Monte “It was just so f**ked to have that conversation. It just disgusted me man!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Monte
Nominees: Brittany & Alyssa
POV Players: Monte, Brittany, Alyssa, Turner, Taylor
POV Winner: Brittany
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

6pm Backyard. Turner and Monte.
Monte – that conversation I had with Brittany.. it was so out of pocket. It was so hard to keep a straight face. She was trying to get me to say something instead of just telling me. The same old bullsh*t as last week. She said that she feels closer to Taylor because Taylor filled her in on everything that happened last week.. but Taylor couldn’t have said anything more that what I told her last night.. So that is BS! I honestly can’t f**King trust Brittany. I honestly don’t know if she will vote for Taylor. I think she is going to assume that you’re going to vote for Alyssa if Taylor is on the block. I think she would actually vote for Alyssa to stay.. Turner – and then put the blame on me? That it was the opposite. Monte – yeah or that she got convinced by Turner to keep Alyssa or something like that. But in my opinion you tell her as much as possible I would love for Alyssa to say but in reality you know we got our agreement. You’re off the block .. and the only thing I am asking is that you just vote Alyssa out this week. And then when the vote comes .. if it is a split that means that she was about to turn on Taylor and we can f**king use that next week so that if anyone of us is sitting next to Brittany. She feels good about making that call to vote out Brittany. And Brittany was about to throw her out the week before. Taylor is one of those people where.. when someone (Brittany) is playing this dirty .. you can’t trust whatever move they’re going to make. She has no loyalty to us. Turner – I don’t think she has loyalty to anyone. I also hope that Taylor knows how good Brittany is at mental comps. If she doesn’t think she can beat me in a mental comp, I don’t think she can beat Brittany in an mental comp. Monte – that’s what I was thinking.. you’re (Taylor) sitting here thinking everything is sweet but Brittany but you got to look at how well Brittany has been doing in these comps. Look how close she came to me in that damn horror fest and then it was neck and neck with you guys in the veto… and then she pulled the trigger and won. She proved that she can beat Turner. It was just so f**ked to have that conversation (with Brittany this morning). It just disgusted me man! That makes me not want to have any one on ones with her. Like I am going to get to the point where I am just going to call her out on all the bullsh*t and just be very blunt. I was really reserving myself in that conversation but now I feel like you’re insulting my intelligence. Turner – oh big time. Monte – by trying to manipulate me into these things. Turner – dude I definitely hate when people bring personal stuff into it to try and guilt trip you. That is a whole other form of manipulation.. that is so f**Ked. It is so annoying how Brittany vouches for me to take out Michael. And the week after I take out the biggest competitor… wants me out. Monte – oh yeah that is the plan. Its very cut throat game.

7:40pm The house guests are just lazing around the house. Brittany is talking to Alyssa about Michael’s eviction speech. Brittany – I get it now but at first it felt like a betrayal. Alyssa – I would have been truly shocked. I would have been heartbroken if he voted me out. Brittany – I was just confused. Now I realize he was just doing what he needed to do to save his game and I think he was warning me that people were talking sh*t about me. I just wish I would have been able to say goodbye. I am glad that the goodbye message was recorded after I was able to settle down ..I was like I still consider you my best friend. I am not mad at you for what you had to do or say. I am sorry. I could still see him being like .. you b***h I hate you.

8pm Monte working out.

8:40pm Alyssa staring off into the distance in silence.

9:11pm Monte enjoying a bath with his Sushi from Thursday..

9:55pm – 10:35pm Quiet evening in the BB house..

10:50pm Sleeping outside – Facts!

11:25pm – 12am Backyard – Monte and Brittany talking about Michael being evicted. They chat about random things.

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Monte is getting wise to the nastiness and annoyance of Brittany. We’ve all known it all season!

Even though Turner is promising him the world, if he doesn’t get rid of Turner, Turner wins BB.

Don’t get sidetracked Monte – it’s your only hope! Get him out now!

No Name

Turner hates it when people being personal stuff into it,that’s Monte’s entire game.


