Monte to Turner – “I’m telling you this as a person and a human you are not going up 100%” **Updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Monte
Nominees: Brittany & Alyssa
POV Players: Monte, Brittany, Alyssa, Turner, Taylor
POV Winner: Brittany
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

Monte did not compete in the Power Of Veto They had 2 minutes to get ready. He had to pee and get his contacts on and didn’t have enough time.

7:58 am Monte and Turner
Monte – I’m telling you this as a person and a human you are not going up 100%
Turner – thank you
M – I thought about this all morning.. WHy the hell would I put you up. First of all I don’t trust those two would make the decision to keep you over Alyssa and especially now that you have Michael on your resume. Secondly I have also been pondering this whole girls thing they said that Alyssa brought it up and Brittany is putting it on Taylor. Taylor is putting it on Alyssa, Alyssa is putting it on Brittany.. I’m like BRO if you are gone I’m done next week.. I’m out.
T – that is what I was thinking..
Monte wants Turner’s perspective after he puts Taylor up. “Picking whose better”
T – here is a pro and a con for both just to be fair. Alyssa is going to target Brittany next week we know that for a fact. Alyssa does not like Brittany. Taylor I hope will target Brittany that I cannot say for a fact. Especially since they are doing one on ones right now. You have two and a half days to talk to have a meeting. They want me out and they are planning something.
T – Clearly they are going to pitch me to you
M – There is nothing that can change my mind on that it makes NO sense.
T – If Taylor has the option she will take Brittany to the end and Alyssa we know will go after Brittany.
T – next week I think I can wipe the floor in a physical comp against Alyssa and Brittany. Taylor I think has the best shot out of them with winning next week.
M – Here is where my heads at. if I were in that competition (Veto today) I would have done the same thing you and Brittany did. Taylor and Alyssa did not do that shit. YO.. I was looking at it I was so frustrated.. Both of them put the biggest one smack dab in the middle first.. Poor Alyssa she had no chance.. there was no shot she was getting close to even breathing a victory
Monte says Brittany will choose Alyssa over him. “If Brittany wins next week and puts the two of us up one of us wins veto I’m keeping you of course. If you win right now you would have to choose between me or Alyssa”
T – Dude I am choosing you to the very end.
M – I appreciate it. These are the scenarios I’m running for myself. Next week it’ll really be Brittany VS you and whoever is left. If Alyssa is a non factor in competitions It’s hard for me to find her purpose for next week in getting me further. If Alyssa goes this week and Taylor stays.. I wasn’t banking on Alyssa as a Jury vote anyways. If I’m sitting next to you she’s voting for you. It’s all good. She’s been the furthest from me in the game. So if she goes on my HOH I don’t feel horrible about the situation.
M – If Taylor goes, then she’s cursing me up and down in the Jury house Like F** this dude he put me on the block he did this and the third..
M – in the case where she stays. If she wins HOH Now it’s up to the two of us to beat Brittany in that situation. That is more of a comfortable situation in my mind than the Alyssa scenario.
T – I think if Brittany win next week there is a chance she’ll put up Alyssa there is a ZERO chance she will put up Taylor
M – you think so?
M – She excluded Taylor last week. Taylor didn’t know all we presented to her. I don’t think Taylor is in her plans.. For some odd reason I think she would prefer you and Alyssa in the final 3 and was showing that all last week.

