Monte “They look at me as if I’m the walking devil or something?! Like how dare I win HOH!?”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Monte
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Turner & Jasmine

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine
Joe & Monte & Terrance
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy
Nicole & Taylor

How Nominations will work: One pair will be nominated
How the Veto Player Pick will work: Turner/Jasmine, nominated pair, and drawn pair
– If one of the pair wins the veto, the other is also safe.
– If the nominated pair comes off the block, Turner would nominate another pair.
– Eviction: One of the pair on the block will be evicted

10:20pm Outside the havenot room. Monte and Joe
Joe – SO I planted a seed with Daniel. I said there was a rumor going around that Ameerah was in some type of alliance and everyone started to freak out and betrayed her. I told Daniel that I wasn’t sure if Nicole was in it. But that I think Taylor had something to do with it. So we should send Taylor home. You need to back that up and be like Joseph .. be like I want Taylor gone. So somehow we just spin it. Try to say that you’ll get rid of Alyssa because Nicole thinks it was Alyssa. She thinks it was Alyssa or Tuner the night before.. so plant that seed as well. Monte – have you talked to Kyle about that? Joe – yeah. Say that people were starting to come up to me saying that they think Taylor and Ameerah were working together. And say, I need to put up Taylor because so far everyone that’s come up to me has said that Ameerah and Taylor were working together.

10:24pm Bedroom – Terrance and Daniel.
Daniel – obviously I am so happy that you’re here. Terrance shakes Daniel’s hand and says thank you. Your word is your bond. Like this was a flex on them. I don’t know how everyone is going to feel and I know that some people are mad that I’m here. Daniel – people like myself .. glad I gave you my vote. That doesn’t change but being in the know.. but that doesn’t matter because I am glad you’re here. But people like Jasmine are upset because the wish they would have know. I (Jasmine) would have gone with it.

Havenot room. Kyle, Brittany, Monte and Michael.
Kyle – me and you and Monte need to get on the same page.
Monte – I’ve been really silent because I don’t know what to say. Have you guy’s had a chance to talk to anyone to come up with anything? Kyle – I’ve chatted with Amyssa and Daniel and Alyssa is going to talk to you. I said I talked to Monte a minute before and said are we good and he said yes .. So that is something but basically what I said was Brittany converted Michael like right before about PO’s Pack. I was like okay that proved that Michael wasn’t saying anything and I trust Monte isn’t going to say anything. Then I hear the Joseph know, Jasmine knows, Taylors’ heard something. All of this happens right before the vote. I felt that it was swinging. I was like Alyssa we should have had that conversation but you said multiple times that you would never vote out Jasmine and Ameerah. I was like I should have told you but that is the way it kid of fell. Monte – okay. That was my story.. but she is smart enough to know that they can’t be pissed to our faces. Monte – they’ve been very distant. Nicole is eating it up. Daniel is eating it up. But like Jasmine, Alyssa .. they look at me as if I am the walking devil or something?! Like how dare I win HOH!? Monte – what about you Michael, have you told anyone? Michael I did talk to Alyssa and I said that Brittany confronted me and I told Nicole. And then Nicole went upstairs and told Kyle and Ameerah. I also played off that I was sitting there and didn’t know what to do.. Brittany – I basically said the same thing. They were more hurt that I didn’t tell them. I think they saw me as one of the girls. And now this very much shows that I wasn’t. But also Ameerah had been throwing around my name as one of the top emotional players. Monte – who should I say told me? Kyle – you can say that you heard from us. I did say that us three chatted. Monte – so as far as voting out Ameerah? Because the three of us in PO’s Pack which makes us very much the house.

10:56pm – 11:15pm Alyssa joins them and says sorry I was just trying to figure out where everyone was … and they’re all right here?!! Michael – you missed your old room. Alyssa – yeah I really wanted to come back. Turner joins them and tries to figure out what bed he will use. Alyssa to Monte – well congrats! This is super excited. Its huge. I am so invested in seeing peoples families. Alyssa asks to talk to Monte real quick. Everyone leaves. Alyssa motions that her mind is blown. Monte – I told you that things were good before hand but I know how close you and Ameerah were. Alyssa – I understand. Monte – I felt like the only thing I could say is that everything is good because you would have been forced to make a decision to vote your friend out or to give her a sympathy vote. This all happened very last minute. Alyssa – Kyle told me that. I don’t know where your head is at. I am excited to see your HOH room. I love you and I want to move forward with you. Monte – I am sorry I honestly thought that you and Kyle would have talked about it which didn’t happen. Alyssa – which should have Kyle!?

11:56pm Storage Room. Terrance, Joe and Monte.
Monte – guess what we’re f**king safe this week! They talk about when Terrance joined their festie bestie group.