Please stop posting pics of Brittany w/ that crazy-eye look to her w/ a Joker smile. I am losing sleep w/ night terrors.


exactly…..someone should give her some shades or take away her “whitening eye drops”!

un autre nom

Some things this week’s big brother players should have remembered:
1) never try to out petty or piss off production. After his HOH win, Monte was a wee bit vocal about ‘they better give me this’ , ‘they better do that’, ‘I better get a hoodie’. Production near the end of season… don’t be bitchin ‘cus Grod is everywhere, and you can’t have a dick measuring contest with Grod on Grod’s program.
2) never say “there’s no chance x can win” because Grod smiles and says wanna bet. Turner said 4 times last week there’s no chance Britt can win a comp.
3) once you’ve been smacked with the consequences of 1 and 2… don’t continue bitching about production or saying ‘there’s no chance x wins’ even more. At this rate, Grod is coming up with a crazy eyes HOH comp just to teach them who is boss.

Let’s just put some cards on the table: If the double episode hadn’t been live, and was instead taped, there would have been a recall notice once Michael’s rope broke off of his harness. So really… they are all lucky the comp was on a live episode (I can name four seasons of US and 2 seasons of can where feeds came back from a veto comp that had to restart due to equipment malfunction, and who can forget the mirror thing from laser in BBOTT). The only time tech malfunctions can’t be stopped is live episode.

Monte benefitted greatly by that.
So really, Monte getting cock of the walk after winning HOH by 9 seconds in an individual time comp (play all the runs back without edits and a timer in the corner during the next feed block if you want me to believe an individual time comp result for ANYONE’S actual times), and then pushing his weight around to d/r… that wasn’t going to go over well. Result? Prodo got strict on veto time and the mech engineer couldn’t play in a veto right up his alley. And really, if he’d been a bit more humble… who knows, they might have given him a pass.

As Monte and Turner talk more about Britt… I’m getting bbcan2 Sabrina vibe. Sorry. Britt is nowhere near as entertainment gold for completely noxious feeds… but the entire villainize the one we want out thing… look what happened. Won final 4 HOH while the whole house was tempting the bbfates. They need to stop. BbKarma is a thing, especially this season, and these two yahoos think they can out-bitch Karma. shakes head and rolls eyes.


i don’t get why they’re so deadset against brittany honestly. if you hate her, maybe the jury feels that way too so take her to the end. or at least pretend to play nice with her so she doesn’t take bad blood into the jury house.

i also don’t particularly get why anyone wants to keep taylor/turner over alyssa. monte and turner are discussing whether brittany or taylor are good in comps. you know comp wins is all that matters at this point. you know who sucks in comps? alyssa. i don’t understand not dragging her to final 3 as that all but guarantees you’re in part 3 of the final hoh comp.

Choo Sing Yu

because Taylor is a black woman, production is going to make sure she wins this season


production didn’t do anything about all the white racist in the game


Excellent points, as always! I have wondered if prodo intentionally sabotaged Michael’s rope so he would lose – As punishment for revealing the Kyle cookout comments and not sticking to script. Also they knew they’d only be able to get rid of him in a DE. And if they have someone else in mind as winner, he obviously had to go. But I haven’t figured out who the “chosen one” is now that Kyle is gone. Turner or Taylor?

Also, what “personal info” is Michael referring to that Brittany supposedly is threatening to expose or use against him? And who eats in the bathtub??? Yuck.

