“[Monte] also volunteered as a pawn if he goes up and something happens and he goes home.. not mad about it.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Michael
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots:  None so far

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine
Joe & Monte & Terrance
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy & Taylor

The Situation

Terrance, Monte, and Joe are going up as the pawns. Daniel is a target still but there’s potential this week for something else.

9:49 am Daniel and Terrance chatting about past seasons. Michael deep in thought.

10:10 am Michael alone
I feel good about the alliance now but my concern is some of the biggest threats are in this alliance. I think Taking a shot at the alliance will fracture it and leave us with a 6-5 situation and if they won the numbers are back even. That’s only if I can keep the rest of the alliance intact which is unlikely. There’s no way Taylor is going up or going home this week. Daniel is complicated. It would be smart for us to align based on our positions in the house.

Indy would be a great person to sit next to in the final 2. on a game level I don’t think a lot of people want to see her win. I don’t want to see Indy go this week. I really like Jasmine BUT.. I do see that she’s playing a lot harder then she’s letting on and I dont’ think I am included in these plans. I love Joe. Joe is a HUGE physical threat.

Monte is the biggest threat to win the game but if I take a shot at Monte I’m taking a shot at Joe.. Monte also has Terrance, Jasmine, and Indy there’s no I can let Monte get too deep into the game.

Monte is the best competitor in the house he’s super smart, she stays calm focused, and physically fit. he’s also volunteered as a pawn if he goes up and something happens and he goes home.. (see gif) not mad about it.

I really like Alyssa I think she’s a good liar. WE’ll what we can do moving forward I’m not getting her out this week. Kyle, I love Kyle. Kyle is honestly the person I talk to the most game with. Do I want to risk Kyle going home this week by putting Daniel up? Not really but if I have to put up Daniel. I love Terrance but similar to jasmine I think he’s got things going on that I am not part of. Which is obviously a concern. Turner, no way I will target Turner this week. Which I funny of you asked me three weeks ago who I would target Turner would have been at the top of the list. Brittany is another person I would love to make to the final 2 with.
I’ve had a final two since the start of the game.
If everything goes according to plan this week a guy will be going home. Last week 4 women went on the block and I’m not repeating that.


10:21 am Some shots of Jasmine’s stupid muffin that Turner poured water in last night.

10:50 am Michael adn Terrance

Terrance – congratulations.. definitely needed to happen
Terrance asks him what his plan is.
Micheal says he hadn’t had a chance to talk to everyone. “There are a few things I’m going to ask everyone to get a sense. I don’t want to make any assumptions umm.. but I guess is there anyone you are aware that the house is kinda feeling or any vibes?
Feeds cut. when we’re back
Terrance- I do want to see a person like us win… I don’t know Mike I don’t know what you do in this situation you have relationships with everybody here.
Terrance throws Daniel’s name out as a nomination because his rants yesterday were frowned on.
Terrance – the move has to be something that umm.. propels.. I call us the US’S
Terrance goes on about how he’s out of the loop.
Terrance – I don’t care who wins I just want it to be Fair..

Micheal says that based on what happened yesterday he has an idea of what this house will want. “Do I throw them up as an initial nominee do I back door if I backdoor who do I put up as a pawn, there are only three groups”
Terrance – Our group is more numbers based to be more motivated to win the veto. you see what i”m saying you got three people going for the veto. You go you and Britt going for the veto.
Terrance- the initial UP will have to be the people you rock with.
Micheal – I dont want you to go home this week. Joe and Monte are two very big physical competitors if it is physical I’m sure they can beat him

They hug

11:06 am Daniel and Micheal
Micheal -I know you and Nicole were really close how are you doing today?
Daniel – pretty broken. Being close to Paloma and her going home early then Nicole goes yesterday. it was a reminder of the fear of losing people in real life
Daniel – losing family and stuff these things remind me of those moments.
Daniel – today I’m rebuilding
Micheal says he didn’t say anything disrespectful last night
Daniel thanks him for not lying to him about Ameerah’s and Nicole’s vote.
Daniel – I have nobody I have no power as far as numbers go. I’m a open agent willing to do anything to get further in the game.
Daniel – I’ll stand up what I believe him if you can use me to take those shots you don’t want ot get that blood on my hands. Or even people you aren’t aligned
Daniel says if he keeps him one more week he has his Jury vote. “if the game ends today not only you win by stats but you also have my vote”
Michael – I prefer you don’t tell everyone (Comp wins stats)
They laugh.

