“Monte is a big threat in the game.. any sort of targeting is strictly game related.” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Big BroChella SIDE

Brochella HOH (Inside the House):  Michael
TEAM BroChella:  Brittany, Jasmine, Monte, and Taylor.
Nominees: Jasmine and Monte
POV Players:  Michael, Monte, Jasmine, Brittany, and Taylor
POV Winner: Brittany
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots:  None this week

Dyre Fest SIDE

Dyre Fest HOH (Backyard):  Terrance
TEAM Dyre Fest: Alyssa, Joseph, Kyle, and Turner
Nominees: Joe and Turner
POV Players: Terrance, Alyssa, Joe, Kyle, and Turner
POV Winner: Terrance
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots:  None this week

Lock your ranks in before midnight

Feed leak from the backyard. 11:25 pm Last night.

1:34 Am Michael alone

Brittany is my number one. Brittany has been my best friend in this house since day two. Things got a little dicey when we were backstage and on the block. There was a point where I thought Ohh no it’s week one I’m going to have to vote her out. Luckily I never had to be put in that position. I don’t know if I would have made that decision to be honest. Since then with the festie bestie twist Nicole told us to pick outside the alliance I knew Ameerah wanted Brittany out so I was like okay if I can pair with Brittany there is a chance I can help protect her. Then I look like I’m still following the alliances plan. If Sh1t hits the fan worst case scenario hopefully I can stay and try to keep us both here. Week Three we won the veto together week five I won the HOH and kept us safe. That brought us here to jury. I also really love Taylor, hopefully, Taylor and Brittany and I can make it to final 3. I do think Taylor will choose Brittany over me in the end. Butl.. I also have confidence in myself that I can win that Final HOH.. To be honest I don’t know anyone that will bring me to final 2 at this point. I guess I would rather bring someone I liked and I feel like I can have a shot at beating in the final HOH competition. If there is some way Brittnay and I we can bring Terrance there that is the way to go. We can beat him in parts one and two we have fun in part three see who wins. Hopefully take each other.

I don’t know if you are all screaming at me to take out Monte this week. But I don’t know.. I just cannot trust Jasmine.

Michael called into the diary room.

2:00 am Taylor sleeping.

2:17 am Michael studying for face morph competitions

2:28 am Chit chat about working out at night after work vs in the morning before work.
Chit chat goes to having a family. Monte wants to start a family “I think I’ll be a pretty cool dad”

3:45 am Michael back to talking to the camera in the HOH
I love being here.. So life feeders as much as I recognize Monte is a big threat in the game and I think it will be very hard for me to win against him I love him as a person and I hope that is coming across on the show. He’s one of my favorite people that I have met here and any sort of targeting is strictly game related. Look how good he is but love him to death. I am very glad that we have met and we are working together and I hope we can continue working together moving forward

4:00 am All feeds con sleeping

4:17 am – 6:35 am Feeds on pound kittens.
8:06 am no feeds (Due to wall yellers and a segment of the fandom losing their shit I think the feeds will be pretty spotty until Thursday)

9:00 am FEEDS BACK!!!!!

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joe better still be going. i don’t want to lose turner.


I too am a big fan of Turner. I would prefer that coward Kyle to be going or his useless girlfriend Alyssa. She should have been gone long ago if she didn’t have Kyle.


So is kyle a coward because he did what HE thought was best for his game? Just curious.


I am sorry, Monte, Joe and Taylor were out of line trying to get Kyle to Back Door Alyssa. ANd it was not needed. First, if Taylor wanted her out she should have nominated her. Secondly, Alyssa was no more of a competitor than Indy. What has Alyssa won? It was just the three of them trying to bully Kyle. They did not need to do what they did. I am glad Joe is going home. Before that I liked him, but he proved that he does not care about Kyle at all. So why should Kyle care about him?


Oh come on, Kyle was the one that put Alyssa on LO’s radar. He was trying so hard to pretend he wasn’t in a showmance because he didn’t want the LO to think he would put Alyssa before the alliance. Why, because he would .. and he did. As far as people wanting Kyle out, like me, the constant pulling and pushing he does to Alyssa is kind of mean. There is also the fact that this 29 year old man is acting like he is in high school. I think that when she sees the show and realizes that when Kyle came “clean,” he still hung on to a little dirt, she probably won’t be a happy camper.

The Beef

So what about Taylor putting Jasmine before the alliance? How about Joseph putting Indy, Terrance and also Jasmine before the alliance, to protect his own personal game because of jury votes? Those are okay, but Kyle protecting his numbers and jury votes aren’t?

It’s the same damn thing, and some of you people are losing your minds over it simply because it’s a “showmance”, and are losing sight of the fact there are other duos in the house as well (Joseph and Monte, Michael and Brit, Joseph and Taylor of late), and yes I realize those duos are inside the alliance, but still stronger duos than Kyle and Alyssa are competition wise. With two legitimate targets OTB from outside the alliance, there was NO NEED to use the veto and put up weakling Alyssa, other than to satisfy Taylor’s petty need for revenge, and I don’t blame Kyle at all for refusing to bow down to the strong arm tactics of those who were only looking out for the best interest of THEIR OWN INDIVIDUAL GAME, and not the alliance as a whole, in trying to get him to eliminate someone who is a number for him in the game.