un autre nom

I don’t know what the info is that Britt might expose.
All I know about the ropes is for the DE they were told if it breaks, figure it out for yourself. At least that is what was said in the house today.
Since I’m of the mind that production didn’t realllllly want to deal with the can of worms, having put the initial week 5-6 talk in episode only to placate the ‘protect kyle’ complaints that made it into US and UK magazines, and then thought they could keep it hush or make it reasonable…I am thinking they didn’t like the reveal in the story line and writing departments. I don’t think they sabotaged Michael per se… but I think they actively pushed for Michael to be the target in D/R with Taylor, Monte and Turner.
My evidence to support my hypothesis: Look at Julie Chen’s interviews. She goes from it’s nothing, to Kyle acknowledged his mistake, we have to show forgiveness to a weird shift from Michael is doing great then suddenly Michael is going to have to face the music. That’s all in the two week period from week 7 to before the DE. We know Julie doesn’t watch feeds, she gets briefings from production for her interview notes.
When the season started (pre-Paloma leaving) the first weeks episodes were forecasting a female winner if you follow the production clues (first person in D/R saying they are going to win the season) first final 2 shown in episode and first alliance shown in episode were all women. Doesn’t necessarily mean Paloma. Means a female winner was the way edits were leaning. They even plastered the edit with Paloma in attempt to boost her votes to keep her. No luck there. Post Paloma everything was thrown into Chaos.
I have my theories that they were leaning Kyle/Monte… but I could never be sure. Now with the Kyle reveal meaning he wanted to quit but was talked into going to jury (likely with the promise of the whole forgiveness and growth press push)… who knows.


Michael has been interviewed over the internet about becoming a BB legend. He’s responding in his usual intelligent articulate. And rather modestly too.

He has also stated that he acknowledges that he could have done the reveal earlier.


Alyssa pondering on how bad she sucks


another sistyugly opining

The Kats Meow

She’ll pop a brain cell attempting that.

Big Sister

She is as uninformed as anyone ever! “Who is Simone Biles?” What is Borders?” and is totally clueless about basic geography. She has done nothing in the game but hook up with Kyle and cry.


Brittany is very annoying, I don’t think I would talk with her very much if I was in the house. I would get tired of the mood swings, and pity party, feel sorry for me, I need someone to make me feel better. Brittany’s questions, and digging for information, she’s not very good, it’s very obvious she is trying to pick your brain, I would not trust Brittany with any info.

I also don’t feel sorry for Alyssa, she spent 50 – 60 days playing Love Connection with Kyle, now all of a sudden she’s crying and wanting to try and play the game now.

I hope Monte is aware, Turner will take Alyssa over him. I hope Alyssa is sent to jury next week, because I don’t trust that Turner will keep Monte over Alyssa.


Monte needs to get rid of Taylor she is as bad as Brittany and Alyssa. None deserve to win but she is manipulating Monte to take her to the end cause she thinks everyone will vote for her instead of Monte or Turner.


You said it well – None deserve to win! They’re all awful, but I could feel halfway good if Monte won. But he won’t because he’s not evicting Turner next week. He’s very naive thinking that Turner won’t throw him directly under the bus as soon as he can.


I wouldn’t say that, turner is a deserving winner.


He is a slime. He pulled some devious backing out of a promise to Michael about lgbtq. Just reading about it on Newsweek online. He’s making some new fake promises to Monte who’s buying it hook line and sinker. He’s not going to put Turner up, who will then be positioned to win BB.

it shows how dumb this whole BB game is.

What’s wrong with Monte that he can’t see this?

Big Brother Fan

First of all it was Monte’s idea to get rid of Michael, did you not see Turner’s face when Monte said they have to do it? I bet that if Monte makes it to final two he will take full responsibility for taking Michael out. And are you serious about keeping promises in BB? No one keeps promises, you can’t and everyone knows it. Lastly, why should any race, religion, or sexual orientation get a free pass in this “game”? I think Turner and Monte in final two will provide the best choices for a deserving winner.


I think Turner and Monte are both deserving winners this year.


at this point it’s about comps. i think monte should get rid of turner. the last person he should want to get rid of is alyssa.

The Kats Meow

Monte has been such a drama king lately. Everything he is getting so righteously indignant about are things he has done himself lol. Hard to respect that moral high ground BS when he’s just as guilty as the rest of them. The last weeks of the season, always bring out the worst in the HG’s.

