“I’m a person that can read energy so I know when motherf**kers are acting funny.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Michael
Nominees: Alyssa and Terrance
POV Players: Monte, Alyssa, Michael, Terrance, Taylor, Brittany
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony: Veto was not used.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

8:08pm The live feeds return from being blocked. The house guests are in the backyard. Brittany and Alyssa are talking about wedding proposals. Brittany talking about her proposal and Alyssa talking about how she would want hers to be. Turner, Taylor, Monte and Michael are playing bocci ball. They head inside the house. Taylor – no second winds tonight. Everyone goes to bed and stays in bed.

8:35pm Bedroom – Terrance and Monte
Monte – how are you making out? You seem kind of quite today. Terrance – I just feel the energy is different, that’s all. So I am just… instead of engaging in it, I ain’t going to. Monte – really? Terrance – yeah, I definitely feel it. I ain’t crazy! I’m a person that can read energy so I know when motherf**kers are acting funny. Monte – oh sh*t! Damn man, that’s weird! Terrance – yeah but I don’t trip on it though. That’s one thing, I never let anyone else’s energy affect mine. Monte – yeah, that is just crazy because from their perspective I don’t think people get treated differently when they’re on the block. You know so like what is that about?! Terrance – yeah but they do. If that is the person they want evicted out, you automatically know they give you the cold shoulder. But you know, you can’t let things like that affect your energy because you have to look at the aspect of.. this is a game and my life outside this is f**king amazing. You know what I’m saying!? Monte – yeah. Terrance – you know I don’t let vibes like that phase me because I have to many amazing things going on. Monte – amen to that man. Its all perspective.

9:50pm Kitchen – Brittany is cleaning while chatting with Michael and Taylor. Bedroom – Monte is sleeping. Terrance is laying in silence. Bathroom – Alyssa is showering. Turner is roaming..

10:43pm Pool time .. The house guests are in the pool and floating on top chatting about random things.

11:45pm HOH room – Monte and Michael.
Monte – I talked to Taylor and interestingly enough when I asked have you checked in with Alyssa.. have you talked any game with Alyssa? And she was like yeah, she did try to mention girls to the end thing .. so she brought it up first without me prompting it which to me felt like a good sign that she wasn’t taking that seriously. Michael – yeah. Monte – I felt good with Taylor that she was willing to give up that info. So I don’t know if she is taking at seriously or if it was something that she was even considering. I don’t think she would tell me if she was considering it. Taylor came to me and then was like are you good to put up Turner next week. And I was like is that what everybody wants? And she was like yeah Brittany is down for that. And I am like okay, are you sure?! And I am like is Brittany doing all this to make sure nobody puts her up on the block? Michael – like if she spills the information first and then someone does it later then it is like yeah I already know that because Brittany trusts me and she already told me that. Monte – so I just don’t know if this is the way she is operating and if she is getting paranoid and doing a lot of stuff to cover her own bases. Just the fact that it is getting back to us just doesn’t feel good. I think that Brittany is going in circles. Michael – we definitely need to check in. I will definitely try to talk to her and bring it up naturally. Monte – the fact that Taylor brought up the girls thing shows she isn’t loyal to that and she is to the four.

12:30am Alyssa goes to sleep.

12:40am Hammock – Brittany and Taylor.
Brittany – I would think worst case scenario is Turner wins HOH next week because Michael can’t play. He says that he would put up Alyssa. Taylor – we’ll see. Brittany – so veto doesn’t matter, there is no backdoor situation so if I had to guess he would put up Michael and you. Taylor – my only hesitation is it would be me and Alyssa hoping that Michael doesn’t win veto. Brittany – like Monte said if he (Turner) doesn’t go after Alyssa he puts a huge target on his back for the weeks to come. So he could make a big move but you have to stay here. Precisely the reason why we wouldn’t make a big move against Michael till the end because whoever gets Michael out is the next biggest target and you have to stay here and you can’t play HOH the next week so you’re very vulnerable. Its one thing for Michael to be in a must win veto situation .. its another thing for any of us to be in a must win veto situation. That is not so cut and dry. Turner just can’t win HOH. You would hope that Michael honoring the promise this week would mean something .. you would hope.

