Monte -“If we have something that nobody sees and nobody knows about . That would be cool” **Updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jasmine
Nominees: POOCH and Taylor
POV Players: POOCH, Jasmine, Taylor, Ameerah, Terrance, Michael (Host Daniel)
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony: Veto was not used
Havenots: Terrance, Nicole, Pooch, Daniel

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Lock your ranks in before midnight


11:57 am Daniel, Alyssa, Ameerah, Jasmine, Nicole
Complaining that Brittany is sad because she misses her husband.
Jasmine brings up how she misses her husband too but this is a game “a once in a life time opportunity.. suck it up”
Ameerah- she told me that she cried to you because of Stephen.
Jasmine – I get it.. I wasn’t crying back to her
Daniel thinks Brittany is using it as game. He adds that Brittany wasn’t even on his radar. “She fucked up Royally”
Ameerah – she could have floated to jury easily if she had shut the hell up
Nicole – she totally could’ve. She couldn’t shut the f** up
Ameerah – she give us no information
Jasmine – NOTHING
Nicole – why is she going talking to them if she’s been in our room the whole time.
Daniel – does she thinks she’s getting away with this? Does she think she’s playing a smart game?
Jasmine – you wait until the 15th day to start talking to him (JOE)
Ameerah – what the f*** is she doing
They wonder if she really does what she says she does.
Alyssa – she said she use to be a toy person. Used to be
Nicole – I just want to get her out of here so Michael isn’t distracted by her.

12:15 pm – 1:40 pm Taylor and Monte
Playing Bumper pool talking about their family, therapy, Jobs, Life. After about an hour the game talk starts.
Monte – this for me when this is over I think about eh platform I will have I’ll be in a very different space.
Monte adds that being on the show will very much help her with her career goals of being a celerity interviewer.
Taylor – It’l be cool to see what happens with everybody when they get out of the house.

Taylor – My odds are very slim to stick around for another week
Monte – you think so
Taylor – C’mon, last week was tough. I’m a very easy target that doesn’t ruffle feathers. My mindset is everyone gets asked questions everyone gets a conversation.
Taylor -I don’t know where you are. you don’t have to tell me right now where you are. If I am in this house I am a bigger target than you. I am a shield for you.
Monte – You’ve been playing a lot in competitions. You’re badass
Taylor – Socially to, I started off on a really tough foot. It’s been hard footing to get back there. No matter who has power next week and I’m still around it’s one less eye on you.
Monte – I’m already a target and I haven’t done anything.
Monte thanks her for sharing things with him. “moving forward my biggest thing is trust”

Monte – The way things are going There’s a likelihood you will be staying. I’m your shield you my shield that would be beneficial to both of us.
Taylor – It’s not lost on me that the two strongest and darkest people in the house are the two largest threats. I don’t think it’s racisms by any means. It’s a matter of who is allowed to be strong and soft. I contributed to my own perception in this house. I’m frustrated that I haven’t been seen as gentle soft and loving. Some of that is my own doing.
Monte says it’s the unconscious bias that people have. “they may not know they are doing it but they are doing it”
Monte says he has he has unconscious boas sometimes.
Taylor brings up it’s obvious why the cookout happened. “It’s harder cause I love everyone in this house”
Monte- Form what I hear you are not in a bad position. you may be packing your bags but you’ll be unpacking them.
Monte says his biggest fear will be he goes up after Taylor leaves.
Monte says doing another cookout will be impossible “everyone sees and will ask is this happening again”
Monte – I want to see Terrance in Jury, I want to see Jasmine in Jury, I want to see Ameerah in Jury I want to see myself and I would love to see you in jury especially after everything we just talked about.
Monte says he’s not into an all girls alliance even though all the guys get along very well.
Monte asks her if the girls are perceiving the guys as an alliance.
Taylor – I’m not in with the girls. I haven’t been privy to those conversations. The few that I had post week one has been.. I’ve been on ice. When I’m in the room I don’t hear ‘we’re going to get the guys’ I’m not hearing any vibes like that. Those would be easy surface conversations to have with me.
Monte – if you win HOH Pooch goes home this week
Taylor – Turner goes home next week
Monte – you are off my radar completely. It establishes trust with me. I may be the one that make that move. I’ll see how things play out with how they react with all of this.
Taylor – Would you put up two girls
Monte – I don’t want to
Monte says if he doesn’t put two girls up he would like the girls to not put him up the following week he would expect the favour to be reciprocated .
Monte – If they put Turner and you up on the block I think Turner is going home.
Monte says there’s girls on the outside that may be targeted after Turner goes.
Monte – the trust on my end is all actions.
Taylor – are you interested with voting to keep me this week.
Monte – there’s a potential I will vote for you especially with the way POOCH has been acting. He’s digging his own grave.
Monte – If we have something that nobody sees and nobody knows about . That would be cool
Taylor – exactly. Alright..

