“I Don’t want to go up first I want to be backdoored” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Monte
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Turner & Jasmine

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine
Joe & Monte & Terrance
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy
Nicole & Taylor


Monte is putting up Indy and Alyssa, ? is the target. If Veto is played Taylor and Nicole go up, Nicole is the target.

1:43 am A bunch of leftovers playing Chinese checkers

1:49 am Daniel, Terrance and Nicole
Nicole – I had you with me cause I wanted you to know you are my boy and my person
Nicole – he asked me a lot of questions like who was behind POOCH going home. I said Listen he put himself on the block and from what Ameerah told me everybody was on board with getting POOCH out. That’s 100% true

Daniel – POOCH said I am volunteering ..
Nicole – he was trying to bait me in saying that jasmine was the cause ..
Nicole – we never solidified anything as a group of women it’s always been like an understanding we had each other backs clearly there was nothing set in stone I never owed anyone anything .. As far as what we discussed the only thing I had was with Ameerah and of course Old Skool ..

1:53 am Who wants to see my HOH room

Jasmine still needs to scooch up the stairs.

Monte tells them he’s the only person in his family that is takk. His dad is only 5′ 11″ (Monte is 6′ 4″)

Monte – Smoke salmon .. I need it I need it.. Ohh we got the prosciutto ..
Monte pulls out a can of Corona “We’ll all be cracking these open”
Kyle – Hell yeah

2:41 am Alyssa, Jasmine and Indy
Checking out the have nots room.
Indy says Nicole told her Ameerah’s targets were Brittany, Taylor, and Me.
Alyssa – why was Nicole talking to Monte for 2 hours.. she’s probably convincing him to put us up because that’s easy for him
Jasmine – I need to do some more investigating tomorrow.. I don’t think you will be put up. I heard today she ran back to somebody and said ‘Ohh I got the girls I’m going to be close with the girls and tell them I have their back”
Alyssa agrees.
Jasmine – my first gut instinct was I didn’t trust her
Alyssa – Same

Alyssa – I’m so f***ing pissed at Kyle his reasoning was every time I talk to you you say I would never vote out Ameerah, I would never vote out jasmine, I would never vote out indy so I felt forced. he said ‘so when I found out Ameerah was going home I didn’t run to you because you wouldn’t change your vote so what you were just going to be pissed sitting there (On eviction nights)
Indy says they could’ve had Ameerah blow everything up.
Alyssa – why did Taylor know? she came up to me and said ‘we need to talk later.. Clearly
Jasmine – she doesn’t talk to me.. she knows that in the real world.. come at me baby girl.. you know damn well.. nevermind. In the real world, you wouldn’t even get my time of day. You would have to pay me to give me time.. in the real world.

Alyssa says the second they got back in Nicole was moving Ameerah’s things .. “THE SECOND.. I was in there bawling”
Alyssa – Monte is going to put us up
Jasmine – I don’t think so
jasmine – they think that Ameerah had to do with POOCH’S flip

Jasmine – I’m sorry I have mad respect with Michael for coming to me and apologizing..
Alyssa – yeah he apologized
Jasmine – I don’t know how to feel about Brittany right now
Alyssa goes on about Kyle sitting beside her Laughing.

Jasmine – I feel like I have nothing right now
Indy – me too
Jasmine – I don’t want to kiss his ass but now I have to..
Jasmine – he’s my Festie bestie he hasn’t said I’m sorry.. it’s so odd to me. Are people scared of me?

Alyssa – I was so mad.. I was so mad
Alyssa says Nicole knew and she voted Ameerah out. She brings up Nicole going to them saying she really wanted to win the HOH
Alyssa – bitch if you won that HOH you would put me up
Jasmine – literally she said don’t trust Daniel and Nicole on her way out

Jasmine – are you cool with Taylor
Alyssa – no.
They talk about Taylor wanting to talk to Alyssa “when things cool down.. Nothing is heated right now”
Jasmine – I’m sorry.. I’m sorry I’m not a bully but I don’t like her
Alyssa – I don’t either and she give me weird vibes
Jasmine -I found out.. Someone came to me and was like jasmine I want to come back and tell you this. Basically, Terrance found out about the vote or knew about the alliance right before the eviction he went and asked people about it.. Taylor was the one that told him.