Other than Kyle painted that original target on Ally’s back I completely agree with you. To your point, Joseph was equally pushing to try to keep Indy bc he thought she was more loyal to him.

Kyle’s situation is also more definitive bc I think Indy was more of a number for Michael than Joe which just proves (IMHO) why Michael is the better player bc he’s adaptable.

Even after the POV Joe still tried to flip the vote back to keeping Indy which was odd unless he intended to drag her to the end as his goat.

Some get annoyed by the constant Britt/Michael chats but this is precisely why they are always examining the board to discuss how each option impacts them & how they adapt under each scenario or if they should have a preference & do the pre-work to protect that individual.


That’s so true. I really hope Joseph goes to jury. I’m also glad Kyle made a move! They are all just sitting waiting to be picked off if they don’t fall in line. I’m ready for a shakeup! This voting with the house is bs.

Christime Ahrens

There suppose to think of themselves in this ga.e. it’s se ga.e..period you do.t protect anybody but yourself you don’t share 750000 to everyone last time I checked


What revenge petty or not? Taylor picked Allysa to play Veto, and she couldn’t even do that. Allysa could have won the Veto taking it from Indy to save them both. But the stupid move was take a trip from the HoH. Alliance wanted Allysa up (all except Kyle) at that time and Taylor mow had a reason. Less petty more good gameplay.


Yes, but, Alyssa was middle of the line, so someone would have taken the veto from her, had she chosen it, and, perhaps leaving her with nothing/a punishment. And she wasn’t in the leftovers alliance. I don’t blame her at all. I would have done the same thing if I had been in her position.

The Beef

I completely agree that it was a stupid move taking the trip from the HOH, but as Beignet pointed out, at that point in the competition it was highly likely someone was going to come behind her and take whichever “prize” she chose anyway (trip or veto), so does it really even matter? If Taylor was thinking logically she would KNOW this, but her HOHitis had clearly kicked in by that point, and I guess she thought everybody was just going to let her keep the trip out of fear of her retribution – Hell, she even threatened Alyssa with it during the comp, but Alyssa was too dumb to listen!

You’re also conveniently leaving out the part where the ENTIRE alliance wanted Jasmine nominated and evicted and Taylor absolutely REFUSED to do that for them, so the whole “the entire alliance” argument kind of goes out the window for me due to that, plus, the “reason” is just complete weak sauce given Jasmine is the one who ended up with the trip, and I honestly don’t think Taylor minded being chained to Joseph to much, as she now seems to really want him to stay in the game very much, not to mention he had a LOT to do with her strong desire to put Alyssa up anyway, meaning he influenced her a lot. He didn’t do that to help her either – all that was done to help good ol’ Joseph’s game.

Christime Ahrens

He was suppose to use veto chose not to so Kyle and alyssa and Terrance shoukd had been gone


Kyle, another “grown man” that lives in his parents’ basement. ?

4 be 4

It is a game where there are NO rules about truth, fairness, equity…
You can write that “bad check”! Sorry NO right or wrong in what they did or shouldn’t do.

Daniel Sucks

Mike Boogie Malin: “This is the Big Brother House. You can bounce checks.”

Christime Ahrens

What did Joe do? Nothing. Kyle through everyone under the bus when he formed the LO first. Joe did m t quit picking v in him.


Once she figures out hes a loser with no job he’ll be in the outs


I don’t think Alyssa is useless, clueless maybe but not useless. She has been blinded from seeing what’s been going on. Jasmine is annoying with that fake talk. I’m from the south and we do not speak like that. She could be from somewhere deep deep deep in a cave where education/speech hasn’t been taught yet. I love Turner’s attitude but afraid he’s getting played by people who doesn’t have his back. Terrance, is the one who should be looking good when they all get back in the house for making a big move. Kyle made right play when he told Alyssa and Terrance what’s up with the leftovers. Hoping Michael will work with Kyle, Turner, Alyssa, Terrance and Brittany. Let the games begin again!!


So Kyle is a coward for playing to advance his game? Grow up!

Christime Ahrens

I agree. Michael thinks he’d take Terrance
.. seriously he woukd be last one. Andichael keeping taylor and brit to the end I don’t think so


Someone sounds like a hater ?

C wade

Turner is a lier…he looks dirty and unclean. He has done nothing to deserve to win

orwell the out of work bbad owl

I like Turner and his sense of humor. I want him to stay so he can still s*** on Jasmine when she’s gone. Turner #1 for 7 days tells ya something.

Big Brother Fan

Does anyone else think that the next HOH comp will be very unfair to those outside? They are obviously not getting sleep nor good nourishment. The inside group sleeps whenever they want, have access to all good food and get to study the inside of the house! So no matter if it’s a physical or mental comp inside has a huge advantage going into the next HOH and all other comps that follow, imho.


That is a real possibility. I also think that the outsiders definitely have a disadvantage.


no different from being a havenot for the week


It actually is as, at least, they can be in the house to see things and can choose the environment for the day


I hope so! I want Kyle gone next with a passion!


Kyle is my favorite. The others in Left-Overs are bullying him.,,it is funny how Taylor was bullied now she is the bully. They should not expect Kyle to back door his girlfriend. There are other ways to get her out.


It was all about controlling him. Taylor had HOH-itis and she wanted everyone to bow down to her word. Her HOH was absolutely awful and I don’t want to see that again.


