Brittany “It was called the Leftovers. Kyle & Turner started it. OH MY GOD.. I am literally going to get death threats!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Turner
Nominees: Brittany and Taylor
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

Bedroom – Alyssa and Brittany.
Brittany – me being on the block was not supposed to happen. Same with Taylor… whatever was .. is no more! Alyssa – I really don’t know who is playing me right now. My head is so scrambled right now. Brittany – me too. Alyssa – I am trying to understand and learn.. but there is a veto so if you feel more comfortable after that we can go from there. Alyssa – I do love you. Brittany – I love you too. Alyssa – I am still learning and understanding. I am not setting you up for anything. Brittany – this is just worst case. I want to tell you everything.. and I have been trying to tell you little things across the weeks that I think you’ve been picking up on as an effort to not have you be the next person to go. But today very clearly showed what that was is not a thing. I am afraid if I spill the beans and everyone finds out .. I am a goner. I am done. Alyssa – and if you think its too heavy for me to hold I am scared. I don’t think Jasmine going home was because of Fly Swatters or whatever. Brittany shakes her head no. Oh man Alyssa I just don’t want to look back at this moment and be like this is why I went home. Alyssa – take a deep breath, meditate .. we have time. Brittany – I don’t know. You would have me and Terrance. That’s it. That’s it. And Joseph was a part of it. Alyssa – I think he was lying through his teeth saying he was trying to save me. Brittany – No! Not at all.

Brittany – I won’t tell you everything but please don’t tell him. Alyssa – I won’t. I promise you. Brittany – I am just really sorry. Alyssa – its okay we’re both still here. Brittany – whatever that was .. today it ended. And I think that is why I am crying the most because I thought people had my back and they didn’t. I don’t think Taylor or I are the target. I think Michael needs to win veto and he will take me down and then we’re good. Monte goes up and either Monte or Taylor go home. Alyssa – that’s what you think? Brittany – yup. I think if I win the veto and take myself down, they probably send my best friend (Michael) out of the house. Michael would go up instead of me and he would go home. I think if Taylor wins veto and takes herself down, Monte goes up. I think Michael or Monte are going home this week. Let me just say it because if I go home… Alyssa – don’t do it if you don’t feel its right. Brittany – I don’t know what else to say other than its everybody. Its everybody and that includes Kyle and Turner too. But there must be more to it because we didn’t make it to final 7. My guess is that we’re close enough to the end and he won HOH so he decided it was time to take the shot at a big competitor and that he would rather compete against you or me later on so he broke the alliance early and he is going to backdoor Monte or Michael. Alyssa – he still hasn’t told me anything and I don’t know why. Maybe it was tell Alyssa as little as possible so she doesn’t say anything. Brittany – that’s probably it. The Leftover thing is done now was called the Leftovers. It was all the people that didn’t know what was going on. We banded together week 3.. I was brought into it after I won wood stack. Kyle and Turner started it. OH MY GOD.. I am literally going to get death threats! I am just freaking out right now. Alyssa – its okay. I knew back when Kyle and I were talking game .. that something was wrong. And no one was talking game with me .. so I understood that. Brittany – I knew at some point in the game Michael, Taylor and I would be expendable and we’ve reached that time in the game.

8:10pm HOH room – Monte, Turner and Kyle.
They talk about bringing Terrance in with them. Kyle – I just feel like I don’t want to leave Terrance out of this. Lets bring him in. Turner – yeah for sure. Kyle – its going to come out eventually. Monte – he can be a plus one. Kyle – and dude… he is LOVING this! He is F**KING LOVING THIS!! He’s got Taylor lying to him. He’s got Brittany lying to him. He’s got Michael .. and he is just EATING IT UP DUDE! So I am happy I am working with him. I don’t know .. he hasn’t had a good experience this far … like f**K it DUDE! I have nothing against him. He is no threat to us. Like lets f**king work with him… why not! F**K it! I trust him more than Michael, Brittany, Taylor! Turner – if we just had Alyssa and Terrance here… right there .. BOOM.. we just need to somehow tonight so that this doesn’t become Daniel’s F**King Oasis .. we just need everyone in one room. Kyle – lets do it for sure! Monte leaves.