1:10am – 1:40am Backyard – Monte and Taylor.
Monte – was Brittany acting different? Taylor – not very different. She is nervous that you and Turner have a thing. Monte – really? Taylor – yeah. Monte – I mean, I am fine with putting up Turner. This is the thing about Brittany.. her game might not be about a competitive standpoint. She is all up here and that is why she is already going up to Turner and saying stuff like this around saying we shouldn’t have a final two. Taylor – out of no where. Monte – matter a fact.. here is a gut check! See if she tells you about it.. if she doesn’t and not directly but like hey do you and Turner talk game? See what the hell she says because if she doesn’t tell you .. then she is running a muck on everybody. Because if you’re one of the closest people that she is working with in the game .. then why would she not tell you that? Taylor – mmmmhmmm.. Turner joins them. Monte to Turner – she has to see that Brittany is acting strange and going one way versus another. I am like are you sure you feel 100% with Brittany? Don’t just blindly accepting whatever she tells you as truth. And then Michael has to already be suspicious as it is. But since she’s not a comp threat.. Turner – she is just like a … flea. Monte laughs – yo you can’t tell anybody I told you that. Turner – yo of course. Monte – Taylor and Terrance think I am the only one that know. But that sh*t is comedy bro!

1:50am – 2:05am HOH room – Turner and Michael.
Turner – so I head about the conversation on the hammock about how it sounds like Brittany is playing both sides saying oh Turner should be the target next week. So this is interesting .. me and Monte were talking kind of like what we don’t want to happen to Terrance. Sounds like they’re going to do it with Alyssa. If they are already counting Alyssa in and then going for the next big target .. we are just like that is very interesting if they are already trying to bring Alyssa down the road. So I was like I will tell Michael about it. Thoughts? Michael – I am so torn. Terrance thing scares me from the fact that like I am worried people are going to be like … like if one of them wins its going to be like two of us no matter what. Like if Alyssa is here or if Terrance is here. I don’t think they are going to put them up. Turner – you don’t think they would put up Terrance if Alyssa was out this week? You don’t think they would find Terrance a threat to their game? Michael – no. Turner – oh damn.. facts! Michael – I don’t think they would be working as closely with him but if they’re going to take a shot they’re going to take a shot. If they leave us off the block .. Taylor is one vote. To me Terrance staying in just scares me more from the perspective of I feel like even if they want to work with Alyssa… they have to realize they can’t bring her to the end. So there is a better chance if Alyssa is here that they would turn on her where is if like Terrance was here they could drag him to final 3 and then kick him out. With Alyssa would they even take the chance of bringing her past 5? 4? Turner – yeah that makes sense. Michael – she is very clearly playing all sides. I did not expect this from Brittany.

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Oh Yuch! Does there to be a large photo of fugly Blob Terrance as an intro to the feeds??

The Corey's

Terrance got what he deserved. Yall came sideways with a new alliance and didn’t make it 2 days.

Terrance’s big crack

Blechhh! Was thinking the same thing, lol……. ” ya boy” can’t leave soon enough…. he can scratch his ass all day In the jury house


Ok, let me get this straight. Terrance feels the negative energy in the house and feels as he said Mother Fu@#ers are acting strange or different ?

Terrance threatens to poison the jury against Michael, has treated Taylor like crap, he has said some vile vulgar things about Taylor, betrayed Monte & Turner, but yet he feels others are acting different ?

Man get out of here, you are a 47 year old big baby who did not get his way. You are upset nobody is going to drag your sorry ass to Final 2, you are pissed off that you can’t win shit to save yourself.

Get over your pity party, it’s a game, you attached your self to the wrong group of people, you were not very good at winning competitions that would give you power, you have shown people that you are not trustworthy, you thought you were smarter in the game, but you weren’t, take the loss, you are 47 years old, stop acting like a spoiled brat.