T – if you can work Taylor to Target Brittany next week.. if you can work that and think that I am down..
Monte says they can get Brittany in physical comps and can get Taylor in both Mental and physical comps
M – I don’t think Taylor is opposed with putting her ass up
Monte – we have a better chance of getting Brittany out next week if we have most of the strong competitors here
They talk about how Brittany screamed “that’s for you Michael” when she won the veto.
Monte – this man just cursed you up and down
Turner – and you told me in our one on one to take him out and you told me three days before hand in the bathroom to take him out so what’s For Michael
M – not for Steven
T – what the hell is that.
M – 36 hours ago this man was literally throwing you under the bus and told Alyssa about you not being who you say you are
M – even me not being in the comp thought unreal. I thought SID was joking and was going to be like you can come in. It was just a couple second F*** dude..
Monte wished Brittany hadn’t won the veto says it would have been easy to get rid because of all she said last week.
Monte again says he solid about not putting Turner up. Points out that Taylor and Brittany being “Huddled” up right now downstairs proves to him he cannot trust they wouldn’t vote Turner out.
M – they would start conspiring and getting me the hell out next week.

9:09 am Alyssa and Taylor
Taylor – this week is going to suck.. Do you think it’s going to be us?
Alyssa – I have not idea.. it’s either you or Turner either way it sucks.
A – how was your conversation with Brittany?
T – I feel like my friend is still there. I was scared. No matter what we are still going to be friends.
Alyssa cries. “I’m so tired”
A – you feel good with Monte
T – yeah doesn’t mean I won’t be blindsided.
A – I hope you’re not.. I love you.
T – I love you to
They talk about how Turner was seconds behind Brittany.
Taylor wanted to win for herself
Alyssa – I just want to win something to show I deserve to be here. If that makes sense.
A – take some time to relax and not be so upset.

9:25 am Alyssa is sleeping. Turner making food.. Quiet.

10:30 am Brittany and Monte (This conversation will be 1-2 hours longer than it needs to be)
Brittany – I had a really good conversation with Taylor about what was going on last week. I could sense something was off.
Brittany – In terms of him saying we have a final 2 stuff like that. That is bogus..
Brittany goes on and on about last week denying everything she told Turner.
Brittany says at first she couldn’t understand why Michael was saying Lies to try and stay. “The more I think about it.. I think he was trying to clue me in. You can’t defend yourself against something if that thing didn’t happen”
Monte – yeah yeah
Brittany- You can’t be like ohh Brittany is a clown I will preemptively tell you.
Monte smiles
Monte – I’m happy you won the veto now I have a decision to make with who to put up.
Brittany – I’m curious where your heads at. You and I make up half of next week. I know what I said to you before is still true now. I’ve always been locked in with our final 4 and our final 3. Next week you are not my target Neither is Taylor.
Brittany asks if he’s close to Turner
Monte – We’ve been close since the start of the leftovers but that whole final 2 with him and Kyle that was news to me. At that point I was like AHHH maybe I’m not as close as I thought I was. If I was I would have known about that.. I had no idea.
Monte says he doesn’t have anything official with Turner.
Brittany says getting to final 2 is winning the game for her.
Brittany- I guess you have only two options.. Turner and Taylor. If it’s Taylor it’s really tough then it’s me and Turner for voting and you breaking a tie. I would imagine Turner would vote to keep Alyssa and vote Taylor out. I want Taylor to stay and you would break the tie and get Alyssa out then.
Monte – that is what I was thinking.. Worst case that’s the case. those are the options being weighted at the moment.
Brittany – we know that Turner is out to get me otherwise he wouldn’t be spreading all these seeds and lies.
Brittany says if Turner stays it will make her and Taylor feel expendable.
Brittany goes on about her “Good talk” with Taylor
Monte – so you feel good about Taylor now
Brittany – ohh yeah.. yeah .. I really do I really do
Brittany says if he leaves Turner in the game Turner will be going after her and Taylor “I don’t know long-term jury management how that will be a benefit”
Brittany goes on about how getting Turner out will be looked upon fondly by Michael.
11:23 am
Brittany – I’m sorry I don’t mean to talk your ear off. Just a lot of things to think threw. I understand you have a lot to think threw I just want you to know it sure would mean a lot .. I know you have to make the leap of faith first then we will follow through with our action. I hope you’re action and my action and I know Taylors action would just solidify.. I don’t know what more can solidify trust.. Set us up for what we’ve been planning for weeks now. FINAL THREE.
Monte – I have full desires for that to come to fruition .. I just.. the veto was this morning I had a nap.. barely a nap.. I’ve been up contemplating things.. you guys came in. This is just me listening..

