“I feel like it is way better for my game for you to stay this week.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Monte
Nominees: Brittany & Alyssa
POV Players: Monte, Brittany, Alyssa, Turner, Taylor
POV Winner: Brittany
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

12pm Bedroom – Taylor and Brittany.
Brittany – I know that trusting anyone in this house is hard in this game but I really do believe. Lucky for us we will have a really clear… I didn’t want to give him an ultimatum but it was kind of like a hey here is how we can get back completely locked in and on track as final 3. Taylor – its a good final 3. Brittany – Finale night .. the recap episode.. us three! Can you imagine! Taylor – oh my god Brittany.. I thought I lost another friend in this game. Brittany – you and I have been through way too much. Taylor – that’s why I was quiet. Brittany – I know. I totally understand now. Especially talking to Monte .. the blind spots that I have done to him .. that you have done to me. And honestly it was just not wanting to make a big deal of something and being scared. It will just feel so good if he does it. I just hope.. I don’t want to bombard him.. I’ve already bombarded him a lot and I know he’s got a lot to think about.

HOH room – Alyssa and Monte.
Alyssa starts crying – I am just tired … and yeah that was worst case scenario and I just feel like and now I am probably what they think is the target so like coming back in from the veto and they were in the bubble room for two hours .. and Taylor to Brittany was like how did it go with Monte .. come in here. They are just like avoiding me. Ah…I am probably the target which is not fun! There is a long week ahead of us so that is fine. Is that what everyone is saying .. I am assuming? That I should be the target? To like prepare. Monte – well.. I don’t think that’s been the case thus far. I just really don’t like when people (Brittany) continue to lie to my face. Its not you.. its Brittany. The conversation this morning with her was just horrendous. Like it was literally testing my patience. And I caught her in a bunch of different one. Her responses were just really fluffy. Alyssa – that’s a bummer. Monte – that is what I don’t like about being HOH when people start telling you things because its convenient or because they want you to get a certain agenda done. I just want to talk to you about best case scenario… so its either Turner or Taylor. You know how I feel about Turner and you know how I feel about Taylor. I really don’t like the fact that I have to put either one of them up. And I take responsibility for this because I didn’t wake my a$$ up and get there to avoid this situation but at the same time here we are. Alyssa – I love Turner and Taylor so much. They’re both amazing amazing people. Probably because Brittany and Taylor have each other through and through.. Taylor said they made a final two really early on in the game. They’ve worked really closely the entire game ..like I don’t think I fit in anywhere in their picture so .. so best case scenario for myself.. if it were Taylor and me.. unfortunately which would be horrible .. if Taylor left this week which would be unfortunate because I do really love her.. then that the HOH competition would more than likely be endurance ..and that would be me and Turner which I think we would have a good shot against Brittany. I would make sure Brittany leaves. I am not even going to pitch for Brittany’s vote because I am assuming if anything it would be a split vote. I would make sure everything in my power to make sure Brittany left so that we were the final 3 people in here. Turner has 3 HOHs …I would love to see you and I as the final 2. I am not bullsh*tting you. Monte – that tells me a lot because that means that this whole girls thing is not a thing. Alyssa – no. Monte – they keep pinning it on you. Its hard for me to see myself putting Turner up just because next week what does that do for me!? Then I am next in line. Putting Taylor up gives the most perspective and at least the most opportunity for you.

12:20pm Bedroom – Alyssa and Brittany.
Alyssa – it just sucks so much! I just sucks feeling like the target. I am just tired! Alyssa is crying. Brittany – I know, I know this is hard! Alyssa – I am just done! I am so overwhelmed.