8:30pm HOH room – Alyssa joins Turner and Kyle.
Alyssa – BRITTANY JUST TOLD ME EVERYTHING! Kyle – yeah that’s what I figured. Turner – really? Kyle to Alyssa – so I just told Monte do you think we should bring Terrance into the loop about what happened outside just so we’re all on the same page. Alyssa – my brain is EXPLODING! Like EVERYTHING she just told me. Kyle – They’re (Monte / Terrance) going to have the conversation. Monte will be on the same page as all of us. Don’t say that we told Monte already. Alyssa – okay. Kyle – I just don’t want to leave Terrance out again. Alyssa – Brittany said that she is not going to tell Michael. She said if you tell anyone .. I am going home this week. She thinks she is the one telling me all these things. The name. The plan. F**KING EVERYTHING! She said you can’t tell them. She said that Taylor said you two were the first two she would take out of the Leftovers. Kyle – oh yeah Taylor told me that today. Kyle – how did it go? Alyssa – she was shaking and crying. She said if you tell them I told you .. she said she would go home. She thinks its Michael or Monte going this week. Kyle – they are all trying to figure out what the f**k happened last week and they have no idea. I knew this was going to happen. I told Terrance .. be prepared the next phase is going to be them spilling the beans and trying to get the narrative to where they’re the innocent person. So I was going to talk to you (Alyssa) so be prepared because everything I have ever said ..just like with Joseph is going to come out again. I am sorry but you’re going to have to hear about how bad of a person I am again two more times with Michael and Taylor. Sorry again. Alyssa – its okay. Kyle – Do we make an alliance with Monte involved. Alyssa – I don’t think so .. we just stick with After Party. I trust Monte way more than Brittany. Turner – for sure.

8:45pm HOH room – Terrance, Monte, Kyle, Turner and Alyssa.
Monte – we’re here damnit! Lets f**king do this. Kyle – shoutout to Turner for winning the HOH. Giving us this opportunity.. Because without you my boy it could have been a whole different vibe. Turner – Now we have an objective and we can make it far in this game. Alyssa – final five for sure! Turner – this week one of them will be gone and it will be 2 vs 5.. and with flying colours we can make that happen ..between us we have a sh*t ton of wins and if we get out Michael we quadruple their competition wins. They have friggen one! Kyle – 1000%. Monte – we just have to make sure Michael doesn’t get picked for veto. Terrance – I already planted seeds for Taylor not to pick Michael for HG choice because he is not going to use it on you. Turner – we just need to fight out life out for the veto.

Workout room – Brittany and Michael.
Brittany – I don’t want to lie and I don’t want to Pooch myself.. that’s two things that send people home. Michael – yeah. Brittany – so instead I just shut up. Michael – yeah. Brittany – It sucks that its probably going to be ZING-BOT. I want to like enjoy it. Michael – right .. just have fun with it. We just have to get out of our heads. Focus. Have fun! Brittany – this is fun. This is not life or death. Its just a game we very much love and deserve to win. Michael – yeah. Brittany – so who would I pick if I can’t pick you (HG choice in the veto)? Michael – Terrance .. because you can beat him. Brittany – right.

9:18pm Bedroom – Brittany, Taylor and Monte.
Monte – Me and Michael are starting to get the suspicion that they may know about the Leftovers. Brittany – really? Monte – yeah so I would try to dial back on trying to talk about anything. I got a hunch about it. I think they might try to pull info out of you. Alyssa already shared a little bit much and I am like how do you know this sh*t?! Brittany – what did she say? She told me a lot of what Joseph had told her. Monte – If “Joseph” told her that information I don’t know what the cap is on that information. I feel like it could be way more than what she actually knows and she is just playing stupid right now. We just have to be careful with this stuff. Just be careful!

10:20pm Chinese Checkers for Michael, Turner, Taylor, Terrance, Monte and Alyssa. Kyle just came out of the diary room and Brittany is sleeping.

10:30pm HOH room – Kyle talking to the cameras..
Kyle – AMERICA! AMERICA! AMERICAAAAAAAAAA! Alright holy sh*t what a freaking week!!! Indy goes home. Dyre Fest.. so we’re in the HOH and I am like oh sh*t! Leftovers goal was to try and kick out Terrance, Alyssa and Jasmine. Kyle then goes through the Terrance / Michael picks for Dyre Fest and Brochella. He then explains the whole Dyre Fest week in the backyard. Yo this is crazy there are 8 people left.. basically 7.. like if we can backdoor Michael this week and take him out.. holy cow! We have Taylor and Brittany we can take out next. And then I am solid with Monte and Turner with the Pound. I am solid with the After Party with Alyssa, Terrance and Turner. Then I have a final two with Turner and a showmance with Alyssa. I am like holy sh*t! I just went from being on the block to go home to like the best position in the entire house. How is that possible!? It just shows you how much can change in Big Brother. Winning competitions is the key! Unfortunately for Michael he has won a lot of competitions and he has been safe but listen Michael and Brittany coming after me .. that is so annoying. They act like they run this house. Its so frustrating. And its like BRO, I started the Leftovers and looped you in and I basically saved your game up until this point and now I am butchering the Leftovers so that I can take you guys out. He give-th, he take-th away bro! Michael and Brittany are crazy… they’re sneaky sneaky players. They are really really good at this game. There is a path to the end. The next few weeks are going to be crazy! Taylor, Michael and Brittany are the bottom of the pack and they feel it. I love this game! I love you America. I want to make sweet sweet love to your face America! (for 10 seconds) Oh my god you’re so beautiful to me!!

