Mitch “If you don’t vote for me and I’m on jury then you will never have my vote!”

POV Holder: Jared Next POV April 9th
POV Used No POV Ceremony April 4th
HOH Winner: Raul Next HOH: April 6th
Original Nominations: Joel and Mitch
Current Nominations: Joel and Mitch
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas
Have Nots Joel, Ramsey, Brothers and Maddy

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4:30pm In the bedroom – Joel tells Tim even if you make a decision to go the other way and I’m still here, I won’t hold any grudges. Tim says my only decision is in my head. Am I choosing to not be a wildcard by voting Mitch out. I don’t want in on the three (Jared, Kelsey, Raul). Unlike Cass and the brothers, they want in with the three. I have other ideas how to break them up. Mitch judged me and felt intimidated by me. He just didn’t trust me. I’ve made my decision and now I just need some time to work out the next few steps. I just have to make sure within this particular move …giving what the enemy wants because I feel we can still defeat them. I’m not siding with them. Joel says I’m not either. Tim says its about how far you’re willing to go in the game. Are you willing to lie. Are you willing to lie saying something is good for their game when its not. Joel says for him its who is sitting at the end and if someone was more genuine they would get his vote.

Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-04-06 13-46-53-945
4:35pm In the storage room – Mitch says if I am on jury and you voted for me then if you’re at the end you will have my vote. If you don’t vote for me and I’m on jury then you will never have my vote. He tells Cass that he wants her to come talk with Maddy now too. They head into the high roller room. Mitch tells Cass that Jared and Kelsey offered Maddy & Ramsey a final four deal with the fact that they would go after you. Maddy says this just happened a couple days ago. Cass tells Maddy that she wouldn’t put her up and that she knows her saying “Your a$$ is grass” was just game for you. Cass says if I do vote to keep you, I lose my trust with Joel. Mitch says if you do vote to keep Joel, that is just one vote. Maddy tells Cass you won’t even get close to final 3 with those 3 still in the house. Cass says I know that. I don’t know right now if I am voting for you to stay or leave. I’m just conflicted. Maddy says I am ready to shake on it right now that I am not going after you till those three are gone or till at least only one is left. Cass tells Maddy that she isn’t even after Maddy. Mitch says if I go, who will be the next target. Maddy says Joel will still love you either way. Mitch says I will to. Maddy says do you want a friend or do you want 100 grand?! Maddy asks do you trust those three? Cass says you can’t trust anyone really. Maddy says I only trust Ramsey and everyone knows that. Mitch says if I am still here you three are all safe. They’ll go after me. Mitch says and if you really are that close to Joel, they’ll put you up together. Cass asks how did they make a final four deal with you and Ramsey without Rual? Mitch says they’re making deals with everyone. Which ever one works out for them is the “real one”. Jared joins them.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-06 14-01-25-006
4:55pm – 5:10pm In the kitchen – Jared tells Ramsey that things between me, you and Maddy have changed but things between me and you haven’t changed. Jared says that Maddy was trying to slander your (Ramsey’s) name. Saying it wasn’t her decision and that it was your decision to side with the other side. Ramsey says I give you my word that nothing has changed between us. They shake hands. Jared says I don’t care how you vote this week. It doesn’t matter. Tim spent as much time with you guys this week as he could to gather as much information, just like he did with the koala bears. I think he’s going to vote Mitch out. Jared says worst case if you’re up on the block I would never vote you out and I could convince Kelsey to not vote you out also. Ramsey says going in to next week I don’t need to win HOH. Jared says I absolutely want to win HOH, its the only way to secure things.

Maddy tells Ramsey that Cass sees it now. Mitch told her something. She left the room and came back and said she couldn’t believe it. She just feels bad because she’s close to Joel and doesn’t want to vote against him. Ramsey says I think they’re going to try and get us to turn against each other. Maddy says that would never happen and if they do try, lets pretend they do and give them that power. Ramsey tells Maddy about his conversation with Jared.