Bad Twists Save Bad Players

he is calling out complete bs though. as viewers we even know he is right about Brit

The Kats Meow

Of course he’s right about Brittany. It’s also very hypocritical because of his over-the-top reaction to it, like a pious pope lol. Come on he’s been just as sneaky as everyone else in the house and looks ridiculous whimpering about Brittany being this huge threat. Maybe a threats to everyone who has to listen to her insanity, but really that’s it. All any of them have to do is say something mean to her and she breaks down and can’t function.


Strange. I just remember it differently. Michael and Brittany went to Taylor and Monte about “Kyle Situation” because they were concerned that TURNER was going to put up Monte with Taylor as target. Turner was afraid that Monte was going vote to keep Taylor putting Monte on the block takes that vote away. How does Turner get more benefit of doubt than Taylor who has said final three final three final three. Turner is Dr. Evil’s son. Facts

Bad Twists Save Bad Players

Brittany is in her own world of stupidity.

un autre nom

I’ve been sitting back a bit for the last few days. Haven’t been contributing as much since the episode because I needed to reflect on my feelings about the final five.
I’m not going to pull anyone out of the manure, say they’re the least dirty, and therefore that’s my hero. I hate that. Everyone’s covered in shit, so let’s just say okay, no heroes, let’s just go by the facts.
Monte. I haven’t forgotten week one Monte. All in on the get the women out, Bros rule, let’s create a target, push it until groupthink is set to hate, and move on to the next one. He attempts to create Vanessareasons in order to justify his actions. Her vehicle was picking arguments. His is creating Hate. He’s got an issue with women that… wow, stay single until you figure that shit out, dude…. save some poor woman the grief. He has a plan, he’s unwavering in that plan, and he expects everyone to back his plan because… it’s his plan. In essence, Monte is the house Alpha, and others defer to him because that was the tone set by the first HOH. In terms of game he has 2 HOH, 1 veto.
Turner. Part of the week one Bro cabal. Sucks up to alphamales because… well, because he’s a beta. When you look at this season’s Alpha pack alliance and you hit Turner’s face in the group photo, you immediately say… am I being punk’d? He’s performative. Goes WAY too far in order to keep himself off the block through lying. Says his bully speech that got the fans thinking he meant it (sorry, I was still in the Pound is number one, this is just for optics frame of mind). He was up there with Monte in choose your own adventure narratives to create house targets, but it’s not because he needs justification… he needs to cover his tracks. When you actually look at how he’s played the game, anyone that likes a slimy player lacking in integrity: He’s your man. He may shower, but his game play is dirty. I don’t mind a good villain… but some of his moves creep even me out. In terms of game he has 3 HOH.
Alyssa? The worst woman to pull into a women’s alliance because production promised her a showmance, much to the pool floaties chagrin. Overshares to show her worth, and then clings to a man, when he goes, next man: Turner. For some reason everyone thinks because she’s an oversharing stage five clinger, she can’t lie. She lies like she’s on a pool floatie for ten seconds, they just don’t know it. She has no record in terms of game.
Britt? The second worse woman to bring into any alliance at all because of hyperhypnotoading. What’s scary? She had a better read on house dynamics than Michael. OUCH. Strategically when she’s talking about path, she’s not HORRIBLE. It’s the choices she makes in Movement, not the planning that’s the issue. She repeatedly takes herself from being in safe positions, to snitching and putting herself into holes. Hate to break it to you, but if she wasn’t the Velma of Big Brother 24’s Mystery Inc… she’d get away with a lot more. Shush, this house? Those guys? Hot counts. Here’s the thing, she and Alyssa overshare, and both are stigmatized by the house, only Britt is considered malignant and Alyssa benign. Why do you think? Yes, it’s also because she’s sorta creepy sometimes, and has really rotten interpersonal skills, but if she was smokin’, there’d be a LOT more lattitude with THOSE guys. In terms of game, 3 vetoes (she was the reason Michael won his third veto, communicating from a distance where the puzzle piece fit). I refuse to call the other festie bestie veto a Britt veto because it wasn’t team (Otev).
Taylor? She walked in playing her assigned role as bitchy guy’s girl. She was disliked by women immediately. The guys were threatened by a woman choosing to be an Alphamale. I don’t think production expected the cast to go from 0-120 so quick in the mob mentality, or for the public outcry to go big media. The cast was warned, the prodo team tried to push a Paloma save from Backstage in the edit… Paloma cracked and when she found out the save wasn’t coming… she cracked fearing the backlash and quit. There. That’s what was really going on there. Look at timing and edit. Taylor didn’t want to work with the women until she was told by Nic there was a women’s alliance. This is the reality. She can say later she always intended to work with women… but… naaaaah. Doesn’t pass smell test.
Taylor sometimes used her victimization in strategy talk.. and that bothered me. She was of the frame of mind that everyone’s game was to seek vengeance for her victimhood, and when they weren’t doing so enough…. she felt slighted.
So, suddenly Taylor is part of the big alliance. She has a horrendously bad HOH (don’t even, her HOH reign blew chunks). She tosses aside her allies for a man, stops talking game with her final 3, or repeatedly tells them Joseph says. which has them moving to target Joseph to get Taylor back on track. Joseph leaves and immediatly Taylor jumos to the next man to protect her and be her number one. Monte. Taylor is plotting against Michael, her real shield in the game, and let’s be honest: Taylor gets the real credit for pushing Monte to take out Michael for days on end repeatedly. Now look where she’s sitting, she thought she controlled a guy that has woman issues, makes him her number one… and she’s his number 2 and possibly sliding to number 3 soon. Taylor moved too soon pushing Monte to take out MIchael. Think about it. Alyssa or Britt would be out. Odds Michael, a former escape room employee wins black box? HUGE. Likely effect is Turner leaving, MIchael unable to play in final 4 HOH. Now each of the people left think Taylor is on their side. That’s when to strike. Yeah yeah, might have won veto at final 4. Might have, might not have. Never know now because we don’t know what the comp is. Gut kept telling me she was moving a week too soon, and pushing Monte to move too soon. Has 1 HOH win…. and thought getting rid of Michael would HELP her win more comps without realizing it would help others even more.


