Michael “I would have a hard time imagining if America hates any of us.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Big BroChella SIDE

Brochella HOH (Inside the House):  Michael
TEAM BroChella:  Brittany, Jasmine, Monte, and Taylor.
Nominees: Jasmine and Monte
POV Players:  Michael, Monte, Jasmine, Brittany, and Taylor
POV Winner: Brittany
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots:  None this week
The Situation: As it stands now Brochella won’t be using the veto and Jasmine will be sent out.

Dyre Fest SIDE

Dyre Fest HOH (Backyard):  Terrance
TEAM Dyre Fest: Alyssa, Joseph, Kyle, and Turner
Nominees: Joe and Turner
POV Players: Terrance, Alyssa, Joe, Kyle, and Turner
POV Winner: Terrance
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots:  None this week

Lock your ranks in before midnight

2:36pm The live feeds return.
Jasmine – this is supposed to be a summer house and now we don’t even get the sun! Michael – its not even a house! It doesn’t feel like summer. Jasmine – this is crazy! I asked them (Production) in there.. can you tell me if America hates me or not? They said no (they can’t tell her). Michael – I would have a hard time imagining if America hates any of us. Because when I think about last season, I don’t think anyone was hated. Like there were people that obviously weren’t as popular but no one was hated. Jasmine – I want to know who was the most popular though. Michael – I think Tiffany and Derek X. Jasmine – Derek X and Xavier. I guess for me like .. what deems it that though like? You know what I mean because when you’re in here everyone seems equal to you. Everyone has their personality and everyone has their things. Brittany joins them.

2:53pm Big Brother blocks the feeds again.. FACTS!

3:07pm Still blocked..

3:11pm – 3:49pm The feeds return. Michael, Brittany and Jasmine are still chatting about random things in the kitchen. They talk about Paloma and other people quitting in other seasons. Michael – I hope she is doing well. Jasmine – I am sure she is. Michael – I think the season would have been a lot different if she was still here. Jasmine – I can only imagine. They reminisce about when Jasmine wanted to release a balloon to honor her father that passed away but Turner laughed at the awkward silence when he asked her to consider the environment. Jasmine – I hope they don’t put that on the show .. oh wait I cried .. they probably did. (They’re talking about this moment and the aftermath.)

5:53pm – 5:38pm Jasmine digs into the sherbet and adds sprinkles. Monte joins them in the kitchen. Taylor joins them. They each go around saying things they like from different categories.

5:58pm Big Brother told the house guests to check the storage room. When they head in, they find margarita mix without tequila, streamers, party accessories and tacos/chips/chiros. Michael – we have beers in the fridge and I have ciders upstairs… are we getting drunk to night?

6:18pm – 7:03pm Michael – Cheers to being VIP for the week! Brittany – I’ve had better guac. Taylor – oh damn! Are we the most ungrateful cast ever? Brittany – I meant if you’ve never had guac before and this is your barometer. They sit down at the table and eat/ drink.

8:15pm Kitchen – Monte, Brittany, Michael and Jasmine.
Taylor – what if its the veto meeting and eviction? Jasmine – on a Sunday? On a Monday!? Taylor – because we did noms and veto on one day. Monte – but if its an eviction, wouldn’t it be live? Taylor – does an eviction have to be live? Michael – I don’t think it has to be but then they would have to keep the feeds down until the next episode. Jasmine – and that would be a lot of days of just nothing and why would they make a twist just to end it super early? Taylor – and it sounds like this twist is just getting started.

8:23pm Monte, Jasmine, Michael and Taylor decide to take a HG photo with a sleeping Brittany. When they take the photo the noise of the camera wakes up Brittany.

9:13pm – 9:25pm Kitchen – Taylor sitting on the stairs looking at the memory wall.
Taylor – I need to win another HOH and basically every veto from here on out. Its all about jury management.

Meanwhile in the backyard – We haven’t seen the house guests in the backyard for a long time but you can definitely hear loud rave music playing back there. They’re definitely getting the “Dyre” or Fyre fest experience. I’m betting the music is going to go all night to keep them up.

9:55pm Bathroom – Taylor talking to the camera.
Taylor – I want to send a special message to Kyle’s mom and his grandma Pat. You have raised a phenomenal, phenomenal man. And I never felt closer to him than I did at the beginning of last week.. my week as HOH. And unfortunately circumstances brought us further a part at the end of last week and going into this week our games are starting to diverge and I was really hoping they would converge. So this is somewhat of an apology. I will always be a fan and friend of Kyle and I hope you both can forgive me and understand that I have to play a game that is going to benefit me now and Kyle is going to be really hard to beat because the boy competes and he wins! So you will likely see Kyle’s name in my mouth a lot more than I ever intended but if I want to go far in this game I have to protect myself and play my own game. I am always rooting for Kyle just have to play harder for myself now. Yeah, that’s a bummer. That one is a bummer.

10:30pm – 11:08pm Quad cam of Taylor sleeping in the bathroom. She then wakes up and gets ready for bed. Brittany wakes up and changes / gets ready for bed.

11:44pm All the house guests are now sleeping. Quad cam on Monte sleeping..

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Bad Twists Save Bad Players

omg she is always eating.


Sneaking food to hide for herself. She is a despicable person. Loathe her kind


You’re literal just here to talk about how much you hate the Black cast members lol.


Her amount of eating wouldn’t be so bad if her mannerisms and the way she eats wasn’t so bad! Very strange.

Alyssa's Vagina

But she’s playing the best game if you think about it. The house can’t stand her and yet she hasn’t touched the block once. That says something right there.

Bad Twists Save Bad Players

she is on the block..


Alot of people dont touch the block the first half of the game and then the one time they do they go home. Thats the social floater way to play and I for one hate that game.

Barbara Walker

Food obsessions are weird. I e lost 150lbs. I used to be obsessed with food. One day about 60
Pounds into my losss I realized just how much of my day was spent thinking about where my next food would come from. When I got in the car I mapped out in my head every where along my drive I could get food. Once I won that food victory it took a long time to decide what to think about with all the extra time in my head!
I often buy 4-5 bags of candy at once. Then I give them away. The compulsion to buy it is crazy but it’s as satisfying to buy and give away as to eat.

Who flipped??

Congratulations on your weight loss! Thats an incredibly hard thing to do and like you said, the mental compulsions to eat/buy food and how much we rely on food is really tied to our emotions and mental health. While there are MANY things about Jazz to dislike, I’m always a little bothered when people judge her food intake in relation to her body shape and weight. Like of ALL the unlikeable qualities, that’s just not one of the things I can let myself judge her on ya know? I suffered with an eating disorder over a decade ago and it’s forever altered my food habits so maybe I’m just hyper-aware when I see others having an unhealthy relationship with food. I’m sure I would be snacking my ass off and eating for comfort too if I was in that sort of environment!