Lol bullying. That’s a strong word for what was happening when Kyle had veto. Kyle chose a showmance over his alliance. That’s what happened. He’s no victim.


So playing his own game is a bad thing? You think everyone should just fall in line like sheep? Kyle is the only one “playing” the game! He’s the only one that has done something exciting that will give us entertainment. Even though going after the LO’s may come back to bite him, at least he took a chance.


Okay. Sure thing. I was saying that he wasn’t being bullied. There is a major difference between how Taylor was treated and how Kyle was “treated.” Kyle wasn’t bullied. He created the LO and then chose a showmamce. It’s that simple. My comment was addressing the ridiculous notion of Kyle being the victim of bullying.


Is this you Daniel? Because there is a difference between the ongoing comment in front and behind Taylor’s back and her being ostracized in the house and the LO trying to get Kyle to put up Alyssa. They let him speak, listened to him and let him make a decision. He wasn’t called *itch or the equivalent to his face or behind his back. Everyone discussed options.
Please look up bullying because you don’t understand the word.


Thank you. In today’s world, bullying appears to mean not getting your own way. Anytime you don’t, it’s because you’ve been “bullyed”. It’s become quite overused and tedious.


Kyle is loyal to Alyssa. He never knew his feelings would evolve. It does show me he has morals when it comes to character. That’s something money can’t buy you.


He is a good guy and is not fake like many of the others.


Good guy? To have sex on national TV with someone.i feel he’s a baby man. I can’t stand his voice. Hope he’s out soon


When do they have the comp where it’s slippery and they have to fill something up with water… or the cage with getting eggs into spots without dropping them? Maybe it will be one of those… or are those veto comps?


They don’t necessarily play those comps every season although the slip & slide is more frequent. BUT – with this twist they won’t be able to play the comp in the backyard – it’ll likely occur downstairs like the POVs did.

Someone suggested the tiny veto comp might become an HOH comp this season so that’s something they could do this week potentially. Or a Q & A comp.


I used to think I was a super fan until I couldn’t remember half the people who played on what season or even who they were. Then the comps…. So now I’m just fan who is too old with a bad memory. Thanks for the reminders!


You are very welcome & in fairness, my memory isn’t as sharp as it used to be so I often look it up to be sure 🙂


I hope they do that for the next HOH. I think Alyssa may be good at that. I think Kyle and Mikie would be neck & neck.


It would be so great if Terrance has a change of heart and takes Joseph down, puts Kyle up. I can only dream of Kyle being voted out on Thursday.




Change of heart would most likely mean production rigged it due to wall yellers and fandom pressure.


Why does everyone dislike Kyle? Did you really expect him to backdoor his girlfriend. It was unfair to even ask him to do that.


This isn’t Love Island. This is Big Brother. Maybe they should just both forfeit and go to jury. Not like there’s (m)any paths forward for them to get to the end together (much less win). Smh.


His girlfriend? This is Big Brother not The Bachelor. They wanted to get rid of Alyssa because they saw her getting in the way of the LO alliance… and they were right. Kyle is literally putting her above his alliance members. If anything, the rest of the alliance was right last week that Alyssa needed to go. Now they are losing Joseph. I think most of us can’t wait until this blows up in Kyle’s face… he’s choosing to align with Terrence and Alyssa over the LOs… what is he thinking?

The Beef

What a crock this is. Taylor chose to get rid of Alyssa because she took the London trip, period, end of discussion. It had nothing to do with her “getting in the way of the LO alliance”. It had everything to do with Taylor being petty.

Once that happened, Joseph was glad to jump on board in an attempt to “save” his jury votes (Indy and Terrance) and Michael wanted a little chaos in the alliance, so he was glad to “fan the flames” a bit by playing both sides of the argument to get Joseph and Kyle going after each other, so there’s a lot more to this than just Kyle is protecting his showmance over the alliance. The alliance is not being loyal to each other WAY before Kyle refused to use the veto, and if you can’t see that, than either you’re not looking or you’re blind.


Wow I’m so glad I clicked this on FB. I was beginning to think I was the only one thinking at least Kyle is playing. Twitter is so toxic with haters. It’s a game people. Calm down. I’m sure every one of these players are real nice people outside. Don’t ruin their lives because of a game.


Was Kyle playing the game when he wanted his all white team to go against the people of color? He seems to not understand the reason the cookout was formed. The house has always had a all white alliance in every show


I mean, I would have this exact take too if I just watched the edited episodes on TV… the whole point was to say they were nominating Alyssa because she took London trip. They wanted to use that as an excuse. Also, Kyle has legit been the loose cannon for weeks. We have all known for weeks he would be the one to turn first. If Kyle was going to put LO first, then Alyssa would’ve been evicted this week. Why would one week matter? Like he fought so hard to not have her evicted, but technically she should’ve went the very next week. If he was really committed to the LO, he shouldn’t have cared either way. He could’ve just used the veto and pretended like he thought the plan was to back door Monte… then he could act blind sided when they nominated Alyssa.