5:30pm – 5:50pm Cassandra talks to Joel about her conversation with Maddy & Mitch. Joel says I’m not going to be playing this game with fear because someone else is making threats. Cassandra says if you see me talking to them its not because I’m switching. I’m voting Mitch out. I want to go to the end with you. I need to win HOH this week. Cass says if its a mental knockout comp, take Maddy out first. She has a good memory. We just need to stick together. Those three will not go against each other over us. We’re fourth and fifth. Joel says Mitch is such a crafty individual. I can’t talk like him. All I can do is go to people and present the facts.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-04-06 15-27-56-354
6:20pm – 6:50pm Phil asks Kelsey is there any deal with Maddy and Ramsey? Kelsey says you know moving forward what the plan is. No there is no deal. Mitch asks so you didn’t say lets make a foursome? Kelsey says no. Mitch asks to call Maddy and Ramsey in to discuss it. Kelsey says We’re not working with them, we made a deal with them. Mitch says lets bring them in here then. Kelsey says never in a million years did I say we want a final four deal with them. Mitch asks so who with the target next week? Kelsey says everyone knows. Mitch asks so Maddy and Ramsey. Kelsey says obviously. Mitch goes to get Maddy & Ramsey. Mitch tells Kelsey she’s stumbling over her words. Mitch tells Kelsey that he was called out for things that he said and now he’s going to call her out for things he thinks are lies. They head into the living room and Maddy and Ramsey come out onto the balcony. Mitch starts exposing the things he thinks are lies. Kelsey says she really doesn’t want to have the confrontation on camera because she thinks she looks like sh*t. Mitch keeps asking Kelsey who she is going to put up going forward. Kelsey says she doesn’t have to say… Kelsey then points at everyone in the room and asks Who are you putting up? Who are you putting up? Who are you putting up? Kelsey says I never made a final four deal with Maddy and Ramsey.

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Looks like you won’t be in jury, Mitch.
I don’t think he would honor that statement, but someone who has that opinion doesn’t DESERVE to be in jury.
Sorry, I really loved most of his campaigning.

sunny dee

even tho i prefer him out over Joel, i think he is really putting the nails in his coffin with both that, these random deals made on behalf of Nikki, and now calling out Kelsey for who is she putting up (when we still haven’t finished with this HOH, let alone had an HOH comp to decide who actually is HOH),

he’s being very aggressive, and i think what people dislike the most is aggression. one big reason they decided voting in kelsey was preferable is because they thought loveita was too negative overall, what does he think his doing this is going to do. memorable for tv show or entertainment, but really not something other HGs are going to want. Dallas was a good campaigner, Mitch not so much. Kelsey is a potential vote as is Jared, that is two voting /. the others who had conversations with him, Cass, the brothers and tim are now wondering are they next? if they keep him in, is he just going to call them into the living room and start another outing like this?

plus, do Maddy and Ramsey actually believe that Kelsey/jared/raul do not plan to put them up next?? i know they are a bit delusional, but remember BBUS’s gullible ‘i know what is going on’ redlipstick blonde chick who would get blindsided every single time? yup.


Someone had mentioned on the live feeds that Jared reminded them of Gaston on Beauty and the Beast. So true!


I hate that move of threatening a jury vote. That is something that never ever works, People do not like to be threatened. That is such a desperate move. If that is all you have, do not even bother campaigning to me.


#CowardJerard 🙂


You can’t even spell his name correctly…????????


The trio’s little sheep Philip is going to feel foolish when he is led to the slaughter.


Can’t wait


These people are idiots if they don’t get rid of Mitch this week! He hasn’t won a HoH yet so now is the time to strike. He is now telling people he has the power to control Maddy’s HoH if she was to win. – pfft never going to happen. Maddy was trying to convince Phil today to keep Mitch by saying she has never lied in the house once – what a crock of you know what. I can only hope Nikki jumps ship yet again this week at the last minute – like she does every week and decides to vote out Mitch.


It didn’t take the brothers long to walk around shirtless as ‘the king shit’ does. They’re both so disgusting right now. One getting preened and rubbed by Raul; the other by Kelsey. They always wanted to be touched by these people so it took 2.2 seconds to disrobe and the the flirting begin. They’re too stupid to understand they’re being used. This is gross.
Kelsey ‘ you said you would respect our wishes ‘? Like, what is she the Royal Queen who has wishes to be granted. She’s not even the HOH.

