Mitch “Should I stay here.. both Nikki and I will swear 3 different things”

POV Holder: Jared Next POV April 9th
POV Used No POV Ceremony April 4th
HOH Winner: Raul Next HOH: April 6th
Original Nominations: Joel and Mitch
Current Nominations: Joel and Mitch
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas
Have Nots Joel, Ramsey, Brothers and Maddy

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big brother canada 4 nikki and mitch

9:30am In the bedroom – Mitch talks to Nikki in the bedroom. Mitch says they would presume you and me would save each other so if I could offer them.. If one of us is there you have two votes to save you. Or if we win HOH we won’t put you up. Or and this one might be harder for you.. If I go up against them and someone else, you vote to save them because I think that’s the only way they’ll think … I think I’ll just say that for now because they know you’re honest. I’ll say if I go up in that triple the only reason I am here is because of you, so she has to save you. Nikki says done and shakes his hand. Mitch says hopefully that will convince them a little bit. I just need to talk to Tim. Its hard to get him alone. Campaign day .. down to work.

9:55am Backyard – Mitch tells Phil I have a proposition to run by you and you don’t have to say anything. I just want to say it to you, is that okay? Phil says yeah. Mitch says like I said the other day I think the hardest part for you guys (Phil/Nick) will be surviving a triple (eviction) and I spoke to Nikki about this so that I could speak on behalf of her. What I am willing to offer and swear to you whatever gives you a comfortable guarantee.. Should I stay here.. both Nikki and I will swear 3 different things. Neither of us would put you up in a triple, if we’re not up, we both vote to save you. And If I’m up Nikki will vote to save you in a triple eviction if you’re up against me. Phil asks really? Mitch says she would do that knowing that my only chance to stay is if you guys save me this round. Maybe you keep Joel and that’s best for you this round but this way you have two votes. I think because if the trio goes up they’ll all save each other. Cassandra and Tim will save each other. Maddy and Ramsey will save each other. So it will come down to one or two vote differences. Phil says yeah. Mitch says if I am here because of you, it is my only chance and I’m not going to f**k that up. And on top of all of that, the promise that I made to everyone that I’m going after those three (Jared, Kelsey, Raul). Just think on that. I’m prepared to make that. I don’t know about Nikki too.. if I do go and you don’t vote to keep me .. you probably won’t get Nikki’s vote in a triple because she is very emotional. Mitch tells Phil that there are other things he wants to tell him too but needs to get permission from other people first before he can say anything.

10:10am – 10:45am Tim tells Nikki I think Mitch and I could be friends outside of here. Not in here, he missed out on a full month of fun with Tim. Tim then has a talk with Phil about being insecure and life after big brother.

11:30am In the bedroom – Mitch tells Nikki that he talked to Phil and told him the deal. Mitch then re-explains the deal to Nikki just so she remembers it if Phil asks her about it. Nikki says she thinks it will be difficult to get Cassandra. Mitch thinks once he gets Tim, Cassandra will follow. Mitch says even if the brothers don’t switch it could be me & you, Tim & Cassandra, Maddy & Ramsey. And it kind of works because we all have our twosome.

12pm – 1pm Mitch gives science lessons in the living room.

1pm In the bathroom – Tim and Jared are talking about Mitch in the bathroom. Jared comments how Mitch won’t talk to him any more, leaves the room, won’t eat the food he cooks. Jared says when they were in the hot tub together just him and Mitch .. he just left and didn’t even help put the cover back on it. Tim says that he and Mitch have so much in common and the whole last month Mitch hasn’t even cared to get to know him.

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Glad that Tim spoke with Phil this morning and smoothed things over. Phil seems very insecure about certain things, and his immaturity shows often. I think Tim’s opinion of him matters a lot, and he was very hurt yesterday. Whether Phil helped start the events yesterday or not, Tim was the one bragging about his piercing to everyone in the house. In a room full of people it is hard to sit there having everyone laughing at you, and instead of starting a fight with Tim, Phil removed himself from the room. That was the right thing to do. I do hope however, that the brothers listen fully to what Mitch is saying to them. They have no such promises from the 3 upstairs, and at this point need extra weeks in the house to accomplish anything. Kelsey will not get past Loveita telling her that a fan told her not to trust the brothers. She is completely and utterly stupid to consider getting rid of the brothers. Jared’s insecurity has clouded her judgment of the brothers as well. Those brothers wouldn’t vote them out for weeks, and they cannot see it.


I thought I was pretty caught up – but what happened with Phil and Tim yesterday? Is there a video posted?


Tim didn’t know that Phil is on medication for severe acne. Phil used to have really bad teeth I guess he had a huge gap and cystic acne. He’s on medication that he takes daily but the side effects are dried/chipped lips. I think he’s on Accutane. So they noticed that his lips were super bright red and plump and laughing at him calling him DJChapped Lips or something lame like that. He said that’s why he is always putting on so much vaseline on his lips all day. Everyone was in the room. And he finally told them that it’s because of his medication and Tim apologized but the damage was kind of already done.