1:48 pm Monte, Terrance and Daniel
Monte – fella’s not that we’ve had that conversation I’m starting to feel better going with the house on this decision.
Monte – he’s (POOCH) been panicking in a way where If I have conversations with him one on one he’s been talking to other people about those conversations we had. I heard about it yesterday that for me is the last straw I cannot trust him
Terrance – his mouth BRO.. he’s too childish
Monte – its bad for my game. What he did was he used what we talked about and elevated it to apply to something else.
Terrance – what do we do about Turner. he’ll flip his sh1t
Monte – I hope that Turner is reasonable enough to know his boy was digging himself his own grave. He was being nervous and erratic.
Monte – I heard at one point he wanted Michael to use the veto on Taylor so they can put my black a$$ up
Monte – I haven’t won any comps. I haven’t done anything.
Monte says he’s talked to the girls and he’s got their perspective. he doesn’t think they are forming any girl power right now. “I do some women on the outside looking in on that group”
Monte – even next week if Turner doesn’t win HOH and Taylor doesn’t win HOH. those are two potentials.. easy. They would cause the least about of stir in the house.
Monte says Taylor is handling herself on the block much better than POOCH, “POOCH is going f**Ing crazy”
Daniel – he is.. trust me we’re in the room with him.

2:19 pm Kyle and Monte
Monte – did you hear the announcement about the have nots. they’re free
Kyle – jealous. They got 6 days we got 8
Monte – I’m feeling good about us making that vote. umm.. those two guys seem to open minded about Turner for next week as well (Daniel and Terrance) it’s an easy shot.
monte – I tried to get some favour with Taylor to see where her heads at. If she does win HOH I was like LOOK Turner can be an easy option for you. she was like yeah that makes sense.
Michael joins them.
Monte – I feel a little bit better about Taylor staying here a while longer. I don’t think she’s coming after you (Kyle) she seems to want Turner. He’s the next obvious choice.
Monte tells Michael they are leaning towards voting out POOCH especially after POOCH was telling everyone that him and Joe are more loyal to Indy than Alyssa.
Monte – I respect Taylor she hasn’t done any of that even with being on the block twice. POOCH on the other hand is a freaking wrecking ball.
Monte – maybe next week that is an easy choice. I can hold Joe at bay especially if I tell him that POOCH threw him under the bus.
Monte says Joe might even vote POOCh out now. “Turner on the other hand”
Monte – Terrance suggested we tell Turner right before the vote saying that POOCH dug his own grave and if he sticks to the vote then he’s a big Target. He’s a big Target regardless.
Michael – Turner and Taylor are on everyone’s radar.
Monte – it’s not even necessary to have a back door because if someone wins veto put up a pawn.
Monte will wait until tomorrow to tell Joe
Michael is agreeing that Turner and Taylor on the block next week is the safest option.
Monte – what is your relationship with Brittany and Indy.
Kyle – I don’t talk any game with Indy but we have a good relationship. we read the bible. We have a connection. every time I bring up game she shuts down.


2:37 pm Joe crawling around scaring people with his face mask on.