12:40pm – 1pm HOH room – Monte and Taylor.
Taylor – how are you? Monte – it f**king sucks because I could have prevented this but I just have to take responsibility for this and I will have to live with it. Taylor – not waking up? Monte – yeah but it is what it is. Brittany is going to take herself down and now I am left between a rock and a hard place. Brittany came up here and had a conversation with me and it was testing my patience just because she was lying so much. It was just really bad! I am not good being told a certain thing and knowing its not true. She also indirectly threated me and said that if I don’t do something this week she is going to have to consider that in her vote if she is not on the block next week. Its just so bad. And she continued to question myself and Turner which to me it doesn’t matter how many times I have to say it you don’t believe me and you’re not trusting me. So I know if the situation presents itself next week she would vote me out in a heartbeat. That conversation did not help her cause with me, it made it 10 times worse. Oh she also brought up the fact that.. Big Brother switches the feeds. Monte – Its hard for me to take what she is saying as fact. I feel good about you and the conversations we’ve had. But I do NOT feel good about her. I am thinking about when it comes to competitions next week. I feel like I have a much better chance of you winning HOH over Brittany .. than Alyssa. Taylor – yup! Monte – and I also feel like I have a much better chance if I am sitting on the block next to Turner that you would pick me to stay. Taylor – in a heartbeat! Monte – so that is the situation. I feel like it is way better for my game for you to stay this week. The only issue is if I were to put up Turner .. I know in a heartbeat that Brittany and you guys would relish in the opportunity to take him out this week.. but if we take him out this week I am almost 100% assured that Brittany would be fine with me going next week because she has conversations with Turner about final two .. she has conversations with you about final two.. with Alyssa. She hasn’t said jack sh*t to me about final two. So what does that assure me to believe .. that next week I am for sure her target. I can’t trust her any more. There is no game relationship I can’t have with her. I was trying to give her grace .. but there was not room for any.. it was just so bad! Taylor – I just don’t get why she would do that. Only because the conversation that she and I had was so not what you’re telling me. And that is a bummer! If the conversations that she and I had .. where the conversations that you and her had I think it would be clear that she wants us to be final 3 in the end. Monte – it was more of a threat than a conversation. I am not feeling good about Brittany to be honest with you. I just look at actions. Taylor – you’ve got to understand that I don’t trust Turner in terms of going on the block. That man has not touch the block on eviction night. I have 4 times. He has put me up twice. He has put Brittany up 3 times. He has lied to my face about me touching the block before and what happened. Monte – yup yup .. I know he has and I know what that does with your trust for him.

1:33pm HOH room – Monte and Taylor.
Monte – would it be too much to ask you to apply lotion to the back? I can’t reach. Too soon? Taylor – stand up. I am literally scratching your back right now .. you better f**King scratch mine next week ..okay!? They both laugh. Monte – no, that is going to happen!

2pm Brittany’s off switch is broken.
Brittany – I am so FREAKING HAPPY! How!? How?! Like I am killing it this week! I was 9 seconds away from winning HOH and 1 gear away from Turner. but I won veto! I got it! WOW! And it woke you up in the middle of the night and I knew that was going to be the case so I went to bed at 9pm and I had a full 8 hours of sleep because I am a fan of big brother and I know that they wake you up in the middle of the night and mum was the word to everyone else .. so there!! Oh my god! Oh my god! It was so crazy! It was so crazy! And now I am going to be in final four! And that means I get to play the most important HOH of the entire season which is the final four HOH. And I could win! I could win! Oh my gosh! Crazy! Crazy! I could win! I could win! WoW! So Steven if you’re watching .. be proud of me! I did it! I am sure Michael is like where was this Brittany when I was here? So yeah now I am good this week and we just have to see what Monte does. I hope he puts up Turner. I really really really do.. I don’t know if he will. I feel like that would make more sense to him.. but I hope he does. WOW! Oh man! This is nuts! I don’t think I ever thought I would make it this far in the game! There’s a chance I get a video message on Thursday!

2:50pm Everyone sleeping but Brittany who is cleaning dishes in the kitchen.

3pm – 4:20pm State of the house today.. Brittany heads out into the backyard to play a game with Turner.