You had no problem with acting all high and mighty when you felt you were on top, get over yourself, enjoy the time you have left in the house, this is a game for 750k, nobody is going to drag your sorry butt to the end, that was your responsibility.

Get up, hang out with people, they are not treating you different, that’s in your head, I think you are feeling guilty, or feeling stupid for the way you have been behaving, threatening you will do things when you get to the Jury House, Terrance if anyone is acting different, that’s on you. They are not ignoring you, you are isolating yourself.

Be the adult, get out there, hang out and enjoy the next few days, hold your head up, walk out the door knowing you tried, you did what you could do, but it’s your time to leave, stop acting like a child, things don’t always go your way.


Thank you! Thank you! Blob Terrance is a total a**hole!

Isnt it awesome that he can articulate “mothe*#@&*” so well. He probably says it under his breath to all the riders on his bus.


Well said, Terrance recites his lines in DR from Production perfectly with his nice “your boy” nonsense, yet on live feeds he’s been an arrogant entitled dick demanding respect via words vs earning it through actions.

Buh Bye

So, Terrence the spud can read the “vibes”, huh? Is that why every person he’s aligned with has gone home and he’s been on the wrong side of nearly every vote? A real clairvoyant it seems.


Yeah, Buh Bye and GOOD RIDDANCE!,


Terrance is in line to win the America’s Favorite Houseguest award this season.


He is in line, right behind Daniel and Nicole! LOL

Game fan

we are now rewarding the last place person?


That. Will. Never. Happen.
He’s not a favorite anything.

(I think Michael or Turner will win for America’s Favorite)

un autre nom

Terrance: I can read a vibe.
Also Terrance:
thought he was in control of the HOH and could swing the votes just about every week until Dyre fest.

Yeah, he’s an uncanny human seismograph.


Thanks to Simon and Dawg for watching all of the feeds so I don’t have to. I sent a little $$ your way.

The Kats Meow

Has he ever been right about anything? He’s never been included in anything, he’s never done anything, and he constantly makes things worse for himself by aligning with the wrong people. Then when things don’t go his way he lashes out and can’t understand why nobody wants to take him to a F2. The dyrefest thing just inflated an already huge ego in that clueless potato. It’s time to kick his a** out of the house.

un autre nom

Bathroom convo Taylor and Monte.
If Taylor is suspicious of how close Monte is to Turner, then her suspicion is going to get deeper.
Monte is trying to shift Taylor off of putting Turner on the block with Alyssa in the case of Taylor winning HOH. His argument: use a real pawn not a player, so put Britt up as the pawn, she’s never been on the block on eviction night (neither has Turner, who has won the same number of comps as Britt with more people throwing in his musical chairs win than her stay or fold win). He’s subtly trying to replace Britt in the final three to make it Turner, Monte and Taylor. She isn’t biting the final three change of roster.
I feel that even though he’s trusting her with a lot of info…. he’s also STILL testing her. I think when it comes to a woman in the game, it’s a never ending test until he can conflate an answer he didn’t like into a reason to push for eviction.
However, All of Taylor’s gains with Monte today could possibly be wiped clean away. Why do I say this? He said what he thought, and Taylor chose to contradict his opinion. He believes Turner about his convo with Britt. Taylor wants to know what happened in D/R that Britt immediately ran to Turner in the first place, and wonders if it was more rambling and scenario than well thought out pitch.
Monte’s big issue with Taylor yesterday was Taylor, in effect, questions Monte’s authoritah (i can’t write authority anymore without Cartman voice in my head).
She passed his test by being open earlier today, but now she’s countering his opinion… that’s going to stick in Monte’s brain again I fear.

Ongoing Britt and Michael silence:
They haven’t game talked one on one today. In fact there was an hour of silence between them today that was noticeable. Confrontation allergic Michael is putting off asking about the conversation with Turner that she already told him about. However, he does say to the cams while sitting at the pool that he hopes Britt wins the Final 6 HOH so he is safe for sure, and then he can win the veto at 5. (Reason not to win HOH at 5: can’t play in final 4 HOH to secure safety to final 3 if you were the final 5 HOH).
Michael still isn’t having active game talk today. He was part of the tail end of the reheated Leftovers meeting… That Alyssa witnessed. Otherwise, he’s still not picking up the cue that nobody is seeking him out to talk game.