Jasmine – Kyle is floating.. he’s floating through this game let’s be real. I like the dude as a person he hasn’t won a comp then I’m like.. he doesn’t cook, he sleeps, he doesn’t really do much in the game. He doesn’t talk game with me.
Alyssa – me neither he went I’m just really bad at this game.
Jasmine – we have to play dumb and act like we don’t know shit (Play?)
They speculate the nominations will be Nicole and Taylor.
Indy – I don’t think they put us up

2:56 am Leftovers celebrate


3:00 am Leftover meeting (Turner is in the have nots)
Joe – Dude that was wild today.. that was crazy
Monte – lets get talking I have noms tomorrow and we need to come up with a plan.
Monte – what are the ideal targets this week? Taylor you start
Taylor – I would prefer to not have to touch the block this week.
Monte – I get that
Taylor – Indy and Alyssa have not touched the block at all. I would prefer they would at least touch the block before I go up. Would I like to see Nicole out of this house YES that would be a weight off my shoulders I would prefer to see Alyssa and Indy go up if they take themselves off fine. then we… go from there.
Monte – are you comfortable with you and Nicole going up as a backdoor situation?
Taylor – nodes
Kyle – at that point we have options I could go up with Daniel
Taylor says she’s an anxious wreck with Daniel and Nicole in the house. “It’s all bad energy”
Mont e- I’m completely fine with that I’m going to put on a show tomorrow everyone come her I’m going to gather intel see who is lying and who’s telling the truth. Nicole already put on a show for me right after the comp. My word..
Taylor – Apparently I am in Paloma’s pack
Kyle – I don’t know how they are going to spin that.

Monte brings up his conversation with Nicole where he asked her “what do you want me to do this week” her reply “well it should be Taylor. I Don’t want to go up first I want to be backdoored”
Kyle – that’s insane POOCH

Monte says Taylor and Brittany are being blamed a lot for what happened last week.
Joe – I am getting warned about you (Monte)
Kyle – for an entire week they were up here day and night
Joe – they sat up here bro.. when Jasmine was HOH she let them come in here and they were loud and PROUD. Terrance came up to me and was like Bro Nicole is trying to recruit me back.
Monte – she’s not going for that
Joe – he was like she looked me in the eyes and she cried
Kyle – Are you feeling comfortable with Alyssa and Indy first?
Monte – that is completely fine.. I can use the whole excuse that they haven’t touched the block once.
Alyssa and Indy join them chit chat..

(Joe keeps going on to everyone sitting beside him how unhealthy the Monte favorite cereal is)

3:26 am Nicole and Terrance
Nicole – I am 100% telling the truth about the whole girl’s alliance thing. there’s no girl’s alliance and if there is I am not part of it.
Terrance – I got you
Nicole – like 100%.. and about what happened with POOCH. Ameerah came into a room.
Terrance – we know Ameerah was the ring leader for all that. It makes sense to me initially why she picked me as the festie bestie. It never sat right to me.
Nicole – I my mind she was picking you because we were in an alliance together and I figured she could keep you safe (LOL)
Terrance – Nawh
Nicole – I felt like a bunch of us had a lot of big targets
Terrance – She picked me to protect herself.. I know that’s your girl but her gameplay and how she was moving was .. there’s a reason why I say certain things. When I call someone a savage this is how she was moving. She didn’t care
Terrance – After you go back and watch you will see what I mean by savage. It was only about her game and I don’t care about nothing else
Nicole – At least I know I was faithful to you and Daniel. I was faithful to her
Nicole – she told me that Paloma told her Daniel is her target. she said that Paloma told her that. He literally gets so emotional about her

Nicole says she’s isn’t ruling out “aligning with HIM” (Monte)
Terrance – you want to get rid of Taylor?
Nicole – yeah, I mean she’s literally what is keeping me from moving on in this game. Who told you about Po’s Pack?
Terrance – Taylor
Nicolle – when
Terrance – today after the first lockdown

Nicole – I’m not mad at you for not telling me (About the vote) because that is for you I am glad you had that moment. I’m also glad I have you and I just thank you for having my back to my face but also having my back when I can’t see it
Nicole – When you said this morning to me ‘Just watch you six’ I’m glad you’re my Six
Terrance – I meant that
Nicole – the way I work is we don’t need to be hanging out all the time but we have these moments. Her (Ameerah) and me had these moments. There was point where the whispering became too much. I thought something was off.
Nicole saying that Ameerah was getting a little bit cocky.