When Kyle formed the alliance Allyssa was a main target. That’s why LO asked him over & over if he was going to be able to get her out as they begin to see they were getting so close. Remember they were only casual flirting when alliance was formed. If he had used the veto opportunity he could’ve been “surprised” & declared he thought Monte was going up and put it on Taylor. The LO saw he was not completely about the alliance anymore.

miller Misty

He didn’t plan on meeting her. She was not in his way. Can you not love someone and work? He was juggling both. Taylor got her pink panties in a frizzy over a trip that jazz probably would of taken!! Then Kyle said no but don’t tell the queen no!!! He did nothing wrong. He didn’t spill the alliance but saved his girl…. now they are coming for him so he has to spill and play a diffrence game…oh yeah game….. where they all lie backstabbing to get to 3/4 of a million dollars!


He’s the one who won veto, it was his choice, not theirs and it would have been stupid for him to get rid of the one person who would have his back 100%. He’s playing the game, I don’t know why that would be a bad thing, this is what the viewers want, not a fall in line and do what your told game.


That one person has no pull to save him. Their both gone soon. See them in jury having sex. At least we don’t have to hear any of their talks


For three weeks, he told his alliance he wanted her out. Now that he’s had 10 seconds in heaven, he’s not budging. But aside from Turner, who knows about l’affair HN room, the rest of the LOs remember him saying that a showmance is bad and getting her out is the best move.

Also, no one else in the alliance has a “number” outside the alliance. They didn’t set it up like the Cookout or Brigade with plus-ones.

After this week, the remaining LOs will be looking to take out either Terrance or the showmance.

Kyle has killed his own game. He didn’t have to — he was already protected by the Pound.


Joseph knows. In a late night talk in bathroom, Joseph and Turner conveyed to each other saying they knew without actually saying it. Who knows if Joseph told Taylor or anyone else.


Turner also told Monte but more in a nudge, nudge, wink, wink style – but it was unclear if Monte actually picked up what Turner was saying. Monte has a tendency (sometimes) to not absorb what the other person is saying & it seemed that might’ve been the case. If he did, then I think it’s safe to say he thinks it meant they kissed bc he wasn’t aware they’d even done that already.

Joe definitely caught it but I don’t think he told Taylor bc she would probably have told Britt who would’ve told Michael 😉


I like him. He is clever and goofy. And I don’t really think he’s being mean to Alyssa. He’s trying to not spend 24/7 with her and she takes that hard. He has repeatedly talked about balance and boundaries. Anyway I’m glad he’s staying. I’m not super fond of Joseph at this point and don’t mind if he goes.


It absolutely made perfect sense for him to want to keep such a loyal ally. The problem was HE was the one who put the target on her back. Even prior to the Leftovers forming Kyle kept telling Monte/Joe/Michael that she was really smart, capable of winning comps, couldn’t keep a secret, was far too close to the other girls & had a great social game. He made her sound like a mix of Janelle & Danielle Reyes lol.

Factor in he also was the one who pitched adding Michael, Brittany & Taylor to the Pound as they expanded to form the Leftovers but didn’t include Ally.

He had every opportunity to walk back his earlier statements & say he misread how strong she was especially to Joe who got fired up to get her out recognizing what would happen if their friendship progressed into a showmance (essentially what DID happen).

That’s mostly why Monte/Joe had issues with how he acted last week. He had conversations with Michael & Britt (& maybe Turner) about her value but not with any of the other Leftovers.


it’s so bad for terrance’s game to do that. kyle basically laid out plainly that terrance’s best and only ally is alyssa, why would he want to do something that pisses her off.


Absolutely, Kyle totally threw his alliance under the bus, they shoulda got Alyssa out last week!!!


I wish howlers were real because I would really like to send those to each of the people in the fandom causing the outdoor feed blockage


I think it’ll be a much more interesting game if Kyle goes back into the house.It well be fun to see how that plays out. Plus i am way over Josephs’ playing both sides,lies and running his mouth so much.


I know. I find it funny how both Kyle and Michael have exposed Joe’s lies. They are playing good jury management. The other thing these people do tend to forget is that this is on tv and all guests will watch afterwards. I heard Monte say that Kyle can tell Alyssa that he thought Taylor was going to put up Monte and not Alyssa. He forgets Alyssa will find out the truth when she gets out of the house. So Kyle is supposed to lie to her in the house and out of the house? Everything is on tape.


Kyle is not playing good jury management. He just turned on 6 people for one week of safety.

Kyle has been saying since the beginning that a “showmance” hinders your game and he would not choose a showmance over his alliance. Looks like they believed him. The LO are not thinking with their private parts, they’re trying to win a game. Kyle’s main focus is his pretend girlfriend. ????

The Beef

Okay, I’ll bite. Given he’s on the bottom of his alliance as we all know he is, if he kept his mouth shut and got voted out this week, how would his jury management and safety look to you then? Also since it’s VERY clear that Alyssa is the ONLY person in that house that has his back (or at least she was before he spilled to Terrance), and most likely his only probable jury vote, doesn’t it make sense for him to try and protect her, just like Michael is trying to protect Brit, like Taylor is hoping Joseph is still in the game when the house reunites, and just like Monte wants to continue to work with Joseph too? Does it help Kyle’s game for Alyssa to be sent to jury? I think not.