Your read on everything is so sharp, I enjoy reading your posts.

At this point, they all are miserable to be winners of BB. The real quality player Michael is gone and these losers are left in the wake of his departure.

Turner is the logical person to have the skill now to win but there’s something very sketchy about him. I read online in the HG bios that at #3 he has amassed quite a lot of money, yet he plays this down with his filthy look. He’s dishonest and uses people and is slimy. But Monte is buying his b.s, and will be stupid enough to save him. If so, it will be sad to read that he’s win BB.

BB is a boring ridiculous game show, the losers make it to the end. I only watched this year because of Michael, the last season I watched was Dan. That was true skill.

So, since they’re all losers, I’m going for kindness in who I’d like to win. And from what I’ve seen of Taylor, she is a kind person. So, she’s my choice.

un autre nom

I would have had negatives about Michael too, I have to admit.
I don’t judge who I want as winner by who I like the most as a human, or who I think played cleanest. I just really hate when everyone calls out hero, and mentally cleans off the manure pretending it didn’t exist. It’s a pet peeve of mine.
In my view of the game, the houseguests have to OWN their game. Their WHOLE game. So… Why not just take the good with the bad and not try to pretend the dirt doesn’t exist? I don’t get that.
So we have 5 people that have all played some level of dirty game, and one of them is going to win. They don’t win any more money if we pretend they aren’t dirty. They are, so I’m a warts and all viewer of the game.
I want them to own the dirty parts of their game, not just victory lap over how well they played.



The Kats Meow

As usual you hit the nails right on their head. Kudos


Brittany: I don’t want to talk about myself I was treated so unfairly….
(Spends the rest of the night talking about herself)
SMDMFH WTH what a headache. longest big brother live feeds horror EVER.


I don’t want either man to win! I also don’t want any of the women to win! Can we have the biggest twist ever and let someone in jury win first and second place? I am just here to see them turn on each other. Let’s end the season with some drama, not the made up kind of you had a final 2 convo once with one of my final 2s. Get over the stupid excuses and play the game!