Indy comes in and apologizes for voting him out says Ameerah was her good friend.
Terrance – I still got you and I’ll never turn

After Indy leaves Nicole continue to go on about her Vote and her loyalty to Terrance
Nicole – I’m still here and I’m going to keep fighting
Terrance – I got you. I want to go far. I’m going to f*** Jury. I’m not playing.. f*** y’all. get me to Jury. I’m voting for someone to win 750 so I can see them get it.. i’m going to be right here when they get it. (LOL)
Nicole – I’ll be in that chair when you vote for me to win it

Terrance says Ameerah ran a dictatorship there was no discussion she said “We’re voting POOCH out”
Terrance adds that he went to Jasmine about it and she didn’t even know, “She didn’t want to do that she wanted to stick with the program”

Nicole says everyone was telling her Terrance was leaving which is why Daniel and her split their vote. Daniel gave a sympathy vote to Terrance and Nicole voted him out.

3:57 am Brittany, Kyle, Turner and Michael
(Turner missed the leftovers celebration)
Turner – I’m assuming it’s Taylor and Nicole or Alyssa and Indy
Kyle – I think it will be Indy and Alyssa
Turner – that’s probably the best way
Turner says he doesn’t want Indy in jury. Kyle agrees.
Turner – nobody wants her in jury placing a vote for 750 thousand dollars.
Kyle leaves
Turner – Nicole said just the random things upstairs.. she said this girls I full of shit.. I said whos that.. she said ‘Brittany’

4:14 am Monte and Turner
Turner warns him that Daniel will be up his a$$ all week. Monte updates him with what was discussed in the leftover meeting. Turner explains how he doesn’t want Indy in Jury.

4:20 am Taylor, Brittany and Michael
They speculate what group Alyssa or Indy will go to if one is evicted this week. They think Monte and Joe
Taylor thinks the guys in the leftovers should start “stepping up” and being pawns.
Brittany – there will be a tine when that happens.
Brittany says the guys are “making a concerted effort” to make sure Taylor is feeling like a member of the group.
Taylor – I appreciate it
Taylor says if Nicole leaves this week she’ll pick to be with Indy and Alyssa.

Taylor – Alyssa isn’t mad at me, I haven’t talked to Indy and Jasmine seems the most distant.
Brittany – after noms we have to be extra careful they’ll be extra sweet to us

They talk about Nicole and Taylor going on the block and Monte will tell Nicole she’s the pawn.
Brittany – how in the world can she think she’s the pawn
Michael – she assumes she has Indy, Alyssa, Jasmine she think she still has Terrance she probably thinks she has my vote and joe..
Taylor asks if Nicolle won HOH would she put them up
Brittany – she really doesn’t like me.. out of the lien p she was my worst-case scenario. I was so happy Monte won
Michael – that was a big relief..
They agree the three of them need to win some competitions so the perception isn’t they “attached to strong guys” (didn’t Michael win like 3 vetos)
Michael says Indy and Alyssa are a good fir nomination then after veto is played they have time talk it through.
Taylor – I don’t want them in this house I want them Split up.. ones gotta go
Taylor – the one I don’t want is Indy..
Brittany – the better player is Alyssa
Michael agrees “The house would be more pleasant with Alyssa but I think ..
Britt – I would rather live with Alyssa but she’s got a good social game righ now.
Michael – Turner has a good relationship with her not that I think he will flip on us he’s got influence..
Britt – it strengthens our alliance having her
They talk about Kyle wanting Alyssa out because he doesn’t want the showmance to ruin his game.
Michael – she has fed him (Kyle) alot of information
Brittany – how much information from that side do we really need?
They talk about sticking with the leftovers until Jury
Taylor – then my targets go back to what they were.. Joe and MOnte.. I want to rock it out with you guys
Michael – me too
Britt – same
Michael – this is my ideal final 3