No Name

When will these women learn to listen to Monte?

un autre nom

Standard Ladderball rules:
bolos on top rung: 3 points.
bolos on middle rung: 2 points
bolos on bottom rung: 1 point
Scoring goal: 21 points exactly. in event of a tie play continues until one player is 2 points ahead.
optional additiona points: extra point if player lands one bolo on each rung in a round, or if all three bolos end up on the same rung.
A player can throw their bolo to remove another player’s bolo from a rung.
Two ladders 15′ apart (or more depending on skill level). When throwing, the player cannot cross the ladder (must be 15′ min away from the other ladder they are shooting at).

un autre nom

Michael’s first one on one game talk since the veto ceremony (maybe, i might have missed one or two).
Monte and Michael HOH.
Monte is questioning Britt to Michael. Says he went to talk to Britt and she said let’s talk later, and he didn’t like that. Monte doesn’t like how information is getting around in the house (Monte is the one running information around… so maybe calm down). Michael is being reassuring of Monte and says he has questions about Britt. Michael plans to suss out what the Turner and Britt convo was about. Monte says she was week one Britt that night, and had just come out of D/R… what did they do to her in there is the indication.
Monte says he doesn’t think there is a girls alliance right now, or at least that Taylor isn’t in it right now. He’s wondering if they should take out Alyssa instead of Terrance.
He’ll repeat this thought to every person one on one, but didn’t push in the group conversation this afternoon. Remember week two Monte going to EVERY person in the house to take out Taylor instead of Pooch? Never in group talks after the disastrous storage room talk with Ameerah and Nic, just pulling one person aside every time. Buckle up.
The three men aren’t an alliance… they’re a gentlemen’s agreement. Sideye.
That loophole is there so that they can take a shot and say… but we weren’t an alliance so I was loyal. Think Monte isn’t running that as part of his speech in his head? Of course he is.
Talk breaks up so Michael can join the women at the hammock, and Monte can shower.
Terrance is heading to bed. I feel like I write Terrance is sleeping or Terrance is going to bed a lot… no matter what time I write. Odd.


After just watching Sunday night I think Michael had to get rid of Terrance ASAP. Just his sour face and evil laugh when nominated proves beyond a doubt that he would continue to poison the house against Michael. It was a chance between poison jury vs, house, but really, how much respect can the jury have for worthless Terrance? I hope they see through his whining and pity party.

Also, by keeping Turner safe, Michael has skillfully created better vibes and better trust in the house.

it all comes down to Thursday though. Every one of them is in watch and wait mode for him to slip up.

Mike Honcho

Terrance doesn’t like that snake Michael and rightfully so. He called Michael and Brittany out at the house meeting for the timing. No one else did. I’m his fan just for that.

Daniel Sucks

Well at least he has one then!

un autre nom

Tension and awkward silences.
Taylor asks who they are putting on the block: Turner and Alyssa. Who are they targeting?
There is talk of targeting Turner because he’s better at comps, but it doesn’t matter who.
Britt asks Monte if he knew Taylor and Britt would be Turner’s noms. Monte denies. They agree Terrance leaves this week.
Really awkward meeting.
Michael called to the D/R.
AFTERMATH OF THE BROCHELLA 4 Meeting: A Tennis match.
Monte bee-lines to info dump the meeting to Turner: in essence Britt is a puppet master.
Turner says the infinite big brother curse: There’s no way Britt can win an HOH.
So Monte says everyone else is just going with the flow and Britt is pushing for Turner to go Further, he asks if Kyle ratted him out about knowing the noms, she shouldn’t know that.
Monte says Taylor revealed the girls unprovoked so she isn’t in with that…. so they are now going flippety squirrel over a pair… Alyssa and Britt? Oh.
Turner says that it makes no sense for Michael to go along with the girls and target Turner. (sure it does, but hey).
Monte wants to make sure Michael is invested in the gentleman’s agreement (In the meeting Michael mentioned Alyssa or Turner, Turner is the tougher competition, Alyssa has jury votes, but Turner is the better competitor).
Turner now wants Terrance to stay. They want to get the boys together because the girls will target Terrance before they target Turner, but they will target Turner before they target Alyssa. Monte wants the decision made tonight.
This is going to be one of those Michael thinks getting Terrance out is best for his game and everyone agreed, Monte gets sour because Michael didn’t yes sir…. right?