It should be very clear to everyone the purpose of this split was to STOP the LO steamroll, by splitting them up, increasing the power of the individuals voting, and increasing the likelihood that one of the non-Leftovers would win one of the two HOH’s as Terrance did to shake things up. That’s what production wanted and that’s what they got. Kyle had to do something based on the fact his own alliance put him up against the wall last week, when it was totally unnecessary for them to do so, for childish and petty reasons, and FORCED him to either sacrifice his OWN game or they were basically coming for him first. The two main people doing this were Taylor and Joseph, but Monte had a hand in it by going along and Michael is guilty of trying to stir the pot by trying to get Joseph and Kyle going at each other for alliance chaos purposes (he said as much). He did this by supporting Kyle’s position when talking to him and supporting Taylor and Joseph’s position when talking to them, and then basically staying quiet in the team meeting, but he knew what he was doing, as did Joseph.

Everybody keeps pointing at Kyle as being evil for outing the alliance, but nobody seems to have a problem with Taylor’s refusal to put Jasmine OTB, as the entire alliance wanted! Nobody seems to have a problem with Joseph not only playing the rat game with both sides, but also being ALLIED with TOS, lying to the Leftover alliance multiple times about what he finds out over there and who said what to him, in order to get what he wants done, and improve his own game – all that’s okay! It also seems to be okay that when the entire alliance told him it was time for the “spy game” to end, instead Joseph goes back over there and helps to create a NEW alliance (the 5 swatters) of which he is of course a part of – helping his own social game again, and to the detriment of everybody else in his Leftover alliance. This is why Joseph so desperately wanted Alyssa OTB (he knows she’s for Kyle – not for him), as once she is gone the rest of the “swatters” are all Joseph’s pawns – but don’t worry about any of that, Kyle and Alyssa are in a showmance, so that’s all you need to think about.

If your back is against the wall, you have to do what you have to do to survive in the house, and I think that’s what Kyle did. I wouldn’t normally like this type of move, but to me it was his alliance that pretty much forced his hand into doing it, so I just don’t think they left him much choice. It was either tell Terrance, save himself and Alyssa and hope that he can salvage something with Michael, Brit and Turner and play on, or else he was going to jury either this week or next, and it really doesn’t matter which does it? With Terrance as the HOH, the opportunity presented itself and he took it, so I think it was pretty much the only shot he had left to take, and I don’t blame him for taking it. Do I think he’s going to win? Nope, but I don’t think he was going to win before he spilled either, so that doesn’t really matter. At least he gave himself a shot to survive and play on, and that’s the name of the game right now.


Michael told Terrance to vote out Joe! He wasn’t going home this week regardless!


It’s just too long to read :/ but I can respond to the first paragraph lol.

Of course it saved him for a week….he’s still not excelling at jury management or even attempting to be concerned with it. He’s just trying to survive one week. Which is my main and original point in response to those claiming jury management

Steven Miglio

Do you out an alliance when there is only 3 ppl who are not in it? If the 3 ppl not in the alliance haven’t figured out what has been going on by now, they all need to go at once. Purge like the challenge and make the LO’s have to play against each other. All of y’all’s opinions will change in a week or so when they all have to vote each other out

The Beef

Totally agree with you on this. If Terrance, Jasmine and Alyssa haven’t figured it out by now, they’re morons. Everybody should have known after Nicole was evicted if not after Ameerah (that may have been a bit quick, but they should have had a clue).

But that’s why people say Joseph’s social game is so good – he had TOS fooled. Well, fooled is the right word to use for dumb people who can’t figure out what’s right in front of them.


Kyle has turned on at least one member of every alliance he’s been a part of & in most cases within a week of each alliance forming.

Oasis: Pooch

  • POS: 1st: Nicole (she was added after Paloma self-evicted with Kyle, Ally & Michael not consulted & NONE of them wanted her added), 2nd Ameerah & he was setting up Ally pretty much the entire time sharing the secrets she exposed to the guys & then to the Leftovers once they formed.
  • Pound: Joe
  • 5 Swatters: Indy
  • Leftovers: 1st Taylor, 2nd Joe 3rd Monte
  • Outsiders: Michael

The exception to the quick hook was with Michael (Outsiders) which was formed even prior to the Leftovers. It was the first mention of him turning on Michael & came 24 hours after telling Terrance he & the showmance should team up with Britt/Michael next week then flipped to saying Michael/Monte should be the targets & would be his nominees.

I wasn’t convinced of the veracity of that statement thinking he’d put up Monte/Taylor, but if there’s any substance to a wall yeller calling Kyle a racist he’s more likely to take the Monte/Michael route if he wins HOH (at least as the initial noms).

The Beef

Unreal! So now you blame him for turning on an alliance he didn’t even want to be a part of (the 5 Swatters)? Please tell me, does Joseph also get the blame for “turning on” Indy and Pooch, since he also voted out both of them?

No chance Kyle gets a pass on turning on POS, due to the formation of the LO’s, like apparently Monte does, just because he was loyal to the LO’s? Loyalty to the LO’s is the same reason he shared all the information he got from Alyssa with them (as Joseph semi-shared info he gained from TOS – twisted to benefit his personal game) but I guess now that’s viewed as him being a turncoat, whereas before that was viewed as him playing a great game. Apparently it’s STILL viewed as great game play by Joseph!

Wasn’t it pretty much a “Pound” plan to evict Taylor the week after Ameerah left, or does just Kyle get the credit for that now that he’s on the outs? Pretty sure your favorites Michael and Brit have been talking about getting rid of Monte for WEEKS, but I don’t see any mention of them here under the dastardly “turned on” list. I wonder why?

