Brittany “I just hope that we can direct the narrative to pin it on Taylor.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jasmine
Nominees: POOCH and Taylor
POV Players: POOCH, Jasmine, Taylor, Ameerah, Terrance, Michael (Host Daniel)
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony: Veto was not used
Havenots: Terrance, Nicole, Pooch, Daniel

Lock your ranks in before midnight


7:45pm Bedroom. Michael, Pooch
Pooch – I don’t want people to think that I am not campaigning and not that I think its too early but asking people around the house.. I still think I’m in a good spot. Hopefully!? Knock on wood. Its always a bad thing to say. Michael – no from what I hear everything is still the same. The only thing that I worry about is last week Taylor kind of on Wednesday is when she kind of went hard! Pooch – yeah I’ve been checking in with the guys because I feel like Turner and Kyle wouldn’t bullsh*t me. And Joe and Monte .. not that we talk a lot of game but we’re friendly enough to where I still think its too early where they wouldn’t take that shot .. I hope! Alyssa and Ameerah I feel good with.. who I make sure I talk with every night to make sure that relationship is strong. Michael – and I think they’re close with Jasmine. Pooch – and I hope at the end of the day they’re just like damn for him to just like try and help the house in the process of making sure nobody else has to go up .. and hopefully made the head of household easier. Its tough at this part in the game where everyone likes everyone.. unless I am just out of it. Michael – no, you’re spot on everyone likes everyone. I think about that like if I won, who would I put up. I have no personal things with anyone so.. Pooch – it would be more who is clicking pairwise and stuff like that. Michael – I think when you’re HOH you get a lot of information so I would just have to wait and see what people have to say.. or if people want to cut a deal or stuff like that.

7:50pm HOH room. Indy, Jasmine and Brittany.
Jasmine – how was the workout? Brittany – it was funny … have you been missing Justin at all? Jasmine – yeah. Brittany – I figured you would understand. Brittany starts to cry. Usually I work out with Steven. God I just don’t even let myself go there.. and then you know that mind, body connection? I haven’t really moved my body that much and then just being on the bike. I was just holding it in. Its tough! Its almost like I’m not letting myself think about it because when I do this happens. Jasmine – we just have to release those emotions when we can.

8:10pm HOH room. Jasmine and Brittany.
Brittany – are you still feeling good about everything? Jasmine – honestly yeah, I just hope people aren’t lying, that’s all. Brittany – god I hope so too. Jasmine – I think we’re solid. We only 7 right? And I think we have eight. I mean you’re voting him out right? Brittany – oh my god! 1000%! I swear on Steven! I swear on anything! Like he (Pooch) literally would be gunning for me if he stayed. Jasmine – I think he would be gunning for any girl if he stayed. I think we’re good. I am gonna act dumb though. Like I don’t want y’all to be surprised. I am going to be upset for awhile and act like I need my alone time. Brittany – me too. Just so that the guys be like f**k! Brittany – me too. I just hope that we can direct the narrative to pin it on Taylor. You know?! Jasmine – yeah, yeah, yeah. Brittany – I ran in to Joseph in the storage room… he is campaigning for Pooch. I don’t know if Pooch got him to do that? He didn’t campaign to me once. Jasmine – I didn’t tell him, I didn’t tell Turner.. Kyle might just vote with the house. Monte said he was not. I said well its up to the house. I wish you would. I said, I just want to be upfront and transparent with you. I know we have eight but I just don’t know if we have nine. Brittany – I feel like it would be smart for Kyle. Jasmine – he should, he (Pooch) put a target on his back. Brittany – and to vote with the majority.

9pm Half of the house guests are hanging out chatting in the back bedroom and the other half are hanging out in the HOH room.

9:10pm HOH room. Nicole, Terrance, Ameerah and Jasmine.
Jasmine – so Brittany came in here and she was crying and she was talking about her husband and stuff like that. Then Monte came in and … how do you not know the social cues to get out?! So I couldn’t tell Brittany to just leave. You could clearly see that Monte wanted to talk to me. She would not leave! Terrance – So Brittany was crying over her husband after she literally said that she doesn’t allow herself to miss anything or miss anybody? Jasmine – she said she had a breakdown. She was crying. I went to Indy how are you today? She said I was back there talking to Joseph and Monte ..and she was like oh I told Joseph that I don’t trust him and I said it right in front of Monte. Ameerah – she said that again today!? Jasmine – yes she did. Ameerah – she needs to stop! She needs to stop doing that. Nicole – I am at the point now if you’re telling me something .. now I know its the opposite. You’re telling me because you’re trying to miss direct me. And guess what suck my big toe! Because that’s bullsh*t. Jasmine – she says that she doesn’t trust Joseph but she trust Monte! Baby that’s backwards!