Britt and Taylor talk post meeting: If Monte and Turner are close they are screwed. Britt notes that Monte immediately went and pulled Turner, she surmises they are infodumping and trashing. Taylor noted the meeting was awkward.
Taylor isn’t liking Britt questioning Monte’s diplomatic answers, and his closeness to Turner. She says there is no way she is budging on her vote, Terrance has to go, and they all agreed Terrance has to go. Taylor is sick of Terrance.
Britt thinks she and Taylor need to stick with Michael, he’s their sheild, and Monte is giving her bad vibes when it comes to Turner and Monte.

Taylor tells Monte that Britt is concerned about how close Monte is to Turner (Taylor just hall monitored Monte and Turner together). Monte is telling Taylor that Britt has run amok and she’s going crazy. He want’s Taylor to test Britt, and tells her how. Taylor already did this of her own volition, but Monte wants her to do it and report back to him.
Turner and Monte outside don’t understand why Britt thinks they are working together.
Um…. really? They say she’s being emotional and Turner says she’s imploding. (Bag of Cats Hyperhypnotoading… but correct because Monte and Turner are a pair, and they did discuss knocking her out if they can’t get Michael, and she has a clue about Monte knowing the noms because if you remember when the AfterParty and Monte met… Britt saw them all leave the room together).

Grain of Salt, Michael has been in d/r for a long time.
The boys want to flip the script on the vote, after already concluding twice during their previous discussions about vote flipping that they didn’t have to votes to flip the script without being obvious.
Michael has put 7 men and 2 women on the block this season. If he didn’t have that promise with Turner it would have been 8:1 men/women. Just a stat.

OF NOTE: they get the ladderball game today? Why do I suddenly think this is comp practice since the yard is closing early for Comp build this week?


Thanks much for all of this. There’s no way Michael is not voting out Terrance, gentlemen’s agreement group notwithstanding. Terrance has a sense of entitlement, for no reason because he’s worthless. And his presence in the house is very toxic for Michael. So, fortunately, Terrance is booted. And the sooner the better. Buh bye won’t miss ya’

No Name

I’m confused.Why are the houseguests acting like they’ve evicted their brains?


It’s not an act (blank stare). All are overplaying and paranoid at this point. Funny thing is they call out every one else paranoia but their own. LOL!

un autre nom

At this point, allergic to confrontation Michael isn’t asking Britt about the Turner/Monte information. This isn’t a surprise. Michael desires control and order.
The moment Britt realized she would be on the block with Michael and if he won veto she’d be out… that’s when she panicked. Her panic actually helped Michael. He was target number one until then.
So Michael can’t have a chaos factor. Same guy that wants her to win this HOH, is telling Turner to name Britt, not Taylor as a target by saying she’s dumping info if Alyssa wins the HOH.

Taylor, well, she’s back on telling Monte to take the shot at Michael, and she’s soured on Britt, partially because Monte has more information about the final 2 every time they talk, and partially because Britt is pushing that Monte and Turner have a deal so hard.

Monte wants Britt and Alyssa noms if they win HOH. Turner wants Taylor and Alyssa noms if they win HOH. Michael just keeps asking what caused Britt to go back to hyperhypnotoading (she already told him… everyone is taking a shot at him asap, and she’s afraid she’s going to be the casualty… what didn’t click?).
I think in part Michael is playing up the wonder. He knows. I also think he wants Britt in jury now as a sure vote for him… while also getting rid of the chaos issue.
Is it a mistake?
Imo yeah. Pound votes Pound, barring that Pound votes male. Girls never vote Britt.
It’s the only situation where he clearly has the votes for sure given the prospect of tainted jury.

