Ameerah “I want him f**king gone!” Brittany “I’m not going to go blow this up but.. I’m really mad right now!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jasmine
Nominees: POOCH and Taylor
POV Players: POOCH, Jasmine, Taylor, Ameerah, Terrance, Michael (Host Daniel)
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony: Veto was not used
Havenots: Terrance, Nicole, Pooch, Daniel

Lock your ranks in before midnight


6:57pm Bedroom. Joseph, Brittany and Michael.
Brittany – I am just concerned about the HOH after (the eviction). Joe – all I am going to tell you Brittany is just make sure if you and Michael vote for Pooch we can still control the house. I don’t know what you’ve been told, what deals you’ve made… I am just saying this house is definitely in an up roar. Just if you and Michael stick to the plan, Pooch will come back and Pooch owes you guys. You know? Brittany – yeah. Joe – and at least in terms of us we can work better with that side. Brittany – yeah. Are you getting the sense that people are switching at all? Joe – no, not yet but … yeah no definitely not yet. There has been a lot of … people are getting paranoid.. but just hold your ground. And honestly Pooch will win if you hold your ground. Brittany – yeah. Joe – you especially. Michael especially! If you guys hold your ground and I know he (Pooch) owes you guys so the good thing you know is that you’re going to bank back on that and Pooch does have a pretty good relationship with the guys. If the next comp is an endurance thing me and rest… Michael joins them. Joe – Michael, I was telling Brittany what ever the house says hold down on Pooch. Taylor is too much of a wildcard. I think the next competition is going to be an endurance physical one so likely one of those .. a guy will be HOH and all of them are voting for Pooch. So if it gets swapped it could become a huge mess. Michael – has Taylor come to anyone? Joe – she came to me.. not like crazy but she tried to get my vote.. which makes sense. I respect her for trying. Are you guys still holding down on Pooch? Oh and by the way I want you guys to both trust me. And like you have to save your own a$$es if the majority fell that way.. even I would you know!? And I wouldn’t tell him. I wouldn’t jeopardize either of your games. Michael – if something crazy happens, I would vote him out. Brittany – that’s how I am, I want to know where the majority is. Joe – right now everyone I talked to, the majority is on him. So if people come trying to swap it, hold! Michael – the majority is on him? Joe – to stay. So in other words we’re all still on the same page. And based on the next HOH we can all start acting paranoid. Right now its too early. From everyone I’ve talked to, if we all go vote right now, Pooch is for sure coming back.

7:20pm Brittany leads a mediation class for the entire house.

7:45pm Bedroom – Nicole and Ameerah.
Nicole – I was like we’re going to clap you right back into reality and tell you that you’re a big fat liar, how do you like that?!! Ameerah – so what the f**K was that? Nicole – we need to talk to Daniel .. from what I was able to gather in a short amount of time was that she approached Daniel and pretty much told him you know like lets get an alliance together when Pooch walked away. That was in my havenot room. When I walked in Pooch was playing it off that Brittany was just telling him that he is safe. So I know that he was lying in front of me basically so that I wouldn’t come back and tell the girls. So the story that he was telling in front of Daniel was that she came up to him and they were talking and pretty much told him you have nothing to worry about but that was just a show for me. So when I met up with Daniel later he was like that we just a lie. Jasmine joins them. Nicole – so she asked Daniel to be in an alliance. It gets better.. I went into the have not room to talk to Daniel and Pooch .. Pooch laid out this whole elaborate story that Brittany went up to him and told him don’t worry, you’re staying. And started a conversation with me, him and Daniel but him and Daniel had already been talking. An hour later, I go up to play pool with Terrance. Pooch and Daniel are already up there. Pooch goes downstairs and Daniel says everything that was said in the havenot room was a lie. Brittany told Pooch that the girls are against him and that they’re trying to get him out. And if she can get rally all guys she can flip the votes back to Pooch staying. Jasmine – can I please say something?! So she is trying to get the guys to vote to keep Pooch? Nicole – yeah. What about Michael, is Michael playing us too?? Nicole – I think so. Jasmine – damn, I thought Michael was trustworthy. Nicole – I have a feeling that he is and that he is just playing along with Brittany. Ameerah – but then why wouldn’t he tell us? Jasmine – you guys don’t like him, why would you vote to keep him? Nicole – I have a feeling that Monte and Kyle are still on board to vote with us. I think Monte is going to do whatever Indy tells him to. Ameerah – she walked in here and it was Michael, Brittany and Joseph in here and they got quiet as soon as she came in.