Now, in all fairness, she isn’t doing herself any favors by hoarding snacks and possessing the table manners of a farm animal, but I do wish people wouldn’t make fun of her about this stuff… pluuuuuss- Christie Trout-mouth (from BB21?) was so much worse when it came to eating! *eye twitch*

I Spy

That’s her diet plan, so she’s dieting. Remember, she said when she doesn’t eat she GAINS weight.


You can feel her fakeness. It’s in her eyebrows. Ick!


Those Groucho Marx eyebrows!


FYI. During extended live feed blocks this time, besides watching tonight’s episode, I recommend The Sandman if you have Netflix

Barbara Walker

I was very scared. Watched through the homes of a knitted blanket.


May I ask WHY they block the feeds so often? Are the players saying things they shouldn’t? Every time I go to watch the feeds are blocked or all cameras are on one player or group. UGH We do pay for this so wouldn’t you think we should see it all? Just saying.


The expression on Michael’s face is hysterical. I think he is thinking — yes, they hate you Jasmine!


We sure do!


Yes Jasmine, we hate you and we we you and your fake accent were gone.


Omg forreal. As someone from the south, that accent is thick as hell and very rare unless you live in a middle of nowhere pocket which I doubt with her, considering how high maintenance she seems. She makes us all look bad.


Terry Ms is Absolutely the middle of no where, believe me!!


How long is this lazy ass chick gonna milk that sprained ankle? It’s been like 6 weeks


She is milking for her lawsuit.


They sign away their rights to sue well before they step in to that house

un autre nom

What goes through my brain and makes me laugh a little.
You know how long feeds where off after HOH, and last night?
They’ve had the feed delay for a while now…
What if… in order to combat yelling, feeds are now off by an hour or two.
After 15 hours of feed block, would we know the difference?

un autre nom

With music playing outside, and the network and production company not wanting to pay royalty fees…
You do realize the outdoor people will have been told no game talk, because they can’t use it in the show.
So everyone that wanted to save Joseph… just cut 15 hours of his time to change Terrance’s mind.
Good job.


It was strange to me that it was I believe around 1pm and they were just waking them up so that could be true.


Oh yes Michael we dislike many of you…top 3 disliked for me 3. Michael 2. Jasmine 1. Most hated TAYLOR! Taylor is just as fake as Jamine only she is sneaky & petty about it. There’s a reason no girls liked you when season started. How about the prancing around day 1 in a swimsuit act stupid sitting on a pool table fir attention from men. You are snarky & fake. Jasmine is just stupid fake & Michael ughhh petty drama queen.


She prances in heels, on the fake turf, in her bathing suit! She thinks she’s in Vegas??


Michael to me is like a bot. He has no personality and is robotic like. Never got a good vibe from him.


Maybe he just shows good judgement not jumping in on everythig said and giving his game away.


You don’tt even know these people. What’s wrong with you? This isn’t a scripted TV show or Soap where you can villianize a character. These are real people. You need to go do something constructive so maybe you can feel better about yourrself rather than tear someone down. These people are going to come out of this hoouse and read these comments. Yoouo already heard how much Tayloor mentiooned she had been bullied her life. Now you want to pule it on. Shame on you!


Hey Pot say hello to Kettle


I’m not cussing out people. If you can’t tell the difference then I feel bad for you too. If my comments are seen as “pot” then I will take that all day long rather hiding behind fake names and initials.

Julie Chen

I can’t stand people using fake names.

Jeff Probst

Right? Aren’t they The Worst?


debra i’ve seen your comments on here for years, don’t try and act like you havent made comments that are seen as “pot” SMH


Agree 100 percent!

Palm Oil's Meds

Oh stop it. Every season there are girls in their bikinis. If she was blonde with blue eyes it would be an issue for the karens. Alyssa literally has done NOTHING in the game but lay on her back for 10 seconds but being protected.


Um..is everything ok with you? Taylor most certainly didn’t prance around in swimsuit for men’s ‘attention’, in fact she stated explicitly her willingness to work with and for the women at the beginning, only caveat most of them were saying the most vile and nasty assumptions about her, with some of the men too, and ostracizing her for no reason at all other then jealousy and biases.
She can be petty, but I wouldn’t say was fake at any moment, and certainly wouldn’t blame her of all people for the ridiculous hate she got. That’s absurd. If anything she’d been one of the most real in there, and Michael too.
Jas on the other hand.. different story.


Michael?A petty drama queen???? It is funny how some people view the players and others don’t see that at all.


I agree with you, Michael is not a petty drama queen, quite the opposite. I would save that label for Jasmine.

C wade

First of all Jasmine has brought nothing to the show…and neither has Brittnany she is riding on Michael’s coat tails. And Taylor is so fake..and vindictive. And a little racest


Lol. Somehow a political ad for a NY candidate is showing up for me on this blog and I don’t even live there!


I find the inside group soooo boring. (Outside not far behind) I feel they’re just boring people period. Enough with the downed feeds!!! They should have planned for wall yellers.


This is what they have always done when there have been wall yellers. What else would you have them do?

Paul Sucks

Take over another studio on the interior of the lot.


That is not as simple as it sounds since there’s other stuff happening in the other properties that CBS owns


Big Brother has been in the same sound studio since it started. They could shuffle around so that the studio fit the needs.


They’ve never done 24/7 outdoors. In the past, they just hustle them all indoors. If you can’t have a different separation area then don’t do the stupid twist!


There seems to be a lot more boring cast members this year than usual.


I missed that part! What was said?


I like jasmine like I liked my overcooked pork chops…Right in the garbage can..

Ma ma L

I can’t watch the inside feed! Jasmean and Taylor’s voices are like fingernails on a chalkboard (old reference, I know) Bad twist. They have done 24 seasons, production couldn’t have foreseen a wall yeller? Ugg, disappointing not to see the full cast

4 be 4

I don’t think this was ever planned at start of season. I think it developed quickly during the last couple weeks. For what ever reason , not sure, but think it is production trying to control some aspect of the show they think should be changed. ????

Palm Oil's Meds

You karens literally have no reason to hate Taylor. Most Karens just feel that women like her should “know their place.” How dare she have confidence? Taylor is supposed to be inferior to us.

C wade

Inferior fake as shit and childish…some took your so she goes after them. They should have voted her out in the beginning.

C wade

Don’t call us Karens…..truth is truth


The episode is now showing why the feeds were down as long as they were on Thursday night. So much for the people who tried to claim Michael and Terrence were communicating, lol


The comments – the mean, petty, spiteful ones just reflect blackness in the soul of the one criticizing. So go on television and be the perfect person you can be; then read a thousand mean, spiteful comments that people like you write, and enjoy karma.