Btw, I’ve decided Taylor is being willfully ignorant when it comes to Monte and Turner. She’s seen them huddled four times tonight. EVERY time Monte talks to her he has a new element to the Britt story. If they aren’t close and aren’t trusting and aren’t talking… how is there always more to the story. This is opinion. She doesn’t WANT to see it. She needs someone to take out Michael so she can keep his jury vote. She doesn’t trust Turner.

Btw: someone correct this if I’m wrong: Monte told Turner that Britt was the first to name Turner as the Target. I actually thought she suggested as nom and then Taylor asked should we target Turner.
Britt agreed maybe they should. Did I mishear?

I’m confused by tonight’s D/R calls again. there is no reason for 2 to 3 hour D/R calls. Ever.


Agree with your post, I believe micheal wants Britt in jury now so she can counter any damage Terrance is going to do to micheal


You heard right. Britt has been clocked by everyone, Terrance & Monte are playing good cop bad – cop til “perplexed Mike” takes action or admits he’s deputized Britt to be his Court Reporter, Private Eye, False Witness and Evidence Planter. The next job Mike gives her needs to be Jury Plant.

Turner’s new F2 with Britt and testimony Britt’s “no threat” cements his doom with Monte & Turner who see Turner’s exploiting Mike’s winout LBGTQ+ platform narrative by “coming out” to Monte at the Pool Table this week, playing dumb about Kyle & Alyssa with his Free Love Shack Bi-Pansexual platform. Monte has no platform except can a winning once and conceivably throwing every comp to stay off the radar as a threat.

Unfortunately, misogyny rears is ugly head as Women HGs are bullied & demonized when rarely comps and casting allow Women to win legitimate Comp Power and authority to make key decisions. They’re relegated to playing far more complex games to stay alive until “their comp” gets scheduled by Production. Kaycee was so much fun but we can’t all be International League Football Players. The Challenge Producers do so much interference in gameplay for their Viacom Cast faves they can’t even keep Women athletes on. Too many Free Hand-Out Seasons to Paul Cody Franzel & Bananas (and all the out of court settlements by contestants) for a decade killed fan trust both franchises.


Reason for long DR: mental health; production? Agreed—no reason.

Have been lurking for while—find widely differing views about HGs fascinating. My pov is this is one of the better seasons, by & large the eviction order made sense (though I’m still hurting over Joseph’s evict—imagine if Michael chose Joseph instead of Monte relegating Monte to Dyre. Would the same Kyle scenario play out with Monte going to jury? Hmm.) I’m on the side of Michael clearly deserving to win thus far; if he survives the perils of the double all the more so.

I think Michael needs to create a real F3 after the double to secure the win. Best would be Brit & Taylor if still possible.

Last observation: I really like Turner—my vote for most interesting HG. Wish he acted the imp more, eating everyone’s (sic) muffins. What a riot! Pity he’s so nervous about his game play that he jumps around all the time; a little of Michael’s assuredness could have made a big difference, imo.

Mad Max

what? what? who would sign on to represent Kyle? That’s so desperate…..what losers!


Is this Michael, Monte, Turner final 3 for real, or will Michael really drag Brittany to final 2?


It is real this week unless a girl wins HOH. They are each using it as a way to feel safe another week.


It is probably real until Michael loses a veto comp and he is gone.

Daniel Sucks

Probably. If he does not win either HOH or Veto each week he is likely done.


I noticed some fan talk that Monte and Terrance were throwing around some seriously misogynistic stuff in their conversation.

Any details on that?

Don't Shoot the Messenger

I don’t know about ant misogynistic stuff they said, i don’t get the feeds, but they both have been all about all-male alliances from day one! They have no interest in working with a woman…which is very misogynistic!


Some comments trashing the women in the house. It was mostly Terrance, but Monte contributed. From what I read, but I have no details.