10pm – 10:13pm Bedroom. Alyssa, Indy, Taylor, Ameerah
Talking about goodbye messages they’ll give to Pooch. Taylor – I’m going to say … this is so stupid. You forgot this was a game of chess and in the game of chess pawns always go home before the queen. Alyssa – that’s perfect! Number one rule! Never put yourself on the block and volunteer. I just want it to be Thursday already. Taylor – I know! I just want to get through it. We have the votes! Solid. Alyssa – I know! The only people that are going to be blindsided are Joseph and Turner. Taylor – by how big the split is with the votes. That’s what’s going to blindside them. Alyssa – yeah. Taylor – not the fact that he’s gone. Alyssa – yeah. Taylor – by the way they keep banging in the backyard .. it can’t be a memory comp. Ameerah – yeah you’re right. Taylor – I just do not, do not, do not want Joseph, Monte or Kyle to win it. Ameerah – I don’t want Turner to win it either because of Pooch. Those are the ones I’m afraid of. Taylor – I still think we can count on Monte and Terrance. Ameerah – yeah.

Storage room. Alyssa and Monte.
Alyssa – neither one of them are in my alliance so I am down for whatever you guys want. Most people want Pooch out because they figure he would come for us more than Taylor .. but I don’t trust her either. Monte – me and Kyle are really tight with Pooch and also Pooch tells everyone what he is going to do. He’s like a little locomotive train that you can see coming a mile away. Taylor – on the other hand could put up me and you, or Me and Kyle on the block.. there is no telling what she is going to do. On top of that I feel like she is willing to say and do anything to make sure she stays in good standing with the house. Taylor has openly communicated that she is going to make a big move. And I don’t think it helps anyone’s game if she puts up me and Kyle, or Michael and Me. I am not trying to flip the house. If everyone was Pooch out I am not going to go against that. But we all wanted Taylor out last week.. there is not telling what she might do. She’s already said that she wants to backdoor me. I am not feeling great about that.

10:50pm HOH room. Daniel, Jasmine and Alyssa.
Jasmine – I literally just asked her (Alyssa) do you think I should talk to Kyle tomorrow? But she said that Monte is freaking out everywhere. Alyssa – I talked to Monte and he thinks that Taylor is coming for him. So he is like I just think that she has to go and I was like she can go next week. Daniel – but that is his game.. Alyssa – yeah that’s where I am at too. Jasmine – you can wait to do that on your own f**king HOH! Why are you trying to mess with mine!? Alyssa – Pooch was telling me today that Monte and Joseph that I’m a female threat and.. Jasmine – that he is going to protect Indy. Daniel – he is going to protect Indy? Jasmine to Alyssa – Joseph and Monte said that they’re only to protect Indy? Did Pooch tell you that? Alyssa – yeah, but he twists everything and is a liar so I don’t.. Daniel – they’re going to protect Indy? Alyssa – yeah, that they trust her more.
Daniel – there you go, she is really with them. Jasmine – and Taylor came in here and said that she was sleeping in that little room down there and the guys came in and they were like we’re going to have to get those queens out of their palace because they’ve been up there a lot. And like they’re basically going to take them out next week. How f**king dare you!? First of all I am injured, second of all you put yourself up as a pawn. Third of all its not a queens palace, you’ve been in here all day. Terrance has been in here all day. Like I don’t know how to do damage control with Monte if he is HOH next week. I don’t want to go up. Daniel – all he has told me is.. he is fine with whatever happens. He just wants to be on the right side of the vote. I said once I know, I’ll let you know. Jasmine – that is bullsh*t. Daniel – I can tell him, I am so sorry but the vote is flipping. I am going to vote him (Pooch) out, sorry! Just make it last minute, holy sh*t kind of thing. Alyssa – that’s what you told him or what you’re going to tell him? Daniel – what I’ll tell him on Thursday before the vote. And I’ll put Terrance in there and maybe Turner. Alyssa – I like it.

11:40pm Bathroom. Monte and Kyle.
Monte – I am at the point where I could try to push the girls to vote for Taylor but now I am just like… Kyle – I don’t think it will happen. Monte – I don’t think it will happen. And I think it is more evident that Pooch is such a wildcard. He is so unstable, like if he were to win HOH .. god knows what would happen. I think ..even though Taylor is a great competitor and all that sh*t .. I think we can lay a boxing one on her. Kyle – just make sure she doesn’t win. Monte – make sure she doesn’t win. The only thing is now.. I might be fine with voting Pooch out.. because its at a point where he is just so unstable. Kyle – yeah. Monte – he’s said some wild sh*t. I had a conversation with Ameerah and we said we just need to have better communication around this stuff. I think everyone is just trying to appease Jasmine but they could have gone about it a better way. At least with the six we have the best chance of riding through together.