Big Brother Fan

Yes!!! Totally agree with your statement!

Palm Oil's Meds

I think many of the mean comments are people that have an anti-black woman agenda. Mostly jealous old karens that want to feel superior over Taylor and get upset that Taylor is not “staying in her place” in society.


Please stop. You’re trying to make this something it’s not.


I vehemently disagree. I think Taylor was championed by many when we saw how she was bullied and rallied behind her. She was ranked very high in the OBB polls. I was supporting her.
Until her HOH when she showed classic HOHitis and went off the rails by promising the mean girls all safety, proposing to put her alliance members on the block, refusing to nominate Jas based on race/gender, then switching targets and just her overall wishy washy chaotic behavior. She ‘Frenchied’ herself. I may be an older conservative white woman but am not a jealous, old Karen who wants to feel superior or is upset about Taylor not ‘staying in her place’. That has nothing to do with anything except in your own mind.


I vehemently disagree! Many of the public were behind her in the begining when she was being bullied by the Mean Girls. She ranked in the top of the OBB polls consistently. I supported her.
Until her HOH where she displayed classic HOHitis and went off the rails. She promised the Mean Girls safety, proposed nominating her alliance members, refused to nominate Jas for race/gender reasons, kept changing the target, tried to bully the Veto holder. Her HOH reign was an entitled, chaotic mess. She ‘Frenchied’ herself.
I may be an older conservative white woman but am not a jealous old Karen who wants to feel superior or is upset by Taylor not staying in her place in society. THAT judgement is insulting and real only in your own mind.


This season sucks they royally screwed this season with the bb fest and the left overs having no backbone to make big moves 8nstead of backdooring everyone


Backdooring IS a move. “Indoor” planning every single move and never straying or going against the majority is too predictable. Make a ballsy move!……waiting for it to happen!


Saturday we got the obvious DR influence by TPTB on Kyle who suddenly shifted 24 hours after saying Michael/Britt would be on board with him/Ally & Terrance to saying he should be the target (& Monte) I’m still not sure he would go after Michael if he won HOH. Rather, I could see him put Monte & Taylor OTB (sticking with his ridiculous POC strategy).

If Michael & Britt find out the Leftovers was exposed they still have some leeway. They can say to Ally – remember we told you to talk to Kyle & make sure he didn’t use the POV? Well – THAT was why – we wanted to ensure you were safe. Similarly, Michael can offer his reason for saving Monte/Joe/Terrance was partially tied to the LOs but also to make sure Terrance was safe bc if that trio had stayed OTB he would’ve been the one leaving (and before the jury started).

Britt/Michael can explain to Ally/Terrance – look we were pulled into that alliance last so just like you guys were probably on the bottom of Old School that’s how we felt. So our goal was to make sure all of us got to jury while waiting for an opportunity to strike once the numbers were closer. In fairness, both of the above actions would align with those comments.

Not that it would change Terrance wanting Michael out but I do think his ire has Monte locked into his top position to oust.

Again – it would require them knowing that Kyle spilled the LOs & Pound so I’m keen for one of Britt/Taylor or Monte to win HOH so that news gets spilled.


Hopes for the remainder of the Outside crew’s week:

1) Wall Yellers continue to converge on the backyard but are more strategic with their comments such as “Kyle ratted out the Leftovers & Pound to Terrance/Ally

2) Either the above or DR questions help Joseph/Turner to recognize what happened.

3) Even if Joe can’t be saved he’ll be taking this intel to jury – AND my hope is he says to Kyle ‘Good luck bc if you reach F2 – no matter who you sit beside I will poison the jury so that you NEVER win.

4) Assuming the above gets outed let’s hope Turner spends some time to ponder the sequence of events — that he was initially the safest outside but one talk with Kyle ended with him OTB & in jeopardy.

Hopefully, he’ll be able to dissect that means Kyle was willing for him to leave in order to save himself & his showmance. READ: I’m the guy who was the MOST loyal to the Pound but my F2 with Kyle is clearly BS bc he’s more dedicated to Ally.

5) At some point I’m hoping Joe/Turner will sit down with Ally & Terrance (separately to provide their side of the details).

  • With Ally they should expose how their knowledge came courtesy of Kyle revealing everything she told him & HE was the one who said you had to go first from the other side -until you kissed & had your 10-second floatie adventure.
  • They should drive home how Kyle CREATED the Leftovers & he was the one who elected to NOT put her in it!
  • Likewise, I’m hopeful for Joe/Turner to sit down with Terrance & offer similar details & get Terrance thinking bc of how Kyle spun his version (things like Joe revealed Old Skool – but it was really Kyle bc Ally told him about both that alliance & Girls Girls.
  • Kyle has bragged about being the LOs creator & his insistence of claiming that fact could be what derails any loyalty from Terrance.

Ok, having heard Terrence’s nomination speech Kyle’s plan of blaming Joseph for exposing the alliance would have never worked (there’s no way Turner would keep quiet about Terrence’s nomination speech)


Spot on – Terrance’s speech let Joe/Turner KNOW something was exposed. Terr trying to dial it back to Turner by saying it was b/c he said “facts” didn’t fly. Turner is playing it off right now & made the F3 with the showmance but GUARANTEED he knows Kyle exposed something (if not everything).

I’m eager to see more Turner DRs, especially after the “Kyle plan” plays out … Terrance agreed he’ll call out Turner with “stop lying to me” & then Kyle would press him to expose the LOs (with him).

It will put Turner between a rock & a hard place. He’s proven to be a very intelligent guy so I think he’ll see right through what Kyle is doing. Last week Kyle kept trying to push the silent minority on him & to get him to commit to targeting Joseph &/or Monte. Given how loyal he’s been to the Pound/LOs I can’t imagine he’ll want to expose either alliance. Instead, it’ll be a major RED FLAG confirming Kyle is the guilty party & only wants Turner to do it too so he can use him as the scapegoat.

Let’s see if the wall yellers keep coming & whether they’ll be more specific. Rumor was they said Kyle is a liar – save Joseph – – a better message would be to specifically shout Kyle exposed Leftovers & the Pound to Ally & Terrance. That will give Turner & even though he’s likely leaving Joe some ammo to work with the rest of this week –Joe trying to drive a wedge into the showmance with the TRUTH about Kyle & Turner knowing to keep his mouth shut & pretend he’s on board until he gets back inside.

We should learn more about the typically quiet Turner via his actions & how he plays this. My guess is he’ll commit to working with the showmance/Terrance but push back on ratting & say let’s just wait til we go back inside & see who’s gone & then we can proceed from there as our 4-some & decide what to reveal.