Micheal – after yesterday a lot of people are going to throw you out there as a target
Micheal – I see someone that is alone and I see the value there. If I do keep you in the game I see us having been in similar positions. On paper, I’m looking at it that we need each other in the game.
Micheal – Can I make that happen without jeopardizing my position. I see the vaue in keeping you here. For my personal game it helps me. I am assuming people are going to want to backdoor you. That’s what people will come up here and pitch to me. I wouldn’t put you up initially and then if a Veto doesn’t get used..
Daniel – it’s not your fault
Micheal – that would be best case scenario.
Micheal – if I don’t put you up and you stay do you have any idea what you are thinking moving forward?
Daniel – I was thinking about this last night. I mean it when I say it I have no plans which means I will do anything. I don’t care and I mean that more than ever. I’m down to take anyone out and Becuase of our talk two days ago you are not even a thought.
Daniel – I have no problem going after any single person.
Daniel says he doesn’t see himself winning he just wants to get top jury.

they hug

11:27 am Alyssa and Michael
Alyssa says Daniel is the person she would like to see gone.
Michael – that’s what a couple of people have said already
Michael asks her how he should make this play, Backdoor or straight up?
Alyssa – You could go either way.. I don’t know what I would do if it was me..
Michael – There’s a one-in-three chance he plays in veto.
He tells her it will most likely be the boys going up.

11:37 am Indy and Michael
Indy says she’s afraid if Daniel goes who is next?
Michael agrees. (he brought this up with Alyssa)
Indy – as a friend don’t take this as a game play if I was you there are only two ways yuo can do this.
Michael – the concern putting Turner and Jasmine up I don’t want to risk losing Jasmine.
Michael adds there’s a chance she might not be cleared to play in the veto so she could go home without a chance to save herself.
Michael goes over the same talking points about how putting the three guys up increases his chance that the veto gets played so he can backdoor. He tells her she’s not going up.
Indy “I never thought about you. I love Brittany, I’m honest with you and her. She broke me when she vote Ameerah out because I was expecting her to at least help me and she knows that it doesn’t she’s my target.. even coming up I don’t see me and you against each other. if you get the money I’ll be happy”

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Michael’s days will be numbered when just the leftovers remain. Proven to be way too much of a comp beast.

Game fan

They would strike at each other before f7. And he has some connections like kyle, Brittany and tylor.


I hope they get him out 1st.

Christime Ahrens

Sjoukd had got rid of him while he was on the block hes a wrizel in my book. Dont like him


Monte elimination will make leftovers crumble. Season would be much better.


The thing is that while Monte appears to be a leader it is Joe trying to make sure things go as planned since Monte seems to like “fumbling the football” and letting the others of the group do cleanup


I think that title of fumbling the football goes to Kyle. I don’t think he’s paranoid, I think he’s trying to save Alyssa and secure his way to the finals. He needs to stop saying the “cookout 2.0” because what does he thing the remaining people are….BB usuals? He went from not liking the bullying of Taylor to now saying they’re going to play a racial game when none of them has ever given him any inkling they would!

Feeling normal

Kyle is the crack in the foundation. He would choose Alyssa over the alliance.

Christime Ahrens

If Michael wS smart but he’s not
If he gets Monte out . The ones left better get michael.


The thing is I am trying to remember if someone put that in Kyle’s head

Palm Oil's Meds

Yeah, Kyle is implicitly biased AND he’s trying to save his no chemistry showmance. That showmance feels very forced and unnatural but Kyle is horny and Grodner loves seeing young people in a showmance.