Brittany doesn’t see Monte going after Daniel this week “they have a good rapport”

4:53 am Turner, Joe and Monte
Going over scenarios who out of Alyssa and Indy should go.
Joe says everyone is pissed at Brittany right now.
Joe worries if Brittany and Michael get put up and it’s a lock “Brittany will say what she needs to say to stay”
Explains that Brittany will blow up the leftovers if it means it gives her an extra week in the house.
Joe – I think we can convince Indy to jump in with Michael and Brittany
Turner – that would be fire
Turner asks them what would the week look like if Nicole had won the HOH (Apparently she was close)
Joe and Monte think they would have been nominated
Monte – she literally spent 30-45 minutes talking to me in the car room about how much I can trust her. how much she’s never lied to me
Turner – she does the same to me
joe – she did the same thig to me she said ‘my word is everything to me. blah blah blah’ and she’s full-blown lied to me on multiple occasions

They share stories about Nicole while impersonating her.
Monte – she talks about nothing..
Monte – she said I want to stay loyal to Po’s pack
Joe – Bro she was in Po’s Pack and Old Skool at the same time
Monte says Nicole was talking shit on Joe “like crazy bro.. in front of Terrance”
Monte- and joe he just come around he doesn’t know what’s going on.
Joe – she went to Terrance and said ‘He’s so disrespectful how can he sleep in Ameerahs bed’
joe – my dumb ass was in a room with three people who are in an alliance together and I’m the one f***ing clown.. dancing.. now you can conspire because I’m siting here.
Monte – Nicole is a Whole mess.. but she’s very much still willing to throw a comp to make sure Taylor goes home
Joe – I always push that Taylor is my target the second they figure out idiot JOe isn’t going after Taylor .. they think it’s a cat and a mouse thing. They don’t f*** with Taylor personally they just isolate her.
Joe says Taylor is a “Ride or Die” and a “Trooper” his reason being she already went up so many times and is still willing to do it to take out Nicole.
Joe – that was their lose bro not working with her (Girls girls not working with Taylor)
Monte – we just have to make sure she feels good.

Joe – who is your bigger target Alyssa or Nicole
Monte – I think Alyssa is the bigger target. (BOOO)
Monte says Alyssa’s social game is her strength with Nicole she’s just got Daniel.
Joe – the only reason I want Nicole or Alyssa is we know everything we know because of Kyle..
Monte – yeah yeah they pillow talking
Joe – Nicole never did.. you never know what we can still get out of her (Alyssa)
Monte – that’s a good point
Joe – Alyssa is the glue but she’s also our informant through Kyle.
Monte – is there any more information we need?
joe – if something rattles up on the other end
Monte – yeah right.. we can never get to cocky
Joe – Nicole is a comp beast BRO

Joe tells them that Alyssa came to him and goes “why didn’t you vote for Ameerah”
Joe – I was like Alyssa you know how f*** up it is that I tried to work with Ameerah and she’s out here in a full-blown alliance without me and Iw as like you know how bad that feels she was my friend.
Joe – She get the watery eyes look straight at me ‘you think you feel bad Ameerah was my best friend and I even told Turner not to put her up just to find out she’s alliance about PO or somethign without me.. ”
Monte – she was the one that brought Ameerah into the alliance
JOe – I was like yeah it’s messed up and I don’t know who to trust in the house..
They start impersonating Nicole
Monte – I’m going to protect everyone in this house.. I’m the mother of this house”
Monte heads to bed.

5:27 pm Just joe and turner on the feeds brushing their teeth.

8:08 am Zzzzzz
10:15 am Houseguests waking up

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Fat ugly and racist

I’m confused. Why would they vote out Taylor if they have Nicole on the block ?