If it was anyone else I might believe things could play out differently – but Turner was the MOST LOYAL to the Pound & Leftovers so I really think he’ll take great offense to this betrayal by Kyle & won’t want any part of joining him as a rat.


Watched the Joe/Turner convo (Kyle sleeping at end of couch) – Joe asks Turner what he said to Terrance & both say they won’t ever betray each other/the alliance.

So the best wall yeller comment would be “Kyle BETRAYED the Pound and exposed THE ALLIANCE HE CREATED – the Leftovers to Ally/Terrance.”

That would be the statement that would put Kyle in the most hot water.


Why are we rooting for wall yellers? What’s next? It’s bad enough with all these “twists” that degrade the actual BB gamesmanship, but wall yellers are the WORST. It’s bad enough when TPTB interfere, I damn sure don’t want some random dolt out there sinking the game of the actual players.

Not a Kyle fan, but he knew he was literally playing for his BB life out there. As did Joe as soon as he got picked to the outside team. Say what you will, but one of them did what was necessary to save themselves for one more week.


Fair enough.

Palm Oil's Meds

I’m okay with Kyle throwing Joe UTB, because we all know he’s a simp for Allyssa. However, he did not have to throw his whole alliance UTB too. He probably even said Julie Chen is part of the Leftovers too.


Why not expose it all? At the end of eviction, it’ll probably be 7 LOs vs 2 non-LOs. Is there any real point to hiding it anymore? Minus the off chance of Alyssa winning HOH, the LOs have all the power next week. All the secret agent and blindside stuff is beyond unnecessary at this point.

And it also brings Terence to his side (which is fortunate for him since the LOs inside have officially said they’re coming after Kyle now).

I thought it was a dumb/premature move when reading the updates, but after seeing how it all played out so far, it was a pretty outstanding move. So far.


How are they going to fill in the hour long shows?! You can only show so much of Jasmine eating, talking to each other about stupid stuff around the table, jumping up and down screaming because they have party hats and streamers. There is ZERO drama or scheming which makes for zero interest in watching. Yaaaaaaawn

un autre nom

Recap: kylekylekylekyle. ED. feels poor victim forced to turn on his alliance… that’s a choice.
Michael wins hoh, Terrance wins consolation hoh.
Michael weighing options
Taylor mad her initial target is an HOH?
Terrance big move trusted people and targets.
Michael picks Jasmine.
Jasmine d/r thinks good relationship
Terrance picks Turner.
Terrance d/r says not together watching backs
Turner d/r no Jasmine? Fire.
Michael: Britt. Terrance: Alyssa. Michael: Taylor. Terrance: Joseph Michael: Monte.
Michael says Kyle wants to go after Leftovers. Michael doesn’t want to be the one to DO it.
Britt d/r: oh no dyrefest is probelmatic for Leftovers (ED. Britt and Michael knew the score when it comes to plans).
Kyle: oh, i think the showmance is in trouble.
ED. Michael picked target first. Terrance picked targets last (Joseph and whichever of Monte or Kyle)
Brochella gets pizza and beer.
Monte repeats the basic twist elements d/r.
Dyre fest packs. Kyle was picked last.
Kyle: i’m forced to show my cards.
Turner / Terrance bond. Turner’s insights are key to Terrance’s plan.
Terrance says Alyssa is 100% safe.
Taylor is worried about Joseph.
Alyssa is not happy with the living conditions.
Joseph… not either.
Ed. It’s like these pampered little shits have never camped.
Terrance sad d/r. Terrance gets the face/off makeup challenge music usually reserved for character plot turning points.
They show the letter this time.
thanks for keeping me indoors. so MONTE?
Birthday week. 3rd birthday week?
Jasmine d/r on the block? Worked too hard to get here?
Michael doesn’t trust Jasmine. Birthday week joke.
Taylor d/r what is going on at Dyrefest? Let’s hope the boys stick together. ED. about that.
Turner and Terrance 1 on 1
there’s a showmance. Alyssa is safe, Kyle and Joseph are the target.
Turner d/r uh oh. Joseph is the target. wants Alyssa the target.
Terrance: not a fluid connection with Joseph.
Joseph and Terrance 1 on 1
I’ve got you. Joseph doesn’t trust Terrance.
Terrance is lying to Joseph.
Alyssa and Terrance 1 on 1
Targeting Joseph. Alyssa a pawn? Waitaminute.
Terrance and Kyle 1 on 1
Kyle acting cool but Nomphobic Kyle is spinning.
Kyle reveals Leftovers to Alyssa
Alyssa is not happy to be in the dark. Reveals his alliance plan.
Kyle reveals Leftovers to Terrance
Monte and Joseph run the show.
Terrance d/r wake up call.
Kyle is in survival mode. ED. Short term good, what about long term
Alyssa and Terrrance feel left out of everything. Bottom of the pecking order.
Alyssa wishes she kept Daniel and Nicole (ED. that would have gotten rid of Kyle?)
Monte is going to be pawn. Michael always intended Monte to be on block.
Monte knows this too.
Veto is what is important.
Jasmine d/r hope i’m a pawn. rest of my birthday month
Turner shock face. moves in the house keys to making things happen, nobody told me what was happening…
Terrance: big shot time
Joseph: trying not to reveal alliance. scared to go home. have to win veto
Turner total shock i was safe 24 hours ago wtf. gunning for Terrance now. still try to get Alyssa out this week.
Kyle: I’m going to have to lie my ass off when we get back in the house. I’m a baaad boy.
Okay that’s not what he said. That’s artistic license.


Also noticed when Terrance said to Ally – ‘we gotta stop playing friends’ production used creative license here as well to make it seem like he meant against the Leftovers but THAT was a specific comment made about JasMEAN! (b/c Terrance got pissed at her last week saying Indy & he were both her friends).


Does anyone else think TTO Tambz and un auger nom are the same person?

Palm Oil's Meds

Yes lol


LOL – we aren’t (but thanks for the compliment). 🙂
Another Name is far more eloquent & humorous. And I think AN worked/works in entertainment – I write about the NBA -my Twitter handle is the same as my moniker here so you can see for yourself.


Love your comments! They may be long sometimes, but worth it


Glad you enjoy them.

I’m usually commenting late at night or really early in the morning on no sleep – it’s an occupational hazard. 🙂

The Beef

Their writing style isn’t even similar, so no, I for one don’t think they’re the same person at all.

The Beef

At this point, I really think production is pushing Jasmine to continue to use the whole “birthday month” thing as a point of humor in the show, given her last D/R. I’m sure they have someone who monitors all the websites (like this one) and BB twitter who knows how much it stirs people up, so why not continue with it? She seemed to say it almost as a joke last night.