Oh, and how many of the Leftovers have discussed getting rid of Kyle and when to do it? I’m not talking about after his decision not to use the veto – before that. You know every single one of them have done it at different points in time (Monte, Joseph and Turner have talked about it. Michael and Brit have talked about it. Taylor has talked about it with Joseph, I think with Michael and Brit and maybe with Monte). It happens in alliances. It’s called planning. Doing it doesn’t make you evil. You have to be careful about how you do it and who you do it with, but it needs to be done. If you don’t do it, somebody else will.


My response was only about Kyle bc I was responding to a comment about Kyle. None of them are perfect & they’ve ALL made mistakes that can’t be ignored. Each of the hamsters are playing this game to move themselves ahead & they all have strengths & weaknesses.

Monte apologized to Taylor BUT he never admitted he was the one who went to Daniel & essentially everyone in the house to paint Taylor with the target at least TWO HOURS before he even woke up Paloma to ask her if what Taylor said was true. He gets annoyed when his agenda isn’t the priority which is why he’s now saying if Joe doesn’t come back in the door then it’s Kyle/Turner’s fault. While that might be accurate – it stems more from Kyle not doing what MONTE preferred last week.

I’ve posted copious times about the fact Joseph’s double-agent role equated to him being safe with EVERYONE in the house except with Ally while simultaneously putting targets on his real alliance members backs. I’ve also repeatedly said he was over playing & it would get him in trouble. And while we knew he was throwing comps he failed to rise to the occasion in three comps where he was under pressure (OTEV & this recent HOH/POV).

I called Taylor’s HOH MESSY af & noted her desire for a F5 with Monte/Joe/Britt/Michael & cutting Michael behooves her the most bc she’d likely be F3 between BM & JM plus F2 of Joe/Britt. If she had stuck to her original target then Kyle shouldn’t have ever been asked to use the POV or if Joe hasn’t overplayed with his ridiculous pawn offer would it have turned into what it did?

Britt & Michael MOST DEFINITELY are playing the middle & hope Kyle/Turner will strike at Joe/Monte (I don’t deny they’re doing that) OR that Michael purposely tried to spur on that ire between the groups so they would strike at each other. Michael strength isn’t his ability to influence & Britt doesn’t react well under pressure spilling things when she shouldn’t. And yes – they’ve shifted targets between Monte/Joe/Kyle/Turner bc they know they are threats and that doesn’t mean Kyle shouldn’t be allowed to do the same.

Terrance tells everyone the same story (but with no true agency in the game I’m not sure he has much of a choice).

Ally – well I don’t have much to say about her bc I don’t think her head is focused on the game as much as is on Kyle (and that’s not his fault).

Kyle was in the best position in the house and I DON’T BLAME him at all for wanting to keep Ally – I do think he created part of the problem by painting her with an early target & not ever trying to backtrack to take that target off her or add her to the LOs but I also afford him some leeway in that regard bc she couldn’t keep a secret & was close the Jas/Indy so he was making what he felt was the best choice.

My comment was solely about the fact Kyle has always seemed to want to create new alliances to fit his needs (and yes that’s part of the game) & I can’t tell you one person he’s been completely loyal to in this game – and again, he’s adapting so it’s just a different way to play.

Just bc Joe, Taylor, Monte & Turner are viewed as the most loyal doesn’t mean that aspect of their game couldn’t be a weakness.

Actually, I think the only player who hasn’t really veered from his loyalty is Turner (and even he has loose lips at times).

I won’t deny I’m a fan of Michael & Turner but by no means was I saying Kyle should be held to a different standard. I’ve been up almost 2 days so maybe I didn’t communicate that well. Apologies if it came across like I was assessing him unfairly.

The Beef

I appreciate your response. You know I always enjoy your posts and your thoughtful analysis, and being able to discuss things with you like this helps me, at least, in being able to see the entire picture better. I just didn’t want Kyle to be the only one painted as the “turncoat” when it’s pretty clear others in the LO’s have done the exact same thing – maybe not to the extent of exposing the alliance – but certainly in going after or at least talking about going after other members, voting to evict people they were aligned with in Oasis and POS, etc. That’s all.

I also like Michael and Turner and for now, they’re the two I hope end up in the final 2 seats. For me, they are playing the best games, at least up to this point.

Daniel Sucks

The houseguests came in to win the game and the $$$$. Lying is part of the game.

They should keep their eye on the prize, not worry about what happens after people find out they lied in the house. Everyone should expect to lie and be lied to. Otherwise they are playing the wrong game.

Kim Riccardo

I might be the By Minority here but I like Kyle‘s game he’s trying to save himself and Alyssa. I kind of wish Jasmine won the POV just to see what would happen.


yeah, i don’t really think his game is that bad. the only person he’s pissing off right now is turner. he has a LOT of damage control once the house remerges, but i think he has a chance to pull it off and it will be interesting to watch because the person most likely to be pissed at him is taylor who’s hoh proved she’s a pretty terrible ally. leftover’s is done but how the alliances reshuffle has a lot of interesting potential.


I agree and if Micheal does not try to get Monty out he’s going to be sorry. when the house gets back together the LO will be over and he’s the first one they’ll come after cause he cant play in the HOH.