4:35pm – 4:53pm Bedroom – Taylor and Brittany.
Taylor – He wants to rebuild trust with you. He does. I think he kind of wants to see if you go and have conversations with Turner after I go up about flipping the vote on me and keeping Alyssa. But I will sit there comfortably because I trust you. I trust my people Brittany. Brittany – I know ..but that does not equal trusting me.. him. Taylor – there is time.. there is a lot of time between now and Monday. I think we give it a little bit if time today but we have time before Monday. Brittany – if he is set on this being a final 3 why would he even jeopardize it. Like why would he risk it!? Taylor – I know. Brittany – its basically an oxymoron. Why are we even in this mess?? Because he is believing lies that Turner says. Like I don’t even feel like I should be tested! Taylor – he is nervous that you will go after him next week. He said that you said if I go up or if I leave this week you would take that into your consideration next week or on jury or something like that. Brittany – oh if he is putting you up then that clearly shows that he is not for us being a final 3. He didn’t like that because it was a little bit of a threat. Brittany – I think that is just kind of facts! You screw people over and they don’t like it. I wouldn’t expect anything other for me. Taylor – he is scared you’re going to come after him next week. Brittany – what do I have to say or do? Taylor – keep me, that’s what you have to do. Brittany – why wouldn’t you ensure a final 3? If he is not with us .. then he is not with us. We erase that option. Taylor – you’re here next week. Monte is here next week. Brittany – that’s why it makes sense to work together. Taylor – you or me have to win HOH next week. We win next week and then get him out. Brittany – I will literally pull Alyssa up in front of him and say Alyssa you are on your own. Your only option is to win HOH.

5pm – 5:42pm Bedroom – Taylor and Brittany.
Brittany – Seriously I would offer .. try to tell Alyssa right now in front of him that she will be here this week but you have to win next week. I would give him my wedding ring and he could give it back to me when he is safe and he makes final 3. Like I don’t know what else I can do. Taylor – don’t do that! Brittany – It just doesn’t make sense that someone that has lied repeatedly gets the benefit of the doubt every time. There has to be something I am missing .. I just don’t understand. How does one prove future actions when I have nothing.. and why does he think that Turner would still be my target next week if he does this?! If he is so worried about me winning. I am not saying that I would target him .. but he does this and he still expects me not to turn on him?! This is really working out for Turner really well.

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un autre nom

Q1: what was the veto?
Q2: was Monte disqualified from playing the veto?
Q3: is anyone shocked by the Britt nonsense, or the Monte nonsense?

So you have to ask yourself, is Monte so Bro that he wants to set Turner up in the best position for going into the final 3? Best position for Turner is Alyssa and Monte. Best position for Monte is Taylor and Turner. Or is it was before he prioritized Turner over Taylor.
What it boils down to: Monte trusts Turner more than Taylor, and he’s showing her that.

Anyone with a surprise face… where have you been since week one? Monte is going to trust the boys more than a woman. Listen to him talk about women in his real life talks. This isn’t just game, this is some part of his pathology: Monte has trust issues with women. period.

Now Britt knows that everyone has compared notes and so it’s ten million words and tears time. Eyeroll. The fact of the matter: She did 80% of what the note comparison said she did. Buuuut, everyone got to the place where they were trying to cover their tracks so much that you’d think there weren’t conversations at all…. and they started exaggerlying in order to paint her as more devious, and themselves as completely innocent. This is where Monte comes in. Monte went into the Britt conversation looking to find words to paint her as worse, chose the words he wanted, cut out the parts that didn’t fit the narrative he wanted… and told everyone the curated version.
Of course Britt was going to lie about the conversations when confronted, but there is the season long theme we have to remember: Once someone is public enemy number one, don’t tell them and don’t fact check. That was Monte’s big push week one when it was Taylor, it was Monte’s push this week.
I tend to think the people this season have no retention skills. I know that my brain seeks pattern recognition, so I’d have picked up on this season long witch trial isolation technique especially if I was one of the 15 people adamantly told by Monte in week one that nobody should tell Taylor because she didn’t deserve to know why the house was targeting her, and I’d have been saying this week, “I know I’m lying to cover my tracks, so they must also be lying to cover their tracks.”