12am Bedroom – Nicole and Daniel.
Daniel – I will play their f**king game. If I get the veto and he like yeah we’ll backdoor Taylor yeah, yeah, yeah .. and then be like NOPE, keeping Taylor .. f**K you guys vote these people out whoever the f**k they put up. Only you will know that, I will never tell anyone. And if you guys are on the block I will win the veto and use it .. even if they’re like backdoor Taylor .. NOPE! They will think that I am fully on board with the Taylor thing. Nicole – Indy just lied to me. I asked her who do you trust the most in this house and she said Jasmine, Alyssa and Joseph. When I know that Monte is in that list. She didn’t say his name. Daniel – she said that she trusts you since you voted with her. Nicole – she said that she didn’t fully trust me until today. Daniel – then whatever .. take it. She is mad at all of them. Nicole – yeah because she feels left out. Daniel – but he (Monte) will win her over so quick.

12:18am Bathroom. Indy, Jasmine, Alyssa, Indy and Daniel.
Indy – her hair was so pretty. Alyssa – Ameerah? I know. Indy – I hope she’s happy. Jasmine – I don’t think she is happy. Daniel – she is pissed as f**K! Jasmine – she is not happy. Daniel – she said you got me! Alyssa – who did she say that to? Jasmine – all of us. Daniel – because whoever flipped or whoever did that. Jasmine – you know what hurts the most? That we didn’t know but Taylor did. Alyssa – that’s what I am f**king saying. Jasmine – that’s what hurts the most.. that she knew over (points to herself). She thinks she don’t want it with you.. she thinks you (Daniel) bad but she don’t want it with me. Daniel – I know. Alyssa talks about how she was about to go into the havenot room 20 minutes ago and Taylor questioned why she was going in there. Alyssa says she went in and literally everyone else in the house was in there and they went dead silent when she walked in.

12:26am – 1am Bedroom. Terrance, Nicole and Monte.
Nicole to Monte – what happened? Monte – I think some information got out before hand that I was informed about very last minute and people were telling me that A) it looks like my game or peoples game have been exposed or whatever have you.. and then at that point people were like everyone is flipping. And I was like okay, I don’t want to be on the wrong side of that. And I didn’t want her to go around causing a stir… Nicole – I just wanted to f**King know. I had just said goodbye to this f**King dude and it was already a struggle to decide to go with the majority to vote to keep her. That’s where I am at! Monte – no, yeah. I would have like to sit down with them. Nicole – right but now that you’re HOH its like you’re the one that made this grand master decision. Monte – I would love for someone to explain why I would do that? Nicole – what I am saying is I don’t want it to look like that but at the same time I don’t know who to trust. I can’t even elaborately celebrate with you. I am like what the f**k is going on here. Monte – yeah and that is fair. I wish I could have told people who I was going with. Nicole – I am not mad about this (Terrance staying). Monte – not about who stayed or who left but more around the fact that people felt like they were blindsided. Nicole – I felt like I was blindsided for sure. It just sucks. I wish I could have said goodbye to her. My main question to you is.. is Taylor still your target. Monte – I’ve never felt comfortable with her in this house. Nicole – I am only asking because I want to know. It has nothing to do with anything else. I just know that you and I are very similar in the hard headedness .. and we like to make sure we get our point across. I just want to make sure that you know that I have your back .. as much as I have his (Terrance) back and its a respect thing. Whatever you decide.. I will never be mad at you for a decision. Monte – are you fine with that.. and how would you want it to be. Nicole – I just want you to know that I understand whether you put us up or you backdoor us. ..and you decided to keep her over me or vice versa. Monte – well I don’t have a vote this week. Nicole – but you have influence in this house. Monte – I think there are multiple routes we can go with taking Taylor out this week. Now that I am finally here (HOH) I can do something about that. If its a backdoor strategy maybe I need to figure out who I put up first. Nicole – me picking her as my festie bestie .. I feel like that was a big enough move to be like I did that for you guys. Monte – okay, I need to sleep on what route that looks like and I need to get buy in on a pawn situation.. and then figure it out from there. Nicole asks Terrance to talk to Monte alone. Nicole asks how Taylor found out about PO’s Possie. Monte tells her that Ameerah and Kyle were being a little reckless in the storage room. Nicole – so she pretty much had her ear up to the door. Nicole – My thing is who can I trust? Joseph is already coming around whispering. Like keep that sh*t discrete.. when people see you coming up to me whispering people start asking me questions.

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Country Girl cant climb a Tree

Jasmine the Hut

Paul's Rubber Ducky ? FRIENDSHIP

I’m screaming laughing at that damn scooter! lmaoooo blindside Butterbean baby haaaaaaaaa *throws doritos like confetti*


You can put lipstick on it but it’s still………




Tonight watching Monte & Jasmine talk, I kind of saw the softer side of Jasmine, and I said to myself, wow, you’re showing a side of yourself I have not seen since the show began. I was starting to feel bad about thinking Jasmine needs to be evicted.