Maybe I think that just because they’re both so equally l-o-n-g! You’re probably right


I wish someone would say …. “ I SADLY TO EVOTE JASMINE” , when she leaves, in honor of another annoying player from last season. Big D.
Those two are basically the same person. SMe strategy…. ?


I doubt Ally will ever abandon Kyle but if I’m Joe I make it my mission to try to drive as much as a wedge between the showmance as possible. The main points he should make:

  1. Kyle told them how Ally was a terrible player sharing all the secrets she told him – (Old Skool & Girls Girls)
  2. He would laugh at how he was playing her to their advantage
  3. If she thinks he really had her back then WHY wasn’t she part of Leftovers — because HE CREATED IT!

10-second floatie – the retell:
Joe has an option when it comes to the 10-sec floatie adventure. The first is to LIE & blame Kyle & point out how he feels sorry for her bc her edit is going to be embarrassing. Emphasize how Kyle was spilling everything she told them & simultaneously ruining her game so she’s going to fall into that category of women on BB who were manipulated by a man & worse he had the audacity to sleep with her & tell everyone.

Then double-down & say – he might be willing to finally work with you but ask yourself why – – never forget HE created the LOs based on the secrets you told him & still didn’t put you in it but now suddenly while he’s vulnerable he wants to work with you.

His second option is to tell her it was Turner who told him & showed zero compassion for her – imply he told everyone (he did tell Kyle, Joe & Monte so it’s not much of a stretch) so she continued to be viewed as the girl who was being manipulated by her showmance.

He should say – look I know I’m leaving bc Kyle screwed me — not literally like he did you but figuratively like he did to both of us. I’m sorry to be the one to expose what your show edit will be but I’ll hold out hope you snap out of being manipulated to get revenge by taking out Kyle & Turner who both USED YOU.

Either option should send Ally into a spiral, & again, I doubt she ever works with anyone other than Kyle but at least it would cause some conflict that Kyle deservedly has coming — I mean he did put the target on her back from week 1 & continued to stoke those flames by his actions. At the very least it could create some conflict.

Ultimately, this week is depressing bc Joseph & Turner are likely to remain OTB Thursday with Joe likely leaving. Both are far more entertaining than Kylyssa. I’m happy for Michael bc I think he’s playing the best game & getting Joe out helps his long-term game. But, I’m also sad to lose Joe (or Turner) bc they’re two of my personal favs this season.

We can question whether Kyle made the right move — Personally, I think it probably was his only option although I’m not sure it was necessary to dump this intel on Terrance prior to the POV being played since Joe was going up regardless & with Terrance winning POV he likely had the 2-0 vote with his two F2s. Instead, he risked damaging his relationship with Turner out of his own block fear (other than Jasmine NO ONE fights being OTB as much as him). Nor was it necessary to spill EVERYTHING while tweaking the truths to suit his narrative & protect himself/Ally. Those items will easily be fact-checked resulting in the house viewing him as a liar on top of being a rat.

His constant overreaction to avoid the block, need to control everyone, ridiculous takes on alliances & manipulation of others, gag-worthy showmance, etc make it impossible to pull for him in the game.

With Joe seemingly destined to depart on Thursday – here’s hoping he can do some damage to the showmance before exiting & the audience ROARS to give Kyle a bit of a heads up for how he’s being viewed externally!

It's me

CBS scripted all Jasmine’s lines. They tell her how to act. She is a paid actress.

Why was Kyle crawling around like a dog. Does he have a dog fedish. I heard about these men who like to act like a dog. Weird.


um…actress is going a little too far…..she’s a pathetic farce of a contestant!


He was crawling around like a gorilla. I thought it was funny.

It's me

He was crawling around like a dog. A weird fedish. I heard about guys who like to do that.
Alyssa ????


You people who keep criticizing the personalities of the house guest are completely whack. They are all good people. Maybe Jasmine has some traits that aren’t perfect, but she hasn’t earned anyone’s scorn with the way she acts. Someone above was complaining about Michael being a robot. He comes across to me as a bit of an introvert trying very hard to be more sociable then maybe he is comfortable with. There is not one person in that house who is unlikable. If you really don’t like them, you are the problem.



No Name

I like your comment but I have to ask,can you say 3 nice things about Jasmine?

Daniel Sucks

1) She always compliments Julie, usually by comparing her to a delicious Southern BBQ dish
2) She has managed to keep playing BB, even though she has been in pain with the world’s worst sprained ankle for about 6 weeks (so far)
3) She graced America by appearing on TV during her birthday month


and none of those are good things!

Paul Sucks

Hey fake accent is awesome.

She has the cutest sayings to Julie

She is a wounded BB warrior who plays through the pain which displays that she’s fierce.


After living 38 years in Atlanta, I can comfortably say no one talks like that. Even the ones with those (I love & I miss) accents, either have ‘em or they don’t. They don’t slide in & out of them at will. Saying this as native Southerner.


it’s actually not respectful to label others as problematic for not agreeing with your interpretation of people or events.

Jasmine is seen poorly bc she has bully traits. It’s easy now to feel for her bc she’s the outsider in the house. But if her group had stayed in power, she’d have continued trampling all over Taylor.

She never shows any empathy for others.

Terrence’s itchy balz

Sorry, but ppl on a reality show are fair game for critiques, get off your high horse… we’re entitled to an opinion…. imo, you’re quite hypocritical calling everyone on here “ whack”……maybe you’re a problem too


Does anyone else seem it fishy that there is nothing on the Dyrefest? No feeds, nothing. It’s just indoor feeds, & boring at that.

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

Eyebrows – not fire.


They remind me of woolly worms. You know, those fuzzy things you see in the fall that are supposed to predict how bad winter is going to be? I have never ever seen anyone groom their eyebrows straight up. Crazy looking!

Kylissa's Floatie



Ok two burning questions…1) who the hell watches Jasmine’s social media and what the hell does she even “influence” people about?
2) why aren’t they showing the outside feeds???

4 be 4

A well known “ Chicken Fried Steak” influencer!! She is better than a fresh pot of Chitlins.!!

No Name

I think she’s influenced a lot of people’s negative emotions.

un autre nom

answer to 2)
they worried about what they would do if wall yellers happened during this twist.
I doubt feeds outdoors return until after veto ceremony, because the social media fanbase decided to get cute and try to run the game… that’s Grod’s job. So feed watchers are on a time out from seeing outside because they abused the privilege and interfered with the production of the reality entertainment (not game show) television show.

4 be 4

She is a great Chicken Fried Steak influencer. She is better than a a fresh batch of chitlins!! ( sorry !)


and throw in a bunch of collard greens with a pound of bacon!


Canceled my Paramount+ subscription last night. I love animals but I can watch my own dogs or YouTube videos for free. The feeds were too boring any way. Thank you to all the people that watch them and report it here. I will donate to OnlineBigBrother instead.