They are still playing Nicole (as much as they still can)

Game shows lover

This is what they are planning to tell the other side of the house. So they can backdoor Nicole. Funny that she (nicole) thinks she has the numbers to stay over Taylor. These five: Jasmine, Nicole, Daniel, Indy and Alyssa needs to get out back to back. They doesn’t deserve to be a part of jury in mine opinion.


kinda why it’s best to put up alyssa/indy. you’re guaranteed to get one of those 5. still hope the backdoor nicole plan happens, but i think it’d be crazy not to have alyssa/indy be the initial noms.


He meant Nicole


I waian announcement made: Houseguests, get your asses to bed! There’s a nomination ceremony in the afternoon! 🙂


* want an…. I wonder how that happened without me noticing


Getting out Alyssa before Indy is a mistake

The Truth

They are all dumbasses playing strictly personal to get rid of Alyssa first with who’s left.

Strategic my ass with how much Kyle is pushing Alyssa to go. Kyle is a fruit loop dingus to get rid of Her WEEK 4 when she gives him info and would be a reasonable jury vote.


yeah, alyssa is dumb, feeds them information, and is no threat to win. she’s exactly the type of player you want to take with you to the end. not vote out.

Reality TV

No , Kyle is the real moron Because everyone outside of his alliance including the three people in this alliance Brittany Taylor and Michael have said that they will target him once they get to jury stage. That’s what makes him so stupid for targeting Alyssa this week! You don’t get rid of somebody who helps and likes you at 13 when they would take you to at least the final four! That’s what makes him such a buffoon especially since Brittany Michael and Taylor for damn sure aren’t gonna take him even close to that hints why he is dumb!


Indy is best case scenario to leave. She’s emotional, not playing the game at all, and just another number for the people I want out. Goodbye Indy!

The Truth

I hope you’re right sister unfortunately I think they’re going to target Alyssa; it’s really stupid game play.
There is nothing strategic about it and it’s totally personal to get rid of Alyssa now over INDY, Nicole, or Daniel.
Kyle is such a clown for believing that now is a good time to get rid of Alyssa.


There’s a mistake in the situation you said if would target Taylor actually NO, Taylor is in the alliance with the guys if Nicole and Taylor go on the block Nicole will be the target not Taylor.


season finally got good in this last week.


Please proof read before posting!!!!

Dr M

It’s proofread… FYI

The Beef

Please don’t criticize the two guys typing at lightning speed trying to keep up with the feeds, who are doing it BTW, basically free of charge (plus the donations some of us provide via their “tip jar”) to help keep us Big Brother fans up to date on what’s going on in that house! It’s not like they don’t have “real jobs” they also have to perform to take care of their families, in addition to all that they do here to keep us informed, so if a mistake is made here and there, I think we should all be a bit understanding of that, don’t you?

Keep up the good work Dawg and Simon! You guys are doing a GREAT job, and we appreciate you guys!!!!

Palm Oil's Meds

Right! Some people are so ungrateful.


I think that keeping the target of the rest of the house on Taylor is smart because she is technically still the house pariah and keeping the target on her will shield the alliance that will save her every or any time she goes up. I know people are over with Taylor being on the block but unless she wins a competition and gets that power to make moves, she should really follow through with the alliances plan. Her social game is not up to par but she’s willing to make big moves when she wins.

Although I don’t think its wise to tell Michael or Brittany that her targets are Monte and Joe once they reach jury. final three deals aside Michael is a smart player and he’ll probably rely on his own comp wins and social game to take him far even if it means defecting to another stronger alliance, which means Taylor has given him ammo for her to become another target and Brittany is very fickle too. Yes The pound shouldn’t be fully trusted, but its big brother, there is no 100% trust and those who think that are not watching the right show. even Jon Pardy evicted his number 1, Neda, right before the finale. you should play the game for yourself but go after others when you’re achieving things. not when you have nothing in your pocket at all.

So best case scenario would be to backdoor Nicole by putting her and taylor on the block. and daniel next week with him an Kyle on there. and Taylor should choose Indy and Alyssa’s Duo after nicole’s elimination to keep the numbers in the majority.