I think Ramsey or Joel will win this game.


Wow, Mitch.
Kudos for really trying everything to stay, but from now on, he should never pretend again that he “cares for Nikki”.
Part of his “offer” is:
“If you vote me out, Nikki will vote against you. Because she’s emotional”.
That’s pretty nasty of him to drag her down with him like that. He’s abusing the fact that she doesn’t understand and/or care about the game, he’s pretty much suggesting that if he does go, they’ll need to target her, since she’d be “gunning for them”.
I must say, I’m pretty disappointed in Mitch right now.


I’m disappointed in you, this is big brother. Go watch some dog show or something.


I agree with@ Frenchie ,Mitch is a manipulator/awful person—Screw you @anonymous, i hope Mitch gets evicted so you(@Anonymous) could get back to watching dog shows(–since you brought it up) and leave big brother to the fans.


it’s a comment board and UR RUDE


And you are an idiot.




i cant wait for Mitch to leave the house this Thursday ….and the fact that its on Rauls HOH is just perfect!!!
I feel the problem with Mitch’s game from the beginning is he is/was not
adaptable…he stuck to what he knows(3w-alliance) and never
utilized the fact that he was the middle-man ….he could have built
relationships with everyone in the house —hell people wanted to have
alliances with him–most people in the house did—-but he only put value in
3w alliance …even though he was the fourth…i cant understand why
he felt safe with them—they are only three player in a house of 16—
like Tim said he had a whole month to get to know the other HG—
but he was busy at camp with Jared and Raul…then last week—
He spearheaded Dallaz eviction —why?—-i dint understand the game move
then i don’t understand it now— He voted Kelsey back ..why? dint benefit his game
…He bent over backwards to keep /do what jared and raul said/wanted—-
he never thought of the consequences his decisions had on his game—he
just wanted to be cool with 3W— i don’t think Mitch is a good a player as
he thinks he is—or hell as everyone thinks— I hope he is evicted-
because he had the most potential to win–but sometimes potential
isn’t good enough —
PS- i love the new Kelsey that’s back—hope she wins :)—
never thought i would say that—YOLO!!


The new Kelsey? Pretty sure she’s still the same idiot.


Well somebody sounds salty.

Mitch is probably one of the most adaptable people in the house. He’s always gotten what he wanted, and he’s done so because he’s waited to see what moves other people made and then shaped his strategy for each week.

Mitch has built relationships with everyone in the house. If his only allies were ever T3W alliance, he’d have no people trying to save him this week (and he has 3). It’s not Mitch’s faults that the majority of these people are playing with their emotions rather than from a place of logic.

If you seriously think Mitch was keen on being T3W alliance’s fourth you clearly haven’t been paying attention. Cassandra and Phil want to be their fourth. Mitch has never done what Jared and Raul wanted. The moves he’s wanted to make have happened to coincide with what Jared, and thus Raul, wanted. The T3W alliance has been to Mitch what Amanda and McCrae were t Andy.

Kelsey and Loveita BOTH wanted to worked with Dallas and Dallas was somebody that Mitch was never going to be able to work with. And Mitch didn’t want Kelsey to come back the same way he didn’t want Loveita to come back. Neither would have been good for him.

What “new” Kelsey? She’s doing the same things she did before she left. She just thinks she’s some sort of “mastermind” because she got to watch and listen to HG convo’s with Loveita for a week. Lol.


Wrong, the problem with Mitch’s game was production ruining another season with a twist. Last week we witnessed great game play between Mitch and Tim. Mitch was willing to go that extra mile to win. To hate on him for that is a joke, that is the game. Can he win a majority of jury votes playing that way is the question. We lost a season long struggle for Tim/Mitch to get the other out. Bbcan needs to stay out of it.


Everyone is so stupid this isn’t high school get 3W out if the whole house works together
Also TIM needs to be on the block he needs a reality check and the brothers for being so stupid


I’m surprised but not surprised by the lack of campaigning on Joel’s part. I’m not surprised that Mitch has offered everything except a blow job from Nikki to the brothers. but it’s Wednesday morning, he still has time.


I really hope Morticia Adams long lost son gets evicted this week ! HIs creepy personality adds nothing to this house and I’m tired of watching him slither around the house like the snake he is !


I read a comment a few weeks ago about how Mitch screwed his game he played the 2 sides way to hard. There was no need for this. There was no reason for him to go to Kelsey and Jared and tell them it was Love who convinced Joel to put up Kelsey and Raul. He could have sat back and let the cards fall …….. as that was the way they were going to fall anyways. I think keeping Dallas would have been better for his game, as I think Dallas had a way better chance of winning the HOH. The 2HM … not all of them are going to make it. Kelsey has screwed the game for Mitch and Jared. If anyone I’d like to see Kelsey play without Jared. Can’t wait till Thursday I hope someone wins that will put up the 3HM. I usually don’t complain too much about the “game”, but this cast isn’t my favorite.