What IS the best move for Monte? He doesn’t seem to click that he’d have to fight for the veto in final 4 anyway… because final 4 week is ALL about the veto, and to keep yourself in the game, you have to win that veto. Or he’s pretending that doesn’t click so that he has cause to tell Taylor that’s why he is worried about nomming Turner.
Britt winning was worst case scenario for Monte. His cards must be shown.
By Monday, Turner will have Monte thinking Taylor has to be evicted because Alyssa sucks.
Get ready for twitter to melt down.
The ONLY argument that keeps Monte from taking out Taylor by Thursday: Leftovers. If you keep a non leftover to final 4, you lose votes from the rest of the leftovers.
Argument that SHOULD have been used by Taylor: two of the outside 4 are still in the house. They all screwed Joe, it wasn’t just Kyle. Now we’re bringing them in, and letting the people that broke our final 7 alliance get one step closer to the final 2 chairs? This could have been their plan all along, come in and break us up to get to finals.
These arguments shouldn’t necessarily work with Monte. He only values the strategic thoughts of other men, and only believes women when he thinks he controls them. Nonetheless, these are the best arguments to make.


With Q2 Essentially yes. Monte wasn’t ready in time for when the veto comp was supposed to occur so and in essence Production had enough and told the others to go ahead with the veto comp preventing him from competing

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Yes, Monte is a misogynistic MF and he does not deserve to win!


Ick. I hope monte puts up Taylor, the vote splits, and monte sends home Taylor. I am so over watching taylor


So you prefer to have Brittany to the end? That’s tantamount to Vogon poetry. Also, if Alyssa stays a bitter jury might end up giving her the money instead of whoever is next to her


NO NO NO NO, anything but that. But I fear it’s going to happen. I’d actually rather see Alyssa win because she’s at least kind. But Brittany throwing Michael under the bus all last week shows her true colors.

Monte needs to get Turner out and try to win this game! If Turner stays Monte is very foolish and doesn’t have the game play to win BB.

Christime Ahrens

She was wicked to Joe at dwayer fest. Sges phony,

The Kats Meow

Lmao @ atleast shes kind!!!


I’d rather see kind win BB than ridiculous Brittany!

The Kats Meow

Sorry I laughed, but that kind comment left me incredulous. Jealyssa has been far from kind since the start of the season. She was neck deep in the hate/talk sh*t aboutTaylor for weeks on end. She showed her entire a** deleting every photo Kyle took with Taylor off the HOH cam like a petulant child. Then she really showed her rotten core, when Taylor won the wall HOH and was crying about getting a letter from her mom. Kyle who was last on the wall with her, simple hugged her. Something a decent person would do. Yet Jealyssa nastily and quite loudly said “ok that’s enough!” She also was a total twat to Joseph at Dyrefest laying all her displaced anger at her lying 10 second lover, on his lap. I really can’t comprehend how kind describes any of them, but especially her.


And let’s not forget the zeal she took in rubbing salt into the wound of the crying Taylor as she spouted lies about Joseph spinning the outside situation to be worse than it really was.

She was grinning from ear to ear retelling her feat of spreading falsehoods in the HOH with Turner, Kyle & Terrance who all applauded her for doing it!

I don’t think she’s the worst – but ‘kind’ is certainly not the first adjective I’d use to describe her!


I’d much rather see Alyssa win than Taylor…or Brittany for that matter, but I see no scenario where Brittany wins so I’m not worried about her. The possibility of Taylor winning I don’t want and I’d like that possibility eliminated

Christime Ahrens

Monte is gonna winbig brother
You guys shoukd know that

Not Jason’s Holly

I actually look for Taylor to win if they keep her and she gets to final 3. She’s a black woman. She would have Jasmine, Indy, Joe, Terrance, Michael, & Brittany’s vote, maybe more.