10:50pm – 11pm HOH room – Turner and Kyle
Kyle – Me, you, Monte have the Pound. Me, you, Alyssa and Terrance have the After Party. Turner – me, you and Alyssa have whatever the f**k that is. Kyle -do we have a name for it? Turner – no. Maybe that is just better so it doesn’t get leaked. Kyle – yeah I think that is better. Turner – I think me and you are in the best f**king standing in the house. No matter what, one of them are going to leave next week. And as long as one leaves the next week we are fine. Michael joins them. Turner – what up dog?! Michael – I can stay and hang for a little but .. no 5am for me tonight. Kyle heads down stairs. Michael – well I would love to play in the veto if you got a house guest choice. Turner – oh for sure. Michael – cause I think its going to be Zing-bot and I really want to play in it. Turner – oh 100%! I’m sure if Brittany and Taylor also get HG choice they will also pick you. But I will definitely.. hell yeah! Michael – okay, well I appreciate that. Turner – I might shower and go to bed if you’re cool with that. Michael – yeah.

11:35pm All the house guests are in bed..

5:50 am Zzzzzzz

9:13 am zzzzzzzz

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Kyle is not as smart as he thinks he is since he thinks Michael doesn’t know that he’s a possible target


Love it! Kyle’s playing the best game right now.


This aged well


Where in the world did you see that, Robert? I’m pretty sure he suspects Michael is worried he is the target.


He makes me PUKE! Hey America.. Hey Kiddie Kyle, guess what American HATES you!


Tequila makes me puke.. sometimes


This is fun!

Bad Twists Save Bad Players

someone has to strike 1st sadly. As much as I would like to see Alyssa and Kyle on the block, this move by Turner does make sense.

No Name

How did they let this goofy SOB run the house?Love him or hate him with his borderline messy paranoid gameplay Kyle is winning,Grod must be loving it.


Turner is easily manipulated by Kyle ugh


That’s an insult to Turner. I think he knows what he’s doing.

Just Me

I don’t think Turner is being manipulated. He has been quietly watching for along time. He is seizing on an opportunity. I think it’s smart game play. Even if he keeps to a final 2 with Kyle because he knows the votes will land with him over Kyle every time.

Christime Ahrens

Ppl need to quit feeling sorry for kyke like Britney this is a game and you don’t make racial comments


Yeah, no, he’s not. He is sensible & knew that forming the alliance with Terrance & Alyssa was bad for them because Kyle and Turner would have to carry them, but with the added number of Monte, it was the right move.


I love Monte as a subtle double agent, lol

Game fan

I was waiting for monte to do something

Michelle Miller

Me too he has been way laid back. Not sure if he is taking it all in and coming in after the chaos. But I am way surprised he just continues to go with the crowd.


I would love to see Monte win something again.

Christime Ahrens

O love monte the best. Michael has slept in votes andonte is better


Wow it’s like cockroaches scrambling when the lights turn on. Just fun to watch a wagon going down the hill when one of the wheels falls off. T hu is week is gonna be so fun. Careful Michael, that eerie feeling you have is the wagon approaching you.


Both he and Taylor know that they have to make sure that they win the veto to not be evicted


Every picture of Brittany is how I feel getting ready for work.


I wonder if Michael had gone after monte like he should have if after party pulls in jasmine. They probably do, but man would turner have been less than psyched to be working with jasmine


So I have a question if Michael gets picked to play veto wins and takes Britney down is he safe to? How does that work ?


Yes he is safe as well so then Taylor would go home unless something happens


I can only hope Michael gets to play Veto and wins. That way, at least he and Brittany stay and can win HOH and get out Kyle or Alyssa….or Turner (ugh never thought I’d root for Turners eviction 🙁 ). Just ugh.


Noooo! Michael needs to GO! I hope the AP makes the final 4 🙂


LOL. Okay. The AP, in my eyes, is full of mediocre unlikable players save Turner but he’s apparently decided to be with a Showmance and Terrance. *Shrug*

Just Me

Yup. Because he knows he gets the jury votes against any one of those 3. Forward thinking


I really hope this is some kind of genius game play on Turner’s part and not an example of how Kyle can “influence” him as Kyle bragged about whilst in the backyard. I was rooting for Turner & Michael — now what? Gah!


Hearing them talk about it a couple times, is veto competition going to involve Zingbot?


Zing bot does usually visit around this time, but I think Julie would have hinted he was coming in Thursday’s show


Kyle is such a whupped puppy. ? And the way Alyssa went after Joseph was so pathetic. She was so mad,mad at him for lying to him. SMH. Ummmmm, Kyle lied to her the entire time, but conveniently decided to tell her the “whole truth” only when he or their showmance was in jeopardy??? As well as telling Terence…. Just WoW.