Nine Toes

I think it’s nice that Cass has a lot of self-confidence for a heavy woman.


lol…i see what ur doing..


Logic fail. If the brothers vote to keep Mitch and a triple happens, and both the brothers and Mitch are on the block: Nikki will vote to keep the brothers. So says Mitch to the brothers.
So, Nikki, who is helping Mitch this week out of a feeling of protectiveness, would dump Mitch in favor of the brothers if push came to shove? She was supposed to be Joel’s friend. Hasn’t stopped her from choosing Mitch over Joel.
I still think Mitch overplayed his hand last week doing all of Maddy’s campaigning for her. I don’t care which one goes this week.


The problem with Mitch – and I say this sincerely – Is not only is he still using Nikki to get him votes and make deals but Tim knows it and Tim also knows what happened last week with Nikki`s vote and why she did it and the lies Mitch told her for her to change her vote. Tim also relayed this info to Nick a few nights ago when they were up all night. So I am sure that will get back to Phil. Not to mention Nick finding out about this latest endeavor by Mitch. I just don’t see Phil changing his vote to save Mitch. He likes Tim right now enough to keep him on his side – Plus he needs Cass to stay in check which he knows Tim will help do.
Mitch went wrong with Jared badly by ignoring him and giving him the silent treatment. He’s like a guy who broke up with someone and can’t stand the sight of them! That’s what it reminds me of – after all Mitch did say after Kelsey was gone he could gravitate closer to Jared. Then when Kelsey came back Jared was gone. Guess Mitch lost his Fantasy. But Mitch still should have worked that side of the house because of Raoul if not only for a tie vote.
I will be happy to see Mitch go because I know Joel is just as smart as Mitch and I can see Joel flipping the house and see it scrambling if he wins HoH this week. – And I really hope that happens.


I agree with you for the most part but joel is a real dumby when compared to Mitch. Just look at that foolish Hoh that joel won.


Just to give you an update, he doesn’t hate the trio, he is acting so they feel unsure and not so safe. He said he will be friends with Raul after the game but now they are enemies in the game.


One of the reasons Phil may be a bit overly sensitive at times may be connected to risidual effects of his hockey injury. Early on, I recall a conversation where he and Nick were discussing his head injury with others in the house – apparently Phil was a really good hockey player and was considering the possibility of a real career as a professional player until he was seriously injured. Nick said Phil was extremely volatile and prone to temper tantrums and emotional outbursts for awhile after the injury. Phil indicated it felt like it was out of his control when it was happening. Nick was really frightened for his brother and worried their relationship would be destroyed. Things improved as Phil healed. Anyway, just something to consider. Phil does seem to be able to do a bit of self analysis whenever he gets sensitive too.
I really like Nick. I remember how compassionate and supportive he was with Joel when he thought Joel was upset and overwhelmed by “the date” with Cassandra in the HOH. He didn’t know it was a prank. I really hope he gets the opportunity to play and vote as a single player. I feel like he’s earned it.


The actual comments that phil was taking offense to were about vaseline lips and oily faces because of the acne medication Phil takes.


True. And, his reaction was after quite a bit of continuous ribbing and poking fun of him by Tim.


Live feeds these days are boring maybe next week might be better. This years cast isn’t that good.


This season reminds me of BB16 when the house was full of dunces that were all working very hard to let Derrick win. The way things are going, it’s gonna be either Jared, Kelsey or Raul winning unless of course production throws a powershift aka “The big rig”.


Really good evaluation and the link to BB16 with regaurd to the HG’s but for Timmy is spot on to.


Honestly, this twist could actually save Mitch’s game if he makes the most out of it. He said to Tim he was kinda heading toward the dead-end and now that his game resets he can start fresh. He is not bitter about being on the block I believe him when he says he actually likes it because he is such a fan of the game concept. He said to Tim he actually holds nothing against the trio and is really uncomfortable with this ”I hate them” act.


I heard Mitch say he loves the game but he was sort of ready to go home to his boyfriend too. He was saying he hoped he wasn’t going to be in jury so he could just get on with his life at home. He could have changed his mind since then or Big Brother could have told him he needs to at least campaign some to help make the episode interesting.


And also, why is everyone so negative on this website? If you don’t like the season and hate the cast just simply stop watching it.


Is it just me or does anyone else find it odd the the 3 wild cards put into the house are the only 3 to not even get as much of a mention to go on the block. It is starting to get boring and predictable. If 2 of those 3 were to go on the block next week then things would then get Real.