12:30am – 12:40am Havenot room. Daniel, Nicole and Terrance.
Daniel – Indy is not going to do good on slop, I can tell you that right now! Nicole – Indy is not going to do good when she gets backdoored! They all laugh. Terrance – na, its going to hit different. Nicole – no, its going to be bad. We will have to mentally prepare ourselves for that sh*t. Daniel – who cares?! Ultimately who gives a sh*t! Nicole – I don’t care! Daniel – I am cool with her because I am cool with her. I don’t give a f**k dude. Nicole – but literally what she is doing to Pooch right now is going to happen to her. Daniel – what is she doing to Pooch? Nicole – I mean she is part of the plan to get rid of Pooch. I see Jasmine or Ameerah taking a shot at her (Indy). Daniel – dope! They’re working tonight? Nicole – either that or Turner or someone else needs to take a shot at her. Daniel – who is Michael going to take a shot at? Nicole – he will take a shot at one of us.. and I would respect it. Daniel – right away? Nicole – not right away but I think he would take a shot at us. Daniel – oh yeah I would have to take him out before he does that. Terrance – before that courage builds up in his little heart. Nicole – its already built, I told him to embarrass Pooch and he did it. Daniel – he’s a fighter. It might have to be a backdoor.

1:15pm Havenot room. Terrance, Daniel, Joe, Ameerah, Nicole, Turner and Pooch. They’re chatting about havenots and possible comps for the HOH since BB is building in the backyard already.

1:20pm – 1:30am Bathroom. Taylor and Michael.
Taylor – a lot of season left to play. It will be a good ride for awhile as long as we get out who we want before jury. Michael – yeah, can you imagine if he went out before jury? Taylor – Monte? Michael – yeah. That would be crazy. Michael – like that doesn’t happen. Taylor – oh my god that would be crazy. Lets say I am HOH.. oh my god! I have just fought for so long in this game. Michael – I hope you get it. Taylor – if I get it and I backdoor Monte and get him out.. The guys will come for BLOOD the next week. But if we have the same numbers that we have this week.. that week. Michael – yeah, you get out one of their strongest competitors. Taylor – and no matter what happens I am chilling. God that would be crazy! What was your biggest move? B***H I got Monte out! I heard Indy was freaking out the other day because she doesn’t have a final two solidified. Michael – neither do I! Taylor – no one does! Except maybe Monte and Kyle!

1:35pm – 1:40am Bathroom. Taylor and Terrance.
Terrance – how you feeling? Taylor – I’m good. I’m good. Terrance – I want you to stay in that space. Just make sure your girl is who she is. Taylor – don’t worry about her. Terrance – I got you. I’m a take your word. I trust you. Taylor – I would not lead you astray. Terrance – I know you won’t. I got you. You got me so.. Taylor – always. Terrance – we locked in. Taylor – hell yeah. Terrance – I just want you here because I need you because without each other its slim pickin’s in this b***h! Taylor – Listen! We’re going to make our move next week! Its going to be so good too! Get Monte out! Terrance – that’ll put your a$$ ______. Taylor – anyone who does it.

1:42am The havenots are asleep.

2am Bedroom. Joe, Ameerah, Turner, Taylor and Michael. They’re talking about big brother alumni and past seasons of big brother.

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un autre nom

Post noms d/r:
Jasmine doesn’t care who goes.
Taylor pretends upset.
Pooch thinks he’s dr. will. Where’s the indignation he wasn’t supposed to be against Taylor?
Ameerah happy no POS people are on the block.
Girls girls talk.
Jasmine / Turner Pooch talk. Jasmine’s d/r…. cringe because her fake ass affect she’s adding in is making me sick.
Nic says Taylor is an asset.
Ameerah says Taylor better worry if Pooch comes off.
Taylor worries she’s being set up.

FILLER insert segment:
Contact lens stuff. for comps. let’s be real, production told them they need to wear contacts for some comps.
It’s a comp…. Micheal wins vs Kyle.

Pooch OASIS reveal from day 3. That was when it was named. It was formed a day before, then they included Daniel because he was HOH. Temp position.
Monte is going to be loyal to the POS people over OASIS….. ummmmmm…. so problematic compared to feeeeds. Dammmn. LIke… wtf was THAT???