Terrence would NOT vote for Taylor to win. He’s a poor sport loser who is partial to Caucasians only. His loyalty to Daniel & his crony Monica, and last but not least Kyle. Partial to turner as well. Get the big picture of his preference yet!?


I’m curious why you say that..I definitely don’t want her to win, she’s even more unlikeable than Jasmine, but winning the veto today could easily put her one step closer to F2.

i don’t like Turner, he’s shady to me. I’d take kind Alyssa for a win over Turner at this point. It would show BB how ridiculous the process is.

I’f like to see Taylor win because I also saw a lot of kindness in her as well. The only HG that deserved it for skill was Michael and he’s gone. With his record breaking game.

so now I’d rather see anyone other than Turner or annoying Brittany win..


i don’t see how brittany argues that her game is anything but michael carrying her, so i just don’t see the jury rewarding her for that, but taylor could definitely give fake beauty pageant answers and lose. she’s just fake and cold, and i want her to go.

turner hasn’t done much of anything offensive. he just has questionable hygene. he kinda stood clear of most of the bullying and racism and has a better record in comps than anyone remaining.

taylor is not kind. she’s vindictive, superficial, and narcissistic with a heavy streak of woe is me whenever someone even begins to disagree with her. i don’t think her treatment was particularly fair at the beginning of the game, but what has she done other than be a number for the alliance who seemed more interested in protecting jasmine, who hates her, than working with the alliance when she got power?

michael got what was coming to him. he spent way too much time plotting to get other houseguests to target each other instead of actually taking the shot himself. good for him, he got rid of kyle. but when he was actually in power he had a chance to take out monte and turner, but instead he goes after jasmine and terrance. then who turns around and takes him out? turner and monte. had he just taken the shot himself, maybe he’s still in the game. i hate that unwillingness to make bold moves when hoh and i’m happy he won’t win now.

overall of the remaining houseguests taylor is by far who i want to win the least. she’s basically just rode a pity party that rival’s jasmine’s ankle this far, and been awful when in power. there might be some schadenfreude watching her fall on her face when questioned by the jury because like beauty contestant amanda on survivor before her, i expect her to give arrogant fake answers that cost her votes, but i’d rather see people who genuinely played good games in monte or turner win, someone who had some semblance of knowing how to play in brittany, or the hilarity of alyssa winning by virtue of just flat out strong jury management than holier than thou perpetual victim taylor.


Alyssa doesn’t have a kind bone in her body?? Perhaps some viewers need to go back & watch Bb24 from the beginning and refresh your mind of alyssa’s lack of kindness!


What did Taylor ever fo to anyone for you all to dislike her so much?


Didn’t like her much at first either but the potato chips won me over. She is hilarious!


Keep dreaming



The Beef

I think he puts her up, but I don’t see him sending her to jury. He seems absolutely convinced keeping Turner is in his best interest, while also keeping Taylor. He’s actually right about that in the sense both Brit and Taylor will probably be more apt to evict Turner next week over Monte given the chance.

Of course his biggest screw-up was in not making the veto comp on time, assuming he could have beaten Brittany in that and kept noms the same. In that case, he wouldn’t even BE in this dilemma.


Yeah, I agree Turner would be a bigger target but he’s also the biggest comp threat and if he wins hoh, monte ends up in a must win for veto anyway, or maybe Turner doesn’t put him up if he wins both. I really think monte needs to keep Alyssa just because she’s awful at comps

Christime Ahrens

Where are you getting Britney evicting anyone. She’ll be out next week. Turner or monte will beat her and put her up.

The Beef

Monte can’t play in next weeks HOH, and depending on the comp, she or Taylor may be able to beat Turner. What’s really important is the veto, as whoever wins that (if it’s not the HOH) gets to determine the final 2 on the block, and who gets sent to jury, therefore determining who goes to final three with them and the HOH.