I don’t get the attraction either. She is beautiful and wants to be with a 29 year old unemployed Mama’s boy that is trying to be a YouTube star?


am still confused about JOE’s strategy 2stay in the house trying 2convince Alyssa 2vote Kyle out…how u gon convince a girl who just had 10s sex with a guy 2vote him out.I tought this was a losing battle right away. His focus should have been on Sore Turner & dummy Terrance


That joe ever thought house meeting was the correct strategy told you he had no game


I wouldn’t say that he had no game. I think he was too loyal to the LOs. Did you notice that , as he was unaware being betrayed by kyle, he was trying to help kyle during the veto comp… He wanted kyle to win the veto for some weird reason…not every1 can be a rat like kyle, it’s hard for some people. No1 is perfect. He got blindsided. “Loyalty is his blind spot”. I think he’s a man of principle. I am sure he learned some life lessons during his stay in the house. I believe that he is one of the nicest guys I’ve watched play BB. Good luck to him.


Wtf. They had actual intercourse. Damn that girl is desparate . Then again prostituted her self for 750k. She stays she’s winning. Have they all forgot jury management today


A woman having sex with someone she likes/cares about does NOT make her a prostitute. What a disgusting thing to say and shame on the 6 people who liked it.


Kyle is playing the best game. He has gone from being the target of the entire house to forming a brand new alliance that’s on track to eliminate the strongest player in the game. Once Monte and Michael are gone, he will take his showmance to the end.


And Alyssa will win because the jury is packed with betrayed LOs….

Game fan

Alyssa isn’t winning. Turner is fine with kyle turning against the lo.. obviously. Monte as of now is part of this as well.
Michael is a fan . I can’t believe he would for real pick Alysa. He is just mad at this moment. Terrance would pick kyle to win. And.. i believe Brittany would calm down as well.


Okay. Sure.


Worked out for Boston rob. Look forward to seeing Kyle 3 more times and finally winning his forth attempt. Oh, also Kyle and Alyssa will marry and have kids


That was Survivor, not BB. I am not interested in seeing Kyle recast ever. He might be too preoccupied with his supposed children at that point. I don’t really care about whether their relationship continues beyond BB. I know Michael is a fan but that doesn’t mean he gives Kyle money at the end of the day.

Daniel Sucks

I doubt both get to F2.

Kyle has helped himself stay in the game longer. But as the LOs go to jury, one by one, they will hear from Joe what really happened. And probably Turner or Terrance too. They likely won’t lie once they get to jury.

Kyle sold out his alliance for his showmance, and so far has not even thought about jury management. I doubt Kyle can get enough LOs to vote for him to win the game even if he does make F2.

Still he has managed to hang on, and 2nd place pays pretty well too!




Kyle had better jury management of Indy than Taylor and while he’s not getting Joe’s vote, brochella isn’t getting jasmine’s vote either

Daniel Sucks

?? I said he won’t get many LOs to vote for him. Indy and Jasmine were never in the leftovers. But most of the jurors at the end will be former LOs.

CacklingHyena Kamala & PedoHairSniff Joe

Terrance, Alyssa, Turner and Kyle need to watch their mouths so they don’t spill the beans on the L/O being the cat out of the bag. That might spoil plans. As it stands, Michael will percursorly be backdoored. If he wins the veto he’ll take down Britanny and Taylor will be out the door. If nominations were to remain the same Britanny should be evicted because her alliance with Michael is just as powerful as a showmance. I hope Alyssa wins HOH next and sends Taylor two stepping out to the pepo patch as retribution Taylor’s childish and stupid hatred of Alyssa about that whole vacation fiasco. Petty, petty, petty!!!


I hope if it is zingbot he makes Alyssa feel stupid for staying on Kyles side but it will probably just go over her head! How can they continue to trust Kyle and his new alliances every week? I don’t usually get emotionally invested in the show but this season has me frustrated! I guess my new favorite will be Alyssa, she seems pretty protected by everyone.
Alyssa and Britt final two, that’s what these dumb guys deserve.

Daniel Sucks

The viewers don’t deserve that F2!


I legitimately hate this. It’s a damn shame that they couldn’t just finish what they started. I know that people lie in this game but it’s really sad when Turner said he’d be leftover loyal and then does this (at Kyle’s insistence). It’s just sad honestly. Yes, Michael is a big threat. But they were working together all this time–protecting one another and that all crumbled down because of 1) this dumb ass twist and 2) Kyle’s big mouth and showmance.

Damm shame that one of the best players (at least this seasons MVP) is going home if he doesn’t win Veto. Just a shame overall. And before I have to hear “but this is best for Turners game” comments, is it really best for him to turn on all the people who were loyal to him. To then send them all to jury. To ride it out with people who can’t and don’t usually win things. And Turner can’t be HOH next week so…. good luck with Terrance, Alyssa and Kyle vying for the HOH title. Finally, Turner is losing jury votes because they will talk to Joe in jury and he will expose Kyle and to a lesser extent Turner for jumping ship.

And of course this is absolutely all my biased opinion but if Turner, Terrance, Kyle and Alyssa make top 4 somehow, I don’t see the LOs giving the win to Turner or Kyle. And it’ll be a damn shame to see Terrance or Alyssa win. But it’s all their own doing so …. whatever.