8:04pm – 8:25pm Bedroom Ameerah and Brittany.
Ameerah – can I just real talk with you right now? What is going on? Brittany – Some times I feel like you’re accusing me of something, like you don’t trust me? Ameerah – sometimes I am afraid because I am hearing things. Its not that I don’t want to believe you Brittany but when I am consistently hearing stuff all over the house .. Like I don’t know if you’re trying to start more.. like here is the thing you were the one that said the girls come first. Brittany – yes! Ameerah – that was all you! Brittany – yes! Ameerah – are you starting alliance with other people? And if so who?! And if so, that’s fine but come back and let us know what is going on. Brittany – Umm.. Michael. Ameerah – I am not worried about Michael. Brittany – can you please just give me some sense of… Ameerah – I am afraid to. I am not sure I can trust you or not. I truly am afraid. I don’t know what to do. Brittany – see how I feel.. because I know how much I don’t have anybody ..and all I have is you girls and you have kept me good. Ameerah – I have felt close to you since the beginning and I trusted you. I don’t want to say I don’t trust you now, I just don’t know. I know this is f**king big brother and everyone lies. Like are you just trying to start side alliances with people? And if so, who? And just remember the girls are the main group. Brittany – its hard.. I talk to people… do I have side alliances .. No. It is very confusing that people are throwing around my name. I don’t talk with them so I don’t know who this could even be. This what scares me.. I am so freaked out about this ..its like I don’t work with people so its easy for them to come up with something about me and then try to infiltrate you guys. Waht can I do, literally name anything and I will do it. I need you to know that I am on your side because if I watch this back and realize I got f**Ked over by you guys, that’s going to hurt so bad.

Ameerah – I feel like I am getting f**Ked over! Brittany – but I don’t even know what you’re talking about. Ameerah – did you tell Pooch my name when you were talking to him? Brittany – NO! Are you kidding me!? NO! NO! Ameerah – so you swear?! Brittany – I swear. It was personal that Pooch picked me (backstage). Ameerah – I felt like you and I were close. Brittany – yes. Did he tell you that? Ameerah – yeah, and I want him f**king gone! Brittany – I want him f**king gone too Ameerah! I’m not going to go blow this up but.. I am really mad right now because this is not fair. I feel like he is trying to wedge us! Its just stupid because I already felt expendable enough. This is just stupid! Stupid! They hug. Ameerah – from now on sh*t that I hear I am going to come directly to you and the sh*t that you hear just come directly to me. Brittany – yes! Ameerah – we’re not trying to vote out any girls. Taylor is a different story. But we need you. He (Pooch) needs to go. He is literally the head of the snake. So lets get Pooch out tomorrow. If he is still in this house, we’re going to have a problem. Not me and you but all of us. Brittany – I told Michael, even if we are the only two votes we are voting him. I am voting him out. Even if that ends up being my demise.

