Big Brother Canada 3 Kevin – “Its a BRO HOH”

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HOH Winner Kevin Next HOH April 8th
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Feeds will be down from the afternoon of April 2nd to the evening of April 5th

Alliances in the house

Week One there’s a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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11:12pm Sarah and Naeha
Naeha I told Godfrey it’s game on and I told kevin i’m taking each and everyone on of them OUT (Graig and Godfrey)
Naeha adds that she told Kevin if he hadn’t won the Veto he was going home. Sarah has noticed that Kevin is pulling away from Johnny.
Sarah stresses they have to stop worrying about Simple people like Pilar and AShleigh.
Naeha says she’s called out ever alliance in the DR because she knows
Sarah says there is something up going on with Kevin “He’s Canada’s player .. he popped that f***g ballon”
Naeha – If he’s Canada’s player I’m good.. I think I’m good”


11:26pm Godfrey, Bruno and Graig
Bruno says the best thing is to get Naeha and Sarah up if the POV is used they put Jonny up. If Kevin puts Johnny up Jonny will be pissed next week and he’ll come gunning for Kevin.
Grig thinks that is a great plan.
Bruno says if he wins the veto and one of them are on the block he’s pulling them off. They all agree they have each others back. A fist bump seals the deal

Graig points out that Brittnee will vote for them because they saved her this week.
Bruno – F***g rights
Graig – F*****g rights
Godfrey – we don’t need to stress this week. He points out if Kevin went home this week they would have been screwed right now.

Bruno – Notice how Naeha is buddies with everyone now.. I heard her right after the HOH she said Fresh start.
They agree Kevin and Jonny are drifting apart.
Graig – he wouldn’t kiss him he wouldn’t slap his ass
Godfrey thinks Kevin’s flirting with Jonny was for the camera he warns that the girls will start recruiting now “Girl power”

Graig calls Willow and AShleigh floaters “they’re going to go with the flow”
Bruno speculates if they can get Kevin to put Johnny up then Jonny will be pissed at Kevin and takes the target off them.
Godfrey laughs says he’ll leave the convincing to Bruno
Graig – Sarah is not going to win the POV.. Johnny will.. that’s bad blood and Kevin won’t want that and we don’t want that for Kevin..
Graig explains if Naeha wins the POV and Johnny goes up there’s no bad blood he’s going home in two days.

Godfrey wonders who is a better competitor Jonny or Naeha. Bruno thinks in competitions it’s Johnny but Naeha is smart
Godfrey – “she’s way too dangerous.. she’s influential with the girls.. she’s the only one that will rally the troops and get us out”
Graig she’ll get far in this game if we don’t get her out.
Bruno says he called it day one that Naeha had to go she’s dangerous and a fighter

They start talking about how some of the players in the game are so worried about shoutouts and live feeders they are worried about the game. Graig mentions how the some of the players complain about being so tired then when midnight comes around they are running around giggling.

Graig leaves..

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-01 20-58-07-090

11:57pm Graig and Zach
Graig telling him the plan to convince kevin to put up Sarah and Naeha

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-01 21-01-00-551

12:03am Pilar and Kevin giggling around while johnny off in the distance watching.

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-01 21-15-30-996

12:14am Kevin and Godfrey

Kevin says he trust him 100%
Godfrey says the two of them are the biggest threats Kevin because he’s won two competition now.
Kevin trusts Bruno, Graig and Godfrey says his HOH will be their decision “Its a bro HOH”

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-01 21-33-58-531

12:30am Backyard Zach and Jordan
Jordan – what should we do
Zach – go with the flow get rid of Naeha.. we could flip it if we wanted to .. at some point we’ll want to lock Kevin in with us
They agree to get ashleigh this week as well.

Jordan – based on productions I think there some interest there
Big Brother gets mad at them tells them to stop talking about production.. Jordan says he’ll stop
Jordan brings up Ashleigh telling him that Bobby tried to spoon with him and she didn’t like it.
Zach – Ashleigh is totally into me.. 100% she’s already in.. 100% and she’s likes me.. Pilar and her are super tight
Zach warns him as long as the chop shop stays together Jordan is good. the Chop shop is a powerhouse alliance “Lets ride this shield out”
Jordan – eventually they are going to run out of targets..
They agree Kevin will be a major target to the chop shop because he’s won so many competitions.

Zach – theres not very many smart player left once Naeha and Johnny go
Jordan says once johnny and Neaha are gone they flip and take Kevin and pilar with them and clean out the house.
Zach – I can pull over ashleigh and Willow
Naeha and Sarah join them

THey tell Naeha Godfrey and Graig want her out.
Naeha says Kevin was the target last week. Zach claims to not know that.
Johnny joins them says Kevin has been pounced already by the bros.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-01 21-46-14-766

12:43am Bobby and Graig storage room
Bobby is worried Willow is going to get “BUTT HURT” if Zach starts hooking up with Ashleigh. She might stop caring about the chop shop.
Bobby – I want to talk to Zach..
Bobby is worried when they get down to final 8 final 9
Graig doesn’t think Zach likes Ashleigh that much
bobby can really see Willow getting upset, “Willow is hard to read”
Graig – She with us
Bobby – I know she’s with us but down the line
Graig says they have Godfrey for sure
Bobby says he’s getting little tired from teh whole Willow thing, “If they start hooking up it could affect the chop shop”
Bobby – Chop shop first .. I’m game first
Graig – The show is loving the chop shop

1:08am Zach and Bobby Bobby brings up his concerns with Ashleigh/Willow/Zach and the chop shop

1:08am Naeha and Zach

She tells him he was the one that told her who the targets were last week, “Just be straight we me”
Zach explains what he was meaning. She tells him if Kevin puts her up over the guys he’s making a big mistake. adds that she’s a fan favorite because she heard all the crowds cheers during the HOH.
Zach tells her he doesn’t know what Kevin is going to do. Naeha thinks Bobby has to go nows a solid time.
They agree Kevin is very hard to read. Zach wants to go to bed.