Then when it was Alyssa, Indy, Jasmine & Daniel, mean Jasmine came back. But this was after Alyssa started bashing Taylor, I just can’t understand why the house is so against Taylor, the men in the leftovers “Monte, Joe & Kyle they are not any better, they use Taylor as a shield, blame things on her, so their alliance is not exposed.

Taylor does not have to be the scapegoat to protect your alliance, give the girl a break.


Taylor became the house target week one and it set the momentum of the game, it happens over and over again in the BB game. the target usually stays as the target.

“Taylor does not have to be the scapegoat to protect your alliance, give the girl a break”

You need to put the blame on Production for this stupid twist. If it wasn’t for the twist then no member of Leftovers alliance would have to see the block this week. Leftovers need to get Nicole or Daniel out, and it looks like Nicole is the bigger threat atm plus Taylor already had a break from the block


no leftovers do need to see the block this week. ultimately it’s a numbers game. going after alyssa/indy is way safer plus doesn’t run the risk of taylor blowing everything up. they need to pivot if alyssa/indy win veto, but kyle already kinda wants alyssa gone, so seems like a pretty straightforward easy target to go after her.


That’s the convo word for word they had in the havenot room, that was just Kyle being scared to go on the block.
Daniel and Nicole are the prime targets, they arent going to waste this HoH on Alyssa, but during that convo in the havenot room, at the same time Jo was talking to Taylor in the bathroom about her going up and she seems down with the plan.

Palm Oil's Meds

What would Taylor get out of “blowing everything up?” The other side of the house hates her. The person that would betray them is Britney. Brit is similar to Alysssa. They can’t keep secrets.

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

I’ve gone back and forth with Monte. Paloma was obsessed with demonizing Taylor and was manic about it. She ran straight to Monte after Taylor answered a question from Paloma, and Monte ran straight to Daniel who was HOH. They all 3 blew it out of proportion and without Taylor having a clue, made her enemy #1. The girls have been so cold & rude to her and now protest righteously that she wasn’t loyal to them. That’s because she’s been living on the block, you narcissists.


I thought the same thing..they are using Taylor..Kyle and Joe always throw Taylor under the bus to the girls. This time however I am thinking this is all for show..they want Nicole and Taylor on the block and they don’t want Nicole to know she’s the actual target. They want another blindside and I am all for this one. Daniel would lose his bloody mind..
One thing I hope the guys are doing and I haven’t seen anything about it is filling Taylor in on what they are doing.


AGREED! Alyssa can F off with her hate for Taylor BS. You’d think she’d learn a lesson from this past week, that hey maybe I shouldn’t be a judgmental a-hole and try to ostracize a person just because I’m insecure. Of course she won’t though, she’s too blinded by jealousy over a made up one-sided showmance in which she gets no reciprocation.

I don’t like the boys in the leftovers throwing Taylor under the bus either, I was happy to see that Brittany was trying to steer them from throwing Taylor up on the block. I’m ready for Nicole and Daniel to get the boot, there are zero redeeming qualities in either of them. it will suck if Taylor has to be up on the block and go through the anxiety of it, but it will be worth it if it gets Nicole’s megalomaniac butt out of the house.

Sim Ling Hui

Please ask yourself this question the next time you are about to type a comment like that,…”What if Taylor was white?”


Hmmm, I’m not sure what Taylor’s skin color has to do with it. If Taylor was white, it would still be despicable and disgusting if the house was ostracizing her, calling her a b*tch, threatening to throw soup in her face, treating her like crap when she’s genuinely trying to connect with them, and so on. I’m not down for people being treated like crap and being ganged up on, no matter the skin color, sex, religion, etc. So there’s absolutely no reason for me to ask myself the ridiculous question “What if Taylor was white?”

Julie Chen


The Beef

Dumb comment of the day award.

Palm Oil's Meds

Why are you obsessed with her race? People of ALL RACES deserve respect regardless of whatever how you were taught.

Rachel not Rielly

I agree I also hate when the leftover guys throw Taylor under the bus, but game wise i kinda feel its a smart move. The girls are so blinded by their hate for Taylor that they wont even question it.

Palm Oil's Meds

Daniel and the mean girls are so blinded with hate that they can’t focus on the game. The Leftovers are manipulating their hatred towards Taylor for their advantage. It’s actually smart.

Palm Oil's Meds

It’s because they do not know to play the game. This cast is filled with horrible human beings that have no clue how to play big brother so they gaslight, bully, and ostracize the only nice person there because they think her kindness is weakness.

un autre nom

This is actually meant to be helpful… but also sarcastic:
Dear Nic,
Maybe telling Monte you have his back as much as you have Terrance’s is a bad move considering you voted to evict Terrance a few hours ago.

