when they do decide to do something IE condoms filled with water and throwing them. Point is theres nothing to do so you have to find things. Remember some HG’s rolling up tinfoil and throwing it into different bowls for points? Lame yet we all sat and watched and don’t lie because you know you watched too!!
It seems like they are being called “childish” but most people call adults childish when they are having fun. Nothing to do in there I would even make a jumpsies rope.(made from elastics) what else is there to do. You can only swim in a pool that’s 4 ft deep for so long. Or watch people who have energy work out lol.


say do yall think we should vote America package part 2 for bridget
or save it for her next time cause they want day gone the only person I could see
voting brdiget out is michell an zachery if we give the packges to pulie he cant win the good one
like super safe or the cop hoh that’s why I don’t want to vote for bridget now I want to waite until the 3 America pages or 4


Saving my Brig votes for either #3 or #4 because #2 won’t help her much if Paulie wants her gone next week. I do think though that being able to cancel 2 votes might be able to help James keep Nat and Nat is the person Paulie has already being talking about for the next week. So I am voting James starting tonight and every night until voting closes.

TX rar

If Bridgette is on the block can’t she use the 2Care package to cancel out 2 votes and keep herself in the house….?


Agree with NoName. Also voting to give #2 to Bridgette at this point would be the same as handing it to Paulie as right now she has drunk the koolaid and is part of the Paulie train. Hopefully she will wake up soon and join up with James and Natalie to get PP out.

Tonight on 2020

Bridge I like so much better now that Frank is gone .. She seems really smart and she seems to know the game very well I would like to see how she tries to play the game with other people … and I’m also sick of the other girls blaming her for being fat that must be the most stupidest thing I’ve ever heard like CBS gives them bags of candy they’re not going around saying CBS is making me fat ..they seem to take no responsibility for their own actions it’s really annoying .. And it’s not even true because none of them are fat it’s like they’re trying to find a reason not to like her and they can not find nothing so they make one up …


SIMON DAWG. Did you see the news report today where as Big Brother will only be on CBS All Access now starting with season 19. No tv show



Other websites are talking about it. Nothing official from CBS. Google Big Brother 19


The rumor was. That they are planning a fall season .Apparently it was going to be a shortened season and online only. But I think if it did happen the summer show will still be on TV.


if you a bridget fan vote America pakeget to pulie he want day out
save bridget to next one part 3 or 4 im voting for pulie cause he want day out
in he will take michell vote off in he will take zachery vote off
day goes home an then all bridget fans vote bridget 3 America packages if bridget hoh vote her 4 she be hoh two weeks in a row tust me I see the game I don’t want to give pulie none of these but part 2 will be good for him in it give us bridget fans a chance 2 save her on double evction or next time

You were all thinking it

Bring back Janelle


James & Nat in bed right now….her hair is in a ponytail on top of her head & spread out….

She looks like Cindy Lou Who!

Watching Nicole

Nicole is really playing the game this week. She has done everything to stay off the block. Sneaky. First tried to get Nat to volunteer to go on the block, now drinking with Paul so he won’t back door her. funny thing is Cory could care less that she is hanging out with Paul.


James got straight rejected. Haha…she said, no we are BB boyfriend/girlfriend. As in see ya later after the show.


no game James from Big Brother 18 to Blue Balls 18.

jatalie is a sham

This proves right there that Natalie is not REALLY that into James!

All is now right with the world.


Shaking my head. Aside from all the douche baggery, most of these players are just so WEAK! Funniest ending ever would somehow be Nat & Bridget final 2. PISSED!

hr puffin good stuff

No freaking doubt.
Shaking my head from aside to aside. Worst cast.
How can the players get more dumb. This cast would
vote for Trump.


The feeds are a f*cking snoozefest. Feel sorry for you Simon/Dawg.


Has Paul baked any muffins since becoming HOH or did he give up his day job?