8:36pm Workout room. Michael, Brittany and Ameerah.
Michael to Brittany – I have news for you, Pooch said lets start an alliance. With me, him, you, Daniel, Kyle and Turner. Ameerah to Brittany – did he talk to you about it yet? Michael – he said that he had a conversation with you and it went well but.. Brittany – he came to me to campaign and he threw out those names and I was like yeah, yeah, sure, sure, that’s fine. Ameerah – okay. Brittany – that was earlier this morning. And when he left the room I looked at the camera and was like “Not a chance!” Ameerah – okay. Brittany – I want him out more than words can describe. I am trying to keep it in! Ameerah – please keep it in. Brittany – I am just going to do my own thing tonight because I can’t stand his voice. Ameerah leaves. Michael – are you doing okay? Brittany – did Ameerah tell you anything? I can sense that she was being very accusatory of me the past couple weeks. Alyssa joins them and the conversation turns to talking about Pooch wanting to start an alliance the night before his eviction on day 15. Alyssa leaves. Brittany – I had a really good conversation with Ameerah and cleared the air. I feel like Joseph is pushing really hard for him (Pooch).

8:50pm Kitchen – Pooch and Alyssa.
Pooch asks what was going on with Brittany after the meditation session. Alyssa – Brittany was really upset because she feels like we don’t trust her. And she was like I feel like the girls are turning on me so she was crying. So do we trust her, do we not trust her and then it was a whole thing but it wasn’t about you. Pooch – how do you feel about the game? Alyssa – the game? Pooch – I don’t think its a boys / girls thing. Alyssa – there is no girls side but everyone knows about the stupid Oasis sh*t. Whoever told everyone about your thing is dumb. Pooch – about what? Alyssa – Oasis. Pooch – but that is just the guys walking in day one / two. I don’t think its anything long term. Is that what they’re worried about guys? Alyssa – a little bit. Everyone is worried if we lose Brittany and then you seem like a little bit of a lose cannon. Pooch – I feel good about Turner, Kyle and Daniel. But the other guys, its not like I don’t give a f**k about doing it. We have to when we have to… it just has to be timed right.

8:57pm Havenot room – Pooch and Daniel
Pooch – I might be way more f**Ked. Daniel – what happened? Pooch – I sat down with Alyssa ..some sh*t is going on. I asked what the f**k is going on and she said that the girls are trying to get to Brittany. The girls know about the Oasis .. the all guys alliance. So the fact that they know the f**king name… someone is being a f**king j*rkoff. I am f**king livid right now. Daniel – I am not throwing names out but it seems like she speaks to Kyle. I am cool with him but do you think he would tell her or no? Pooch – I will talk to Kyle and f**king ask him and as a guy I f**King hope he isn’t that dumb. I would think that it is more Joe trying to get ahead of the game and playing both f**king sides. I don’t think its Monte. They were talking about how they feel like they’re losing Brittany. Pooch – I am going to go talk to Kyle and Joe. Daniel – stay chill. They will probably say no no matter what. Just don’t blow it up or you will go home.

9:06pm Storage room. Pooch and Kyle.
Pooch – how much have you said to Alyssa about Oasis? Kyle – nothing. Pooch – the name? Kyle – no. Pooch – well they know about it. Kyle – who?! Pooch – Alyssa and that means more girls. Kyle – who would have told? Pooch – she said the name. What the f**k is going on? Alyssa said that Brittany feels left out of the girls and they’re trying to get her back on their side. I said I don’t want the house split boys and girls. Pooch – I don’t care if you just told her the name. Kyle – I don’t tell her anything. Pooch – then it has to f**king Joseph. Its not f**king Tuner. Its not f**king me. I am the one that made the f**king name. Daniel joins them. Pooch – I talked to him (Daniel) because he didn’t even know the name of it. So its not me, you, him or Turner. It can only be Joe or Monte. And Joe talks to them (girls) way f**king more. Daniel – he talked to me on my HOH and was like the guys are just rolling. And I was like cool! I trust you. Pooch – and I can’t get mad at Joseph because he might be the head of the f**king snake. Kyle – if she know, they all know. Pooch – I need to do a lot of F**king damage control right now. We need to make sure we have Brittany and Michael for sure. Kyle – I don’t know, I’m worried now. Daniel and Joe leave. Kyle to the cameras – Everybody knows.. on week 2.. he (Pooch) just needs to get the f**k out!