You know, this does suck… b/c things can change b/c of a wall yeller. And we don’t get to hear a thing about what might change…the twist sucks for the feeds. And Taylor is like “bye Kyle”.


Evil Elvis did a live Instagram watching the show on the West Coast – and SHOCKER he is back to being who he was on the live feeds NOT the spin-doctored version he offered up in his post-game interviews.

I came in at the tail end but he called the people in his message section (451 of them) ‘clowns’, his haters’ f*cking losers. He continues to say no one can play the game & is back to I prefer the ‘old school version’ but none of these people are playing. He states the show is boring now that he’s not on it.

As for his fellow hamsters, I missed most of his comments & assume he trash-talked them the entire time but in the approximately 10 mins I saw he went in hard on Turner calling him a punk, a f*cking joke & a bozo who doesn’t know how to wear headbands. I saw an email of a Taylor fan saying ‘watching Taylor from home loving that’ & he responded – ‘same – easier to fast-forward’ (yeah, so all his post-show comments were PR – BS.

Also notable – he called JasMEAN – so real (he loves her), called Monte so fake & said Michael is playing scared (eye roll). He said it would be torture having to be with the inside group & would rather be in the backyard b/c at least he likes Terrance & Joseph.

He claims Kyle is the smartest player in the house (umm – okay, he just blew up his game & made it virtually impossible to get ANY of the Leftovers votes by the way he did it but you rock on Evil Elvis.)

The most hilarious thing he said is “I guarantee they made up this twist because I’m gone & the show is f*cking boring now’

WOW – so he continues to be delusional & lack self-awareness. He is precisely who he presented himself to be (except in exit interviews).

It seems like after spending time with Paloma he’s back on the anti-Taylor train & while I suspect he’ll put on a front when he’s being interviewed or for any major network, this pre-jury group all seems to be doubling down on their Taylor dislike.

It’s unfortunate, I had hoped he was being sincere & genuine from his answers during his media sessions but nah – that was just for PR apparently. I haven’t seen any evidence of him hanging out with Ameerah or Nicole but he did connect with Paloma & someone said in the Instagram messages that Pooch was there, so maybe the three of them are the crew still attached.


Evil Elvis needs to invest his time and energy in finding a real job. I saw 2 videos on YouTube where he was performing, I understand now why he told Michael that he only had $300 in the bank.

Evil Elvis CANNOT Sing, he sounds horrible and out of key, and he sounds nothing at all like Elvis. From the video’s I saw, I really can’t see many opportunities or Casinos hiring him to perform. I’m not being mean, just giving my opinion, I’d walk out of the show if he was on stage performing, this dude sounds nothing like Elvis, and does not move like Elvis.

I’ve seen several exit interviews with Evil no Talent Elvis, he lies, makes excuses for his behavior on the show, the dude has issues, I think so many people throw the word Love around some easily, to where it does not mean anything.

Evil Elvis said when he was interviewed, he loved Paloma, Nicole, blah blah blah, and he had to protect the people he loved. How can he be so head over heels in love with Paloma when he spent 8 days around her in the house, she even said she’d evict him, so looks like she was nit that crazy about Evil Elvis.

Evil Elvis needs to shut up about anyone who’s still in the BB house, he’s such a super Fan, the idiot let his emotions screw up his game, the clown used the veto and he is the reason his annoying narcissistic buddy Cruel Mean Nasty Chef Nicole was evicted.

He can’t say anything about the remaining houseguests, they are on TV, where is he? Sitting at home most likely alone, wearing too much black eye shadow, wishing his no game playing emotionally disturbed ass was still in the house.

Evil Elvis needs to stop passing the blame for his behavior, His Words “I was acting out on information that was told to him by everyone in the house”. Dude, shut up, be a man and just admit that you are the clown that you are calling everyone in the house, you said you were a Super Fan, your sorry emotionally disturbed game play, you couldn’t even make it to Jury!!!

Evil Elvis, needs to work on himself, own up to what he did on national TV, stop making excuses and blaming those who he said he loves so much after 8 days of knowing them, dude is not a Super Fan, he’s a Super disturbed troubled FOOL!!!

I doubt BB will ever extend another invitation to no talent based on videos I have seen him performing on YouTube, Disturbed Evil Elvis better find a real job, because I doubt he will be doing a lot of performing in the future, if I had a Casino, hired talented people to come and perform, if he walked in the door, I’d say, oh Hell No!!

Clown, I saw you on BB, you can turn around and leave, you will not take your no singing ass, can’t dance poor Elvis impersonating self on my stage. Your singing is horrible, and you don’t even have rhythm when you are trying to impersonate Elvis, sorry no talent, and no job here for you!!!


“Evil Elvis needs to shut up about anyone who’s still in the BB house, he’s such a super Fan, the idiot let his emotions screw up his game, the clown used the veto and he is the reason his annoying narcissistic buddy Cruel Mean Nasty Chef Nicole was evicted.”

Pop off bitch! I loved the entire post but especially this paragraph. This should have more than +4.

Palm Oil's Meds

I think Ameerah and Nicole have real careers to protect and avoiding the cancel culture. lol


Yeah, makes sense – they also both seemed far more apologetic (or at least more genuine). Ameerah hadn’t actually locked in that job with Google either so I’m guessing she’s distancing herself from any negativity to keep that option open.

Nicole works for a millionaire (right?) so she would also need to be careful of her reputation.

I’ve seen one post of Ameerah out at a bar but nothing on Nicole.

un autre nom

Tbh, I think Daniel should just be denied the attention he is craving.
If he can’t be viewed as some big brother hero legend, he’s going all in on big brother villain infamy, and people are biting.
Truly want to show your displeasure about him? Forget he exists and give his pitiful attention grabbing fires no oxygen.


Wonder why Taylor believes she has to win every POV remaining. That would be five consecutive POVs to get her to F3.

Does this have something to do with Britt revealing the 4-some (Pound) being the ones who’ll get all the credit for creating the Leftovers? Is it based on her wanting to ensure she gets her ideal team to F5 & F4 (presumably her F3 – Britt/Michael plus Monte & Joe)? Or, is it possible she now feels it’s necessary to stick to the original F3 with BM & if she wins five consecutive POVs it puts her on an even playing field with Michael?

I’m not sure that’s a wise plan bc in that circumstance Michael definitely picks Britt & as we already know Britt is still planning to pick Michael so winning a bunch of POVs would make Britt less likely to take her if she made the decision.

I think Taylor’s ideal F3 is Joe/Britt bc she believes they both pick her & she probably thinks she beats them both – then would want Michael/Monte cut at F5/F4. But again, maybe the news of the quartet of men has her thinking differently & if she wins every POV that’s her way of controlling the game.