3:03 pm Brittany, Michael and Kyle
Kyle asks her how she’s doing.
Brittany says she’s going to have to try and win HOH she only has a relationship with them and some of the girls.
Kyle – everyone is going for it. I’m going for it 100% They are talking about Turner and Taylor. Turner is kinda alone at that point when POOCH goes.
Kyle – what do you think about those two.
Brittany – Turner/Taylor I would be up for that. I’m not close with either of them. They are both pretty strong if they won veto.
Kyle – whoever wins us three should be good
Brittany – you think?
Kyle – Brittany I would love it if you won.
Brit – I would love that. I could see how different people are around me. That would be really telling.

3:50 pm New alliance is formed called the OLD SKOOL

After Terrance, Nicole and Daniel leave.
Jasmine – B1tches, Look now what are we going to do? we have two alliances with them. Now we have three.
Jasmine – we have Girl’s girls
Ameerah – I don’t care about Brittany and Indy.
Alyssa – so that is no longer.
Jasmine – we have the one with Daniel and now we have the one with Terrance added.
Ameerah – ohh I didn’t realize. I thought that was the same thing. Lets just replace that one with this one. We just added Terrance.
Ameerah – Girl’s Girl two
Jasmine says “they” are still going to think they are in the original Girl’s Girl. (Brit and Indy)
Ameerah – this why girls alliance don’t work out.
Jasmine – we can the be the girls that make it to the end. Including Nicole. I still want a girl to make it to the end.
Alyssa – Even though I joke around with Kyle and Stuff you guys are my end game.
Jasmine says she doesn’t think Alyssa and Kyle spend a lot of time together.
Jasmine – the only women I trust are in this room.
Ameerah – I actually do trust Nicole to
Kyle joins them.

5:13 pm Daniel and Joe
Joe – tomorrow is going to be wild.
Daniel – have you heard anything about POOCH
Daniel – I get the feeling that the girls are getting annoyed with him. My worry is if the vote is to take him out and we’re on the wrong side we’ll get f***ed its too soon
they move into the car room.
Joe – Finally I get to talk to you
Daniel – it’s been awhile
Joe – have you gotten where Nicole and Terrance’s head is at because you are have not with them?
Daniel – they are on the same page..
Joe – Michael and Brittany say they are voting for POOCH
Daniel – go or stay
Joe – Stay
Daniel – ohh F** I thought they were on the other side. I don’t talk to them ever.
Joe – if Taylor stays its going to f*** you and Monte.
Joe says POOCH is easier to predict, much easier to read and more trustable than Taylor.
Daniel – I’ve been Boys with him since day one.
Joe says the girls may take this opprutnity to make a move on the boys “Leaving Taylor out here as a wildcard is too reckless”
Kyle joins them.
Daniel says Taylor has upped her Flirt game with him
Joe – she keeps pushing ohh Daniel’s hot. I don’t care if yo think Danie’s hot you won’t forget what he did
Joe – do you know where Terrance and Nicole are voting?
Daniel doesn’t know. “If Michael and Brittany are keeping POOCH. that changes everything”
Kyle leaves. Pooch enters tells.
Daniel asks how the campaigning is going.,
POOCH – had awesome conversation with Brittany and Michael.
Joe and Daniel both tell Pooch Taylor is flirting with them. They suspect that is her campaigning.
Joe – she said Joe if I stick around I’m a shield. People will start attacking me not you. She’s not lying I will not allow her to stay in this house she will come for two people which is you and Monte and I’m not having that.
Pooch – for Jasmine too
Daniel tells POOCH to “Be POOCH” but talk a little more game.
Joe – Pull back a bit with the girls
Daniel – be more professional
POOCH says Brittany doesn’t feel in with the girls she feels in with them.

5:15 pm Nicole and Ameerah
Talking about if a BOY wins HOH they will start throwing Brittany under the bus
Nicole – if Joe or Monte win we have to figure out a way to expose her.
Jasmine – we’ll say she was trying to start a girls alliance.
They clink their cups together Nicole looks at the camera says “Wrinkles”
Ameerah – cause we don’t have any
They high five.
They talk about Indy acting weird.