Bowtie Killer

“King shit” you are a tool man. Maybe people walk around shirtless because its hot as f*** in there.
Its funny that no matter what, and now all the things that Mitch has said..You are still focused on Jared and bring the conversation back to him. Even though Mitch is acting like a desperate little ass head Trying to call people out. Pfftt, nice try though.

Notice how people didn’t answer about who would you put up next week, or you or you haha.

I would not want to see Joel leave before Mitch. Esp if Joel wasn’t going to make it to jury.

No shade !

Dear Maddy, keep running your mouth —if you keep it up you might just talk yourself onto the block–I know Mitch being besides you gives you confidence to talk smack —but once he leave you will be back to square 1–where everyone in the house hates you and –your back to your alliance of two–then the infamous Maddy tears appear cause she doesn’t know why or how she got on the block or even how to play the game—am pretty sure if Jared could swallow the disgust he has for you,and put on his cowboy charms–you will be swooning –and Ramsey might be walking out that door –that is if you win the Hoh—-And Oiye Nikki don’t think your safe —Maddy so fickle —I keep asking myself why is Maddy even in that house–oh Mitch how I wish it was Maddy who was leaving this week —oh wait you ruined that for me last week:/–but still I must admit am enjoying your fight to stay—You definitely deserve to stay in the house longer than Maddy and especially that human waste Nikki—–unfortunately Mitch your bad game moves cost you –but know you were a better player than most 🙂


Didn’t Jared tell Ramsey at the veto competition that he wanted to back door the brothers? Why didn’t Ramsey tell the brothers this. That could secure a vote for Mitch. Ramsey wants Mitch to stay.

bbcan4 lover of mitch

if you haven’t noticed yet, Mitch and Tim are the only smart ones in the house right now. Tim says he don’t like taking out strong players he loves the competition against the best so if he votes out Mitch he is a big fat liar to me among other stuff he has said and done,

bbcan 4 losers

ramsey has a final 2 with Jared


Why is Cass so obsessed with RAMSEY get over him bitch and focus on the others


Just watched the episode for the POV that aired tonight. Honestly Canada we need a SHOW!! Let’s hope and pray that Mitch stays so everyone can get out the Powerful 3!! I’ve had enough of listening to Jarad, And Kelsey run their mouths! They think they own the big brother game, and I think Raul is going to get left out in the dark. It’s time for a BIG shocker Canada ! Mitch deserves to stay, just so we can see how creative he really is at turning the house around!!


Having watched the last episode (the POV competition) and heard Mitch’s speech to Jared during the ceremony, i can say that this is the perfect recipe of getting YOURSELF evicted. Jared did play with the idea of using the POV on Mitch hoping that Raul will backdoor the brothers even though he was against this move, but Mitch had sealed his fate. Mitch didn’t even tried to smooth things over with Kelsey&Jared before the POV competition (he would have had chances to convince both of them to help him since Kelsey was the one suggesting backdooring the brothers) and that’s why he is better off outside of the house than inside it.


They don’t show everything on the show. It is an edited production.


my one big pet peeve in watching people campaign is when someone begins what they are going to say with “I don’t want you to think…”
Exactly. No need to go any further… that’s the whole point of what that person is about to say. It’s become the biggest I’m about to manipulate you phrase that is overused in both CAN and US big brother. The first player that ever called that out on any season of Big Brother would be my new all time favorite.

Guy From Canada

Wow, just watched the video posted with Mitch calling Kelsey out… he has dug his grave even deeper this season…..


I think Tim truly enjoys having two women fight for his attention and the reason he hates Kelsey is because she does not give him the time of day nor run her fingers through his hair. As for Mitch he is no better than anyone else he has been playing both sides with he eye rolling and fake tears and lies. Cass is making a fool of herself is it just me or does she ly around and eat all day. She think she is the Queen of the house. I do enjoy getting a kick of Nikki never know what will come out of that girls mouth. As for Maddy talk about calling the kettle black she is doing the same thing that she accuses Kelsey and Jared of doing. That is what you get when you locked a bunch of people in a house and throw away the keys.