Christime Ahrens

Don’t like Kyle.


For Kyle (a white ‘straight’ male) to think there is a cook out 2.0 JUST because a couple of non-white people (not all of them are even black lol) have been seen near each other this week just shows the lack of diversity this show has displayed since its inception. So he is hyperaware of people of color’s (POC) existence on this show due to the previous season COMBINED with the fact that it is new to have this much diversity on a CBS show in general which is causing him to assume a cookout alliance!

Jaz, Indy, Monte, Joe, Taylor, and Terrance are all… randoms and not in an alliance… But with Bunny’s awareness of black people’s ability to to come together without being detected- He can’t help himself to think the way he is thinking… poor thing is suffering from implicit bias.

It’s a shame because I really really liked bunny!! Come on- doesn’t he know there are things you just don’t say out loud??? Twitter is calling him kkkyle- I don’t think he deserves this, but he asked for it by being really offensive- Joe and Indy aren’t black!!! lmao. He’s making himself look very ignorant, poor thing. Good luck to him when he leaves the house- it may be worse than Evil chef.

The Beef

Do you ever pick somebody you like and just stick with them? LOL Seems like you pull more for chaos than you do for individual players! 😉


You and I actually share the same opinion. It also makes it more interesting for you to report on when there is drama in the house.

Palm Oil's Meds

Monte getting eliminated is not exciting. If anything, it’s predictable. Guys like Monte never win BB, I would love to see the house scramble to get rid of Kyle. Grodner loves athletic or nerdy white guys and cringe-fest showmances. I’m pretty sure Kyle or Michael or the golden boys to win it all. lol


Lol. I saw the picture of the muffin and your caption and all I could picture was Pink Panther

un autre nom

Dear Michael,
before you start thinking of breaking your current alliance, make sure you have a parachute alliance to fall back on.
Here’s the problems:

  • Britt believes in the final three with Taylor.
  • Kyle still won’t ever want to go on the block
  • Kyle will protect Alyssa before Michael
  • Daniel. he is a problem. a wildcard that wants to do your dirtywork when his back is against the wall? Same wildcard that nominated you and threw your name yesterday.
  • Turner is the most loyal to the Leftovers concept, and even he’s more pound.

So Michael’s parachute would be a side alliance that doesn’t exist yet that is only a necessity in Kyle’s mind to keep Kyle and Alyssa together after Kyle MADE Alyssa a target.
Why is it that since the showmance became a plot point, nobody is telling Kyle HE did that, not the non-existent BBQ?

I’ve been thinking this season that the long breaks where HOH are in d/r before getting their room are production note talks. Giving the new HOH some storyline plot points to hit.
In a previous TINFOIL HAT CHAT I mentioned production would be fine with one of the two vile nopes being gone, but wouldn’t want to get rid of the second for a while. THAT is why I have a hard time believing that Daniel will be evicted. Ratings, media buzz, big villain… giving that up by week 5? Really?

There’s a sweet spot for when to break a large alliance. Kyle and Michael are off by one week when you look at the numbers.
Connections: If Daniel is off the table who is the connection that keeps the people not aligned with Michael together? Terrance is connected to Monte and Joe but they don’t connect.
The connection is Jasmine. She’s talking to the women and to Monte and Joe.
Indy? nobody actually pays any heed to anything she says.
Jasmine is the way to go if you aren’t after Daniel. Her eviction cuts ties.

Palm Oil's Meds

Kyle is Michael’s blind spot. It’s weird that Michael could trust Kyle who’s sketchy but not Monte who protected Micheal and Britney during his HOH. The whole alliance has made sacrifices except for Kyle and no one is questioning it.