I also can’t believe they don’t see what’s right in front of them…
Kyle’s snake ass. They assume it was Joe who spilled which isn’t true. Joe would have never said a thing had Kyle not ruined it. I’m just bummed. And yes I know many love this because it’s making better TV and more “oooh now what’s going to happen” moments but I, for one, HATE the twist and hate the ramifications. To think Michael kept Monte safe. Hell so did Brittany and Taylor for that matter and now he’s flipping like a pancake. SMH. Disappointing. If Michael hits jury, he wins America’s Facebook Player handily.


Kyle spilled the beans to Monte who now knows that he told Terrance before nominations occurred using his own creative license to sell that Terrance was probing him – (bullsh*t).

Monte’s acting cool but there was a decided change in his demeanor after learning this information. I think he was okay if the LOs were fractured & even if the news of their existence came out – but learning Kyle did this pre-noms & formed a new alliance & Joe didn’t say anything until after the POV was played verified what he needed to know.

Hey, it was one thing for Kyle to spill the Leftovers – it was an entirely different thing for him to make sure neither Ally or he would be initial noms so she’d be safe. That told Monte that Kyle wasn’t loyal to the Pound either & that he put Ally ahead of his main F4 alliance, it made it crystal clear that there was no way if he had won POV that he’d use it to protect one of the guys so all three in the Pound could be safe.

Kyle walked into that backyard & decided he would sell out both of his alliances to be safe himself & keep his showmance safe – & to fracture both the LOs & Pound simultaneously & made sure the target landed on his nemesis Joe (Monte’s F2).

As much as Monte wanted to work with the guy’s alliance this I think struck him well below the belt bc Kyle cut Monte’s end game in one move which we can respect because she’s a guaranteed vote for Kyle but in Monte’s eyes I think this will be considered as an unforgivable betrayal. He’s playing along right now bc he knows after Michael it’s him or Taylor next on the chopping block.

After he learned Kyle squealed he spoke to Taylor several times & while he never revealed anything specifically he was told he led her along in discussion suggesting ‘this doesn’t make sense’ & used logic to help her get to where she needed to be -ie: yes Joe said something but not first & it was clearly after someone else spilled & he was fighting for his life.

Michael figured it out all on his own (LOL – he was lawyer Michael today even giving Kyle a subtle warning that equated to I know where the bodies are buried via – I was loyal to you but Britt & I have information that can blow up your game. It shook Kyle a bit hence his comments in the HOH room to live feeders about controlling Michael/Britt’s games & they’re only in the house bc of him.

Anyway, Michael caught Turner in copious lies today, Kyle in several & had them almost running from rooms bc Michael was either clocking them or staring right through them. He figured out both Ally/Terrance knew Turner’s nominations prior. To that end, I’m not quite sure why Turner elected to blindside people he promised safety to & had worked closely with for 5 weeks – yet another mistake he’s made looking like he’s Kyle’s other b*tch instead of considering his jury management.

Taylor, Britt, Monte & Michael all talked at different points this evening & Michael nailed down KYLE was the one who blew things up – is pinning everything on Joe (who later defended things that were initially revealed), an alliance was formed in the backyard & he is the backdoor target.

He’s playing nice for now but look at his eyes – he’s ready for war & if he doesn’t win POV he plans on making sure everyone in the house has their facts straight which is going to get messy (he plans on exposing the ‘silent minority’ & Cookout 2.0 claims Kyle was making).

Now – this makes me wonder what precisely the wall yellers said & if Terrance heard anything sus besides Kyle’s a liar. Michael isn’t known as a liar in the house & as a lawyer, if he confronts Kyle in front of everyone & starts dropping the bombs in order of when they occurred it could get really ugly – & my monies on Michael winning this battle.

Turner can’t afford to defend Kyle on this matter either bc he has been present for some of these conversations & assertions. Denying they occurred could impact him outside the game & he’s been active in his community helping homeless people, & various other philanthropic efforts so he needs to tread very carefully. (notably this is something very ugly from this season – but the conversations & comments did occur on several occasions – SHOULD HAVE BEEN SHUT DOWN RIGHT AWAY & will undoubtedly impact many of the hamsters in the real world)

Clearly, the news Michael has wouldn’t sit well well with Taylor, Monte, or Terrance but even Ally could be hit off stride if Michael unleashes the specifics he knows about her that Joe failed to communicate well.

Anyway – rambling (I need sleep, lol) but in terms of the POV there are a couple scenarios where the F3 remains intact & a minor possibility all four stay & it’ll require some good acting which is why Monte playing up the Pound loyalty right now is imperative.

Monte has wanted to take the shot at Michael for quite some time BUT I think if he can guarantee he’d stay off the block he’d welcome having Michael with him next week (& ideally Taylor too) as they attempt to counter via an HOH of their own .

For Michael to be safe he either has to win the POV or Britt win it & keep nominations the same to save Michael & likely her as well. I can’t imagine her doing the latter but you never know.

If he pulls down Britt the assumption is Monte will go up & they’ll vote out Taylor but if Monte goes up there is zero chance Kyle doesn’t get him Ally & Terrance to strike.