I don’t agree. Michael knows that Monti is still a big target. But he also know he can win something and could use someone who could keep him safe next HOH. Monti has proven to be a loyal person. He knows Kyle will do whatever it takes to keep himself safe. You forget that Kyle was even willing to throw Alyssa under the bus in the early week before the 10 sec event. He may still have something with Kyle if Kyle wins HOH but he shouldn’t get rid of someone who has shown loyalty at this point in the game.


Monty wont do it himself,he’ll let someone else win so he does not get the blood on his hands. then he’ll be in their ear all week about how much of a comp beast Michael is and they need to get him out while they can. The only saving grace for M is if Joe is out and M thinks he needs him to fight K/TER.


I don’t know why everyone wants to save Joseph he’s useless anyways and only used his “looks” to get in good with every single female to try to stay in the house….. Ridiculous everyone’s loosing their sh*t over a man that uses women cuz he thinks he looks good… ?


yeah, i kept wanting to like his game, but frankly it never got there and i’m not sorry that it looks like it never will.




Could you hear the outside music playing early in the morning when the feeds came back?

Wait. . .what???

Seems like it might be Kraken time.


The Brochella houseguests have become bullies and seem to be extremely ungrateful for everything they have! Watching the BY houseguests struggle and be grateful for even the smallest things makes me wish BB would switch them asap!!!


I didn’t think of that. Wouldn’t it be a great twist, if the next 3 days Team BroChella had to live outside & Team Dyrefest went inside?? I can just hear JasMean complaining.? Yes, that would be a great twist?? Terrance deserves the HOH room a few days.?This is Micheal’s 2nd time.?
I don’t know why so many are hating on Kyle.? He has to play the game in his best interest FIRST, and any alliances SECOND.? He is choosing to make decisions that are in both his & his showmance’s favor.?????? What’s wrong with that? It’s a game….Kyle has every right to make moves in his best interest.? I think he plays with more integrity than Joseph and all his “baby” talk to the women.? I was taught that men were to where shirts in the kitchen. I think it’s so uncouth the way Joseph runs around in the kitchen half-naked!?


I know, right?! Show some tact Joe, I don’t need constant man boobies. You are The Spy That Shagged the Jury House.


The feeds returned, but just w/ sleeping Indoors. CBS/yellers made the feeds cancelable. Not knowing how things can switch is obnoxious, especially since Kyle is Public enemy #1 in the comments section & Indoors. Things can change so fast. It would be epic if Joe goes and Kyle has to explain away on Thurs why Terrance took a threat. I mean, Terrance took his shot. Mike wants to get an annoying player out & not a danger player. You deal w/ the hands you are dealt…maybe Terrance gets swayed to renom Kyle, maybe Mike has a Come To Jesus moment & discards threats. Kyle protected a showmance, can’t blame him for doing that b/c BB can make sane/logical people not that anymore. Each side picked off a non-leftover & a leftover. Kinda seems like a wash. Do you want Joe to go on a run of wins?


I have no idea what the Veto comp was, but I had been thinking that Joe was throwing comps. I expected once his butt was in danger, we would see a whole new side of him, killing the veto comp to save his life. But that did not happen, so he remains on the block.

Also I don’t understand Joe’s hard on to get Alyssa evicted, and I really don’t think he has been making good choices by trying to get Kyle to work with him on evicting Alyssa. Joe did not come through and save himself when he needed it the most.

I’m actually ok with Joe leaving this week, I really did not see him doing anything other than running around the house playing the spy, that kind of got old, I won’t really miss him.

Ravens Pacemaker

I wanted Jasmine to be around for the slip n slide competition. Also some of the downed feeds could be due to the fact that they had a cookout visitor as Julie mentioned at the end of Sundays show. Maybe they had a visit from couch a few days & he gave HOH Terrance some pointers.


It was Tiffany – and it sounds like not in person but via satellite (or however they stream in live video). She was present for the Inside groups POV – not sure if she was also on hand for the Outside groups POV which sounded like it had something to do with stacking things.

I’m guessing no bc the Inside gets the VIP treatment & thus the BB23 AFP Guest Host Tiffany.


I like the idea of this twist, because once the leftovers formed, it was pretty predictable. Terrance winning the outside HOH would make for an interesting week — if we could see anything. I don’t think CBS planned this twist well.


I don’t think the twist is the problem. It’s the idiots who think that they can influence the game from the outside with yelling from the other side of the wall; honestly banners being flown overhead is more creative


cbs didn’t plan it well, but it probably saved us two boring back to back weeks of jasmine and alyssa getting voted out with no real drama. it’s a bummer the feeds have been down so much but terrance winning hoh instead of a leftover at least keeps things interesting.

Daniel Sucks

A regular double eviction is not usually boring. This twist will make the most boring double eviction ever.


a regular double gets them 1 1 hour episode, this gets cbs a week’s worth of episodes, plus i think one of them is double length.

Daniel Sucks

I’m pretty sure most double eviction episodes are two hours long. I know it was last year with the cookout. The 1st hour goes as normal and when they gather to vote the first person out, Julie tells them that it’s double eviction.

I like it as a viewer because you don’t already know what’s going to happen. Since you don’t know in advance who’s will be the 2nd HOH, you don’t know who is going to get nominated or what the strategy will be. It’s plays out in front of us.


I can’t believe that Michael don’t want to make a BIG move and take out Monte. Also, Taylor makes me sick! I felt sorry for her to begin with then she wanted to take out Alyssa all over her taking a trip from her ( which ended up with Jasmine). As far as I am concerned the most real players are Alyssa and Terrance.


yeah, i’m pretty disappointed in michael not taking out monte too, but it does mean one less week of jasmine. i won’t be upset if monte lasts longer in the game than michael though. this was michael’s shot.