If he thinks Turner is in his best interest he’s a truly lousy player.

I read some telling stuff about Turner on the bios online. His sister said he bullied her growing up and even when she came home after moving out, he still bullied her. I don’t think he’s basically a nice person and will think NOTHING of betraying Monte.

is Monte just gullible? It’s so obvious that Turner should be his first choice out!

The Beef

Yet from reading the above and previous updates it’s very clear Brittany is very angry with Turner for “lying” and repeating things she’s said to other players and wants him out badly. She wants a final 3 with Taylor and Monte, or so she says. Taylor also wants a final 3 with Monte and Brittany. Turner wants a final 3 with Monte and Alyssa. Alyssa just wants somebody (ANYBODY) to carry her to the end (“Please don’t vote me out!”). Why take out a guy that wants to take you to final 3, and that other people will target over you?

Monte is worried that Brittany will turn on him like she turned on Michael. I’m sure there’s a “guys guy” thing in there too, as we’ve seen all season long, Monte seems to prefer working more with the boys. I admit I don’t get the thing between him and Taylor, but they both seem committed to working with each other at least until final 3, and Monte’s preferred final 3 seems to be Taylor and Turner.

Seems to me Monte’s in a better position if Turner stays in the game. Just my opinion.

I think Monte beats Turner’s ass in the final 2 mostly due to getting all 5 of the Leftover’s votes plus Terrance. He may get more than that – could get less if Michael holds his eviction against him, but if he’s as good of a player as you think he is he won’t. Monte probably won’t get Indy, Jasmine or Alyssa, but he should get the rest, but that’s only against Turner.

So the only reason to take him out is if he thinks Turner would vote him out if he was to win the veto next week, which is always a risk, but to me it’s a bigger risk going 3 against 1 with the girls. Remember, none of them are very good at competitions at all, INCLUDING Monte, but somebody has to win and will, so it’s up to Monte to decide which one he trusts the most. No matter which one he picks, it could be a wrong choice (Taylor, Turner or Alyssa).

Christime Ahrens

I look for taylor to go home cuz akyssa is not good player… no threat.


Alyssa is so useless at everything I do wish she’d be the one going she’s bugged me all summer

Stan Thompson

Pretty sure it’s more about her beauty than anything else!


But at least she’s kind..worthless but kind.

Backseat Driver

Here’s the understatement of the year:
Brittany is so damn annoying!


Incredibly annoying. Yet I can see her taking her and her annoying ways home with $75,000!


When Monte and Taylor are in a room all I hear is the song True Romance by Tove Lo especially the lyric that says;
??Saved you from that room
The power and gold and the men were all doomed
Against our love, they never stood a chance
“Take a life for me”
You know I’d do it instantly
In danger of a true romance
We are meant to be
I’d die for love and loyalty
In danger of a true romance
I don’t like the real world
I don’t like the real world
It’s tough out in the real world
Let’s go back to our world?
Something between those two goes deep beyond cameras. IMO my favorite for final two even if they don’t make it on BB final pair.

Who flipped!?

No idea this song but I’ve been secretly shipping Monte and Taylor all season lol


Turner is bi. Could that have something to do with this romantic scene?

Bad Twists Save Bad Players

if he puts turner up. both their games are over. and this season will be a disgrace.


If Monte doesn’t get Turner out Thursday, he does not deserve to win BB. If he evicts Turner, he’ll win.

Bad Twists Save Bad Players

you do realize all 3 ladies will target Monte right? You can’t win if you don’t make it to the final. He would need to win out from then on to have a chance. both him and turner have played good games. so I gota say I disagree.