Tornado warning interrupts program. give me a minute. 4 hours away and warnings are going to pop up every 8 minutes. checking for another channel.
FILLER insert segment:
Pooch and Joseph mance segment. Bromance? whatev.
Michael, Ameerah and Terrance chosen.
Daniel gets back to back hosting. ew.
Jasmine now thinks God is on her side.
Micheal saying maybe take her down if he can if the house says okay….
Taylor wants to win.
Michael offers to maybe throw… convincingly. oops. foreshadow.
They’re skipping a lot in this edit. like… a LOT.
Jasmine says keep noms the same to Michael.
No hands, legs together, go over speed bumps with ball, push balls into the holes.
Seal noises.
Michael scores M:1
Terrance…. scores. M:1 Te:1
Taylor scores. Ameerah scores. M:1 Te:1 Ta:1 A:1
Michael scores again. M:2 Te:1 Ta:1 A:1
Water feature added.
Pooch gets first ball. M:2 Te:1 Ta:1 A:1 P:1
Taylor gets second. M:2 Te:1 Ta:2 A:1 P:1
Pooch has multiple balls in cluster position to get a second.
Michael gives Taylor a shot to win.
Taylor misses.
Michael wins veto.
Pooch doesn’t talk game with Michael. Actually, actively discourages game talk with Michael.
Taylor talks to Pooch.
Joseph taks logic to Pooch. Pooch doesn’t want to hear it.
Meathead talk vs. Meatheads talking.
Insert like the houseguests backstory to combat last week.
Kyle loves Nic? He has thrown her under every bus… whu?
Daniel now playing the wants to play with girls card…. anyone else remember the 6’3″ stuff?
Michael suggests Joseph… His name came up on feeds before Michael said it… from Daniel because he was afraid to say Monte’s name… remember?
girls think about it. Indy silent.
Jasmine says not afraid of the men.
This isn’t how the conversation ended… huh.
Michael doesn’t use veto. Everyone but Pooch knew. Pooch though Monte was going up.
Michael d/r…. cover up.
Taylor d/r. Not good for Michael.
Pooch d/r. he is safe.
Jasmine: asked Michael not to use veto. blah blah blah.
Festy Bestie twist is coming.

BB24 WEEK2.jpg
un autre nom

As Daniel is now telling the thunderbitches in HOH how Indy won’t leave him alone and is always following him and flirting with him… record scratch deja vu… wait… didn’t this asshole say the same story two days ago with another woman’s name… and didn’t he just start a burn the witch campaign about another woman like… 2 hours ago? Oh. he’s that bitch. Move over Karen… Heather’s here.
Damn now he’s going to have to tell his brother backstory another 20 times to try to get feeders to sympathize with him more, isn’t he? Too far? Look at the timing of the reveal and tell me that again.

Oh. wait, someone told Daniel that Indy doesn’t want men on her bed when she isn’t in the room (it was about Turner, but hey). Is that what started this round?

Yeah, I really don’t like trashcan elvis much. he can take cinco de mayo copycat, dollarama Kaycee and 47 is the new 75 asshat with him on the giant leap.
The constant gossipy crap has gone over my tolerance level for today. Sort of a shame. I wanted to like at least one of them. But tbh, they are just slime on the side of a dumpster people. It’s not game most of the time… they really are just assholes.

un autre nom

Has back alley 25 cent hustler Elvis shrunk?
I can hardly feel him vibin with his homies as any 6’3″ alpha powerhouse would. he’s so not dope. what happened?


This was HILARIOUS and true!!!

un autre nom

As Alyssa spills to Monte, and worries about Kyle, and makes it sound like Monte can flip the vote if he gets the six together…. I’m reminded meatshield girl. of course.
She’s been pulling the broken telephone stuff (taking things said a week or 5 days ago and making them sound current, or just putting words in people’s mouths) since last week.
so she should run to jasmine any minute to cover by asking who told Monte? That’s her routine. spill and then play dumb and ask.
Ameerah is saying no, Taylor next, Pooch now to Monte.
Who does he go to next to save the guy that has said his entire alliance’s names… including Monte’s?
Theeere’s Alyssa doing coverup with Jasmine. Who told monte? oh.. was that said? I don’t remember….

I’m not kvetching. It’s a strategy that works. I just find her obviousness to be ridiculous. Like they shouldn’t have figured out that Alyssa is the broken telephone yet??? The only thing that saves her is this cast is behind your back bitchers, not say it to your face bitchers…. mostly because every say it behind your back bitch is known for exaggerating and outright lying and they don’t want to be exposed as manure connoisseurs.
Well, If i remember correctly, the only women in the room were Ameerah, Alyssa, Jasmine and Taylor…. oops. who they gonna blame… because the mention of Monte, and Kyle? That was just the core of the women… wasn’t it? Nic miiight have been there. and for the record, it was Ameerah that snitched to Monte first. Alyssa saves most of her snitches for Kyle.