(This trainwreck is going to be great)

11:26 am

11:30 am Monte alone
“I don’t know if you say that conversation with Brittany but that was complete and total utter BS. ”
“Shall we recall what happened. we were sitting here and she tells me she was having a conversation with Taylor that makes her feel like she’s more aware that everything happened last week. We talked about everything that happened last week and all the information that happened the night before. So that is a lie. There is no new information hat Taylor could have shared that would have anything to do with Turner and Alyssa. ”
“She felt like she got NEW information from Taylor. There’s no NEW information I talked through everything with her last night. So that is nonsense. ”
“She just talks SO MUCH its like.. there’s so many lies it’s hard to remember.”
“Real hard lies coming out of her there. Then we get into the conversation of next week and what this decision I have signifies in her opinion she talks about how we were solid in BIG BRO CHELLA and how we established the final four and after Michael left a final 3. We never got into a room and did an official final 3. Nothing like that.”
“Just the fact that Michael went home is why they are bringing up this final 3 thing. She says me putting up Turner would signify to them. .. to her at least that I am truly in their final 3 I am not prioritizing Turner.”
“So I sit here and say to myself.. OKAY.. that is a reasonable thing to say but the funny part is she mentions that next week there is only one person that decides the vote.. SO if you don’t do this she threatens me saying that person that has the vote might not keep you because you didn’t do this action to establish trust right now. ”
“OKAY so threats in the game are one way to go about things. ”
“She clearly doesn’t know shit about me.. then she brings up the fact that all she needs is.. ”
Feeds flip.. when we’re back
“She’s fine with second place and it really doesn’t matter who she’s sitting next to she feels like she’s crap in Jury.. She is crap in jury that is true”
“To bring up personal stuff as a reason why you would be fine with certain thing is another sign of manipulation that I can’t believe. I don’t respect honestly”
“I don’t bring up my personal stuff in game conversations around why people should do things in regards to my game. WE just talk as people”
“What was the other thing. there was so much she brought in that was nonsense. Ohh she brought up the final 2 thing with Turner and saying that Turner keeps saying he’s really tight with me. Alyssa saying the same thing”
“I do have a final 2 with Turner that is a fact but.. she doesn’t need to know that”
“at the end of the day I am very openminded with how this game goes logically why would I get rid of Turner this week when he as a much larger target on his back and he’s tight with me so I wouldn’t be the target”
“She even told me that would make sense.”
“She’s clearly not trusting me there were so many red flags in this conversation it just makes it even more apparent she needs to be on the first way out of here”
“I’m just not respecting her game right now sitting next to her in a final 2 I guess would be ideal maybe that is a logical path she’s also pretty good at these mental comps”
“She knows about Big brother she’s a fan it’s not as if these things will go over her head she will be prepared for these”
Monte has a laugh at the suggestion he put Turner on the block and ‘Trust and believe ” Brittany he wouldn’t be on the block next week.

11:47 am Brittany begins to melt Taylor’s brain about her conversation with Monte.
(This conversation will likely be 1-2 hours longer than needed.)

noon Alyssa is waiting to talk to Monte

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Team Taylor

I hope Monte sticks with evicting Alyssa.

When it comes to Final Four, all that matters is winning either HOH or Veto. Nominations are purely ceremonial at that point.

If the goal is to to take out Brittany before Finale Night, Taylor will be the better person to keep in the house than Alyssa. And getting Alyssa out will mean evicting Paloma’s last and closest ally. I’d like to see karma come full circle on Girls Girls.

Captain Kirk

Monte: “I am beating myself up about it because I could have definitely made it downstairs in time. I thought I have two minutes. I can pee, put in my contacts and go downstairs. It was two minutes. It wasn’t even a long piss…”

QUESTION: What are the chances Monte was deliberately late for the comp (thus being disqualified from competing) in order to create an opportunity or path to show the door to Turner.