5:28 pm Brittany and Michael (hard to hear)
Brittany – you feel like Ameerah might switch. She was saying I feel bad.
Michael says if there is anyone that is a weak link on the girls side it would be Ameerah.
Brittany – she (Ameerah) Is closer to Jasmine. She saw me and Joe talking and she got REALLY defensive. She tried to start something with the girls that I was trying to conspire. I was like no no JOE pulled me in cause he campaigning for POOCH.
Michael brings up a conversation he had in the bathroom with Joe. He said he wanted to get a group together composed of him, Michael, Brittany. He couldn’t finish the rest of the group members because someone walked in.
Brittany – I am full on getting POOCH out.. but.. POOCH, Turner, US, Kyle and Daniel
Brittany – I didn’t catch much from Joe and Ameerah they were talking REAL LOW. After Alyssa left She said I’m just not 100% good with sending POOCH out the door that’s what she told jasmine but I’m going to give Joe a heads up with this info. I feel they are really close.

5:30 pm Daniel and Ameerah
Daniel says POOCH told him Brittany feels like she’s not accepted by the girls.
Daniel – pooch saying it’ll be POOCH, Brittany, Michael, me, I think they said Kyle.
Ameerah – Joe just came to me as was like Brittany was asking me if I speak game to you.. to me. So she went to Joe and asked do you speak game to Ameerah . What is she doing?
Ameerah – she’s up to some shady sh1t
Daniel says Brittany asked him “If we keep him I want to work with you, him and Michael”
Ameerah – if we keep him?
Daniel – she asks where are you going to vote. I was like I don’t know.

6:05 pm Collection of houseguests preparing dinner. A very rare sighting of Jasmine out of HOH bed and out of her Pajamas a truly rare event. . POOCH is campaigning to Daniel and Nicole.

6:11 pm Kyle and Alyssa
Flirt chatting..

6:45 pm Michael and Brittany
Michael – So Ameerah said to Joe she’s not 100% voting POOCH out.
Brittany – YEAH.. so here’s is what happened. Joe pulled me in here to do his whole campaign to POOCH and she was like ARE you guys conspiring. She clearing saw us whispering. I go back upstairs and Jasmine is like.. all the girls are there they were looking at me weird. They were like ‘WE saw on the video that Joe and you were talking’
Brittany – I was like OKay that was in the storage room. Clearly Ameerah told them and it Seeped down because Clearly she’s only one that can talk to Joe. How dare I talk to Joe.
Michael – I thought Joe was someone she wants out
Brittany – I know I know. I told them I don’t think Joe is going to sway. I think he’s pretty set on keep POOCH here. I said we need to tell Joe right before evciton that POOCH is going. She (Ameerah) went ‘I’ll do it i’ll do it’
Brittany – she very much did not want me to tell Joe that.
Brittany says last night joe and Ameerah were talking but their voices were really low so Brittany was only able to make out Ameerah saying “I’m not 100% about voting POOCH”
Brittany – I’m like how much does Joe really know?
Brittany – I’m afraid she is going to flip and pin it on me or somebody else. Surely people must know I’m voting POOCH out.
Michael – If Ameerah did flip her vote. they would still need Kyle and Nicole to do it.
Brittany – Daniel could get Nicole.
Brittany says Alyssa, Jasmine and Nicole don’t trust her because of Ameerah.

Brittany wonders why Ameerah has been talking shit about Indy “She shouldn’t do that”
They agree she’s smart
Brittany – everyone is scared to go against her because she’s so direct. She would start something.
Brittany feels like she can’t talk to anybody because the person will run and tell Ameerah.
Michael thinks if the Guys get power he could see them taking a shot at Ameerah.
Brittany – she’s the stronger girl. I’m just afraid they’ll get in their ears about me.
Brittany – she’s playing both sides.
They talk about how bad of a Player POOCH is.
Brittany – Ameerah is so tricky. I don’t want to be on her bad side.
Brittany – she’s going to be a tricky one to get out of the house it’s going to have to be something where your name is not attached to it.
Michael – she’s covered really well. I think will take that shot.
They agree Ameerah will be in Joe’s ear especially if she’s the one that tips him off about the vote.

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Am I wrong to think this may be a tie vote?