Zakiyah…do you realize how bloody stupid you look on the feeds?! You are showing America how lame you really are! Paulie is using you, he doesn’t give a damn about your feelings, and you are acting like you’re on The Bachelor or Flavor of Love!!! Get your head out of his ass, get a real alliance, and play the bloody game!!! Also have to admit Day will be evicted this Thursday. Her only three hopes are to somehow turn the house against Paulie, make some kind of enticing deal with Paul, or hope she has the round trip ticket…otherwise, it’s game over for her. I’ll miss her sassy Diary Room quips…she really made me laugh.


She’s there for the stipend like too many of these idiots.


I feel sorry for the students and parents that have to have her as a teacher in their district . no wonder many of our schools and students are failing In America


In my fantasy world , Paulie gets evicted next week…in my reality, he has the round trip ticket. #fu*kfriendship

Donald Trump

I want to punch everyone in that house.


I’m a Huge Jatalie fan for both James and Natalie but can anyone explain to me why Natalie would be in the backyard till the very end when everyone has left but Victor,….. Just do not understand why should would left everyone leave but for Viictor…

Hammock tragedy

Haha. Nicole’s front flip was the best. What did she have a half a beer?

Fuzzy Num Num

I’m watching AD, and I’m infuriated. Not by the usual PP horse hockey. Not because Max-Z and Meech are mean girls. But, because these young women are accepting second place. Because they believe they only rate a spot in the jury. WHY did they even come in the house? They could get their acts together and win. But they won’t, because they believe they can’t. Z believes that Not-Cody is the best she can do. Meech thinks that mountain troll is attractive with his talk of boning. As if that’s all a woman is worth.
Admittedly I don’t like any of them. I think the level of game play in the house is abismal. But I really hate this “boys” club that has formed. Not because I’m all for an all female alliance. But, because, these “boys” act as if the “girls” are worthless. And these “girls” just accept it as if it’s true.

Reality Check

What happen to Michelle’s mascara?
She looks scary and awful.

Allison Grodner, you sure pick a winner in Michelle. Michelle spends more time complaining about herself than the big brother game itself. She is just unbearable to watch.


The other day, Michelle cried that her body was bad. Watching her work out tonight, I think she has a H. O. T. Body, maybe the best one of the year. Green shorts and a black sports bra.

Nat complained that her butt has started to jiggle. Nic raised her top and said that she couldn’t see her ribs anymore. But, these two still look good even though they’ve gained some weight.


If Paul puts Da’Vonne on the block it gets crazy. Da’Vonne knows some stuff and she’ll blow up some games and flat out make stuff up. She still gets voted out though.

So anyway...

Z sealed her fate if Paul tells Paulie she was campaigning to keep Day over Bridgette. He told her he wanted Day out.


My question is how did that girl Z even get picked to be on this show(outside of her looks). On the feeds she is so boring, brings zero entertainment, all she does is bitch and whine. We hardly ever see her on the regular tv shows because she is so boring…why did they pick her? my God they need a new casting team


on a side note I LOL’d so hard at the picture of big meech with mascara all over her face.


Dont get why James stays so popular with the fans…are they watching the same guy as me? I mean he looks way more interested just like last year in getting laid than in the game. His reign of HOH was horrible, getting Frank out a stupid move for his game….he brings nothing to the game he looks like he is only obsessed with Nathalie’s breasts

TX rar

James does have a strategy and wins comps when needed. He is grying to stay under radar to not become a target too early
like Frank. He walks away when people start their mean girl/guy games.


if Day gets evicted I would give anything to see Bridgette’s goodbye message be *snapping the fingers” “I got you out, I got you out”

Michelle is Franks Stalker

Michelle is such a weird creepy sick person that she believes Paul’s lies about dating hot chicks and having a great life that she now finds him attractive. This not only proves how naive and dumb Michelle is but also
the severe mental illness this poor girl has.

Min O'Pause

What Disney actresses did Paul supposedly date? Daisy Duck?


I wish we would get an All Stars season with all great players. Then we sould see some good gameplay!! Simon & Dawg you should do some polls like best showmance of all time, best strategist, best game play, best winner etc…