Daniel is saying he isn’t in the guys alliance to Jasmine. Uh oh. Everyone that knows about the mens alliance knows Daniel was a member, he was HOH when it formed. Monte told Ameerah, and told the six during the noms discussion this week. Kyle told Michael and told Alyssa. Daniel told Nicole, and I think Terrance.
I don’t know if he gets caught or not… but that’s a lot of hang time there.

un autre nom

Monte has backed down… for now.
Pooch running Monte and Joe’s comments about Alyssa and Indy back to Alyssa is what he’s blaming.
He says Jasmine is the mastermind of the flip, and Ameerah, Alyssa and Nicole just went along. Yeah, Ameerah and Nicole just went along.
The six is strong still. Though he sorta forgot Michael is a member again… d’oh.
Kyle is still feeling insecure about the girls thing he knows exists, but never clued Monte about. These two have drifted a bit. What with Monte telling girls he wants to take them to the end, and Kyle making secret side alliances…

Meanwhile, Evilis, Grumpy old man and Lunch lady doris are STILL kvetching about Brittany, and soon… Indy. I’m not letting them off with slopbrain as an excuse. They’re just rotten.
I mean… say what you really want to say in terms of game: Brittany going to them and infodumping last week proved to them she was smart and observant, and they can’t have someone that’s going to know they’re planning to play a floater game TELL everyone they want to ride the middle. There. Everything else is unnecessary. Or say what you really really want to say for game: in order to play middle two women have to be nominated next, and Britt and Indy are the least popular, so let’s get them. There. no superfluous ugliness.

No Name

Monte is the King of self-justification.



These two are on my last nerves today (& I see Another Name is in concert with my on EE – he’s so DISGUSTING — just yuck:

Not only has he made trash can comments about Taylor & Indy he’s been egregiously cruel toward Brit today & stoops to a level that would make trailer park Regina George blush. This was what he said about Brit in front of the GG & Terrance in HOH:

An official f*cking Eeyore floating around the f*cking house, just wooo what a sad day, shut the f*ck up, get the f*ck out

I doubt there is a studio audience this season (due to COVID) but I sure as hell hope he gets given his due course when he exits the house. Daniel is mean, cruel, catty, an attention whore, a narcissist, and loves playing the victim BUT worst of all he thoroughly enjoys this part of the game where he makes up incredulous lies while attacking a person’s character. Pardon me but who the f*ck do you think you are to talk about another player (let alone a lady on live feeds with comments that will live in infamy?

I PRAY the wall yellers come & call out his ass b/c he’s deserving of a dose of reality. Can’t wait for friends, family & in Britt’s case husband of Taylor, Brittney & Indy to speak to him in person & call him out for how he spoke about their loved one. He is the residue left after removing the scum from the bottom of the barrel – so the SCUM OF THE SCUM — he DISGUSTS ME!

How dare he speak about Taylor, Indy & Brit the way he has (and Michael). Gee, is it a coincidence Daniel has attacked arguably the nicest members from the cast this season? He epitomizes to me what a bully is — someone who attacks those he feels are weaker/inferior especially from behind closed doors while acting like the victim & will deny or get indignant if he’s ever called out or would cower if someone put him in his place.

I had this very strong negative gut reaction to him within 5 mins of the opening episode & man was I ever f*cking right.

If there are true BB Gods – get him the f*ck off my screen – I might be forgetting some past ignorant players (I won’t call him a villain b/c he’s not talented enough to be a villain) so excuse my recency bias but he would definitely rank in my bottom three. He makes me want to throw things – I have an extremely negative physical reaction to him & simply can’t watch him on feeds (I’ll go back if I see an update or tweet where he’s in the room for a convo I want to see but he’s OFFICIALLY ON MY NOPE LIST this season!!!

Cruel Chef is ALSO ON MY LAST NERVE today.

She jumped on Brit for LOOKING AT THEM & said she was planting ideas in Pooch’s head so she must be voting with them. There is ZERO evidence to prove this point. What – b/c she didn’t disclose where Daniel was voting? Was she supposed to? STFU Nicole.

The reality is Britt is one of two (Michael – & maybe Ameerah) who wants to work with Taylor & Mike/Brit would likely be the only 2 hamsters who wouldn’t put her OTB if they won HOH.

Nic was ranting to Indy, Ally, & Amee about Britt being disloyal/untrustworthy to the GG alliance saying “in BB history there’s is always one”. She was implying THEY were all-in for the Girl’s Girls except for Brit. Oh, the irony.

This followed Indy returning from her meeting with F3 alpha male partners Monte/Joe. Meanwhile, the lady touting the GG loyalty has a F2 with her evil Elvis & two F3’s with him (one including another male – Terrance). The latter two who met & LIED to Monte about being in solid with them to keep Pooch (essentially doing what Nic/Dan keep accusing Brit of doing). Not to mention she’s aligned with Monte/Kyle (even though she doesn’t want to be).