QUESTION: How come “Girls, Girls, Girls” or “The Pound” members / group / alliance were never called out for participating, engaging, and advancing sexism???


QUESTION: What are the chances Monte was deliberately late for the comp (thus being disqualified from competing) in order to create an opportunity or path to show the door to Turner.

I don’t think that Monte was deliberately late to avoid culpability in targeting Turner. I do think that Monte was deliberately late to avoid culpability in targeting Taylor. There are 5 HGs left. If Monte gets to F2, he would win against Brittany, Alyssa, and Turner. He would very possibly lose to Taylor. But he knows that targeting Taylor is terrible optics, so he wants to shift the blame on her eviction.

I like Taylor, but Monte’s best move is putting her on the block. Monte and Turner can easily beat Brit/Alyssa in F4 and F3, and Turner has way more baggage when it comes to the jury’s decision at F2. So, the real question (in my mind) is whether or not Monte is playing to win $750K.


If Monte does not nominate and remove Turner, then Monte is an idiot. Turner has shown he has no loyalty to Monte, and I would put money on the fact that Turner would not hesitate to send Monte to the jury when/if given the chance. Turner’s only loyalty (relatively speaking) is to Alyssa, and if Monte hasn’t figured that out then he doesn’t deserve to win.


Turner and Monte in final two. Monte gets 6 of 9 votes. No one is able to beat Monte. I’m not a fan of Monte, but that’s the writing on the wall for the past few weeks, IMO.

The Beef

That’s an opinion, and MAY be true. I don’t agree with it, but it could happen given everybody wants to win.

What happens to Monte, if he does put Turner up? First thing we know happens is Turner WILL be evicted by Taylor and Britt – no doubt about that.

Monte can’t play in the next HOH, and since Alyssa hasn’t even come close to winning a single comp, the likelihood of her winning is extremely remote. That means either Taylor or Brittany will most likely be HOH, with Monte and Alyssa being the initial nominees. Veto winner is locked into F3 with the HOH and selects who is going there with them, so they have ALL the power next week, other than the safety the HOH gets from winning the HOH competition.

So, if Monte does nominate and remove Turner, he absolutely HAS to win veto next week, or else he’s getting evicted by whoever does. That’s as certain as it was that Michael was getting evicted in the double if HE didn’t win the veto then.

If he KEEPS Turner, there’s at least the chance Turner will work with him to get rid of Brit at F4 so that they both can make it to F3, at which point everybody plays in the last 2 part HOH comps. It all depends on whether or not Turner thinks he can beat Brit in comps or if he thinks he can beat her in jury votes. He may think he can beat her in one but not the other, so who knows?

Alyssa can’t win shit, but people seem to think she has 4 jury votes on lock if she makes it to a final 2 chair (Indy, Jasmine, Kyle and possibly Terrance), depending on who she’s sitting next to. I think that’s insane, but we’ve seen people vote for others and called it “great social game” when they’ve done nothing before, so taking her to F2 could be dangerous, as one more vote added to those above and she’s the winner (how sad would that be).

So, does Turner think he has a better chance to win if he’s sitting next to Monte than maybe if he’s sitting next to Brit or Alyssa? Pretty clear he’s not going to be sitting next to Taylor since one of them are going home this week, unless Monte decides to vote out Alyssa on a tie vote, which could happen. Seems to me keeping Taylor, the best physical competitor left among the women, when you know you want Turner to win next week, is just not a good game move, so I don’t see why he would do that.

The bottom line is NONE of them are loyal to anybody but themselves, and anybody who expects them to be is either delusional or hasn’t been paying attention. There are 750,000 reasons to play your own game and yes, to play selfishly, and the only way to cash in is to reach one of those F2 chairs. You have to do that FIRST, and secondarily worry about who is sitting in the other seat. It’s important to be sitting next to the right person and also to hopefully have played the kind of game that promoted good “jury management”, but if you don’t make it to one of those two chairs, it really doesn’t matter who does, does it?