I really would like to see those three guys make it to the final three it would make it exciting. I’ve always been more of a guy than gal fan of players that I’ve seen on big brother


Just donated to someone with initials AM. Hope it’s you guys


That’s dawgs initials. Thank you very much for the support it’s greatly appreciated.


Big Brother put a recent letter of Hayden’s addressed to Michael on its Twitter account and….it is everything! You can literally feel the love coming from that letter

un autre nom

What is odd to me (might not be odd to anyone else):
This week, little to no effort is being made by most of the house in terms of trying to placate the nominee that is staying. Britt is talking to Alyssa, but the others? Very little game effort. Yes, I know, chances of her being able to win HOH to take revenge are very small. Not impossible. Small.
Is this part of the ego growth that has occurred? They no longer worry about blowback?

Four times now Monte and/or Turner have said there is no chance Alyssa/Britt/a woman wins HOH. Most seasons that’s a curse… whenever someone says no chance ‘x’ wins HOH, invariably the Grods gift an HOH to ‘x’ for the hubris.

Something else:
Why is Monte trashing Taylor to Terrance? Like Terrance needs help thinking the least of Taylor? It’s not to win a jury vote, because Terrance isn’t likely to vote Taylor unless she’s sitting next to Michael, or Britt.
Britt finally found someone that agrees with her. Alyssa and Britt agree that Monte and Turner are a duo.

Likelihood: If a guy wins HOH, Britt and Alyssa are likely noms. If Michael doesn’t win veto… still a good chance Michael is renom.
If Taylor wins HOH, good chance Alyssa and equal shot Britt or Turner. If Michael doesn’t win veto… equal odds Michael is renom. She doesn’t want to do it herself but she’s a sucker for the big tv moment.
If Britt wins HOH, I begin to think equal odds of Alyssa/Turner and Monte/Turner. She wouldn’t take the shot at Michael.
If Alyssa wins HOH, nobody really knows. More likely Monte and Turner. Unless they drop the Britt bomb… but even then… not sure.


In terms of Monte, I am choosing right now to think of it as when red is waved in front of a bull to get it to charge


Settle down, Monte. You’re talking too much and to too many people.

Just Saying

I hate to say it, but if they don’t get Michael out, he will win. Not because he has won the most comps (which helps) but he is a thinker and a strategic player. Think about it, he’s an attorney. He’s been “trained/taught” to think this way. He also has a decent social game, granted outing Kyle was a dirty move (my opinion). Brittney, Alyssa I have no words. Terrance, someone needs to wash his mouth out with soap.
I wonder who will stay in touch after they go back and see the show

un autre nom

Having checked out some exit interviews with the current jury, it is abundantly clear that they have been debriefed by production and warned. Now, some fans are going to say bullcrap, production did not tell jurors to glow and extol virtues of Taylor… that it was all Taylor’s game that did that. I’m not in agreement. When Jasmine goes on video answering questions as if she and Taylor are twinsies, love and respect each other? Riiiiiight. Not prepared at all for the backlash. C’mon.
Despite what some will think, I’m not dragging Taylor here. I’m dragging production. Let’s all be clear about that.
I don’t see any reason for 2 to 3 hour diary calls.
I don’t like prepped jurors exit interviews.
This isn’t new. I watch when people are called to diary and suddenly odd behavior shifts and grand ideas happen.
I watch when feeds get cut during game talk. I watch when game talk gets interrupted by d/r calls, and the trajectory of the talk shifts 180 after the d/r visit. Unscripted doesn’t mean there is no storyline or plan. I get that. I don’t want to be able to TELL there’s a man behind the curtain.
I’m seeing a lot of odd timed d/r and a lot of behavior shifts after d/r. I don’t like it because it’s visible. I’d rather if it were not.


Did anyone just hear Brittany say when she was in New York she almost got kidnapped? I can’t she’s a liar. I canttttttt


Did anyone hear Brittany say that she was almost kidnapped while in New York? Ong she is such a liar. Annoying