Big Brother Canada 4 April 5 Evening Live Feed update

POV Holder: Jared Next POV April 9th
POV Used No POV Ceremony April 4th
HOH Winner: Raul Next HOH: April 6th
Original Nominations: Joel and Mitch
Current Nominations: Joel and Mitch
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas
Have Nots Joel, Ramsey, Brothers and Maddy

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Welcome to Big Brother Canada, where production plays a bigger role in determining the winner than the actual house guests. Last year I was extremely cheesed off, because BBCAN basically gave Sarah the win (and I really didn’t mind Sarah, it was my stand against interference). But this year, I am less involved – maybe it has to do with this cast? Last year, I actually stopped watching; no TV, no feeds, just this site for daily rundowns… this year though, it doesn’t really bother me, I am still watching (though generally less interested than seasons past).

Maybe if instead of concentrating so hard on a multitude of twists and cons, BBCAN Production actually focused on solid casting — like they have in past seasons — the game would actually be more entertaining on a fundamental level, without having to resort on stupid gimmicks.

Do you want good TV, is that what you want?! Yes please!! Big Brother Canada please fix your show for next season… hopefully the US version is good this year.


Yes, we want good TV! Please get Cassandra out ASAP because enough is enough. We’ve had enough of her.

Team Jared

Jared is soooo hot!!! Hope he wins… i seriously think he is better off without kelsey + raul. He can take this game to the very end and win.


Wow, I didn’t know Simon & Dawg had such far reaching pull to generate direct responses from Big Brother Canada Production offices! We get it you want Jared to win, but please stop ramming it down our throats!


I would root for Kelsey to win but she is aligned with such a douche bag. I cant stand Jared’s smug attitude and the fact that he thinks he’s a “nice guy”.


Sorry ahead of time for the long post/rant, but I’m frustrated with the obliviousness going on.

Today was quite the day. Phil, Cass, and Joel are incredibly naive and foolish, and I think very little of them as players now. Phil and Cass because they blindly believe they will be rewarded for their loyalty to T3W alliance this week (oh you’ll be rewarded, just not the rewards your both expecting). Joel, and Cass again, because after all this they still want to target Ramsey! Joel literally said if he won HOH during a instant eviction he’d put up Tim and Ramsey… @_@ So you’d have 3 out of 9 players be T3W alliance members plus and a pissed off Maddy left in the house when you can’t play in the following HOH?

I’ll still root for Mitch until the end, and if he does leave then I’ll probably just root for Nikki to win it all like Jon Pardy.

With Mitch’s strategic and social expertise out of the house, the only real entertainment left for me will be the betrayals. With that in mind I’m looking forward to T3W alliance backstabbing Phil/Nick, Cass, Joel, and Tim. If there is a triple eviction looming and a T3W alliance member wins it, then two of Phil/Nick, Cass, Joel, or Tim will likely be out the door, and I’ll be apathetic to their exits.

This is by far the strangest week for me. Maddy has made a lot of sense, and Cass, Phil, and Joel have lost their senses. Maddy, Ramsey, and Nikki now seem to be the only ones who want to get rid of T3W alliance.

I’m also looking forward to when Kelsey and Jared cut Raul. When they do he’ll realize what a stupid move he made this week. Maybe Maddy, Ramsey, and Nikki can get it together at the end and take out T3W, but we’ll see. I’m expecting at least one if those 3 to be near the end of the game.


God I am sick of Jared, this guy just puts me to sleep, boring as hell, no personality and his showmance with Kelsey makes me barf,,,All i gotta say is thank God we have Tim and Nikki in that House. Many were not ok with international players coming in but at this point, if Tim and Nikki were not there the feeds would not even be worth watching. Tim is the best player with Mitch, Nikki is entertaining even if she can be annoying at times its not a a bitch attitude like Kelsey. Jared has been getting such a free ride from production, I wonder if they believe the fans are really into watching with him Kelsey if they do then they have no clue what the fans want


What the hell has happened to Ramsey??? get away from that HOO she is ruining your game and she will throw u under the bus in a heartbeat
3W are so fucking annoying they think they are so smart
Tim is so conceited needs to get a reality check and his lapdog Cass needs to realize she is not apart of 3W stop helping them


Why does Cass not like Ramsey? Is it b/c he doesn’t kiss her ass


Go back to the beginning of week two. Jared’s hoh.
Ramsey was in the hoh with 3W, brothers and Cass.
Ramsey told them he voted against Kelsey. Everyone yelled at and made fun of Ramsey until he left the room. If memory serves correctly, Cass played a big hand in keeping the fires stoked in that confrontation.


the only one to support now is Joel. The show is a nightmare, the people so immature and they don’t even want to talk game. Phil bless him is so desperate to be like and get acceptance from his idols Tim and Jared it’s sickening to watch. Fast forward to finale week please.


This show / season is a hot mess on wheels, everyone involved should be embarrassed !!! Jared is the most boring unlikable person in the universe. Raul is a delusional insecure bitchy c u next tuesday. Kelsey…i don’t hate her but her taste in men is questionable to say the least. There’s truly not a single person to root for this season. I’m so utterly disappointed !


We need a triple eviction ASAP (with NO returning houseguests) to make the show watchable again.

Bob the Builder

Ok I love Mitch, but was it necessary for us to watch him sit alone in a hot tub for 20 minutes?


That was just a special treat for Greg when all he does these days is watching live feeds.

Guy a From Canada

Greg or Graig?