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Zach is fake. hes a closet gayman

Reality Check

Whats wrong with being gay? Why make this a “because i dont like him he must be gay” thing. Thats just bullying. The difference between us and the people in the house is that they are playing for money, either for their family or the awesome title of being the Winner of Big Brother- we are on the outside with no excuse to slander or ridicule people. Point is they’re in the pressure cooker not us. “Closeted gayman”, really? I dont even like Zach’s gameplay that much but I would never stoop that low. They’re still humans.

another name

so far people have said that Zach, willow and kevin are all closeted gay or bi at some point on here. beyond thinking to myself “who cares?” I also think, “why is that even considered an insult in this day and age?” ,


zach is clearly into ashleigh… and even if he was gay, that’s not an insult.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Of course it doesn’t matter, and of course he’s NOT into Ashleigh. And of course he makes all the gaydars worldwide explode.


LOL, he’s not into Ashleigh at all.


Zach reminds of of BBUS5 Drew, using Ashleigh the same way Dianne was used by Drew.. Only thing is Ashleigh is nowhere near the beast that Dianne was

(Posted same thing on the wrong page, sorry if you’re seeing this twice!)

Not Bob's house

It’s funny to me that Bobby is all of sudden now so concerned about Willow’s “feelings”, he is obviously the one butt hurt that Ashleigh doesn’t want him.. especially in her bed


bobby feels hes the alpha male when in fact hes an ugly emmett version with no eyebrows


Thats freaking hilarious!


Yep! When I was reading that, I was like yeah rightttt Bobby!! YOU don’t want Ashleigh to hook up with Zach! Don’t blame it on Willow’s feelings!!


I hate the phrase chop shop now. My god, can production bleep it out, it’s getting so annoying.


Okay jst read ur post…i’m pissed at how comfortable Zach and Jordan are right now..don’t they know that they are in the BB house ?
Jordan some super fan u are if you don’t know the number 1 bb rule : never be too comfortable!!


Hmm…I think Bobby may be projecting his own worries…about Ash and Zach hooking up…onto how Willow will react.


ugh i wanted naeha to win that hoh SO bad!

The Truth

I loathe the background music that play throughout the entire show.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen pilar talk game. She’s in lala land or something. Her head is definitely not in the game.


So Willow likes Zach who likes Ashleigh, who is also liked by Bobby and Kevin who is liked by Pilar lol


Can someone please tell me why in the Hell Production cast this Pilar chic?? She can barely put two sentences together let alone hold any sort of thought together on the game! This Chop Shop also needs a shake up in my opinion! I just find it so funny how everyone is playing so hard with so many people still in the house! Has anyone ever heard of being Social with everyone?? If people know who your alliances are then game over! Naeha will be gone so will Zack, Graig, Godfrey, Bobby and Kevin for those very reasons! Unless they change their ways and soon! You have everyone going after the same people from the very beginning for the whole house and no one plays their own game. Stop being a bunch of P***sies and play for yourself or you will never win the game! Hold court with everyone then make the decision no one should ever feel safe when it comes to HoH.

sunny dee

what’s funny is this is an instant eviction, no POV will be played. so kevin is someone who could make a big move, and getting out Naeha is not the move he should make if he only knew that this was happening. one thing any superfan should know is to expect every single HOH to be either instant evict, HOH choice, or dbl eviction, because assuming it is just a regular |HOH week means not being prepared. he’s not part of the chop alliance, he could form with naeha who is clearly good at comps, rather than getting her out and still being target by the others who align with bobby. everyone must have a good idea who those people could be, so bobby should/could be his main target.


I’m confused did Kev already nom Nae and Bobby???? Everyone acting like he hasn’t done noms

another name

guessing kevin will do one of two things:
naeha and bobby saying that each of them are the only two house members that he is certain have put a target on him for any reason whatsoever (bathroom convo and nomination respectively). chance: 45%
naeha and godfrey saying because the two of them showed during the hoh that they have targeted each other anyway, and in order to let peace reign let the house decide (or some other ridiculous story that makes him look like less of a strategist). chance: 40%
really don’t think he cares who goes, as long as it isn’t him.
the other 15 percent covers the unlikely scenarios the houseguests wanted. putting up jonny would be bad for his popularity. and with twists, you don’t want to be hated. sarah or graig? he thinks he can outplay both, so they aren’t high up on his radar yet. two guys: too many bros left. bigger target on himself. not sure if they would buy “I wanted to lock up pov so we could backdoor neaha” (though I personally think that would be a great way to get rid of a meathead physical threat). won’t happen. it’s pretty much a lock that naeha will be evicted in my head. but then, this is all based on kevin being told it’s instant eviction. the hoh is always told, aren’t they?

another name

sorry… I forgot. what are the chances kevin brought multiples of the same underwear? because hasn’t he been wearing those grey ones with his risha pelt robe for three days?


My dream alliance Naeha,Jonny,Sara,Kev,Jp and Zach finally, Kev don’t screw this up
We need Nae to stay she is queen


I have to say that most of the Chop Shop are definitely out of the loop.