Can someone tell me what Jasmine has done that she saids she has worked so hard to get where she is in the house? All I’ve seen so far is a twisted ankle that is taking her birthday year to heal, had someone wipe her butt, hides food because she is going to starve, upset someone ate the muffin that she needs to survive and of course made sure not to be on the block for her birthday which is now 3 weeks long.


endless auditions, building a social media following, talking to the right people, and networking. she’s talking about what she did to get on the show, not once she got there.


I would like to see Joe /Monty go so we don’t get the same predictable end. the two alpha males(joe/monty) drag a female(Taylor) to the end.then screw her over. Ending.two alphas in the chairs for the win.


Monte for the win! Boot list: Kyle-Terrance-Alyssa-Taylor-Michael. Final 3 Brit-Monte-Turner – Final 2: Turner/Monte Votes for Monte 7 to 3


Like i said, same old predictable ending.instead of Taylor, joe and monty it’s Brit ,Turner ,Monty with Turner,Monty at the end.


I think this twist should continue for one more week, but with a house flip. Let BroChella spend a week outside, then maybe they’ll appreciate how easy they had it this week.


It easy because it’s 4 against 1. Michael picked based on who he wanted out. The only thing that would have made it interesting is if Jasmine won Veto then Taylor and Monte would be on the block.

Paul Sucks

That would be interesting because that would mean Michael couldn’t play and it is only leftovers on that side. It would be fun to watch the HOH play out.


I’d like to see Alyssa win an HOH
Would be interesting “since she doesn’t talk game with Kyle” what she would do.
Maybe use her own brain for once.


Mmmm brains. Feed me!


If Alyssa wins HOH, they will need to replace the HOH Bed and sterilize the room.

Alyssa has shown she has no game, no game play, Alyssa is here for a hookup, and she picked the most immature guy to hookup with.

Kyle and Alyssa would be just like rabies in that room, I don’t want to see an Alyssa HOH. I think it would be just as annoying as Taylor’s HOH, because. Alyssa would not make her own decision, she’d do whatever her Jr. High Showmance tells her to do.

un autre nom

More wall yellers.
Question: are they splitting the money with you? If not, shut up.
I looked at twitter. Gee. Congratulating wall yellers and complaining about the music being torture… pick a lane. If you pet a skunk, don’t complain about the smell.
Is it going to save anyone? Not likely. The power of Grod compels them.
Want feeds back outside?


Has anyone noticed that outside of Michael’s bestie, Britt, everyone Michael chose to be on his team has been an HOH? The only HOH in Dyrefest is Turner, who is sitting on the block for the first time, supposedly as a pawn. I think they should switch festivals, sending the goody-goody BroChella crew to Dyrefest. They’ve all had the luxury of the HOH Suite, Michael for his 2nd time. Let them rough it a while! What a twist that would be!

4 be 4

This Is The Big Brother House, You Can Bounce Checks!” – Mike “Boogie

So many posts about what one person or group should or should not do and how they did or did not do it & was it fair and right.
This is not at all like the game was all about when BB was played for years. The dirtier the more devious the better. I think the “let’s not hurt anyones feelings “real” world 2022 PC gets transferred into the house. They should think of it as the Game where there is no PC ( within moral limits). Click below to see what one of the best had to say. Mike “Boogie”. season 14.



I was thinking that we need a Rachel Reilly type. We had some in your face players in Daniel and Nicole — but they didn’t have the game to back it up.

4 be 4


un autre nom

I question things. I can’t help it.
My brain today:
How much of this Save Joseph stuff is about Joseph’s game, and how much is about the fake showmance shit? Is saving Joseph about him or the cause celebre of Taylor?
How long is it really going to take for people to digest and come to terms with the reality that the Leftovers and it’s cause were always a smoke screen for the Pound… named in memory of Pooch?
Hmm, post season 23 does anyone think this season’s casting is an accident?
If I go back to my bbcan / bbus betatest theory… we’re somewhere around the Hermon / Moose evictions leading into the double that saw Marty and Summer evicted… what was the social media atmosphere? Race traitor Haleena (she was punjabi so?) and white devil alliance racism was the basics.

4 be 4

Remind me…Pound?? Respectfully Totally blank here on your point.

un autre nom

The four man alliance of Monte Kyle Joseph and Turner was named “the Pound” in honor of Pooch, who had just been evicted. The boys felt blindsided by not having control of the week 2 eviction. Kyle gave them the information about the Old Skool forming. They decided it was the women pulling in the old people, so they would have to pull in the losers nobody wanted in order to fight it.
They discussed wanting MIchael for his comp ability, but realizing they’d have to take Britt too… and that was a bummer. Then they thought take Taylor and hype up her anger at being bullied, get Ameerah evicted… then they could always cut Taylor because THEY didn’t want to work with her long term either.

4 be 4

Thanks. Now I understand your point. It will fe “fun” to watch how it develops.


Yellers need to get a life. Let them play the game and come to their own conclusions.


How are the fandom losing their shit? What did I miss??

C wade

Turner should go what has he done to go further

C wade

Jasmine and Taylor should already be gone…what a waste