I’d prefer to see her lock in a F2 deal with Monte (especially if things progress as expected & Joe leaves this week).

What’s your perspective on why she’s feeling the need to win out with POV’s to F3?

Palm Oil's Meds

um…she knows Kyle is targeting Joseph, Monte, and herself to protect his showmance. Call it an intuition.


Possibly – but FIVE POVs in a row?

Perhaps it still stems from the start of the game. There was a great comment made on RHAP (I think Hannah said it but I watched a few pods in a row, so it might have been one of Taran’s guest commentators). Anyway, it was noted when you are ostracized it impacts how you feel in the house. They cited Nicole Anthony from BB21 – who got locked out of the HOH room & how it impacted the way she felt the rest of the game & that she became less assured or direct after that happened.

They linked it back to Taylor’s HOH & how she had a specific plan but the alliance was more responsible for her shifting off the original target (Terrance) & how Taylor likely feels wary of being too forceful b/c it could lead to her being ostracized again.

It was also noted how even when she became part of the Leftovers she had to keep pretending she was an outcast so she wasn’t afforded the same comfort as the rest of the hamsters for close to four weeks.

Anyway – it made a lot of sense so maybe she wants to win five POVs in a row so she can control her own destiny.

No Name

Did she really fall for Joe’s BS that she has a thing with Joe and Monte?Does she know that the only girl who will work with her is Britt and the only guy that will work with her is Michael?Next week it looks like it will be Monte/Turner/Taylor vs Kyle/Alyssa/Terrence with Michael/Britt taking cover in the middle.It looks like she’s taking a stand with Monte instead of following M/B’s lead.


While Joe used his flirting as a strategy with Indy & Jas I do think his relationship with Taylor is genuine & grew organically. Former players always say finding someone they can connect with as a friend for non-game-related talk is essential & Joseph became that friend to Taylor even prior to the Leftovers. Granted his hyper-squirreling also negatively seeped into some of her choices. I think his long-term plans were to bring her to F2 knowing he’d have the Pound votes & majority of non-LOs.

She was hoping to ride her two F3’s to F5 & then pull Britt/Joe from each of those knowing both would bring her to F2. With Joe likely leaving on Thursday she’ll need to reevaluate.

Monte’s preference is to work with the alpha males but we know how much he hates it when someone ignores his agenda so I can’t imagine Kyle’s betrayal leading to Joseph’s exit will be easily forgiven. I’m assuming he’ll want revenge and will target Kyle, Ally & Terrance.

What happens with Turner is less certain & will clearly depend on whether he agrees to Kyle’s plan of exposing the LOs to Terrance (so Kyle has a scapegoat) or to lie & blame Joe which NO ONE will believe. Aside from Monte, Turner is the most loyal so while we’ve been denied outside live feeds I have a hard time believing he’ll change course.

I’m guessing he placates Kyle until after the POV ceremony then suggests they hold off exposing the LOs to Terrance until they’re back inside to see who left & decide next steps from there. It’s not like Kyle will risk keeping Joe so he’ll be forced to agree. Rumor has it the outdoor crew did hear the wall yeller, so in spite of his F2 with Kyle, I think Turner will expose everything to the LOs bc he & Joe likely already figured out Kyle squealed resulting in them both being OTB.

As for Taylor, she didn’t like Turner agreeing with Kyle about Ally, knows how smart he is & while they are friends haven’t ever talked much game outside of the LO group meetings. Anyway – a long response to say I think once she learns Joe is gone she’ll be more invested in going to F3 with Britt/Michael or Britt/Monte.


taylor loses pretty much every final 2 except maybe if she’s next to kyle (depending how much he can backpedal into the good graces of the leftovers next week). i think she’d even lose to alyssa.


The show finale is September 25th (oddly on a Sunday this year). That means there will be 10 comps prior to F3 so she has an opportunity to compile a better resume.

What’s uncertain is how the players who ostracized and/or treated her poorly would vote. Indy said in her exit interview that they got closer the last week (and Taylor secretly put two of her dresses in Indy’s suitcase – now that’s what I call jury management, lol). Even JasMEAN might change her tune bc Taylor kept her completely safe when the entire alliance wanted her to be the target.

A week or two ago I would’ve said no way she gets Indy, Jas, Ally, Terrance, or Kyle’s vote. After her HOH I doubt she would get Kyle or Turner’s vote.

That said, depending on how many comps she wins I do think she has a compelling argument to potentially beat Ally, Britt, Kyle, or Turner. The latter stands out bc I’ve raved about his game & he’s a fan favorite BUT perception in the house is everything.

To wit, this season it’ll be hard for three of the above quartet to win bc the house perceives them as riding Michael’s coat tails (Britt), a showmance saved by her BF (Ally) & the guy who got lucky his HOH fell on the week Kyle/Joe elected to create two alliances that ran the house for a month (Turner). As for Kyle, it’s unlikely anyone in the Leftovers (or Indy) votes for him based on how he betrayed them.

Conversely, Taylor overcame being ostracized/bullied and found her way onto the main alliance in the house forming solid relationships with strong players. Plus, she’s eloquent and would presumably deliver a strong speech.

Again, it’ll depend on the next month. If Michael or Monte goes on a major win streak dragging Britt & her along and one of them cuts them at the end that move alone could win the game for them.

From the outside, I’d rank Michael, Turner, and Monte as the leading candidates to win but internally I think Michael, Monte, Taylor, and Kyle are the perceived contenders. If Joseph is evicted on Thursday I suspect he’ll sew a negative narrative about Kyle like how he used & manipulated Ally, created the Leftovers, and kept screwing over allies. Not to mention, if Michael &/or Britt is evicted, they likely share his ‘silent minority’ pitch & the DR questions (or feedback?) that hinted that wasn’t received well externally. Besides, barring a miracle he likely won’t get to F2 bc he’ll be the target of four possibly all five other LOs after this week.

Anyway, her shot to win is definitely stronger than it was just two weeks ago — but there is still ample work to do.


I think when Taylor was talking to the Camera, she said she needs to win all of the next Vetos? She also said she wants to win HOH again, I’m sorry Taylor, but if your next HOH win is anything like the last HOH, then I’m hoping you don’t win HOH, you are all over the place, and you can’t seem to make a plan then stick with it.

Win all of the vetos you want, I’m not looking forward to an HOH win for you, I can’t take it.


She also apologized to Kyle’s grandma & his Mom saying she tried to work with him but after last week that seems unlikely. (wait til she finds out just how much).

AND – she doesn’t want to be the one to take out Terrance on her HOH – so I guess if she wins HOH next week she’ll put Kyle & Ally & based on this comment it sounds like Turner might be the renom.