Right now it looks as if Pooch is going but it is Big Brother so some people are telling Joe one thing and telling someone else something different


Something tells me that they are taking a page out of The Challenge’s book this season with creating pairs this next week. My guess assuming Taylor stays: Jasmine/Taylor, Daniel/Michael, Alyssa/Brittany, Nicole/Terrence, Ameerah/Indy, Joe/Kyle/Monte

Bye Bye B*tches

Turner 🙂

un autre nom

Britt doesn’t trust Daniel.
Britt gives Daniel ammunition.
Britt… wth?
Like Daniel wasn’t going to amplify her part, and lessen his own part in the convo?
Note, he left out that part where she’s voting him out.

So i’m back to the possible thought Daniel throws hinky vote. The question is does he get Nic to hinky vote with him to frame Michael with her?

un autre nom

Britt catches on that there is a chance she is on the outs, and someone might try to blame a hinky vote on her.
She’s sure Ameerah doesn’t trust her… a week after she broke Ameerah’s trust.
NOW she catches on? oh chile….
DId she think she was being straight up sneaky? Everyone she speaks to runs around saying they talked to her. That’s been the case for over a week.

un autre nom

What would have given Britt a better perspective of house dynamics? If Michael had told her about the Mamba’s. But by the time he was with them she was already nailed for snitching once, and he didn’t trust telling her.

Blindside Butterbeans

Pooch is officially the WORST Big Brother player of all time. What an idiot!


I think Marcellas still is the worst considering that he didn’t use the Power of Veto on himself




I’m gonna go with Lawon as the worst.


Not so much game related and not entirely sure of the layout of the studio lot but I wish they could find a second outdoor area. Even if it was just a tiny sitting area. It has got to get at you mentally having to spend extended periods of time locked inside. They obviously need to stay out of the backyard when production is setting things up but a secondary space to just get fresh air would be a cool addition


Since there is no Thursday episode are they gonna block the feeds Tom until Sunday or show us who gets evicted


Maybe there will be a message stating “extended blocking of the feeds” when the feeds go down tomorrow

un autre nom

That moment when:
Daniel and Nicole have been building that witch bonfire for Brittany for well over a day.
Nicole goes to Ameerah with Daniel’s latest 1/2 a conversation with Britt (all Daniel parts in conversation redacted).
Ameerah wants to confront Britt.

Britt is trying to include Daniel in an alliance. Britt threw everyone under the bus.
left out: Britt said she’s voting out Pooch, but if something happened (ie somehow a vote flip does happen) Britt said the women exclude her… that was the bus.

Not now Nic says.
Nic and Daniel like to start bonfires but also like to make sure the witch doesn’t attend the trial. Nic especially likes to make sure nobody fact checks.
Getting the picture?


I hope it is a tie vote with Pooch going home when Jasmine breaks the tie.

Then I want Turner, Joseph, or Brittany to win HOH.

Turner to get revenge for his BFF going, Joseph would get revenge for his future husband’s eviction, and Brittany would just bring the crazy!

If they are smart they will not even use Taylor as a pawn and will go after Ameerah. She is by far the strongest girl and one of the best players at the moment. I like her but if people want to win then she has to go. It would destabilize that entire side of the house let alone most of the major alliances formed so far.

On the other hand I want Monte gone since he is also one of the top people controlling stuff. I don’t like him as much so I’d like to see how him being gone shakes things up.

un autre nom

So who is voting out Ameerah in that scenario?
She’s in an allaince with everyone in the house except Joe, Taylor, Britt and Turner.
Honestly, I don’t know if stronger threat works to get her out when she’s insulated by all of the people that think they are strong threats, and all of the people that think they need her to be their strong threat.
Who is the pawn that gets her out? Somebody has to sandbag her first. Like maybe reveal to the girls that Ameerah is the only one that could have told Monte he was a backdoor option.


Idk that is the problem. I say Jasmine or Nicole. Even if Ameerah stays the guys get out one of her top people (and a core girl for numbers not a flippable one *Indy/Brittany/Taylor*).