Team Taylor

It’s too soon to break up The Leftovers. Let’s say Monte gets evicted. That leaves HOH Comp Taylor/Brittany/Turner/Joe/Kyle vs. Daniel/Alyssa/Indy/Jasmine/Terrance. Even if Jasmine can’t compete and Terrance and Indy bow out early in the comp, you have Daniel who has nothing to lose at this point and Alyssa who almost won the last Veto comp + came in 3rd in the HOH Turner won. A non-leftover win will eliminate the numbers advantage with The Leftovers group.

Best case scenario: Michael either takes out Daniel or Terrance. Why Terrance? Not only would it remove an ally for Monte, it removes an ally for Daniel and make him run to Michael for a side alliance. And Leftovers have a 7-4 advantage going into next week.

Feeling normal

It has been a long time since we have had a season where the power bounces back and forth nearly every week. I would love to see this be one of those seasons. Am I wrong, or was the last time that really happened the season that included, Mr Pectacular??

Feeling normal

There was no real hate going on that season, just like this one. The bullying/complete misunderstanding of Taylor got nipped in the butt by Turner (possibly with the help of The Grod). Those types of season get you excited about the next episode. This season is even a far cry from the predictable seasons we have endure for nearly ten years.


It had dawned on me when Nicole and Daniel were spiraling that they were trying to fashion their game after the latter seasons where people followed one Houseguest like lemmings though I am trying to remember if Derrick’s season was the start of constant unanimous vote as well l. As far as Mr Pectacular goes, I think the 1st season that he was on is why they don’t allow houseguests to take naps


Wow just when I thought BB would be boring after CC.

Now #KKKKyle is trending and now he is the most hated player who would have thought!!

Here is what I think the BB nation May view these people after the show is over

1. Paloma’ Amerrah and pooch-until they own what they did to Taylor and fully apologize without making accuses they will continue to face backlash

2. CC-even though she was the meanest HG in history but the fact she has owned up to what she did. People will still hate on her but with respect at least she is willing to be held accountable

3. Monte and Joe – even thought they were part of the bullying of Taylor. They have apologized and now support Taylor so I think they will be forgiven

4. EE I don’t think he will be forgiven because I don’t think he will be smart enough to accept responsibility for his actions unlike Nicole.

5. Micheal and Brittany- even though they did not actively participate in the bully they did nothing to stop it but I think they will be forgiven however if they follow along with #KKKKLYE new strategy they will face a lot of backsplash

6. Allyas jasmine and Indy- they have added nothing to the game accept hating on Taylor and being in a showmance that everyone hates I think the public will be hard on them.

7. #KKkyke was once a favorite but now with this new strategy he will face a lot of backsplash
8. Terrance- Taylor trusted him the most he saw everything that happened did nothing to stop it. Actively participated in it then tried to get Her evicted over CC while lying to Taylor the whole time that he had her back. and now he is telling EE he will not let him be bullied isolated but never supported Taylor that way I think he will not be forgiven

I would love a respectful dialogue on what I wrote what do you guys think on how they will be perceived once the show is over

un autre nom

I’m going to be devil’s advocate here.
I’m spitballing, so please bear with me.
Last season, the cookout admitted that on a personal or season as a stand-alone basis they were playing the game from a place of bias, but said that was secondary to the mission statement to correct past wrongs. This was mentioned by EACH cookout member in justification. So, they were admitting that they played the game based on race because the past seasons had been biased against that race. I’m just stating this as fact, not judgement.
My theory at the end of last season was that henceforth, any calls of racial bias in alliancing or targeting would lose their weight, because the whataboutism inherent in the mission statement doesn’t fully cover that racial bias was cheered for a season.
I’m not saying I’m anti cookout. I’m not saying that production and casting didn’t stack the deck for years.
The network and production company now has the instant retort to calls of racial bias in Big Brother. Targeting someone because of fear of another cookout is no longer racial profiling in Big Brother, it’s game strategy because It’s happened before. On the network and prodos part… that’s 100% intentional.


#KKKyle is trending. Hilarious.

I’m sure his racist grandma is secretly happy if she even knows what Twitter is.