It’s clear Daniel is trying to set up Britt so I’m thrilled Kyle is most likely going to vote to keep Taylor & although he’ll fight it tooth & nail I actually think Monte will too. I’m now hoping Britt DOES GET to get to Joe first to tell him the vote will be heavily in favor to keep Taylor so he too should vote with the house.

Let Turner be the solo ’empathy’ vote for Pooch. SIDE NOTE: It won’t happen but it would be great if the guys kept their votes to themselves & all voted to keep Taylor (except Turner) but Daniel not knowing threw his vote. Then in the aftermath, when he tried to pin it on Brittany – Kyle/Joe & Monte could tell him you’re lying b/c she was the one who gave us the head’s up! It won’t happen but gee, I sure wish it was plausible.

I mean I don’t typically care – but I want Dan/Nic to have NOTHING they can point to although we know they’ll try to bury her if anyone outside of Ally, Ameerah, Nicole, Dan, or Terrance wins HOH.

I’d be equally delighted if the quartet of men Kyle/Joe/Monte/Turner came together to recognize of all the women Brit is the most likely (even more than Indy) to work with them & HAS reason to not trust those vipers. I further hope she moves off just targeting Ameerah to recognize separating Dan/Nicole would be the better move.

I had higher hopes/expectations for Nicole but given her BFF – all I can think of is LIKE SPEAKS TO LIKE! That they are two of the elder hamsters is a sad testament to them as individuals. I’m not at a NOPE with her yet (but I’m definitely NOT a fan).

For all her anger at Monte for trying to control them & playing a selfish game, she’s playing almost exactly the same with a very similar controlling style.

Case in point, Ally said she wanted to talk to Monte (to sense out the Brit situation) but Nicole shut that down saying NO DON’T, WAIT – b/c I want to talk to him, I want to see what he’s saying.

Excuse me, but STFU Nicole – who died & made you the boss of who can speak & when they can speak? It’s extremely controlling & while I don’t like Monte’s self-motivated asks he’s not even this demanding/aggressive in regards to telling people what they can/cannot do.


Sensing the vitriol from the ladies Britt asked Ally about it.

Brit: sometimes I feel like people don’t want to talk to me.
Ally:The Joseph thing – – everyone is like “I want to make sure she is on board”.
Brit: Joseph and I, don’t talk game. Ameerah talks to Joe, so I don’t understand why can’t I? (VERY VALID POINT!)
Ally: I would just clarify when you can

Brit also told Jas she’s 1000% voting out Pooch & promised on her husband.


As for the PP group BOTH Monte & Nicole are the biggest deterrents to them staying intact. They both want control & they both want Ameerah’s loyalty to them.

Nic wants it to dissolve for obvious reasons — bc she is attached to dirty Elvis in everything except that alliance & is desperate to take out Monte (and truth be told Kyle & Michael too).

Since Monte told Ame/Ally/Michael about Oasis I do sort of, kind of think this is his priority alliance b/c he believes Kyle & he can beat everyone down the stretch. I vacillate on whether he’ll prefer to keep Ally/Amee in longer than Michael but FOR SURE he’ll be happy to see Nicole leave since this week made it clear she was a terrible fit & also that Daniel is full of sh*t lying to his face.

Nic almost lost it when Amee said we need to come clean & tell him about everything & Nic immediately said ‘what do you mean everything?’ b/c she doesn’t want Monte to know about their F5 with Ally/Amee/Jas/Nic/Dan.

It’s sort of hilarious b/c for all of Monte’s self-centered play & control issues he’s actually been more forthright about other sub alliances than Ameerah has with him.

Lastly, it doesn’t take much to figure out why Amee prefers to go deep with PP. She has a F2 with both Nicole & Monte while Michael and her spoke of being partnered when they got to the 6 b/c Kyle was with Monte & Pal was with Ally. Nicole shifted those dynamics — but for the better in Amee’s case.

She also has F3 with Nic/Daniel & Jas/Ally although it’s fair to believe in both cases she wouldn’t have the upper hand (meaning she would be the obvious F2 choice for either b/c N/D are conjoined twins & Jas/Ally know she’d beat them). Therefore getting Dan/Jas out to jury improves her F2 options & gives her an advocate in jury.

Anyway, I know Brit is a train wreck but I sort of see the method behind her madness & just wish she would reel it in a bit. Nothing would please me more than her winning HOH next week & Indy/Taylor letting loose on everything that the mean girls & Evil Elvis Wannabe have said about her.

Admittedly, I’d prefer to see the next few weeks witness the exit of Nicole, Monte leaving back to back then in any order Dan, Tucker & Jasmine. Although I’m not endeared to this cast I’m pulling for Michael & would like to see how the game would change once those alphas & mean spirited people were gone.