I hear what you’re saying and yes Monte would have to pull a Michael and win every comp from then on. But if he keeps Turner, Turner wins BB.

un autre nom

I seem to have a higher Britt tolerance level than most. Don’t particularly like her game (i mean, i’m not stupid)…. but I feel that bbcan has prepared me for the Britt type.
I survived Schlumpy Eeyore in bbcan 7. Sure, I noped Schlumpy for plotting to get one of the girls drunk so she / they could attempt to have sex while her / their victim was too drunk to say no…. but still I survived a season of Schlumpy Eeyore. I survived Carol in bbcan 8. Remember ‘gonna be a comp beast’ Carol who began trying to get people to vote to evict her rather than quitting and losing her stipend.. on like week 2? Yeah, that season ended early due to covid… but I marked myself safe from Carol in Season 8. So Britt is annoying… but I think of Ol’ Carol and Schlumpy… and suddenly I think meh, could be worse.


If I was in that house I would have been yelled at if people caught on that I was doing what my Dad did occasionally where you weren’t sure if he was actually listening to/hearing you because of him being hard of hearing because he would act as if he was listening with his “Sure, (nod), ok, mmm hmm, & Of Course I’m Listening!”


Exactly what is Alyssa so, so tired from? She hasn’t done a lot of anything.


It must have been 10 second man!


What I’m shocked about is Brittany actually winning a veto! Now that completely makes Alyssa bottom of the barrel!

Monte is so foolish thinking keeping Turner is good for his game. Turner would throw him under the bus first chance he gets! Turner absolutely cannot be trusted.

This will be Monte’s chance to make a big move. I’d like to see him and Taylor at F2 and let the jury decide.


I am not shocked actually. Usually the trend would have had her win DE HoH but this season had her win veto instead


Just didn’t think she had it in her to win anything.


We stopped watching BB USA last season because of the black cookout alliance. We felt it was racist. We decided to give BB USA one more chance this season. First Taylor said she wouldn’t nominate a black woman. Then Micheal and Brittany decide to get rid of Kyle by suggesting he was somewhat racist. Just because Kyle mention the cookout and wondered about an all white alliance to protect himself. For that the House guests sent him to jury in a cloud of shame. Then Terrance, who claimed to be so hurt by Kyle, turns around and suggest to Monte an all black final three. And Monte thought it was a good idea. I thought what a bunch two faced hypocrites. The race card should not be allowed in the game. Anyway, now that Michael is gone I don’t care who wins. And I doubt I’ll watch any version of BB USA next time. But I will still watch BB Canada. They still play the game in a way that makes it interesting entertainment.


You sound like a real winner…I don’t think the BB USA TV show cares about your viewership or misses you at all.

Stan Thompson

They will miss mooning and the thousands and thousands just like him. If bb directs another race manipulated win I’m sure they will be left with only the woke crowd.


Just say you’re racist and go

Lisa Overtheracecard

I think mooning is stating the obvious. Everything they said is indeed a fact.


I agree so why so YOU keep playing the race card? Good riddance


100% agree with you. I stopped watching BB a decade ago due to complete boredom with it.

On a whim I began watching this season and as soon as I saw the interest and excitement Michael brought to the game I stayed on.

Its a ridiculous game where losers, floats and goats are the winners. So despite Elle’s nasty remark to you, I’m also done after this season. I have a lot better things to do than watch this lame viewing.

The Kats Meow

What’s with all the end of the world, overly dramatic “I’m not watching ANYMORE!” stories? Lol You’ll be back next season, checking out what the cast looks like, reading the awesome pages like this one, and following the Twitter/YouTube clips. Y’all sound just like the people who were complaining about the NFL and boycotting. Yet secretly still playing fantasy football, checking on their team scores and wearing the team gear. I think people like to complain to the point where they upset themselves and think that these announcements change something in life. I promise you they don’t. The cliche that life is short really needs to be taken into account much more than it is. Ijs

Christime Ahrens

Monte was disqualified cuz he went t o restroom and came out 2 minutes later.
He wasn’t happy about Britney winning veto.
Sgell be on block next week.