Which brings up two alternative scenarios (less likely to happen but possible). With Monte playing up his Pound F3 – he’s trying to ensure he doesn’t go up as the re-nom. Some assumed him throwing Britt/Taylor/Michael UTB was a sign he was tied back in fully with the Pound but I don’t think that’s the case.

The goal is to make Turner/Kyle feel Taylor is coming after them both (she even admitted it to Turner today that they were at the bottom of her LO 7, so if Michael wins – takes down Britt then Monte will be pushing Turner to put up Terrance & tell him if I go up Terr/Ally & Michael Brit could save Taylor & then you would be in major jeopardy next week. As much as Turner has seemingly become Kyle’s puppet that might resonate with Turner. Monte might want to even push it could be another double so you need me here to win & protect you/Kyle.

If that works & Terrance (or Ally) go OTB I fully believe Monte, Michael & Britt will save Taylor knowing they have to win HOH so they can take out Kyle & regain control of the house.

Something else Michael said (not sure if he means it) was he might pull Taylor down thinking Britt would stay no matter who she sits beside & he may want a better competitor (although I think Britt will do well with memory/date comps). I didn’t watch this on feeds, I read it in an update (and forget who he was talking to). Depending on who the audience was it might have been true or to goad Kyle/Turner into freaking out who they’d put up if that were to occur.

No surprise here – I’m hoping for the minor shot of all four staying but definitely want Michael to be pulled/win as the priority. If Monte stays off the block I hope he & Michael align to take a shot at Kyle & commit to getting further in the game (perhaps the F4 they originally discussed) before looking at each other.

I’m sure my lack of enjoyment of the feeds has something to do with not being overly fond of Kyle, Ally or Terrance. I hope Turner isn’t going to keep being weird with the trio after POV bc I prefer the funny, kinder version of him. They can still have each other clearly in their sights to oust but that doesn’t mean they can’t be friendly.


Love this site. Watching the feeds and listening to Kyle’s voice is super annoying. I hope Michael pulls this off. While I do understand this is all a game. These are real people and the malicious ways are real. Showing how much people will do for a chance at 750k. My favorites because they are loyal Michel, Joe, Taylor. I’m so so with Brit. But I think she is a lot sweeter than Alyssa. I like turned and hate that he’s a puppet. I understand Monte’s game. Thank you Simon and Dawg. Great site


You’re very welcome Hope! Glad you like our little BB site.


All of this. Ditto.


I agree with all of this. My hope is that Michael wins pov and takes down Brittany. I hope Monte can convince Turner not to put him up beside Taylor but instead put up Terrance, because the others will take the shot and take Monte out if he’s on the block. The problem is there is no way Kyle will allow Turner to do this. I think Monte is just riding everything out with Turner and Kyle, I think deep down he knows Kyle will get him out as soon as the opportunity arises. I think Monte would much rather ride with Michael, Brittany, and Taylor.

Now if Michael wins pov, and decides to have a house meeting before the pov ceremony laying out everything Kyle did (silent minority, implying cookout 2.0, telling Alyssa that he was campaigning for her to be voted out (pre the 10 sec have it room session), I think Turner might reevaluate sticking with Kyle, and might in an attempt to completely break off from him, put Kyle on the block. It’s a long shot I know, but I really like Turner and hate how much he’s changed being around Kyle.

I still can’t believe Turner is allowing Kyle to change his original thoughts of putting up Alyssa and Terrance. Kyle was manic when he confronted Turner while he was sleeping to change the noms, and of course he ended his rant about how “everything will come back on ME!”(Kyle). Turner should know Kyle will blow up everything to save himself, Turner saw firsthand last week since Kyle blew up the LOs as soon as he could to avoid being nominated. It’s just so frustrating.

I like a divided house, and drama, I just hate scumbag players. Kyle is a scumbag. I actually feel bad for Alyssa because she’ll see what a POS he is once she watches everything back after the game. Him telling her that she will hear a lot of bad things about him from multiple people this week should be a red flag.

Game fan

Omg that’s a game. Michael was thinking when to turn on the alliance as well. They got him first.


Omg I can have an opinion. Get off your high Internet horse. I am allowed, as are you, to have an opinion on what’s happening….I never said it wasn’t a game. Jesus.

Paul Sucks

I don’t agree. This game would have just been like last year. You knew for weeks that X was going to bring home the win and it was sooooooo boring to watch.

You may not like it but you could not have predicted this and Michael’s life in the game is really at risk. Even next week is not a guarantee as to what is going to happen.

Finally, an interesting season. Hate seasons with large alliance where the only discussion is the order in which you “clip” the non-alliance members.


Okay. And that’s your opinion. We all have opinions on what’s happening and who we like/want to see win. I honestly don’t need anyone to agree with me so it’s really fine that you don’t.


It’s hard to say Michael would have won if the leftovers stayed intact. I do believe Joe and Monte would have stayed loyal to the boys til the end. That’s some strong competition. Which I would have rather watched instead of seeing some of these floaters dragged to the end.