If it is the wall Joe better hope his muscles help him hold on until he wins!

un autre nom

Only possible way it works, I think… is Kyle v. Ameerah on the block.
But then look at the kettle of worms you open.
Kyle pulls Alyssa out of Ameerah’s corner potentially. Kyle is outsiders with Brit and Michael. Kyle is men’s men with Monte, Joseph, Turner. Monte Joseph maybe pull in Indy? Not sure about Taylor here, she feels indebted to Ameerah (who started the entire train rolling day one).
Problem: so that’s a potential 7.. but who is the HOH that pulls this move?

un autre nom

What won’t happen but what I’d love to see within the next week:
Anyone remember bbcan10 Kyle trying to pin Stephanie being a target due to something Moose said… so Stephanie called Moose in and confronted?

I’d like to see someone actually demand that their accuser get their ass in the room and defend themselves this season. Mostly because it’s a malice gossip season so far.

un autre nom

the girls girls dead alliance take Britt to task.
Not sure if they buy it, but they did end up telling her about OASIS.
Britt pulled Michael’s name out a bit too much.
Swears Pooch is trying to wedge the girls with lies.
They’ve said she’s a really bad actress, but if they bought her act just now…
who knows.
Give Nicole ten minutes of shit talking and gossip. They’ll be back to burn the bitch.
Meanwhile Nicole and Daniel have already got Britt’s unmarked grave dug, and are arguing over which one of them has a better shot with Ameerah. Yeah, I’m gonna have to stop listening to Nic Daniel conversations for a while… grimace pukeface sideye to an eyeroll.


I will be so happy when Jasmine is not the HOH, I’m so tired of looking at her laying in bed, she is really milking this ankle injury. The other thing that drives me crazy is having to hear Jasmine talk, I personally feel she is really laying on the country accent just a little too much.

I’m so tired of hearing about her ankle, or needing help with everything, do you all remember when Christmas broke her foot ? She still did things around the house, she didn’t expect everyone to pamper her. I’m SO OVER Jasmine, please hurry and vote her jealous, messy, complaining, privileged butt out.

I can’t wait to see Jasmine, Daniel, Nicole, on the block. They all have said some really mean and nasty things about people in the house, I don’t care about Jasmine’s ankle, I’d still put her on the block, she does not deserve to be safe, go home if you can’t compete. Fake accent and all, please send Jasmine home.


Taylor should be very careful with what she says to Monte. He is not to be trusted, I just feel that he will throw her under the bus as soon as an opportunity presents itself.

Pooch is going to feel like such a fool when he gets home and watches this season, he’s going to be the 1st person actually voted out of the house. Paloma self evicted, so she does not count, Pooch said tonight that he loves Joe, but he’s such an idiot, wait until Pooch is at home watching the episodes on his DVR, which we all know he set it up so he could see himself on TV.

Pooch will see who the real idiot is, the idiot who volunteered to be put on the block, the idiot who thinks he’s such an asset to the guys, he sucks at being a good competitor, I guess Pooch thought he was so hot or handsome, that everyone would want to keep him in the game. I cracked up tonight when he said don’t worry, after the eviction, we will still be able to see more Pooch !!! Talk about not being able to read the room, or just being so full of yourself, wish he could take Daniel no back bone, dirty looking Elvis with him when he leaves the house.

un autre nom

Alyssa slipped the name OASIS to Pooch.
Pooch goes to Daniel about it.
Daniel is the one that told the girls it’s called OASIS.
Pooch wants to confront Kyle about dropping the alliance name.
No, ladies and gentlemen, that isn’t Daniel’s supposed tripod third leg in his pants… he’s shitting himself.



OH PLEASE – let this happen so a large group figures out what a snake Evil Elvis is. NOTHING would please me more than for a room of people to piece together how EE & Cruel Chef set people up, expose secrets & blame it on others, blow things out of proportion, are CRUEL & earmark them as back door targets.

As much as I want him gone – I’d be equally happy for her to be ousted since she’s typically the cheerleader in the room pushing her agenda.

Max Max

I bet Jazzy’s husband doesn’t miss her One.single.bit!