Just sayin.

un autre nom

Indy currently complaining that she wants to go home because she isn’t in the big group, and she’s been isolated for a total of 7 hours.
Alyssa telling her not to tell Monte she wants to leave.

Dear Alyssa,
Help her pack.

again i say this to be helpful. Any time a house guest wants to quit, help. them. pack.
After the Carol bullshit of bbcan8… always help them pack. Take them by the hand to the door and say buhbye.


lol ya, or do what they did on Bad Girls Club. Open the front door and throw their sh*t out

un autre nom

Wait. so.
Let me get this straight.
The blindside isn’t the problem for Jasmine, Daniel, Indy and Alyssa?
The real crux of the problem is..
They included Taylor?
Hey, they said it. Over and over.
Then NIC said it to Monte.

Okay, y’know what…The edit not including OldSkool means the real reason for the alliance isn’t going to be told, and nobody can use it as reason. Nobody can say ‘why wasn’t I in oldskool?’

Potential noms: Nic and Taylor (make Taylor wonder if the alliance is more of the same).
Indy and Alyssa (anyone want to deal with Indy on the block then staying is a fool).
Kyle and Daniel (and watch Kyle spin and spiral).
Monte has a real dilemma ahead of him.

All things considered about Monte… i’m unbothered.

Palm Oil's Meds

They feel they are more superior than Taylor like she’s a dog or animal that does not deserve basic human decency. Their actions show they feel Taylor has no value and should not exist. These are some cruel narcissitic sociopaths.


J”ass”min on slop! Whoo Hoo! She has milked that turned ankle far too long.

L.L. Bean Dip

Nicole is trying too hard playing the ass kissing game right now, like Monte can’t see through this.

un autre nom

There is no girl’s alliance.
Monte knows Britt revealed the name.
I made a pact with you.
She didn’t include him in Old Skool, and told multiple people he was her target (they already snitched).

If he did believe her he’s the biggest idiot ever.


HAHAHAH just realized jasmine is a have nots.. 🙂 🙂 🙂


Indy/Ally chose the HNs & Indy was in rare form & NOT in a good way.

Jasmine was still begging off being a HN (talked all day about being willing to throw HOH as long as she didn’t have to be HN). Joe even said he’d do it for her (first notable promise he’s made that was broken this week & if Indy lands on the block that’ll be the second).

So Indy initially says “we can’t make Jasmine a HN b/c of the stairs” – WAIT – isn’t the HOH room upstairs? Then she speaks overtop of Ally – Britt & Michael (which someone says it’s his B-Day Monday) so she says cancel followed by a mean-spirited tongue-lashing at Britt (um Indy has a real hate on for the fate that clearly Britt/Taylor are the 2 females who landed with the majority).

Ameerah & Paloma were never HN’s and 10 had been prior leaving Britt, Jas, Turner & Taylor who haven’t done it yet, albeit Tay is debatable since frankly she’s been HN all season in the truest sense of the word. Finally, Ally just says their Jas/Turner which prompts Jas to immediately get up & wheel away looking SHOOK!


The way Indy has been acting, I hope Indy is evicted even though doing so would make it a no-drama week. I am also hoping that taking Alyssa to the final 2 dawns on some of the houseguests as a good thing for them

The Beef

Good for them. Bad for us.

un autre nom

Keep your eyes peeled for attempted stealth eating.
Shouldn’t be difficult.
If they put a buffet table in the shower we know the jig is up.

un autre nom

What I’m sensing as control freak tension.
Note the Monte Nic talk earlier.
It is eating her up that the partner she thought was her safety net isn’t automatic safety anymore. Hence the ‘can’t believe she knew and not me’ crap.
Further, if she wins HOH, Tay is safe as well.
SO it has dawned on her that her big plan to keep everyone hating on Taylor hasn’t worked, and she can’t win and get rid of her either.
Must be frustrating.
pass the popcorn.

Btw: like production isn’t loving the idea that they are each others’ mutual deterrent… for at least a little while.

Taylor saying she doesn’t want to be the pawn all the time anymore is going to make a couple of the Pound guys pissy. One of them will eventually voice that they saved her and she should be happy/grateful to be the pawn. Most likely whichever guy has to sit on the block first. Remember week one alphamale entitlement talks? We know those attitudes exist in that Pound group… and pretty soon one is going to voice let’s just pull in Terrance, he’ll be more grateful. Most likely a Sunday hushed conversation. Just throwing that out there as a possibility.


Lol, when was the HoH comp? I can’t believe that they are still awake!


this season has finally got good in this last week. keep it going please