Daniel Sucks

But Kyle has to know that when each person goes to jury, Joe will tell them what happened. And Joe’s story (the truth) is much more believable and makes more sense.


I agree with this too. Joe is much more reliable source than Kyle. Someone else pointed out that Monty has already figured it out and Michael is smart enough that he has too. As I’ve mentioned across comments in this post, it’s my opinion that Michael is the best player and deserves to be there. I would like to see him win Veto and then maybe HOH next week. It’s too bad Turner hitched himself to mediocre players who are unlikable (in my opinion….gotta say that or people like to remind me that it’s a game as if I’m unaware). ??


The jury could think Kyle’s game play was brilliant……after all, they’re at Jury and Kyle isn’t.

Daniel Sucks

And the other person in F2 (assuming Kyle makes F2) will also not be in the jury. So just not being in jury doesn’t really mean much, does it?

The jurors have to vote between 2 players, NEITHER OF WHOM ARE IN JURY.

Terrence’s big crack

Kyle is doing tik tok dances for the camera now thinking America likes him…..hope zing bot nails him on his 10 second adolescent spew…..I find him Frankie Grande repulsive now



Daniel Sucks

That probably will be his zing! ?


There is a lot more people that like Kyle than you think. Not everyone is a sheep that jumps on a bandwagon and insults people with immense hate. Kyle is the mastermind behind the whole season, I think the jury will put that together, and maybe even give him the win if he makes it to final 2.


The whole season? Idk what show you’re waltching, Kyle’s mom, but no. And not everyone is going to be liked on big brother, that’s how it goes every season. That’s great that you want to defend him but to say he’s running the whole season is ridiculous.


He has been behind all the moves, don’t you see that? What has anyone else done? He has changed everything and has been behind all the momentum that has brought the game along to the point it is now.


I respectfully disagree. Every move? There are a couple people really playing and doing a lot behind the scenes such as Michael (who is the best player this season IMO), joe was behind a lot. Kyle’s most recent “big move” more than likely cost him a chance of winning. His game play is sloppy.


I usually love, ‘After Parties’, but I’m 100% not of fan of this one! Hopefully either Taylor, Michael or Brittany can win upcoming HOH’s (i.e., yeah I know that’s highly doubtful) and take down the showmance because Kyle is simply annoying/irritating and Alyssa will be an afterthought at that point. Oh yeah, your boyTerrance could take over the game then, LOL, not…ZIngbot should say to Terrance, ‘Terrence, I hear your this big karaoke DJ from Chicago, but it’s too bad people aren’t falling for your SPIN in the house – Zingbot voice. SPIN, SPIN, SPIN or something like that!


I find it amusing how fast Monty turned on T/B/M after they saved his butt. So much for all that loyalty that everyone says he has. You want to talk about a snake in the grass, there he is.


His loyalty has always been with the Founding Fathers/Pound.

The only reason he was a potential target for Michael and Brittany was because Kyle outed the Pound to them and Taylor divulged that Monte would target them at 7 (I think).

He’ll be in an interesting position if Michael wins veto today and either Terrance or Alyssa are renoms. Does he roll with the Pound plus two HGs who don’t want him in Afterparty, or does he save Taylor and play the numbers game (next HOH being M-B-T-M vs. K-A-T)? He’d probably be better served doing the latter and trying to split the showmance next week. Either way, his position is tenuous as long as Terrance and Alyssa are in the game.


Michael and Brittany had been talking about blindsiding him for multiple weeks, and they almost did it on both of Michael’s HOHs. Monte was clearly on the bottom of the T/B/M contingent, so he has no obligation to be loyal to people that have been talking about targeting him all season

Game fan

Not a game about loyalty


It seemed to be a game of loyalty when Michael just talked about getting Monty out and was called a disloyal rat by a lot of people on here.


But it literally has been until the twist. Smh.


Monte!!! Great gamesmanship when you need it!

It's me

Everyone looses against Michael.
Best to get him out now.
Turner doing the right thing.
Have to know when to strike first before they get you.

illegal smile

Turner, Turner Turner tsk tsk. Why are you playing kyle and Alyssa game. You’re taking all the shots, and will receive all the kick back. This game has gotten great. So messy. Facts it’s really pairs now. Kyle & Alyssa. Michael & Brittany but he can take Taylor to. Taylor and monte, turner and Terrance please please i hope Micheal wins veto then HOH and the scrambling will start. I guarantee if either alyssa or Terrance is in F2 with kyle or turner they are winning. Finally a great BB and I’m thanking you dawg & simon with a tip.


Saying tsk tsk is just gross. Sorry, not sorry.


So basically they’re just teaming up to take out Michael. I hope they are smart enough to cut the fakemance after this week. I don’t care who wins along as it’s not Kyle or Alissa.