In this scenario the house would be re-aligned to feature:

Men: Michael, Kyle, Joe, & Terrance
Women: Brit, Taylor, Indy, Ameerah & Ally

Perhaps that would offer a much happier cast while still featuring competitors and the opportunity for duos, trios & new alignments.

It’s doubtful Monte leaves that early – – & perhaps this week/Ameerah giving him more intel will find him chilling out a bit (doubtful lol) but I’d still rather have Monte in the house than either of EE or CC.


I like Nicole more than you do obviously. As far as Brit, she has been so obvious with how she is gathering information/lying that is why other houseguests are talking bad about her. Don’t you remember how bad houseguests were talking about Andy when they finally figured out what he was doing?

un autre nom

I don’t know…
Using season 15 as an example of reasonable behavior may be a bit of a stretch… i mean. 15? That’s like saying 19 was just good humored fun and light jovial roasting.
Strategically, i have no problem with what is occurring in the game. It’s not the strategy that sucks, it’s the week one tone that you have to mob up and find a new depth for lowest common denominator that is bothersome. Just saying hey guys, we have to get rid of this stong competitor isn’t good enough for this crew. It’s everyone has to hate that one or we’re coming for you next mentality.


So this is what they look like when they are actually sleeping 🙂


Hello all. I have been reading the posts and comments, thanks everyone. I can’t see to rally up any support or enthusasm for any of them, except Michael. So much gossiping, yuk!

Carlito's Way

I am so with you, Ribbet. I tried, but just can’t get on board with this cast. Aside from Michael, they are all just the worst. Cannot root for anyone other than Michael. How did they manage to find so many unlikable people??? I’ll hang in and root for Michael but unless he gets some sort of strong alliance going, I think he may be sunk.


Hey CW, in case you hadn’t noticed, there is a new sub-group in America that is growing by leaps and bounds. MORONS!! The phenomenon is called ‘The Moronification of America’ and it is everywhere! (Thanks Social Media!!!)

Max Max

I only want to know how many rocks did they have to look under to find Nicole????


I don’t like any of them including Michael. It’s just really that bad.

Julie Chen

I miss Paloma



un autre nom

Before this season, I saw some weird social media stuff. I’m trying to remember the exact source, but at the time i just rolled my eyes and kept scrolling, so it’s not exactly easy.
Aaaaany way, it was a couple of alumni commenting how season 19 wasn’t that bad, and deserves a second look.
Was someone giving us a hint of what we could expect?
I mean, season 19 started with someone quitting before feeds even came on because the pre-feeds house atmosphere triggered their ptsd, and then there was mob rule week after week.

Last night Ameerah was saying to Taylor some of the fans were hating on this season because of the nom choices and activities week one. Said as a joke, but also said as ‘yeah we’ve been warned’.
This is after Ameerah told Joseph that everyone hates Brittany so he should hate Brittany too (paraphrase). Little reminder, it was Ameerah that walked in with the whole Pageant woman angst that she was spreading amongst the girls to begin the girls’ alliance.
Have we found the heads of the mob mentality high school crap? Is it Daniel and Ameerah that are taking week one’s tone created by Monte, and trying to captitalize on groupthink and i hate the word because it is used incorrectly so much ‘bullying’ (it actually pains to write the word because it’s used inappropriately so often most seasons). I’m going to be keeping my eye on them. All three of Daniel, Ameerah and Monte… they are on the watchlist for suspected Paulism.

I’m seeing season 19 parallels. Can’t help it. I’m holding off on firing up my Nope list until week three, because i suspect there’s going to be a bulk noping of 4 or more. There’s quite a few on the edge, and grating my last nerve as it is.
They really DID go out and find a bunch of real assholes for this seasons didn’t they?
Grimace face.


Sooooo…Monte is making nice with Taylor now? He is soooo transparent. He really and truly thinks he is smarter and more superior than anyone else. His face irks me

un autre nom

Did you get the feeling he was saying ‘even if i were to vote you out this week and you stayed, it would go a long way to build trust with me if you didn’t target me?’
That was the feeling I got.


Not so much nice as idle chit chat

un autre nom

While Daniel is getting on his high horse…
He’s telling Jasmine that it wouldn’t be fair for her to be nominated because she can’t compete.
me: if she can’t compete she should DOR. take the lump to the door and tell it to go home… and take the scooter.
He agrees she shouldn’t volunteer to be a have not.
me: she was NOT going to volunteer as a have not. puh-lease.
He tells her anyone that nominates her, the whole house will go against them.
me: okay, shut up fool, go line up at the door to leave if you want her to get to the end so bad.