I sure hope he’s telling Turner the truth because the only chance either of the guys have is to get rid of one of the girls. It would be suicide to eliminate Turner & leave Monte, not able to play for HOH on Thursday and one of them deciding who goes home. He needs to keep Turner & try for both to get to final 3, then eliminate the girl.

Aunt Cece

Perhaps the girls should have taken Michael up on his offer. I do believe he would have wanted to sit next to a woman at the end as he would make the case that he deserved the money because he played the game better than anyone. Michael’s problem was his lack of social game and his failure to listen to Brittney when she advised him to take Turner out.


Michael is a comp beast. Why bring him to the end just to lose to him? Michael would have beaten anyone that he sat next to if he had made the F2. Getting rid of him was the best and wise thing to do

Aunt Cece

Because as it stands now, none of the girls can even hope for second if Monte is true to his word.


One of these girls need to win HOH next and get the men out. Monte can’t play next week

Captain Kirk

Not true. There is a path for all of them to win, but just like Britt-nay wiining PoV; just like Turner choking at the very end in the PoV (not even going to guess or imagine how many times in the past he has choke on something other than playing BB– and i don’t even want to know…lol); and just like Monte not making it in time to qualify to play PoV, SH*T HAPPENS !!!!!


The girls basically gave up their game to further Monte and Turner. Alyssa, its sad to say has no clue what is going on, and Taylor not much more. Both are terrible at competitions. Brittany has a clue about what was going on and I do believe Michael heard her warnings and chose not to react. She is not great at comps but saying that, Turner didn’t beat her and Monte couldn’t get there on time to play. Could be Brittany and Turner final 2 but or B
rittany and Taylor, but only iif Taylor can figure out Monte is a threat.


In defense of Taylor, she did win a HOH and I do believe that Taylor does know what is going on, now Alyssa is another story and should have never been cast




Oh well. Guess I have to wait another week to get rid of crazy eyes Britt


Oh my my. Looks like we are in for another episode of “As My Stomach Churns” since Britany miraculously wins that veto. Like any good parasite she is hanging on for dear life. Ugh!


Would you enjoy being called a parasite? If not, then shut up.


Yeah because telling me to shut up sounds so much nicer.


Interesting how so many people get upset about bullying in the house, but have no problem with the insulting comments they make on this site.


You start calling any of these people parasites and definitely I tell you to STFU. It’s about pointing out how a bunch of cowards pile on to one person, usually a woman and rant on and on about how fat she is and how she keeps eating (Jasmine) or stupid comments about Brittany. You gonna pile on? Then shut up.

Captain Kirk

Blah, Blah, Blah…..

BTW, there is no “T”….. and the ” S” comes BEFORE the “F”.

If you can’t figure it out, the correct acronym is FSU

Tom the Canuck

Incels are everywhere it seems. Sad.

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

Flea Vibes.


hoping for a monte/turner final 2 so seeing taylor go would be very nice

Bad Twists Save Bad Players

I don’t care who goes as long as it’s not Turner.


I’m fine with that.


would so much rather see taylor go, so hopefully brittany pulls this off.


I think Kyle was on to something. Over the next few days, we will be walked down primrose path and, in the end, Taylor and Monty will agree to guarantee a black winner! Wanna bet?


So if they link together it will HAVE to be because they are black?? They don’t get the benefit of the doubt that whatever game decisions they make are to further their game like EVERY other human being that plays Big Brother? Please give it a rest!


Really. What if two white folks just decided a final two. In a short time, being woke will be buried in the trash heap of history, where it belongs, I want Monte to win it all because he’s a stand-up guy. Not because he’s black.