I want Kyle to go home so badly


Kyle’s cockiness is what’s going to do him in. Michael and Brittany aren’t running shit. Michael may have done the leftovers bidding but it was a true collective and Kyle wasn’t his 1st target. Kyle was going to be safe last week even if he kept his mouth shut. Joe, Monte and Michael were always going to be bigger targets. Now Monte skates a little further and Kyle and Turner become bigger targets. Daniel was right, it’s either Michael or Monte who wins.


Just my opinion, but Turner isn’t doing Kyle’s bidding. Turner is trying to advance Turner.

Again, in my opinion, the whole purpose of an alliance is to advance all members of the alliance. Kyle is credited with starting the leftovers with Turner, and Kyle brought in Michael and Brittany. Michael won comps and helped advance the LO, but the LO protected Michael and Brittany (his Alyssa minus the sex) and Taylor. One of the keys to winning Big Brother is knowing when the alliance has outlived its usefulness for you.

Taylor wanted Kyle to use the veto so she could take out Alyssa and make the speech that was sure to make the Twitterfest go crazy and win her loads of followers. She was being petty and she was not thinking of the alliance. She was thinking of her optics and nothing else. If Michael had been in Kyle’s place, he would never have put up Brittany to be cut for such a petty reason. I am not a Kyle fan, but that was a stupid ask on the part of the LO, and that convinced Kyle (and probably Turner) that the LO had outlived its usefulness. Taylor was using the LO for promoting Taylor and Michael was using the LO to protect Michael and Brittany. (He fell prey to thinking the alliance was all about advancing Michael’s game.) What was the alliance doing to help advance Kyle and Turner?

Kyle figured out that LO was no longer helping him, and Turner seemingly decided the same. Terrance was never going to put up Alyssa, so the choice was Kyle, Turner, or Joe to go. Joe was never going to take Kyle or Turner further in their games. So, they formed a mutually beneficial alliance for the next stage. Michael thought seriously about taking out Monte earlier and decided it was not best for his game. I think Michael made a Paul mistake. He thinks he is by far the best Big Brother comp beast there (rightly so), and he forgot that wasn’t enough.

Kyle and Turner had a choice between being Tiffany from the Cookout or continuing to advance their games. Tiffany started the Cookout and really did much more work advancing the group than X — but she stayed loyal too long. She did the honorable thing and it got her first out for the alliance (and let Couch take home second place).

The Beef

A lot of logic and good sense in this post, minus all the emotion, hate and vitriol. Good work FinallyBB!

Phil fan

Michaels going home soon.



I hope not


BB is a game of loyalty, disloyalty, truth, and lies. I don’t know why people get so upset when a player lies or goes against their word. It’s THE game. Whatever it takes to advance farther in the game. It would be so boring without the deceit. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the drama!

I Spy

Monte is the x-factor here. Turner’s flip against the LOs doesn’t happen w/o having Monte (Turner knows his game in Terrance, Ally hands is suicide).

If Michael can somehow win veto, Monte’s positioned to make a huge power move and I believe positions him to beat anyone in F2 (except Michael…but he closes the gap). If Terr or Ally goes up, he could reconstitute the LOs to take out T or A. That would T/A and Kyle against Monte, Mike, Britt, Taylor. I like those odds (and that F4).

But for Monte to piece it together and see all this would be stellar game play.


Very true. I have been writing Monte off but he may have a huge opportunity depending on what happens with veto

The Beef

Or if Michael wins the veto, takes down Britt, the AP could just throw Monte up there, vote his ass out via a 3-2 vote and be done with him. They would then have a 4-3 numbers advantage over the M-T-B side, and a 2-1 advantage in comps with Kyle and Turner vs. Michael as the other 4 are mostly dead weight in anything but mental comps (Britt).

Everybody has all kinds of scenarios running through their heads on how they want or would like to see things play out. Nobody knows for sure what Monte, Terrance and Turner are thinking, and what they might do given different circumstances. Hell, I thought Michael should have taken the shot at Monte last week, and whether or not he truly should have done that is STILL unknown depending on what he does the rest of this week. Does he follow through and join the AP, or does he revert back and re-join the 4 inside LOs? I suspect even Monte may not know the answer to that last question yet, as he seeks more information as to what actually went down in the backyard last week.


I’m so aggravated by all these. Sad that Kyle is thinking with his small head (so small it only lasts for 10 seconds). Disappointed with Turner, too. I wish they kept their original 7 then duke it out when the other side are all gone. ?


“I want to make sweet sweet love to your face America! (for 10 seconds) Oh my god you’re so beautiful to me!!”

EWWWWW! Kyle is so annoying, immature, and snakey. BTW, LOLs for the 10 seconds addition. Help me, how did we find out that Kyle was a Quick Draw McGraw? Who spilled….the beans?

Sic 'Em Bears

I would like for Michael or Monte to win and not use the veto. Then vote Brittany out. If Monte were to recover from this After Party hangover, then the show would get even more interesting! You’d have Michael, Monte, and Taylor vs. Turner, Kyle, and Terrance (Alissa is a non factor). They could suit it up and go toe to toe!!!