I Spy

Turner is a lying rat (literally) piece of shit who will stab Monte in the back (see Joseph and Micheal). If he doesn’t realize this and take him out now, he will be sealing his fate.

And Alyssa, your boo-hoo damsel in distress routine isn’t fooling anyone. Now go on to the jury house and be with Kyle like you promised.

Taylor is resting too much on her “I had it rough the first 3 weeks” laurels. I know she has a law low strategy, but at this point in the game, passivity is the strategy for floaters. She needs do more to move folks to set her up or at least try to control the narrative. Not sure how she allowed the chasm between her and Brit to form so easily. Maybe that was part of her strategy, but she needs to fight more to keep those that will be loyal to her.

I’m team LGB…Let’s Go Britt!

un autre nom

Taylor, unable to convince Monte to not renom her, and hearing how much he loathes Britt, is agreeing to a final 3 with Turner and Monte. They are all laughing and excited.
Guess what my read is:
Taylor has NO intention of going final 3 with Monte and Turner. She is “all in” and excited about this final 3 because… she NEEDS Monte and Turner to think she’s with them until the HOH and veto for next week are decided.
If, However, Taylor IS all in on this final 3…
She’s an idiot. Monte has proven he trusts Turner more than Taylor. If she can’t see that neon sign saying final 2 and she’s the ride along? She’s deluding herself.
Funny that they called Britt into d/r for… it’s been a good 2 hours now, so that this could happen, isn’t it?

This is the way I’m seeing it. She knows she’s going on the block, she has to convince the guys she’s in with them until the wheels fall off so that Alyssa leaves instead of Taylor.
Does this mean she trusts Britt? No. This means she should know she’s on the bottom of an alliance of three. If she doesn’t… her funeral may be postponed, but it’s certainly coming. So, what Taylor is trying to do is ensure she makes final 3 right now. If she wins veto next week, all bets are off imo.

Monte earlier asked Britt what jurors would base their vote on: he said Indy honesty ( i disagree, who she liked more and who didn’t screw her personally), Jasmine who knows. Terrance big moves. he has Joseph’s vote in the bag he should think, and Michael would judge game (Michael will say game, but will twist his definition of game to be petty in his vote as a semantic exercise).

It’s Saturday night. I still don’t believe anything Turner is saying either. He’s going to shift gears the moment veto ceremony is done. Look at Taylor’s story, we can’t beat that, Alyssa has nothing and can’t win a comp to save her life, she’s the perfect 3rd place goat that gets us to the final 2 chairs old buddy old pal. Why leave BOTH Britt and Taylor together and take the risk? Wait for it.


Truth is monte and turner deserve to be in the final 2. They have played the game the best. I was going for Alyssa all season but I’m a very competitive person and I can’t believe she couldn’t win anything. Alyssa made it past three left overs do final 5 is still really good. For the winner I want turner.

un autre nom

My question regarding Turner: As an HOH, name one move that was Turner’s move.
His first HOH he bent over and let other people fist him to make him a sock puppet. HIs targets: Britt or Taylor. Evicted: Ameerah.
His second HOH? Nope, that wasn’t his move either. His targets: Britt or Taylor. Evicted Kyle his final 2.
His third HOH? That was Monte’s move as repeatedly suggested by Taylor. His targets: a woman. Evicted: Michael in a final 3 with him.
So… beyond being the fastest person to run to the HOH and tell his version of whatever story he’s selling (usually 50/50 truth lie ratio)… name a move that was TURNER’S MOVE.
There isn’t one.
His attributes in game play that we can give him: He lies well, and he can play invisible well. So.. he has social game attributes as his strategy, but with power makes no moves that he can call his own.


Monte is becoming super annoying with turner right behind. Why would Brittany have any loyalty to them. Monte ran and joined the outside crew as soon as turner won that hoh and turned on Michael. It’s a game u stupid jerk. Here’s hoping for a girls final 3.


Can you imagine if a girls finalthree was to happen. I think they would all be in shock.