I love the people that keep perpetuating shit like this. Maybe, just maybe, Kyle caused certain houseguests to feel a NEED to band together and probably ironically brought them all closer over the bond of being hurt, much like what happens in the real world. Think it’s kinda ridiculous to retroactively claim Kyle was somehow because 2 of the minorities in the entire house might choose to work together when theres literally a handful to choose from..

But on that note, did you see or have any of the same issues with any white final twos/alliances hell did you have any issues with casting? And it they run a season next year with 15 minorities and a token white guy would that be cool? Why not? Lemme know would love to understand the differences here

Captain Kirk

What’s PATHETIC about the Kyle “confession” is that the guy has “confessed” to something he did NOT do at all, or is not guilty of doing.

It’s really disgusting to observe how he (Kyle) has been coerced by the “house guests” (or BB producers) into an “I’m sorry for my sins” confession that is based on ZERO FACTS.

I’ll entertain a Motion To Suppress by anyone wishing to file same in a timely fashion. (lol)

Captain Kirk

Do I want to bet on that?
NOPE !!!

Goes back to what others and I have observed, noted, analyzed, and predicted already elsewhere in various other postings.

Which brings us back to the unfounded racist allegations against Kyle (but not against the “Cookout” members…hummm); the unspoken sexist behavior of “Girls, Girls, Girls” or “The Pound” (hummmm). Those two (race and sex) are natural derivatives of birth…. “classes” that were originally intended to have a prophylactic protection under the 14th Amendment.

Butt LTGBYQXYZWTF ??!!! Nah…


Based on current events, by the time bb25 starts, all the woke corporations and woke organizations will be pulling in their horns. People by in large are sick to death of the virtue signaling. The cretins who started the “great awakening” have finally poked the bear. Most POC hate the white geriatric clowns, who are leading the woke push, for thinking POC are stupid!

Tom the Canuck

I don’t think so. The optics of Monte pitted against a black woman doesn’t look good.

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

Screw “optics”. People (Michael & Brit) care more about “optics” than the issues themselves. With”optics”, Monte is in a lose lose situation. In reality, he’s played a better game.

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

I think that ship has sailed. Fact – there are 2 black people left in the game. Fact – those 2 are friends and have been alligned for weeks. If either of them win, it will have nothing to do with being black.

Captain Kirk

How do you define “friends” in the context of BB ?? lol.

There are no friends in BB (as the word is commonly defined by Webster’s)

Further, I can’t imagine a situation in the real world (not that ancient Mtv program from decades ago “The Real World”) where Terrance and Turner would even cross paths with each other, and if so, would even acknowledge each other …NOT EVEN with a nod.

The South Side of Chicago is a world to itself, and so is Boston/New England. Those two parts of the country have NOTHING….NOTHING in common.

The Kats Meow

I’d love to see the useless Jealyssa finally go. It would blow if she made F2 having done nothing but cry, hump, and look pretty. She’s got a lot of jury votes already in the bag. If Turner goes, he’s another vote for her. No bueno


She’s got jury votes because she’s not a snake!

The Kats Meow

BS her actions (really the only things she’s done aside from Kyle) shows she’s as much of a snake as the rest of the women and men. She was in the original all girls thrash Taylor snake coven, so she has Indy and jasmines vote in the bag. She’s also has bitter Terrance and 10 second man Kyle. If Turner goes she’s got him too. Being pretty doesn’t save her when’s she’s not played the game at all. Trying to pretend she’s not also been a foolish insecure hateful floater is just nonsense.


So yes, as I was saying in the last thread, Taylor goes up, but Alyssa whose 15 minutes of shame is over now, is off to the jury house to further develop her relationship with Kyle.


So Turner has never sat on the block on eviction night. His turn to sit

miller Misty

But he in a since has been a have not twice and Britt never so maybe she needs to go

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

I suddenly feel very sorry for Steven. He’s on a glorious “Brittany Vaca” right now. She. Never. Shuts. The. Hell. Up.