If she can’t compete, she should go. Period. But now he’s given her license to milk this injury until final 4. To be clear: Nic wants her in the finals with them, so Daniel is thinking drag the lump to the finals with social intimidation / mob mentaltiy threats to the house.
If she’s unable to participate, sustain herself by making herself food, or dress herself… send her home.

The Beef

“I do not feel comfortable competing in this competition.” “Thiyis” just after saying how important it was to keep the nominations the same! Hell, considering the fact all she had to do was drag herself along the floor with her arms and hands (feet were specifically “out of bounds” for contact by rule with the “pearls”, and there was no way you could really push off with your feet considering the mermaid costumes), she could have at least TRIED, and if it was too painful, dropped out. But no, she took the easy way out and just quit before it even started. A true team player that one is – NOT!

I couldn’t agree with you more. If she can’t compete, she should be removed from the game, period, end of story. I pretty much guarantee you if presented with that option, we would see a rapid and miraculous recovery from Jasmine, and while she may still hobble a bit, she would be on her own two feet by the end of this week. I just don’t believe that slight ankle turn merits anywhere near the level of treatment and attention that it’s receiving.

un autre nom

Monte has talked with Taylor.
She has said mostly all the right things to calm Monte, but how will the provocateurs twist her saying the right things?
Monte goes to Daniel and Terrance to say he’s giving his stamp of approval to the vote… like it wouldn’t have happened if he didn’t? That’s how it felt to me. Like, dude. wow.
Oh now all of the things he didn’t believe (ignored because they didn’t fit his narrative), are his justifications. Pooch runs convos to people, Pooch wanted Monte on the block… sigh. yup. Now that he feels he’s saving face by telling people he was just being diligent to the truth…. oh shut up.
So, that’s as close as we’re going to see to Monte eating crow. Wasn’t very satisfying, was it?
Monte saying he doesn’t want a 23 understanding, but wants all the poc in jury. Gonna be a pretty big jury house if he wants most the men, all the poc and the entire POS people in the jury… i’m counting 11 jurors by Monte’s talks of who he wants in jury. mmhmm. That’s not how this works.

un autre nom

Monte Michael Kyle conversation has actually set up a landmine that will be used against Michael in the future… like by Friday if not late tonight.
Michael mentioned Indy as a pawn if either Turner or Taylor came off the block.
Why is this a landmine?
Monte and his “secret” “fake” “non-existant” thing with Joseph and Indy.
Mistake, Michael. never name names in front of Monte because he’s GOING to tell SOMEONE, who WILL tell SOMEONE, who WILL tell Indy.

Only Reading Feeds

Daniel should be on the cover of How to be a Narcissist book.

un autre nom

I get it.
Evilelvis realized he didn’t have what it takes to hang with the men and be alpha… so he’s decided to be the alphamale of the women’s alliance (unless Niole pulls out a tape measurer). Remember when Frenchie tried that? These gossipbroads…. how you gonna let a man walk in and dictate your targets like that? Where the hell is your self respect, and don’t go yelling girl power again, I might vomit.
He’s leading the gossip train, telling them who to nominate…
and it’s three women as nominees.
Women nod their heads and continue bashing other women…

Wow. these people are dumb.


While the feeds are down binge The Real Housewives (any version)

un autre nom

I’ve never watched an episode of any housewives show.
LOL. Just… no.

un autre nom


While there is a bit of a lull in my interest, I wonder:
Julie Chen spoiled this silly pairs / bestie twist for this week to Us magazine.
How would they Logistically make pairs for an HOH comp when Jasmine can’t compete?
So whoever chooses Jasmine as partner gets a free pass?
How could it work?
I’m reminded of bbcan3: pairs endurance standing together on top of a pedestal, winning pair chooses one to be the HOH.
If the Jasmine pair were to compete or have immunity… they could always… hmmm would they?
hmmm. how about a dunk tank.
one member of pair seated on a chair connected to a rope supported by the other member. if the support or strength member of the pair loses grip, the seated one goes in the tank.
Yes that favors a pair that went stronger with smaller as a pairing.. i know.
How does that move forward?
So hoh nominates 2 pairs? the 2 pairs and the hoh pair compete in veto?
hmmm. would that work? 6 people playing… winning pair wins pov…
THAT would be interesting if they try to do the male female pair that i’ve been suspecting and noted as my thought last wednesday when i said production may be looking to even the gender numbers for this twist.
Now… how to get it down to 2 nominees…. hmmm… viewer vote safety gets you down from 4 noms to 3? orthey get to bring back the backstage comp idea of a competition between them for safety?
Spitballing and Tinfoil hatting complete. Let’s go back and see what defamation the little assholes are spreading around now.


Wait….what happened. I got on the feeds when Taylor, Ameerah, and Daniel were all mentioning something about nonsense that happened upstairs


Lol. Narrator actually used the phrase “Screw the Pooch”!