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un autre nom

Big Brother Announced feeds will return on Thursday night, but you don’t want to miss the sunday show…
why? Gonna be new content?
COMPLAINTS from paid subscribers DO apparently work ONCE they understand the complaint.

Pooch has gone to Daniel about Alyssa knowing Oasis.
Daniel looked worried, but i think he has decided this can be used as a reason to unanimously get rid of Pooch and cover Daniel’s tracks?
Pooch goes to Kyle. no joy. Kyle didn’t tell Alyssa.
SO it’s gotta be Joseph?
It was Daniel that revealed the name, but the alliance has been out there since Monte revealed it.
Goes to Alyssa who says she never talks game with Joseph.
sideye…. uh oh….
Well i don’t think Nic and Daniel can blame this one on Britt or Michael… what ARE they gonna do?
Note, Daniel is trailing behind Pooch in his quest just in case anyone puts it together…
Alyssa blames the grapevine for her knowledge of the OASIS name. but I think she’s sending Pooch in Ameerah’s direction.

MEANWHILE: JASMINE IS GOING UPSTAIRS TO HOH TO PACK UP HER STUFF: Ladies and Gentlemen… our first endurance comp.

We now Return to Pooch’s spinout:
He’s back to blaming Joseph. Kyle doesn’t understand (really, neither do I).
Kyle: so maybe the girls getting in that room was all because they think us guys had a thing….
Pooch goes to Monte.

MEANWHILE: ALYSSA IS MAD THAT GIRLS ARE COMING TOO CLOSE TO HER PROPERTY… KYLE. JASMINE IS BITCHING THAT TURNER EATS HER SNACKS… now we know what the voice modulation in Britt’s calmness hypnotherapy was actually for… Alyssa doesn’t tell the girls she slipped out the OASIS name.

And Pooch still Screwin da Pooch all on his own
Pooch insists Daniel doesn’t know the alliance name of the alliance he was in…. about that…
Pooch is praisin Alyssa to Monte for telling him . Monte? He’s wondering what this fool clown that volunteered himself has been smoking… Also Monte… wondering if he said the alliance name to the POS people.
They must have found out AFTER the POV ceremony Monte says.
Pooch is convinced it’s Joseph. Monte doesn’t want to believe it. It wasn’t. He’s a fool, but he’s not THAT much of a fool.
Monte pointing out to Pooch that… yeah, they are fuqed. Pooch is “flabbORblasted”
ED. you think votes are turning away from you. Do you go out and try to get votes, or do you run to everyone you think you have mounting a CSI investigation into what just happened?
Pooch goes to Ameerah. Somebody is saying there is a guys alliance to get me evicted. Ameerah confirms the girls heard that, and that the guys have been saying there’s a girl’s alliance. Pooch is gibberishing. No really. He’s spiraling in gibberishland. If he had an all guys alliance why would he volunteer to be a pawn? Make it make sense.
Pooch namedrops Alyssa.
Ameerah not giving Pooch the shock and awe he requires. it’s sort of sad if you don’t remember some clown volunteered to be a pawn on week 2.
Ameerah advises Pooch to go to Jasmine in case of a tie, and go to Michael, but leave Britt alone she’s having a hard day.
On DAY 15… Pooch is trying to build alliances from the block. Now he wants Alyssa, Ameerah, Kyle, Jasmine and Pooch to be a thing… oh… and Turner…. and maybe they can flip Indy’s vote…
He no longer seems gung ho to confront Joseph, But he’s telling the girls that Joseph can’t be trusted.

Or anyway… That’s how I saw it. It was more exciting than The Ameerah Britt smackdown that … wasn’t a smack. down…. oi.
SIlly me:

pooch screwed.jpg

Big Brother deciding to have the live feeds come back tonight instead of Sunday probably has more to do with the complaints that they received over the past few years when they blocked the feeds way too much. They seem to be more lenient this year


Ameerah has some strange hatred for men.