Yes, all of that. I also wondered after last week how much she misses being the Princess floating around in her pink HOH robe. You know, the Center of the game Universe and Queen Bee in the hive.
I feel bad about that, I was supporting her all along until her disaster of a HOH. Oh well, I will get over it.

un autre nom

At this point, to be honest, the Brochella leftovers should probably just reveal they are aligned to Jasmine. I say this selfishly because it would increase feed energy, and strategically for them: making a narcissist feel like an idiot is bad jury management.

Outdoors there was the briefest proof of life snip of the backyard somewhere between 1120 and 1130 pm bbt. It wasn’t majorly riveting. Before anyone asks only houseguests visible were Kyle and Alyssa.

Britt continues to be a cheap date. took a nap after they gave them booze.

Grain of Salt this, I’m having a hard time processing the logic disparity: I don’t actually think Taylor’s thinking strategically. Sorry. I think she’s still under the impression that Joe is returning and she doesn’t want to be the HOH to take out Terrance… meaning what, she plans to throw? She wants Joe to be the HOH. She’s still on the get the seven to seven train knowing it’s a more than good bet that Kyle sold out the seven. Yes she apologizes in cam talk to Kyle’s mom for how they are going to be on opposite sides… but that’s long term not short term thought.

I know we don’t know anything about what is happening outside, so I’m assuming Joe is still the target. Why wouldn’t I? I’m not going to fanfiction.

A few notes:
Why did I keep mentioning Monte was Taylor’s original target?
Her talk with Britt about going back to original game plan (Monte target) now that Daniel was leaving. Her talk to cam about thinking she’d go back to her original game plan (monte target) the night before she won HOH. That was where I got that Idea.
Why am I being nitpicky regarding people making moves?

  • I was against Michael taking the Monte shot 2 weeks ago because of numbers in the house. It would have put him in an equal split house without real backing, making him the obvious target of everyone for winning comps and making the big move. I’m against it this week because it’s taking out his partial shield.
  • I was against Taylor creating chaos on her HOH because it didn’t make her alliance more cohesive, it made her alliance more divisive. If you end HOH with less allies than you had before you were HOH it can’t be called a successful HOH.
  • Britt’s move to blame Flyswatters? Indy isn’t going to process it that way, but it did get Alyssa wanting to get closer to Mike and Britt more officially. That is a short term win, long term loss.
  • Kyles move? I can’t help it, i still think it was knee jerk and not thought through. I thought it was panic game move, and those rarely work out well long term. He’s depending on Alyssa and Terrance to lie for him going back into the house. IF the other side wins HOH, do they continue to cover his ass?
  • He is hoping to get Turner to reveal the alliance to Terrance with Kyle. Why would Turner need to do that? I mean, if the votes are there for Turner with Kyle and Alyssa, why would Turner feel obligated to tell Terrance that? I don’t see what’s in it for Turner, and see where Turner is going to know Kyle sold the alliance out for Alyssa and himself already. Kyle is depending on others to cover for him, when, if the chips are down, they have no incentive to cover for him.
  • I actually think Michael and Britt should have revealed to Monte their knowledge of the pound already. Taylor knows now. It should be done to show, yeah, we know this was the plan, but new plan time. If they wait until Joseph is gone then Monte will look at the house split as insidious to take aim at the pound because of Terrance’s narrative.

I hope showing my thought processes for why I’m judging the moves in the way I am is more clear.


hiding from her would be silly and cost them jury votes. once brittany won veto they should just be honest about it.

un autre nom

Michael late night cam talk.
psuedo revisionism in parts, but gives you some clue where his head is at.
Britt number one. tried to protect her in the POS / Festiebestie thing (picked her yes in part to save her, but also because he would stay against her at that time).
Final three with Taylor (worries she wouldn’t take him final 2).
Nobody would take him final 2 at this point.
IF they could get Terrance there, bonus, buuuut
Says viewers may be saying take out Monte, but he just can’t trust Jasmine.
Called to d/r.
What he SHOULD be thinking:
damn, I can’t play in HOH… gotta bond with these three so tight that they win and protect me. He REALLY should be talking about knowing about the pound… because depending on HOH, the possibility he gets buried is huge.
What the wall yeller shenanigans are keeping us from knowing:
Where is Turner’s head? Has he bonded with Terrrance at all?
Joseph HAS to know by now Kyle turned on him… but can he do anything about it?
Has Alyssa picked up that half of Kyle’s reasons for doing what he did don’t add up?
The episode edit has left out:
Get Alyssa started with Kyle saying get Alyssa.
The timeline of turn on the alliance is off by more than a week.
Joseph’s involvement in the formation of the Leftovers (Kyle originated, Joseph legworked)
doesn’t exist.
Michael had permission for the sympathy vote (MIchael and Indy appeared together zero times in episode edit to make that make sense).
Get Michael at 7 doesn’t exist.
Kyle’s get Taylor after Ameerah doesn’t exist.
Turner and Terance’s general disdain for Britt doesn’t exist. Turner and Terrance’s fake final 2 doesn’t exist either.
SO… thoughts
In general I find the Terrance and Kyle edits to be sanitized to an almost unhealthy degree.
Britt’s existence in the edit as far as d/r is almost non existent. She’s week 3 level evictee in d/r content.
The edit has leaned really far into the Taylor edit considering her intro video was maneater and bitch. It was. They cast her to be this season’s angry black woman.
Jasmine: They learned nothing from the Kemi incident (not that one, the diary room one) and have gone from asking the black woman to talk angry hood rat to asking the woman to talk like a cognitively impaired hillbilly. If I were a southerner, I’d be insulted at the perpetuation of stereotype that all southerners speak in disjointed lowbrow colloquialisms. Darmok and Jilad at Tanagra.
For a couple of minutes during last episode, I thought they were going to skip Michael’s letter a second time. That would have been a big problem to the portion of the lgbt community stating the first was cut because it was from a gay fiance, and whether the network was cutting it in order to not make waves with people opposed to the concept.
Many parts of this season have been what I expected post season 23. I wasn’t expecting Paloma to go inception simulation.
I ask again: What is the psych eval for this show? Does some highschool junior that took an online quiz walk in and say are you crazy? NO? okay, welcome to big brother.
We already know their answer to cast socials research is: did you hide everything we told you to hide? And they don’t even check if it was actually hidden.
If Jasmine and Joseph are the next to go, I’m projecting this:
Expect some sort of deal to be made between 2 of the last 3 in the comp. It will be couched as a fake deal to keep the secret going… but it’s actually a real deal.


Wasnt that TWA plane a clue in the “secret room” season a few years ago?

un autre nom

Season 18 i think. It was on the coffee table upstairs in the small lounge area.
The departures board and the secret room where people chose the stupid round trip tickets. The plane was part of deciphering the code to find the room I think.


Why do we not see the outside game play