I got a feeling Monte is about to mess this HOH up! He is not thinking right! NICOLE should be his main target


But I understand that part of Nicole as a possible back door. Indy is more of a wildcard than Alyssa and therefore Monte, Joe, and Kyle may make the mistake of getting Alyssa out before Indy; Indy should definitely be booted pre-Jury


indy’s so worthless to their side of the house. she’s close-lipped and hard to read. alyssa is way more worthwhile. i think kyle’s just nervous about what happens if he’s in jury with alyssa and can’t use the excuse of the house will be suspicious to avoid her.


Taylor is the backdoor target????

Reality TV

I think it’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard if they’re targeting Alyssa especially for Kyle. To take a number outside of your main alliance with 13 people left who wouldn’t target you with who’s left?
Kyle is a Snake and for that matter a dumb one.
Kyle brings up to Alyssa in the shower how
He doesn’t want everyone to think that they’re in a showmance and confesses she’s the sweetest girl he’s ever met and how much he likes her.

Then last night after the vote Alyssa tells him a true statement that I never seen a showmance opposite sides of the house so early.
Then what does Kyle do, runs like rat to Monte Michael and Brittany in the have not’s room saying verbatim about Alyssa conversation and pointing out she saying how she is making this up in her mind out to think that they were a showmance and how they are never on opposite sides so early.
When Kyle was the dickhead who suggested it in the first place in the freaking shower!
That’s why he is such a bum and a dirty liar.
What Kyle is doing is not only dirty but its stupid!
For him to start up by saying all the stuff to her about showmance then to flip it around like she’s the one and how they need to Target her this week and get her out with 13 left is so f$&ked!

Kyle deserves to get backstabbed because how could you trust him not to do the same especially with Alyssa being so LOYAL TO HIM and instead backstab her. That is why He is an untrustworthy dirty liar that holds the IQ OF A freaking idiot!


I couldn’t be more pleased with J”ass on slop. She is ordering people to bring her tons of pillows and blankets. If she can make a pallet softer than her bed then what’s the point. I’ll be curious to see who helps her out with food. Can’t wait for Nic and her to get out.


Nicole is literally the worst player in the game right now. They def don’t need to get rid of her yet.

illegal smile

So this vile covo has me thinking anyone of these 3 would be a sweet buh-bye. I agree with Turner about Indy they definitely don’t want in jury.


Kyle is goofy but.., he’s playing the game the one that’s floating is Indy what is her strategy all she does is cry and Jasmine sell she does is eat lay around . Joe has surprised me and Turner

un autre nom

It’s quite obvious from Ameerah interviews that she listened to the production debrief, unlike Paloma and Pooch.
I’m not going to say she’s handling it wrong.
She’s partially accepting that she contributed to the swarm mentality of the season.
But she’s been given info she shouldn’t have yet.
Did we see anyone tell her that the girl’s alliance was outed?
She doesn’t mention Oldskool.
If i’m rating the exit interviews, hers at least acknowledge that a lot of the swarming is from hyped up personal comments not really game reasons.

I’m not sure. I know this would be a lead balloon in some social media circles, but I’m really starting to think Joe is not someone I’d want to be in an alliance with if I were a houseguest. He starts planning how to stab his alliance mates in the back way too quickly and immediately starts acting on it. In terms of game that isn’t the dumbest thing ever…if he isn’t caught, but in terms of being an ally? I’d be saying yah…. bye.

I think the minute Indy is nominated, they are going to see why nominating Indy without the intent to evict her is going to be a mistake. She’s taking the news well when told. I’m just saying wait for it.

Wait. . .what???

Simon, at the end of the first sentence, under Situation, you wrote that Taylor is the target. Most of us know this is a mistake, but for the casual reader it may be confusing. Just sayin’.

un autre nom

What I’m still noticing as a dynamic:
the co-dependency of Elvis and Mommy Dearest.
here is the way it seems to operate.
Elvis whines about who he needs gone based on the bias narrative he cooked up in week one.
Mommy goes out and gives groups of people the edict that for their safety, the same person Elvis was whining about has to be the target.
It’s been that way since Elvis was HOH week one.
He whines, she dicatates. He comes in blows up something trivial to be something earth shatteringly vile. She reinforces the vile.

THIS is why they must be separated.